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December 29/15

Harry and Myles Update - Well, we DID IT!!! We were a day late to make it a Christmas miracle, but I have no doubt Harry and Myles mind at all...especially Harry who spent 3 months at the shelter waiting for the "perfect foster or forever family". 

The application came in 2 days before Christmas and we worked our butts off processing the application. Harry's potential foster family went to meet Harry (driving 2 hours one way) on Christmas Eve and fell in love with him immediately. They did however make the wise decision of waiting until after the hustle and bustle of Christmas day to bring Harry home. Boxing Day the family went back to the shelter, picked Harry up and brought him home. Do you know what a Freedom Ride looks like to a dog?? Well take a look at these pictures!!

Click to enlarge...

Little Myles who sadly found himself in a shelter thru no fault of his own was SO happy to get sprung and thanks to wonderful family that adopted our sweetheart Ben(now known as Boss) they wanted to give back by helping, so we really lucked out finding a foster home for Myles.

Click to enlarge...

We are thrilled to welcome Harry and Myles to the ANML-RESQ family. As it turns out, Harry is a KEEPER!!! Woohooo! and we have no doubt Myles will be a very popular fellow once he is posted for adoption. Way to go ANML-RESQ TEAM!
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December 28/15

Bandit Update - We hope everyone had a great Christmas and we hope Santa was good to everyone this year.

We got some awesome pictures and update from Banditís family....look how happy this boy is!!! We could not be happier for Bandit. 

Hi renee. Just a couple pics to share of christmas 2015 for bandit and echo. We think this might be the first time bandit has ever experienced christmas. He sure was curious about the tree, decorations, presents, and such. He loved all of his gifts and the turkey dinner. We kept all of his gifts in our spare room until christmas morning. On the days leading up to christmas he would sit by that door. We know he could smell all of his treats and presents. Lol. On the 27th bandit will be celebrating his second birthday. Once again he will be spoiled rotten. Lol. Bandit, echo, glenda, and tom.

Thank you Tom and Glenda for keeping us updated on this very special boy! Hugs to Bandit and Echo from ALL of their friends at ANML-RESQ.

And here are a few more pics of more of our happy pups enjoying Christmas with their family! 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year and homes for all in 2016! 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Big hugs from the Jarvis kids Tedward, Humphrey & Jilly Bean! 

Click to enlarge...

Merry Christmas from Schmooch
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December 24/15

Josie Update - Wow ... I am so happy for our previous foster girl Maddie who is now known as Josie. She has found the most amazing mom in the world to call her own and it really brings such joy to Bill and I to see her so happy and loved!

Thank you so much for the wonderful update and picture Karen. Josie looks so happy!

Hi Renee and Bill, It is hard to believe that a year has passed since you brought Josie to me.  She is a much loved part of the family. We walk twice a day for a total of 5-8 km and we spend about 45 min every afternoon playing ball at the park. 

Click to enlarge...

She loves going to the cottage and will spend hours retrieving her ball from the water. She is quite the swimmer! Thank you once again for letting me adopt her! Hope all is well with you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ~Karen and Josie

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Josie and all the best in the New Year.
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December 20/15

Thank You - ANML-RESQ would like to send a HUGE thank you to the very kind and generous people at Canada Pooch for their awesome donation of coats, ponchos and wellies for our foster doggies.  

They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and we have no doubt our fosters will love their new attire. 

Thank you from all of us at ANML-RESQ for this very generous donation.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone at Canada Pooch!
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December 18/15

Ewok and Pope - These pictures are worth 1,000 words.  Check out our cutie-pies, Izzy and Sunny as the Pope and Ewok.

blog121815c.jpg (787313 bytes)blog121815d.jpg (1044708 bytes)

Thank you so much for brightening our day Tami.  They are adorable!
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December 15/15

Life With Dogs Donation Drive - This is the time of year where special people come together to make a difference in the life of a homeless dog.

Click to enlarge...

Once such group of special people is a small group called Life with Dogs that undertook a HUGE donation drive for dogs in rescues and shelters. ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario was one of the lucky rescue recipients of this fundraising initiative.

Today we picked up a couple of vehicle loads of food, toys, leashes, accessories, coats, beds to name but a few things. On Saturday we picked up a BEAUTIFUL assortment of doggy coats and boots from Canada Pooch. They are adorable! There are SO many people and companies to thank and I hope that we donít forget anyone.

Let's begin by thanking the amazing people at Life with Dogs:

  • Zuzana DavidJacobs,

  • Mutt Life,

  • Teresa Thompson-Martin,

  • Elizabeth Nesbitt,

  • Sharon Baker Blanchette,

  • Spencer Eede,

  • Jenn Beaver,

  • Nadine Wilson, 

  • Lorie Jenkin,

  • Michelle McAuley, and

  • Ana Hourahine.

Here is a list of the generous donators and sponsors:

  • Dog Den Doggy Daycare, Burlington,

  • Mutt Life, Milton,

  • Trias Art Gallery Bronte,

  • Favens Boutique Bronte,

  • Dealing with Dogs Agility, Oakville,

  • Taste of Colombia Bronte,

  • Rens Pets Depot Burlington,

  • Pooches and Pals Mississauga,

  • Pet Science (3500lb dog food!),

  • Fromm Pet Food,

  • LCBO,

  • Pro Hockey Life Oakville,

  • Teresa Thompson Fine Art and Photography Oakville,

  • Leashout Pet Photography Milton,

  • Rollover Pet Foods Canada,

  • WellyTails Supplements,

  • Da-code-a Bags,

  • Earth Rated Poop Bags,

  • Bold Raw,

  • MJM Unique Pet Supplies,

  • Champion Pet Foods,

  • Crumps,

  • Canada Pooch,

  • DogLine,

  • Sobeys Burlington,

  • Tim Hortons Oakville,

  • Pizza Hut Guelph Line Burlington, and

  • Pawsitive Paw Print.

Thank you from ALL of us at ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario and especially our lucky foster pups who will all have a GREAT Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas to everyone at Life with Dogs and all of the generous companies who so generously donated their time and amazing donations for dogs in need. The team at Life with Dogs were very, very busy picking up donations and bringing them to Doggy Central Ė DogDen in Burlington.
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December 13/15

Meet Zelda - ANML-RESQ is once again thrilled to introduce you to Zelda, our newest rescue pup. Zelda is an 8 month old American Foxhound and what a beauty she is. 

Zelda is a pretty energetic little girl who has such a zest for life. Being a hound, she is a clown and an athlete and she will keep you entertained ALL day long.

We are just getting to know Zelda and she will still need to be vetted but we couldnít wait to show her off. Thank you again to Monique, Walter, Valerie and Douggie for welcoming this little lady into their hearts and home. Welcome to the ANML-RESQ family Zelda.
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December 10/15

Meet Harry and Jenny - It seems that every year around this time we become aware of a dog or two that are desperately waiting to get out of the shelter.  And every year around this time we put out a message asking for a Christmas Miracle. This year is no different.

These two wonderful dogs have waited a long time at the shelter waiting for a home to call their own. Jenny has been waiting 5 whole months now and Harry has waited for 3 months. We think it is time that we give these two a helping hand and this is why we are putting them out there as URGENT needing foster homes. We would love nothing more than for both to find a foster home in time for Christmas ... this would mean the world to Jenny and Harry and all of us at ANML-RESQ.

Meet Harry:

URGENT FOSTER/FOREVER - ANML-RESQ would also love to provide a Christmas Miracle for young Harry. Harry has been waiting for 3 months to find his forever family. We would love to find a foster home that can take Harry into their home and help us get to know Harry better.

Click to enlarge...

Harry is a Lab/Mastiff mix who is full of energy. He loves, loves, loves to play with his ball and will retrieve with you for as long as you will play with him. Harry is good with other dogs but no doubt will be a rough player so a large female who can keep up with Harry would be perfect for Harry. He also does not seem to be interested in cats and was very respectful from what the shelter could see. Harry is very clean in his kennel.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

If you think you could help us make Harryís Christmas wish come true, please fill in our Adoption/Foster application on the left. If you have any questions, please email us at We would LOVE to find Harry a home before Christmas.

Meet Jenny:

URGENT FOSTER/FOREVER - ANML-RESQ would really like to have a Christmas Miracle for Jenny. Jenny has been at the shelter for 5 long months and the stress is beginning to get to her. Itís a long time for a happy-go-lucky lady to be waiting for a family to call her own.

Click to enlarge...

We would love to find a foster (or forever home) for this beautiful, deserving girl. We would love to find an experienced bulldog or large breed home that can offer their home to this little girl while she destresses and we get to know her better. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Jenny is a female American Bulldog - Adult - Hello!! I am Jenny ... and before you go falling in love with just my looks, I am scared of you so donít rush in towards me to love me up so quickly. Experience handling my breed and/or temperament is my preference for the most suitable home for me! I need guidance and training so I donít get into trouble I play hard to get so you earn my respect and affection! But deep down you know what Ö I am a happy, silly, goofy girl who loves to play, play, and play some more especially fetch with my human, only once I trust you completely!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

If you still scare me when I look at you, trust me I will tell you. I will yell at you to keep your distance just so we respect each otherís boundaries. Once I feel safe with you then I will come up to you and sniff you and you will see my body wiggle with excitement. That is when you know I have added you into my circle of besties and we can be bffs. Not before then, sorry just being honest and up front with you! Due to my fear of strangers and my strength my new family has to be adults only please I do protect my little home so I will need reassurance from you my humans that it is safe to go near the door and see who is visiting so I can overcome my fear with newcomers. I am not keen on other dogs hogging my humansí attention from me so preferably I am the queen of my castle.

If you can help make this Miracle for Jenny happen, please fill in our Adoption/Foster application on the left. If you have any questions, please email us at

If you are experienced and can help us to help Jenny and Harry, please fill in our Adoption/Foster application on the left. If you have any questions, please email us at

We are crossing all fingers, toes and paws for Jenny and Harry. 
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December 8/15

Fundraiser Success- Our fundraiser this past weekend was a HUGE success!!  We had a great turnout and it was so nice to see so many new faces along with long-time friends, adoptors and past rescues.  Everyone had a GREAT time and thanks to so many kind supporters we made $1800.00 Ė thank you to ALL who helped make this happen.  This will go a long way to vet and feed dogs in need.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

ANML-RESQ would like to thank Crawford Garden Centre for hosting our All Things Christmas event.  The venue is so beautiful every year ... a Winter Wonderland.  We would also like to thank Santa Bob for another amazing year of pictures and our girl Karen who takes the BEST pictures.  We have some to share with you.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We would also like to thank Christine, Jan, Penny and Pamela for their scrumptious baking assortments.  They were a huge hit.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We would also like to thank Darlene and her fundraising team, Debbie, Noah, Jan, Cassandra, Travis and Jason for all your help preparing and representing our rescue (and doing us proud).
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December 4/15

Saturday Fundraiser - Just a reminder everyone! Itís that time of year again! It is ANML-RESQís ďAll Things ChristmasĒ fundraiser at the most beautiful venue ... Crawfords Nursery in Milton.

Click to enlarge...

We will once again have pictures with Santa and a bake sale as well as a good time to be had by all.

All proceeds raised go 100% to the dogs in our care. We hope you decide to join us on Saturday, Dec. 5th at Crawfords!
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December 1/15

Meet Bentley - ANML-RESQ is thrilled to announce our newest adoptable, Bentley. 

My name is Bentley. I am a 2 year old Lab/Shar-Pei mix, medium in size. I love dogs but sometimes chase cats. I have a great a disposition and get along great with everyone, including children, as I was raised with them. I know my basic commands and I am working on the harder ones like stay and roll over. 

Click to enlarge...

I find myself needing a new home due to the fact that I love to run. I will need to be leashed unless in a fenced-in area. I also have a high prey drive and don't get along with chickens, so, I wouldn't be able to live on a farm. I like to go on long walks and spend lots of time with people snuggling. I'm crate trained and this benefits me as I sometimes like to chew when I get bored.

If you think Bentley is the boy for you, please fill in our Adoption/Foster application on the left. If you have any questions, please email us at

Welcome aboard Bentley! We have no doubt we will find you a fantastic forever family!

And we have more good news! Our handsome boy Buddy went to his forever home on Friday. We have everything crossed this will be the home for our boy.

 Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Buddy had such a hard start in life and will need a patient owner who will take the time to let him settle in his new environment ... just like our lucky boy Remy who is doing FANTASTIC with his mom Kelly and fur-brother Levi. Congratulations Buddy, Kristine and Barry!
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