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Tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00. You can use Paypal to purchase. The deadline for the raffle is MIDNIGHT September 19th. The draw will be held on September 20th.

Many thanks to Mitchell & Abbot Group Insurance Brokers Limited and Reuben Jarvis, PHOTOCOLORZ, for generously donating these items to ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario

This raffle is important for our Rescue as the funds will be going to the vet bill of Wilma our sweet Basset Hound who is recovering from surgery due to twisted bowel syndrome. 

Camera and Software Raffle Tickets

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Wilma after surgery...

All proceeds will go toward Wilma's vet bill [read the blog here...»].
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Aug 27/10

Rally and Candle Lit Vigil

Our BBQ fundraiser on Friday was a HUGE success, thanks to all the hard work of our volunteers, Carolina, Mike and Mim.  The hamburgers and hotdogs were delicious ... many thanks to Heritage Food for donating the food.  Everyone is still talking about how BIG the hot dogs were and how yummy both hotdogs and hamburgers were.  

We would like to thank ALL of our sponsors and supporters for making this such a success. Thank you to all that dropped by to grab a bite to eat, those who purchased raffle tickets and everyone that stopped to talk to our volunteers. A very, very busy day for all!

Also, as you may be aware, it was the 5 year anniversary this weekend, that BSL came to Ontario. The day was filled with activities, speakers and friends coming together for a common cause ... to REPEAL the Ban.  It was WELL attended with lots of people showing their support. Let's hope this has made an impact.  

Please support Hershey's Bill ... let's not forget how many innocent animals have paid the price of this BAD law, with their lives. Here is the write-up in the Toronto Star...

Dog owners want same laws for all breeds
Local MPP’s bill calls for end to pit-bull ban
Published On Sun Aug 29 2010
Brendan Kennedy
Staff Reporter

Ontario’s controversial ban on pit bulls — now five years old — is under fire once again as a coalition of dog-loving groups rallied Sunday to support a local MPP’s efforts to have the law changed.

“They’re ripping family pets away from people based on very vague legislation,” said Rui Branco, who successfully fought the City of Brampton earlier this year by proving his dog, Brittany, was not a pit bull. Read the article ...»
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Aug 27/10

BANniversary - 5 Years!

Well, it's the BIG day everyone!!! ANML-RESQ and all of its volunteers are so excited this day is finally here!!! If you are in the area, please drop by and have a bite to eat and chat with our volunteers. Information about this event can be found on our home page. We hope to see you there!

Also, as we are nearing the anniversary of Bill 132 and the banning of Pitbulls, Staffordshire Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers. This is the five year anniversary and we would love to see as many people as possible there to show their support. 

Please come out and show your support for Hershey's Bill to repeal Breed Specific Legislation. Support Hershey's Bill To Repeal Breed Specific Legislation - Show your support and let Queen’s Park know that your Ontario includes ALL dogs! 

This is the 5 year BANniversary of Ontario's "pit bull" ban. Since then thousands of innocent dogs have lost their lives. Please come out and show your support. It’s time that we stand up and fight this injustice and demand that responsible dog ownership legislation is put in place for all breeds. If you think this ban only targets "pit bulls", think again. Many breeds from Boxers to Rottweiler mixes and anything in between, mostly mixed mutts, have been targeted. 

* NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo 
* Live Bands 
* Vendors 
* Canine Good Neighbour Testing 
* Agility Course 
* Education Workshops 
* Special Guests and more! 
* Pittie and Pals walk to PawsWay at 5:30pm 

This is an all day event. Bring a chair and a blanket. Vendors will be close by but if fast food isn’t your taste, be sure to pack a lunch! 

Please join us for a Candlelight Vigil at 7:30pm at Queen’s Park.

Map of Coronation Park

A BIG THANK-YOU to our Sponsors! 
• The Dog Legislation Council of Canada (
• Pawsway (
• El Mocambo (
• Kong Co. (
• Pitbull Guerilla Clothing (

For more information on the “pit bull” ban please visit our website 

There you will find posters and pamphlets to print off and share! You can also send a letter to every MPP in Ontario by visiting this link:

See you on the 29th! 

**ALLl breeds welcome and all dogs must be in compliance with current legislation** 
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Aug 26/10

The countdown is on!!! One more day before our BBQ fundraiser in Stoney Creek!! We are all SO excited and pumped about this event.

It began as a simple BBQ, but with the extraordinary efforts of our volunteers, Carolina and Mike, this event has taken on a life of it's own and blossomed into a HUGE fundraising opportunity!!! 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank both Carolina and Mike for going above and beyond for our rescues. Their tireless days and evenings have been spent getting sponsors, donations, working on the set-up/displays ... every day they had a new surprise for us. 

We would also like to thank our volunteers, Mim and Christine for their help and expertise in getting draw tickets and business cards done up. 

The booth and displays are extremely well set up, there will be lots of information about our rescue and displays with our adoptables as well as our happily homed furkids.

We would also like to thank our sponsors for their donations and support. ANML-RESQ appreciates everyone's kindness and generosity.

This is an important fundraiser for us .... we need these funds to help us recoup some of the vetting costs for Wilma's surgery and allow us to continue helping more dogs in urgent need. 

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!! When stopping by our booth, please be sure to say "Hi" to our volunteers, Carolina, Mike and Mim. They will be there all day to answer any questions you may have ... and of course, serve up a lip-smackin' good hamburger or hotdog for you. Thanks again to our sponsors...

There are many, many wonderful items to be raffled that day, so please drop by and check out all the great doggy related items for raffle or sale. Have a great day everyone!!!! See you tomorrow!! (-:
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Aug 25/10

Willow Update

We received an update from Willow's foster mom. It sounds like this girl is really starting to come around and enjoying the luxuries in life (-: Here is foster mom's report:

Hi Renee!

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Willow. "Willow is wonderful." No concerns at all. 
Apparently Willow is a bit of an escape artist. She has managed to get out of her crate a few times and one day while everyone was away, she opened the sliding glass door to the yard (it wasn't locked) and seemed to have a great time playing in the yard and taking things outside such as shoes, socks, a telephone and a remote control. Now, to me, this just furthers the theory that she was dumped since she didn't leave the area.
Willow is described as high energy and absolutely loves kids. (Let's keep our fingers crossed for a very active home with children) Running the trails with the kids on their four-wheelers is currently one of her favourite past times. She is also as head strong/stubborn and very smart, so a bit a of a challenge when it comes to learning the basics such as sit and no. Her coat is much better and the reddish tinge (from poor nutrition?) is almost gone, she had gained a bit of weight and as a result, she looks really good. Her doggie manners are improving and she is also having a great time playing with the younger border collie Ruby, the old girl Solo isn't too interested in rough-housing. ~ Sindee 

Thanks for the update Sindee ... It sounds like we have a very clever girl on our hands (-:

On the lighter side of things, I thought you might enjoy this entertaining blog  ENJOY!!! I know a few dogs I'd like to nominate for the Hambone Awards!!! (-:
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Aug 24/10


We have had a couple of updates and pictures of two of our adopted puppies. 

First is our baby girl, Willow. What a beauty she has turned out to be. You probably notice a very strong resemblance to her brother Ollie.

Both babes are so their colouring (-: As you can see, baby Willow is pampered and getting lots of attention from mom, Joy.

Thanks for checking in with us, Willow and Joy!! 


Also, some new pictures of our boy Smooch. He is growing like a weed. 

We get daily updates on this little man and pictures often. We can clearly see him growing, right before our eyes. 

It is so nice to see Smooch so happy, relaxed and loved. Way to go BIG BOY!!!! 

You get more and more handsome as the weeks go by (-:

I wanted to share this disturbing blog with you all. I've heard the rumours for years, but didn't believe it. Now, it seems there is proof...» I have been sitting on the fence for a while now about home-cooking for my dogs. After reading this, I have made the decision to finally convert.
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Aug 23/10

Weekend Update

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! ANML-RESQ and all its volunteers are thrilled to announce that our Ollie Bear has FINALLY gone home. Our lucky boy has a very loving and doting new mom and dad and a big brother named Roodle (Rotti/Poodle) mix. 

Roodle and Ollie met a couple of weekends ago and they had an instant bond. We were so thrilled for Ollie. Ollie's mom and dad were moving to a new home, so we thought it best he stay in his foster home until his new family were all moved in and ready to bring this baby boy into their lives. 

Here are some pictures of a very excited new mom and dad with their Ollie Bear and also pics of foster mom, Cindy's farewell to Ollie. Thank you for taking such good care of our little man Cindy. He looks FANTASTIC and very, very happy. Congratulations to Ollie and his new family!! We can't wait for pictures and updates. 

Another very lucky girl also got adopted. Jazz, our courtesy post!!! Congratulations girlie!! 

Jazz is adopted!

You truly deserved this second chance at a loving forever home. We hope to also get pictures and updates from Jazz's new dad, Eric. GREAT WEEKEND!!! Woohoo!
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Aug 20/10

Wilma Update

Our girl Wilma has been recovering nicely at the vet's office. So much so, that the vet has given the go ahead to pick her up this morning. Foster mom, Carolina has been visiting with Wilma every evening and last night Wilma wagged her tail with delight when she heard Carolina's voice. 

Carolina is excited and happy to have Wilma coming back home. She has arranged with her work to bring her in during the day so Carolina can keep a close eye on her while she heals. We are so proud of you Wilma ... your will is very strong. We know you cannot wait to return home and see your brother again. Fred missed you terribly while you were away. He will be thrilled to see you walk back through the door.

We have also heard from foster mom about Peanut. It seems that Peanut is a dream girl. She is friendly with everyone she meets ... she has met the resident dogs and looks forward to romps in the backyard with her foster siblings. 

Peanut has been to the vet for a check-up and vaccinations. We are thrilled to say she is a healthy girl, estimated to be 2 years of age, possibly younger. The vet guesses her breed mix to be Standard Schnauzer and Shepherd. Go figure LOL....she certainly got her whiskers from somewhere!! (-: Peanut weighs in at a healthy 76 pounds, so she is a tad bigger than medium size. 

Peanut is respectful in the home and foster mom is getting Peanut "out and about" to help her transition into a family life, socialize in different situations, etc. Peanut hasn't had much of a family life and she is loving every minute of being a part of Allie's family.

Both Peanut and her baby girl Riley will soon be posted on our adoptables page, so please keep checking.

Also, I wanted to quickly let you know about an upcoming fundraiser we are holding in Stoney Creek on August 27,starting at 10:00 a.m. and hosted by the Royal Bank. We will have a BBQ, with hamburgers and hotdogs available, as well as beverages. We have some wonderful items to be raffled off, including a Canon Digital Camera, and a software program designed to turn your personal pictures into colouring book format from our friends at Photocolorz. Check it out, it is REALLY cool!!

There will also be pet related items up for raffle as well. Please mark your calendars and stay tuned for more information about this exciting fundraising event in the near future. We hope to see you all there!!!
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Aug 19/10

Wilma's Medical Emergency

I wanted to let you know, we had a medical emergency yesterday morning with our Wilma (Bassett Hound).

Wilma (who is generally good and quiet in her crate) was banging her water bowl and acting totally out of sorts (Wilma always sleeps through the night) so foster mom was concerned. Foster mom got up, thinking she needed outside for potty.  When she looked at Wilma, she knew exactly what was happening, thank God.

I got a call from Carolina at 4:30 a.m. and after hearing her describe Wilma's symptoms, I agreed - an emergency visit was needed, and FAST!!! 

Carolina called a little after 5 a.m., x-rays were taken and the results were in.  Wilma had a twisted stomach, gastric torsion...more commonly referred to as bloat. Click here to read about these symptoms...»

A decision had to be made, and made quickly. Surgery or let her go.  We opted for surgery...and prayed  that it wasn't too late.

Thanks to Carolina's quick reaction, Wilma underwent surgery first thing in the morning.  We have heard back from Carolina, the surgery went well - a bit of a setback with anesthetic due to the scar tissue on her larynx, caused by her debarking, but they quickly remedied the situation and continued with the surgery.  The vet untwisted her stomach and reported the colour came back immediately, so he believes there is NO tissue damage.  They also tacked her in two places to prevent this from occurring again.

Wilma is not out of danger yet though, so we need everyone's prayers and positive thoughts as we continue to monitor her recovery. If you would like to give a donation to Wilma's medical bills, please use the 'make a donation' button on the bottom left-side.

Get well soon Wilma from ALL of us at ANML-RESQ!!!
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Aug 18/10

Meet Riley 

Here she is!!! Introducing our baby girl Riley ... isn't she the cutest little puppy??

Riley was brought into rescue last weekend. We worried that baby girl would really be missing her mom, Peanut. After was her first day away from mom. What a scary day that would have been for her. 

However, little Riley walked into her foster home and was promptly accepted by her two furry brothers. 

They cuddled her and consoled her on this first day away from mom. 

Foster mom, Caron, reports that baby Riley is doing very well. She is being a very good girl and is going outside for her potty, so housetraining is well on the way (-:


Stay tuned to future blogs for more updates and pictures of our two newest adoptables ... Baby Riley and her mom, Peanut.

Thanks again to fosters, Allie and Caron for welcoming these two deserving dogs into their life and homes.
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Aug 17/10

Introducing Peanut

Slightly timid, yet so interested in this new world she is discovering, Peanut is slowly settling in. A true mystery as to her breed mix, I estimate her to be 50 pounds with some weight to gain. She was such a good Momma that her pups no doubt took a lot from her. She is as tall as a retriever and has the cutest whiskery face. A possibility of some Bouvier or Terrier mixed in there somewhere. Peanut has been with us now less than 24 hours and she has bonded to me and the children as if she has been here much longer. 

Click to enlarge...

She has discovered the house and her new fenced in yard and even met the resident pooches. She was wonderful during her introduction to them, it is of course my resident female that, as usual, is going to need a few days to adjust to our new friend. Peanut had a bath, or maybe I should call it a shower :P out in our driveway, in the pouring rain, with a watering can, shortly after she arrived. Lord knows, a good bath is what this girl needed. I know experts say that you should give your foster time to adjust to their new environment and you, before engaging in bathing or other high stress activities but, I firmly believe that if the dog is receptive to it and does not appear to be anxious, aggressive or stressed about the situation a good scrub makes them feel like a million bucks. They seems to immediately blossom and their personality starts to shine through. Such is the case with Peanut. 

My son and I scrubbed her, massaged her and encouraged her through the bath and once we rinsed that old shell of dirt away, she was a new woman. She began to play and throw a squeaky soccer ball and chew a rawhide bone. She was so much more confident and happy! She even ate supper! It is not unusual for a new dog to not eat for a few meals until they settle but not Peanut. She's taking it in stride. 

Click to enlarge...

She is clean in the house, respectful of peoples spaces, she lays on the floor, with no attempt to climb onto the couches or chairs. If you like to cuddle, she just needs to be called up with a gentle tap on the couch and she will sit beside you. She seems to smile when she hears her name come across the lips of someone she knows cares for her and she is very obedient. So far, when asked, she will bring her toy to you and sit on command. In the house she comes when called. She is very patient when you present her the food bowl and seems to have no issues with humans being around her rawhide bones or her food. Peanut takes treats gently and loves to play with other dogs. 

Little man, my 20 pound Shih Tzu, had no trouble rough housing with her last evening and they genuinely seem to enjoy each others company. Even laying together for a cat nap after their romp. It is going to take a little while for Peanut to adjust to her crate, however after just a few moments of chortling in her crate she does settle for sleep. 

Click to enlarge...

We will take a walk together, tonight before bed. She tends to pull on leash as she is anxious to discover her new world. We will work on this as well as getting her comfortable with a gentle leader. I hope to run into lots of new people for her to meet. and socialize with. Peanut will promptly receive vaccines this week and she will be spayed shortly there after. Rest assured Peanut, your puppy making days are over. It is time to take care of you and enjoy a true "dog's life". Stay tuned for more on our girl!
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Aug 16/10

Weekend Transport 

It was a busy weekend for our transporters and foster homes this weekend. 

Friday, we picked up Baby Girl and took her to the vet for check up and vaccinations. After that, she went home with her foster mom Caron and family and she has started her brand new life, living with a family. First reports from foster mom say that Baby Girl has settled in nicely and is following the rules of the house. She is very shy and timid. Neither she, nor her mother have ever lived in a home. 

Many thanks to Carolina for arranging the pick up, vetting and bringing Baby Girl to her foster. Many thanks to Caron and family for opening your heart and home to this little girl. 

Foster mom will soon be sending pictures, so please stay tuned to future blogs (-:

Baby Girl's mom was also in desperate need of a home. She, along with her babies lived in a garage, sheltered from the elements, thankfully, but have never lived in a home environment. 

Thanks to our transporters, Carolina, Sharon, Mim and finally foster mom, Allie ... mama Peanut is also safe and settling in her foster home as well. All things are new to Peanut ... it's a whole new world being opened up to this homeless mom. 

Thank you Allie and family for opening your hearts and home to mama Peanut. Allie will be sending pictures and updates as well, but for now, here are some pictures of Peanut on her transport Sunday. Thank you all for getting this girl to where she should be.

I thought I would share a couple of pictures I was able to take last night. Check out these beautiful shots of nature's beauty!

Our weather has been very unsettled lately, tornado warnings, and thunder and lightening. 
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Aug 13/10

Peanut and Baby Girl

Well, it has been a VERY busy week for ANML-RESQ. You may have noticed we brought in a couple of beautiful Bassets and today, we will be picking up another wee bundle of joy ... an almost 8 week old baby girl. What a cutie she is, too.

We couldn't take this precious bundle in without taking in her mother as well. Both needed a home to call their own. 

They were living in a garage, being cared for, however, they belonged to no one and the people giving them shelter - their circumstances changed and they could no longer care for them. 

Mom is a very unique and fun-loving girl. Her name is Peanut and she is just that ... a little peanut (-: She is fun-loving, loves to play in the water ... a very friendly young girl. Her baby is as cute as a button and we are thrilled we could find foster spots for both mom and her precious baby. Keep reading the blogs for future updates on the girlz. 

You will also see a bio on our adoptables page, shortly, for our new girl Willow. All in all ... a very busy week with some VERY excited foster homes. 

Stay tuned for more about Fred, Wilma, Willow, Peanut and Baby Girl (-: Have a great weekend everyone!!!
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Aug 12/10

Smooch Update

As you can see from pictures, this little boy, who came to us, skin and bone is looking VERY good and so happy. Can you imagine your dog being this relaxed at the vets office? Way to go Smooch. Looks like mama's home cooking is doing you lots of good (-:

Smooch's angel has written a few words so everyone can understand what she was going through while praying for this little guys safety.  

From Smooch's angels'  perspective about this whole ordeal ... I am sure seeing him so happy and healthy makes it all worth while.

Much has been said about our baby boy Smooch who from the first even sight unseen stole alot of hearts. My heart is the very first one that was stolen by this little man. 

I clearly remember the first day I saw him as a 6 week old baby toddling around on the lawn the day his owners purchased him from one of those buy, sell or trade type magazines. Right from the start I had concerns and was determined to keep a close eye on this boy. As the weeks progressed and my dear little friend started to grow I became more than concerned. He looked awful thin so I approached them thinking perhaps this was a case of being uneducated to the needs of a growing puppy. However after speaking to them and getting no where about his feeding my concern deepened. 

Soon I started to hear some very upsetting things from other folks on the street. Several times a day I would watch for him to be tied outside so I could go check on him while sneaking him food and water which seemed to be also limited for him. His sweet silly puppy antics would always make me smile but his crying when I would have to leave him made me very angry, leaving me with many sleepless nights of worry. No puppy should be raised this way and no adult dog should ever be treated this way but sadly far too many are. 

One day I saw him being yelled at for crying to get up onto the porch and then the next day I witnessed him being picked up by the head. That was the very last straw for me and I became determined that he was not going to stay in that home much longer. One way or the other that little man was coming out of there and I was prepared to do whatever was needed to make that happen. 

Being in frequent touch with my good friend Renee over the treatment of him we began to put together a plan to save his life. Yes, that does sound rather dramatic but the fact is had he stayed in this abusive home much longer I'm very positive his outcome would have been very sad and grim. As it happened Renee had the most wonderful, pre-approved family for this dear soul who couldn't wait to provide him with the stable and loving home that he needed to shine. 

I approached these people with a very good offer to purchase him and the promise of a great home. At first they were not interested but did say they would keep my offer in mind. A few days later an article appeared in our local paper's rants & praise column from a person complaining about witnessing a man throw his puppy across the front lawn and even named the street. My blood began to explode knowing this was my puppy they were talking about. Within a very short time one evening the puppy's owner came to me to ask if my offer still stood to purchase him as they had decided to move. I could BARELY contain my happiness and joy and after one more sleepless night filled with worry that they would change their happened. 

The bank draft exchanged hands, the receipt and bill of sale was signed by them and after just over 2 months of worry and tears that baby was MINE! Mine that is for a whole 24 hours until we placed this bundle of joy into the caring arms of his great foster mummy Carolina where his life began. 

These dog days of summer find him happy and healthy, growing into a big and strong boy. He is a well loved boy and a very important, treasured member of his family and extended family. That also includes all of us back at this end of the country who look forward with love to his many updates and pic's that come to us thanks to mum Carla. 

My heart thanks Renee, Carolina and Carla who made it possible for me to help one little boy find a better way.

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Aug 11/10

JoJo's Plight 

This story began, I believe, on Facebook. A friend of mine saw the post and wanted so badly to help JoJo get out of the shelter and into a loving foster home. She donated funds for JoJo's care and when she heard the news that he had found rescue and a foster home, she was thrilled and held so much hope for JoJo. Then came this newspaper article.

I wept when I read the pain and torture this sweet boy endured.  I cannot believe that in this day and age, abuse and neglect like this is still happening.  Someone MUST be held accountable for this!!  This cannot be swept under the table and forgotten about.

JoJo, we know you are FINALLY in a better place.  Please forgive those that turned their back on your suffering ... may your sweet face be forever etched in their minds as a reminder that "doing nothing" will forever haunt you. Rest in Peace JoJo. Run free and play hard.
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Aug 10/10

Meet Willow 

You will soon see this beautiful girl posted on our adoptables page. Her name is Willow and this girl found herself alone, on the run and pregnant. Thankfully a kind and caring person took note of the fact that this dog was thin, running in the middle of nowhere and seems to have seen better times. Her heart melted for this dog lost, so she did the responsible thing and picked this sweetheart up and brought her to the local animal control.  She would need to do stray time to see if anyone was looking for her and would claim her. Her angel checked in daily with the shelter for any news.

Sadly, no one came looking for her, but her angel couldn't get her off of her mind, so she picked up the dog when her stray time was up and brought her home, the intention was to look for a wonderful home for her.  

Luckily, a friend put us together and we were thrilled to be able to help this stunning girl find her forever home. Willow is young, probably just over a year and has recently had a litter.  She is in good health, lots of energy and has been good with meeting the resident dogs.

Please keep checking our website for Willow, under adoptables. We are getting to know her a bit more before we post. Willow will also be spayed soon. Welcome Willow.
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Aug 9/10

Meet Fred and Wilma 

Well, it's a done deal, the papers are signed and sealed. Marilyn and Walter have officially been adopted by Jack!!!!! 

They are completely under his command and he has every toy and creature comfort he could ever want. 

He really is a little charmer and is finally having the time of his life. Jack is one lucky puppy. Congratulations sweet boy ... you hit the Jack-pot!!

Also, another pair of lucky hounds were brought into our rescue. Two beautiful Basset Hounds to be exact. Meet our Fred and Wilma. 

These two have been together since puppies and are extremely bonded to one another. They have moved into one of our "busier" foster homes and it seems that Fred and Wilma are taking things in stride, making new friends and doing some chillin'. 

Please stay tuned for future blogs and more information about Fred and Wilma as we begin our journey together. Foster mom is excited to have them - she owns and loves Bassets, so these two could not be in better hands (-:

I hope you all had a great weekend, we sure did. Knowing that Jack has found such a wonderful forever home and bringing in these deserving, loving Bassets into our care. 
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Aug 6/10

Cole Here!  

To end off the week, we have another update on our boy Cole. It seems this young teenager is still feel'n his way around, but I have no doubt will be told to keep his snoot to himself. lol Thanks again for giving us a good chuckle to end the week Cole!

Have a great weekend, everyone ... from all of us at ANML-RESQ!!

To all my male supporters, it's Cole again. Actually, I should probably say "the Colester, ladies man #1". Look at my newest mug shots. Ain't they (oooops) aren't I the most handsome face that you have seen in a while? WELL!!!!! I need your help my fellow men.

It has been awhile since I have signed in, as Mom and Madame aka Shiloh have kept me pretty busy going camping and meeting new human friends and relatives. Here is how it started and why I need your support as Mom feels that I need a good talking to by a reputable male unit. Mom says that I apparently need to be trained in how to be appropriate around the female humans. I don't get it. I love them all and am just becoming familiar with them. Is closeness an issue all of a sudden? 

Well, we are camping with my human uncle and aunt and I really love my aunt. I'm not sure that she feels the same way about me though. As often as I could, I would stick my head as far as I could between her legs from behind, ok her butt whenever she was in a bathing suit. So??????? She kept on trying to get away from me though. That's not too friendly is it? When she would sit down, I put my head on her bosom and would look at her lovingly with my big eyes. Again she would push me away when I kept on slamming my head up and down every few seconds. Whaaaat???

Well the latest incident of this what Mom calls 'inappropriate behaviour' was when her best friend was visiting this week. Every, and I mean every time that she would sit down to relax, I would dash over and either nip her in the upper torso under the neck or just rest my head there and gaze into her beautiful eyes. Ahhhhhhh!! 

It's almost like 'love me, love me not'. What is a man to do? Well I would really like some support from the men out there being canine or human. How do you handle these types of issues with your female humans? Let me know!  Until we chat again. Cole

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Aug 5/10

Georgia Road Trip 

Hi All, Just another quick update from Georgia road trip. 

Monday all of you back home in Ontario had the day off for the civic holiday. We went to work until about 12:30 then, since there was no one in the office back home decided to call in a day. After some lunch at the hotel and a good walk out back in the shaded lawn at the hotel, Georgia went to her crate so I could go down to Jacksonville, FL to do a bit of shopping. 

Georgia is very smart and recently figured out that jumping on the crate side door will bend it enough that she can pop the latches and get out. Her crate is wedged against the wall lengthwise with the end door against the nightstand, and the other end held in by the big arm chair in the corner. I now use the catch of her leash to clip the crate frame to the door so she can't pop the latches to get out. So I left around 3:00 drove to Jacksonville picked up a few things and was back at the hotel just before 9:00pm. 

I had left the light on and the curtains slightly open and could see a curled up black ball on the bed as I went to open the door. Sure enough Georgia had broken out of the crate again. She had I guess bounced off the crate enough to move it out a foot from the wall, turning the end table in the process so that the end of the crate was exposed. She then popped 4 of the 6 catches that hold the end wall of the crate together opening the it up enough to get out. I swear this gurl has the mind of an Escape Artist! 

I gave up trying to keep her in the office with a gate too. At first she would work on pulling the gate out of the doorway, now she has decided that this takes too much effort. So now she just takes a running jump, at first springing off the top of the gate, now she clears it completely. If I want to keep her in the office I have to close the door.

Last night after the supper while walking around the hotel Georgia spotted a new friend. A family had just checked in and the kids saw Georgia and came over with their dog, Buddy. Buddy, I was told is about 18 month old male Pittie. This little guys was great, listening to the kids commands, he was very well behaved and playful. Such a gorgeous boy I just loved the white chest and toes. Like they say it is all about proper care and good ownership.

We are almost ready to head home, if all goes well we should be leaving next Tuesday and be back home for supper. I'm sure Georgia will be happy to get back to her yard & and all her neighbourhood friends. In the mean time she is happy to checkout her new bed that I got at Costco, a nice comfy place to lay below the A/C duct in the office.

Take care all, Dave & Georgia

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Aug 4/10

Saved By a Senior Dog 

The Grey Muzzle Monthly came out and in the newsletter they wrote about 'Saved By a Senior Dog'. Not only are the senior dogs given new forever homes, some of those forever homes love and cherish their older pup and find that the senior dogs help the new owners find joy, loyalty and caring.

The newsletter has a few of these wonderful new owners discuss their views and love of these gentle older dogs and what they have brought to their lives. The newsletter is worth a read ... check it out...»

A bit about The Grey Muzzle Organization ... the organization is '... specialize in helping homeless senior dogs, though the issue of geriatric rescue dogs is found in every municipal animal shelter and humane society, and with rescue leagues of all shapes and sizes. There is a great need for special programs that are unique to old dogs, such as in-home hospice care or health care programs for dogs in loving homes that may need a little financial assistance as their dog ages. We believe that much more can be done.' 

There is much to say about adopting an older dog!
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Aug 3/10

Holiday Update 

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend.  For the most part, the weather was beautiful. 

We are excited this week as we have friends that have come up for their vacation and we're thrilled to have them here. 

Allie and her family visited us last year and we all had such a blast, they thought they would do it again this year.  Of course, with them are their boys Alex and Noah who are the youngest members of our rescue family ... such good boys, we LOVE to have them here!!

Riggs pestering Allie for his kiss

Tegra sneaking a kiss from Noah

Sassy stealing a kiss from Alex

Allie, Walter and Bud (formerly known as Dodge)

If you have been to our place, you will know ... if you don't like slurpy kisses, you don't want to be at our place.  There is NO way of escaping my furkids.  One way or the other, they will getcha!!  Sneaking kisses is their passion.

Here are some pictures of the weekend of Allie, Walter, Alex and Noah being reunited with my furkids - and what a happy reunion it was!!!

And to end off, I found this great entry on FrogDog Blog with lots of excellent ideas of purchases for your pooches at the Dollar Store.
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