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Aug 31/11

Pups Removed Too Soon - Do you ever wonder why so many dogs have issues these days? Often times these issues are brought on by us (the owner). We tend to love our dogs so much, we treat them like children and not dogs. However, I believe the biggest percentage of the problem stems from puppyhood. 

You see, time and again, about puppy mills, backyard breeders and the sort ... all profiting from dogs. Unfortunately, these irresponsible breeders are setting these dogs up for failure right from the get-go. Properly caring for a litter is a LOT of work. Once the mother dog weans her pups from her milk, she no longer cleans up after them. This usually happens around 4 weeks of age. Once this happens, there is a LOT of cleanup to be done, several times a day to keep them clean and their area free of feces and urine. It is at this time that irresponsible breeders "sell" the puppies because they are too much work. 

Unfortunately, for the puppies, they are losing out on CRITICAL social time with their mother and siblings. At the age of 4-8 weeks, puppies are VERY impressionable and any bad experience or scare can be "imprinted" for life. This is why you often hear of people buying puppies from pet stores and their puppy ends up with health AND behavioural issues. 

Here is an excellent article which now seems to acknowledge what we have been saying for years!! Puppies NEED to stay together with their mother and siblings until at least 8 weeks of age. If you are going to buy a puppy ... DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! If a seller will not let you see the parents of the puppy or allow you in to see where and how the puppies have been raised ... WALK AWAY and don't look back! 
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Aug 30/11

Interdog Aggression - I found this interesting link and I think it's important for people to know and understand their dogs. Every dog has its own personality, some are stronger in their convictions than others. When you live with a pack of dogs, it's amazing to see the different personalities, their strengths and their weaknesses. I have learned a LOT from my dogs over the years. There is nothing like "hands on" experience. 

It is important to "know your dog" well before you decide to add another to your pack. If you have a strong, dominant dog that prefers to bully others, you definitely do NOT want to bring another strong personality into the pack or there could definitely be issues. If neither is willing to give in - that spells TROUBLE! Great article, great insight and good advice!!!
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Aug 29/11

Weekend Update - URGENT!!! We are desperately looking for a responsible foster home to take in this beautiful girl named Shriba. She is a 1 year old rottweiler girl, full of energy and by the look on her face, maybe a little mischief too. (-:


Sadly, her owners are moving and Shriba needs to find rescue or she will be sent to the shelter. If you can help Shriba, please contact us ASAP! Shriba is urgent.

We are also looking for a "temporary" foster home for little Patsy. Patsy was found straying and because of her breed and no proof of existence in this Province, prior to the ban, sadly she must leave this Province. 

We have already secured her a spot out of province, but Patsy will need temporary foster for 2-3 weeks while we get her vetted and ready for her flight. If you could provide a temporary, safe place for Patsy, please contact us ASAP! 

Our Patsy will be going to the same awesome foster family as our little Roxy, who has now FOUND her forever family - woohoo!!

Roxy went to her forever family this past Saturday. Here is an update from Roxy's foster mom...

Here's a couple of pics for you guys, one with my guys and one family photo at her new place. They were very excited to see her!! 

I cried like a would think by now, i'd be use to the good byes! What a big sap i am. A bitter sweet day....

These are great pictures of Roxy with her new forever family (-: We wish for the same wonderful life for little Patsy!! (-: 

MANY thanks to Karen for fostering Roxy and finding her the BEST home she could wish for!!!
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Aug 26/11

Meet Li'l Duke - We end the week with an introduction to one of our newest adoptables. ANML-RESQ is thrilled to introduce you to our Li'l Duke. This wee boy is only 8 weeks old and 10 lbs. Sadly, at this tender age, he is looking for his forever home.

He was found wandering in a parking lot and no one seemed to be looking for him. He is much too young to be fending for himself, so a kind samaritan picked him up and brought him home while they attempted to locate his owner. Sadly, no one was looking for him, so we were extremely happy to be asked to help Li'l Duke find his forever home. 

Li'l Duke has already been to the vet for a check-up and vaccinations. If you think you could be the fur-ever home this precious little boy needs, please contact us at ANML-RESQ. 

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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Aug 25/11

Billy Update - We are still elated that we were able to help two dogs in the last month ... both on death row, both needing rescue. If you recall back in July, we were able to pull the first Rotti/Dane boy, now named Bronco Billy ... and this past weekend, our handsome fellow Duke. 

Here is a picture of Bronco Billy. He is starting to settle in and settle down. As you can see, he is a very happy boy and he has LOTS of doggy friends to keep him company (-: 

Bronco Billy's mom is a dog-walker/daycare, so Bronco is getting LOTS of social with other doggies. We are so happy for him (-: 

Congratulations to two very lucky boys!! It is so heartwarming to see them safe and playing happily and knowing they are loved. You are looking GREAT Bronco Billy!! Many thanks to Bronco's mama Joanna for pictures and update (-:
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Aug 24/11

Make Things Right - I read this article and it broke my heart to think a little girl had to "make things right" for her family pet. 

Also, find your pup - for all you people with puppies who are 'finding themselves' in this big world - which group does your puppy fall under? Mine are far from pups, but they are all in the "football" league (-:
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Aug 23/11

Duke Update - Well, Duke has been with his foster family for a few days now and from all reports and updates, he is doing very well.  I can just imagine how happy he is now, no longer behind bars ... no more feelings of sadness and despair in the air. 

Here is a wonderful update we got from Andrew and Stephanie about Duke's first couple of days. Duke has a vet appointment on Wednesday, he will be vaccinated, then neutered shortly thereafter. 

Here is an update from Duke's foster family (-:

Duke seems to be doing very well. Both Stephanie and I are very surprised about how well behaved he actually is. He gets very excited when he's about to go on walks which makes getting the leash on a bit of a task but nothing that's unmanageable. We try to make walk time preparation a calm event and distract him with treats when putting on the gentle leader which seems to be getting easier. He has a bit of separation anxiety when I leave, apparently wines for a bit and then lays by the door waiting for me to come home. We're going to train him a bit with short "come and goes" in order to ensure him we'll be back. He has marked in the apartment once when he first arrived and tried to in the hallway this morning (maybe he just really needed to go pee or was marking his territory, I'm not sure but we distracted him before he managed to let anything go). He also did the same at my mom's house although she has another male dog. I have a feeling once he's fixed that might stop or be less common. 

We're in the process of figuring out if we need the crate that Caroline left us. He seems to be house trained and when I tried putting him in when I left for a little while on Saturday, I came back and found his water bowl flipped inside the crate. I don't think this was done on purpose, he's just big and clumsy and probably knocked over while circling around in the crate. My only concern is if I try this again for a longer period of time if he flips it he could become dehydrated. I may just get him a proper bed (out of pocket or if approved by Animal Rescue) and see if I can train him to sleep on that by blocking access to the couch. He doesn't seem interested in chewing on any items around the house which gives us greater confidence that the crate might not be necessary. We're going to let this week play out with some trial and error and see. If you have any feedback or recommendations that'd be great.

He loves to play fetch and play with balls and his kongs and is very focused when playing. He's also very playful with other dogs. While hanging out at my mom's with the Golden Retriever they got a long well but he did look like he was lining up for some dominance "humps" although the older retriever was egging him on a little, this to might subdue after he's fixed. Anyway that's about all the information I have for now.

Cheers, Andrew & Steph

Thank you Andrew and Stephanie for offering this wonderful boy a safe haven. What a tragedy it would have been for such a fun-loving dog to have been killed, through no fault of his own.
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Aug 22/11

Duke - ANML-RESQ is very happy to let you know that the Rotti/Dane mix who's time was up on Saturday has found safety. Once again, we were frantically looking for a responsible foster home and by mid-week (with only days left on the clock) that foster home was found. We would like to thank Andrew and Stephanie for opening their hearts and home to this deserving boy. They have named him Duke and we finally have some decent pictures of the handsome boy! Look at that sweet face ... SO happy to be free and a part of a family. 

Foster dad Andrew tells us he is working with his leash walks and with the help of the gentle leader, he is walking quite well. He does try to take the leader off of his face, but he is getting better. Once he starts moving, he is fine. I am sure once Duke figures out that "gentle leader" means WALK ... he will be even more accepting of the gentle leader.

Andrew tells us that Duke loves meeting new people...he is in his glory now ... he gets lots of walks during the day and lots of attention and love from his foster family ... what more could a boy ask for? 

We will keep you posted about Duke's progress, but in the interim, we are thrilled he is alive and happy he has been given this second chance. 

Thank you again to Andrew and Stephanie for taking this boy into your care. We look forward to lots of pictures and updates (-:
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Aug 19/11

Zion the Bunny - Today, we have a request to help this absolutely adorable lop-eared bunny find his forever home. Sadly, at 5 years old, this fellow was abandoned by his owners. He is very affectionate and is litter box trained.

Rabbits make good pets for kids. They are gentle and soft and love to hop about checking things out. 

If you would like to give Zion a home to call his own or have any questions, please contact Westside Animal Hospital at (416) 783-4282. Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!
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Aug 18/11

Taz Update - We had an update and pictures sent last week from Taz's dad. As you can see, Taz is doing VERY well. He looks SO good (-: 

Here is the update:

Hello Renee: Anne Marie and I were reminiscing last night that it is 2 years ago that you introduced us to Taz. 

I can’t tell you how much we love this big buggar. He is a real treat. 

All is well [here]. Have attached a few recent pics for you. 

If you are still adopting out these big guys, should you have another that you think would be a good fit for us, please do not hesitate to contact me

Thanks Drew for the awesome pictures and update. I miss that boy, but I can see how happy he is and I know I don't need to worry about him. He is doing JUST FINE!! (-:
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Aug 17/11

My Dog Won't Bite - We hear this statement all the time: 'my dog has NEVER bitten before' ... maybe so, but are you aware that fear is often the reason behind bites? 

Fear-biting is the number one reason most dogs bite. There are two options for a fearful dog. Fight or flight. If you take away the option of flight, the animal has no other choice but to defend itself - whether the fear is real or perceived. We MUST take more responsibility with dog ownership. KNOW your dog and his triggers. Do not set your dog up to fail. The warning signs ARE there if you pay attention to your dog and his body language. Dogstardaily has a blog on dog bites...»

If, by chance you have an encounter with a dog and you're not sure how to respond, hopefully this link will help.

Remember, keep your children safe! Early education is the best prevention.
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Aug 16/11

Roxy and Hope Updates - We had a couple of updates this weekend and they couldn't have come at a better time. We were very saddened by the news of Sonja's passing and we all needed a "pick-me-up". Our first wonderful update is from Callie (aka Hope's) mom. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures to go along with this update, but are hoping for some very soon (-:

Here is an update from Callie's mom:

It is Hope's (Callie's) Mom :) Just here to give you a little update. We have had her a little over a month now and she is one LOVED little girl. She makes us laugh and smile constantly throughout the day. Callie has been on a bunch of little adventures already. We have taken her to a cottage, visits at the dog park, checking out local trails and playing fetch at the local beach. A few days after we had her I bought her a little plastic pool so I could see how she was with water. SHE LOVES IT!!! She even shared the pool with two of her doggie visitors. All three of them were in the pool playing tug with one of Callie's toys. Our last visit to the dog park we let her off leash. I was nervous because I didn't want my little girl running off but she was awesome. She stayed with the other dogs we went with but was friendly with all of the other dogs that greeted her. If she was a little bit ahead of me she would stop, look at me and than wait. She had so much fun running through the trails and of course playing fetch and swimming in the creeks.

I better get going though. Someone is getting anxious for her morning walk... I wonder who that could be :) Take Care, Kathryn

We also wanted to let you know that our baby girl Roxy arrived safe and sound on Friday and foster mom, Karen was anxiously awaiting her arrival. Here is an update of Roxy's "first day of freedom" in quite some time. We can only imagine how much catching up this little girl has to do. 

Here is an update from foster mom after Roxy's first night home.

She's doing great! she fit in easily with my 3 dogs, and the kids, but she's not sure about the cats.. She's curious about them, but they won't let her get too close. Its pretty cute! 

She ate well last night and this morning, she doesn't seem to have any issues with food. She went in her crate for the night around 11pm, and I didn't hear a peep till I let her out this morning. We're hanging out in the yard this morning, adjusting to the sights and sounds, she seems to be pretty happy so far! She should easily find a great home! 

We cannot thank our friends in Nova Scotia enough for once again stepping up and accepting one of our innocent victims of Bill 132. Roxy now has a wonderful future to look forward to and she can live her life as a dog, running and playing without the restriction of a muzzle. Happy trails little one! All of your friends at ANML-RESQ wish you the best. Stay in touch Roxy!!! (-:
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Aug 15/11

Sonja - It is with a very heavy heart that we must tell you, our beautiful girl Sonja has crossed over the Bridge. 

Sonja was a beautiful soul who loved her family dearly. Sonja came to us a couple of years ago, abandoned by her owners and left in a shelter where time and again she was overlooked for adoption and rescue. We were thrilled when we were able to secure a foster home and finally pull her from this depressing situation. When she arrived, we could not understand why such a sweet, loving dog could be overlooked. 

Sadly, it was soon revealed that Sonja had heartworm ... a very severe case of heartworm. We were devastated when we got the news, but we had to do all we could to give this girl a second chance. Sonja went through the treatment like a trooper, never complaining ... she was such a brave girl. Her strength came from her foster mom Carolina, who never gave up on her and always gave her the confidence to "push through". Finally, the treatment was complete and Sonja was ready to go home.

Sonja was adopted by a loving family who knew what she went through and loved her even more for her strength and determination. When Sonja finally went home, it was as though she belonged there all of her life. Her family embraced her and loved her till the end. Sonja was included in everything they did and loved being a cherished part of her family.

Sadly, Sonja's kidneys started to fail and her family desperately tried everything to keep her comfortable. They had hoped for one last camping trip before the decision needed to be made ... sadly, that could not be. 

Sonja was surrounded by her family (including foster mom, Carolina) while she gently crossed over the Bridge. With tears in our eyes, we must say good-bye to a wonderful ambassador, companion and friend. Rest in Peace Sonja. 

God saw you getting tired
and a cure was not to be.
So he put his arms around you,
and whispered “Come to Me”.

With tearful eyes we watched you,
we watched you fade away.
Although we loved you dearly,
we could not make you stay.

A golden heart stopped beating,
hard working hands now rest.
God broke our hearts to prove to us
He only takes the best.

~by Frances and Kathleen Coelho~

Our thoughts and prayers are with Sonja's family and friends at this very difficult time. 
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Aug 12/11

Benny - This boy, as some of you know, is Benny an American Bulldog. He is being temporarily fostered and foster mom needs help as she cannot keep Benny for much longer. Benny is a good dog and gets along great with children and submissive dogs - but he does not like cats. He is quite a handsome fella and is a big love bug!

Here is an update from Benny’s foster mom:

Benny is very serious about getting love from us. He will go from one to another to get his pat and hug. He is a very good boy about eating his dinner and never once has he gotten into his huge bag of dog food [which sits on the floor of the kitchen]. He has also never bothered to counter surf, or eat shoes or clothes laying on the floor. I really must admit this was something that I was worried about. My other dogs do not get into things around here and was concerned that he may do these things.

Benny gets along well with two of our three dogs. And loves to play with them. We have one little dog who thinks he is king of the house and very dominant - we keep Max and Benny separate. All, in all, our house runs great with the four dogs.

But, we also rescue cats and have found that Benny does not do well with them. I think this is a matter of mind over matter, but haven’t had the heart to give one of my cats up to test the theory. lol  Benny really tries hard to chase them, he whines and is very agitated when they appear. For this reason, we have them out of his area.

Benny is a good boy and loves the backyard which is enclosed with the big wooden fence. He does well with our neighbours and when he sees the children on the other side he wants to play with them. Benny loves older children who love dogs and understand that they are not a toy or to be mistreated. Benny is just a cuddle bug.

We have had a great time with Benny here and he makes a great house guest. He also crates superbly at night and during the day when I go to work. He enjoys cheese and will do almost anything for a slice. Benny knows his basic commands and does well on a leash.

If we didn’t have the cats, he would become a member of our household. But, as we love to rescue unloved and unadoptable cats, we cannot keep Benny. And, by the way, anybody want to adopt a 30 pound cat? She was found sitting on the side of the road, in the heat, for 13 hours. Matilda is a wonderful cat who loves her treats. lol

Thanks for the update. I know we will have somebody for this great guy very soon. And, if you can think of anyone who would like to foster/adopt Benny, just have them drop us an email. Have a great weekend everyone.
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Aug 11/11

Beans and Karl - We are in urgent need of a foster/forever home for this handsome young fellow. He is approximately 1 year old, perhaps a bit older, so he is full of beans and a typical silly teenager. He is good with other dogs, unknown with cats. He would best a home with a playmate that can tolerate his silly antics. He is not good on leash and probably hasn't had much training. But he has also been at the shelter for a while with no daily walks, so this could change with some consistent leash training and a home where he can distress.


We are looking for a home with a fenced in yard, no small children and experience with a larger breed.
This fellow is a bit smaller than a great dane in size. This boy is urgent, he must be out of the shelter by Aug. 20th. If you can foster this urgent boy, please contact us immediately. 

Another fellow that was in the same spot as our urgent boy above, was Karl. Karl's story really tugged at my heart and I wanted nothing more than to help this boy FINALLY find a home where he would be loved as a companion and not "employed" and unappreciated. 

We got a GREAT update about our boy Karl. It seems he is still a "houdini" - but now he isn't running away - he is running TO his mom (-: Here is an update from Karl's mom, Debbie. Hugs to Karl from all of us at ANML-RESQ.

Always barks at his kibble, not anything else. He will howl and howl and howl at the bowl. Maybe getting the demons out? LOL He still breaks out of the house. In the past weeks when it was so hot out, I kept all the poopers inside. Then I would go outside to do something, and there he was. Everyday. He would open the front door and walk out. I need to train him to close the door behind himself !!!!!!!!! Or..... let himself and the others to poop, then come back in and close the door! Now THAT and chocolate having no fat, would be perfect LOL  He is doing really well, hates thunderstorms. He has a bed in the basement now so he just goes down there, and he loves it. Super cool down there too. He is having a little trouble getting up (we do have hardwood floors) but once up, he is off and running! Still so playful and full of energy. No wonder he is always sooooooooo hungry! And is always by our side. He is a good protector. 

Everyone LOVES Karl, and all his brothers and sisters are all doing really well. Fresca is still having some issues with her knees, but still has energy to spare. Her knees slow her down, so she can't keep up with the other dogs that come over. Breaks my heart. She seems to know her limits, and will come to me for hugs and kisses and to get vacuumed. She LOVES it when I vacuum her! She rolls all over the floor, drooling moaning and the hind leg starts to thump the floor. Very funny to watch. So, all is good. We have a house with lots of baby gates, fur, slobber, and happy wagging tails. My life is purrrfect! Keep in touch, and never forget how much we all love you and everyone who helped Karl find his way home ... Master pooper scooper and kitty kat scratcher Debbie

I must say, Karl looks AWESOME!! He looks younger than the day he arrived to his forever home. I guess that's what life with love and a family to call your own will do (-:
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Aug 10/11

Roxy Update - Once again, we have been asked to help an innocent victim of Bill 132. This gorgeous girl, named Roxy, was taken in by local animal control and knowing that she was not safe in this province, they asked us for help to get her out. As soon as I saw her, I knew we had to help her. She is the spitting image of my Sassy when she was a youngster.

Our volunteers pulled together once again and we got the word out that Roxy needed safe refuge outside the Province of Ontario. Thanks, once again, to our friends in the East, they immediately offered Roxy a spot. Once we secured a foster for her, we had little Roxy vetted and now she is ready for her BIG adventure. 

We are thrilled to tell you that Roxy will be flying to her loving foster home Friday. Her flight is booked and we can't be happier for this little darling. MANY thanks to Shawna and Carolina for helping to get this precious bundle to the airport. It is always tough to say "good-bye", but we know Roxy will be much safer in a province that doesn't fear or demonize her. Also, HUGE thanks to Karen in Nova Scotia for offering your heart and home to this little munchkin. We can't wait for updates and pictures.
BON VOYAGE "little one". Everyone at ANML-RESQ wishes you ALL THE BEST in your new life. (-:

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Aug 9/11

Gus and Parker - We received a nice picture of Parker, taken last weekend. Mom, Terry says he makes them laugh everyday and they love him very much. He loves to lounge on the deck ... but more importantly, ON the swinging lounger.

Gosh, he's a handsome boy. He looks so much more relaxed and calm (-: Way to go Parker!! 

We also received some pictures of our big boy Gus. We are thrilled to tell you that Gus is on his way to be "officially" adopted. 

We knew he would be a popular fellow, but didn't realize HOW popular he would be. We were inundated with applications for Gus and are thrilled to say, Gus will soon be going home (-:

Congratulations to two very lucky boys!!!!
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Aug 8/11

Dog Bites - It's summer time and this is the time of year that most dog bites occur. In the summer more people are out and about with their 4 legged friends. This is also the time of year a lot of dogs get out of their yards and roam free. 

Children are often the recipient of dog bites and the biggest percentage of these bites are by the family or friends pet.

Here is a great article to help YOU teach your children how to act when in the presence of a dog, whether its a strange dog or a family pet.
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Aug 5/11

Summer Emergencies - The weekend is upon us again and many of us will be loading our pooches into the car and heading for the cottage or visiting with friends and family. Summer is a fun time of year, both for humans and our furbabies. We can get outdoors and enjoy lots of fun activities with our dogs, such as swimming and hiking. We should also be prepared in case of emergencies.

It is that time of the year where accidents happen more often. I have included two links today that I know will be very helpful to you in case of emergencies. I recommend that you print off the information on these links and keep them handy (perhaps on your fridge and a copy in your emergency kit). It is always good to be prepared for any/all emergencies.



Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!!!
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Aug 4/11

China City Bans Dogs - Over at Dogster, Maria Goodavage blogs about the people of China City. According to the China Daily, between August 10 and 25, dog owners must 'resettle' their dogs and then starting August 26, a 'cleanup' campaign will confiscate any remaining dogs. 'We do not want to kill all the dogs ... but want to create a better environment for the city by banning dogs'.

As China has been eating so many of the dogs, it has been a tough road to get the Chinese people to see dogs as pets. Some propaganda has been floated out to the older Chinese about how Westerners have been training these dogs to attack Chinese people. This has been making older Chinese fearful of dogs. So the stage has been set for this mass slaughter. Last month 15,000 dogs were slaughtered in a food festival in the area.

I cannot image the horror these people are trying to deal with. They are being made to give up their loving companion who will die and they can't do anything about it. Click here to read the blog...»

UPDATEPet Owners Win: Chinese City Relents on Dog Ban - China City has withdrawn the proposed cull due to fears of rabies and have asked dog owners to not walk their dogs in certain public places.
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Aug 3/11

Coconut Oil for Your Pup - Here is another helpful article in Dogster this week about adding coconut oil to your dog's daily feeding regiment. It sounds like coconut oil has some good healing properties.
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Aug 2/11

Meet Gus - ANML-RESQ is pleased to introduce you to our newest adoptable. This very handsome fellow is named Gus and he is a 4 year old bullmastiff mix. Gus is one of the friendliest giants we have ever met. He adores people and wants to be around people all the time, but his face lights up when he sees children. He loves children, big and small and is very gentle and respectful around youngsters. 

Gus has met a lot of dogs in the last couple of weeks and he seems to love every one he has met - from small breeds to large - he gets along with them all. Gus attended the Paws in Action fundraiser and he had a blast meeting new friends. Many thanks to Anne and Wayne for offering this big guy a foster spot in their home. Gus is now available for adoption, so if you are interested in adopting, please go to our website and fill in our on-line application.

I also found this link I wanted to share with you. Some "food for thought". 
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