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APRIL 2013


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Apr 27/13

Chips and Tags - If your dog makes a break for it, will they be prepared? It will always be one for the books ... oh no, my dog will never get away from me, or there is no possible chance that my dog will roam the streets looking for me! Well, as it stands right now, at least 33% of the population are looking for their pets. What do you think the chances for these pets are if they are not wearing any kind of ID. Slim to none would be my guess. Simple solutions would be tags from your municipality, pet ID from any pet supply store, or perhaps a microchip from your vet. When you think about all the money you spend on the vet, good food, and all those toys, doesn't it just stand to reason to ensure that your pet gets the best in ID.

Some people consider tags from their municipality to be a nuisance and another money grab, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The municipality keeps a record of the dog, the address and telephone number, in case heaven forbid, animal control picks up your dog. This stop gap only works if you buy the tag. I guess you can say that for every 1,000 people living in any given municipality, only 1% ever buy the tag faithfully each year. So, statistically speaking, only 1% will be going home from the pound in any given year. All the other wandering pets, depending on the by-laws in the community, will be going to the pound to either be adopted out, sent to research or killed for lack of space.

Depending on the area which you live, check out who picks up the animals, where they go to be housed and for goodness sake find out what they do with the animals after their stay is up. You may never be sure what happens to 'fido' if he makes a break for it without ID and he sure can't phone home for a ride! You can give your kids heck for the open door that your dog went through, but at the end of the day, you have only yourself to blame. How much was that tag ... in my area the tags go for $25.00 - this is a small price to pay to ensure my pup doesn't go to research and I get that phone call to come and get'em!
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Apr 22/13

Collars, Leads and Heavy Equipment - It's been a very long month, what with the warm weather turning cold and then rain and then snow ... I have heard more than a dozen people say they wanted to shoot 'Willie'. When the last person said that to me, I was a little indignant and told them why 'shoot the messenger'. But, people will be people and, of course, the weather does play a very important part in our daily lives. Some would say that on sunny days you are apt to encounter very happy people, and on rainy days, it's probably best to keep your head down as conversations can be a little gruff! At this time of the year, I am thankful for the warm days and when it snows, I know that spring is just around the corner and will be here soon.

Speaking of spring, I know that most of us relish the idea of getting out and about with our pets. As the warm weather heats up, it is best to take stock in your equipment and ensure that collars, harnesses and leads are still good and don't need to be replaced. Make sure that your dog has their collar on at all times with the appropriate tags so you can jingle your way on your walk.

A friend of mine is an Animal Control Officer and they told me that the last call they were on was one of shock and awe. The call was to pick up a stray dog. The Officer noted that the dog looked familiar and as the dog was picked up in the area that they lived, it seemed very family - just couldn't place the dog. It turned out that the dog lived 3 doors down and had never left the owner's property since the time it was a pup - perhaps over 3 years. More astounding was the fact that when the Officer bent down to check the dog's tags, the collar was so tight that they couldn't get their hands into the collar to grab the tags to read. When the call was made to the owners and they arrived, the Officer explained that the collar was far too tight and that at least 3 fingers under the collar can ensure that it fitted properly. The owners just stood there and looked at the Officer - it was as though they had never heard of this before. Some people tend to think that things are always going to be OK, things don't get too tight, animals don't get sick and, of course, their dogs never escape. The Officer was happy that the dog had escaped, at least on this day, as the consequences of the dog's collar could have been dire.

Small things do go a long way in this world, remember to share your experiences with others, and network for the 'love of dog'.
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Apr 22/13

Blame the Dog - When we think of a dog biting, mauling or killing, we instantly think 'dangerous dog'. But, in reality, was the dog to blame? This is an age old question. In the past, the dog was shot the people were commiserated and the dead were buried. Harsh reality ... you bet! But, where do we draw the line.

Dogs are the number one bite problem in society. Yes, little Jenny bit Timmy in the school yard, but do we put her down? I don't think so - but, along those lines some people would consider this if little Jenny were a dog.

There are cases reported of dogs killing children, [statistics are few] and most of these cases came about because a child went into a yard where there was a chained dog, or when a family member left the dog unattended and the dog played/chewed the baby. Where is the logic to leaving a child unattended around an animal. But, they are the statistics that are out there and we must realize that when a dog bites, mauls, or growls there is a reason  - human error is high on the list.

When your dog growls, what do you do? Well, if my dog growls I WANT to know what is going on. There is a reason for this. So, checking out the area, the other animals and the like, I make my conclusions based on what I can see and hear. Usually, my household is quiet, except for the few times that everyone wants out the door at once. No growling involved, it is more like kids going out for recess. What a mess! lol

But, there are dog owners who do not notice changes in their dog's behaviour or demeanour ... these are the people good dog owners need to be worried about. When I say worried, I mean WORRIED! These owners do not understand that dogs cannot communicate 1) health issues; 2) other dogs that they do not like [puppies that don't know their place]; 3) teeth issues; or 4) hunger! All of these issues are when dogs get into problems. As with any child, the owner must always be on their toes and notice the slightest problems and be there to instruct the animal and reward their dog's good behaviour.

To be a good dog owner, a person must always remember that dogs do not make great conversationalists, they lick themselves in public and they do not demonstrate great restraint when it comes to joy! That is why we all love dogs - their unpredictable nature and the unswerving love that they give to us each and every day.

I read a great blog that deals with 'Predicting Dangerous Human Behavior' which for the most part, communicates the need for people to rethink the problem of bad dogs and the consequences of the owners when they put their dogs into terrible situations with no thought to those actions. Click here to read...»

So, the next time you walk your dog down the street and you see a person walking a dog 'wildly pulling' on their leash [pulling and too insistent upon seeing you and your dog up close and personal] cross the road with your dog. Then, be thankful your dog is well behaved and you know a lot more about your dog than the person you just missed tangling with.
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Apr 18/13

It's the Weekend - We end the week with some links of interest that I'm sure you will enjoy. Here is a cheap and easy way to play some "mind games" and scenting with your dogs. (-: Especially for the days they can't get out. I will definately be trying this with my furkids. I wish I would have known about this over the winter since exercise was at a minimum.

'Atopica: A Dangerous Path to Take': why you should not give your animals this drug and its side effects ...»

Also, I have often wondered HOW dogs know that certain people are dog we know why!! (-: This link will show you the how they know ...»

And, when whispering is not enough, learn to talk dog - they will love you for it! Here is the link ...» 

Have a great weekend!
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Apr 18/13

Bentley Update - We had some great pictures sent of our little boy (not so little anymore) Stewie, now known as Bentley. He is one of the lucky ones that found safety in a much friendlier province. Surprisingly, these pictures were taken by our friend Barb who has been so helpful finding good homes for our prohibited. 

Barb drives the school bus in her area and Bentley is on her route, so she gets to see this happy boy almost everyday on her route. Barb was kind enough to send us some pictures of Bentley - thank you Barb!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

It's so nice to get updates and pictures of the ones we are forced to send away! We can see how happy they are, and that's what keeps us doing what we do! 
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Apr 17/13

Smooch's Birthday - Happy Birthday wishes are being sent from all of us at ANML-RESQ to a special boy, Schmooch, who is celebrating his 3rd Birthday! 

Click to enlarge...

This is another boy that was lucky to come out alive, healthy and undamaged. When he first arrived he was skin and bone and severely malnourished. His rescuer witnessed this young pup being abused and neglected until she could not bear to witness this abuse any longer. She took the "direct" approach and offered his owners some cold, hard cash if they would surrender their dog. Thankfully. it worked and his rescuer could finally sleep at night knowing that he was safe with her until he could be transferred to our loving foster home. 

Click to enlarge...

With the help of loving foster mom and dad, Schmooch gained some much needed weight and confidence and was soon ready for his BIG adventure - a plane trip to the loving family that loved him from afar. Our little man was flying to New Brunswick and into the loving arms of Carla and Alan and their pack. 

Click to enlarge...

Now, 3 years later, Schmooch is celebrating his birthday and everyone here at ANML-RESQ is so happy to see this handsome boy, living life as a dog should ... surrounded by love (-:

Click to enlarge...

Here is a beautiful video, made for Schmooch by his beloved then foster mom, Carolina, in celebration of this special day. Also, some pictures from Schmooch's family. As you can see in the pictures, it was a BIG day for celebration AND CAKE TOO! (-: Happy Birthday Schmooch from ALL your friends at ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario!
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Apr 16/13

Ivan Update - We received some GREAT pictures the other day of our handsome boy Ivan, playing with his foster brother, Timber (our Birthday boy).

Timber is such a great foster brother. He loves every dog that has come to their home for fostering. He is such a social butterfly who loves to play. It looks like Timber has found someone his own size to spar with (-: 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

It's so nice to see Ivan making progress. With the help of his fantastic foster parents, Carolina and Mike, Ivan is making great strides. He has come a long way since he arrived in foster care, 2 months ago. Timber is also doing his part in helping with Ivan's daily exercise (-:

Click to enlarge...

Thanks for the great pictures Carolina!! Ivan is doing amazingly well and we have no doubt that there is a family out there for this energetic, goofy boy. Ivan is still up for adoption, if you would like more information, please contact us at

Also, there have been a number of dog food recalls:

  1. BARF World Dog Food Recall

  2. Truth About Pet food;

  3. AVMA; and


And, you can also google the pet food you feed your pet to find out if any recalls have occurred. And, if you find that your pet food has been recalled, please let your friends know.
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Apr 15/13

Another Urgent - We have been asked to help give a little exposure to a beautiful young German Shepherd girl who is in need of a forever home. She is a lovely girl, but in need of a home where she can interact with a family. She has not yet been tested with dogs, but has shown no aggression when walked past other dogs. Here is a bit about Mya and contact information as well for Barb, her rescuer.

Mya is a 2 year old female German Shepherd who was surrendered to a shelter by her owners. She was scheduled to be euthanized when a good samaritan pulled her and is now searching for an adoptive home. 

Click to enlarge...

Mya has been taken in temporarily and is being kept outdoors and brought into the sunroom during bad weather and during the night. She hasn’t been integrated with the resident dogs but when she sees them, she doesn’t seem bothered by their presence. At first Mya was so confused with all the changes, so understandably was nervous but as she came out of her shell it was found she is an exceptional girl. Mya is affectionate, listens well and comes when called. She does not jump up on people and she knows sit, down, stay and loves to play fetch and frisbee. Mya is a high energy dog and needs her daily exercise and her leash walking skills are getting much better. She has done so well considering what she has been through in the past few weeks and will continue to do well in the proper environment – one with a routine and exercise. Mya needs a permanent home with people who won’t give up and will work with her. In the past two weeks she has made remarkable progress and see no reason why this can’t continue in another home. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Mya is spayed, up to date with her vaccines and heartworm tested. She is also is crate trained, house trained and does not resource guard her food or toys. A trainer can be arranged to help Mya with the transition to her new adoptive home. Mya is a great dog and if someone can give her the chance she needs she will make someone a wonderful companion. If you are interested in helping Mya by adopting her, please contact Barb at

Please find it in your heart to help Mya and Roscoe [below], network with your friends, family and neighbours and let's get these good dogs a foster or forever home!
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Apr 12/13

URGENT - PLEA- We have had a desperate plea for an older rottweiler boy, who through no fault of his own, has found himself homeless and in a shelter. At 9 1/2 years old, this is NO place for any dog to spend their "golden years". Sadly, Roscoe's owner passed away and the family took him to his vet to board temporarily until arrangements could be made to take him to a family member, however, no one returned for him )-:

Click to enlarge...

This is such a scary situation for Roscoe. He was a beloved member of the family, and now he is homeless. The shelter life is very, very stressful for Roscoe. Roscoe began his journey in Georgia where the plea was made to find a home for Roscoe. He was transported to Maine where a family wanted so badly to give him the home to spend his golden years in. Sadly, though, Roscoe was not socialized with other animals and found his time at the home very stressful as well. It was decided that Roscoe needs a home with NO other pets, but a human family that can shower him with affection. Roscoe is a real snuggler and loves people.

Click to enlarge...

Rosco isn't doing so well at the shelter, even though they are amazing at the Houlton Humane Society, Rosco is upset there. He's not eating and he really just needs a home to get him out of his depression :( Sweet Rosco is STILL looking for his FURever family ... please let us know if you think he may be the lovable FURbaby your family is missing. He's absolutely precious and really needs a home of his own ... he loves walks, he loves to play and he loves to fall asleep on your lap.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Although Roscoe is in the US (Maine), we have volunteers in NB that are willing to pick Roscoe up from the shelter and help transport him to Ontario if the right family speaks up for Roscoe. We have never turned down a challenge and we would love to be a part of helping Roscoe find a loving forever family. If that family is you, please contact us at

Thanks everyone! Please cross-post and help us find Roscoe the family he deserves. Have a great weekend everyone!
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Apr 11/13

Happy Birthday Timber - Happy Birthday Timber from ALL your friends at ANML-RESQ! Our handsome boy Timber turns 3 years old today - WOW! I can't believe it has been 3 years since this young, abandoned pup found his way to our house. I will never forget, it was a cold, damp, rainy spring day and I noticed this dog (from a distance, he looked like a mature dog) walking up and down our country road. I thought he belonged to the neighbours that recently moved in. By late afternoon, I couldn't stand watching this poor animal, wet and cold wander aimlessly up and down the road. I went out, loaded up with treats and proceeded to call the dog to me. He was hesitant at first, but soon made his way across the road and towards me. The closer he got, the more I realized he was just a puppy )-: 

Click to enlarge...

I was able to coax him up to the porch, then shut the gate and slowly coaxed him into the house. We went door-to-door looking for his owners to no avail. So, the call went out to the group to see if we could find him a foster home. Minutes after sending out the plea, I got an immediate response from Carolina ... we had a foster home - woohooo!!! 

Click to enlarge...

It didn't take very long before I sensed that this sweet little pup who Carolina called Timber, had weaseled his way into foster mom's heart. Carolina had foster SO many dogs for us prior to Timber arriving, but I could sense, almost from the beginning, this was going to be a "failed foster". And, I was thrilled when I heard that this was, indeed, a foster failure (-: Timber couldn't have found a better forever home and I get LOTS of updates and pictures of this very lucky boy. Thank you Carolina and Mike for loving this boy and giving him the best home! Happy Birthday Timber!
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Apr 10/13

Snacks for Your Pets - I have found a couple of links that I would like to share. Some are helpful, interesting and some are entertaining.

The first is on pet treats. While we like the convenience of grabbing snacks for our pets right off the shelves in the grocery store, some of these 'snacks' are not appropriate nor are they good for our pets. Be careful what you give to your pet and make sure that you read the label. Some snacks from other countries have been found to cause sickness and in some cases death. I found a great link where you can make your pet snacks 'in a flash' and they look and sound very appetizing ... click here to view...»

When clicking around on remedies for dogs, I found this great blog on Natural Remedies for Dogs. Some of topics touched here are on skin and coat conditions, digestive disorders, allergies and a raw food diet .... a really interesting article here to view... »

And finally, have you ever wondered why is your dog is worse with you than when they are in someone else's care? I found a blog that goes into detail on the differences between you and your dog and when someone else is looking after them. I think this is a great read ... click here to view...»

So, grab your coffee and check out the blogs ... I know there will be something here for everyone ...
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Apr 9/13

Unconditional Love - After recently losing our beloved Sassy, my dog through rescue [and what a rescue that was], I thought my world had come to an end. The hurt and pain were unbearable. I have been through this before, it is never easy. For some reason though, the loss of Sassy hit me really hard. I will admit, there were times I thought I was going crazy. I couldn't think, I couldn't process anything. I was in a really sorrowful place. But time does heal us, but I still miss Sassy terribly. She was the "life of the party". The moment she awoke, there was hardly a moment of quiet. Now, it is too quiet. It doesn't matter how many furry companions you have ... when one of them leaves you, there is an eerie quiet that is a constant reminder of how much we miss our beloved.

In our sadness, emptiness, loss of love and especially loss of a good friend we feel the the hardship of the passing of our dog. Sometimes, you have only been with your dog a short time, or you have lived with this dog since the beginning, whatever the nature of your lives together, the passing of your dog is hard and will take time to heal.

It is NORMAL to grieve for your dog when they pass. There will be a tangible hole in your day where you would be with them, feed them, walk them, and even watch that favourite show together. Remember, this was your pet and you must be allowed to come to terms with this loss in YOUR OWN time. The change in your house and routine will be affected and will be hard to handle. You must take your time and allow yourself to grieve and let things fall back into place.

In our grief we do not think of the things around us and can become slow, helpless, disoriented, have feelings of confusion and often become fatigued. During this heart breaking time, there are a few things that you can do to help yourself overcome these obstacles: Know that you are not crazy having these feelings for your dog, get out and talk to others about your loss; maintain the same lifestyle that you had prior to the loss of your pet, and lastly don't forget about your other pets, because they feel this grief too and miss their friend.

When your day gets a bit too rough, remember the great moments you had with your dog, share their photos with friends, family and colleagues, and remember they loved you too. For more information on grief and the loss of your dog check out this blog, click here...»
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Apr 8/13

Bambi Update - We were thrilled to get this update and pictures of Bambi, who arrived safely in NB, very early Friday morning. It seems Bambi handled the entire ordeal with flying colours!! The first update we got was from Barb, who accompanied Charlotte (Bambi's new mom) to the airport for LATE night pick up. Looks like the girls had a good night (other than the party next door).

Renee, Charlotte and I just got back from picking up Bambi. We drove to Moncton last night, picked her up at the airport and stayed in a motel . Bambi is awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! She wasn't the least bit freaked out by the flight, people were all standing around looking at her in the crate which could have been intimidating for her but she was excellent. She hopped up in the car and made herself at home. After a walk, water and food, she curled up on the bed for a snuggle and then we put her in the crate between our beds for the night and never heard a word, I don't think she even changed positions. What a doll. 

Click to enlarge...

She basically slept all the way home in the back seat. Charlotte is in love with her. Renee, she really seems to be a perfect little girl, sits, stays, shakes a paw. I am amazed. I am so happy to have been a part of getting this wonderful girl to a great home. Things certainly did come together for her. I think Charlotte will be sending a message to Bambi's foster and will be keeping us all up to date on pics and progress. I think I will have a little nap now. Our room was next to a party that went on until 6:00 this morning. I swear we slept 2 hrs. 

Then we received a great update AND pictures from Bambi's mom, Charlotte with a brief update. It looks like Bambi has met the WHOLE family and in "true bully fashion" has melted the hearts of everyone around her (-: Here is an update from Charlotte:

Renee, Bambi arrived safely to NB. She was very calm during the entire process and seems to love NB. Here are a couple of pictures ,one she is traveling home in the car from Moncton and the other she is resting on the kitchen floor in her new home. I saw the photos of her online, beautiful. 

Click to enlarge...

Thanks again for the dog, she has already met all of our five grandchildren and they love her too, She has even made up with my husband, I thought it might take her a couple of days at least. I will keep the pictures coming. Take Care, Charlotte

The first update we received was from Barb, who accompanied Charlotte (Bambi's new mom) to the airport for LATE night pick up. Looks like the girls had a good night (other than the party next door).
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Apr 5/13

Meet  Bambi - Once again, ANML-RESQ was asked to help a sweet, sweet girl get out of this province where because of her "looks", she is not safe, nor welcome because of our Government and their draconian laws. 

Bambi is a darling little girl, approximately 3 yrs old, found straying. Her rescuers took her in immediately, knowing the danger she would be in if she was surrendered to the local shelter. Once she was safe, foster mom contacted us immediately to ask if we could help find her a home out of Province. 

We immediately reached out to our friends in the East Coast to see if we could find a great home for Bambi. It didn't take long to find that special family, thanks to the help of our friends Carla and Barb. They started networking immediately and within a couple of days they found the perfect family for Bambi. Plans were put into place to get Bambi transported.

blog040513a.jpg (23285 bytes)blog040513.jpg (28428 bytes)

Thankfully, foster mom, Kacy from Just N Time Rescue was able to network with TopDog K9 Services and Bambi was able to catch a flight, accompanied by a friend to New Brunswick, where her excited family Charlotte and Jerry picked her up late last night. 

In Bambi's case, it took "a village" to save a single life. Bambi had many angels watching over her to make sure she stayed safe until her journey to a "muzzle free" life. We would like to thank Kacy from Just N Time Rescue, Kathy Currie-Eyers from TopDog K9 Services and everyone at St. Louis Wings and Ribs, and of course, our good friends, Carla and Barb for helping make this miracle happen for Bambi!!

Her new family has had bullies before and love the breed and we have no doubt that Bambi will melt their hearts the moment she arrives - she is so beautiful!! We have been promised lots of updates, so be sure to stay tuned for future updates and pictures. Good luck Bambi from ALL of us at ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario! Have a great weekend everyone!
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Apr 4/13

Ozzy Update - I received an update on the Ozman and some great pictures with him and his brother Nismo...

Hello All, You are very welcome for the donation ... How could we not support your organization! We really appreciate what you do for these furbabies and I think we actually owe you all a big "THANK YOU" Ozzy has fit right in with us. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We could not be happier with him, it has not been that long and it feels like Ozzy has been with us for years. Nismo and Ozzy are two peas in a pod now. He has become very attached to us and and everyone he meets just adores him! We will be sending you an email shortly to hopefully put up on your website, but for now here are some pics of the boys!!!

Those are some really nice pictures ... Oz and his brother Nismo seem to have really hit it off. 
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Apr 2/13

Links of Interest - I thought I would share a few links that might be of interest to you. A little bit of everything for today! After reading this, I shake my head and wonder once again ... WHY did they target and ban pit bulls? And, here are a few to mull over A Dog's 5 Stages of Grief when you leave the house (in photos); Bladder and kidney stones and urine crystals in dogs - natural treatment; and Top 10 Canine Toxins: Part II. Grab a coffee and check them out ... great reads...
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Apr 1/13

Oak Ridge Pet Valu - ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario would like to thank Corrine Griffith and Marlo Hiltz from Pet Valu, Oak Ridges for their generous donation of $100.00 which they were able to generate through nail trims for rescue.

Thank you so much to Pet Valu for their generous support throughout the years. Don't forget if you are in the area to stop in and say "hello" and support those that support rescue.
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