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April  2012


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And the Winner Is?
Pippin Update
Mac Needs a Home
Jazmine [Pumpkin] Update
Easter Update
Bella Update
Paws in Action
Pit Bull Rescued by Police
Mac Has Left the Building
Smooch Update
The Right Collar
Alfie's Birthday
Introducing Boston
Meet Fernando and Corona

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Apr 30/12

Meet Fernando and Corona - We are thrilled to announce that our Snoop went to his foster home on Sunday. It seems foster mom, Jen, is smitten already (-: How could anyone resist such a handsome elderbull (-:

I am sure we will get lots of pictures and updates from Jen about Snoop, but I have no doubt he is enjoying being a loving part of a family. Lots of hugs and kisses to our newest addition!!

We would also like to introduce you to 4 of our newest adoptables. These 4 little amigos were rescued from the streets of Mexico and kept safe until they could be flown to Ontario. Here are some pictures of Fernando, Coronna, Diego and Dora!!

Foster parents, Carolina, Caroline and Allison all say the same thing ... they are so deserving of help and such good puppies to have around. If you would like to adopt one of the amigos, please fill in the application form on the left. Please share with your family and friends ... you never know who might be thinking of adding a puppy to their family.
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Apr 27/12

Introducing Boston - I'd like to introduce you to our newest senior rescue boy. This is Boston, a 10 yr. old lab mix who sadly needed to find another home. He is a sweet, sweet boy - very laid back and quiet. He does, however love his outside time, especially if he can lay out on the porch and catch a few rays. Here is a bit about Boston from foster dad, Paul, and some great pictures!!

At 10 years old Boston is a mature dog. He is kind, quiet and loves sitting next to someone. Boston enjoys his walks and won’t hesitate to let you know when he’s due for one. He usually does this by sitting next to the door and letting our a quick bark to say take me out. Boston also enjoys the occasional game of fetch in the backyard. 

Boston is currently staying with two other dogs, that he gets along with, but he does enjoy his alone time and would much rather prefer a single animal household. 

Boston loves his outside time, especially if he can lay out on the porch and catch a few rays. Boston is very low maintenance and the perfect companion dog for the right owner. 
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Apr 25/12

Alfie's Birthday - Alfie's owners just sent me a picture of him celebrating his birthday [adoption date I believe]. He looks great!

Happy birthday Alfie - we at ANML-RESQ hope you had a great day and didn't eat too many treats!
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Apr 23/12

The Right Collar - Peter Dobias writes about 'choke, prong and shock collars [which] can cause disease and possibly lead to cancer' on his blog at Peter's blog.

He explains that before you try out a collar for your dog, you think of what these types of collars can do and how they are used on your dog(s).

Most of these collars are for inflicting pain to stop a dog from lunging, pulling or allowing your dog to do anything but heel as you walk together.

The other side of this coin is the damage that can lead to serious injury while using these types of collars on a willful or disobedient dog. It all comes down to proper training. If you start your pup out with collars that do not cause pain and the dog still 'doesn't get it right', you should think about training your dog. Most dogs could use a dose of training in their lives, as they are puppies and just want to have fun. Think about the consequences of such devices and the alternatives. Your puppy will thank you! Click here to read the blog...»
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Apr 19/12

Smooch Update - We received some great pictures of Smooch and here is his update:

Smooch ... he is 2 years old and now weighs 146 pounds... Still living with his 2 brothers and sister.. Now that warm weather is here, he loves laying on the porch.. 

He still drags all his toys outside, and eventually I drag them back in.. That is just a cycle.. He doesn't like toys inside...

Smooch follows me or Alan room to room.. If he is asleep in living room and I go to computer room, he comes right in and lays near and goes back to sleep.. He is quiet, and likes to be near... likes to reach out a big paw and just touch you.. ~Carla

It is always good to hear about Smooch ... keep those updates coming we love to read them and check out the pictures.
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Apr 18/12

Mac Has Left the Building - We are thrilled to announce that our big guy Mac has gone to his forever home (-: He met his sister last weekend and he was smitten with Stella. It seems that Stella is also smitten with Mac! What a great couple they make. 

I think because Mac is so in love with Stella it won't be too difficult to get Mac used to being an indoor dog after all, he wants to be near his new sweetheart (-: Congratulations to Mac!! 
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Apr 13/12

Pit Bull Rescue by Police - In Manatee County Florida, a Pit Bull was rescued by Police after they observed a woman beating the dog with a flashlight.

Police told the woman to stop the assault, and she did, only to walk away and retrieve a gun.

Officers stated that the woman was then arrested and the dog taken in by animal services and taken directly to a vet clinic.

The best part of this piece is that the owner of the dog did not want to pay the vet bills and that one of the Police Officers is reportedly offering him a new home. To read the article...»
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Apr 11/12

Paws in Action - ANML-RESQ is thrilled to announce that on June 16 we will be holding our 3rd Annual Paws in Action fundraiser. 

Once again, we would like to thank Sherry for allowing us to enjoy another fun-filled day at her facility with old friends, adoptors and our adopted. We look forward to this every year because we always have such a GREAT time! Our happy furkids will once again enjoy a fun-filled day experiencing Dock Diving and Agility - just to name a few. 

Bring the whole family out and enjoy the day - guaranteed great company, good food, games for your pets and kids and lots of prizes to be won. Please mark your calendar for June 16th and come join us for a jam packed day of fun!!! Here is the information on our 3rd Annual Paws in Action...



Please join us for our 3rd Annual Fundraiser and Reunion on June 16th from 10 am to 3 pm
at 6311 - 12th Line, New Tecumseth, ON

Once again, this year’s theme is Paws in Action and we want you and your dog(s) to experience Dock Diving & Agility.

Bring the whole family out and enjoy the day - guaranteed great company, good food, games for your pets and kids with prizes to be won. For just $10.00 per person or $35.00 for a family of 4 or more, you will get a Passport to all the events (including lunch for humans)! There will be a silent auction and great items to purchase.

CGN testing [pdf -166kb] will also be available starting at 10am at a cost of $25.00. This is an official CKC title event, so please call Shawna at 705-796-7103 for requirements and to book an appointment.
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Apr 10/12

Bella Update - We received an update on Bella and one from Hunter ... Foster mom Sindee got a FANTASTIC update from Hunters new mom. Sindee was so thrilled and happy to get another heartwarming update and so are we!!! Here are the updates:

Hi Renee, Here's some pics of Bella. She's very hard to get cause she moves so fast lol so I have to get her on her downtime. I just wish I had a camera when she came into the bed Saturday morning with my husbands wallet in her mouth!! 

She's fitting in well and beginning to listen alittle bit more, her appetite is really good and the incision looks alot better today. We're both looking forward to classes on Sat. She's a smart dog just needs some structure. Talk to you soon

Hi Sindee, I just thought I'd write to you and let you know how Hunter is doing now that we've really had the chance to get to know him. He really is just a funny, nice old guy. Iris has really taken to him, and she's been trying to get him to play with her in the backyard lately (Hunter's not really interested haha). It's nice to come home to two waggy tails, and he is always very still and quiet when I come home trying to sniff out who it is, until I say something and then his tail starts wagging and he gets all excited. 

He's also been letting me know when I'm not being patient enough with his sniffing when we go on walks. If I'm not giving him enough time to sniff something out, he just lays right down and continues sniffing. It makes me laugh every time. He certainly isn't hesitant! He just charges right ahead on walks, and I have to scurry behind him making sure he doesn't bump his head. He's met my parents and my friends and everyone thinks he is just lovely, everyone has so many questions about him, but you were right, it really isn't that different than any other dog. The way he knows his way around the house always surprises me. I've kept him on the omega capsules for his skin, they make him so soft! And I give them both a brush every few days, and they bump each other out of the way to get a turn. He's a great addition to the family, and we just love him! Hope everything is well with your pack. ~Lindsay

Congratulations to two very lucky furkids, Bella and Hunter (-:
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Apr 9/12

Easter Update - We hope everyone enjoyed their Easter weekend. The weather was just beautiful and we at ANML-RESQ were busy again, this weekend, and have some wonderful adoptions to report. 

On Thursday, our beautiful girl Bella went to her forever family. Here is a picture of Bella with a very happy new mom and dad. Congratulations Bella! 

We are also thrilled to say that Dakota also lucked out this weekend and found a wonderful family to love. We have been promised pictures and updates, so please watch for future blogs.

And our cutie-pie Bailey has finally found her forever family! We are all so happy for her - it's been a long time coming for this little girl, but we know now why it took so long ... once again, she was waiting for the BEST and boy, did she get it

Here is an update from Bailey's foster mom about the meet and greet. Sindee could not have been happier for her little foster girl Bailey. 

You know how when you meet someone and you just know that they are going to be a great match for a dog? That was Diane and her son Hunter. They are such nice people and obviously passionate about dogs. They were fussing up all the dogs and I when I put the pack inside so we could concentrate on Bailey, they sat on the ground with her. 

Bailey warmed to them immediately, leaning against Diane and looking at her with those big brown eyes then it was over to Hunter so she could give him a kiss. It was so apparent that this was a great match! I am so happy for Bailey and her new family!! Sindee 

And here is the first Bailey update we received!! (-: Congratulations to Dianne, Hunter, Bailey and Magic!!

Just a quick note to let you know how our hearts have melted with Bailey being home with us. She was fantastic in the car ride home, lay on Hunter's lap in the back seat giving him the occasional kiss. Arrived at the house and she pranced up to the door, tail wagging. Thoroughly checked out the inside and yard, happy as anything. I placed her bed and her blanket with toys and chewy bone in Hunt's bedroom for sleeping but she opted for sleeping on Hunter's bed (he was thrilled!) She's so smart!! Already responding when we call her with coming to us, tail wagging and planting kisses. 

Preparing to head to the country and she'll have more exploration to do but both Hunter and I are feeling confident she's feeling secure with us. [...] Can't find the words to express our heartfelt appreciation for bringing Bailey to us and all your support.

Much love from Diane, Hunter, Bailey (and Magic- our cat too!) (PS As I write this Bailey is sprawled out on the couch grinning!)

I know these dogs have found great homes and congratulations to all the families on their newest additions.
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Apr 5/12

Jazmine [Pumpkin] Update - Our volunteer, Mim, received another heartwarming update about her little girl, Princess Jazmine aka Pumpkin. I am sure she is over the moon happy for her little girl. Here is the update:

It's been a while, just thought I would check in with you! Jazmine is doing well! She is putting on weight very slowly but at least it happening! We had a nice park day with Jaz and the girls on the weekend! She is getting better and better with them! In fact Keelin (the one in the pink) and Jazmine have quite the bond! When they go back to mom's Jazmine very clearly misses them. She looks around the house for them and won't settle until she has checked every corner and knows they are really gone!

It took some time but Jaz has learned to play fetch with a tennis ball! It really is amazing how fast she can run! In the beginning she wasn’t really understanding the whole you have to give the ball back in order for us to throw it again idea but now she is great!

We should really make plans to get together! You need to come see the princess in her new castle! ~Linda, Wayne, Maeve, Keelin, Caspian, Simba and of course the one and only Jazmine!

WOW, Jazmine is so beautiful and looks so happy and loved - woo hoo!! Many thanks to Linda and family for loving Jazmine so much. She is such a lucky little girl (-:
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Apr 4/12

Mac Needs a Home - Foster/forever home needed for Mac - Calling all gentle giant lovers! This handsome lug is Mac, a three year old Saint Bernard. Mac is a lovely, quiet and very sweet boy who is great with people and is good with other dogs. Mac has never been exposed to cats so we aren't sure how he would be. 

Mac has spent most of his life as an outdoor dog but is very clean and quiet in the house. He is very typical of this breed in that he adores his people and prefers to be with them and for this reason, he cannot be left outside unattended or he will wander off seeking company. To foster or to adopt Mac, please email us at
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Apr 3/12

Pippin Update - Carolina received some pictures of her previous foster girl Pippin - WOW!!! Has she EVER grown!!! As you can see in this picture, she sure was small.

We love getting pictures and updates, especially when we can see how much fun our adopted are having with their families.

It looks like Pippin gets to go everywhere with her family ... and as you can see, she is very much loved!!! Way to go Pippin!!! You're a very lucky girl (-:
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Apr 2/12

And the Winner Is? - ANML-RESQ is pleased to announce the winner of Jasper's quilt is ... Mike McKinnon! Congratulations Mike and thank you for ALL you do for ANML-RESQ and our beloved rescues. 

Jasper touched everyone that met him and those that didn't and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with helping Jasper. He was one of the finest ambassadors for the Rottweiler breed and we all miss him terribly.

I had a chance to read a few of my favourite blogs this weekend and came across these two from Dog Star Daily. I have to admit ... I am really pumped to try out the Belly Ball game with my furkids this summer. It sounds like a lot of fun!!

Do dogs have self respect? What are your thoughts?

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