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Feb 28/13

Courtesy Post - Ralph and Gonzo are very sweet 8-year-old Springer mix brothers who have been living with their original family from puppy hood until they came into foster care. The family had a baby and did not have as much time to take them on daily walks so they became overly interested in the new baby according to their owners. They are happy boys who enjoy long walks to see and smell everything, and are working on their manners on leash, especially when meeting other dogs. They are very good at sitting when asked and waiting to have their feet wiped when coming in from the yard and letting their foster human go in and out of the door and gate first. They happily greet their foster with a stuffed toy or nyla bone and like to look out the front window to keep an eye on what is going on. They are excited when company comes to visit and they are working on sitting when visitors come so they can greet them politely with no jumping and once they have sniffed and had some pats will politely sit in their bed together.

Click to enlarge...

Ralph (the whiter of the two) does have some health issues. He will need daily medication for the rest of his life for thyroid and for Addison’s Disease, which involves pills twice a day and an injection approximately once a month. He takes the pills easily with a small amount of cheese and Gonzo likes his treat of a piece of cheese, not to be left out. Ralph is doing very well on this medication and has a healthy, happy appearance. However, we are in the process of looking into changing the injection medication to a pill form which is not only more pleasant and easier but, also, less expensive.

These two brothers are great in the car, sitting quietly or lying down on long drives so are very easy to take anywhere. They are great companions and would be a welcome addition to any forever family.

Ralph and Gonzo get along very well and are a delight to have around. They would do well with a family that has older children. Ideally, we would like the two to be kept together but would consider separating them if the circumstances were right.

Please contact Hilary at Springer Rescue for Eastern & Central Canada (SRECC) for more information.
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Feb 27/13

Dog Training - I found this great article on 'Dog Training Methods Explained' which I think will be helpful to understand the different type of training methods and the advantages/disadvantages to each method. Hopefully one of them will be perfect for you and your dog.

Part 1: Learning principles. Understand how animals learn with the laws of learning. They are the foundation of any dog obedience training method.

Part 2: Dog training methods. A description of different training techniques. The advantages and disadvantages of each one and how to choose which is right for you and your dog.

Let me know what you think of this article...
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Feb 26/13

Dakota Needs Forever - She has been in our care since June 2012 - through no fault of her own Dakota was placed in our care to find her a forever home. She has been in our care on two separate occasions and has stayed the longest now with one of our foster families.

Here is what Dakota's foster mom has to say about her:

Dakota is a friendly, versatile and happy dog. She resembles that of a Whippet mix as she has such a slender body and is such a lithe moppet!

Dakota loves to go out for walks, knows her basic commands and loves to go out with her dog friend, who is also a resident at our foster home.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

'D' is such a good girl, gives kisses and loves to cuddle. She has also been taught to 'speak', 'roll over' and 'fetch'. She is always open to new experiences and loves my new little son who is just turning 6 months old.

As Dakota is around 10 years, she has a little stiffness in her back end, but once she goes on her walk, she loosens up. She needs no special medication, but she is on a protein rich food source. She is such a good girl and so deserving of a home of her own. Please consider her ... just look at that sweet face!

We have had Dakota in our program for over 9 months and it is time for Dakota to have her own forever home. Please consider Dakota if you are looking to adopt a new friend. If you would like more information on 'D', please email us at or fill in the adoption/foster form on the left.
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Feb 25/13

Bella Update - ANML-RESQ and our volunteers would like to thank Anne Gravelle and Pet Valu in Cornwall for allowing us the opportunity to showcase our adoptables as well as the opportunity to meet new "pet loving" people. We would also like to thank Allie, Cindy and Bella for taking the time this weekend to participate on our behalf for this fundraising event.

Click to enlarge...

Do you all remember our beautiful puppy, Bella, who is blind and deaf, well, look at our beauty now, all grown up. She is an amazing ambassador, as you can see - she is more than willing to make new friends, everywhere she goes, as long as her mom, Cindy is by her side.

More GREAT news everyone!! Our little Rudy was picked up yesterday by Anne and Wayne and as you can see, he is "officially" HOME! (-: Seems our mini-bus, Gus has taken to Rudy and Anne tells us that Rudy is taking his "cues" from Gus (-: On the other hand .... wee man Jack is making sure that Rudy knows who's the boss ... and it's not Gus LOL What a Happy, Happy Day for Rudy!

Click to enlarge...

We cannot thank Caroline enough for taking such good care of our special needs boy and allowing him to wait for that perfect forever home! We are guaranteed LOTS of pictures and updates and we can't wait to share them as we watch Rudy grow into another fine ambassador for the breed (-: Congratulations Rudy! We couldn't have hoped for a more loving home than with Anne and Wayne.
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Feb 22/13

The Feral Dog - I just read a great piece on the feral dog and what needs must be met to ensure they have the ability to become one, again, with society. I also found a piece by Suzanne Clothier, which is a link to a 2 hour on-line video which gives insight into the feral dog and the way in which we, as humans, can integrate them back into our families. Suzanne gives a quick 6 minute over-view on the video which breaks down the pyramid of life which affects all people and helps to shape the psychology behind the feral dog.

Suzanne also talks about Dr. Mark Johnson, DVM who is a vet spear-heading programs to catch feral dogs and integrate them back into society. Click here for more on this...» As with so many things feral, Dr. Mark has been all over the world to see first-hand how to capture the feral and on another level the psychology needed to help them integrate. Click here for more...»

For those of us who have had the privilege or 'not so-privilege' to work with a feral dog, it is a battle of wills each and every day. It is a matter of using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, as explained in in the blog on Psychology Hierarchy of Needs, to accomplish a daunting task which will probably take longer than the training of 20 wild horses. A feral dog has been made feral by their environment, and as such, needs the environment to enter back into a working relationship with people and society.

Use of the internet for research is key to finding out the different ways in which feral animals are being worked with. The list of needs includes from the start: food/water, safety, love and belonging, esteem/ego, self actualize, know/understand and finally aesthetic. With these tools securely in hand, people have been making great strides in bringing back feral dogs into society. Lots to ponder and research! Have a good weekend.
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Feb 21/13

Great Updates - I have received two wonderful updates to share today! Foster mom, Carolina, had a wonderful update to share with us. One is from our Rock star, Henry! As you can see, even rock stars have a gentle side to them and Henry is no exception. It looks like Henry has a beautiful new baby brother to love and by the looks of this picture and update they are already best friends. Here is the update:

Dearest Carolina, I hope this message finds you well. I just thought you might like to know that our beloved Henry now has a new addition to his family! His name is Ethan and he is 6 weeks old. True to Henry's amazing personality, he loves his little brother and is very devoted to him. If he cries (which he does A LOT!) 

Henry rushes to his side to give him kisses. I couldn't be prouder of my sweet Henry. He truly is a gift! Sending you and your family fondest regards. Best wishes, ASH xo

Congratulations to Henry and family. Ethan is beautiful!

I also received a wonderful update from Luna's foster mom, Helene. As you can see this little girl is already getting very spoiled ... LOOK ... a matching bed!! (-: Helene has been doing a wonderful job of getting Luna trained, as it seems she probably never lived in a home, so some house manners were in order. With kind and gentle teaching, Luna has come a long way. And kudos to Helene who was expecting a much more mature dog (and so were we LOL), but it turns out little Luna is under 2 years of age ... very much a puppy and we believe she is a Border Collie/Beagle mix. What a tiny little bundle of joy! It sounds like Luna's foster home has fallen in love with her, so there is a good chance she won't be going anywhere (-: She would be a very lucky girl to be adopted by her foster family. Here is the update:

Hello Renee! I hope you are well and I imagine immersed in helping dogs in distress and new foster parents. The work you do is really remarkable. Well all is going quite smoothly here with Luna, although there are a few tough spots. The toilet training element is really tricky. [...]

Otherwise she is a fast learner, always gentle and very sociable. She's interested in people of all ages and most dogs unless they are barkers or show aggression and then she either heads in the other direction or gives them a few barks back. The city noises still shock her - loud music blaring from cars, steam brakes from trucks or streetcars ... that sort of think. Chases squirrels with great vigor in the yard - good girl! And when she managed to get free at one of the parks, came back when called. [...]. According to the Animal Clinic she likely will not get much bigger because of her probable beagle blood but we want to ensure that she doesn't get porky. There are so many fat, overfed dogs in the city! [...]! Take care, Hélène

These two updates are great news and I know that the dogs are having the time of their lives. Keep us posted, we love to see those updates. I know there will be a forever home for our little girl Luna.
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Feb 20/13

Links of Interest - I would like to share a few links that I thought would be of interest to you. I know that you will find them useful and educational: Top 10 human medications that poison pets; Good dogs do Bite - Training advice from the "real" Dog Whisperer; and Multi-dog household aggression. Grab a coffee and check them out!
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Feb 19/13

Ivan Update - Our handsome boy Ivan has been in foster care for a little less than 2 weeks and he is coming around beautifully.

He is coming out of his shell and starting to solicit affection and attention. When he first arrived, he didn't even want to venture from his crate. Foster mom was devastated as he spent so many months in a cage, he really needed to get out and stretch his legs and integrate into the family instead of retreating to his crate. His biggest fear we believe is floors. He seems hesitant to negotiate some floors, so mats were placed in order to help ease his stress. 

He now spends much more time out of the crate and with the family. Ivan has really taken to Carolina and Mike and has put his trust with them. He is showing improvement with every day that passes.

As you can see from the pictures, Ivan is looking SO much more relaxed and happy. Thank you Carolina and Mike for giving this boy the time and patience to come out of his shell. 
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Feb 15/13

Assignment Due Monday - I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pet Valu of Oak Ridges for their donation of another $100.00 to our rescue! The proceeds were raised through their nail clipping services that they offer a couple of times a week. Every time they reach $100.00, they donate the proceeds to one of the several rescue organizations they help.

A huge thank you to Corrine and Marlo for all their wonderful work and their generous donation for the animals in need in our rescue! Thank you to Darlene for her help!

And, I have an assignment for you this weekend ... we have a few good dogs who have not had a chance at a forever home and have been in foster way too long. I would like you to talk to a friend, relative or family member about our beautiful and deserving dogs. Here they are:



Click to enlarge...

Have your friends, relatives and family members view the website, or you can send them an email! Please help us to help the dogs in our care. Because, you are ultimately the one who will allow us to take more dogs into care who really need to get out of kill facilities. We have dogs who are now waiting on our foster spaces ... this is so time sensitive ... please be these dog's eyes and ears and get them a forever home! And here are our URGENTS for foster homes:

Kiki  No name yet...

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to network for our friends!
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Feb 14/13

Welcome Ivan - Ivan has FINALLY arrived into rescue, thanks to Carolina and Mike's "ever-revolving door of love" (-:

Although we have heard that Ivan can be weary of some men, it seems that Mike is NOT one of them! We kind of figured Mike would be an awesome "male" experience for Ivan since Mike is soft spoken and of course a HUGE dog lover! Of course, after having been in the shelter since November, Ivan has a LOT of yayas to get out and poor Carolina will get a grueling workout, no doubt, until Ivan makes up for the last 4 months of imprisonment! (-: 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

The ladies at the shelter have been taking good care of Ivan until we had room for him in foster, but let's face it a shelter environment is no place for a high energy pup. Thanks so much to everyone at the shelter for caring enough about Ivan to reach out to rescue and keeping him safe until we found room!

Click to enlarge...

Thank you Carolina and Mike for giving this energetic puppy the chance he needs to find the right home. He is definitely a dog that will need a job and lots of room to run. No doubt, we'll be getting updates from Carolina on her newest foster adventure soon. Welcome aboard Ivan! And Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
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Feb 13/13

Have You Tried Everything - I wanted to share a couple of links that I think you will really enjoy reading. 

This first article, in particular, I found very interesting because I know there are many people out there that have tried their best and done everything they know to help their dog overcome certain behavioural issues ... to no avail. Hopefully, the article will help you understand that it is not always how they are raised, but how they are managed. Very interesting read.

Also, another great article and video!...» Grab a coffee and enjoy!
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Feb 12/13

Jersey Update - We have wonderful news about our beautiful girl Jersey. Jersey went to her forever family on Sunday and we couldn't be happier for this big, beautiful girl. We know that foster parents, Carolina and Mike are going to miss her very much, as will all of her foster brothers, who adored her. Thank you Carolina and Mike, for always opening your hearts and home to a dog in need. 


As you can see, she has already made friends with the neighbour's dog and everyone that meets her, falls in love with this big, gentle girl. Congratulations to Jersey and her new family from all of us at ANML-RESQ!
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Feb 11/13

Collie Mix Update - ANML-RESQ is thrilled that we could help one of our URGENTS get into foster care. The little border collie mix that was stressing so badly at the kennel has found a foster home - woohooo! New foster parents, Helene and Peter went to pick her up on Saturday and brought the little girl home. They have named her Luna.

It appears that Luna is much younger than first thought. She was estimated to be 2-3 years old, but it seems she is younger; perhaps a year old? It also seems she has never lived in a house before, so EVERYTHING is new to Luna. Please stay tuned for more updates as we get them. Thanks again to Helene and Peter for helping us to help Luna.
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Feb 8/13

URGENT FOSTER HOME NEEDED - We have been asked to help a beautiful 5 year old male Akita named Rocky. Rocky had a rough start in life as he lived his entire life as an outdoor dog. Just like any dog left alone outside without supervision, their instincts kick in and he unfortunately cannot be adopted into a home with cats or small dogs/pets due to his high prey drive. Rocky does do great with medium to large size dogs. He did fantastic during the shelters assessments and has no medical concerns. Rocky will be fully vetted when the time comes for him to be pulled out of the shelter into a home environment. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

No dog should be forced to live outdoors, all should have the chance to be in a warm and loving home with a family to call their own. Please help us give Rocky that second chance. If you feel you could give Rocky a second chance, please contact us at or fill out a foster application found on our website.

I came across some links this week that I thought could be helpful to some of you out there. I know that many of us have dogs with allergy, skin issues. These can be the hardest issues to resolve in your dog as there can be many, many cause. If your dog is suffering from any of these conditions, we know how frustrating it can be. I hope these links will be helpful. Allergies - why do dogs lick? or Chronic ear infections in canine.

A link was sent to me by a friend ... their canine suffered for many years. The dog is still not completely healed, but he is doing 90% better than he has in years! My friend used this product on her dog and was very satisfied with the results. Click NYZMES to view the information. We hear of so many products, but I also know how frustrating it is to see your pet suffering, so I am sure it cannot hurt to try if you are running out of options.

It is going to be another snowy, blowy weekend, so if you do not need to drive, please stay home, stay safe and keep your pets indoors. Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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Feb 5/13

Rudy Update - We have some FANTASTIC news for our little Rudy! Anne and Wayne (whom many of you will recognize) have met little Rudy and have fallen "head over heels" in love with him. Although Rudy is not perfect, it does not matter a smidge to them. Rudy has the heart and soul of a Rottweiler - that is all that matters to them. Anne and Wayne, as you know adopted our big boy, Gus and sadly lost their  Rottie boy Kobe a few months ago. They are truly missing a black and tan in their life and Rudy is just the little fellow to mend their broken hearts.

Rudy will be going home once Anne and Wayne take an already scheduled vacation. Once they return, they will be picking up their little bundle of joy! (-: We cannot thank Caroline enough for taking this little man into her loving care and providing Rudy the "special needs" care he requires. Rudy is a special little boy, who has NO idea there is anything wrong with him and seems not to have a care in the world. He loves all people and all dogs ... he is an amazing ambassador, not only for his breed but for dogs with physical handicap that live life to the fullest, without a care in the world. Congratulations Rudy! You could not have wished for a more amazing home, than the one you will be going home to.

There are more recalls for treats for dogs ... Cadet Brand Chicken Jerky Treat products, Publix Chicken Tenders Dog Chew Treats, Milo's Kitchen, Waggin' Train, and Canyon Creek Ranch treats, Nature's Deli Chicken Jerky Dog Treats, and Priority Total Pet Care All Natural Bullstrips. Thanks goes out to Kyla Duffy, Up For Pups Director, Happy Tails Books President, for putting this list out.
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Feb 1/13

Foster or Forever Needed - We have several dogs and puppies which need foster or forever homes. As you may have read in our newsletter this morning, we have Ivan the handsome, less than a 1 year old Akbash/Kuvasz mix boy. Ivan will need an experienced owner with patience as he had an abusive owner ... hence his cautious behavior around some men.

Click to enlarge...

We also have this teeny tiny little girl, appears to be a border collie mix - very tiny and thin. She is estimated to be 3-4 years old, found straying, with no owner to claim her. This sweetheart (as well as a teeny tiny hound mix) are both needing a foster home urgently. They are beginning to stress in the kennel environment. Both have been vetted and spayed and ready for their new adventure. The hound mix is estimated to be 4-5 years old. Both of these girls URGENTLY need foster or forever homes.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...
Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We also are looking for foster homes for 3 VERY cute little puppies, believed to be lab mixes. Believe it or not, these 10 week old babies (5 in total) were found dumped at the side of the road - helpless and out in the elements. Thankfully, they seem to be in very good health. The blond puppy has already found a forever home, and the 3 black puppies are in urgent need of a foster home.

Click to enlarge...

We are also looking for an experienced owner for a beautiful, 4 year old mastiff girl. She can be shy around strangers until she gets to know them. She loves to be with other dogs too. Her name is Kiki.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

So, as you can see we have been inundated with urgent pleas for help. All dogs should be posted on the website in a day or so - just giving you a heads up. If you, or anyone you know of would like to foster/adopt any of these wonderful dogs or puppies, please fill out the adoption/foster application on the left. If you have any questions, please email us at Have a great weekend everyone, and don't forget to network for the dogs...
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Valentine Comforters - Are you stumped as to what to buy for your beloved pet for Valentines? Don't worry, we have the perfect gift - how about his/her very own comforter. We are auctioning two gorgeously fun pet comforters measuring 38" x 38". The opening bids must start at $40.00 and is open from Friday, February 1st until Sunday February 3rd 2013. The quilts will be delivered to the winners in time for the big day.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Please send your best bid to The highest bid on each quilt will win one of these beauties. This fundraiser will run from Friday February 1, 2013 until Sunday February 3, 2013 at 6:00 pm. The comforter will be sent in the mail in time for Valentines Day.


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