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June 1st;
Weekend Update;
Dog Behaviour;
Most Expensive Dogs;
Meet Chap;
Missing Dog in Flamborough;
Service Dogs;
Karl Update;
Carter Update;
Paws in Action is Tomorrow;
Paws in Action was a Success;
Coming When Called;
Urgent Foster/Adoption;
'Vicktory' Dog Dies;
Chap Update;
Roxy Update;
Chloe Needs Transport ASAP;
Canada Day and Fireworks;

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Jun 29/12

Canada Day and Fireworks - As we all prepare for the Canada Day long weekend, we must keep our pets in mind. Whenever the occasion calls for celebration with fireworks, is is also the time that many dogs panic and flee from their homes ... sometimes never to be seen again. 

Fireworks can be a very frightening time for some dogs and if yours is one of them, it is imperative that you keep them safe. If you have recently added a new member to the family and do not know their reaction, again, take precautions and keep a close watch. Here are a couple of helpful links that can help you prepare for the weekend celebrations! There is nothing more devastating than losing your beloved pet which can put a real damper on the holiday celebrations when you are worried about a them and trying to find them. Here are some tips from paw-rescue ...» to help you cope with your pet.

Although I have not used the Thundershirt on my dogs, I have heard good things about it. It doesn't work for ALL dogs, but has made the world of difference for many. If you have a hard-case, it is definitely worth a try. All of us at ANML-RESQ wish you a safe and Happy Canada Day weekend!

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Jun 28/12

URGENT FOSTER/FOREVER - It seems these last couple of months have kept us very busy with urgent dogs needing homes and Brandy is no exception. This little rag-a-muffin (who I'll bet cleans up beautifully) is looking for a forever home. Brandy has been a "breeder" her whole life and now she needs to find a home (or will be given away FREE). She is not spayed yet, but has been vaccinated. We would like to help Brandy but cannot do it without a foster home. 

She has been used to living in a kennel, so housetraining will definitely on the agenda for Brandy. She is an 8 years old Chi/Shih Tzu mix, loves people and gets along with other dogs - cats are unknown. If you can foster this little girl, please contact us or fill out the on-line adoption/foster application on the left. Brandy needs our help now!

And, please take extra precautions this weekend with your pets, because somebody somewhere will always be setting off fireworks for Canada Day. That could be any day from Friday through to Monday night and the results can be catastrophic.

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Jun 27/12

Chloe Needs Transport ASAP - We would like to introduce you to our newest rescue. Her name is Chloe, she is a 7 year old rotti/lab mix. This beautiful girl has spent her WHOLE life on a chain - secured to a tree. For 7 long years, she has produced litter after litter, trying to take good care of her babies. 

Thankfully for Chloe, someone was watching out for her. The local a/c noticed some puppies frolicking on the road. She picked up the pups and went to the owners home. She found out then that Chloe has been a "chained dog" for past 7 years. Thank God she persuaded the owner to sign both Chloe and the pups over to her. The puppies were vetted/vaccinated and adopted to good homes. Now it was Chloe's turn for vetting, however, upon taking some blood tests they found Chloe to be heartworm positive. 

They have asked for our help and we could not turn this beautiful girl away. Thanks to our Carolina, she will have a foster home, experienced with heartworm and treatment thereof. Now we just have to get her to Carolina. Chloe is in the Cornwall area, so again, it may be difficult to get her to foster quickly, but the sooner she begins treatment the better. Right now, she shows NO symptoms of the disease, so the sooner we treat the sooner Chloe will be feeling better.

Considering the way Chloe has had to live for the past 7 years, her temperament has not been affected. She is a lovely girl, great with other dogs and kids. Her only issue (due to being tied out) is she will "pancake" if you touch her collar. No aggression just pure fear of being tied out again, so gentle coaxing would be required to move her about.

We are hoping to get her transported this weekend (if possible). Allie and Walter can get her to Kingston or Belleville on either Sunday or Monday. Please, if you can help Chloe get to her foster home, please let us know by emailing! We really need your help for this transport!


  1. Thank God & ANML-RESQ that Chloe got help. That story is so sickening. What that poor sweet girl has endured year after year, season change after season change.. ~Carla

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Jun 26/12

Mac Update - Another great update and picture of our Big Mac! As you can see, he is much loved by mom, Tara and he enjoys living indoors very much. He has a beautiful Bassett sister named Stella and loves being a treasured member of the family. Here is the update:

Hi Ladies! Mackie UPDATE!!! Mackie is doing really good! I am enrolling him in obedience school this summer. He is settling in very nicely...he just REALLY hates the heat and spends more time huffing then anything else! LOL I am attaching some long promised photos of him.

Poor little guy! For an outdoor dog, I am amazed how scared of storms he is! I can't imagine how he endured them for 3 long years! Hope all is going well with you all! ~Tara

Congratulations Mac! You couldn't have landed in a better home (-: Thank you so much for the update Tara. 
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Jun 25/12

Roxy Update - We received a surprise update from one of our adopted. Our beautiful girl Roxy!! As you can see, she looks GREAT! Roxy is looking very good - what a shiny coat she has (-: 

Hi Renee, Thank you so much! Roxy is the light of our lives and we're very much looking forward to a new addition to our family after the wedding in September!

Your website will always be the first place we look when we decide to expand the family unit.... we'll probably be talking again this fall.... take care Renee! ~Shelley and Geoff

Thank you Shelley and Geoff for the picture and update. We can see that Roxy is very much loved and adored (-:
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Jun 22/12

Chap Update - We end the week with another happy tail! Our handsome boy Chap has gone to his forever home - CONGRATULATIONS CHAP!! Many thanks to Corrine and family for welcoming Chap into their hearts and home while he waited to find his forever family. 

Chap is Adopted!

He will have a wonderful life living in the country with lots of room to run and a wonderful family to love. We look forward to pictures and updates from Chap's new family. 

I know that today is the first real break in the heat wave we have recently encountered. However, summer has just begun and for the past couple of weeks we have read about dogs dying and having to be rescued from hot cars. You would think that after all this publicity (and using some common sense), we shouldn't be hearing about these tragedies, day after day. 

While we love our animals - there are times when they should not accompany us. If you know it will be a hot, sweltering day - PLEASE leave your dog/cat at home. If they cannot be left, hire a dog-sitter. It is not worth your dog's life to take the chance of bringing them with you. A dog can cook in a hot car ... if you see a dog locked in a vehicle, please call the police.

Here is a great site to help inform people of the dangers of hot cars. And, another great site, lots of good information, tips and how hot do cars get? You might be surprised. Have a great weekend everyone!
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Jun 21/12

'Vicktory' Dog Dies - Sad news today about one of the 'Vicktory' dogs named Ellen. At 11 years of age, Ellen's health was failing 'Despite a barrage of tests, the medical team couldn't determine the source of the problems. Her quality of life was no longer at an acceptable level.' It was decided to put her to sleep humanely.

Best Friends stated that ... 'Per court orders, the Vicktory dogs were not allowed to interact directly with Sanctuary visitors. Even though she [Ellen] couldn’t visit with them face to face, Ellen still left a lasting positive impression on those who came near her.
People came for hundreds of miles to visit with the 'Victory' dogs, especially Ellen. 

Ellen will be missed by everyone who took a shine to her and her carefree ways. Click here to read the article at Best Friends ...»
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Jun 20/12

Urgent Foster/Adoption - Today, we are asking for your help to assist us in finding foster/forever homes for these three very deserving dogs.

It breaks our heart when senior dogs, such as Dakota and Boston, who have lived their entire lives with a family and suddenly find themselves in need of rescue. As they settle into their golden years, feeling secure and happy, sadly they have no idea of what is about to happen to them. Their whole life will be torn apart and they are left wondering why? Was it something I did? Why did you send me away? I'll try to be better; why? I cannot imagine the feeling of abandonment and sheer terror these sweet dogs feel. 

Both Dakota and Boston have found themselves in this situation. Two wonderful dogs - calm, quiet, laid-back souls who thrive on human attention, are extremely loyal, well-mannered and laid-back. 

Dakota Boston

We are looking for loving, caring, foster/forever homes for both of these deserving seniors. They are both healthy, active, happy dogs. If you think you have a place in your heart and a spot on your couch for a loving senior dog, please consider Boston or Dakota. 

We also have another boy, 4 year old Zeus who has had a pretty rough start in life - once again, through NO fault of his own he finds himself in desperate need of a foster/forever family. 


ANML-RESQ is in urgent need of finding a foster home for Zeus as well, so if you or anyone you know can bring Zeus into your home and help us get to know Zeus better - please contact us at or filling out the adoption/foster form on the left-hand side. More information on all these wonderful dogs can be found on our Dogs for Adoption page.
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Jun 19/12

Coming When Called - I found this interesting and informative article in The Star. It is fascinating how often we can sabotage our dogs without even knowing it. I found this article to be helpful and I hope if you have a doggy that doesn't have good "recall" it can help. Please take some of these tips to heart. It could save your dog's life.
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Jun 18/12

Paws in Action was a Success- ANML-RESQ and all of our volunteers would like to thank everyone for joining us at our 3rd Annual Paws in Action fundraiser. As always, it was a fun-filled day with lots of dock-diving and activities for our doggies and their families. 

It was so good to see so many of our adopted dogs accompanied by their loving owners have some fun in the sun. The weather was hot, sunny ... the perfect weather for introducing our dogs to water (and a great way for us to cool off as well). 

Many thanks to Shawna, Denny, Wes and Darlene for putting this wonderful day together for us. We are always grateful and give thanks to Sherri and her friends to allowing us to use this beautiful venue for our annual fundraisers. 

Sherri is amazing working with the dogs and getting them used to the dock/pool and showing them how to have some GREAT fun! It was wonderful to get together with our volunteers ... many who came from quite a distance to join and help with the activities.


I got to see my previous foster - Pedro - now known as Brio. WOW! He has grown and he is SO beautiful and big! I also had a chance to see so many of our previous fosters ... ALL of which are in loving homes - this is the part of our reunion we love best - seeing our adopted so happy and loved! 

We are THRILLED to announce that our handsome boy Beckette (whom everyone loved at the fundraiser) passed his CGN!!! Yeah Beckett! We are all so proud of you!! Congratulations little buddy! You were such a great ambassador at the fundraiser. I still cannot understand why anyone hasn't scooped you up yet. 

Thank you again to everyone that came to join ANML-RESQ at our 3rd Annual Paws in Action Reunion! We hope to see you again next year!
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Jun 15/12

Paws in Action is Tomorrow - Just a reminder about the 3rd Annual Paws in Action Fundraiser this Saturday, June 16th from 10am to 3pm. This year’s theme is Paws in Action and we want you and your dog(s) to experience Dock Diving & Agility. It is being held at 12th Line, New Tecumseth, Ontario.

Bring the whole family out and enjoy the day - guaranteed great company, good food, games for your pets and kids with prizes to be won. For just $10.00 per person or $35.00 for a family of 4 or more, you will get a Passport to all the events (including lunch for humans)! There will be a silent auction and great items to purchase.

CGN testing will also be available starting at 10am at a cost of $25.00. This is an official CKC title event, so please call Shawna at 705-796-7103 for requirements and to book an appointment.

We also received a great update and pictures from Shiloh's mom - here is her email:

Shiloh is doing great. Absolutely loves Mike (my boyfriend) and the two of them have developed a great bond. (In fact the saying around the house is that Shiloh is obedient to Mike and loyal to me.) 

As he's from the West Coast, he loves taking her out to the river and wilderness to go for hikes and such. She is quite the "water rat". Loves bounding through rivers and going after fish. And she always sits "shot-gun" in his Jeep. They get all kinds of attention on the road when they are out together. And she loves the new home we've moved into ... with a huge backyard to run around and play in - with lots of trees. 

The kids just adore her and she them. She is the perfect family dog for us. Just thought I'd share. ~Kimara

Have a great weekend everyone and I'll see you tomorrow at our 3rd Annual Paws in Action Fundraiser in New Tecumseth.
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Jun 13/12

Carter Update - Wow!! Another fantastic update from Carter's mom. Congratulations are definitely in order - HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY Carter!! It seems like yesterday when you were still with me - FAR from being healthy, but thankfully his mom and dad didn't care. They were determined to bring Carter back to good health and we all knew it would not be an overnight turnaround. Thankfully Lori and Kevin were not looking for PERFECT - they were looking for a rotti boy to love and cherish. Lucky for Carter to land with these two wonderful people!

Hi Renee, I wanted to send a pic to you on the weekend for Carter's anniversary with us but our laptop has been giving us so much grief lately so I am back on the old one. Carter is doing very well and still a huge loveable teddy bear. He loves Baby and puts up with her pestering. It's amazing that only 3 years ago you found him and gave him a new life and now he is our baby. You would not believe the coat on him. I remember he still had a bald spot on his back end and now he has such a very heavy coat. He gets brushed a lot but I think he carries his twin around. LOL 

We love him and Baby just like our own kids. Carter is still daddy's boy and Baby is jusy happy with whom ever. This is their friend Cooper who comes over to play with them and they all have a blast. I am going in for hernia surgery next Tuesday, so it might be a few days before getting back on the computer. We have taught them both to wait at doorways until we go first so they don't knock me flying after my surgery. They are both doing well at that. I know they will both be very loving nurse maids and will love that mommy will be home with them for a few weeks... ~Lorie

And as an added bonus, we were able to bring Carter his beloved sister, Baby about a month before Christmas last year. Merry Christmas Carter from all of us at ANML-RESQ. (-: I'm sure Baby still pesters you, but you know "you love it" !! hahahaa Thank you for the wonderful update Lori. Happy Anniversary Carter from ALL of us at ANML-RESQ!!
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Jun 12/12

Karl Update - Remember this handsome fellow? It's our boy Karl - and he is looking AWESOME, thanks to his loving family (-:

What a handsome fellow. He was 10 years old when we rescued him, and it's been a couple of years now that he landed with his forever family. Wow, he doesn't look a day over 5! Mom Debbie loves him to pieces and Karl wants for nothing. Such a lucky boy.
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Jun 11/12

Service Dogs - Just when you think service dogs can't do enough, now soldiers can get a service dog to help with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Sgt. Ovsishcher came back from Afghanistan and found that he needed drugs to help with his PTSD. His doctor then told him to get a dog and this could help him. Unfortunately, Sgt. Ovsishcher lives in a building where pet dogs are not allowed but service dogs are. His dog, a Shih Tzu wasn't a service dog, but fit the bill for helping Sgt. Ovsishcher with his disorder.

Sgt. Ovsishcher is in court fighting for his dog Mickey and it is hoped that this fight with his landlords will help to keep Mickey and his family in the building. Sgt Ovsishcher says Mickey is the best thing for him and also stated that "I'll win or I'll die fighting. I'm a solder!" Click here to read more on this piece...»

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Jun 8/12

Missing Dog in Flamborough - Please help these people find their missing dog Shooter. The article below will describe the incident that resulted in Shooter's disappearance. He is a very timid boy and has probably been very traumatized. Please - if you have some time this weekend, help this family find their beloved boy. Perhaps a search party could be organized. 

This is such a heartbreaking situation for any family! Click on this link for more information.
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Jun 7/12

Meet Chap - We are pleased to announce our newest adoptable doggie, Chap. Chap is a wonderful boy, he gets along wonderfully with people, dogs and cats. His foster mom tells us he has been an easy addition to her household. Chap has lots of energy and will need a home that can provide him with the exercise and stimulation he needs. He would LOVE to have a doggy brother or sister to play with and a nice fenced in backyard. Here is a little about our handsome boy Chap:

Chap is an amazing confident 4 1/2 yr old chocolate lab. When he was picked up from his previous owners, foster mom had her own chocolate Lab along and they were friends from the moment they met. When they got home they ran out into the garden like they were long lost friends. 

Chap has met the resident cat as well with no issue. He loves to pay ball and will bug you incessantly to play. Walking on the leash has become a pleasure since foster mom started to use an easy walk harness he walks right by your side. 

Chap is a very adaptable and loving dog who would be great in a house with children and other animals who can play and give him a lot of attention and exercise.

If you think Chap is the boy for you, please fill in our on-line application on the left.
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Jun 6/12

Most Expensive Dogs - I found this interesting link with pictures and a little about the worlds most expensive dog breeds. Wow, I was definitely surprised at the #1 breed. It is, however, amazing how many of these breeds come into rescue/shelters time and time again. They may have been an expensive acquisition, but it still comes down to knowing which breed is the right fit for your family and the training involved in acquiring the dog. 

And, here is some "food for thought". Yuck!! I think I will start dissecting my food more carefully before I eat it from now on!! (-;
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Jun 5/12

Dog Behaviour - I know that most of us like our dogs to be somewhat trained, but on the other hand, training behavioural issues can sometimes be more damaging than the behaviour itself. All dogs are different and all dogs learn differently. 

A high-spirited dog can be a joy to have around, or they can be a real pain in the butt, however, depending on the dog, modifying their behaviour should be done with careful consideration. I found this link the other day and thought I would pass it along. 

We love our dogs, but remember....we don't want to "break" their spirit. Positive reinforcement is the best way to teach your dog the behaviors you want reinforced. 
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Jun 4/12

Weekend Update - Well, it seems ALL of our little Mexican street puppies have done very well - one is now a city clicker, one is an urban princess and now we have a couple of land barons!! (-: Our two land barons are our little Fernando and Corona who were just adopted this weekend and lucky for them - these two siblings get to spend the rest of their lives together on a farm with LOTS of land and lots of 4-legged friends. Congratulations to Fernando and Corona!! 

We wish you the best you two lucky puppies (-: ANML-RESQ would like to thank foster moms, Allison, Caroline and Carolina for taking these wee ones into your hearts and homes until their forever families could be found. 

While puppies are often the first to be adopted - it's often much harder to find homes for older dogs. We would desperately like to help this senior boy, Rex. Through no fault of his own, he has been bounced from home to home - never knowing if he will be staying or going. 

Unfortunately, this is the demise of so many wonderful dogs, who are near perfect and without issues - yet they are continuously overlooked or end up in unstable living conditions. We would like to find Rex the fur-ever home that will love him and cherish him until the end of his days. Rex is still very young at heart and has a lot of living to do. 

If you think you could be Rex's foster or forever family, please contact ANML-RESQ ASAP! For more information on Rex, please see our Adoptions page and perhaps you will decide to fill-in an application for Rex.
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Jun 1/12

June 1st - Just when you were thinking you wouldn't see the end of the snow [oh, what snow - forgot]. OK, just when you thought you wouldn't see the end of the dandelions [oh, they are here no matter what for the bees]. OK, just when you thought you wouldn't see rain [oh, it's pouring outside].  OK, just when you thought you wouldn't see anymore stray or abandoned animals [oh, this is a wish only rescuers can make]. OK, just when you thought there were enough foster homes to go round - here comes another email or text about a poor animal that needs help. OK, by now you know, the list is endless with wishes and things that you couldn't change unless you had a magic wand.

There is never a dull moment in rescue and there are never enough foster homes to go round. If you have read my blogs, you know how desperate these poor animals are for stable, loving homes. If you care for animals [I don't mean you have to be an activist or anything] you should consider being a foster home. You may think you aren't qualified, you may also think that you are not up for the challenge, but from where I'm sitting you would make the best foster home for a stray,  lonely and broken animal.

If you don't have the space, don't have the time, are swamped at work and perhaps have many energetic children that you can't keep up with, there is a solution - networking. Networking for a good cause doesn't take money, space or energy. When speaking with friends today, let them know of the good work we do at ANML-RESQ, tell them about our animals, tell them the sad stories of our animals and tell them the stories of our wonderful forever homes. And don't forget to tell them to 'check us out' on the internet and Facebook.

If you do have some space and time, please find it in your heart to fill out the adoption form on the left. If you cannot be a foster, please tell everyone you talk to today about ANML-RESQ - you'll be glad you did. And the animals also thank you, because you are their life-line to that forever home they can only dream of.

Remember, June is here and we should celebrate. OK, today, we will all celebrate getting out the umbrella! lol But, maybe tomorrow, you can go on that picnic, with your family and furkids, that you have been putting off. Have a great weekend everybody ... 
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