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Leelu Update;;
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Jul 31/12

Chloe Update - We received an update from Chloe's foster mom, Carolina. Since arriving at Carolina's, Chloe has been such a sweet foster. Foster mom is truly smitten with her sweet and loyal personality. This girl is going to make a family VERY happy when she is well enough to be adopted. Here is a little update from Carolina:

The beginning of Chloe's life was a sad one. Chloe was banished to live her life tied to a tree having litter after litter. Having so many litters can easily wear out a dog and can cause many complications. She was saved by a kind Samaritan and is now living indoors, safe from harm.

Chloe is good with other dogs with proper introduction. With people that is a whole different story, it's love at first sight for her. She is like a shadow, always following behind and won't let you out of her sight. It is quite endearing having such a loyal dog by your side and you will never be lonely having Chloe around. Chloe is housetrained, non destructive, not a barker and sleeps well through the night in her crate. She is mild mannered and has a very sweet disposition. Chloe is an exceptional lover. She just wants to be near her person at all times wanting affection and needless to say her person is her whole world. She is completely devoted and sincere. Now that she's part of a family she is as happy as can be. Here's an update:

Chloe is settling well here. She is more interested in human companionship but does well with the other dogs. We're working on her leash manners, and the 'stay' command. She's a real quick learner and wanting to please. Chloe is now completely crate trained and will go in just by standing at the crate door and her recall is great. When I call her she will come running all wiggly and crash happily into my legs, lol. She follows me around the house 100% of the time. 

There have been so many times that I have tripped over her since since she's so close behind me and sometimes I can even feel her wet, cold nose on my leg. Silly girl :-) Chloe loves her antlers, she'll lay there for hours chewing away. When she's being petted she makes this funny little snorting sound that never fails to make me smile and taken a liking to rolling around in the grass at least once a day. 

Chloe is an easy keeper, not too much work having her around. Honestly I think she's just happy to be part of a family instead of being alone that she doesn't ask for much else. Chloe has begun the easy part of the heartworm treatment and is doing well.

It is unfortunate that Chloe is heartworm positive. She will undergo treated to rid of the terrible parasite and be healthy once again. Once she gets through the invasive treatment, Chloe will be spayed and her body will never again be worn down by another litter. Then she will be ready to find her forever home and spend her days happy with her new family.
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Jul 30/12

Chade & Snickers - We received an AMAZING update from Chade and Snickers mom, Pamela. WOW!! These are some amazing pictures - I love them!!

It is plain to see.... Chade and Snickers are adored. I love Pamela's description of Chade - letting her pesky brother know - she may be getting older - but she can definitely get her message across LOL. Update below (-:

Hi Renee: Hope that you are doing well. [...] Sorry that we missed the Anml-Resq Dock Party. We will definitely try and make it next year. It just seems to always conflict with an annual event that Tobin’s family organizes. Also, with my broken leg and being on crutches, a more sedate event was in order. The leg is getting much better and I should be out of cast by the 7th August. Woohoo! It’ll be a while before I can run and jump, but at least I can walk with the dogs. (I spent a couple of months walking them around while being pushed in a wheelchair.)

We purchased a photo shoot session with a professional photographer and luckily for us, she is an animal lover and in fact does some work for the Jack Russell rescue. She took some wonderful photos of us, Chade and Snickers. So we wanted to share with you.

It is so hard to believe that we have had almost four wonderful years with little Chade. She really is a great dog and we love her to bits. She has been having a really good year. Every once in a while she goes a little bit lame and we take her for a chiropractic adjustment and it does wonders for her. She is slowing down a little with time, but she still holds her own against Snickers when he challenges her. She can’t pin him down anymore since she has gotten lighter and he has gotten fatter, but she holds his neck with her front legs and gives him a banshee screech. Tobin says that she has so many sounds to express herself: under her breath grrrs, off my property barks, alarmed barks and little yips of happiness (for when we get home, on the rare occasions when she gets left behind at home), as well as a few others. Trust me, it isn’t always pleasant when she barks, as she sometimes doesn’t want to stop, but she does have some funny ones. Oh and her snoring has gotten louder and louder over the years. Often when we have guests over, conversation will stop and they’ll ask, “Who’s snoring?” and they can’t believe that such a small dog can snore so loudly.

Snickers is a very different personality. He can be so affectionate, but also very unpredictable. He’s such a handsome boy, a kisser and a snuggle bug; but definitely not a dog who can be left unattended with children or strangers. He’s full of energy and loves his toys. But often forgets where he put them, so Tobin and I look around the garden for them as he barks and encourages us in our search. 

The min pins love each other, that is clear. You can’t really separate them for any real length of time before they start to keen for each other. What a pair. They keep us busy. Talk to you soon. ~Pamela and Tobin

Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and update about Chade and Snickers. Please take good care of your broken leg Pamela... I bet you can't wait to get the cast off. It must be so uncomfortable in this heat and humidity.
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Jul 27/12

Leelu Update - We are happy to say that little Leelu has fully recovered from her "episode" and she was reunited with her sister (now known as Lucy, since she didn't respond to Suelu). They were so excited to see each other again! 

It seems the girls are getting along well with foster mom's two little dashi's, so ALL IS GOOD!! They will be going for a check up next week and hopefully they will be well enough soon to undergo their dental surgeries. Here is a little update from foster mom:

The girls are wonderful and they adapt so well, I'm so glad that they are happy. They had a bath yesterday after a nice walk in the evening and a good night sleep. 

Leelu is done with the medication and Lucy has one more today and then is done as well. They both are in good spirits and my dogs are totally OK with it all is good. Have a great day. ~Edel

Once again, a HUGE thank you to Anne and Wayne for helping us again transport Leelu to her foster home. We couldn't have done it without your help! Many thanks to Edel for offering these two sweethearts a soft place to fall where they can de-stress and get healthy!
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Jul 24/12

Weekend Update - We had a great time at the Woodstock Pet Palooza -- Big THANK YOU to the organizers, Charmaine Booth and everyone at Pet-A-Palooza and the visitors who came by our booth. 

Here are some pictures of the weekend! A great time was had by all!!! (-:

Even BIGGER THANK YOU's go to Darlene, Carolina, Dulce, Caitlin, Seleena, Zelda, Laurie and Linda who represented us at the function. It was a lot of work but lots of fun too. Our booth was amazing with beautiful quilts (thank you Darlene), children's aprons & an incredible selection of grooming aids for all pets (thank you Dulce & Co.), gift baskets, grab bags full of goodies and our literature which is top notch (thank you Carolina). 
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Jul 23/12

Leelu Update - Yesterday, we had plans made for Leelu and Suelu to be transferred to their foster home. Unfortunately, Leelu had taken a turn for the worse, beginning the night before. Leelu would not eat, she had vomited a few times and her diarrhea quickly turned to bloody diarrhea. She was very lethargic. We were extremely worried about Leelu, so we opted to hold her back from transport and get her immediately into the vet. Many thanks to Allison for getting a hold of the emergency vet and getting Leelu in as quickly as possible. We are not sure if she has had a reaction to medication from surgery or if the infection to her mouth has spread. Leelu was given some medication and hopefully she will recover in the next few days. We need positive thoughts sent Leelu's way!

Her sister did however make the transport and she is now in her foster home where she has met the resident "dashi's" and all get along well. Hopefully Suelu won't be missing her sister too much. ANML-RESQ sends huge thanks once again to Allison, Anne and Wayne for coming to our rescue and help getting our Suelu to foster care. We are very grateful for your continuous help and support of our rescues!

Once the girls recover completely from their spay surgery, next step will be to get their badly infected teeth/gums taken care of. This will mean another BIG surgery for the girls, but we hope after all is said and done, they will finally be able to eat without pain. I just cannot imagine how terrible these girls must feel. 

This picture shows just how rotten their poor mouths are. I can't believe someone would let them suffer as they are. This is so in-humane!!!!! Please send positive thoughts for our little Leelu! She needs all the prayers she can get!
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Jul 20/12

Pet-A-Palozza - We'd like everyone to come see us at Pet-A-Palozza 2012! We plan on a fun-filled day in Woodstock! The show is held July 21 and 22 from 10:00am-5:00pm at the Woodstock Fairgrounds. Pet-A-Palozza is proudly presented by Little Tracks Petting Zoo and Sponsored by the Woodstock Pet Valu Stores. Hamsters to Horses this show is designed for any and all animal lovers. There will be over 80 vendors showing off their wears throughout the weekend. As well, there will be shows, seminars, and of course all the free giveaways, Pet-A-Palozza is for sure to be a continued success! 

And this lovely quilt, hand-made by our very own Darlene Hill, will be there on sale; as well as many more to choose from.

To name a few of our favourites returning to this years show we have Steve Wurkland the Horse Whisper, Ultra Mutts dog trick show, the Great Dane fun show, and of course the pet costume contest! New plans this year include the Adopt-A-Pet program sponsored by Woodstock Pet Valu Stores, the fun horse show presented by Brittney's Pet Service and much much more.


Show: Date: July 21 and July 22
Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm
Set up times: July 21 6:00am – 9:30am and on July 22 6:00am – 9:30am
Address of show: 875 Nellis Street Woodstock Ontario at the Woodstock Fairgrounds
Vendor Location: Adopt-A-Pet
Gates do open at 10:00am so please be ready shortly before then for guests! 

Have a great weekend everyone, hope to see your there. And, be safe on the roads.
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Jul 18/12

Puppy Mill Dogs- We received the two girls, Leelu and Suelu, and they went to the vet for a thorough check-up. We knew they would need to be spayed, but it looks like they will need a LOT more vetting than that. It seems their teeth and gums and health in general have been severely neglected, resulting in infection and pain. Both girls (as well as Brandy) will need extensive dental surgery which will need to wait until they have fully recovered from their spay. This is going to cost thousands of dollars between the three of them, but we cannot leave them in this condition. I am amazed they can even manage to eat at all )-:

Unfortunately, this is the demise for so many innocent dogs, used exclusively as breeders, making lots of money for their owners and yet not a dime is spent on them. When they are no longer viable as a breeder, they are dumped ... free to good home for an unsuspecting new owner to deal with the expensive health issues. 

When will we put an end to puppy mills? When will the "powers that be" do something about shutting down these operations? How many dogs must suffer in silence while greedy humans continue to profit? 

Brandy, Leelu and Suelu are just 3 of the hundreds of thousands of animals that live this misery EVERY DAY of their lives in silence!
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Jul 17/12

Meet Leelu and Suelu - Our volunteers sure were busy this weekend, running the roads and gathering up our newest rescues. On Friday, I brought Tyson home to be fostered with me. All I can say is he is one VERY sweet boy! My family arrived for a week-long visit with us and Tyson has been spending a lot of time with my grandbabies, Ellie and Taylor. He is such a gentle boy, he takes treats very gently, he plays very gently with the girls. 

Tyson is very good when he is in the house. He is very calm and docile and likes to stay close to people. Tyson has had no accidents, very clean in the house and respectful. He does need to burn off his energy and does have short spurts of zoomies and although he is dashing past you at top speed, he narrowly misses you, it would really hurt if he connected with you. Wow, I cannot believe how fast Tyson is for a bulldog!!! (-: 

We were all SO thrilled for Dakota, the senior bully who sadly, at 11 years old needed to find a new home. Thankfully for Dakota, a nice young couple, Jen and Josh offered to take her in to foster her. After months of being in a stressful situation, this little girl is living the life!! When we first picked her up, Allison took a picture her on transport and she looked SO stressed and worried. I cannot imagine what was going through her head. After a couple hours at Jen and Josh's, we got pictures of her resting comfortably in her new blankie, curled up, seemingly without a care in the world. 

The next day Jen decided to see if she would like to go for a swim, and lo and behold, it turns out Dakota is a "water-baby"!! She LOVED the pool and we heard it was very hard to get her out, she wanted to swim all day long (-: 

No better way than to swim your cares away! What a lucky little girl - we are thrilled Dakota is finally getting a chance to be a part of the family and enjoy some fun activities (-: 

We were also able to pick up the two elderly Shih Tzu's, who are as cute as a button! Leelu and Suelu are 9 years old, former breeders who were too old to produce litters. They will be getting a thorough check up and spay before they go to their foster home this weekend. Four more very deserving dogs who needed help will now be safe, vetted and fostered until their forever families are found.

Thanks again to everyone involved in helping these furkids get to safety ... Caroline, Lance and Darlene, Anne and Wayne, Allison, Jen, Josh, and Beth C. Thank you all for taking the time from your busy schedules to make this happen for these 3 special seniors and one BIG baby boy!!
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Jul 13/12

On the Move - It's Friday - yippee!!! ANML-RESQ volunteers will once again be running the roads this weekend, getting dogs to safety and into their prospective foster homes. 

We are happy to say we have FINALLY secured a wonderful foster home for Dakota, the senior bully girl, who at 11 years of age must find a new home. She has weighed heavy on everyone's mind. Who could resist those sad eyes with the grey eyebrows. The seniors really pull at your heartstrings and Dakota was no exception. Dakota will be arriving into foster care tonight and we cannot wait to see and hear all about this elder-bull. We could not do this without the kind offer of Jen and Josh to foster this adorable girl. Thank you Jen and Josh and thank you to Allison who will help transport Dakota into Jen's loving arms. (-:

We will also be bringing in two very, very cute Shih Tzu girls - 9 year old sisters. They will be vetted through the week and then transported to their anxiously awaiting foster mom, Edel. Once again, without the help of these incredible foster families, we could not help as many as we do. We would like to thank Beth C. for once again helping us by picking up the girlz and keeping them safe until we can get them into the clinic for scheduled vetting next week. 

And it's back in the "fostering" saddle again for me (-: We are SO, SO excited to be welcoming Tyson into our home. I was smitten the moment I laid eyes on him. We all worried about this young Bulldog boy, who has been through so much in his short life already. Through no fault of his own, he has been bounced several times and now he must be so confused. )-: My husband is beyond excited too!! (-: For me, that's not a good thing. lol I know when the right forever family comes along, it will be very hard to convince my husband that he must go but it WILL be done! 

We would like to thank everyone involved with helping Tyson and the list is very long. Thanks to Audra and Dora for working so hard to find rescue for Tyson. These ladies know how dangerous it could be out there for a BEAUTIFUL, unaltered dog like Tyson. They were worried he could fall into the wrong hands, and rightfully so. Thank you to Caroline for taking Tyson in temporarily until we could schedule his neuter and vetting. Thank you to Lance and Darlene for taking him into their home while he awaited his vetting and also for getting him from the clinic after his neuter and transporting him to our very good friends Anne and Wayne, who will meet me later today with Tyson. 

As you can see, it takes an "army" of volunteers to help an animal in need. We are so fortunate to have so many loving, compassionate people onboard who go out of their way to help an animal in need of rescue.

Thank you to ALL of our friends and volunteers! Updates to follow for the "lucky ones" we have been able to help. Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!
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Jul 12/12

Lennox - 'The bell tolls for thee' - Today was the most complete and horrible finality the world has seen in quite some time. The bell tolled for Lennox. Lennox, a dog held for two years in a pound in Belfast because of his looks. He had no family contact for those two years and was kenneled until his execution. He never saw his family again, although they went through every court to get him back.

No court, no family, no lawyer, no rescue group, no one person could stop the machine called BSL - thousands signed petitions, people flew to Belfast to claim the dog and get it out of Ireland. Nobody could stop the injustice being done to the dog named Lennox.

As we all held our breaths, on the final day, people were scrambling to find the location of Lennox and break him out. The political machine, which has rolled for far too long in Ireland, could not be stopped. They would not stop the killing of one dog. The world held on for two years and tried to help the family as best they could - 200,000 signatures on a petition and demonstrations wouldn't move the Belfast Council.

So, today, we know in our hearts that Lennox is finally free of this world, his kennel, the concrete walls and the prison he called home for those 2 years. He is finally running free at the bridge and boy I bet he is running!

NB: When vacation time comes, and Europe might be a possible destination, I know it won't be Belfast. They are now on my list of 'never see' places.
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Jul 11/12

Stewie Update - We received some really nice pictures of Stewie with his new forever family. We have heard he is fitting in very well with his new family. 

Everyone looks very happy - smiles all the way around (-: Good luck little man! We hope for more pictures and updates as time goes by. 

We also received a wonderful update from Hunter's mom. As you can see, this distinguished older gentleman is very much loved and is really enjoying the summer in his new backyard. Here is the update:

Hello! Just wanted to send a summer update along from our family. Hunter is really enjoying our backyard this summer. He loves to lounge around in the sun, and he flops onto his back and suns his belly. It always makes me laugh to see him stretch out with his paws in the air, flopping in the wind. He's not too interested in toys, but we have discovered a few furry friends that he like to carry around and have a little chew from time to time.

Richard gave him his first outside bath, I was positive Hunter would hate it and run away but he put up with it with a resigned patience. He looks so handsome all bathed and brushed.

Hunter stayed over night with his sister Iris at their "grandparents" (my mom and dad) for a few nights and he was very well behaved. My parents were shocked at how quickly he adapted to the layout of the house and backyard. And he took a real shine to my dad, following him around the house. We love him so much, he's such a good old guy. Thanks again ANML-RESQ for bringing this lovely boy to us. ~Lindsay and Richard

What a GREAT update - thank you so much Lindsay for this heartwarming update and pictures. Way to go Hunter!
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Jul 10/12

Bad People - Lately we have received many warnings about several people "claiming" they are rescue, when in fact they are not. Instead, they take the opportunity to take "unaltered" dogs and send them to millers. Michelle Brew is one of these people. BEWARE! Not all rescues are what they appear!!

Two Canadians rescued a 7 month old dog in Iraq that had been tied to a pipe and rocks were being thrown at it. They were flying the dog to a rescue in Alberta, but the dog needed a layover in Toronto. A foster was found - Michelle Brew - and this is when the trouble began.

Michelle Brew claimed that the dog attacked her and she called the Police and Animal Control was brought in. The dog, named Heidi, is now sitting in Mississauga Animal Control on death row. Click here to read the blog ... »

I have sent an email to find out what has been done and what progress has been made to save Heidi. I will let you know what I can find out.

UPDATE: I have found out that Heidi is safe ... what a relief!
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Jul 9/12

Meet Tyson - ANML-RESQ is thrilled to introduce you to our newest rescue, Tyson. Isn't he handsome??? I just love him and that smooshed in face. Tyson is an Olde English Bulldog.

Tyson is still a baby at 11 months of age. He has already been bounced around a couple of times in his short life, so we will be looking for a responsible, dedicated family to adopt this handsome fellow.

We have just brought Tyson into rescue and are getting to know him a little better while he waits to be neutered. One thing we learned about Tyson from his previous owner is that he is CRAZY about the kiddy slide at the park. MOVE OVER KIDS!!! Tyson the Tank has arrived!! (-: I can just imagine how hilarious that would be to watch.

We were able to get Tyson into a short-term foster home, but are looking for a more permanent foster home for Tyson so we learn more about Tyson. If you think you could foster this handsome boy, please contact us at I have a feeling this fellow will not be waiting long for his forever family.

We also have some good news for another fugitive of BSL. Our little Stewie has made a LONG road-trip to NB yesterday.

HUGE thanks to Carla for whisking him away to safety for us. As you can see...although there is an all-out ban on Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, Pitbull terriers in Ontario, some people JUST aren't "getting it". They continue to breed dogs, without a thought to their safety. Stewie, unfortunately was the product of such a breeder and it wasn't long before he was discovered by the long arm of the law. At 12 weeks old, he was a fugitive here in Ontario. Thanks to Allison, he was quickly whisked away and kept safe until we could arrange for Stewie to leave the Province.

Yesterday was a bitter-sweet day for his foster mom, Allison. As with all her fosters, she fell deeply in love with this innocent baby ... only to hand him off for his long journey to freedom. We could not have done this without the help of Carla and friends. Thank you from ALL of us at ANML-RESQ for taking this boy under your wing and helping him start his new life in a "bully loving" province. It is such a shame that these wonderful dogs have to go so far away - it saddens us every time we send one away.

Thanks to Allison for saving this youngster from destruction. Thank you Carla and family for offering to help Stewie find his new family. We cannot wait for pictures and updates of Stewie!
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Jul 6/12

Pumpkin Update - Jazzy (aka Pumpkin's) mom received a wonderful update from Jazzy's new family. Of course, she had tears of joy when she got the update along with pictures. As you can see, our little girl, stricken with ME, has found the most WONDERFUL family to love her. She looks SO healthy and SO happy - it truly is a joy to see!! (-:

Hey Mim! Sorry its been a while since we've chatted! Its been a little crazy around here! But Miss Jazmine is doing really well! She hasn't gained any more weight but she hasn't lost any either so we are taking that as a good sign! We found bones that she can naw on without them bugging her throat/belly, now to only teach her that she can't bury them in the couch! 

We've had the girls this past week of summer vacation and for the first time ever she fell asleep in a bed that wasn't ours although Maeve (the older one) said she took up more then half of her bed! Keelin as you can see from one of the pictures attached is her best bud and she follows her everywhere when she's here! Very very cute! 

Anyway just wanted to say hello :) Make sure we were checking in! Hope everything is ok on your home front and the kids are doing well! Chat soon! ~Linda, Wayne, Maeve, Keelin, Jazzy and the cats 

This is the way we like to end off the week - with an awesome update about a very special girl and her very special family!! Congratulations Jazzy! Have a great weekend everyone!
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Jul 5/12

DOG FOOD RECALL - There has been yet another pet food recall and this time it is from Mars Petcare US. They are recalling this particular type of pet food due to foreign matter in the food. As people do cross-border shopping, it is a good thing to keep in mind, that there are items we should not buy.

Pedigree Healthy Weight Premium Ground Entree in Meaty Juices

+ Pedigree Weight Management Meaty Ground Dinner Beef & Liver Dinner in Meaty Juices

+ Pedigree Weight Management Meaty Ground Dinner Chicken & Rice Dinner in Meaty Juices

They have a lot code printed on the end of the can that begins with 209, 210, 211 or 212 and a best before date between 2/24/2014 and 3/23/2014. 

The foreign objects are small pieces of plastic that could be a chocking risk to your pet. To view the article and see what particular brands are affected, click here ...»
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Jul 4/12

Parker's Anniversary - We have another anniversary to celebrate! It's Parker's 1st year anniversary of being adopted ... and boy, did that lucky boy hit the jackpot or what?? 

As you can see, he is living the life of Riley - poolside...and his choice of lounge chairs. It doesn't get any better than this people!!! (-: Congratulations Parker, Terry, Gerry and Trevor!
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Jul 3/12

Chloe Update - We are excited to say that Chloe, the Lb/Rotti girl, chained all her life has made the very long journey this weekend to her foster home. We could not have made this happen without our kind, caring volunteers and good friends of our rescue. ANML-RESQ would like to thank Allie and Walter for picking this girl up in the early morning hours and get her started on transport. Allie and Walter were able to get Chloe to Belleville which is where we often "get stuck" for furtherance to Toronto area. This weekend transport was no exception. Once again, we were stuck in Belleville. 

Thanks to two dear friends, of ANML-RESQ, Anne and Wayne, they made this leg possible. This dedicated couple saw Chloe's plea for transport and immediately contacted us with the offer of help. They would make the trip from Barrie to Belleville to get Chloe on her way to her loving foster mom, Carolina. We cannot thank you enough Anne and Wayne! You have made it possible for us to get Chloe into treatment as soon as possible - THANK YOU!

We could not help Chloe without a foster home to speak up for her. This was not going to be just any foster dog. Chloe needed heartworm treatment and this is not a short-term commitment. The foster home must see her through treatment and after-care which is the hardest part, then the foster home will see her through spay when she is healthy enough to under go. This requires a huge commitment on the part of the foster home and we are so fortunate that Carolina immediately spoke up to offer Chloe a foster home. Carolina has been through heartworm treatment before with her previous foster girl Sonja, so she is experienced in the critical aftercare required. THANK YOU Carolina and Mike for welcoming Chloe into your hearts and home.

We will be posting pictures and updates as Chloe undergoes her treatment. Thank you to ALL who have helped to get Chloe on her way to her new life - UNCHAINED!! 

I also wanted to let you know that we have secured a foster home for little Brandy. She was taken in temporarily this weekend with a good friend of our rescue and from everything we hear, she is a REAL sweetheart. Very loving, loves car rides and she also gets along with cats as well as dogs (-: More on Brandy in the next couple of days! 
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Jul 2/12

Carter and Baby Update - Hi Auntie Renee, Mom took this picture of Baby and me yesterday for you for Canada day. We are sporting our new Canada Day bandanas and our new toys. Mom and Dad gave us new wubbas the day before and we just love them. 

Baby has a purple one and I wanted the blue one. Well my wubba accidentally rolled in poop so I stole my sister's. Dad washed mine off and it is good as new. I think Baby hid hers so I couldn't get it and she hid it so well she can't even find it. LOL Baby and we just wanted to say Happy Canada!!! and hope you all had a great day. Love from Carter and Baby xxxooo

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