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Feb 28/11

Penny - We received the call late last week. Another bully that needed a new home or she would have to be surrendered to the shelter. Although this girl is perfectly legal at 8 years old, we knew it would be extremely stressful for her if she was sent to a shelter. She lived her whole life with her family and due to a heartbreaking change in family circumstances, this girl's life was about to take an abrupt about-face. 

I was heartbroken, thinking about what could/would happen to this sweet senior girl. Then I thought immediately about an approved adoptor we had. I wondered if this family would consider taking this girl in ... even on a foster basis to avoid having her sent to a shelter. The approved adoptor was contacted and she immediately fell in love with Penny's pictures and agreed to take her into their home. 

Arrangements were made and soon this little girl was on her way from Thunder Bay ... all the way to her foster home. It seems she wasn't there very long and the entire family has fallen under her spell. Of course, this comes as no surprise to us - we all know that it takes but a few minutes with a bully and you are "hooked". Penny had kisses for everyone. She has been great with the two young children in the home and she has been respectful of the resident animals (a small breed dog and two cats).

Here is a short update from foster mom:

Just wanted to let you know that Penny is doing wonderfully. She hates the crate, but other than that, she has been fantastic. She is mellow, funny, and sweet natured. She wiggles herself inside out at the offer of treats. She knows her basic commands, and did great w the muzzle. She pulls a lot on the leash, but is still good. 

More importantly, she is adjusting surprisingly well. Especially considering all the changes in the past few days. She is already loved by my mom and kids, and the cats are even showing their faces around her. She and bella have had a couple of brief introductions, and have done great. Bella is a bit saucy, but Penny was completely unphased and indifferent. We all went for a walk, but kept some distance, but the two of them just wanted to keep getting together!! ~ Tanya

Thank you for opening your heart and home to this wonderful girl Tanya and family!!! You have made this life-change so much easier for this special senior girl. We look forward to more updates and pictures!! (-:
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Feb 25/11

Misunderstood - The Pit Bull is so misunderstood and banned from so many places, it continues to be a hard fight to bring this once loved dog back onto the human stage. Many people do not know what a Pit Bull looks like, and can't identify which breed most dogs are they pass on the street. It is a fact, that when people call animal control to complain about a neighbour's dog or one they had a run-in on the street, they are unable to distinguish the breed. Most people can describe a dog by colour, height, and even size, but to be completely honest, they will just guess the breed. If the dog had been aggressive, they would probably state it was a Pit Bull.

Rose Frosek blogs on ModernDogMagazine about how misunderstood the Pit Bull truly is and what reactions they get from people. She states that there are really only two types of thoughts on the Pit Bull, one is to be fearful of them and the other is to champion them. 

Rose's blog brings home that there is much work to do to change public opinion. She states 'Many, many dogs falling into the Pit Bull camp, lumped together under this one inaccurate label, are crowding shelters, their numbers vast, the available homes few. Moved by the plight of these dogs, Brooklyn-based photographer Bethany Obrecht turned her lens to some of these animals, who hopefully faced her camera. Sadly, most of the dogs Obrecht photographed didn’t make it, victims of an overburdened shelter system and an uninformed public.'

In Ontario so many have been killed, it is up to us to continue to fight to bring this breed back. Many dogs are improperly categorized as a Pit Bull, they have also been taken and killed ... few make it out. Rescues have made it possible for a few to escape out-of-province. There will always be Pit Bulls where they are illegal and kudos to the rescues who help these dogs escape and live through this underground railroad.

Pit Bulls are great dogs that make wonderful pets. Being a loyal breed makes them an asset to any family. Rose Frosek's blog on 'What Is It About Pit Bulls' is stating the obvious - obvious to us, but not to everyone? Have a great weekend.
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Feb 24/11

Fostering Basics - I found this informative blog from BadRap Blog and I can tell you, it is a "wealth" of good information!!! Whether you are adopting a new dog or fostering for a rescue - this information is invaluable and I am sure will help you along your way. I particularly like "Dog/Dog Intros - Take it Slow, Fostering: The Basics and of course, Nothing In Life is Free". 

We all know that bringing a new dog into the home can be stressful at times, but with patience and some good advice, we hope that it can help alleviate the stress. This is great link to "bookmark as I am sure you will use the advice time and again.
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Feb 23/11

Guinness Update - We are thrilled to announce that our Guinness has found his forever home!!! He arrived safely to his new home on Friday. 

Shawna (Guinness foster mom) spoke to new dad Mike twice over the weekend. The first time she spoke with him, he told her he didn't get any sleep the night before. Of course, Shawna thought he cried and whined as he did when he first arrived at her place, however, that was not the case. 

Here is the message Shawna received from Mike:

"he's doing amazing. He's made himself at home completely....

taken over the couch and the bed. 

He loves Jody just as much as me and gets along with Herman (the resident cocker spaniel).

He took my niece for a walk today, which was humorous. 

He is in a loving family and will be loved and will be well cared for. 

Apparently, Guinness was set up with a nice pillow on the floor beside the bed. Guinness settled in but as soon as Mike fell asleep he would wake up winded because our Guinness would be laying right on top of him!!! LOL (gotta love those bullies ... always trying to squeeze themselves into you). Mike said this went on all night ... smart boy, waited until he was sound asleep before making his move (-:

Mike wanted to take him jogging with him and we hear he's a GREAT running buddy. Congratulations to Guinness and best wishes from all of your family at ANML-RESQ!!!
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Feb 22/11

Ruby Update - We received several great updates on our newest foster girl Ruby. Foster mom is tickled pink with this girl. From the sounds of things, Ruby is having the time of her life with foster mom Robin and Mandy(the resident schnauzer). She has been to the dog park several times this weekend and truly enjoyed running like the wind (-: 

Here is a bit from foster mom, Robin about Ruby's long weekend adventures:

Hi Guys!

Well we have had some more insight into her makeup.... had her at a dog park yesterday and runs like the wind...also gets into a her legs are so long. Mandy and her are now best buds but teazing seems to be Ruby's thing to do to Mandy.... with Toys....

She sleeps very well at night crated...- but we have discoverd she can escape and has the knowledge/expertise of how to turn the clasp and open door! unbelievable....!!!! Smart kid. She has an issue with water? bowls? and puts her paw into the bowl before she drinks.

Very good with other people and dogs...small and large... Great in car too.... I have upped her eating quantity as Doc says a little thin, so now she has- as does Mandy, and has for many years- cooked carrots/rice/a few tablespoons of free range minced cooked chicken plus her kibble. She LOVES to lean on you and be nuzzled or petted. Oh and about this afraid of cats????there were cats at the vets and she was not leary of them at all? curious I would say.

She is interesting to walk with as she does not pull you off your feet- as I thought she would as so very strong. -still not good with staying at a heel- but as she has never had this...will take a few weeks to get the hang of what i want her to do...she knows to go into backyard immediately when let out...(has to go to side of house and through gate...)

Thanks so much Robin, for offering Ruby a safe place and giving her so much socialization and exposure. She has really blossomed in the last week, thanks to you!

Ruby will soon be posted on our adoption page, so if you are interested in this "stunner", please check back with us.
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Feb 18/11

Breed Specific Legislation: What’s happening and what you can do - I found this great post with some education, facts and also debunking some of the myths surrounding pit bulls. It is amazing that repeated media hype and propaganda can actually make someone believe something as OUTRAGEOUS as "they have locking jaws" ... they have a bite pressure equal to that of an alligator???? ... give me a break!!! People, we are talking about a dog, not some genetically altered creature, created by some mad scientist. How can reasonably intelligent people even fall for this B.S.? It makes no sense to me. 

On, Megan posted on February 16, 2011 on breed specific legislation. She interviewed Tie Doggi who is an advocate for pit bulls to find out how the fight against BSL is going. Here is an excerpt of that interview:

"I recently caught up with our friend Tie Doggi, a man who is an incredible advocate for pit bulls, to do an interview about how the fight against Breed Specific Legislation is going, things every person in Ontario should know, and what you can do to help in this fight.

One of the best ways to win this fight is with education and facts, because it’s hard for people to argue otherwise. And since Ontario is going to polls next October, we have the opportunity to make sure that BSL becomes just a horrifying bump in Ontario’s history.

1. How many dogs would you estimate have been affected by this law? How many of the dogs affected were actually a danger to society?

All dogs have been affected. Read the blog ...»"

We are also sending postivie thoughts today for Guinness' "meet'n'greet"  All paws crossed for a great meeting and hopefully our Guinni will be going home to his forever famiily. Have a great weekend everyone!!!
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Feb 17/11

Guinness Update - Since Mister Guinness is probably heading to his new home on Friday I thought I would send an update. 

What a difference a month can make. He is so healthy looking now. When I took him to the vets 2 weeks ago he had gained 4.5 pounds. 

His legs are pretty much healed and the fur is growing back slowly. He actually has ears, the healthier he gets the more his ears have started to raise. 

When we first got him that was the hardest thing to get used to, he had no ears just nubbs. I do believe this poor boy was once looked after just time and life got in the way and his owner could no longer care for him properly. 

It hasn't taken him long to bounce back. He is great with my dogs and is fitting in. He and CB are like 2 peas in a pod. They love running around the yard playing. They actually have standoffs like bears. 

I am sure she will miss him when he is gone. Guinness is a great boy and I am sure that his new family will fall instantly in love. ~ Shawna 
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Feb 16/11

We Won - We got our CRAZY BEAUTIFUL COLLARS and I must say they ARE beautiful!! Take a look at just some of the assortment of collars and designs. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of these Crazy Beautiful Collars for your doggy, please check out their Facebook page [their website still needs some tweeking].Thanks so much to Crazy Beautiful Collars for outfitting our fosters with some really snazzy bling!! (-: 

And, speaking of Crazy Beautiful, we would like to introduce you to our newest rescue our crazy beautiful Ruby. 

She is 10 months old and such a beautiful girl inside and out. Ruby is an Akbash/Retriever mix, so this girl has still got some growing to do. She is ALL legs right now(-: She arrived into foster care yesterday - in fact, she spent the afternoon with her foster mom at a nursing home. 

While she was there, she WOWED the residence with her beauty. In fact, it took about 20 minutes to get out of the building as everyone was stopping to pet her and give her ear scritches (-: It seems she has a following already!! (-: 

Please stay tuned to future blogs as we get to know more about Ruby. Foster mom is very excited to have her. She is a pretty lively girl - LOVES to play with her toys, throwing them in the air and catching them. What a doll. Welcome aboard Ruby!!!
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Feb 15/11

Rollie Update - We received a great update from Rollie's foster mom. It seems this boy is really weaseling his way into her heart (-: Here is an update from Carolina (foster mom)...

Rollie is doing fantastic. Rollie has learned to go into his crate on his own then looks at you waiting for his treat. 

He has also learned to sit before exiting his crate and to sit before going outside as he likes to dart out the open door. 

Rollie still doesn't like to share his chew toys so he needs to be separated from the other boys during chew sessions, lol. He loves to play in the snow and run around you in circles. He still lives for a good brushing as he sits in your lap (yes, he likes to be as close as possible) and licks your hand with affection. His soulful eyes will melt your heart. 

This dog lives to be close to a loving person or family and you can see it in his eyes just how happy he is to be around, they sparkle when he sees you come home from work and is very receptive to positive training. 

Rollie doesn't ask for a lot, just to be acknowledged and a scratch behind his ear is sufficient for this love-bug.

I think we all have a real soft-spot for the seniors who find themselves needing a forever home in the golden years of their life. Rollie is not exception. 
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Feb 14/11

Karl Update - Wow, it's been an amazing couple of weeks. We have received SO many updates and we love it!!! Here is a fellow we haven't heard from in awhile. Our boy Karl. 

This is yet another FANTASTIC happy tail from a dog who had little to no hope of finding a home or even rescue for that matter. His history was "questionable" as he was known to be a guard dog, rented out to whoever needed his services. The only problem was Karl really sucked at his job and when you read this update, you will know why!!! To tell you the truth, I can already picture him picking the locks of the companies he was guarding and opening the doors wide for anyone that wanted to come and give him some lovin' LOL

Here is an update from Karl's loving mom, Debbie. Hugs Karl!! You sure lucked out big boy!! Betcha you never dreamed of retiring in the lap of luxury, did you?? (-:

Not much has changed with Karl since the last update. He is still very handsome and playful as before. He loves to run and play in the snow, and keeps us all in line lol. Where ever we bring him he attracts a lot of positive attention and he loves it!

I never knew he was afraid of bad thunderstorms until this past summer when he would stick his head under my bed. The rest of him would not fit lol. So I have to leave the lights on so the lightening would not freak him out so much. Other than the bad storms, Karl does not back away from anything, but is still the most gentle dog I have ever met!

He can still break out of the house and open any locked door. I do not know how he does it, but he is good at it. And car rides! He loves going for car rides and will jump into ANY open car or truck!

I no longer leave my keys in the car because it is just a matter of time before he starts it up and drives off. Maybe we can train him to bring home a pizza! He loves pizza. He is the King of our home and soon our new designated driver for the neighbourhood! LOL! We can never thank you all enough for helping Karl when he was at a very low place in his life. Now he is a happy go lucky dog that trusts us and knows that all he has to do in life is just live it. (and will get pizza for dinner) We all send our love and thanks for all the hard work that you do. :0)
Debbie and Derek

Hugs Karl!! You sure lucked out big boy!! Betcha you never dreamed of retiring in the lap of luxury, did you?? (-:
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Feb 11/11

Timber Update - We end the week with yet another fantastic update and pictures of one of our lucky rescues. This one is also special to my heart ... after all, he was literally "dumped" on my road at the tender age of 4 months old and left to fend for himself. 

When they dumped this puppy, their intentions were "death", not rescue. This is tough country out here and the wolves and coyotes are constantly looking for food. This baby boy would never have stood a chance once nightfall came. 

I am thankful to my dogs for alerting me to this lost soul. If I hadn't caught sight of him and scooped him, nightfall was just a couple of hours away and we may have lost him forever.

Here is an update and pictures from Timber's loving mom:

Hi Renee, Timber is doing fantastic. Right now I'm teaching him to circle around me clockwise and sit on my left side. 

The command is called "Round". Now I'm taking it one step further to exercise his mind to go "round" then "touch" my hand with his nose. Then I get him to stay while I take 1 step forward then ask him to "touch" my hand again with his nose, then stay while I take yet another step forward (while he is still in a stay command) and get him to "touch my hand again. 

We keep doing that from the other end of the room until we reach his food bowl, THEN he is allowed to eat his dinner. I do this with both Timber & Tynan, but Tynan has been taught to go "round" me counter clockwise. Sometimes when they get really excited (for example when it's yogurt night, lol) both end up going around me in opposite directions at the same time, LOL. It's pretty cool. It looks like I'm being surrounded by a pair of sharks in the water ha ha. Thank you so much for finding me the most precious "TIMBER" in the world :)

As you can see, he is absolutely cherished and loved and I couldn't be happier that he is with our Carolina and Mike!!! Congratulations Timber!! 
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Feb 10/11

Carter Update - I would like to begin this blog with yet another warning about Xylitol. I know I have written about the dangers before, but it seems that the message is not getting through and to make matters worse and even scarier ... this sweetener is now being used in certain drugs which can be fatal if ingested by your pet. 

This seemingly harmless sugar substitute is TOXIC to your pet and death is not pretty. Please, please, please ... read the labels of any/all food/drugs carefully before giving anything to your pet. Be extra vigilant with your children and their gums/candies. It only takes a very small amount to be lethal to your pet. Check this link for more information...»

On a much brighter note!!! We received pictures and update from Carter's mom. As you can see, Carter is spoiled to no end. He has his very own toy box now to hold ALL of his toys (-: 

This pic was taken before we got loaded with more snow. He has been getting a lot of new toys lately. He has his own toy box now and he knows when we say get a toy out of your toy box he does.

It certainly warms our hearts to see how happy and loved this once forgotten and neglected boy is. His life went from alone, starved and neglected in a cold, dark basement to being the "love of his families" life. 

Okay Mom, I need another toy I am bored of this one all ready...

Thank you for the pictures and updates Lori. It always tugs at my heart when I see how good Carter looks now and how cherished he is. 

Carter having a blast and it is always so funny to watch him shake his toys. 

The angels were definitely looking out for Carter with a promise of something "much" better. The proof is in the pictures (-: For Carter blog, check here...»
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Feb 9/11

Splash Update - This week has been great for pictures and updates. We received another update from our babies in New Brunswick. You may have noticed the east coast has been pummeled with weather this past month ... LOTS of snow, storms and squalls. It doesn't seem to slow these silly kids down though.  

We got some great pictures of our Splash (aka Haille) and Schmoo and their brothers, Biff and Beau having some great fun in the snow!! It doesn't seem to matter to them how much it snows ... as long as it isn't COLD!!!  

It is so nice to see our adopted dogs having the time of their lives!! Thanks for all the great pictures and updates Carla!!!  

Our beautiful girl Splash who we don't often see laying and relaxing (-:

Our handsome "puppy" Schmoo and brother Biff.  

FYI, Schmoo is the puppy, but he towers over his older brother Biff ... and he is STILL growing!!
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Feb 8/11

Jack Update - We received an update and some great pictures of our sweet little boy Jack - now known as Jake. As you can see, he is as cute as ever and at less than six months old, he still has some growing to do.  As you can see from his mom Fiona ... Jake is the "apple" of mom and dad's eye and they are very happy to show off their beautiful baby boy ... and so are we!!! I have no doubt that Jake attracts a LOT of attention on walks. I don't know of anyone that could walk by this little cutie without bending over and giving him kisses.  

Thanks for the great update and pictures Fiona!! Hugs and kisses to Jake from ALL of his friends and family at ANML-RESQ!!

Jack My Husband and I are still like Kids at Christmas with Jake or maybe like Proud new parents  showing off our Baby and can't wait to tell each what he did when the other one wasn't around  we are so glad we  Adopted him.   

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that voted for ANML-RESQ to win the CRAZY BEAUTIFUL COLLARS contest.  Thanks to ALL of your support, we are THRILLED to announce - we DID IT!!!  Without your votes, we couldn't have done it!  Heartfelt thanks from all of us at ANML-RESQ for your support!
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Feb 7/11

Dog Training - Is there anyone out there having issues with their dog? If so, here is an excellent opportunity to find help.  Val Dillon has been working with difficult dogs for a very long time now ... in fact, this is how I met Val. 

I was having problems at the time with my own dog having aggression problems with others. I was fortunate enough to enroll in one of Val's dog-on-dog aggression seminars, with my Pebbles in tow ... and although it took some time and lots of patience, this once dog aggressive girl ended up helping us love and foster DOZENS of dogs, from pups to adults. 

Val has also helped us with our rescued foster dogs as well as our adoptive homes with their canines. Val specializes in dogs with aggression, something that most trainers will NOT deal with. 

Here is a bit of what Val has planned for April, but again ... if you require help beforehand, please give her a call!!! You will be glad you did!

Hi Everyone, As of April I will be dedicating more of my time working with owners and their dogs, my goal is to eventually do what I like to do best full time.
My passion is helping owners to understand their dogs actions and to train owners how to address and fix the problems they are having using a simple concept based on calm and controlled consistent behaviour.
Besides the Problem Solving Program I do privately I will be offering the following services:

  • SUNDAY TRAINING - (LOCATION AND TIMES WILL BE ANNOUNCED AT A LATER DATE) -  Sessions will be 60 minutes in length, 1 dog per training station working with a maximum of 4 dogs, $160.00 for 4 weeks / More information to follow. 

  • GROOMING - This is something I have had in the works for approximately 9 months now, it is only offered to owners who have dogs that do not like to be groomed and are refused grooming by a professional.  It is extensive and takes time depending on the dog and its behaviour.  I will work with owners and their dogs individually.  I am not a trained groomer, the dogs behaviour is what I focus on.  I am however working with a professional groomer so that I can understand the very basics of grooming in an effort to help dogs look the best they can.  Safety and a healthy dog is my number one concern for these dogs that need my help.  Frequent sessions will be necessary so an hourly rate will apply. 

  • PAWSITIVELY RAW FOOD - This is the brand of raw food I feed my dogs.  I am only offering this service to 10 owners, at cost + delivery.  Once a month I will get the food direct from the Manufacturer in Mississauga and will deliver it right to your door.  For an estimate please send me the number of lbs you feed your dog per day.  As I do for myself I will only be purchasing the 3lb containers, it is less expensive than when you purchase it in the 1lb size.

The k9kids and owners I have had the fun of working with in the past has always started through a referral system,  I would love to continue using this method if you would be so kind to speak on my behalf.  Please forward any questions or suggestions you may have.
As promised I will have a class on Sunday that is breed specific, for Portuguese Water Dogs.  If there is anyone else that is interested in a class for a specific breed or a group for dogs with issues please let me know and I will try and accommodate you.
Please be advised I will be working alone or with a student so space is limited.  Prior to the start of the 4 week sessions on a Sunday clients will be required to attend an orientation, this will be included in the price.
Val Dillon - (905) 257-5345

If you are in  need of help, PLEASE take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.  If you would prefer private consultation to group, do not hesitate to get in touch with Val to arrange.  
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Feb 4/11

Mac Update - We end the week with an updated picture of our young boy, Macavelli (Mac). Wow, he is as cute as ever and still looks very much like a puppy. What a little doll.

As you can see here, Mac is all dressed up and looking mighty dapper - all ready for his walkies (-:
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Feb 3/11

Genocide - I am sure, by now, you have all heard the news about the genocide in Whistler, B.C. One hundred sled dogs were slaughtered ... why you might ask? Apparently, because they were no longer useful to the company. No longer were they profitable ... since business had slowed down, the company felt they were no longer profitable. 

Solution? Kill them. For the love of God ... what is happening to our society? How could we have allowed this slaughter to happen? 

As for the person whose "job" it was to execute these dogs ... could you not have refused to do this nasty deed? NO, job is worth losing your soul ... NO money in the world is worth losing your humanity and dignity. May the images of this mass-murder haunt you for the rest of your life!!! 
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Feb 2/11

Charlie Update - I have to tell you....Charlie and ANML-RESQ sure lucked out when we found Sindee.  Charlie is having the time of his life  in foster care and having one adventure after another.

Here is an awesome update from Sindee(Charlie's foster mom).  Here is an update with pictures of Charlie's first "Offleash Adventure".  Woohoooooooooo ... look at him go!!!!!!

Hi Renee! I decided that yesterday was the day.  It had to happen at some point and the moment arrived…drum roll please…Charlie was allowed off leash in the wilderness!   I took Charlie and Mr. Bill to the trail at the edge of town - it’s a trail that is very nice and not busy.  (In the past three years that I've been hiking and biking it, I have encountered people with a dog only twice and probably less than a dozen people total in all that time)  So, it seemed like the perfect place to for some off leash fun.  Wow - was I ever right! 

Charlie did amazing.  He stayed very close and kept looking at me to make sure I was close by.  He had a great time running and jumping around with Bill and I know Bill thoroughly enjoyed himself too.  I was a bit concerned about how Charlie would be on recall because in the yard at home he tends to be a bit hand shy.  Well, out in the wilderness he was totally different and responded almost instantly when I called him.  I am sure that having Bill there was a positive influence.  Charlie copies what others do and I think he would do very, very well with another dog as long as that dog is well behaved with no bad habits.  Charlie will pick up the behaviour and habits of another dog, good or bad. 

Picture the scene…Saturday afternoon, the sun was coming out and the snow had stopped falling.  The trail was covered with a fresh layer of very fluffy snow.  We walked in a few feet, then I had both Charlie and Bill sit to unclip their leashes.  I said, "okay - off you go".  Charlie wasn't too sure what that meant, but Bill quickly led the way!

Once Charlie realized that he wasn't leashed, he was running along the trail and stopping frequently to mark trees, bushes, etc.  There were things to look at everywhere!

I think the most fun for Charlie was running off the trail and into the deep snow. 


After about an hour, a very happy and tired boy…

Was heading for home….

I am off for a couple of days after today so will no doubt have another "adventures of Charlie" story for you around mid week. Take care, Sindee

As you can see, Charlie had his first "off-leash" adventure and it seems he REALLY enjoyed himself (-:
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Feb 1/11

Nikkita - Introducing Nikkita! Nikki is new to the program and has had quite the go of it already. Nikki was found running stray and was taken in by a caring lady (after whom she is named) when she was almost hit by a car. Luckily, she was not severely injured. When first brought inside, her rescuer noted some large, red, puss filled sores, probably due to frostbite. Nikki was given oatmeal baths almost daily and she was fed and cared for with much love while her rescuer contacted us. 

We arranged for Nikki to be vaccinated and spayed. In her short life she had already found herself lost and it was apparent that she had given birth to a litter of pups sometime in the last year. as if to add insult to injury, a slight limp was noticed after she would tear around the horse pen and Nikki was given a few days to settle so that we could determine the condition of her leg. 

A transport was arranged and soon, Nikki would be on her way to her permanent foster home. On the transport, everyone fell in love with her. She has a way of wiggling into your heart. Nikki sat quietly and took in the sights. Sometimes placing her head on the transporters shoulder, in her own little way saying "thank you".

When we arrived at the meeting spot I couldn't believe my eyes. Out of the vehicle came one of the most beautiful bully's I ever did see! Nikki has a coat that is black as onyx and soft as velvet. Her eyes penetrate right through you! Shortly after arriving home, Nikki met our resident Lapsa-poo and they had a little bit of a wee in the living room. 

After they played, I immediately noticed her limping. She had a good nights sleep and she still was not better. It was decided that she did need to see the vet and he confirmed our worst fear, Nikki indeed had torn a ligament in her knee. She had already been through so much and had been put under for her spay only 12 days earlier and here she was faced with another surgery. Nikki took it all in stride. She is a real trooper! We are now on her 11th day post op and she is doing well. Her wound has healed and the stitches have been removed. Everyone, including me, is glad that the awful cone is gone! Now comes the good part! I have the pleasure of getting to know this wonderful girl in more detail. Nikki's safety, is by far our biggest concern therefore, she does need to be homed outside of Ontario. 

We welcome any bully experienced homes that are out of province to inquire with any questions and/or fill in an adoption application if you are interested in helping a much deserving bully find her well deserved forever home. Nikki is waiting! Please fill out our Adoption Application on the left, or contact us at
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