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It has been a very long wait for Haille, but as always, the wait was well worth it!  Haille has the opportunity of a lifetime at the best forever home she could have dreamed of. This lucky little girl will live in the country with lots and lots of room to run and play ... and best of all, she can play, muzzle-free.  

Haille will have 2 beautiful brothers and I'll bet that once she gets to know them, mom and dad will have a blast watching Haille play with the boyz.  

The big day for Haille is Friday and mom and dad are making a lengthy drive to meet Haille's foster mom. We all wish we could be a fly on the wall for that meeting (-:  

Allie, your commitment and dedication to your fosters is amazing. You have given this beautiful girl a safe place to stay until her perfect forever home came along. That time is now. Hugs to you from all of us and of course, all of your beloved charges.

Allie, please remember to bring your camera ... if we can't be there in person, pictures are the next best thing. (-:

We hope for lots of pictures and updates from Haille's new mom and dad and we promise to share once we receive them.

This will be an exciting weekend for us - Congratulations Haille!! Your patience will be rewarded, BIG TIME!!
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Mar 30/10

Moulson Update
This week has turned into such an exciting week. Our little man, Moulson went to his forever home yesterday and we have a feeling this was another match made in heaven. What a lucky boy he is to have found such a wonderful home.  

Moulson's foster mom met with his new mom and it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, Carolina was so preoccupied with Moulson's leaving, she forgot her camera. Even if she had remembered it, I don't think she could stay strong to take pictures. It is always hard to let a foster go, but the puppies just seem to "get to you", EVERY TIME!!  

Thank you for taking such good care of Moulson and his sister Mauly, Carolina. They were very fortunate to have such a good start in life.

Here is Carolina's email, letting us know how the meeting went.  

Hello everyone,
I went to meet Moulson's new parents last night and they are great people. They are very excited about having Moulson as part of their family. He was a little scared at first but quickly warmed up and gave them lots of puppy kisses.
It was really hard saying goodbye to the little guy, but I know he will be well taken care of. I had to cut the goodbye short because I could feel the tears welling up and I didn't want to ruin the excitement for them.
Asheigh was very nice and they brought me flowers (sunflowers) and some dog treats and a blanket for my crew at home.

Hopefully we will get some updates soon. I would really love to see how he grows and grows. He is already enrolled in a puppy course and he will be seeing the vet soon too. Way to go Moulson! I miss you!

Congratulations Moulson and family!!!
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Mar 29/10

More on the Pups
We have had an incredibly busy week and we are thrilled with the response we have received for our puppies.

As you all know, little Georgia has found her forever home and will be going home to daddy on Easter weekend. What a wonderful Easter that will be for Georgia and Dave. We ALL look forward to pictures and updates of this precious little girl.

Our handsome fellow Moulson has also found his forever home. He will be going home today and we cannot wait for pictures and updates on Moulson too. We have a feeling that his new family will be sending LOTS of updates. Moulson is such a lucky boy and we all think his new family are the BEST!!! (-:

Dexter may also have a wonderful home soon. We are down to the in-home and if all goes well, this little fellow should also be home for Easter (-:

We are in the final stages of another wonderful application for Mauly. This lucky little girl will be settling down in my former hometown and this little girl will have 150 acres of room to run and play. If all goes well, Mauly should be going home this coming weekend. as well. We will keep you posted.

We have had lots of inquiries about Ollie and we just received a great application for him, so we hope that works out well for him. We should know in a few days. All parts crossed for Ollie!!! Woohooo!

Now, I think it's time we get our little firecracker, Foxy on the website. This little one has healed beautifully from her surgery (amputation) and as you can see, it hasn't slowed her down one little bit. Look at her fly!!! (-:

All in all, it was a great week and we are thrilled for all of our beautiful babies (-:

We are also VERY excited for our girl Haille who has waited a very long time to find her forever home. We've received a wonderful application for her and all references have been completed. If all goes well, little Haille will hopefully go home this coming weekend as well. WOW... what an incredible Easter this will be for our adoptables (-: Congratulations everyone!!!
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Mar 26/10

We've had a very busy week at ANML-RESQ. As expected, we have been getting a steady influx of inquiries and applications for the puppies. Yippee!!! Hopefully they will all find homes very soon.

We would like to take a moment to thank Stacy's Pet Depot in Cornwall for generously donating puppy food for our little puppies being fostered in Cornwall. Ollie, Georgia, Dexter and Foxy, along with all of us at ANML-RESQ send a HUGE thank you to Stacy's Pet Depot for your kindness. If you are in the Cornwall area, please be sure to check out Stacy's and support our supporters!!

The absolute BEST way to end the week are the pictures I received of our boy Taz. Like so many other of our fosters, I had a very hard time convincing my husband he would NOT be staying. We adored having this beautiful boy in our care. Taz did something on a daily basis that would crack my husband and I up. He had such a sense of humor, there were times I forgot Taz was a dog. lol

As you can see, there are times my boy has to go out incognito, like the movie stars do. I am sure this is so he can get around, un-noticed. Yeah, right ... like that would ever happen with such a big boy. Kind of hard to go "un-noticed" when you're the size of a pony!!!

Would you look at this incredibly stunning boy???? I am wowed by his beauty. I just can't get over it. 

Here is a short update from Taz's proud daddy (-:

Just a quick [email] to keep in touch, The big guy is doing very well. He has put on some beef over the winter and he looks very healthy. Still a wonderful addition and keeps us in stitches a lot of the time. 

I do have to tell you we had a good laugh a few weeks ago, had some friends visiting from the north. They stared speaking to him in French and his ears perked right up, he was definitely raised in Quebec.

Thanks for the wonderful update Drew!! Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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Mar 25/10

Your Neighbourhood
Interaction with dogs while "out and about" can be hard. Especially if you don't see the same dog twice, or it can be the dog around the corner.

Here is an excellent article with some very helpful tips on how to approach a strange dog and other good advice as well on how to best avoid getting bitten.

Always take precautions when walking your dog and always be aware of what is approaching and your surroundings.
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Mar 24/10

Parasites Beware!
It's that time of year, again, when we are becoming more mobile and our dogs are getting out for longer walks and doing a lot of sniffing. This is also the time that our beloved pets can pick up unwanted parasites and bring them home! Yuck!

Once, again, here is a list of some common worms/ parasites that can affect your pet.  Please be vigilant and keep an eye out on your canines stools.
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Mar 23/10

Pup Update
I was able to speak to Allie this weekend about the 3 puppies she has in her care. I knew having these little babies in her home would prove to be an entertaining and delightful experience. 

Myself, personally ... I absolutely adore puppies. I have to admit, I was jealous when all the puppies were spoken for in regards to foster homes. There is nothing in the world more entertaining than a couple or few puppies. Non-stop entertainment until the little darlings have had enough.  

Allie has shared some of these pictures for all of us to enjoy.  

blog032310dexter.jpg (106443 bytes)

Here are the three, Dexter, Georgia and Foxy. It appears as though Dexter is getting a "talking to" from Georgia. lol.... 'Better watch out big boy or your sister will pummel you!' 

blog032310.jpg (96641 bytes)

I also hear that little Foxy who lost her leg to amputation is a real character - constantly pestering her brother and sister. She is a little toughy and has NO idea she is different than her siblings. 

blog032310foxandgeorg.jpg (90102 bytes)

We are beginning to receive applications for these little sweethearts so we have no doubt they will soon find their forever homes.
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Mar 22/10

I don't know if you have all noticed, but we have a very beautiful Rottweiler girl named Kiera who has found herself having to find a new forever home. She had lived with her family since a pup, but because of a marriage break-up and neither mom or dad having a place to accommodate her, her life hung in the balance. 

Thankfully for Kiera, when grandma heard of her predicament she would hear nothing of it. Kiera deserved to find a good home, she didn't deserve to be put to sleep. Grandma vowed to take care of Kiera until a forever family could be found for her. 

Kiera is an extremely vocal Rotti girl and often times, when Rottweilers vocalize, it can scare and intimidate someone not familiar with the breed. If you are a lover of the Rottweiler breed and are looking for a new companion, please consider Kiera. 

We had a fantastic update from Benji's mom, Lindsay. Here is what she has to say about Benji, the first week home.

We are both doing great. He is such a friendly dog and has made so many friends. He likes playing with Phoebe the most, she's about 5 times his size and plays really rough but he likes it lol. I've been going on the balcony with him and in the hall ways of my building with treats and working on him coming when I call him. He needs to run so bad and needs to be trained to be off his leash. Right behind my building there is an enclosed area but there are a couple places that make me nervous that he might be able to crawl under.
He is doing great, all the dog owners laugh about how "busy" he is lol. They all compliment what a happy and friendly dog he is.

Good boy Benji!! Happy Trails Benji and Lindsay from all of us at ANML-RESQ.
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Mar 18/10

Smokey Update 
Hi name is Smokey and I would very much like to find my forever home.  The nice people in my foster home are incredibly nice to me and I get to play and have fun with their doggy Buddy.  He and I have so much fun, running and playing everyday.  

My foster mom took some really great pictures of me this weekend and my friends at ANML-RESQ want to show me off.  They can't believe I am still waiting.  But I know that my time will come soon.  I am told by my friends at ANML-RESQ that those that wait the longest, find the BEST homes, so I'm okay with hanging in there (-:  Besides, my foster family treat me like family and I am enjoying my stay with them.  They have taught me a lot...I am young and needed to learn a few manners.  I am told I am being a very good boy.....most of the time.


Smokey, we really can't believe that such a smart, loving, energetic, good looking young fellow like you hasn't been snapped up yet.  We know that because of Blackdog Syndrome you would be a while finding a home, but you have waited even longer than my foster boy Pedro.  He was a near perfect boy himself, but because he was big and black, we thought he would be waiting a long time as well.  Not only did he not have to wait too long, but he lucked out bigtime!!!

Smokey's resemblence to Pedro is uncanny.  

When Christine sent pictures I thought I was looking at Pedro LOL....WOW!  But I am sure he is not near as tall as my big guy (-: There is more information on Smokey on the ANML-RESQ Dog Adoptions web page on the website...
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Mar 17/10

Foxy Angel
Happy St. Patrick's Day. May the 'luck of the Irish' be with you today!

Today, Foxy's foster mom has given us a great update on the progress this exceptional pup is making:

It is hard to find the words to describe this little angel. At only 8 weeks old she has already been through so much. I think back to the day we got the call about her broken leg, her heart attack, when the vet tried to wake her from the anesthesia, and it still brings tears to my eyes. Faced with such a terrible decision, we were beside ourselves. Funny enough, I went to bed worried but something told me that it was going to work out and that Foxy was meant to come to us! Thankfully, surgery was performed and Foxy made it through. Now, I need to try and put the bad memories behind me because Foxy fought to live and our angel is a 3 legged furkid that doesn't even know that she is different! 

From the very first day that she came home from the hospital when she saw her brother and sister all she wanted to do was play with them. Her sutures are healing really well and she is officially off of her pain meds and she IS pain free! We will visit the vet to remove the sutures on Saturday and then she will be able to hang out and play with them. 

She is safe in her crate while we are away and as soon as we take her out she is whisked outdoors for a potty break. Foxy has not yet had an accident in the house. She is quite thin now as she was probably fighting for food when her leg was broken but we are giving her good quality puppy food and she should soon be at normal weight. 

Her adoptive home will have to keep her on a strict regime of food and treats in order to help her stay trim and healthy. She will grow up to be a normal three legged dog who will be able to walk, run (she's already practicing) and play! We've given her some bones, KONGS, fluffy toys and she loves them all. Her favourite treat is a puppy milk bone, she gobbles them up! 

Foxy is friendly when meeting strangers and loves to be snuggled and cuddled, she just nestles her head under your chin and will lay quiet, for hours, in your arms. I am so happy to be your foster Momma Foxy and I promise the best home for you!

Have a great day and don't chase too many rainbows; those Leprechauns can be real fighters! lol
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Mar 16/10

Jake Remembered
I remember receiving the email, about this beautiful Rotti mix boy that was found straying and his time was up at the shelter.

The shelter volunteers loved this boy and wanted to find rescue for him, rather than having the shelter PTS. They could not understand why such a good, good boy didn't have his owners come to look for him. They couldn't understand why no one wanted to adopt him. 

We asked for a couple of weeks to try and find foster care for him and thankfully our volunteer Dave stepped up and offered Jake a foster home. 

From the moment Jake arrived at Dave's home, Jake and Sheena were inseparable. Sheena welcomed Jake into her home with open paws and the two forged a bond so strong that nothing could break it.

Sheena, as we all know, passed away suddenly 5 weeks ago while she, Jake and her dad were taking a walk. The news of Sheena's passing sent shock-waves through our little group. Sheena was loved by everyone that met her. She was the type of dog that loved life and everyone that she met. Everyone who had the good fortune to meet her were "wowed" by the Rottweiler breed. She was stellar in temperament and had such a loving disposition. She was a true ambassador for the breed.

Jake took the death of Sheena VERY hard. His beloved companion was gone and he was so confused and heartbroken. David was extremely worried about his boy. He decided at that time that he would adopt our little Georgia so Jake could have another friend. Dave knew Georgia would never be Sheena, but he hoped that in time Jake could love Georgia just as he had Sheena.

It is with tears, in my eyes, that I write to tell you that our beloved Jake has also passed away. Jake was a strong and healthy boy, but the pain of losing Sheena was too much for him to bear. I know people think of Rottweilers as being such strong and resilient dogs, however, I have never known a breed of dog that loves with ALL of their being and grieves with ALL of their being like the Rottweiler. Rottweilers have been known to stop eating when surrendered to a shelter, they miss their people so much, that life isn't worth living without them.

David, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very difficult time. Hopefully, you can find solace, in knowing that Jake is finally together with Sheena and together they will be watching over you from the Bridge.

Rest in Peace Jake ... run free and play hard with Sheena.
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Mar 15/10

Weekend Update 
Sometimes, we put our animals through some embarrassing things ... seemingly for our amusement. Our furbabies however, love us so much that they allow themselves to be humiliated.

Then there is our boy Bud. He is too much of a macho-man to be wearing these silly ears. Can you tell he is really not impressed with me? I tried to put the pink ears on his sister, but he would have nothing to do with it. He ripped them off her head. lol

Then we have our little princess, Foxy. She underwent major surgery and had her leg amputated. If that wasn't enough, she has to wear that silly cone - so to add insult to injury, her mom also sticks on a pair of rabbit ears. 

Thank goodness Foxy has a sense of humor and allows her mom to indulge in this silly nonsense. 

Lookey here!!! I think mom has lost her marbles ... 
she thinks I'm a baby!!! HELP!! I draw the line at wearing a diaper, 
I refuse to wear a diaper... HEAR THAT MOM???? 

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Mar 12/10

Foxy Quilt
We had some really great news this morning. Little Foxy made it through the night and she was hungry and ate all her breakfast - woohoo! She is starting to get curious and wants to explore, so we have no doubt that this little girl will bounce back with gusto and show the world she is "

A wonderful friend of ours has once again come through for us and donated a one-of-a-kind, hand-made quilt to help us raise funds to help little Foxy. This girl has come through so much already. When we were faced with the difficult decision, after being told, NO more surgeries for her. Her leg could not be repaired. She was doomed to a life of pain and misery.  The miracle came the next day, with an alternative anesthetic and a wonderful vet team that helped this little girl become an active member of society. With the help of her friends at ANML-RESQ (and especially foster mom and family), she anxiously awaits a home and pack to call her own. A family that will keep this little girl slim and exercised, but most of all...that will love her, unconditionally.  She is a resilient little girl and we have no doubt that her forever home will find little Foxy just that. Here is the information that will soon be posted on our website. Thank you to all that have sent best wishes to little Foxy.

Foxy's Quilt has been donated to help us help Foxy... your ticket purchase(s) will help us cover the cost of Foxy's surgery. Foxy's femur was badly broken and at the tender age of 7 weeks and major surgery was performed.  Not only did little Foxy lose her leg but we almost lost her to cardiac arrest. 

Click to enlarge...

Foxy's Quilt can be yours on June 19, 2010. It is a beautiful quilt - created and donated especially for ANML-RESQ.  Tickets are $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00. Please contact us at for tickets.
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Mar 11/10

Foxy Update 
We have all been pretty elated and excited at the arrival of the puppies.  But shortly after arrival, foster mom, Allie noticed something wasn't right with Foxy's leg.  Cindy (who fostered Russia for us) offered to foster 2 puppies as well.  She was taking Foxy (brown female) and Ollie, a male, but couldn't take them on Sunday (when they were picked up).  Allie offered to overnight them and this is when she noticed that Foxy was limping and dragging...but getting around.  It appeared as though her leg was out of joint.  Allie made the first available appt. with the vet and brought Foxy in on Monday.  

The bone specialist looked at her and felt her bone (femur) was broken.  If it was a fresh break, it could be repaired, but if it was old (which the vet believed the case), it could not be repaired.  This meant that her leg would not grow properly and would basically become an appendage on her body.. mostly a hindrance.  Or amputation was the second option.  But no decision could be made until Foxy was x-rayed.  This was done yesterday morning and x-rays confirmed, she did have a broken femur and it was an old break.  We will never know for sure, but either mom stepped on her, or something fell on her - again, we will never know.

We got the dreadful news after the x-rays were done, that Foxy suffered a heart attack while coming out of anestisia.  The vets were able to revive her, but the bone specialist felt she must have a heart condition and could not endure ANY more surgeries.  She could not tolerate the anesthetic.  We were heartbroken.  We wanted to help, but she could not be mended.  We had a pretty heartbreaking decision to make.  

We would need to sleep on it - no decisions while we were reeling.  

The next morning, Allie's regular vet gave us another option.  He felt he could fix her leg by putting her under with a different anesthetic and felt he could either repair or amputate safely.  Wow....she had another option - a chance at LIFE!!!

Little Foxy underwent surgery this afternoon and safely came out of anesthesia.  Thank God!!  She is, however, a 3 legged little girl now.

She woke up, demanding a little attention and lots of lovin'.  Allie will be taking Foxy home for aftercare because she is closer to the vet than Cindy.  

Foxy is NOT quite out of the woods though...tonight will tell the story.  So please send your thoughts and prayers Foxy's way.  She needs our best wishes. Get well soon Foxy!!!

If you would like to donate to the Foxy Fund, for her medical bills, you can use the Paypal 'Make a Donation', or you can email us at for more information.
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Mar 10/10

Georgia and Dexter
We had a busy weekend and phone lines and cell lines were tied up on Sunday. The puppies were taken to their prospective foster homes and a couple had a very long journey. I was able to talk to all foster homes after they got their little ones and everything was going quite well. The puppies were quite frightened the first evening and understandably so, but quickly warmed up to their humans as they sought comfort from this first time away from mom and siblings.

We are waiting for pictures from all of our foster homes and updates on the puppies, but for now, we can show you two of our precious bundles. We will have pictures and updates of the other babies soon (-:

Meet Dexter and Georgia.  Dex is the devilish looking boy on your left and Georgia is the coy little girl on the right.  

Georgia, we are thrilled to announce, already has a forever home to go to at the end of the month. What a very, very lucky girl she will be, too.  More on that when Georgia is officially adopted. But here is a hint ... she will have a big brother named Jake (-;
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Mar 8/10

Best Dog Toys
There are a multitude of dog toys to choose from. So, when it comes down to what to give you dog, you should think about safety, reliability, and of course taste. You can put lots of money into these toys, or you can do it yourself.

There are kongs which fill your pup's hours with lots of fun and the tasty treats are a great way to keep your pup occupied. They come in different sizes and have plenty to choose from in the way of fillers. 

Most people make their own fillers and this can save money as well as knowing where the filler products are coming from. Here is a link which shows you how to fill a kong properly ...  and what to stuff it with ...

Most of these toys should be supervised to ensure that your pup will not get hurt. Check out some of these suggestions on toys...

You can also make toys for outside and if you are brave, inside ... consider a flirt pole - you can make this one yourself  ...
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Mar 5/10

Pup Update
We have been very busy making plans for the puppies arrival. Foster homes are very excited and can't wait to receive their little bundles on Saturday. 

We received a few more pictures of the little babes. They are SO darn cute! I can't imagine any of them having to wait long to find their forever homes. 

Here is a sneak preview of our little babies:

And what better way to end the week than to have our poster girl, Sonja, all decked out in her Crosby Team Canada Jersey - what an amazing game that was to watch - GO CANADA GO!!!!

We are all so proud of our athletes and here is the proof. Our beautiful girl Sonja showing her support for Team Canada. Looking good Sonja!!!!! Our athletes made us all so very proud to be Canadian!! Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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Mar 4/10

Benji Update
We have some great news for our little man Sir Benjalot (as foster mom referred to him as). Benji went home yesterday, after a much anticipated wait to go to his adoptive home. His new mom is thrilled as the wait is finally over. 

Benji has already met his grandparents and is looking forward to many more visits with them. We hear that Benji already has Grandpa wrapped around his paws (-:

Here is Benji and his mom Lindsey.

Benji arrived home yesterday and we have heard that his first night and full day went splendidly. He is already meeting people and their dogs in his new surroundings. 

Congratulations to Benji and Lindsey!! Congratulations also to Christine and family for the adoption of their very first foster dog. You did an amazing job, working with Benji and he was very fortunate to have had the great start in life, offered by you and your family. I am sure he will miss Buddy and vice-versa. We look forward to more updates and pictures soon.
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Mar 3/10

Patches Update
I must tell you ... the volunteers are all abuzz with the news of the puppies coming into foster care. All foster homes are ready to receive their precious little bundles.  

It has been a long time since we had puppies in our program and we anxiously await the arrival of our six little bundles of joy (-:

They will be going for their shots and microchip tomorrow, then on the weekend they will be transported to their foster homes. We can't wait for pictures and updates from our foster families. Thanks to everyone that offered these babies a foster spot and thanks to everyone for making the long transports this weekend possible. More updates on the puppies next week!!!

We received a great picture of a very loved Patches. As you can see, his mom has his FULL attention (-:

You are "one handsome fellow" Patches and a very lucky boy too!!!
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Mar 2/10

Calee and Meesha
We are still on the hunt for a foster home that could take in these two sweethearts. They have lived together their whole life and would love to find a home together if possible. 

Here is a little about the girlz:

We are Calee and Meesha. We're looking for a new home! As you can see we are very sweet. At the young age of 4 years we still have lots of life left to live and we'd love to spend it with you! 

We are very affectionate and love to be with our people. We have had lots of exposure to small children and adults. We haven't seen a whole lot of dogs growing up, but that hasn't changed the fact that we like them and want to play! We'll be due for our yearly shots soon but we are already spayed and ready to be adopted. We would love to go for walks and play tug of war with some new toys. We don't mind being brushed and groomed as long as you are gentle. We tend to bark when someone comes to the door, or we hear a noise, and sometimes we will have accidents in our current home. All we need is someone to tell us when it is ok to bark and when it is not, and someone with enough patience to make sure that we are taken out when we need to go! 

If someone out there could give us a new home, or even a temporary home while we wait for our turn at forever, we would be very happy! Please give us a chance at a great home! 

If you are interested at fostering and/or adopting these little cuties, please contact us at or fill out an adoption application on the left.

If you think you would consider fostering these two beautiful girlz (or know someone that might), please contact us about Calee and Meesha.

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