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We are very excited about our first fundraiser for the year.  Please mark your calendars for June 19th and come join us for a fun-filled day!!

Here is a bit about the day, more details will follow as the final plans are put in place:

Happy Doger’s Day 

June 19th 2010
6311 12th Line, New Tecumseth
Alliston, ON
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

There will be CGN testing, Micro chipping, dock diving, games, BBQ and sale. 

Please call or email ahead to book appointments for testing and micro chipping 705-796-7103 or

We hope to see you all there!!!
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April 29/10

Pit Bull Ban Isn't Working 
It has been all over the news today. The Toronto Sun published an article today titled: Ontario pit bull ban isn't working, Humane Society says. Of course, these findings do not come as a surprise to us. 

The provincial government bit off more than it could chew by dooming pit bulls as Ontario's worst people-biters, the Toronto Humane Society says.

Results of a survey of municipalities, released Wednesday, show no significant drop in dog bite cases since the government passed Breed Specific Legislation in 2005 that resulted in "countless" pit bulls and related Staffordshire Terriers being destroyed.

In a statement, the THS called on the provincial government to amend its Breed Specific Legislation and " stop the punishment of innocent animals.

"This survey shows that the pit bull ban has not resulted in a reduction in the number of dog bites in Ontario," said the THS, which opposes breed-specific legislation.

A chart based on its statistics shows about a 10% drop in dog bite cases from 2004 to 2005, to just over 5,000. The survey showed a slight drop again in 2006, then the number of cases increased to about the 2005 level by last year.

In the THS release, spokesman Ian McConachie quoted then-Attorney General Michael Bryant telling MPPs in the Legislature "it's time that we make amendments to the Dog Owners' Liability Act that make our streets safer.” 

The revised legislation outlawing pit bulls "failed to do so," he charged. McConachie said outlawing specific dog breeds "targets the wrong source of the problem.

"Dogs are not born violent," McConachie said. Instead, they are "made that way by irresponsible owners who train them to be that way or neglect them and they develop behavioural problems.

“If we want to reduce the number of dog bites we have to address the route cause of the problem, those irresponsible owners who do not appropriately care for their animals.” he said.

He said the survey shows the five-year-old anti-pit bull legislation "has not worked to decrease the incidents of dog bites.”

Breed bans do not work!!! Why aren't we going after the real problem... bad owners? So many innocent dogs have died needlessly... when is it going to end? 
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April 28/10

Irresponsible Reporters
It seems that more information is being dug up and coming to the publics attention. Thank goodness there are some media outlets that are determined to bring out the truth; the whole truth. It has always been difficult to get both sides of the story out.

Prior to the ban, all we saw were headline stories of pit bull attacks. When these stories were looked into by certain members of the public, it was found that the biggest percentage, if not ALL the stories, in fact did NOT involve so-called pit bulls, but you never saw a retraction or an apology. The public was always left with the impression that the attack was a pit bull attack. 

I have always been under the impression that the media could not report anything, unless it was factual. The pit bull ban showed me this was NOT the case. Irresponsible reporting, and fear mongering ... this is what SELLS papers. 

Here is another well-written blog by our friends at Brindlestick with some VERY factual information and also the information that the Brampton Guardian dug up. It is nice to see the Guardian is not backing down.
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April 27/10

We are very excited for our boy Cole. He was with us for a very short time when we received the most fantastic application. As always, all reference checks were done and we couldn't have asked for a better home for this young, teenage boy. However, his adoption depended on the resident female ... a shepherd that could be somewhat choosy about her friends. But Cole's playful, silly ways won this "hard-to-please" girl over immediately. Cole will be neutered this week and then he will be ready to begin his new life with his new mom and his sister Shiloh.

Here is a short note we got from Cole's new mom ... it sure doesn't get any better than this!!

I was just thinking that I need to talk to someone  because Shiloh's man Cole (actually by her attitude, son) is waiting to see his woman again. He just needs manners and a patient pack leader being me and a bossy woman being Shiloh. Kind of sounds like every guy doesn't it? I have decided in my life that this is where I need to be. Helping out our friends (the 4 legged kind). It was great to meet everyone and kind of freaky how Shiloh just acted like she had known him all her life and wandered off to the creek. I can't wait for my child to come to his final home. He is beautiful, a challenge, a nut and looks like a very loyal boy. I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations Cole!!!!
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April 26/10

Dexter Update 
Two great weekend updates...

Calee and Meesha, seem to be settling in. They have already taken them for a walk and to Petsmart to get them name tags with their phone number and address on them. 

They had dinner at Ryan's parents house, so they have met their grandparents too. We could not have asked for a more loving home for these two. They were happy and the picture was taken just a few minutes after they met and I think it speaks for itself :D

Dexter is settling in just fine. As suspected, puppies adjust so well. Their adopter's, Holly and Stewart are very happy with Dexter. He has already gone to their parent's trailer for a visit. 

When he got home he met his new sister Suzie Q, it took her a few minutes to adjust to having to share her toys but it looks like Dexter has won her over. Dexter loves playing with a squeek toy on the couch :) 

Both really great updates! :)
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April 23/10

Haille Made a Splash 
Well, well, well... the truth is finally coming to the surface.  Here is another article in the Brampton Guardian, further to Brittany and Rambo's release. Since their story has hit the media, it seems more people are coming out to tell their heartbreaking stories.  Here is the article...»

Thankfully, for one VERY lucky girl, named Haille (now known as Splash...isn't that cute?) her ending was much, much happier. We are SO fortunate to get regular updates from Splash's mom, and we couldn't have hoped for a better home for this precious girl.

Her family adore her ... mom, dad and two very handsome brothers. It doesn't get any better than this for a dog, once destined to be destroyed if she were ever to be caught in this unforgiving province of Ontario. 

Like so many others before her, her life depended on finding a loving and caring home that would never jeopardize her life. These homes are very hard to find ... we never want to put them in a worse situation than they already are ... the reason why we so thoroughly check all out of province applications. But the moment we received the application and first contact was made, we were already in love with her new family. Of course the vet and reference checks only confirmed our belief ... Haille would be the luckiest girl alive if these people chose her.

Here are some pictures of our happy and much loved girl Splash (Haille) ... you were one of the lucky ones. 

We are grateful for loving families like Haille's. 
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April 22/10

Brittany and Rambo
I was SO happy to hear that Brittany and Rambo were FINALLY released and back home where they belong. It was a long haul for both dogs and their beloved owners. I cannot imagine the stress and anxiety their owners went through. Sleepless nights and praying for the safety of their beloved dogs. A living nightmare would describe it best.  

These dogs did NOTHING wrong, yet were targeted by local animal control. I am sure you know the story, a/c drives by, notices a dog peering over the fence, watching the world go by and immediately take action. Good heavens ... could this be the "ticking time bomb" that our THEN Attorney General, Michael Bryant was talking about?  

Imagine ... sitting in your home, minding your own business and have the police come crashing through your door and treating you like you have committed the crime of the century. What could POSSIBLY warrant this kind of entry by the police ... surely not a dog that has NEVER been in trouble with the municipality or the neighbours. In fact, this was the case. It seems ANYTHING is now possible in Ontario.  

I am sure I would have made the same deal the Brancos made, because my dog's life means the world to me. But, does this come with a price? It SURELY does. In order to secure the safety of their beloved family members, they had to agree to post a big red sign on his fence, declaring a "dangerous dog" lives here. What will the repercussions be for the family and their dogs? 

I don't understand ... I must be daft or something. The independent/unbiased vet deemed them NOT to be pit bulls ... they have never attacked or hurt anyone, yet they must be muzzled?? and declared dangerous?? Am I missing something??

I pray to God these people and their beloved dogs will not have to suffer the wrath of people who HATE the breed. We all know the hate and prejudice that some people have for the breed. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of Brittany and Rambo and I hope they can now live in peace with their beloved pets by their side. Here is the full story from our friends at Brindlestick ...»
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April 21/10

Dogs and Cancer
I found an interesting article today concerning man's best friend and how they are helping scientists discover the genomic causes of diseases ... in particular cancer. 

Through blood and saliva tests as well as testing cancerous tumors that have been removed, they hope to discover the DNA for certain cancers and diseases and hopefully then find the cure.  Sarcomas are being heavily studied. Here is the link to the article...»
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April 20/10

Sonja Update 
We have had some great updates again over the weekend. I received a nice little update from Sonja's mom. Sonja is doing really well and as you will see from mom's update, she is making friends EVERYWHERE she goes ... big and small (-:

Here is mom's update

Sonja is doing great, she is happy! I took her to my son's grade two show and tell on Friday and she was amazing. Every kid in the class took a turn at giving her a belly rub, she loved it. I will have to send you some new pictures when I get a chance, she is looking good.  She has filled out a bit.

We also heard from Mac's mom and he is also doing great. He is in doggy obedience and doing pretty darn good, although there is definitely room for improvement (-:  Ahhh, but he is young, he will learn!!!

I had a chance to speak with Mauly's dad today as well. She has doubled in size in just a couple of weeks. She can now jump onto the furniture, instead of bouncing off while trying to get up. Little Mauly sleeps with her daddy and just loves it.  She gets a great long walk everyday ... she is too tired to do the second walk, so her brother Teddy goes with dad alone for that one. She is definitely the "apple of her daddy's eye" and she is no-doubt being spoiled rotten. She and her brother have also come to a mutual understanding .. .as long as she doesn't nip him in the face, he's good. A few grumbles and snarls and she learned quickly that puppy kisses get a much more positive response.
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April 19/10

Dollars for Dogs
I was a bit out of sorts last week and I mistakenly thought that Calee and Meesha's meeting was this weekend, however, it is actually this weekend. We are all very excited for the girlz and we hope that they have finally found their forever home ... together (-: We will have to wait a few more days to find out, but we are pretty confident the girlz will be going home (-:

It was a fairly quiet weekend on the rescue front. We are still working on applications, in-homes, etc., for the puppies but we hope that soon they will be in their forever homes as well. It is certainly NOT for lack of interest, rather an overwhelming response for the puppies.

I also want to remind everyone that our friends at the DLCC are holding another fundraiser ... Dollars for Dogs. Please check out the blog at Brindlestick so everyone is reminded WHY it is so important to have your support. Please read Ginger's heartbreaking story and her owners as well. I don't know about you, but I feel the laws are getting more and more ridiculous, in my opinion. Read the blog...»
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April 16/10

Callee and Meesha
We are pretty excited and keeping our fingers crossed that the meeting this weekend with Callee and Meesha and their prospective new family is "love at first sight".  These two little girls have waited a long time to find their forever home.  They could have been quickly adopted out, had they gone separately, but we prayed we could keep them together, as they have been their whole life.  

This bonded pair of Maltese girls has captured the heart of a very lovely family and we hope they love the girls as much in person as they do through pictures. Everyone, please send positive thoughts Callee and Meesha's way.

We are coming along with lots of interest in our two baby boys, Ollie and Dexter.  We hope that they too will soon be in their forever homes.  We are also waiting for that special family to be captured by our rambunctious and mischievous little girl Foxy.  We know she may have to wait a little longer than her siblings, but we know there is a special family for Foxy.  Her time will also come (-:

We have also had regular updates from Henry, AKA Molson and some wonderful pictures and updates of our girl Haille.  These pictures and updates will follow.

Have a fun-filled weekend everyone.
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April 15/10

This week I lost my soul mate, the love of my life, my constant companion and my best friend.  Pebbles was a rescue, a girl with a very hard beginning. A girl who was chained and defenseless. left to fend for herself when danger approached Thankfully a rescue took her in, but because of her past, she was extremely untrusting and fearful and went from foster home to foster home. It was around that time we had put in an application for a completely different dog because Pebbles wasn't on the website any longer and we never saw her or heard her story. As with most rescues, the final stage of an application is the in-home and it was there that my husband and I heard Pebbles story. She needed a very responsible owner...someone that wouldn't let her get herself into trouble. She needed to build up trust before she herself could be trusted. She needed someone who wouldn't let her down.

I thank God every day that the volunteer saw the potential in my husband and I and told us Pebble's story. She immediately captured our hearts and we WANTED to be the chance this girl needed. We prayed we would be accepted and when we got the fantastic news that we were accepted for Pebbles, my husband drove THAT day, through a snow-storm with our Bud in tow to meet this special girl. I was at work that day and couldn't wait to get home to see her. My husband had already called and said she and Bud got along famously .... everything hinged on Pebbles getting along with Bud and now our girl was on her way home!!

I fell for her the moment I walked through the door, this beautiful rotti girl with a tail. She pranced over to me and introduced herself and we were tight from that day on. Pebbles was a very troubled girl in the beginning. She trusted no one, other than her immediate pack and would show her fear of people by lunging and growling. We had to take many precautions to keep her safe from her fears, but as the years went by, she began trusting more and more.

Pebbles life made a huge turnaround when she began helping us foster dogs. It was like she was born to be a surrogate mother. She took her job VERY seriously and was in there like a dirty shirt to help with the fosters. In the beginning, we took in a LOT of puppies ... mostly pit bull type puppies that were being surrendered and dumped by the droves. The ban was scaring owners into surrendering their dogs and backyard breeders continued breeding.  The puppies ended up in shelters and their lives were in danger.

We couldn't have taken in so many urgent puppies needing help, if we didn't have our Mama Pebs by our side. There were times when we had 3 or 4 puppies at a time - as many as 6 and Mama Pebs never backed away from the challenge. We couldn't have done it without her.

They were potty trained within 2 days, those puppies with attitude and under socialized were mentored and mothered by Mama Pebs and every single one of them left our home with confidence, self-assurance and a lot of good social skills to begin their new life.

We retired Pebbles last year from fostering. She was getting older and slower and we thought she deserved to spend the rest of her days, lazing around and enjoying some quiet time. Pebbles was instrumental in raising/fostering 34 puppies/dogs in her rescue career and sending them off to a good start in life. It took her a couple of days to get used to her new-found freedom, but she was enjoying her golden years, laying in the sun, going for short walks around the property and she still had Tegra and Bud to boss around if she felt like it.

Pebbles had been slowing down substantially and I knew that being in her 12th year, every day would be special and precious for our Pebbles. Pebbles got ill a couple of weeks ago and we thought it might be time, but after a few days, she perked back up again and was back to her usual self. She took a turn for the worse on the weekend and needed help getting up and outside. Our girl was hurting and still she would always ask to go outside, she didn't want to mess in the house. The vet couldn't see her over the weekend, but they were able to fit us in on Monday. We brought her there, hoping they could give us something to help her, but the moment the vet looked at her leg, she looked at us and shook her head .... osteosarcoma ... and it was very advanced. She was in a lot of pain and suffering. We had a very, very difficult decision to make.


My Dearest Pebbles,

We have often thought in the past week of the appropriate words to say to you my beautiful girl. It has been such a hard couple of weeks, wondering if we were doing the right thing.  I hope some day to be half the spirit, loyal and true ,that you were to me mama. You somehow convinced me that everything was fine and it leaves me in heartbroken to know they were not. To get up everyday and act as if the whole world was beautiful and sunny ... knowing that something was terribly wrong with you. The wisdom in your eyes was truly something to behold and I have learned so much from you ... I thank you for that Mama. 

Not one sign that you were trying to give me that could have been missed, not even the last one. It was time and I couldn't be selfish any longer. We had to let you go. You, my mama Pebs, went through so much with me. No matter how rough the ride, you were stuck right by my side, teaching those puppies with attitude how to behave, teaching me how to get better results and being my right-hand girl. You will be in my heart, always. How could someone forget a magnificent soul like you. Such wisdom and compassion. One word, one look, one gesture and you knew exactly what I was asking of you. I'm sorry that the last days were so hard, but I couldn't let you suffer any longer..

I held you tight until you took your last breath. I thank God you went so peacefully. Sleep well my mama Pebs. You were the Mama of all Mamas and we all miss you terribly.

Your brothers are waiting for you at the Bridge.  I know how much you missed your brothers. Keep them in line until I get there. I am sure they missed being bossed around by you, mama. Please let them know we are thinking of them too.

Until we meet again my baby girl ... we miss you lots already.

Mom and Dad
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April 14/10

Eight Animals
On March 10th, Gary Francione wrote a blog on 'PETA'S Euthanasia Rates Have Critics Fuming'. The blog struck a nerve with many people.

Gary cites that in 2009, PETA euthanized 2,301 dogs and cats - that is a 97% death rate with only 8 animals adopted [according to Virginia State figures].

Gary goes on to say:

I checked the documents that PETA filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and confirmed that the AOL story is correct. PETA killed 681 dogs and 1620 cats. PETA also killed 51 “other companion animals.”

That’s a total of 2352 animals.

And PETA adopted eight animals. Eight animals.

That is a disgrace. “Euthanasia” is death that is in the interest of the human or nonhuman euthanized. Euthanasia is never in the interests of a healthy being...

Where are the adoption programs that should be in place? Why do people continue to give to this cause? The money keeps rolling in ... what are they doing with it?

Read the rest of the article to see what else Gary dug up during his research...
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April 13/10

Introducing Cole 
Cole's face and body look just like a German Shepherd but with the Rottie markings make him a very striking and handsome looking young man. 

He responds very well to his name and comes when he is called. He gets along well with all his foster siblings and loves to play with them all. He is an energetic boy that would suit a busy and loving forever home that would make him part of the family. Having a new brother/sister would be a huge bonus for such a friendly guy!!

Cole does well in the car. Once he is told to stay in the back part of the car, he listens and stays where he is told. He would need daily mental and physical exercise to keep him happy and healthy. He eats well on his daily schedule, never leaving anything in his bowl. 

Cole simply needs some direction to help out with his manner skills. I could see that he is wanting to please already, so training this lovable boy is going to be easy and fun.
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April 12/10

Great Updates
We had a wonderful update this weekend from Haille's mom.  As you can see, Haille fit in like a glove. It is as though she has always been there. This is when you know you have made the perfect match (-:  Here is update from Haille's mom.

Hallie is doing great.. I tell people it is like we didn't get a dog as there was nothing to adjust to... She fits in and is very happy. The 3 of them get leashed walked together twice a day and are either in yard playing or in house where ever they want to be... They spend day together without being in a crate Alan (who said no more dogs, calls her Sweet Pea) so I guess she was good for him.

Then I received an email from an address I didn't recognize, asking me if I knew who this dog was? Hmmmm, it took me a second to recognize, but I guessed right.... it's our baby girl Liebe... ALL grown up! Isn't she beautiful?

I also received a couple of calls from Carolina, foster mom to our newest addition... a young shepherd/rotti boy. Unfortunately, we have to wait a couple of days for pictures, but I hear he is stunning! We can't wait to see him and show him off to everyone. So far, he is being a good boy.
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April 9/10

Bear Update
We had a great update from one of our long ago adopted. He's a beautiful boy that found the perfect family to love him.

Here is a very happy Bear watching his brother reel in the big one ... and an update from mom.  

Thanks for the update Kim!! Your boy is looking very handsome and happy to be part of the family.

Hi Renee. How are you? 

Bear is doing very well.  We have noticed he's been slowing down a bit when he has his
friends over. 
He is a wonderful dog.  He still seems to gravitate toward me all the time but as I am the one who walks him the most I guess that makes sense.  As my boys are getting older and stronger they have been able to help out with walking him. He is so good with the kids (the older ones as well
as the younger ones).
We are looking forward to taking him to the cottage for the summer again.  I've attached
a photo of my eldest son with his catch of the day.  Bear is very curious in this picture.
Take Care.

We are also welcoming a new rescue into our flock this weekend. He is a young, Shepherd/Rotti mix. We haven't seen pictures of him yet and we are so excited to finally see him.  This young fellow will be fostered by Carolina and she is very excited to welcome this young fellow into her pack. Have a great weekend everyone!! 
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April 8/10

Foxy Quilt Tickets
Wow... more fantastic updates from our recently adopted. Our little girl Haille is truly living the good life. She has two very attentive fur-brothers that keep her played out and tuckered.  After a full day of play, it is time to snuggle with her new pack. What a happy, happy ending to a very scary start in life. Born in a province that hates and despises her breed. She was destined to be destroyed because she was the "wrong type".  Today, she is happy, free from the constraints of wearing a muzzle and free to live out the rest of her days with happiness and joy. Congratulations Haille!!  

I also had a chance to speak to Mauly's dad several times over the weekend.  The little spitfire is doing very well in her home.  She gets to work with dad all day and Mauly gets lots of loving from the girls at the office as well. Lucky little girl (-: Her brother Teddy is still getting used to having this pesky little girl bossing him around, but he is coming to the realization that "girlz rule"... no matter how young they are (-:

Our volunteers have been busy hitting the streets and neighborhood, selling tickets for Foxy's quilt. Thanks to ALL our volunteers and people offering to sell tickets on behalf of Foxy. MANY thanks to all that have purchased tickets to this very worthy cause.

Here is a picture of Foxy's foster mom, along with Dexter and Foxy... schmoozing with everyone and helping to sell tickets for the quilt. Thanks everyone!!!!
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April 7/10

Brie Update
All of our little furkids enjoyed a wonderful, sunny weekend.  We were able to get our gang out for several runs this weekend and they had a blast. It is still soggy in spots, but we all made the best of it (-:  It was a great Easter for the gang.  They all got some of their favorite foods ... sweet potato, broccoli, a little bit of ham and turkey. They gobbled every bit of it down and together we had a great walk to burn off some calories.

We got a message from Brie's mom, who was very busy this weekend transporting our beautiful Haille to meet her new family... closer to her new home in the east coast. That was Friday, then Allie was busy with a little puppy party for Ollie, Foxy, Dexter and Georgia. Our wee babies were saying good-bye to their sister Georgia who went to her forever home with dad... but not before the whole gang had a play date, good eats and fun times.  

As you can see, little Brie had a special Easter dinner too to help her get over missing her foster sisters Haille and Georgia.  I'm sure she felt a little better after a fine Easter dinner like this (-:  

So, a very busy weekend for our volunteer Allie.  Many, many thanks Allie and family for taking the time out of your Easter weekend for our babies (-:
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April 6/10

Lucky Girls
It was a pretty exciting weekend for 3 of our adoptables. We are all so excited for Georgia, Haille and Mauly. All three of these lucky girls went home on this beautiful Easter weekend. 

Our lucky girl Georgia is seen here with her proud papa, David. She has found a very special place in David's heart and lucky little Georgia has gone home this weekend to begin the rest of her life! Congratulations Georgia and David!! You two were meant for each other!!

David also had the pleasure of meeting Dexter and Ollie while the puppies had a play date and to bid their sister Georgia a final farewell.

Here is a pictures of our lucky little girl Georgia and dad (-:

We also got some AMAZING pictures and short update for our special girl Haille. This little girl has patiently waited for months to find her forever family and she couldn't have found a more loving and compassionate family to love. Here is an update from mom, after a grueling day of travel to finally get Haille OUT of the province and living free of persecution and discrimination. Congratulations Haille!! You have everything you could have dreamed of!!!

I dont know how to put pics on so Raija took my camera to her place so I dont have my camera now and of course I could of gotten some beautiful shots..I thought it would be a while before we could get pics inside for the confusion...At supper time the 3 of them were laying feet to feet to feet just like a sundial and no camera and Beau & Hallie are now in bed back feet to back feet...It is finally catching up with everyone..We are all exhauted and it was a long day and long night..She is fitting in amazing...I raised my kids to believe a dog is probably the best friend they will have in life and he really took it to heart.


Mauly is doing great too. She met her brother Teddy, who is a 10 year old rottweiler, and she promptly let him know who the boss was. Poor Teddy didn't know what to do with such a wee thing growling and barking at him LOL. Dad has purchased a digital camera, but is still working on figuring out how to download and send pictures. We will keep you all posted when we receive.

All in all, a GREAT weekend for three special furkids and their new families ... woohooo!!!
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April 2/10

Great Updates
Well, today is the big day for two of our adoptables. What a Happy Easter this will be for our two girls Haille and Mauly.

Both are going to their forever homes this weekend. We are all so excited for the girls - congratulations to Haille and Mauly. We know you will be VERY happy in your forever homes. We have been promised lots of pictures and updates from both new families and we will share them with you when we receive them. Many thanks to Allie and Carolina for giving these gals a safe place to land until their BIG DAY!!!!

We also got a fantastic update on our wee boy Moulson, who went to his forever home on Monday. As you can see, he is loved, adored and a ROCK STAR!!! His new name is Henry and we think it suits him too. What a fantastic way to end the week and start the long holiday weekend. Here is Moulson's update

Hello Ladies, 

I am so sorry for not sending off a note sooner. My days have been full with some work... and mostly playing, training... well...need I say more, living with a PUPPY!

I wanted to thank you both again for everything that you did for this sweet boy. He is a gentle, sweet, sensitive boy who is beginning to adapt well to the city. (Those trucks, bikes, kids, etc are VERY scary at first! Poor thing!)

I have started calling him a rock star as he has people from all walks of life falling to their knees to greet him. It is amazing who you meet when you are walking with a puppy! 

I also wanted to let you know that we have changed his name. I know that must be hard as someone (I am assuming Carolina) must have carefully chosen his name so to change it must hurt. I am sorry about that. I guess I just wanted to the chance to call him something that connected more with us. Having said that, we have kept Moulson as his second name and a tribute to you wonderful people who have taken such care with him. 

So his name is Henry Moulson . My hats is off to Carolina who must have started some training with him. He is already very comfortable with "sit" and is learning "heel" (or... follow the treat... depends on your perspective! hehehe!) 

I took him to look at some pigeons yesterday. It was wonderful to see his bewilderment and surprise when they flew off. 

Every moment with him is a lesson and a joy. I promise to send some pictures of him in his new surroundings. 

Until then, I can't tell you how much I appreciate all that you have done. 

Best wishes, ASH

ANML-RESQ wishes everyone a Happy and safe Easter holiday. 
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April 1/10

Oscar [Zorro] Update 
We received an update from our little man Zorro, who is now named Oscar LOL ... I think the name suits him (-:  As you can see from mom's update (below) he is doing really well.  Oscar sounds like he is really loved.   Congratulations boy!! (-:

Zorro is now Oscar, kinda messy looking but definitely not grumpy Ha Ha. Anyway, he is doing wonderful. He often sleeps with the cat Peaches and plays with both the cat and Rusty. 

He is 97% house trained. Has had only one accident in the past two weeks, so it's coming. He never wets in the house though only number two. Odd. He has full run of the house with no problems. He loves his toys and if no-one is playing with him with the toys, he just throws them around and chases them and plays by himself. He sleeps on our bed, loves his daily walks and has learned to stop at every street corner for cars. He has learned to heel too. He waits at the door till the human exits first and invites him to come out. He does the same on entering. We are now working on wait till the human goes up or down the stairs before he does.  Good safety for everyone. He has learned to sit up and put his front paws together and wave them up and down to say goodbye or if we tell him to say his prayers. He is very good with kids and adults alike. He loves his housemates and has two other doggie friends who come to visit. He is fine when encountering other dogs on our walks but sometimes shows aggression with other dogs in either our house or theirs. We're working on more socializing in that respect too. All in all he is well loved and a little spoiled. He's just so cute we can't help ourselves. 

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