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Boxer/Rotti Pups 


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Trimming Your Pup's Nails;
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Boxer/Rotti Pups;

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These adorable pups will be headed our way within the next week. Aren't they just too cute.

These girls are Boxer/Rotti pups and in the picture they are 6 weeks old.

They will be available for adoption in the next little while, so if you are interested, please send an email or complete the adoption application on the left.
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Feb 25/10

Michael Vick Meets Bella does it again - Go get'em Bella!!!!

Bella meets Michael Vick! Photo by Jason Beacon
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Feb 24/10 sent an email this evening on 'How to Trim Your Dog's Nails'. It was quite a good article and provided a couple of different perspectives on trimming your pup's nails.

Here is an excerpt from the email:

"Clipping a dog's claws can be dangerous for both pet and owner if the dog is afraid. A dog who fears nail trims can thrash around wildly, increasing the risk of his getting cut or biting his handler in defense. Whether you have a young puppy with no experience or an adult dog with an existing fear, the answer to the question of how to trim a dog's nails is to train your dog to love having her paws and nails handled!"

Click here to view the entire article...
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Feb 23/10

Brio [Pedro] Update
I'm very excited. I got onto my computer the other day, and lo and behold, I got an email from our boy Pedro, now known as Brio.

I had to share this with everyone so you can all see how happy he is. This is truly a happy tail for this beautiful boy who IS a big black dog, and has found such a loving and caring family to call his own. Big black dogs are often times overlooked in shelters, but this boy has got it made!!! 

For anyone out there that has doubts or reservations about adopting a big black dog, check out Pedro's Happy Tail and you will see....not only is he a happy boy, but he has brought such joy and happiness to his mom and dad. 

For more information on "black dog syndrome" please check out this link

Pedro, a.k.a. Brio was thankfully not discriminated against and has found true happiness. Please consider adopting a black dog the next time you go to a will truly be saving a life!!! Check out this website...

Here is Pedro (Brio's) message of joy and happiness:

Hi Friends: (Humans and Canines)

I thought that I would give you an update on my new life in my new home. I was adopted a couple of days before Christmas and was welcomed with 
open arms. Both Ed and Diane, or as they have become to be known as "Dad and Mom", say that it was love at first sight. My new digs are spacious and I am thrilled that they have a huge yard which leads into a ravine on the Nottawasaga River. Needless to say, I am anxious to explore all this new terrain when the warmer weather arrives. The house itself is rather big as well and I have full run of the place and have my choice of sleeping areas.

Both of my adopted parents are home during the day and I am receiving so much love and attention. I confess that not only am I a member of the pack, but I suspect that I am the center of "Dad and Mom's" universe. I can't even sleep without "Mom" bending down to pat me and steal a kiss. There has been some talk that I am eating them out of house and home, but hey - I am still a growing boy and have filled out quite a bit since living here.









Some of my favourite things are driving in the SUV, running the length of the property to try and catch those nasty "killer squirrels", playing fetch in the house and cuddling next to one of the folks. I often sleep under the big desk while "Dad" is on the computer, or else beside "Mom" as she watches T.V. I can usually coax her to scratch my belly when I roll over. The selection of doggie toys is staggering and I have chewed my way through several bones in the past two months.

All in all, it is a great life and I feel like a true member of this family who obviously adore me. I really do think of this as my true home and if dogs are mans' best friend, "Mom and Dad" have become mine. I just hope that other canine brothers and sisters could be as fortunate as I am and find their happiest shelter in this life. Thanks for showing interest in my progress.

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Feb 22/10
This weekend the world received the sad news of the passing of 'Daddy', Cesar Milan's constant and close companion.

Picture and link from 'Cesar's Way'.

Daddy was a true ambassador of a breed of dog that is quickly becoming extinct, due to breed bans, profiling and negative media attention.

Daddy was the epitome of what a confident dog should be. He accompanied Cesar Milan on many of his sessions to help dogs with issues. Many dogs, fearful of other dogs had a positive experience with their own species through Daddy. Cesar Milan couldn't have had a better partner than his faithful Daddy.

All of us, that have watched the Dog Whisperer throughout the years have come to love and respect Daddy and the good work he and Cesar have done for the dog-world. More importantly, people got a chance to see what a loveable and loyal companion the bully breeds truly are.

I know that he has mentored Junior, a young Pitbull male and I am sure that Junior and Cesar will carry on the good work that Daddy has accomplished throughout his life.

Rest in Peace Daddy. You will always be remembered by everyone as the "Pitbull" that showed the world what an amazing breed they are.
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Feb 19/10

Balou and Sonja
We are at the end of the week again and two more awesome updates. 

Our first update are some really nice pictures of Sonja, enjoying life with her new family. Sonja also met her foster mom, Carolina for a brief visit and after talking to Carolina today, she was thrilled to see how much Sonja has bonded with her new mom. When you see your fosters so secure and sticking close to their new family, that's when you know it was a match made in heaven.

Here are some pictures of Sonja, enjoying her new life. 

We also received some pictures of our silly boy, Baby Balou. When he first came into foster care, he was 6 months old and already 90 lbs., so I can only imagine how big he is now!! 

I love the pictures of him with his furry niece, who is a JRT/pug cross. I swear they look so much alike, yet so different. 

As you can see, Balou is grinning from ear to ear and really enjoys life with his family and extended family. 

So, we have had some FANTASTIC updates this week... our Sonja, our Pedro/Brio and Balou. We, at ANML-RESQ are always thrilled to see pictures and updates ... please keep them coming!!

Last, but certainly not least ... don't forget about Saturday's rally at Brampton City Hall to show your support for Brittany and Rambo. We need as many people there as possible!!!

Have a great weekend everyone, from all of us at ANML-RESQ!!
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Feb 18/10

Brittany and Rambo 
The fight to free Brittany and Rambo carries on.  Meanwhile, their beloved owner is heartbroken and only wants them to come back home where they belong. This kind of story rips at my heart as in the past several years, we have heard this time and time again.

What if it was YOUR dog? How would you feel? And don't be fooled into thinking that just because you don't own a so-called Pitbull or Amstaff or American Staffordshire Bull Terrier, that it can't happen to you. We have seen many dogs, especially puppies that were deemed bull breeds and later grew up to look nothing like them. Dogs like Labrador mixes, Bulldog mixes, Chesapeake Bay Retriever and the list goes on and on. This could be you and NOW is the time to put a stop to the slaughter.

Read this blog post from our friends at Brindle Stick - scary, isn't it?

There will be a rally on Saturday, February 20 at 12:00pm. If you are able to attend this rally, I urge you to do so, no matter what your breed preference. We NEED to let the authorities know that we are getting tired of hearing about peoples beloved pets being ripped away from them. Here is the information for the rally to release Brittany and Rambo.  Please...if you can make the time, show your support!!
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Feb 16/10

Pedro Update  
Today, was another fantastic day. After 2 months, I finally got to see Pedro a.k.a. Brio, through pictures in his forever home.
I have talked to his mom many times and I hear all about the progress he is making, which I love. One thing I know for sure - Pedro is truly loved.

Shawna went over today to visit with Pedro/Brio and his new mom and dad - THANK YOU SHAWNA!!! You made my entire day when I finally saw the pictures of my boy, so happy. I can also now put picture Pedro in his home.

Shawna reiterated what I already knew, that Pedro is happy and adored. It's just nice to put a face to the wonderful lady that has given Pedro a second chance at finding true happiness. It doesn't matter how long we have our fosters for, when they leave, they always take a piece of your heart with them. My heart is happy for Pedro. My husband was thrilled to see the pictures as well.

I have to admit must be quite the sight when Dianne takes this BIG boy on a walk. He certainly outweighs her, so it's a good thing he is so good on leash. I can only imagine the looks they get when they are together. 

Here is a picture of Pedro and mom, playing in the yard.

Here is a picture of our handsome fellow with his beautiful mom Dianne

And lastly, after an afternoon of showing off for Shawna, is a pooped out Pedro

Thank you Shawna for making this a special day for me and thank you Dianne and Ed for loving our boy.
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Feb 16/10

Update Tuesday 
I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Ours was filled with wonderful updates. 

First, we are pleased to announce that Macaveli has found his forever home. The meeting was set for Saturday and it was "love at first sight" for Mac and his new family. 

This lucky boy will have lots of room to run and play and a family that has always loved dogs. We have no doubt that Mac has found the best home he could ask for. Congratulations Mac from all of your friends at ANML-RESQ! 

Here is Mac and his new forever family. 
I think you will agree that everyone looks 
very, very happy - woohooo!!!

I also had a wonderful chat with Sonja's new mom. I can tell you Sonja is one lucky girl to be so loved and adored. And no wonder everywhere she goes, people fall in love with her. She was heading out with her new family to have some fun on the slopes on holiday Monday. I can't wait to see pictures. Mom says she is very attached to her and follows her everywhere. No wonder - Sonja sure doesn't want to let this family get away. We are SO happy for Sonja and her family. This is what it is all about!!! Mom promises to send more pictures and updates of Sonja and we can't wait to see them. We will be sure to post them on upcoming blogs.

We have had several calls over the past few weeks for Rottweilers needing rescue. If you, or anyone you know is looking to adopt a new Rottweiler companion, please go to our website and fill in our on-line application. We NEED foster homes in order to take them in. Please pass this along to any Rottweiler lovers you know. Thanks everyone
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Feb 12/10

It's Friday
It's Friday - yippee!!! It's been a very busy week and we are looking forward to the weekend. 

We have some GREAT news for our boy Macaveli. We had a wonderful application come in for him and we think he would be very, very happy living there. 

We hope to set up the meeting this weekend, so everyone keep your fingers crossed for this very handsome fellow. 

Also, we are looking for a foster home for two Maltese girls. They have been raised together, both are 4 years old. 

Click to enlarge...

One is a little bit of a thing, weighing in at 4 lbs., while her sister is a little pudgier, weighing in at 16 lbs. 

If you know of anyone looking for a couple of cuties, please let us know. We need to secure a foster spot for them soon.

Thanks everyone ... have a GREAT weekend!!
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Feb 11/10

Carter Update
We received another update on our special boy Carter and I am so happy to see him looking so good. That's what happens when you find the best, most loving home. He has come so very far with his recovery from starvation and neglect and he couldn't have done it without Lori and Kevin and of course Baby by his side. 

In the above picture, as you can see - he sits on the couch, just like a human. lol ... our Bud does the same, as did my beloved Jack. Must be a rotti boy thing. This boy named Carter will always have a special place in our hearts. 

And, speaking of special place in my heart ... I am so excited because soon we will get picture of Pedro, now known as Brio. I get lots of updates from his mom Diane and I know our Pedro has also found the best forever home he could have asked for. Our volunteer Shawna will be visiting next week and I am counting the days!!!! 

I'll send pictures when we receive them. I can't wait to see the big smile on his face as he shows off his new home, mom and dad (-:
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Feb 10/10

Dog Behaviour Clinic
I know that often times we have a little difficulty dealing with certain issues in our dogs. It can be frustrating at times and sometimes because of the frustration, dogs are surrendered to the shelter because people just don't know what to do.

Val Dillon has been a trusted friend to ANML-RESQ's rescued dogs for many years now and her skill and expertise has helped many dog owners and foster homes learn how to deal with issues and become better dog owners. Val is one of the few trainers that will deal with aggression in dogs and we have referred people to her on numerous occasions. Sadly, in rescue, we cannot take dogs with aggression issues, but have offered people an alternative through Val.

Val is offering a training seminar for both large and small dogs on Feb.27 (large breed dogs) and 28th (for small breeds). If you or someone you know need help, please contact Val regarding this clinic. 

Here is more information on this promotional clinic. 

K9 Behaviour Evaluation Clinic

$99.00 EACH DOG

If you are having a few issues with your dog and want help
please contact Val Dillon.

Individual evaluations involve filling out a questionnaire that must be returned for review within 7 days prior to the clinic. During your 90 minute appointment we will focus on the behaviour you find most challenging.

A program will be designed specifically for you and your dog. Correspondence outlining all the details will be forwarded to you within 7 days.


Big Dogs Sat Feb 27th 
North Location
2320 Parkhaven Boulevard, Oakville

Small Dogs
- Sun Feb 28th
South Location 
Bark & Fitz Oakville
#3-334 Lakeshore Road East, Oakville

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Feb 9/10

Sonja Adopted 
We have some good news to share, and after this past week, we sure needed this boost. 

Our beautiful girl Sonja has finally gone home. This little big girl, tied to a fence and left to fend for herself. If that wasn't bad enough, when she arrived at the shelter, she was stressed and falling into depression. She was abandoned and frightened. If all that wasn't enough for this beautiful girl, the shelter deemed her unadoptable. She had a few lumps and they felt she was older, so unless rescue spoke up for her, she would be put to sleep. 

I couldn't believe it. How could NO ONE love this precious soul? I was beginning to panic as we had no available foster homes at the time, but I said a few prayers and that same day, our prayers were answered. As luck would have it, a wonderful lady applied to foster and after I told her about Sonja (and the possibility of her being a long-term foster), she agreed to take this beautiful girl into her home. We were elated!)!

Arrangements were made to have Sonja transported and foster mom was thrilled when she arrived. Sonja was such an easy-going girl and fit in beautifully with her foster brothers and sisters. 

We had her vetted and were elated to hear her lumps were benign. We had them removed and Sonja was recuperating when we were hit with some really bad news. Sonja tested positive for heartworm. This time we were devastated at the news. 

We immediately agreed to put Sonja through the costly treatment. She had been through so much already, we weren't going to give up on her now. Foster mom was told about the after care and she never flinched. She was more than willing to see Sonja through this harsh treatment. Sonja came through the lengthy treatment with flying colours. It was now time to take her off "hold" and up for adoption. 

We waited patiently for JUST the right family to fall in love with her. We were thrilled when that application finally came in - it sounded like the perfect home. We went through the application process and with each reference check, we fell more and more in love with this wonderful family.

Sonja went home on Friday and since then we have had some amazing updates. Not only from Sonja's family, but from one of their references as well. 

We are told that this has been the PERFECT match for both Sonja and her beloved family. She is adored. This family needed a companion and Sonja needed a family to call her own. 

Congratulations beautiful girl!!! You waited a long time, but you got the best home you could have ever wished for.
Hugs to you and your new family, from all of us at ANML-RESQ.

Pictured is Sonja with foster mom Carolina and her new sister.
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Feb 8/10

Super Girl 
I remember 3 years ago receiving the email from a rescue friend asking for help with a 9 year old Rottweiler girl that was about to be abandoned by her family. Her family had this beautiful girl her entire life, but when they decided to move, they didn't have Sheena in their plans. They decided they were going to drop her off at the shelter. The shelter they were going to take her to was not fond of Rottweilers and I knew that her chances were slim to none of ever leaving there alive. At 9 years old, she was past her prime and not likely to be adopted. My heart broke for this girl. I could not imagine the pain she would feel when they dropped her off and left her behind.

I remember the sleepless nights I had worrying and wondering if we could find a miracle for her. The countless emails sent, begging for someone to step up, even if it was only to foster her. The day before she was to be surrendered, we found her miracle. That miracle was a kind, gentle man named David. He agreed that he would foster this precious soul. I was elated and the plans were made to intercept her before she arrived at the shelter.

It didn't take long for David to fall head over heels for this girl. He had never owned a Rottweiler, but in true black and tan fashion ... she weasled her way into his heart. This lucky girl was the world to her dad. She traveled everywhere with him and since he was a pilot, it was first class all the way.

Last week, we got pictures of Sheena and her brother Jake as they were on their way to Georgia ... happy as can be. They were with their dad, after all ... life was good.

We found out today that our beloved Sheena has crossed the Bridge. She and her dad were going for a walk, in the warm Georgia weather when Sheena collapsed. Her dad tried to bring her back with CPR, but it was too late, Sheena was gone. Sheena was 12 years old.

We are heartbroken. Sheena was such an ambassador for her breed. She ADORED the neighbourhood children and always brought smiles from the children. They often met Dave on their walks and spent time with Sheena. We will always remember our "super-girl". 

Rest in Peace Sheena. You were truly loved and adored by all. Our heartfelt condolences to David. You gave this beauty the BEST years of her life.
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Feb 4/10

Up Up and Away
Today, will be a very exciting day for our beautiful girl Sonja. She will finally be going home. 

Foster mom will be taking her to work so she can spend one last day with her before she goes home. We are all very excited for our special girl because she has been through so much in the last couple of months and her strength and determination shines through every day. Good luck today from all of your friends at ANML-RESQ Sonja. You truly deserve this wonderful family and we know that your dream of finding a loving forever family has FINALLY come true. We have always said ... those that wait the longest get the best!!!!

We also had an update about two of our black and tans, Sheena and Jake. These two lucky Rotties get to fly FIRST CLASS with their dad Dave. These two lucky furkids get to spend some time in Georgia.....nice and warm. Talk about luck. I have no doubt that it is a heck of a lot warmer there than it is here LOL

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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Feb 4/10

I write the blog today with a very heavy heart. We got word yesterday that dear little Jennie has crossed the Bridge. 

I remember seeing her at the shelter, cute as a button and she was racing a cat down the hall, nose-handling an empty plate. She made me laugh. When I heard that she was very ill and would probably spend the rest of her days at the shelter, my heart broke for her even more. I know how much the shelter volunteers adored her, but in my mind she needed a home - someone to be there with her as much as possible. I couldn't get this little girl out of my head.

Thankfully, I enlisted a friend to help find Jennie a forever home ... one that knew she wouldn't be with them a long time, but would be willing to give her ALL the love and compassion she deserved. That special family was found.

Jennie surprised us all and fit in beautifully with her new family. Mom, dad and a pack of furry friends. What more could a girl ask for? Jennie was loved, cherished and spoiled. She was the apple of her mom and dad's eyes. She wasn't far away from either of them, if she could help it (-:

Sadly, her time had come to leave this earth. Bless you Lee and Ty for welcoming little Jennie into your home with open arms.

Rest in Peace little Jennie. You are now healthy and whole and I know you are watching out for mom and dad over the Bridge. Until you meet again - run free and play hard!!
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Feb 3/10

Meet Nacho
I remember getting the call from our volunteer. Someone she knew had a Bulldog that was purchased by their son, but when he left home, he left his boy with his mom. Mom truly loved him, but did not have the time to properly care for him. She asked if we could help him and without hesitation, I said YES. Now to find a foster home for him. He was good with people and dogs but he especially adored children. I happened to be speaking to another of our volunteers that day and told her about Nacho. It turns out her husband has always wanted a Bulldog ... what better way to see if this was the dog of his dreams? 

So, arrangements were made for Nacho to go to Shawna's house for foster care and vetting. I hesitated to put him on the website ... even though she told me their house was too small for 3 dogs. Something told me that once he arrived, he may not be going anywhere.

We had Nacho neutered and corrective surgery on both eyes done. His foster mom took good care of him through his recovery. 

I asked her, a month later, if they had decided yet but seems one of their dogs really took to him, but their female was a little unsure of Nacho. 

As the weeks went by, CB started to warm up to Nacho and after his harrowing experience, of a "near drowning" incident with CB as his hero, I knew this was going to be a done deal.

We are thrilled to say that Nacho (who never made it onto our website) has been adopted by his foster family and we could not be happier for him. 

Way to go Nacho, Nacho Man ... you have wormed your way into a FANTASTIC forever home!!
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Feb 2/10

Sonja Update
We have some wonderful news for our beautiful girl Sonja!! This girl came to us several months ago after ending up in a shelter where her time was running out. Not only that, but she was becoming very depressed at the shelter. She was left, tied to a fence at a local training facility and left to fend for herself.

Thankfully we had a foster application that came that same week and after telling her about Sonja, Carolina jumped at the chance to foster this pretty girl. 

After having Sonja vetted, we got the terrifying news. Sonja tested positive for heartworm. Foster mom was not deterred by this news and promised Sonja that she would see her through the treatment. Sonja had a severe case of heartworm and thanks to her foster mom's love and devotion, she sailed through the treatment with flying colours. She was now ready to find her forever home.

ANML-RESQ is thrilled to announce that Sonja has found the PERFECT forever home and after meeting her this weekend, it was "love at first sight". 

Sonja will FINALLY be going home and we could not have asked for a more loving and compassionate family.

I spoke to Sonja's soon-to-be new mom this evening and they cannot wait to pick their beloved girl up and take her home. New mom has promised lots of pictures and updates and I know that the many people that have inquired about Sonja's well-being will be thrilled to hear this fantastic news.

Congratulations Sonja!! We know you will be forever loved.

Many, many thanks to Carolina for loving and caring for this precious life. It will be hard to see her go, but you have given her the second chance she deserved and she will be forever grateful to you for giving her this chance.
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Feb 1/10

Another Rambo
Here we go again!!! Another dog(s) whose life hangs in the balance, based on someone's perception of what a pitbull is.

This is a fine example of how many innocent dogs have died in Ontario... and for what? Because someone had nothing better to do than drive around town, looking for someone to pick on. This time, it's an elderly lady and her beloved Boxer mixes. 

We cannot stand by and allow this to keep happening. Don't forget - if you have a short-haired, muscular dog - YOU might be next. Seems that nowadays they don't even have to leave the property or do anything wrong to get sentenced to death.

The dog mentioned in the article is named Rambo, only this time it isn't Mississauga - it's Brampton. No wonder people are hiding their dogs.... who would want to chance that their beloved pet is next? Here is the article... and here is a post from our friends at Brindlestick....

We, as dog owners NEED to step up to the plate and stop this carnage!! The time is now. Please back the private members bill put before parliament. It is our last chance! Support Cheri Di Novo's Private Member's Bill 222 to Remove ALL Aspects of BSL in Ontario ...

And don't forget to sign the petition to help Rambo...
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