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  Renee Leger - ANML-RESQ Jan 30/09

Thank God It's Friday


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It's been one of those weeks where the calls kept coming in and many dogs were needing rescue. 

We have noticed lately, the financial crisis of late, people losing their jobs of many years and losing their homes which has resulted in many family pets being surrendered to shelters or rescues. It is a very difficult time for many, unfortunately, the family pet is usually the first to be affected. 

If you know of someone that is suffering financially, please lend a helping hand, if you can. There is nothing more heartbreaking than losing everything you have ... job, home and family pets. When it begins to affect your family it is very hard, more so, if you have to give up a beloved member of your family.

On a brighter note - we received some fantastic pictures of our boy Flex enjoying the winter weather.

As you can see from the picture above, Flex is a real mama's boy!!! We are so happy for Flex and his family.

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Jan 29/09

URGENT - Chancey - Foster/Forever
Here is a bit about a boy named Chancey from our friends at All Breed Canine Rescue. They are in urgent need of a foster/forever home for Chancey.

I refuse to believe that there is not a home for Chancey somewhere in this world. He has to go from his foster home, through no fault of his own.

Chancey is a 8 year old black lab, 95 lbs, fully vetted. He was left to live in a back yard by some old man for 5 years. When Chancey got picked up by Animal Control when the gate was left open, the old man would not spend $20 to get his dog back, even when he was told by AC that the dog would be destroyed. The neighbourhood begged us to go get Chancey (as they had been walking him and taking him treats ever since the old man had thrown Chancey out to live in the back yard), so we went and rescued Chancey. He has now been in a foster home for a year, with no applications. 

Chancey is a sweet dog, affectionate, intelligent, friendly. He is housetrained and non-destructive in the house when left alone. He can be quite a comedian, and loves his foster mom. Chancey is not good with other dogs, will torment cats, and doesn't like children. He is a great dog, and deserves a home. He is also on the web site.

If you can help Chancey, please contact Lois at or 519-633-6226.

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Jan 28/09
Fostering and Transporting
I received an email, the other night, from our volunteer Allie, who had kindly taken Faith in for an overnight stay at her home. Faith was en-route to her foster home in Quebec, but needed a place to relax and de-stress. She had already been for a very long car ride.

I received a call the next morning ... it was prior to 8:00 am, and I always get a little apprehensive when the phone rings before 8:00 am [always think the worst and worry about a foster dog having an emergency]. Anyway, it was Allie ... Faith's overnight home. Allie's first words to me were "I see now why you have never put a bully in my home to foster!"

Oh, oh .... what happened? Allie said "...because you know darn well that the foster would not be going anywhere ... never leaving my house - and then you'd be losing a foster home ... that's why!" Well, she could be partially right about that, but never fear Allie, you WILL get that bully boy to foster. First we need to find Precious and Fido a home (-;

Here is Allie's email about her 12 hour experience with a "substantially similar to", sweetheart of a girl named Faith.

Over the weekend I had the privilege of spending some time with a very special soul. Her name is Faith. This is a little bit about what Faith is to me. Faith is beautiful, with her fawn colored fur, partial black mask and expressive brown eyes. Faith is so patient, she sat quietly in the back seat of a strange car, for the 5 1/2 hour ride to my house, without even knowing where she was going. Faith is trusting, coming into a home that she is not familiar with, being led by a woman that she has known for only about 3 minutes. Faith is a little love bug. She loves everything. Dogs, cats, kids, men, women, everyone! I warn you ahead of time, don't spend more than 5 minutes with her because you will be broken hearted if you have to leave her, as I did the following morning. Her wiggle bum and tail wag when she saw my resident female dog Brie, said it all. "I like you, let's play!" Then there was the cat. Our male feline spends a lot of time in the basement, he loves it down there. He came to the door at the top of the steps to meet his new canine friend. He was pawing at Faith from under the door and Faith was licking his paw every chance she got. She'd look up at me as if begging to play with him. The children were in love with Faith at the first sloppy kiss. The scared and stressed dog that the boys expected to arrive with her head down, scared, possibly trembling and just wanting to be left alone, ended up being the best "sleep over" friend they've ever had stay for the night. Don't get me wrong, there were very sad moments. Moments of anxiety for Faith that were only cured by the invitation to play with one of the kids or a stuffy toy. Yet, as scared as she was, she made the best of it. Faith's zest for life, love for every living thing, and her outgoing personality make her very hard to resist. She is now safe in a wonderful foster home in Quebec. Her foster Mom called to give me an update last night. Faith is settling in well. Faith has met 2 of the 4 cats that reside there and is very respectful of the Miniature Pinscher that calls her place, home. He, on the other hand, is not quite pleased with having Faith around. Her gentle nature will surely win him over. I was glad to hear that she was resting comfortably and finally getting some much needed sleep, as the night we spent together, was spent mostly awake! Who would think that such a wonderful dog would be forced out of her loving owners arms, banned from living in the only real home she's ever known. All because someone, with likely no specific training in breed identification, decided, she's a "pitbull", which is not a real breed of dog to begin with. Now, I have to admit, I don't know what Faith is. But I can tell you one thing for sure....if her love of people, her friendly nature or her fun and easy going attitude are any indication as to what breed she may be there is surely a little bit of bully in her :) 

~ Allie ~

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Jan 27/09

Faith - Bill 132
Faith is the newest casualty of Bill 132. This sweet girl was forced to leave a loving and caring home. Why? Did she do anything wrong? Absolutely not! Her fate was sealed because an animal control officer deemed her a prohibited pit bull and her choices for the dog were to send the dog out-of-province or have her euthanized. 

Faith did nothing wrong, she wasn't running at large, she never threatened anyone. Animal control arrived at the owner's home on a tip from a neighbour.  

Sadly, the owner tried everything in her power to keep her beloved Faith, but sadly, she was ruled against by the City of London. Her fate was sealed. 

We could not let this beautiful dog be euthanized.  Thankfully, we were able to find her a wonderful foster home in Quebec and ANML-RESQ and Gerdy's Rescue will be working together to find Faith a new forever home. We are saddened that she had to be ripped away from a loving and caring owner and her son. The entire family is heartbroken and so is Faith. 

Everyone that met Faith on the transport to foster, and an overnight sleepover ... EVERYONE fell in love with this girl. She is a REAL sweetheart.

THIS is why we need to fight this law!! We need to stop the slaughter and heartbreak!

Here are the details of Faith's journey and her story:


Do not let Animal Control officers enter your home or take your dog. Demand to see a warrant.

Know your rights and contact a lawyer if you are in need of legal assistance. 

Do not volunteer information. This may be used against you!

For more information about what to do if Animal Control comes to your door click here.

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Jan 26/09

Onward to the Supreme Court

This incredible amount of money was raised in an incredibly short period of time by dog fanciers all across the country - practically every breed club (from Yorkies to Mastiffs), cat breed clubs, plus CKC judges and handlers jumped in which is great as it seems the penny has dropped - no breed type is safe in McGuinty's world.

Many, many citizens stepped up and generously donated and we are grateful to have the opportunity to take this matter to the highest court in the land.

Thank you to everyone for caring deeply about this issue and standing up for what is right.  Breed bans do not work.  Innocent lives are taken and peoples hearts are broken.  Let us pray that we will finally see this law overturned for the sake of ALL dogs and dog-lovers.

All body parts crossed for success at the Supreme Court level.

On January 10th,2009 the Dog Legislation Council of Canada (DLCC) and member groups of Banned Aid Coalition (BAC) released the DOLLARS FOR DOGS fund raising drive.

The goal was to pay off the outstanding bill of 67,500.00 so that this case could proceed to the next level, the Supreme Court.

Despite the two previous rulings ( Superior and Appellate courts ) which utterly failed to protect the fundamental rights of responsible dog owners, good dog owners understood that we should not rest until the highest court of the land heard our case.

It is because of our collective passion in all things dogs, that 63,018.75 WAS RAISED.

Did we fail to meet the financial goal?


At this time, money is still being cleared through the banks and we fully expect this total to meet or slightly exceed this outstanding debt total.


The DLCC is truly and deeply humbled by the fantastic response.

We, again, make the pledge to be there whenever, wherever we are needed to protect your rights.


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Jan 23/09

Fighting Ignorance Since 2003
The following is written by a man who loves his dogs, in fact ALL DOGS. He was forced to choose between heart and home .

He chose his heart and moved out of Ontario.The article he wrote for the DLCC still holds true but it is a little long.Worth the read though.

LeeAnn O'Reilly, Pres.DLCC
president@doglegisl ationcouncilcana
www.doglegislationc ouncilcanada. org

"Fighting ignorance since's taking longer than we thought."

I originally wrote this article on the two year anniversary of the Ontario legislation, so that's about a year and a half ago.  Considering our fundraising efforts to get to the Supreme Court of Canada, I think it's appropriate to re-use it now to try to give you some idea of what life is like for many dog owners in Ontario.

Please feel free to crosspost the entire text of this article, ideally leaving the link at the bottom for reference.

Steve Barker

---------- --------- --------- ---------

Originally posted August 30, 2007.

State of the Province

August 29, 2007 was the two-year anniversary of Ontario's Bill 132 (usually
known as the "pit bull" ban).

What has happened in Ontario during those two years?

Two people in this province (including a one and a half year old child) have been killed by dogs, none by "pit bull" type dogs.

Continued here...>

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Jan 22/09

This sweet boy was found straying and as you can see, he is in a horrid condition.  

Click to enlarge

He is at the vets now, but it appears he has mange and is very malnourished. This is what is apparent at first glance. Heaven only knows what this poor boy has been through and no one knows how long he has been on the loose. His vet bills will be costly and he will need a foster home that can accommodate him and take care of his health issues.  

If you can help our friends at All Breed Canine Rescue with Nobel's vet bills or a loving foster home, please contact Lois at ABCRescue. For more information:

This darling boy deserves a chance at a forever home that will cherish him forever.

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Jan 21/09

A Hero is Born 
From time to time, we get a truly amazing update and today, Gracie's foster mom got this email update about our Amazing Grace. 

But first a little background about our Gracie.

This little girl was found starving to death in the middle of nowhere. A kind road worker who was just sitting down for lunch break noticed this timid starving girl approach him, hoping for a tiny morsel of food. Her fear was overcome by her starvation and she came closer to accept his gracious offer of a sandwich. He was heartbroken to see this young pup in such a horrid state. He immediately gathered her up and drove her to the nearest shelter, hoping they could help her find her home or a new forever home. Much to his dismay the animal control officer took her in, but informed him that after her stray time was up, if her owners didn't claim her, she would be put down.

This couldn't have been worse news so he immediately called one of our volunteers, explained the situation and the rest is history. We informed the animal control officer if no one claimed Gracie, we would take her into our care. I think the animal control officer was very grateful to hear that. 

Little Gracie came into her foster home like she owned the place and kept the whole household on their toes with her puppy antics. She won the hearts of her entire foster family. 

Little Gracie was adopted twice and returned twice. Again, both adoptive families loved her personality and zest for life, but she may have been a little TOO much puppy and sadly was returned to her foster home. Each time she returned they fell in love with her more. 

THEN it happened. That perfect forever home was finally found. The home that would embrace her zest for life and love and loyalty to family. I am sure you will agree with us. Gracie is finally home and was always meant to be there.  Good luck little girl!! You have made everyone at ANML-RESQ very proud. 

Read Gracie's update below: 

Hi Sharon,

You should be very proud of your Grace! The night before last we were all in bed already and Gracie starting barking and then actually nudging Joe's arm. Joe got up and went downstairs to see what was getting Gracie upset. The door to my mom's apartment is closed at night but when Joe got down to the main floor he could hear my mom calling from downstairs- with the door shut we never would have been able to hear her two floors up! Anyway, thank God she is okay, but she was just getting ready for bed, slipped in her bathroom and was unable to get up. This has never happened before, so it was not something we were prepared for or have had to watch out for, but if Gracie hadn't woken us up and alerted us, my mom may have been there for the whole night. We were very grateful to Gracie and it would have had a much worse outcome without her!

So how's that for making an impact in our family and not even being with us for two weeks yet!

With Best Regards, Peggy

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Jan 20/09

Left at the Border 
I had tears in my eyes when I read this article in the newspaper.

Many, many thanks to Kevin Strooband and the agents at Queenston-Lewiston bridge for saving this precious life. Good luck in your new life Roxy!!

Pit bull gets one-way ticket to freedom 
Posted 7 hours ago

It's not the usual collection that customs officers take.

But a group of border control agents at the Queenston-Lewiston bridge have pooled their resources to buy a young pit bull a one-way ticket to freedom. 

Kevin Strooband, executive director for the Lincoln County Humane Society, said the dog and her owner were recently detained at the border. 

But the young pooch's human companion left her after he was arrested and sent home to Kansas. 

"We were going to give the dog back to him, but we're unclear if he didn't want the dog," Strooband said. 

With Ontario's ban on pit bulls, the docile one-year-old dog named Roxy was destined for euthanization. 

But officials at the border couldn't stand the thought of that happening. So, together, they collected $700 to buy her a ticket to Alberta, and have her spayed, outfitted with a microchip and vaccinated before taking flight. 

"The customs officers wanted to push this along and send her out of province," Strooband said. "Once you meet her, you have to because she's so great. She's so friendly and docile -- not what the Ontario government would describe as a pit bull. It's nice to see them work together. They didn't have to." 

Roxy will be flown to Alberta this week where the organization, Pit Bulls for Life, will find her a home.

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Jan 19/09

Short Funding
ANML-RESQ will be sending a donation to the Banned Aid Legal Challenge Fund and we urge everyone to make a personal donation to help the Banned Aid Coalition reach their goal of monies needed to make our appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. If Ontario can overturn BSL, it will set a precedent for the whole country.

If we aren't able to appeal to the Supreme Court, we must be prepared for other breeds to soon be added to the breed ban. 

We know the devastation this law has caused with the bull breeds and anything substantially similar (which includes a LOT of breeds). We cannot allow this to continue. NO breed should be banned. We cannot allow government to take away our rights as citizens to own our breed of choice. This law MUST be overturned.

Too many innocent lives have been taken already.  It NEEDS to stop and WE can make it happen!!

If you can make a donation, however small, please do. Our dogs are worth it!!

 They are $40,000.00 short ... 
please send a donation

The cheque can be made out to Clayton Ruby c/o of BANNED AID LEGAL FUND

Send to:

Ruby & Shiller
11 Prince Arthur Ave.
Toronto, ON
416 964 9664

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Jan 16/09

Hershey is a Star Again

Read more from Dogs In Canada:

Have a great weekend and drive safely.
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Jan 15/09

Extreme Cold Weather 
The weather of late has been EXTREMELY cold outside and I can't help but worry about dogs and cats out in these extreme elements. Please, keep your pets safe and warm and be sure to watch out for those that are left outside to fend for themselves. These cold temperatures are DEADLY!

A few of these tips are:

Cold Weather Protection for Pets

Following are timely tips to protect pets in cold weather.

Before, during and after walks and outdoor exercise:

* Coats and booties can help your dog stay warm. In particular, short-haired or elderly dogs benefit from wearing a coat or sweater. Look for coats or sweaters with high collars or a turtleneck that covers the dog from the base of the tail on top to the belly underneath.

* Remember to be very careful with sick or older dogs, since they are more sensitive to cold weather. For any dog sensitive to the cold due to age, illness or breed type, take him outdoors only to relieve himself.

* Puppies do not tolerate the cold as well as adult dogs and may be difficult to housebreak during the winter. If necessary, paper train your puppy inside if he appears to be sensitive to the weather.

* Clip the fur between toe pads to reduce the amount of snow that collects between toes.

* To help protect dry, sensitive paws, try coating them with a bit of cooking spray before walks in very cold weather.

* During deep snows, shovel out a potty spot for your dog.

...For more great tips, please check out this web site:

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Jan 14/09

Big Brother
The constitutional challenge to represent the collective, national interest of responsible dog owners is in dire straits.

We are 67,000 short of being able to get our voices heard in Canada's highest court, the Supreme Court. We have been granted an extension to come up with this amount, but just till the end of January 2009.


On-SCARIO ( AKA Ontario Canada ) has flagrantly wasted tax payers dollars to act as Goliath against our David ( Banned Aid Coalition ) to ban any "substantially similar" dogs to the banned pure bred dogs, Am Staffs, Staffie Bulls and AM. PBT.


Over 4,000 dogs dead, yes even puppies folks.

In essence, the Ontario government has taken over our Pedigree Act and has decided what breeds and mixes thereof will live, drive through or visit within its boundaries.

It simply doesn't matter whether you like the bully dogs. It is now a matter of sending a message to government we are no longer willing to allow politicians to sacrifice the lives of innocent dogs.



PAY PAL. Please go to www.doglegislationc ouncilcanada. org and click on the "Donate!" link for the Pay Pal tool. 

You can also make an online payment from your financial institution' s website by sending a bill payment to treasurer@doglegisl ationcouncilcana

Send cheques or money orders directly to Mr Ruby at the following address, 

Ruby & Edwardh
11 Prince Arthur Ave.
Toronto, ON
416 964 9664


LeeAnn O'Reilly, Pres.DLCC
president@doglegisl ationcouncilcana
www.doglegislationc ouncilcanada. org
"Fighting ignorance since 2003...itís taking longer than we thought."

Also, please check out some of these companies that have proceeds going to Banned Aid Coalition Legal Challenge Fund

www.bestdresseddog. net

Is donating 25% of their sales for the month of January to the Banned Aid Coalition legal challenge fund...

If your in need of "doggy duds"  please go have a look?

And Boston Pizza, one Peterborough location only is offering:

ONLY at the below location : The owners will donate 10 % of the restaurant sales for Saturday January 17th.

Take a day off from cooking and order a Pizza!! And garlic fingers, maybe a salad or two......

Boston Pizza Restaurant,
Peterborough North at 1164
Chemong Road in Peterborough Ontario.

Just think of it, every bit you take is another bite off the legal bill!

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Jan 13/09

Jonas is Safe
I have some FANTASTIC news!! Jonas was found - woohoooo!! Jonas is very, very happy to be home.  He was going to the vets today, it appears he may have some frostbite and he is quite thin, but Thank God, he survived. It has been extremely cold the last 10 days, but the saying applies SMALL BUT MIGHTY!! The angels were watching out for Jonas. We are elated he is finally home where he belongs.

We also had an awesome update about Gracie. As you can see, she has moved right in. It sounds like little Gracie is very much loved. Congratulations Gracie and Family!!!

Hi Sharon,

Just a quick note to let you know how Gracie is - wonderful!  She is such a good dog and we are already establishing consistent routines.  She is so smart and learns everything so quickly!  Her walking, jumping, "bathroom" routines (everything is being done outside now) etc... are all being worked on and huge progress has already been made. We give her proper neighbourhood walking time and then playtime in the yard on a long leash  (until we get invisible fencing) where she can just play at least twice a day. She loves her "puppy" naps in the afternoon and has been sleeping well at night on her new bed.

Gracie has such a loving nature and is so friendly with everyone she has met so far.  She is absolutely great with kids. My friend and her family came over to meet Gracie yesterday and she said it looked like Gracie had always been with us. Some of the things Gracie did actually reminded her of our angel dog Freddie!

Grace is adapting well with the cats. They are trying to put her in her place and her reaction is one that any puppy would have - one of playfulness, which is to be expected! The cats are already coming around  (even my "opinionated" black cat) and Gracie is learning her boundaries with them without much difficulty. She has already met some of the neighbourhood dogs on our walks and I hope to have them become friends and playmates - so far, so good!

My older son Ned joins us on our evening walks and is learning how to walk Gracie a little bit at a time. I told him that he is in the role of the "supply teacher" and that Gracie is so smart she will try to be the boss and take him for a walk. He is getting the hang of it though and loves that special time with her.

We haven't tried a car ride yet - that will be one of our next adventures!

Thanks for being such a good "foster mom" to Gracie!

With Best Regards, Peggy T.

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Jan 12/09

Jonas is Missing 
This weekend, my husband joined the search in Owen Sound for Jonas, a sweet little pug that has been missing now for well over a week. Jonas is a very timid boy and is therefore hard to approach. 

There have been a few sightings of him near the grain elevators earlier in the week so a search party was assembled for Saturday evening. My husband joined the many searchers and spent several hours trying to find Jonas. Pictures were passed around in the neighbourhood where he was last seen and door-to-door searches were carried out. They searched every nook and cranny that a wee dog could crawl into, but to no avail. 


If anyone has seen Jonas in the Owen Sound area, PLEASE contact the Owen Sound Animal Shelter ( immediately. His owner is frantic and I am sure will not be able to sleep until she finds her baby Jonas. 

On a more happy note ... we received some great pictures of our boy Dudley. 

MY how he has grown! I remember when he arrived into rescue and I met him at his foster home; he was all legs and feet!

Looks like he has grown into those feet.

We were very fortunate to find Dudley a home in British Columbia where he is living a muzzle-free life.

Way to go Dudley! You look FANTASTIC!!

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Jan 9/09

Cat in Need of a Home
This cute young cat is a found animal. She is very colourful in her black torti look. Click the picture below to see how she looks. If you can find it in your heart to take her in or would like additional information, please contact us.

kitty010809.jpg (20787 bytes)

She is a very sweet stray young cat who needs a home. She is maybe a year old, very sweet, torti colour, seems to get along with dogs and other cats, and just loves children. Please contact if you would like more information.

Remember, as the winter winds blow and the temperature drops, there are many cats in the weather that are having a hard time getting food or warmth. Be kind to a stray today.

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Jan 8/09

Appeal of Bill 132
We desperately need your help. This will be the last chance to have Bill 132 overturned [pit bull ban].

This is no longer about pit bulls, but YOUR rights as citizens of Ontario. If this law is allowed to remain, it opens the door for ANY breed to be added to the ban.  I am sure our politicians are already itching to add a few more to the list of banned breeds. Those of us who own rottweilers, mastiffs, bulldogs, cane corso, presa canario, dobermans, etc. [and the list goes on] had better be prepared for our breed of choice to be next on the banned list.

Let us stop breed descrimination in it's tracks, before it's too late.

Please click on this link and send this to everyone you know.

Every DOLLAR counts and no donation is too small to continue with this appeal and there isn't much time. Even if you think a few dollars are insignificant, please rethink.

Any amount you can spare will be appreciated.

Please forward this to everyone in your address book. Our case benefits not only every citizen who is attached to their civil rights in Canada; and also dog owners in other provinces within Canada and other countries.

Much has changed since this case was launched in 2005. Many jurisdictions and countries have repealed their bans and gone the route of common sense and enforceable legislation. 

This case can be won with your help. Please donate...

If we can get every person who receives this email to donate even a few dollars we can and will reach our goal.

Please understand the urgency of this situation and give.

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Jan 7/09

It was a pretty crazy day at the ranch today. It started out pretty normal. It was a beautiful day, so I was able to spend lots of time outside with my dogs. We had a blast and I was hoping they could get their yaya's out in preparation for tomorrow's snowstorm.

My husband went to town to run a few errands so he needed to use my van. Unfortunately, while he was out and about in Owen Sound in the afternoon, someone stole the magnet/sign off the side of my van.

I cannot understand WHY someone would want to take the sign, it would be useless to them, however, I DO worry about them using it to misrepresent themselves. I would hate for a dealer or someone that scoops dogs to sell to research to obtain animals under the guise of rescue. If you see this sign on any vehicle other than my white van, license plate ANML-RESQ, pictured above, please get a vehicle description and license plate number if possible and get in touch with us at or call out hotline at 416-256-1DOG. I will report it immediately to the police.

My husband had called me earlier in the day (while in town) to tell me that there was a man in the parking lot giving away Labrador puppies. My husband felt badly for the puppies as he realizes how cute and adorable and irresistible these dogs are. You can certainly fall in love at first sight, especially when they are as beautiful as these were. When he called me there were 4 puppies. I told him that I would call our friends at the Owen Sound Animal Shelter to see if they had room for them and they immediately told us to bring them in. 

By this time there were only 3 left. I called my husband back and told him that Shelter would take them immediately, and advised him to head straight over with them. 

About an hour later my husband calls me and asks me to lock the doggies out as he had stuff to carry into the house. I sent them all outside, locked down the doggy door and waited to assist at the door with groceries. However, it wasn't groceries he was bringing in. It was one of the male puppies - YIKES!!! What are you thinking Willy??? We CANNOT have this pup here!! He looked at me with those eyes and I know he was hoping I would change my mind after spending a few minutes with JR. 

He KNOWS I am a sucker for puppies!! JR. was gated into the hallway and let me tell you, it was shear chaos!!! My doggies were all over the gate, sniffing, licking and trying to get on the other side. JR. was on the other side of the gate, whining and crying - wanting to play with the doggies. While listening and watching all the commotion, I had to have a serious heart-to-heart with my husband, although it was hard to be heard over the racket. 

I had to send Sassy into the hallway to keep JR. company and suddenly it became quiet while the spectators watched Sassy play with the puppy. I could see the frustration with Riggs as he REALLY, REALLY wanted to play with JR. That was definitely not going to happen as Riggy Dig plays too rough and I didn't want the baby to get hurt. After a lot of persuasion, I managed to talk my husband into taking him to the shelter as well. 

As much as I would have loved to foster him, I know my limits. If we had a foster home available, we would have taken him in immediately, but it would have taken some time to arrange and I honestly don't think I could have kept my sanity. 

If anyone is interested in adopting any of these guys [while they last], please contact the Owen Sound Animal Shelter. They are 12 weeks old and are well socialized. 

Good luck boys!! I see one has ALREADY been adopted - woohooo!!!

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Jan 6/09

It has been a busy holiday season for everyone this past Christmas. I know we were all on the go, visiting family, having family and friends stop in for visits and of course, the stress of shopping.

It can often times be a very chaotic and stressful time for pets as well. Add to that, the bewilderment of a beloved family pet when their owner goes away and they are in a strange environment.

It was two days after Christmas and I got a call from a very frantic volunteer. She had just read on Facebook that there was a dog missing in her area. This little girl named Bianca had run away for her guardian a couple days prior, in search of her beloved mom. Bianca did not know that mom had to go to the hospital. Mom left her in the care of a relative while she underwent surgery.

Bianca slipped out and fled. She ran and ran, frantically searching for her mom. Her guardian frantically began searching for her. On foot, in the vehicle. He enlisted friends and neighbours to search for Bianca. They searched the entire day and night, making sure someone was home in case she returned. They searched frantically for Bianca and even posted an urgent message on Facebook, asking anyone in the area to look out for Bianca. 

After talking to Allie for a bit and giving her some tips, she decided she was going to drop her plans for the day and get out to help search for Bianca. We ALL know how devastating and scary it would be to NOT know where your beloved pet is. Sheer panic would set in. I am sure they could not sleep until Bianca was brought home safely.

Allie was dashing out the door when she was joined by her husband Walter and her youngest son Noah. They were on the hunt for Bianca and were bound and determined to bring her back to her loving family.

They set off with absolutely NO idea where to start looking as Bianca had been on the lamb for 3 or 4 days now. She could be anywhere!! With Noah and Walter on the look out, Walter spotted an area that he thought would be a good spot to hide out (thinking like a dog, eh Walter?) works every time!! Walter insisted on stopping in this area and searching on foot for Bianca. With wieners in hand, Allie, Walter and Noah were on the hunt. 

It didn't take long and they spotted Bianca. They were elated!! Allie immediately called her guardian and told her the area they were in. Thankfully, he wasn't far from the area as he was also searching, so he headed there immediately. In the meantime, they tried to lure Bianca in with wieners. Unfortunately, she would dart away as soon as she got close. 

At that moment, her guardian pulled up, opened the car door and Bianca was air born!! Woohoooooo!!! She was SO happy to be reunited with her family.

This was truly a Christmas miracle. Bianca was very cold and very hungry. Allie has been keeping in touch with Bianca's mom, who is now home and recovering from surgery. Mom is very happy to have Bianca back home and I know she will be forever grateful to Allie and family for going the extra mile to find and bring Bianca home. 

Way to go, Allie, Walter and Noah!! You made this Christmas miracle possible.

Bianca is a lucky girl to have so many angels watching out for her.

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Jan 5/09

Bud and Abbey Updates 
It has been a great holiday with lots of wonderful pictures and updates of our adopted.  Here are some pictures of Buddy and Abby.  Both dogs have had some major health hurtles to overcome and as you can see, both are thriving in their loving forever homes.

Here are some pictures of Buddy who was taken in by a loving family, determined to help him find happiness.


And here are some pictures of Abbey Rose and her feline brother, Mr. Lucky. You look better and better every day Abbey Rose!!  

We hope you will soon be on the road to full recovery. 

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Jan 2/09

Holiday Updates 
We have had several great updates and Christmas pics of our adopted over the holidays. It sounds like our rescues have all had a GREAT Christmas with lots of toys, treats and special family time.

Here are a few of our updates. Congratulations, Mink, Petey and Bubba!!

Mink's great. I went shopping today at Petsmart to get her and my hamster Christmas presents (treats for the hamster and a feeding bowl) for Minkie. I bought a cute blue sweater. Well she has her 101 Dalmatian dogs stocking too. I'm sending you some pics of her and if you want some after Christmas of her with the jacket on and in the snow. She loves the snow if it was up to her she would live in the snow even though she does drown in it but ha she doesn't mind she's just hopping along on walks. lol She took over the house which is good except for the ferocious barking but if that's the only thing wrong with her then that's fine. I'm used to that cause of my old dog. 

Luckily this one likes other dogs and doesn't try to rip it apart out of fear (my old one got ripped apart in the home before I got her so she took it out on other dogs which I can't blame her for). We might take Minkie to training lessons in Petsmart to work on come and stay I taught her to sit, lie down, shake a paw, high five, lions cub (I put my arm in the air she jumps up and wraps her arms around it like a lion cub), jump up and jump up but with her but on the ground its hard to explain. Well when we put the Christmas tree up she was like what the heck are you doing? But soon discovered that it fun to climb under the tree and sniff it. Quite weird the first time, I'm reading a book look up and the tree is moving back and forth and see a furry thing underneath but she's better than my old cat who climbed up it and it came down (that resulted in no more glass ornaments).

We also received a wonderful update on our Petey Patooty. He is spoiled and living the life with mom Joyce. 

Mom even crocheted Petey his very own Santa hat!! You are adorable Petey!! 

And last, but certainly not least, here are some pictures of a very happy Bubba. It seems Bubba knew exactly which toys were his under the tree and never touched a single present. except his own. 

I guess he couldn't wait for Christmas morning. 

Bubba is doing very well and has really endeared himself to the ladies of the house. Here is our Bubba, who only a few months ago had no idea what to do with a toy. As you can see now, he loves to play with his toys.


Thank you everyone for sharing your Christmas pictures with us. Keep them coming!! 

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