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Jul 30/08

BILL 50 - We Never Saw It Coming
Last week, Bill 50 [which is going to FINAL READING AND LAW on September 22, 2008] was being discussed by a Standing Committee who was charged to "consider the method of proceeding on Bill 50" with input from 5 Ontario cities.

Bill 50: An Act to amend the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

If passed, Bill 50, will give the OSPCA police powers within Ontario [warantless entry without Police Officers present]. This is not a Bill that will affect hunters and fishers, but rather would be a Bill that would touch the lives of people who own pets and livestock.

Bill 50 has already had SECOND READING - The Standing Committee heard presentations from around Ontario from groups, rescues, shelters, humane shelters and individuals. Please take the time to read what they had to say about Bill 50 and how it would impact them and the communities we all live in. Read some or ALL of the 5 days of submissions. This is a MUST READ! If, after you read these and would like to make your own comments, you can write or fax your thoughts to the address below.

So, grab a pot of coffee and be prepared to do a lot of reading. This is very, very important!! Time is running out. If you agree or disagree, please make yourself heard.

Committee Transcripts: Standing Committee on Justice Policy - July 21, 2008 - July 25, 2008 - Bill 50, Provincial Animal Welfare Act, 2008

Day 1: Committee Transcript - July 21, 2008

Day 2: Committee Transcript - July 22, 2008

Day 3: Committee Transcript - July 23, 2008

Day 4: Committee Transcript - July 24, 2008

Day 5: Committee Transcript - July 25, 2008

Reminder:  The deadline for written submissions is August 6, 2008. Send them to:

Susan Sourial Vice-Chair/Clerk
Standing Committee on Justice Policy
Room 1405, Whitney Block
Queen’s Park, Toronto ON  M7A 1A2
or Fax to:  416-325-3505 or email: (
email not guaranteed)

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Jul 29/08

Sykes Update - NB
We have been anxiously awaiting an update from our boy, Sykes, and today we got one - YIPPEE!! All is well and Sykes has weaseled his way into his family's hearts as we knew he would. 

Sykes has touched every person he has been in contact with. He is a beautiful bully, so deserving of this fantastic forever family!! Congratulations Sykes. You were one of the lucky ones!!!

We are thankful to have found this wonderful family for Sykes. Here is his update:

"Hi Renee, Everything is great here at the all Sykes place. We just love him and he has A LOT of big love to give back. He is so funny and loving that how could you not love him. He is also very smart and has great manners. He and I go for our evening vehicle ride where if I need to go in the vehicle without him I actually have to hide the keys or he has to come. The toy that Heather and her husband showed us is fabulous (the flirt pole) it is a great invention and Sykes just loves it. Sykes also plays with my 8 yr old boy and even though Sykes is much larger I could not ask for a more gentle play partner for him. My daughter Brooke does the long cuddle and talk sessions. She says that she wants to share her secrets with Sykes but since he is close with me she says he might tell. He has really made a large impression on us and we love every big bit of this big boy. Thank you so much for all the great things you do if it was not for you guys we would not have another great family member. I am going to try to send these pictures I really hope I do this right and you get them. I will keep you posted."

Many thanks, again, to Heather and Shawn, Marley and Carrie for giving Sykes the chance he needed. 

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Jul 28/08

Best Friends
I received this email from Heather in NB (Sykes foster mom).  We all got a giggle from this, so I thought I would share Heather and Smokey's story (-: This proves there is no such thing as "natural born enemies":

"...Smokey has been an indoor cat his entire life (since I found him on the side of the road at 4 weeks old)... he's never gone outside and rarely does anything other than lay around in various windowsills, sometimes switching it up with laying around on the floor or furniture.  He's a sweet cat, but has no concept of living in a country (and mousey) house.
Yesterday morning I came home from work, tired, ready to take the dogs for a walk and go to bed.  There's Smokey, sitting happily on the dog bed in the dining room (which he loves, and actually slept on with Sykes a few times)... beside him is his new best friend.... A TINY GREY MOUSE!   I wish I had had the camera ready right when I walked in because they were sitting side by side in exactly the same position. 
I thought Smokey had killed it and happened to drop it beside him like that, so I got the garden shovel (I hate touching mice, even mice in traps get disposed of with the shovel)... tried to pick it up, at which point it came to life, jumped off the shovel and ran to hide BEHIND MY CAT! 

Click to enlarge picture...
Smokey says 'Hi mom, look what I found... can we keep him?'

Click to enlarge picture...

It's my buddy, you can't take him'

Click to enlarge picture...

'How come mouse won't give me belly rubs?'

Ugh, Smokey kept trying to rub his head on it, purr, and give it a bath.... I'm assuming they had been making friends for most of the night." ~ Heather

Thought you might enjoy that - have a great day.

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Jul 25/08

One of our volunteers has been asking me, for a couple of weeks now, to get another foster dog lined up for her. I have promised her that by the time her foster baby leaves we will have another needy one to take his place. 

I love, love, love her enthusiasm. It's not often you have a foster home prepared to take another ... without taking a small break in between. Allie has been volunteering with us for almost a year and has already taken in 4 foster dogs! All were completely different foster experiences for her. We are so proud of her willingness to learn and apply her new skills with each foster she brings into her home. 

Her entire family has been there for the fosters and involved in their socializing. Her sons, Alex and Noah are young rescuers in the making. It seems Allie is looking for a REAL challenge and would like to foster a dog that will put her fostering skills to the test. "I have no doubt we can find that challenge for you Allie."

On another note, if you are looking for an enjoyable evening, tonight, and want to help animals at the same time, please check this out!!!

Steve Ritchie and Tanglefoot band-mate Rob Ritchie perform up-close-and-personal at the Knox Acoustic Cafe in Owen Sound on Friday, July 25th at 8:00 p.m. An evening of songs, stories, reminiscence, laughter and rarely-performed material. The evening will provide a peek into the personal musical minds of these two Tanglefoot veterans. This is a fundraising concert with proceeds supporting the Owen Sound Animal Shelter. Tickets are $15 in advance or $17 at the door. All those little critters would be grateful if you could also bring a treat or can/bag of pet food.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Jul 24/08

This very cool looking dog is believed to be a Basset Hound/Rottweiler mix and he is as cute as a button.  

butch072408b.jpg (158266 bytes)

He is very unique, unusual looking and he is sure to be a conversation piece when you take him for his daily walks.

butch072408a.jpg (85775 bytes)

Butch has been waiting for some time, now, to find his forever home which completely amazes me. I fell in love with his soulful eyes immediately. Butch loves to play with other dogs, however he does chase cats.  

If you think you could love this handsome boy and give him the caring home he needs, contact Lois at All Breeds Canine Rescue

Butch is anxiously waiting to find his forever home. Please ask about Butch today.

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Jul 23/08

Updates - Sykes & Meika
As I have mentioned many times before, I am a firm believer in "fate" and things happening for a reason. This was the case for our boy Sykes.

As you know, we had an awesome applicant for Sykes and we were all excited to know he had found a home. Unfortunately, that home decided that it was probably not the right time for them to take in another dog, as they had adopted a puppy a couple of months previous and realized that two dogs (one being a young puppy) was too much for them this time. Again, we were glad the applicants made this responsible decision BEFORE Sykes was adopted.

We were thrilled with the response we had for Sykes and advised the applicants that Sykes was still available. One of the applications we received (and really liked) wrote back saying they were THRILLED to hear Sykes was still available and wanted us to continue with their application. So, we DID continue with their application and realized these people were in love with Sykes (as he reminded them of their girl that just passed away). All reference checks were done and Heather, Shawn and Sykes made a cross-province trek to visit the potential home.

They welcomed Sykes with open arms and the children were SO respectful and loving of Sykes. Heather reported back to us on Sunday evening that she loved the family and arrangements were made with the family for Sykes to be picked up on Monday. 

They were so excited to get Sykes, they couldn't wait for the weekend, so hubby (who is a truck driver) made the trek across-province with their VERY excited son to pick Sykes up. We are thrilled to announce that Sykes has been adopted!!!! We can't wait for the pictures and updates of this lucky, lucky boy! (-:

We have also had several updates on some of our adopted dogs. We love when we get pictures and updates. I know first-hand how much a picture and update mean to the foster homes that have loved the dogs. You love them, they leave you ... and these pictures and updates mean the world to the fosters that opened their hearts and homes to these precious animals.

We received some very nice pictures of our girl Meika. She left her foster home at 6 months old and now, a couple of months later, she has grown into a majestic, beautiful and BIG girl!!!! 

By the looks of it, she STILL has that crazy ear thing going on. Meika is loving her family very much and she even gets to go swimming at the cottage - YEAH MEIKA!!

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Jul 22/08

Terrorist Stuey
I have finally captured a couple of pictures of our very own terrorist, Stuey.

As I mentioned before, Stuey has been busy tormenting and teasing my dogs for the last week or so. My husband finally fixed that problem (well, a good part of the problem), by blocking the view underneath the deck. Now, Riggs can't see Stuey laying under the deck, hissing and spitting and daring Riggs to "come get him"! Out of sight, out of mind (-:

I'm sure that Stuey will find some new ways to torment the dogs, but for now, I am hoping to catch up on some much needed sleep. Here is a picture of our brat cat, getting a little shade under the table. 

You can tell by the look that he is already thinking of a new plot to terrorize my furkids.

And after a good workout of luring and baiting the dogs, watching them make total fools of themselves, our Stuey decides he has had enough of tormenting the peasants and strolls off into the sunset where he can think more clearly of a better, more diabolical plan to get on those dogs last nerves!!!

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Jul 21/08

Mocha Update
We were so excited to get an update and picture of our girl Mocha. 

If you recall, we rescued Mocha and her six puppies from certain death. The puppies were only 3 days old and mom and pups were slated to die unless rescue could place them out-of-Province.

We were certain that as beautiful as Mocha was her puppies, Freddie, Michael, Diva, Carrie, Bessy and Pandora were sure to find homes before she did. Thankfully, that was not the case. Mocha was adopted only weeks after she finished weining the puppies. We were so thrilled for her. Here are a couple of pictures of Mocha and her owner Rachel. 

As you can see, Mocha is beautiful as always and looks very happy.

Hugs to both Mocha and Rachel from all of us at ANML-RESQ. Mocha and her babies have a very special place in our hearts.

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Jul 18/08

Stuey Patrol
It sounds like it will be a fairly quiet weekend. I'm hoping it will be.

Our little cat (who we named Stuey) is growing like a weed. He lives under our porch and during the day he patrols our yard. He has a few favourite spots where he loves to lay and bask in the sun. 

I was gardening the other day and little Stuey was busy chasing a wind-blown leaf across the yard. I'm sure he is still a kitten as I watched him strut out of the bush into our yard. Frolicking, chasing a leaf ... not paying attention to what he was doing - he chased the leaf and ALMOST ran into me before he realized I was there! He is a happy-go-lucky cat who has taken possession of our homestead.

We have been losing some sleep lately as it seems our little man Stuey is bored and has turned his attention on my crew. He has come to realize that the dogs cannot get out of their run and he can tease them as much as he wants and they can't do anything about it!!! He seems to get a thrill out of watching the doggies go ballistic while he flicks his tail and hisses at them from underneath the porch. Only 4 feet away from them ... yet IMPOSSIBLE to get. Once he has riled them up enough and they are now trying to eat the fence ... pulling the fence wire and trying to dig out from underneath ... he is happy to stop. ANYTHING to get that little tease in!! Thankfully for Stuey, there is no way out for the doggies. 

When he has them all riled up and out of control ... he then slowly sachets across the yard in full view of the dogs. The dogs follow along the fence line and Riggs is yodeling and begging for Stuey to come play with him. Sassy has stopped ignoring Stuey and her new job now is "spotter". She perches herself at the window and waits for him to appear and then she sounds the alarm and the insanity begins again!!! 

Stuey teases and pesters them for a few hours until finally everyone is too exhausted to go on. It starts all over again the next morning. I'm so glad the doggies are keeping Stuey entertained ... NOT!!! You can tell he's getting a kick out of pestering the dogs and the dogs seem to enjoy being pestered! 

It has been so hot and humid lately that without Stuey's daily exercise regiment, tease, the dogs wouldn't be getting as much exercise as they do. Stuey has also been working hard at keeping the raccoons away from the house. He might be a wee fellow but he has NO problem chasing other critters from his beloved property.

Way to go Stuey! You're keeping us all on our toes (-: Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Jul 17/08

Sykes Up for Adoption
Well, it seems that we will have Sykes with us for a while longer. The family really thought about their decision to adopt and after seeing Sykes and the puppy playing "non-stop", decided that perhaps they weren't quite ready to add a second dog to their family. We are grateful they did some serious consideration BEFORE Sykes was adopted, rather than later. 

So, our wonder boy Sykes is still looking for his forever home and we have no doubt he will find a home worthy of his affection.

Now, for a little peak at something that most people aren't fortunate enough to see (other than on TV). Check out this strange looking dude! Can you figure out what it is? Here's a hint ... it is SO ugly, even it's mama didn't want anything to do with him. lol

Is it a pelican? or maybe a penguin? lol ... NOPE!!! It's VITO, the baby Turkey Vulture! And let me tell you that's one nasty baby!

It's hard to take pictures when all Vito wants to do is attack. Anything is fair game for this baby. He will eat anything ... including cameras! I would rather be holed up in a pen with a couple of wild dogs than this feisty, eating machine!

Vito was rescued by a couple of caring guys that watched as a couple of coyotes were preparing to make Vito their next meal. They had no idea where Vito came from ... mama was nowhere in sight, but they couldn't stand by and watch him become someone's meal. 

I am sure these guys will be calling the appropriate people, to seek help with re-homing this fellow into the wild. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to meet one of these magnificent (and UGLY) birds in the flesh!

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Jul 16/08

Puppy Update
We have a wonderful update from two of Mocha's puppies, Pandora and Freddie (aka Papi). I remember this litter very well, as I fostered this brood until they were old enough to leave their siblings and go into individual foster care. 

Pandora or Pandy, as she was affectionately called, was the smallest of the litter. She may have been the runt but, believe me, she took no guff from her siblings. She would ramrod her way to the food dish with gusto. 


As you can see, Pandy has grown into a beautiful girl. Here is an update from her mom:

"...Pandora is GREAT! She is weighing in at a lean 65 lbs and has turned out to be the best family pet! She is a sweetheart and hasn't cost us too much in chewed up things! hahaa She can be a bit naughty ... snooping on the counters for any left out food and sleeping on the couch instead of her bed at night but she is a fabulous dog! As first-time dog owners, we couldn't have asked for anything better. She has tons of energy ... she loves people and other dogs. We take her to the dog parks frequently and she has the best time! I also run with her a few times a week. She is happy and well and we are so thankful for her :) "

We also received a picture of her brother Freddie (now known as Papi) lol ...typical boy; up to his pits in mud! (-:


We hear that Papi and his family are moving into a new home soon with a HUGE yard. 

Congratulations Papi and Pandy!! It's so nice to see you all grown up and happy!!

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Jul 15/08

Sykes' Going Home
It was Sykes' day to shine on Sunday.

Heather and Shawn got Sykes ready for his home visit to meet his potential adoptors. A great time was had by all. Sykes met a little girl named Takoda who was absolutely beautiful. She is still a puppy and would no doubt keep Sykes on his toes. The meeting went well with Sykes and Takoda and the family. Sykes met one of the cats (seemed disinterested) and even met their hamster!

After the home visit, Sykes went to see his foster mom's parents. They had a barbecue and Sykes managed to get part of a steak and a whole buffalo burger (-: Heather's dad fell in love with Sykes, which is HUGE because a year ago, he wasn't a big fan of pitbulls. Way to go Sykes!! 

Heather, Shawn and Sykes left Heather's mom's home and went to visit another friend who had 5 young children. Their baby is only a week old and Sykes was wonderful with ALL the children. After a fun-filled day, Sykes went back home, only to fall into a deep sleep and didn't move until 2 pm the next day. Obviously, he was having sweet dreams of his fun-filled day.

So, everything looks good for Sykes. The in-home was a success and if all goes well, we hope that Sykes will be in his forever home by the weekend.

Congratulations Sykes!! We are all so happy to have helped you along the way. Best of luck in your new home big guy!!! We can't wait for pictures and updates.

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Jul 14/08

On The Road Again
It was a great weekend for seeing old friends and making some new ones.

Jen and I started Saturday morning by dropping by Balou's home for a visit. I couldn't wait to see him again. I fell in love with him through his pictures. He is even more loveable in person, although he can sometimes be a bit of a bull-headed teenager. 

Balou will be turning one year old, next month, and we hope to drop by and visit him with some birthday wishes. 

I also got to see my girl Sophie who I had the privilege of fostering until she found her wonderful forever home which also happens to be Balou's forever home too!! Sophie has grown into a beautiful girl. Here is a picture of Sophie and Jen. 

Lots of kisses were had by all! Jen and I had a great visit with Balou and his new family. We all couldn't be happier for Balou. He struck it BIG!!! (-:

We also had a chance to meet Rockford, who is courtesy posted on our website for All Breed Canine Rescue. This young rotti mix was found laying at the side of a country road. He may have been hit by a car, however, x-rays were taken and showed no broken bones or damage. He was a mystery to all. 

Rockford was born with a defect on his front paw. It almost appears as though it is a club-foot. It doesn't seem to cause him any pain or discomfort and Rockford is a bouncy boy that loves to play with his soccer ball. He has been very respectful with other large dogs, both male and female and will run from cats if they take a swing at him. 

He has just gone into foster care, so more information should be available about him soon. If you would like more information on Rockford, please contact Lois Jackson at

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Jul 11/08

Sykes Update
We have had daily updates from Sykes' foster mom Heather and ALL sounds very good.

Sykes has turned out to be a very special boy and we are so happy that we were able to help him to safety. Foster mom has sent glowing updates everyday about Sykes. He will make someone an awesome family pet.

Heather has also been working hard, networking and fielding emails and calls. We have had several great applications for Sykes. We have come down to the in-home visit with one of Sykes' applications and all body parts are crossed for Sykes that he will find his forever home soon. Because we have had so many good applications for Sykes, we are hoping that some of these applicants will be interested in helping other Ontario pitbulls in need of an out-of-province home. By helping Sykes, we have opened up a whole new avenue of networking for our banned bullies and we are so grateful to Sykes for bringing us one step closer to helping others. 

ANML-RESQ cannot thank Heather and Shawn enough for taking a chance and opening their hearts and home to a dog that otherwise would have be put down, through ABSOLUTELY NO FAULT of his own. He would NOT be here today, if Heather and Shawn had not offered their home. It would have been a shame and waste of a beautiful life that would never have been. Sykes will be forever grateful to both of these beautiful people. They have given him the second chance he SO deserves!!!

Here is the latest update from foster mom:

"Sykes is actually getting MUCH better with Smokey... they are never alone together, but Smokey jumped the baby gate, knocked it down and it scared Sykes... now he appears afraid of the cat and doesn't even approach him when they are in the same room. I think with someone who knows dogs and cats, and can set ground rules right from the beginning then he should be fine, although I still wouldn't recommend leaving them unsupervised. Sykes has a really high prey drive and can't resist running after moving things (he even chases his own tie-out when it drags along the ground behind him).

Cooking supper tonight Sykes laid behind me (he's a real velcro dog), and Smokey sat in the windowsill beside the stove (inside, he doesn't go out) with no negative interactions. Sykes has also been to the barn with me and has met the barn cats, dogs, cows, goats, turkeys, chickens and of course horses... he did not bark once, no growls just a whole lot of intense staring with a kind of 'WTF is THAT!?' look on his face. Kind of funny really, but he quickly reached his saturation level and I didn't want him to just shut down so it was a pretty short visit."

We will all be thinking of Sykes on the weekend when he has a meet and greet with a family that has kept up with his story from "Day 1". Good luck Sykes!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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Jul 10/08

Buddy Update
I am a firm believer in "fate" and I truly believe that the adoption of Buddy to his new family was meant to be. 

If you remember, Buddy was on our website a few months ago as a "courtesy post" - a senior with a sore front-left paw. 

A family found this senior boy straying, lost and confused. They made every attempt to find his owners, to no avail. They took this weathered boy into their home and tended to his immediate medical needs. They fell in love with his sweet personality and knew that they had to find him a home to call his own. After tending to his medical needs, they decided to look to rescue to help them find the "perfect" home for Buddy. They weren't looking for a foster home... they wanted to find him a permanent home. So we offered to post him on our website and also offered any help they required with applications they received.

One day, our volunteer Beth was at her local health food store and started a conversation with one of the customers. Rita mentioned they were looking for a rescue dog and Beth gave them our website. A couple days later, Rita DID check our website and saw Buddy. It was literally LOVE AT FIRST SITE!! We put her in touch with Buddy's rescuer and the rest is history. This is one adoption that will always be very special to us and we are so glad to play a small part in this union. Here is another update from Buddy's new family. As you can see from the pictures, this boy has gone from lost and unwanted to "living the life" and surrounded by LOVE!!!!I think he was meant to stray into Kayla's life, Kayla was meant to find ANML-RESQ and Rita was meant to find Buddy. What a GREAT HAPPY TAIL!!! Here is part of the email we received:

"I thought you may enjoy how our boy is doing. Beth would probably love to see our boy also, as I always talk about him. He has been seen by the vet this week and she is amazed by how well he is doing. 

His day starts with acupuncture as you may see on the photo he absolutely loves it, then it is laser therapy followed by lounging in the garden or sleeping in the courtyard. 

The afternoon consist in aquafit which he now also loves since he gets to spend one-on-one one with his daddy. His daddy absolutely loves him. 

We are so blessed to have been selected, he is a valuable member of this family and just fits right in. We have so much respect for what you do and hope seeing the pictures just fill your hearts with joy knowing the happiness of this dogs stems from you guys rescuing him and not giving up on him although he was old." Bien a vous, Rita

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Jul 9/08

Time for Action 
Perhaps the next biggest hurdle for people who love animals, in Ontario, is to stop Bill 50 (OSPCA Act) - in 2008 we still seem to be at odds how to help animals most effectively [this seems to be the stand taken by our present Liberal government - so the rampage continues]. 

With the introduction of Bill 50, McGuinty seems to have taken another step toward taking our freedom of rights away, as well as our pets, and opened a 'Pandora's Box' on who can gain entrance into your home and on what grounds.

I am a faithful reader of the 'Caveat' blog every day, and find there is truth in blogging and so much more ... The July 8th blog "SO, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?" speaks volumes on Bill 50 and is a very interesting and important piece.

For your reading ... I have snipped <snip> pieces of the blog to put before you for your consideration. Please take a moment to check the blog in it's entirety. There is still time to kill Bill 50 before it makes final reading in the House... Taken from the blog 'Caveat'...

"It's time for some action, people.

The revised OSPCA Act, now called the Provincial Animal Welfare Act, 2008 passed second reading on May 27, 2008.  I posted about it in May, here's a link to that piece - some good reader comments there and a link to the Bill.

Despite the obvious flaws and pitfalls, most notably the granting of police powers and warrantless entry into any building other than a dwelling to OSPCA inspectors, the Bill was supported by the Liberals, who unfortunately have a majority government.  


The OSPCA is a private charity.  It is not a public organization and is not a government agency, despite the image it tries to project.  It is not subject to access to information legislation.  Granting it police powers is inappropriate and unnecessary.  You may as well grant the Canadian Diabetes Association police powers and the right to enter premises and seize foods they deem inappropriate.  Or let Dalton McGuilty check your rating on the Conform-O-Meter.

There are other problems, such as the requirement for veterinarians to report 'abuse'. 

Also a matter of concern is the mass resignation by the Board in 2006, since that's how our friends in the militant animal rights camp take over purported animal welfare agencies, the H$U$ being a good example of that.  Here are a couple of excerpts from an interesting column by Peter Worthington about the OSPCA:


It was business as usual -- illegal, perhaps, but the McGuinty government, which recently okayed a $1.8 million grant to the OSPCA, didn't want to know. Still doesn't.

Yes, the OSPCA was bankrupt but during the hearings over the 'pit bull' ban, McGuilty decided to shoot them almost $2 million of the taxpayers' money.  Was it STFU money?  I guess we'll never know.


As you know, the next step for this Bill is Third Reading, which is the final vote on this inadequate, vague and potentially dangerous piece of hastily sketched legislation.  When the House reconvenes in the fall, this item will likely be on the Order paper - unless the drugs wear off and the Fiberals return as honest, upstanding politicians with an altruistic turn of mind LOLOL!


If you'd like to present, here's the information (link to ONTLA page)



An electronic version of the Bill is available on the Legislative Assembly website at:


Jeff Leal, MPP

Susan SourialVice-Chair/Vice-Présiden



Room 1405, Whitney Block/Bureau 1405, édifice Whitney

Queen’s Park, Toronto ON  M7A 1A2

Telephone:  416-325-7352


Facsmile/Telecopieur:  416-325-3505


TTY/ATS  416-325-3538


Collect calls will be accepted./ Nous acceptons les appels à frais virés. Ces renseignements sont disponibles en français sur demande.


You might also like to let the author of the Bill, the Hon. Rick Bartolucci, know how you feel about it.


Here's a link to his contact info.  I've heard from my friends in the US that faxes can be a very effective way of communicating your concerns to civil servants.


It's odd that this Bill falls under the aegis of the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services.  One would think that the Ministry of the Attorney General, who brought us the disgusting dog ownership ban, would like to take another walk on the wild side.


Or maybe not..."

It is time to 'Take Action Now", we still have a fighting chance ... please go to your MPP's constituency office or send mail, email, phone calls, or a fax.

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Jul 8/08

Jessie and Petey
We had a couple of wonderful updates about a couple of recently adopted dogs.

Jasmine (who they call Jessie) has FINALLY found her forever home and we already received a couple of updates and all is good!! (-: We've also been promised LOTS of pictures, so we will pass them along as we get them. Here is a bit of Jasmine's update:

"...Anyways, Jessie was a little anxious when we got home and would not go to Aaron at first. She adores my son, loves him so much and wants to play with him and he wants to play with her. Aaron took her for a long walk last night and she finally got use to him though she still favours me. We put her crate in our bedroom; she squeaked a couple of times but finally settled down. This morning she was ready to go, you were right! I walked her and Brooks together and she gave him love all through the walk. I dropped Brooks off and took Jessie for a 45 minute run, she was tired at the end and when we got home, she drank tons of water, came upstairs and slept beside Brooks while I lay down. When Kemper (my son) woke up she was so happy and got excited again. When I called she wants to play with him and he wants to play with her, she is chewing a bone while he plays beside her. Today Aaron is going to get her peanut butter and I am buying a backpack for her. When I get home, we will all go for a walk as a family, have dinner, put my son to sleep and than she will go to the tennis courts with Aaron. All is well so far, she is doing well, we are just keeping an eye on her when she plays Kemper because she wants to play and forgets she is bigger than him!..."

We also got a GREAT update from Petey's mom, Joyce. I have to say, this lady was bound and determined to make things work at her home with Petey. She NEVER gave up on him and although he had his mom running circles some days, her determination has prevailed. It seems Petey LOVED his new home, but decided he wanted to chase and run mom's cats. This was NOT acceptable as mom loves her cats very much and Petey just was NOT "getting it". But Joyce was not ready to give up. With the determination of Petey's very dedicated owner, Petey has been able to overcome his "reckless abandon" when it came to his feline roommates and we have the proof!!! Take a look at this picture!! (-:

Way to go Petey!!! Congratulations Joyce!! You have tamed the "cat chaser". Hugs to Bela and the rest of the feline gang for putting up with Petey's obnoxious behavior. We hope they will become the BEST of friends, very soon!!

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Jul 7/08

Weekend Update
It was a fairly quiet weekend and I had a chance to get into my garden and get some weeding done. The flowers are beginning to bloom and the bees and butterflies are having a great time, flicking from flower to flower. It was a great weekend, warm and sunny!

We are thrilled to announce that our girl Jasmine has been adopted. We are very happy that she has finally found her forever home. Congratulations Jasmine!!!! We look forward to lots of pictures and updates. I know that your foster mom will miss you terribly!!!

We have had several wonderful updates from Sykes' foster mom Heather. It seems that Sykes is a very energetic young boy and he is CRAZY about the "flirt pole". Foster mom also thinks he has GREAT potential and will be getting him ready for CGN testing in the next month or so. Here is a short video of Sykes playing with the flirt pole.

Check out Sykes' video...>

If you are looking for an athletic, energetic boy that would excel in agility, dock-diving or lure coursing, please consider Sykes!!! Sykes is being fostered in New Brunswick as he was considered "prohibited" in Ontario, so unfortunately, he cannot be adopted in Ontario )-:

It's going to be another HOT, HOT day today!! Please make sure your pets are kept in a cool area with lots of fresh water available!!

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Jul 4/08

For A Good Time...
We have had a flurry of activity at our place this week. The excitement never seems to end.

The other evening my husband came home to tell me that Stuey was having a "stand-off" with another large "tomcat" who has also been hanging around here lately. My husband noticed that Stuey (who is about 1/3 the size of the big tomcat) was holding his own, scrapping with the big cat. It seems the word is out ... our place makes a great hang-out for the neighbourhood barn cats and ferrel cats. We DO feed Stuey, but I feed him very early in the morning and his bowl is empty by 6 p.m. So, I'm not sure why we're getting so many free-loaders around here!! lol

That same night there was a huge commotion. Around 1 a.m. the dogs were going ballistic. So, I decide to go out with the flashlight to see what all the fuss was about and the dogs led me to a large tree beside their run. I shone the flashlight up into the tree, following all the nattering sounds and lo and behold ... there are at least a half a dozen full size raccoons clinging to the branches and screaming in a language I didn't understand. Why were they all hanging out in the tree and why were they so stressed out?? It's very unusual to see so many raccoons in one tree as they are usually ambling around the yard, trying to scavenge for food or get into the garbage (which we keep indoors until garbage day).

Then I heard it ... crashing sounds coming from the bush. YIKES!! ... whatever was in the bush was BIG, coming this way and was obviously scaring the raccoons up into the tree. I heard grunts and snarling ... NO WAY was I going any further. Out here, there are no street lights and we live in the bush, so it is pitch dark outside. Besides, I didn't have to see the object to know what it was. I decided to let the raccoons fend for themselves and hang in the tree as long as they wanted ... I quickly went back into the house.

I had no doubt that what I heard was a bear and the next morning that was confirmed. The bear or bears literally ripped through our shed (which we use for storage). They must have smelled the ONE box of dog treats and decided to trash the whole shed. Everything was ripped apart, tossed everywhere and it looked like a freight train had gone through the shed. NO WONDER the raccoons were in such a state!!! I wish I had a camera with night vision because most of the action around here seems to be at night. I'll have to look into that. 

Seems that I'm missing some great photo opportunities these days. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Jul 3/08

I've been waiting a LONG time to write this blog. If the truth be told, I knew I'd be writing it back in March ... it just took till now to do it (-:

It all started the first week in March when we took in a young mastiff mix boy named Balou. He had already, in his 6 short months of life, been re-homed FIVE times. He never had a chance to settle down until we were fortunate enough to find the perfect foster home for him. This home was a previous adoptor of one of my Rottweiler fosters - a beautiful girl named Sophie. 

Sophie and her family, unfortunately, suffered the loss of their beloved Rottie boy - Brodie. He was missed terribly by Sophie, his playmate, as well as mom and dad. So, Russell and Susan contacted us and offered to foster a dog in need. This was AWESOME news, and we had JUST the foster for them! We arranged to take Balou into our rescue and quickly made arrangements for his new foster dad to pick him up. From this point forward, everything else was fate. 

We had TONNES of inquiries and applications for this handsome boy. We had two applicants where it came down to the 'meet and greet', but for reasons that had absolutely nothing to do with Balou, both applications fell through. While all this time passed, Balou started to grow on his foster parents. 

In the beginning, they were adamant they were ONLY fostering. They felt they couldn't give Balou enough time and attention. Meanwhile, his foster mom was working with him EVERY day and falling more and more in love with him. I received pictures this morning from foster dad. No words; just pictures... 

It seems our Balou has a new calling in life! He was meant to man the "poop-deck" of his adoptive families boat!

More pictures came in ... the more pictures I received ... the MORE I got the feeling that foster mom and dad had FINALLY conceded and admitted they had failed fostering! (-: Who could resist that sweet innocent looking face?

So, it is FINALLY official! Balou has been adopted by his loving foster family: Russell, Susan and Sophie!

Congratulations Balou! This is where you were, ALWAYS, meant to be. It just took a while for your foster mom and dad to realize it (but we knew it all along ... didn't we boy?) Fate, as they say, took care of the rest. 

HAPPY SAILING BALOU! You are finally home to stay!

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Jul 2/08

Sykes Update
We had a great visit yesterday with our friend Jen (not the same Jen you are used to seeing) lol! 

The furries were excited and happy to see Jen again ... they haven't seen her since last year! This time, Winston wiggled his way onto her lap and wouldn't move from there. He knows that if he gets off Riggs will climb on ... so, NO WAY was he getting off. Here is our 104 lb. lap dog with his friend Jen (-:

We had an update and pictures on our newest adoptable boy, Sykes (named after foster dad's favourite character in Oliver Twist). Here is a little from foster mom, Heather:

"... he met both of them today... Marley is iffy, so he only just met him and then Marley went back inside.... Carrie on the other hand ADORES Sykes, but then she likes just about everything she's ever met. Marley doesn't usually like big black dogs, so it'll be an adjustment period for him.

We put Carrie and Marley on the tieouts while Shawn mowed the lawn, which took two hours. Both the dogs were exhausted by the time Shawn was done (you can do a lot of zoomies in 2 hours!) Then put those two inside and brought Sykes out, today was the first time I've seen him run or try to play... before now it was a lot of moping and looking sad... but we took some pictures of the meeting... Carrie was so tired from the zoomies with Marley that we brought her out, she plopped down on the cool mud and that was that... Sykes just sniffed around her, plopped down too and they laid there like they've been buddies for years... lol

That's all for now, he's gorgeous and going to make someone an AMAZING dog... if we had a fence and kennel and our house in order, I think Shawn would adopt him cause he already loves him and says he's a perfect pit bull. :D"

Great pictures and update ~ thanks Heather!

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Jul 1/08
Weekend Rush
This weekend was busy, busy, busy!!!

It started on Friday where I joined the Owen Sound Animal Shelter (OSAS) volunteers to assist with their car/dog wash. What a GREAT day that was. The weather was perfect and the day was packed with lots of dogs and cars to wash. The best part for me was seeing a few of the dogs I helped transport to the Shelter. Their owners had brought them to the event. What a thrill it was to see these dogs that were on "death row", given a second chance by OSAS, and then see them so happy and loved with their owners. It brings tears of joy to my eyes when I think of how close they came to death and to now see them so happy and ALIVE! The Mix 106 was there, broadcasting all day and featuring a Shelter dog/cat/rat every hour. I heard that a couple lucky pets were adopted that day because of this event. It was a great day for me and it is always nice to get together with OSAS volunteers. They are an AWESOME group of people and I am grateful to have been a part of this event.

Saturday was another transport of two dogs that were also on "death row" at another shelter. Their stray time was up and NO ONE showed any interest in them. Thankfully, the Owen Sound Animal Shelter agreed to take them in. I could NOT believe when I met the transport that these two beautiful boys could be overlooked. One was a handsome, single-breed Yellow Lab, 6 months old. He was STUNNING!! The second was a Border Collie, probably 1 year old, also single-breed. This Border Collie was the friendliest b/c I have ever met. He had kisses for everyone. Both boys were excellent in the car and when let out for a break, all they wanted to do was play, play, play!!! They were so excited to be with each other and have some playtime. I knew, the moment I laid eyes on them that they would NOT last long at Owen Sound Animal Shelter ... and I was right! I got an email from the Shelter on Sunday to advise me that the Lab puppy (Biscuit) was adopted and then I got another email on Monday to let me know that Border Collie (Finn) was also adopted!! It was FANTASTIC news and a great way to end the week. Good luck boys!! and MANY thanks to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter for giving them a second chance.

LAST item on the weekend agenda was to get a crate down to the airport for our "prohibited" pitty boy to fly out to his new foster home in NB. Many thanks to Jen for racing out and buying the crate and meeting my husband enroute. BIG hugs to my husband for making the 8 hour (round trip) drive to get the crate where it needed to be. I am happy to announce that "Sykes" has flown out and arrived safely to his foster home in NB. He was quite stressed and traumatized by the flight, unfortunately. He was shaking uncontrollably, but as soon as he snuggled up with his foster dad, he destressed quickly. Foster mom tells us he is a VERY smart boy. He knows sit, down, stand, sit pretty and up (up on his back legs). Someone OBVIOUSLY loved him at one time. I would like to take this opportunity, firstly, to thank the very kind Animal Control Officer for caring enough about him to look for rescue. I also want to thank her for taking him to the vet for us and getting him vaccinated and neutered AND I'd like to thank her also for taking him to the airport and seeing him off to his new life in NB. He is a very lucky boy to have so many people that cared whether he lived or died. Thank you SO much to foster mom and dad, Heather and Shawn, for taking him into your home. Without this safe place to fall, I'm afraid, Sykes would not be with us today. Thank you to ALL for making this happen!! We all look forward to pictures and updates (-:
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