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  Renee Leger - ANML-RESQ Jun 30/09

Summer Fundraiser 


Russia Update
Carter Update
Antifreeze Poisoning
Meika Update
Carting and Senta Update
Senta, Patches and Carter Updates
Senta Update and Georges;
Senta Update;
Supreme Court of Canada Ruling;
Carter Going Home;
Dog Attacks and DOLA;
Georges Update;
Grama, Grampa and Auntie;
Ginger vs. City;
Dog vs. Skunk;
Breed Bans and BSL;
Senta and Carter Updates;
Georges Update;
Companion Animal Wellness Foundation;
Summer Fundraiser;

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July 18th
 Varney Ontario
Best Fundraiser of the Summer!
Put this in your date book!!! 

ANML-RESQ will be at the Aquacan Garden Centre
Home of the biggest Muskoka Chair in Ontario 
[The chair that was featured in the Molsonís beer ad]

Event:  July 18th from 10am - 5pm

The Aquacan Garden Centre is having their grand opening
 and Molsons will be there with swag. 

There will also be a draw for a BBQ, face painting, 
hamburgers, hot dogs,
bake sale items, activities for kids and much more.

The Mount Forest Firework Festival will be in full swing this weekend. Make a day of it!

Come out and support a great cause!

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Jun 29/09

Companion Animal Wellness Foundation
I was watching an episode on Animal Housecalls this weekend and Ann Rohmer had a guest on the show that was talking about a new organization that will soon be up and running. 

This organization is in place to help people that cannot afford the high cost of emergency vetting for their companion animal. This is a registered charity and they are looking for donations to help people, such as the elderly, people on fixed incomes, people that are ill, etc., to get a reduced rate for expensive vetting procedures. Often times, animals have to be euthanized or given away by the owner when they can't afford a medical procedure that can save their beloved pets life ... or give them a better quality of life. 

Thankfully this group has been formed and will soon give people another option. How sad it would be to have to give up your beloved pet or worse yet ... euthanize your pet because you don't have the money to make them better.

Here is the website for the Companion Animal Wellness Foundation. The site is still very new, so keep checking back for more information.

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Jun 26/09

Today, we took Pebbles to the vet for a check-up. I was concerned that she has been drinking a lot lately and having to urinate often during the day. At night, she sleeps through the night without having to urinate, thankfully, but when she awakes, she begins to drink often, hence having to potty much more often as well. On top of that, she has been panting a lot. I also started to notice her stomach seemed to be enlarged or looking bloated. Her eyes were also bulging. When she first started with drinking and frequent urination, I assumed it was old age creeping up on her. When I noticed her distended tummy, I began to worry and her panting also worried me. Of course it has been extremely hot and humid for the last while, but still...the panting was beginning to worry me.

When we arrived at the vet, I told them of my concerns. They suggested we do a full blood workup, the vet felt her symptoms were all classic of Cushing's Disease

We had the blood work done and we now await the results. I did some research on the disease and I believe my vet may be right. 

I understand from my vet that there is a new treatment for canine Cushing's and the results have been very promising, with less side effects than normal treatment. 

Cushing's is often diagnosed in elderly dogs, but I am hoping we can treat Pebbles and keep her feeling comfortable for a very long time yet. 

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Jun 25/09

Georges Updates
We have more new pictures of Gorgeous Georges. He is doing very well in foster care. 

Georges loves to go for walks and he is very good on leash. He doesn't pull and for the most part, he stays beside you when he goes for a walk. Georges is a very playful fellow ... full of beans. He can't wait for foster dad to come home at night. 

Georges is also a real cuddle-bug, so once he has been for a nice long walk, he is happy to snuggle up on the recliner with his foster dad. Georges is good in the house when left alone and thankfully, he rarely barks. He is a very quick learner and when he needs to go out for potty, he gives you a certain look (he doesn't bark or whine) and you know he needs to go out. 

He's a great dog, looking for his forever home. If you know of someone that loves the bulldog breed, be sure to tell them about our Georges. He will make someone a faithful, loving companion.

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Jun 24/09

Senta and Carter Updates 
Our beautiful girl Senta had her staples removed earlier this week and as you can see, she feels GREAT!! I'm sure she no longer feels like Frankenstein with those staples in her leg. She also gets a break from wearing the cone at all times too. She has a big, big smile on her face to prove how much better she feels. 

The vet says she is healing very nicely from cruciate surgery. We still have to work on those ears of hers though. They are still causing her pain and grief. She is on a stronger antibiotic for her ears, so hopefully we will be able to clear them up for her quickly. Way to go Senta!!! Thanks to your loving foster home, you will be good as new in no time!!

We also received an update from Carter's foster-to-adopt mom, Lori. Carter went to the vet yesterday for a check up and poor boy's ears and skin have flared up. He is on antibiotics to clear up a yeast infection and was also put on stronger drops for his eyes. He was an awesome patient at the vets from what I heard. He had his nails clipped and he was poked and prodded without a single grumble. He is such a good, good boy. 

It will still be quite some time before he is well enough (and strong enough) to have his neuter/declaw surgery. But for now, he is loving life and being spoiled rotten, as he deserves to be. Carter even received his first stuffy from his human sister and apparently he adores it. 

Carter also met another furry relative named Georgie and he even let Georgie play with his jolly-ball. But NOT his stuffy ... he wasn't going to share that with anyone!! (-:

Two great "black and tan" updates for this week. We wish you both a very speedy recovery.

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Jun 23/09

Breed Bans and BSL
BSL is a very bad law, as most of us know. Sadly, Ontario has upheld the ban on Pit Bulls, which includes Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Pit Bulls and any mixes thereof. The scariest part of this law is that now ANY breed can be added to this list without the right to a trial and without the right to argue or appeal. That is the scariest part of it all. Most people that didn't own Pit Bulls were unaware that this law could, in fact, affect them. Unfortunately, it does.

As you can see, this bad law can quickly escalate and include YOUR breed of choice and there is nothing you can do about it.

I found this article regarding new breeds being added to Ireland's BSL List and this can happen, just as easily, here in Ontario, God forbid. Breed bans don't work!!!!  

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Jun 22/09

Dog vs. Skunk  
It's that time of year again when we have to be vigilant in keeping our furry friends safe from certain wild animals.

Skunks can be a real problem at this time of year, mostly when we walk our pets during early morning hours or after dusk. If any of you have experienced your dog getting skunked, you will know it is NOT a pleasant experience ... not for your dog, or you. 

I have had the unpleasant experience of having, not one, but 3 dogs skunked at one time. NOT fun. There are many remedies on the market, but I have found the most effective one can be easily mixed up at home with products you have readily available. This remedy is what I have found most effective and I have recommended it to friends that have also had this unpleasant experience.

Unfortunately, if your dog has been sprayed directly in the mouth, this can cause a very serious problem. Please read the following if you believe your dog has ingested skunk spray. This is a medical emergency.

Have a great summer and keep your doggies safe!!!

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Jun 19/09

Ginger vs. City 
I received the most wonderful picture this morning of our boy Carter. Carter's sister Baby, celebrated her 11th birthday yesterday and both were decked out in party hats to celebrate the big day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!

You both look so good in your party favours (-:

I also thought you might be interested in a blog post from our friends at Wag the Dog. My prayers go out to Ginger and I pray the final outcome will be favorable. This law is incredibly insane!!!  Great editorial from the Oakville Times though. So nice to see there are still logical people around!!!

Have you ever had that feeling that you feel as though your head may explode? I sometimes wonder if, (unbeknownst to me) I was plucked off the earth and placed on some idiotic planet where the opposite of common sense is the "norm".

The city of Toronto was granted an appeal in the Ginger case.

To refresh your memory, Ginger was in a Toronto animal services kennel for 3Ĺ years, accused of aggression after defending herself against an unprovoked attack by an off-leash dog. She was freed a week ago after a judge determined that she had been held illegally for over 3 years

Those darn Labradors! (more about Ginger) Ginger vs City.

Great editorial in Oakville Times (not specific to Ginger but related none the less).

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Jun 18/09

Grama, Grampa and Auntie
I am thrilled to say that I've been getting LOTS of pictures and updates of Carter. I miss that boy so much, but I can't be happier for him. I know he is very loved and cherished in his new home. 

Carter has met a LOT of people since he arrived home. He went for a quick visit to the vet so they could meet him. He has met most of his extended family as well. 

Here is a picture of Carter meeting his grandparents and auntie. 

As you can see, Carter is a very gentle boy when meeting people. ( I think Carter would make an AWESOME therapy dog). Carter is a very lucky boy ... his grandpa works at a pet supply store, so I know he will be spoiled rotten (-: Grandpa even made him a tag with his name on it. 

Carter's parents asked me what toys he likes to play with. I know he loved to play ball with the kids, and I know that the jolly ball is a GREAT toy that most dogs enjoy, so I mentioned he would like the jolly ball. It wasn't two days later and he and Baby got their own jolly-balls to play with (-:

Carter is really enjoying being a part of this family and I know he loves his people already. 

You're a lucky boy Carter ... you were meant to be with Kevin, Lori and Baby. 

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Jun 17/09

Georges Update
We got some new pictures from Georges foster dad. I can't get over what a cutie-pie Georges is. It seems that foster dad is really falling for this sweet loveable boy. 

Here is what foster dad has to say about Georges:

Here are some pics, he's a gentle guy, is a pretty chill and relax dude and loves affection.

You can't help but love the big slobbery guy back, i'll sit on my recliner, and he'll rest his head on the arm wanting attention, letting me know that he's there, and just gives you these big puppy dog eyes. 

A true gem this little fella is. So far, clean in the house, too! 

Walks with me on his leash no problemo - he's gonna be a great pet for some lucky person!

If you are familiar with the breed and are looking for a wonderful companion, please get in touch with us at ANML-RESQ!! Georges is patiently waiting for his forever home.

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Jun 16/09

Dog Attacks and DOLA
There has been another dog attack in Ontario.  This time, involving a GSD type of dog.  As you can see in this article, the dog escaped from it's backyard and attacked another dog being walked by it's owner.  This is a terrible, terrible thing for anyone to go through.  Walking your dog, minding your business and a dog comes out of nowhere and attacks your beloved pet.  I wouldn't wish this experience on anyone - it is devastating.  My heart goes out to the family who's dog was attacked and seriously injured.

However, in reading the article, I find there is a double standard in the laws pertaining to DOLA (Dog Owners Liability Act).  DOLA applies to ALL dogs, not just pit bulls.  As you can see in this article - there appears to be a double-standard when it applies to DOLA.  Had this been a pit bull attack( I also note they couldn't resist mentioning an attack involving a pit bull in the article), you can see how differently this has been handled.  Apparently the police said (according to the sheepdogs owner) that "it wasn't their problem".  I also note when describing the pit bull attack, they described it as a "savage" attack.  A dog having it's throat ripped out, IMO is also a savage attack, but those words weren't used in describing the GSD attack.  I also noted that in the case of the pit bull attack, the pit bull was shot. 

Here is some information regarding DOLA.  I am interested to hear how the GSD will be dealt with in regards to this attack.  Will he be deemed a dangerous dog?  Will he be muzzled/contained?  Will he be ordered destroyed?  It will be very interesting to see. The Attorney General web site.

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Jun 15/09

Carter Going Home
As I write this blog today, I am filled with mixed emotion and tears .... tears of sadness and elation. It is hard to put into words. My sadness comes because a dear friend has left us, but my friend has gone to on to a new life. A much better life and a life that he deserves to have. 

The friend I speak of is Carter and I am elated because Carter has found his forever home and no better home could he have found. In fact, I believe that Carter has found this home with the help of many angels .... in particular, an angel named Taylor. 

As you know, my husband and I have been fostering Carter for about a month now. He came to us in such an emaciated state, skin and bones, malnourished and the life drained out of him. He could barely walk, he was so weak. He had lost all hope and was too weak to care. I cried like a baby when I first saw him, wondering how anyone could allow their beloved dog get to this state. 

I vowed to Carter then and there that we would help him get better and give him back his life. I also vowed that once he was better we would find him the forever home he deserves. 

It took many weeks to build Carter back to good health. We had to take baby steps and not overdo anything with him. He was too weak to walk far so we gradually built up his daily walks. I had to feed him 4 small meals a day (even though it was tempting to give him large helpings of food). We fed him nothing but the best ... goats milk everyday for nutrition, chicken and rice was cooked every few days to be added to his herring and sweet potato kibble. I even baked special cookies for Carter and he loved them. Slowly, but surely, Carter became stronger and his confidence was building. We took him as often as possible for car-rides and social visits because it is what Carter yearned for. Yet, every evening, I had to put Carter back in his kennel and he was so sad. He wanted to come into the house ... he wanted to be with people, and he wanted to play with my furkids. Unfortunately, Carter was not strong enough to play with my gang ... they are too rough. It saddened me to leave him every night.

Then, one evening, I got a call from a dear friend of mine who had been following Carter's story. She asked me if Carter had been spoken for and I told her he wasn't even on the website for adoption. She told me of a couple that had just recently lost their Rotti boy named Taylor. His loss was still very fresh and painful for them, but they wanted to bring another Rottweiler boy into their lives to help ease the pain of their loss. Taylor had been a male with a tail. My friend immediately mentioned Carter to them and they quickly went to our website and saw his picture on the front page. They were heart-broken, but knew that THIS was the boy for them. 

Lori called me the next day and we spoke for quite some time. I knew immediately that this was the right home for Carter, as through her tears, she told me of her love for Taylor and how much she missed him. I sensed right away that this was a very loving and compassionate lady and I knew Carter would be very much loved in this home. In the next couple of weeks, we spoke often on the phone and finally, the decision was made to have them meet Carter. ALL would be dependant on their female, Baby, getting along with Carter. I was on pins and needles as I wanted SO badly for this to work. 

On Friday, I told Carter we had a BIG day ahead of us. I gave him a bath (which he loved), packed up all his goodies and we were off to meet his potential family.

Carter knew something was up, as we got closer to home, he got up and put his head out the window ... tail wagging. He KNEW we were getting close. Upon our arrival, I called them from my cell phone to let them know I was there. They gathered up their Baby and off we went to a near-by park. ALL parts were crossed the meeting would go well. Carter and Baby met and there were no grumbles. Everyone was sniffing and greeting, no hackles raised - WOOHOOOOO ... it was a GO!

So off we went to Carter's new home. A very excited Kevin took Carter into the backyard while I got Carter's stuff. When I got into the yard, Carter was checking out his new home. He checked out the HUGE fenced-in yard and then into the house he went to see where he would be staying. Carters mom and dad had already bought him a brand new crate and bed. Carter was SO excited and I had tears of joy in my eyes.

I spent a couple of hours visiting and getting to know Carters mom and dad more. They are the most wonderful people in the world and I swear that this union was made from up above - thank you Taylor!! 

I held my composure, said my good-byes to Carter and left with so much happiness in my heart. Of course, the tears started after I drove away, but they were tears of happiness for my boy. 

Carter ... it has been an incredible journey and I have loved every minute of it. You came to us, a lost and neglected soul, but have left us, knowing that you are so loved and cherished. I will never forget you. 

Here are some pictures of Carter with his new family. 

Hugs to Lori, Kevin and Baby for loving our boy. Special hugs to Taylor for bringing Carter together with your family and many thanks to Lee Ann for helping Taylor in his mission to help his family through their sorrow and loss.

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Jun 12/09

Supreme Court of Canada Ruling 
It was a sad, sad day in Ontario and Canada. The Supreme Court of Canada refused to hear our appeal to overturn the pit bull ban and regrettably is stands. I cannot understand how this ban EVER stood. It was based on media frenzy and fear-mongering. 

No one listened to the experts and believe me, there were MANY. Experts like the veterinary association, CKC membership, breeders, dog trainers/behaviorists. ALL people involved with dogs and know dogs. Their testimony was ignored. Rather, they chose to listen to the media who made BIG money sensationalizing dog attacks - often times not even involving pit bulls. 

We all better be VERY cautious with our dogs now because the next time there is a dog attack and the media jumps on the bandwagon again, they could be banning Rottweilers, Mastiffs, Akitas, Chows .... any breed could be next.

Here is a news report regarding yesterdays decision...>

And here is a link to our friends at - excellent in cite Lori - thanks for that.

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Jun 11/09

Senta Update
As previously mentioned, our girl Senta has returned to her foster home after undergoing cruciate surgery.

The first day home was a bit of a blur ... she was still under the influence of the anesthetic, but is slowly returning back to herself. Foster mom slept with her the first evening home to be sure all was well with Senta. 

Here is a picture of our girl, feeling rather foolish with her cone. What a sweetheart.

Cone head!

Here is a picture of the leg "stapled and sewn together ... which goes right around to the other side..."

Leg after surgery. 

Ouch ... looks very painful. Thankfully she is on pain meds until Thursday and we hope that she will soon recover and be moving around pain-free soon.

You were a brave girl Senta. All of us at ANML-RESQ wish you a speedy recovery!!

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Jun 10/09

Senta Update and George
Our girl Senta has returned to her foster home. Her surgery went well and she is recovering nicely. Foster mom is happy to have her back home. Senta is pretty drugged up so she isn't feeling any pain; thankfully. Now, foster mom will have to keep her very quiet for the next several weeks.... that will be the hardest part.

We had a BEAUTIFUL update from Russia's new family. To see this update, please check our "Happy Tails" page. Congratulations Russia... we couldn't have found a better home for you!! You are obviously very much adored already and a beloved member of the family (-:

ANML-RESQ is also very excited to introduce you to our newest adoptable. His name is Georges and he is an 18 month old Bulldog mix. Take a look at this very handsome fellow...we all love him already!

Georges is neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations. He seems to have a bit of a skin allergy, but other than that, he is very healthy. 

Georges will need an owner that understands the breed, so before applying, be sure to do your homework. 

If you think you could give Georges the forever home he deserves, please contact us at ANML-RESQ!!

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Be sure to check our beautiful lap quilt, which was especially handmade to help raise funds for Liebe's leg surgery and to help other dogs in need. We will also be at the Niagara Dogfest where we will hold the draw for the quilt - July 25, 2009 at Niagara Dogfest. For more information on the quilt...>


Jun 9/09

Senta, Patches and Carter Updates
Our girl Senta had her cruciate surgery today and has come through surgery successfully - woohoo Senta!!

She is resting comfortably at the vets and we will get an update on Senta progress tomorrow. Hopefully she will soon be well enough to go back to her foster home. I know foster mom and family will have their work cut out for them when Senta returns.  

We also got a great update and pictures of Patches.  Here is our very happy boy, who is enjoying being a beloved member of the family. 

Gosh... he is such a beautiful boy!!! 

I also thought you'd enjoy seeing a picture taken of our boy Carter. What a difference a few weeks made for this handsome boy. 

He has come such a long way and getting more and more handsome by the day (-:

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Jun 8/09

Carting and Senta Update 
Today, is Senta's cruciate surgery and we are all on pins and needles, hoping for a successful surgery. We hope that everything goes well and Senta will be on the road to recovery and a pain-free life. 

After surgery, the real work begins for Senta's foster mom, Sharon, and we cannot thank Sharon enough for taking this sweet girl into foster care with her. We all send positive thoughts and prayers for Senta's speedy recovery. Good luck, today, Senta. 

I have been corresponding with a friend about the possibility of getting some of my furkids into some type of sport ... something they would love to do and something that will drain them of some of their energy. Carting may just be what the doctor ordered...

Carting is becoming more and more popular and the dogs have fun doing it. 

I am seriously considering getting the proper equipment and putting my guys to work. Thankfully I have a friend that is into ALL sorts of dog-sports and she has offered to come over and measure my dogs for a proper fitting harness.

She will be giving me some pointers on properly training them to learn how to bear weight. Weight pull is also a very intriguing sport to get into. 

Here are a couple of pictures of dogs that enjoy the sport of carting. 

Hopefully some of you might want to consider doing a sport such as this with your furry friend. It helps to establish a bond with your dogs and they LOVE having a job.

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Jun 5/09

We received some new pictures and an update from Gomez' foster mom. As you can see, Gomez is a real sweetheart. 

He loves to be with people and he is great with children.  Little Gomez does not let his disability get the better of him. In fact, he doesn't know he is "different".

He follows your footsteps and is never far away from you. What a little sweety he is.

If you know of someone that would like to give this special boy a home, please contact us at ANML-RESQ.

Gomez is anxiously waiting for his forever home.

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Jun 4/09

Meika Update
We received some great new pictures of Meika. 

Our little girl looks all grown up now and what a beauty she is!! 

We hear that Meika is doing well, the boys love her and she is a beloved member of the family. Here she is all grown up (-:

On a different note, I thought some of you may be interested in trying this quiz:

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Jun 3/09

Antifreeze Poisoning
This is such a scary thing that happens ALL too often. The more people aware, the safer their dogs will be. Antifreeze poisoning is not just drinking the liquid off the ground, but a big issue because dogs are drawn to the sweet smell. Some dogs can chew through containers if they are left lying around the house or garage.

It is important to store this poison in a safe and secure place away from small children and animals. Itís reported that about 10,000 accidental poisonings, both cats and dogs, happen per year. Continue: Sad-day at Dogster.

A pet does not have to drink a lot of antifreeze to be poisoned. Most brands of commercial antifreeze consist of 95 percent ethylene glycol, an extremely toxic chemical. Even a few licks of this sweet-tasting liquid can be fatal to a cat or dog. (Ethylene- glycol-based antifreeze is also extremely hazardous to children. A few ounces are lethal.) For a medium sized dog, ingestion of about 2 ounces (3-4 tablespoons ) is toxic. For cats, as little as 1/4 of an ounce (1-2 teaspoons) can be lethal.

Antifreeze poisoning occurs in two stages: In the first stage, the ethylene glycol in the antifreeze causes a drunken appearance in the animal within about 30 minutes which may continue for several hours. After passing through stage 1, the animal appears to recover. Stage 2 begins when the dog's liver begins metabolizing the ethylene glycol, changing it into more toxic substances. Within 12 to 36 hours of ingestion, these metabolites have reached such a level that the dog's kidneys stop functioning, and the animal slips into a coma. Continue:

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Jun 2/09

Carter Update
Our boy Carter has been coming along in leaps and bounds. I am amazed at the transformation in just a few weeks time. His coat is shiny and soft to the touch. No longer dandruffy and dull. 

His personality is shining through now that he is feeling better.... and WHAT a personality he has!!! Carter has gone from laying in the back of the van, not hearing a peep out of him, to taking the front seat to meet and greet ALL that will come to him. Carter loves going for car rides and meeting new people.

His walks are doing much better. He will now trot ahead to make sure everything is safe - yet he is always watching to make sure we are close by. He loves to explore and smell the world around him.

I had him out this weekend... he sat in the shade to watch as I did some yard work and weeding. He is happy when he can be with you - no matter what you are doing. He can lay around and watch, or he will happily come for a walk - whatever you want to do is fine with Carter.

I hope in the next few days he will be healthy enough to go to the vets for his vaccinations and hopefully a couple of weeks after that, he can undergo his neuter and dewclaw removal. He will then be ready for adoption.

It will be hard to see Carter go, as we have watched him go from an malnourished, weak dog who could hardly walk to the stunning beauty he has transformed into. He literally runs and prances now when he sees us coming - what a transformation!! Carter used to walk with his tail between his legs, but now he prances with his tail and head held high.

I thought I would share a few pictures of our new boy... as someone pointed out, he has gone from an "ugly duckling" to a beautiful swan. 

That about sums up our journey with Carter. We love him to pieces and I know it will be hard to see him go, but Carter deserves NOTHING but the best, and that we vow to find for him!!!

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Jun 1/09

Russia Update
ANML-RESQ is pleased to announce that Russia has been adopted - woohoooooo!!

This has got to be a record for ANML-RESQ.  Russia only came into foster care last weekend, and we immediately received a FANTASTIC application for Russia.

All references were done and the in-home was done on Saturday.  Who would have thought that Russia would be going home so quickly?

We are SO happy for Russia.  He has a huge backyard to romp in and a furry brother to play, play, play with.

The meeting went well and it was love at first sight for all...including Owen, his beagle brother (-:

Here is a picture of Russia with his new family.

Congratulations Russia!!  Play hard and enjoy your new life with your loving new family!!

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