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The 1-2-3's of Dog Training;

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Feb 29/12

The 1-2-3's of Dog Training - In a 'nut shell' take the kibble out of the bowl and put it in your pocket - reward for good deeds and nice behaviour. This is what Casey Lomonaco, KPA CPT states the long and the short of dog training should be.

Over at DogStarDaily, Casey Lomonaco is stating the obvious on the 1-2-3's of training your dog. The blog 'Give Them What They Need' spells everything out for you to train your puppy or dog.

Casey also mentions that you should think about what you want from your dog; do you want a quiet dog that is good with children, or are you looking for a dog to do off-leash work.

His techniques are right on-the-money and are a great way to train any dog. Check out the blog and find out if any of these tips can help in your day-to-day life...»
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Feb 28/12

Dakota - Here is our newest adoptable girl, Dakota. This beauty is a great dog - no issues whatsoever. Due to family circumstances, she now is living in an apartment and her owner knows she misses her backyard. Owner works long hours so doesn't have the time to give Dakota what she needs. If you know anyone looking for a GREAT family dog, have them check out Dakota!

A bit about this beautiful girl. Her name is Dakota and she is a 5 year old (soon to be 6 in May) Lab mix. she weighs 52 lb and is very loving. she is spayed and all her shots are up to date. Dakota is currently living in an apartment and yearns to have a yard of her own to play in. Dakota loves to be active, she enjoys walks, runs in the woods, playing fetch and tug of war. Dakota is a soft, gentle girl. She is gentle with children and loves other animals. 

Dakota is crate trained and enjoys her time in her crate. The crate is left open for her so she can go into it anytime. She really misses her crate if you put it away. If you think you could give this girl a home with a nice backyard to play in, please contact us at ANML-RESQ.
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Feb 27/12

Ava Update - With all the worry and heartbreak last week with Jasper, we completely forgot to tell you that our beautiful girl Ava has been adopted. She has gone to a wonderful family with children and from all reports, it sounds like our little girl is having the time of her life! Congratulations Ava! Many thanks to Allison and family for fostering Ava and lovingly seeing her through recovery of two surgeries. We can't wait for pictures and updates!!

We are also looking for foster/forever home for this handsome boy, named Beckett. Due to a family crisis, he must find another home. Beckett was originally rescued from of the first Katrina victims to find safety in Canada. 

We are looking for a home with a secure, fenced in backyard for Beckett and older children preferred. Beckett gets along with other dogs and is very good with children as well, however NO cats for Beckett.

If you think you could give Beckett a foster or forever home, please email us at
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Feb 24/12

BSL - Yesterday, we held our collective breath and waited for the outcome of Bill 16. When we thought we could take no more at around 4:30 pm the vote was taken and the outcome would make headroads into what we at ANML-RESQ would call 7 years of hell!

When the voting was over, the tally was 51 fore and 26 against - and we couldn't be happier. This was the 2nd reading of Bill 16. We still have a long road ahead. We are now counting down the hours until this Bill goes to committee and off to 3rd and Final Reading.

On the back of yesterday's huge success, I wanted to show you updated pictures of Jake and Rocky!

Have a great weekend everyone - you all deserve it. And a big THANK YOU to everyone who attended Queen's Park, in person, yesterday! I'm sure your presence made a huge impact.
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Feb 23/12

Mollie Update - Today is a VERY big day for us. Today, February 23rd, 2012 is the Second Reading of Bill 16 or Hershey's Bill. It is imperative that as many people as possible come to show their support. PLEASE BE AT QUEEN'S PARK TODAY! We must show our support for this Bill.

We have all been working so hard to overturn Bill 132 (pit bull ban). It has been a LONG haul for all of us, with many disappointments. It seems on the eve of this VERY important day for us here in Ontario, we were blessed with an update on a little girl that we rescued several years ago, right after the ban came into affect. 

If you all remember WAY BACK, we rescued a very frightened young dog who at less than 1 year old, found herself pregnant and a "fugitive" of Ontario's pit bll ban. We were told that a pregnant dog, found straying was brought to A/C and it was there we heard the pregnant mama was a "prohibited dog" and would be killed. 

We frantically worked to find a safe place where mama could have her puppies safely and we would work on getting mama and pups out of our province. Thankfully we found a GREAT home with Teresa, who offered Mocha a safe place to have her babies. 

Mocha had 6 beautiful babies, they were born on the eve of Halloween. Mocha and her puppies were eventually adopted out of province and a few of the puppies went to rescue in BC. 

Last night, we received the biggest surprise - an update on our sweetie pie Besse (now known as Moolie) (-: This is such a treat for us, since we don't often hear about the puppies that leave this province.

Here is a wonderful update from Moolie's mom, Jeanne, and a picture of our little girl ALL GROWN UP!!! 

I adopted my sweet girl from a rescue group in British Columbia five years ago, but I believe she originally came from your group in Ontario. I understand she was born on a farm in Ontario and was whisked away to the west coast. 

Moolie – [named] because she looks like a little cow – is the sweetest companion that we have ever had in our lives. We love her dearly. 

I just wanted you to see a newer photo of Moolie – doing one of her favorite things: swimming and retrieving sticks! I also wanted to let you know the joy and love she has brought into our lives. Forever grateful ~Jeanne

Let us remember WHY we are fighting this ridiculous law ... we fight so that GREAT dogs like Moolie can have a chance at the wonderful life they SO deserve. 

Thank you Jeanne for letting us know how Moolie is doing. Your update couldn't have come at a better time!
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Feb 22/12

Rest in Peace Jasper - It is with a heavy heart and tears that we have to tell you, our boy Jasper has lost a valiant fight for his life.

You will remember that when we heard that Jasper was living his life in the backyard and not allowed to be part of his family, our hearts broke for Jasper. Being very familiar with the Rottweiler breed, we know their intense desire to be included as a part of a family and we knew Jasper wouldn't make it being shut-out and not allowed to be part of his human "pack". Thankfully his owner also realized this was not a life for Jasper and reached out for help. A plea was sent out to our volunteers for help and the response was incredible! And we transported Jasper to his foster home. 

Sadly, this poor boy came to us much sicker than anyone could imagine. On Friday evening Jasper took a turn for the worse. His foster mom, Mim, rushed him to the Emergency Clinic where he spent several days hooked up to IV, Jasper was dehydrated and extremely lethargic. He really didn't eat much (if anything) which was a major concern to us. We wanted to make him feel better, so he could regain his appetite in the hopes the antibiotics and additional IV's to treat his symptoms and supplement his nutrition, would give him the strength to fight. 

It was an emotional roller-coaster for all of us, but particularly for his loving foster mom. Mim did everything in her power to coax Jasper to eat. Mim went twice daily to visit with Jasper and try to "cheer him up", always letting him know he was not alone. 

Sadly, yesterday our fight for Jasper's life ended. His protein levels could not be sustained and his heart went into severe eurythmia. It was just a matter of time and after speaking with the vet, we knew we could not let Jasper suffer any longer. With his loving foster mom by his side, Jasper crossed peacefully over the Bridge. 

Jasper touched the heart of everyone that met him (and there were many) and even those of us that never got the privilege of meeting him are left broken hearted. We cannot thank Mim enough for the love and care she gave Jasper in his final days. Our thoughts and prayers go with you Mim. It was a brave and unselfish thing you have done for Jasper and we thank you for giving him those precious few days, showing him love.

We hope that if nothing else, this will remind people to keep an eye out for these poor lost souls that NEED to be rescued from a 'life on the chain'* which includes loneliness, pain and suffering. We only wished this could have been a happy ending for Jasper. 

Jasper, run pain-free and without a care or worry in the world. You are in a better place now. Rest in Peace Jasper. 

*The wording of 'life on the chain' should read 'life on their own', as Jasper was banished to the backyard for the last 3 years of his life with another dog.
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Feb 21/12

2nd Reading - The 2nd Reading of 'Hershey's Bill' or Bill 16 will be on February 23, 2012 at Queen's Park in Toronto. ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario is standing behind this Bill and will be sending representatives down for the 2nd Reading this Thursday.

Although we know there will be a Final Reading [date unknown], we must show force and help MPP Cheri Di Novo and the other MPPs who are backing this historic Bill. Hope to see you there.
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Feb 17/12

Pups Saved from Mill - Penny Eims from the Examiner blogged about Jo-Ellyn Vincent, President of Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama who drove 1,200 miles to save dogs from the auction block.

'Alabama - Breeding dogs who were considered nothing more than a commodity just days ago have a new lease on life today. 

According to Jo-Ellyn Vincent, President of Boston Terrier Rescue of Alabama, the rescue mission started after she received an email alerting her to an auction in Missouri which was being held by a breeder who was shutting down.... Click here to continue reading...»'

A nice ending to a very sad story. Have a great weekend everybody!
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Feb 16/12

Bill 16 to Repeal the BSL Legislation - There are only 7 days left and counting!!!  Please come and show your support. Help us by helping MPP Randy Hillier to push Bill 16 through the Legislature. Here is his plea and his website.

On Thursday February 23rd, I will bring forward Bill 16 for second reading before the Ontario Legislature. This will bring us one step closer to our goal of overturning breed specific legislation in the province.

Unfortunately, Bill 16 can’t rest on its laurels yet. We need your support. If Bill 16 doesn’t pass second reading or if the government doesn’t call it for third reading, BSL will continue in Ontario. Here’s what you can do to help push Bill 16.

On Thursday, over 550 people have already planned to come to our rally outside Queen’s Park. Those are just the confirmed attendees ten days away. I know my two pit bulls Robby and Titan, and myself alike would greatly appreciate it if you could come out on Thursday February 23rd to rally for the passing of Bill 16 through second reading. For more event details please visit our Facebook Event Page here...» 


If you haven’t already, please go to my website – – and sign the petition online. If you have already done so, please encourage your friends and family to sign as well or print off a copy from my site and get signatures the old fashioned way – you can mail the petitions to my office!

It is incredibly important that we continue to put pressure on every Member of Provincial Parliament and especially Premier Dalton McGuinty. Please take time and send your MPP and the Premier an e-mail letting them know how strongly you feel about ending Breed Specific Legislation in Ontario. If you want to send a very clear message, call your local MPP or go in to their constituency office and tell them in person. With your support we can make this happen. Thanks again, Randy Hillier, MPP, Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington

Only you can make a difference. The owner should be responsible for the dog's actions, not the dog! Help us to make this a reality!
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Feb 15/12

Three Great Reads - I thought I would share a few good posts from Dog Star Daily. I'm sure many of us have run into situations such as these. It's always better when we are prepared. These three are all great reads...

  • When a dog bit Denver morning news anchor Kyle Dyer in the face last week, it set the dog blogosphere and social media on fire. A high profile incident like this provides wonderful opportunities to help the general public better understand our dogs, how to be safe around them, and show them appropriate respect. The best example that I've seen of such education came from Dog Trainer Michael Baugh in a Houston TV segment that I highly recommend.  In most discussions other than Baugh's, however, I've noticed a disturbing trend. Almost every discussion (in fact almost every single comment) that I've read has focused on who to blame for this tragic incident. The dog trainers and animal welfare advocates who make up most of my Facebook feed have mostly blamed Dyer herself. The one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that someone must be blamed. We can't blame the dog, these well-intentioned observers argue, so we must blame someone else - click here to continue reading...»
  • My silence gives me leverage.  I want the sound and tone of my voice to mean something... I couldn't give two craps whether they understand my words.  If I'm walking one way and they go the other, I'm not going to yell "COME!” at the top of my lungs.  What leverage would that give me when it's actually important for them to respond?  How is the dog supposed to know that "This time he really means it!" if my tone is always one of urgency - click here to continue reading...»

  • Today's episode occurred at a large, popular park with a two-mile-long, extra-wide cement path hopping with walkers, joggers, bicyclists, strollers, and leashed dogs of all shapes and sizes. While working with a dog-aggressive Boxer we came upon a giant man dressed in black with a delicate Chihuahua on leash and a busy Pug off leash, both dogs swirling around in a sniffing frenzy. This guy had to be at least 6' 7", 270 pounds and was far more into his iPod than his dogs. He was even starting to groove to the music, oblivious to the freight train of a Boxer-Trainer team bearing down on them - click here to continue reading...»

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Feb 14/12

Awesome Updates - Today, we are catching up on some updates and pictures (-: First, here is our boy Hunter who has finally insisted on being a "true member of the pack". 

"Make room kids!! I'm climbing aboard"!! (-: What a sweetheart he is (-:

We were THRILLED to get this update from Billy's dad, Chris. As you can see, Billy is truly love and adored - GREAT update - thanks so much Chris. Carolina - you must be thrilled to hear how happy your boy is and how much happiness he has brought to his new family (-:

Hi Ladies, Billy has settled in so nicely it's as if we've had him forever. When Carolina called him a 'snugglebuddy' she got it exactly right :)

When Carolina brought Billy over (thank you Carolina!!!), he came with a really nice, blue, wide cloth choker style collar, with the words "I'VE BEEN RESQ'D" on it. In the 4 weeks or so that I've had Billy, no less than 4 separate people have asked where I got his collar. 

Sounds to me like an item you may want to consider offering through your online store. The people who have commented on it are other dog walkers that we've come across, not necessarily people we 'know', but all expressed an interest in buying one.

Personally, I love the collar ... and Carolina, Billy is now walking really nicely on lead. He doesn't pull (well...not unless he catches a good scent lol), and he already knows to stop and sit down before we cross the street. He's such a smart guy. Kitchen table issues are almost all gone too. He really wants to please. When he is alone in the house for a few hours at a time he has free roam already, and hasn't been crated for over 2 weeks. The only damage done is to me when I get back home and I'm greeted by 90 lb.'s of flying fun trying for a lick and cuddle at the same time. One of these days he's going to knock himself out with his own tail cause he gets so wriggly he keeps smacking himself in the head with it. Thanks again for everything! ~Chris

And one more quick update from Guinness's dad! 

He's great just gets better every day loves to cuddle never seen such an affectionate needy animal in my life. He's perfect. I have noticed his age at times seems to catch up to him after a good day of play and exercise we sometimes have to help him with the stairs those back legs get sore but vet says other then that his health is great. 

Three AWESOME updates! Way to go guys! Have a great Valentine's Day!
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Feb 13/12

Meet Jasper - ANML-RESQ and all our volunteers are thrilled to announce that Jasper, the 8 year old Rottie has been rescued!!

When we heard that Jasper was living his life in the backyard and not allowed to be part of his family, our hearts broke for Jasper. Being very familiar with the Rottweiler breed, we know their intense desire to be included as a part of a family and we knew Jasper couldn't be happy being shut-out and not allowed to be part of his human "pack". Thankfully his owner also realized this was not a life for Jasper and reached out for help. A plea was sent out to our volunteers for help and the response was incredible!! We were amazed at the offers to do "whatever" was necessary to help Jasper. 

First, we needed a safe place for Jasper - ANML-RESQ would like to acknowledge and thank Walter and Allie for taking Jasper into their home until transport could be arranged. When Jasper arrived, first thing on the agenda was to give him a bath. He was a smelly boy! After 3 shampoo's and rinses (many thanks to Stacey's Pet Depot in Cornwall for providing this service for Jasper), Jasper was smelling a whole lot better and feeling much better as well!! Then, off to the vet for a check up. While at the vet, we found that Jasper had 2 infected ears, and infection also showed up in bloodwork, so the vet feels he may also have an intestinal infection going on. It is also apparent that his back end is weak and very stiff. We will explore the issues with his back-end once he has been given a chance to settle in. 

Through all of the poking and prodding and bathing and transport, Jasper has been ROCK SOLID with everyone he has met. He is such a sweet, loving boy and he is loving EVERY minute of being pampered and fussed over. Saturday, he arrived at his foster home and a very anxious foster mom. It was "love at first sight" for Mim!! Mim was busy for two days preparing Jaspers "man cave". A nice fluffy bed, a new kong (which he LOVES) and lots and lots of hugs and kisses for Jasper.

Now that Jasper is on antibiotics and Metacam for his painful back-end, we think he is going to feel like a million bucks in a weeks time. Stay tuned for more updates about Jasper. For now, he is safe, warm and happy to be a part of a family! (-: Welcome aboard Jasper!! You have already touched the hearts of everyone that have met you (and those of us that haven't)!!

Once again, we would like to thank Walter, Allie, Christine, Mike and mama Mim for helping us to help Jasper!
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Feb 10/12

WE NEED YOU! - We are getting close to the Second Reading of Hershey's Bill which will be on February 23, 2012 to repeal the BSL ban. I thought I would share a couple of links with everyone, least we forget why we are fighting so hard! Here is a short video compiled by two of my favourite animal behaviourists, Dr. Ian Dunbar and Dr. Nicholas Dodman.

And, here is an amazing post that will give you a little history on the bull breeds. Be sure to check out ALL the pictures. A trip down memory lane for sure. 

Please be at Queens Park on February 23, 2012 to show your support for Hershey's Bill. WE NEED YOU!
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Feb 9/12

Pit Bull Stay with Child - The Examiner on-line had an article from Penny Eims on the 'Faithful Pit bull stays with lost child'. As we all know that the Pit Bull is a breed apart, Brownie did what was in her nature to do - help her little Zoe.

Brownie, a 3 year old Pit Bull stayed with 3 year Zoe Smith and chirped for help deep in the Texas wood. Two people heard the noise and investigated to find a soaking wet little Zoe and Brownie who was chirping in distress.

Find out from KHOU News how the rest of the event played out and see a video of the toddler talking to news cameras...»
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Feb 8/12

Urgent Foster Required - We are desperately seeking a foster home for a lovely 8 year old Rottweiler boy. Due to family lifestyle changes and a business opportunity for the owner, this boy has now been banished to a chain in the backyard.

It has been breaking our hearts knowing how terribly cold it is outside and this boy needing to keep warm through the frigid winter nights and days. This boy is good with other dogs, so we are praying we can find a foster home quickly to speak up for him. The sooner we can get him out of the elements, the better!

Unfortunately, we don't have pictures at this time, but are hoping to get some. PLEASE, if you or anyone you know can foster this boy - even if it is temporarily, contact us ASAP and let us know that you can help Jasper!
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Feb 6/12

And the Winners Are - ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario is pleased to announce our Valentine Auction winners. 

We wish to thank all of our generous sponsors/donators who have donated some very beautiful gifts whom anyone would love to receive this Valentines Day. We would also like to thank everyone that made this auction a great success and congratulations to all the lucky recipients of these special items. 

Thank you as always to our supporters. All monies raised go toward doggies that need over and above regular vetting such as emergency surgeries and hip replacements. 

The winners of the Valentine Auction:

Item 1 - Robinson's Flowers – Cheryl F.
Item 3 – Beaded Bracelet – Chrissy H.
Item 4 - Leash Hook – Allison G.
Item 5 - Picture Frame – Anne S.
Item 6 - Salt/Pepper Shakers – Carla P.
Item 7 - Collar/Leash – Mim D.
Item 9 - How to Have an Ill-Behaved Dog – Book – Carla P.
Item 10 - Bad Dog to Good Dog – Book – Vi R.
Item 11 - Necklace and Earrings – Bethany S.
Item 13 - Bracelet: 'Love makes all things possible' – Carla P.
Item 14 - Small heart shaped dog/cat food bowls – Mia C.
Item 15 - Healthy Gourmet Indian Cooking – Book – Mim D.
Item 16 - Moroccan Oil, Shampoo - Cheryl F.
Item 17 - Field to Table with Nigel Didcock and Heather Cooper – Book – Linda B.
Item 18 - Cody Simpson – CD – Allison S.
Item 19 - Ladies watch/necklace set – Tim P. 
Item 21 - Carousel Clock Horse – Carla P.
Item 22 - Bull Statue – Sharon M.
Item 23 - Boston Pizza - gift certificate – Allison G.
Item 24 - Men’s watch/pen/wallet – Karen F.
Item 25 - Turquoise necklace/earrings – Cheryl F.
Item 26 - Bakery Gift Basket – Renee L.
Item 27 - Essie's Fall 2011 Collection – Mia C.

Our volunteers, Allison, Darlene and Elaine have worked especially hard to put this auction together for us. Thank you so much ladies!!

Congratulations ... to everyone who participated in our Valentine Auction fundraiser. 
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Feb 3/12

Jessie and Jake are URGENT - These two sweethearts are in need of a forever home and FAST!! Sadly, through no fault of their own and due to tragic circumstances...their world is about to fall apart. Please...if you can help Jessie and Jake ... please contact Beth Galloway

This is an URGENT matter!! It's with a heavy heart that I write this bio. Jessie and Jake came into rescue three years ago as mere babies, a nuisance of sorts to their owner. 

A good Samaritan offered to take them off his hands after witnessing them being used as soccer balls in the back yard. That was the first day of their new lives...and now they find themselves homeless, a victim of cancer that seems to touch so many of our lives. Their master has weeks to live, he is a kind and gentle soul, a man that is devoted to rescue and helping those who can't help themselves and now he needs our help. His wife is alone and scared and suffering from Alzheimers, her daughters are doing the best they can to help but cannot keep the dogs as well, it will break her heart to see them go and has asked us to find someone as kind and loving as they are to care for Jessie and Jake for the rest of their lives, can you help? Video of them playing in the little bit of snow we had last weekend! 

Don't forget about the Valentine's auction which closes February 4, 2012 at midnight. We also have the Valentine's card which have been a big hit and will be running until February 7, 2012 - don't forget to get your order in so they can be mailed out by Valentine's Day. Have a good weekend everyone!
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Feb 2/12

Chloe is Urgent - We are urgently looking for a foster/forever home for Chloe! Here is a little about Chloe. Chloe is a beautiful 6 year old girl was surrendered to us by her owner. Chloe is a sweet, quiet and well mannered lady who appears to get along well with other pets. She does, however, suffer from separation anxiety and while not destructive, will bark for the duration that she's alone. 

In typical Doberman fashion, she can be a bit aloof with strangers and may bark, but warms up when offered a cookie. Chloe needs a home where someone can be patient while she learns that being left alone is not a permanent thing! If you know of any Doberman lovers, please let them know that Chloe is looking for a foster/forever home!!!
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Feb 1/12

Princess, Carter and Baby - I would like to remind you of our Valentine's card fundraiser - we have 4 great cards to choose and you can get these until February 7, 2012. And check out our Auction on-line you're going to love the items we have and they will arrive in time for Valentine's Day! The deadline is February 4, 2012 [midnight]. Hurry before time runs out!! 

We received a couple of great updates and pictures of a few of our adopted. 

Here are some pictures of our little girl Pumpkin (aka Princess Jasmine). Pictures are worth 1,000 words and these pictures "say it all". Look how happy and adored our little girl is. What a wonderful family!! (-:

We also received some pictures of our sweetheart Carter and his beautiful sister, Baby. 

As you can see ... these two are also spoiled - but they SO deserve to be!! Congratulations Jasmine, Carter and Baby!!! 
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