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Jan 30/13

Ruby Update - We are thrilled to show off our beautiful girl Ruby and her mom, Leah. Our volunteer, Mim went over on the weekend to do the "official adoption" and we could not be happier for Ruby and Leah. 

Pictures certainly tell the story ... and as you can see, both Ruby and Leah only have eyes for each other. This was truly a match made in heaven. Ruby was on the list to be euthanized as her time was up and she did not seem to display very well at the shelter. We all know that dogs are not themselves when they find themselves behind bars with lots of barking and commotion. What happened to their families?? More often than not, dogs just are NOT themselves when they find themselves in this deadly predicament. Ruby was deemed dog aggressive and could only go to an experienced owner. Thankfully, an angel stepped forward and took Ruby out of that situation, saved her from death and brought her to a kennel until she could find rescue for Ruby. Ruby was posted on many venues ... but time was also running out where Ruby was staying at, as the kennel was booked for Christmas.

In her hour of need and much to our delight and relief - we finally got an application for Ruby. We went through the process and fell in love with this angel that found Ruby and wanted so badly to help her. We all loved what we heard while going through the process as well as several calls back and forth. Finally, the day came for Leah to meet Ruby and wouldn't you know it? It was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT for both Leah and Ruby. 

As time progressed and all reports about Ruby from Leah were awesome, we felt it was time to get her posted for adoption. I waited for some pictures and a bio from foster mom and as time progressed, got the sneaking suspicion that someone just might be failing fostering LOL ... so I waited and it came as no surprise to me when I heard it was too difficult for Leah to write a bio for Ruby...they had made such a "connection". She didn't want it to happen, but it did. (-: And we could not be happier for Leah and Ruby. It was truly meant to be - no doubt in our minds!! Here are some pictures of Ruby who proudly shows off her new mom, Leah! You can see in Ruby's eyes that she adores Leah and we know the feeling is mutual.

Ruby, looking adoringly at her mom

Ruby is watching over mom while a stranger takes pictures of them. 
Ruby loves meeting people, but she is also protective of her mom.

Congratulations Ruby and Leah! Not only did we gain a great forever home for Ruby, but we have also gained a new volunteer with Leah.

Don't forget to check out the January edition of ANML-RESQ Network Ontario's newsletter...»
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Jan 30/13

Valentine Comforters - Are you stumped as to what to buy for your beloved pet for Valentines? Don't worry, we have the perfect gift - how about his/her very own comforter. We are auctioning two gorgeously fun pet comforters measuring 38" x 38". The opening bids must start at $40.00 and is open from Friday, February 1st. until Sunday February 3rd. The quilts will be delivered to the winners in time for the big day.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Please send your best bid to The highest bid on each quilt will win one of these beauties. This fundraiser will run from Friday February 1, 2013 until Sunday February 3, 2013 at 6:00 pm. The comforter will be sent in the mail in time for Valentines Day.
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Jan 29/13

Welcome Jersey - ANML-RESQ is happy to say we have been able to help another big girl in need. This girl needed to find a new home, through no fault of her own and we had JUST the foster home that could take her in. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Jersey has proven to be a true ambassador of her breed. She is a happy-go-lucky, lovable girl that seems to love everyone she meets. She has met the resident dogs and gets along with them all - big or small, she loves them all (-:

Click to enlarge...

However, this beautiful girl will not need to be posted as we have already found her forever home. Jersey will be staying in foster care to recover from her spay which gives foster mom a chance to enjoy her company for a few more weeks, but we couldn't resist showing off our beautiful girl. Many thanks to Carolina and Mike for taking this girl in and giving her a chance to get vetted and await her new family. Welcome Jersey! 
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Jan 28/13

Meet Ivan - ANML-RESQ is looking for a foster or forever home for this handsome boy named Ivan. Ivan was found straying and sadly, no one has claimed him so Ivan needs help to find a loving forever family. Ivan is a big boy and will likely grow a bit more before maturity. Ivan will need an experienced owner, familiar with the guardian breeds. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Ivan is a bit nervous around men, so his new home will have to have patience while he adjusts. He is great with the ladies at the shelter and they love this big boob. Ivan would do best in a home with no small children or small animals. Ivan would probably do well with another large breed dog in the family, but no cats or small animals for Ivan. If you think you could give Ivan the responsible and loving home he needs, please contact us at ANML-RESQ!
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Jan 16/13

Tigger Update - Our handsome boy Tigger had to have surgery on Monday. He has been hobbling around and became apparent that it wasn't a sprain or pulled muscle. We found out that Tigger needed knee surgery to repair. Although he wasn't in pain, it is best to get it repaired before it got worse. 

Tigger sailed through the surgery with flying colours. Once again - the hardest part begins after surgery. He will need to be kept quiet and off his leg as much as possible in order for the surgery to repair can heal. For those of us that have been through post operative care, we know it is not an easy job to keep a young, energetic boy down! Here is an update from foster mom, Allie:

Poor Tigger had a Luxating Patella :(. In much simpler terms, his knee cap was "floating" out of place. Instead of sitting in the groove of the leg bone it was on the outside. His knee cap had to be moved back into place, approx 1cm, and pinned. Twice. He is a healthy strong boy so the vet made sure it was going to stay in place. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

I've had dogs before who have had big surgeries like this. You bring them home and they sit with you, glad to be back home. Quietly lying on a dog bed, chewing a bone. Meds making them a little tired and not too energetic. Well, NOT Tigger! He was a bucking bronco when I picked him up. Our one and only crate is being used for another foster at the moment so you can imagin' my panic when I missed planning for the fact that he might be different from the others. Luckily, Stacy's Pet Depot, here in Cornwall, came through again with a nice large crate for Tigger to recuperate in. Now that we have the crate, he has settled a lot! His excitement may have been a little bit of anxiety about being so vulnerable. Either way, he is being a good boy. Taking his meds like he is supposed to, the pain pills have to be really well hidden in yummy food. He smells them a mile away :). He even put his foot down on the floor this morning before having his meds. Please send Tiggy Roo lots of healing thoughts over the next 6 weeks!

Our handsome Tigg went from looking as regal as can be on his favorite chair... To feeling the shame wearing the dreaded "cone of shame" LOL Cheer up Tigger ... Your foster mama Allie, and her awesome helpers, Alex and Noah will be giving you the BEST of care! Get well soon Tigger, from all your friends and family at ANML-RESQ!
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Jan 15/13

Ruby and Brandy - We have started the New Year with a bang! We have awesome news for two of our rescues.

First, our little girl Brandy, who has waited for quite some time to find her forever family. We have no idea why this cutie waited so long, but as we always say ... those that wait the longest, wait for the BEST!! And that is exactly what Brandy will get. Her new family is anxiously awaiting her arrival tomorrow and we have no doubt Brandy will be loved and adored for the rest of her years! 

ANML-RESQ would like to thank Sidony and family for giving Brandy a safe and happy home to wait for her forever family to find her. Sidony has done a wonderful job fostering Brandy and we cannot thank Sidony enough for giving this wee girl her second chance at happiness! Congratulations Brandy!!

ANML-RESQ is also "over-the-moon" thrilled for our Ruby, who has stolen the heart of her foster mom, Leah. If you remember, Ruby was on the "urgent" list and her time was running short. She was rescued from a "kill" situation and her rescuer was then left with the task of finding a rescue that could help this girl. She was out of immediate danger, but still without a foster or home. Ruby was kenneled and the pleas went out for help. 

As weeks went by we prayed for a miracle - if not from us, then another rescue. As time drew closer to Ruby's deadline we were still "hopefully optimistic" that an angel would step forward....and that is exactly what happened! We got the application to foster from a young lady who had given a LOT of thought to fostering and really wanted to help a dog in need. Ruby caught her attention immediately - this was the dog she felt in her heart she wanted to help. After going through the application process, we were confident that Ruby would thrive with Leah and arrangements were made for them to meet. 

Well, I don't have to tell you - it was "love at first sight". Ruby went home with Leah that day and she has proven herself to be a stellar dog who loves to play with other dogs and she adores everyone she meets!! We were prepared for a lot of work with this girl and she surprised everyone!! She is a near perfect dog!! All she needed was to feel secure and loved, as is the case with so many dogs that do not display well at the shelter.

Click to enlarge...

Thank you Leah for taking a chance on Ruby and giving her this wonderful second chance. ANML-RESQ is thrilled to announce that we have another failed foster and Ruby is HOME where she belongs!! 
Congratulations Ruby and Leah!

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Jan 14/13

BSL ... Year 7 - As we begin another year in rescue, we are more determined than ever to overturn BSL in Ontario. It has been 7 long years of heartbreak and sorrow ... it is time to dig in and with everyone's help, let us make 2013 the year BSL in Ontario (and everywhere) is overturned for good!

In a nutshell ...» here is the toll of BSL in Ontario for past 7 years.

Let's pray it doesn't take another 7 years to overturn this B.S. Legislation! Too many innocents have already paid with their lives and too many families have been left heartbroken. ENOUGH is ENOUGH! Let's make 2013 the year for BIG change! 
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Jan 10/13

Meeting and Greeting - I was thrilled to find this article the other day. It is written by a trainer and I can't agree more with this writer. I know from a personal stand-point, living in the country, my dogs get UBER excited when we have visitors because we don't have visitors often. After the initial "excitement" stage, jumping and greeting people without manners - they settle down within minutes and all is back to "normal", but I warn everyone that comes of what they can expect in the initial first few minutes LOL So meeting and greeting visitors is not something we get to practice with them very often but I couldn't love them more! However, I do need my dogs to be good on leash and when we go out into public, they are very familiar with meeting people in a mannerly fashion. Leash on = good behavior ... a MUST!

This article, I think, makes us all feel a little better about ourselves and our "less than perfect" furbabies and helps us to realize we should only "sweat" the big stuff - the stuff that matters! ... no one is perfect - not us and not our dogs. Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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Jan 9/13

TV or Radio - I know there are many of us that like to leave the radio or TV on for our dogs when we leave the house. We find that it soothes our pets. I know of many shelters that leave the radio on to help wile away the hours for the animals. Music often helps soothe dogs which may have separation anxiety.

I found this interesting article and thought I would share with you all. It seems some types of music is therapeutic to many species, not just humans - enjoy (-:
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Jan 8/13

Flea and Tick Products - I wanted to once again remind everyone to please take the time to read this article and educate yourself on the possible dangers to flea and tick products. 

I know these products are recommended and used all the time by veterinarians and many of us have probably used this product at one time or another. If we were lucky, our dog had no adverse reaction. However, thousands of dogs are poisoned yearly by these seemingly benign products. The information we have been getting now for years is to proceed with caution when using these products ... if you use them at all. 

There are much safer options if you believe your dog has fleas. Please do your research and let us try to use as little chemicals as possible when it comes to our beloved pets. 
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Jan 7/13

As you can see, Sir Humphrey and his brother Tedward received a beautiful bed from their auntie for Christmas. Now the boys can retire in luxury (-: I think Sir Humphrey is looking rather regal in his new bed. Two very lucky boys, indeed!

Click to enlarge...

We also received some pictures of our little Rudy. He is such a sweet little puppy - everyone that meets him, falls in love. He really enjoys snuggling and he adores going to the dog park to meet with all of his doggy friends.

Click to enlarge...

We also heard that our beautiful girl Ruby had a GREAT holiday with foster mom, Leah. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

They went away for the holidays and Ruby had a chance to meet and play with some dogs. It sounds like Ruby had a wonderful time with her foster family. 
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Jan 4/13

Just Another Statistic - Rita Mueller, trainer, from Scooby's Doghouse and Rescue has just turned herself in for allegedly killing a dog by hanging.

On August 24, 2012, at Toronto Animal Services North (TAS North), Rita Mueller walked into a room that housed a dog by the name of Henry and strangled him. Then she left the building and has not been seen since. On January 3, 2013, the police issued a warrant for her arrest [pdf].

The internet was a blur of emails yesterday, trying to track Rita down. Many things were tossed around as to why this happened, Rita's rescue Scooby's Doghouse, and where Rita was and why nobody could find her. Today, Rita surrendered herself to 31 Division.

The National Post reported this morning that Henry was Rita's dog and that she had been at TAS North to transfer the dog to a new owner...

"Ms. Mueller was supposed to transfer her dog Henry to a new owner at the Toronto Animal Services shelter last August.

The police allege that while Ms. Mueller was alone in a room with the dog, she choked the canine to death with a leash and fled the scene.

Ms. Mueller also operates Scooby’s Dog House and Rescue and has had several animal abuse convictions in the past according to the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

She is scheduled to appear in court Friday morning."

We can only speculate as to why she did not come forward sooner. I will keep you up-to-date on news of this unfolds.
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Jan 3/13

Meet Pekoe - We have been asked to help out in a rather long distance situation and since ANML-RESQ has never turned down a challenge, we have offered to give it our best shot.

Pekoe is a cute little guy, who sadly must find another forever home. This wee fellow is such a great companion, but he is terribly frightened of children. His family has a baby who is now toddling around and Pekoe is not himself. The family is worried he could hurt the baby out of fear. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

It is a very difficult situation for the family as they love Pekoe very much and only want to see him happy. They are so committed to finding him a good home, they have reached far and wide to make this happen.

Pekoe resides in Northern BC, however, his owner is willing to pay all costs to have him flown to a GOOD home. Please check Pekoe out on our Adoptables page. If you think you could give this little sweetie a happy home, please contact us at ANML-RESQ and we will get you in touch with Pekoe's owner.
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Jan 2/13

Happy New Year! - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! The new year is upon us once again as we say goodbye to 2012. 

It was a busy year again for us at ANML-RESQ, but with the help of our dedicated, hardworking volunteers, our foster families, our friends and supporters and our adoptors, we have made a big difference in the lives of so many deserving dogs and their new families. We could not do this without EVERYONE's continued support and assistance. We have so much to be thankful for and we hope to continue saving as many lives as we can again in 2013.

Our volunteer Carolina has once again come through for us by compiling a beautiful video of our happily adopted in 2012. Thank you so much Carolina. Going down memory lane over the past year and seeing the happy faces of both dogs and families brings tears of happiness to us all. This is all the reward we need and these images of happiness are what keep us going. 

ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario will continue, this year, to fight hard for those that cannot speak for themselves and hopefully this year will finally see the repeal of the pit bull ban and we will have more municipalities join the 'No Kill Nation'. We need to end puppy mills in Ontario and nationwide and stop the sale of live animals in pet stores. We need to get the message across ... 'Adopt - Don't Shop'!

ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario would also like to thank The Walmley Foundation for their donation! We are so grateful for your kindness and support. Your donation will go a long way in helping so many animals in need.

Thank you, again, and we hope you had a wonderful holiday season and we are happy to see you back again as we bring in the New Year!
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