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Mar 30/12

Sgt. Bailey - Just when you thought all of humanity were a bunch of imbeciles when it comes to the treatment of animals, Nathan Winograd met up with one animal savvy Sgt. Bailey who has changed the Seagoville shelter name forever in Texas.

When Sgt. Bailey was asked to take over their community shelter in Seagoville by his Chief, he didn't believe he was right for the job. Sgt. Bailey asked for 24 hours to think about taking over - well he did the right thing and took it over on January 10, 2011 and never looked back.

While on a speaking engagement in Dallas, Nathan met and talked with Sgt. Bailey on his ideas about running a shelter and how he transformed this little shelter into a no kill environment.

Sgt. Bailey explains not knowing how to run the shelter, but did a lot of research into shelter operations and making improvements. Previous years had the shelter at a 98% kill rate and they never used foster homes or looked to the community for help. In Sgt. Bailey's first year, he shut down the gas chamber, wrote articles, went on TV, used local rescue groups, and completely cleaned up the Seagoville Shelter.

The rate of death, now, in this small shelter is a staggering 2% and Sgt. Bailey attributes this to his rescue and foster groups who step up to help him when the shelter is overrun with animals. This can all be attributed to Sgt. Bailey and his no non-sense approach to helping animals in his community. Please click here to read the Nathan Winograd's Q&A with Sgt. Bailey... Way to go Sgt. Bailey!

On another note, don't forget to send your recipes and pictures to Mim so she can get the cookbook put together for this great fundraiser. Send your information to - she can always use a few more! Have a great weekend!
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Mar 29/12

Need Homes for 2 Dogs - We are urgently looking for a foster or forever home for two dogs.

This is Boo Boo, a 6 year old male Rottweiler who sadly, has lost his owner who recently passed away. Boo Boo is good with other dogs, but unknown with cats. 

Boo Boo is used to living outdoors, however we are looking for a home that will welcome him into their home so he can be an integral part of the family. If you would like to foster or adopt this handsome boy, please contact us at Boo Boo is urgent!

Also, we are looking for a foster home for Bella, a beautiful 7 month old female Shepherd. Bella is a very smart girl and very strong as well. We are looking for an experienced owner that is willing to put a little work into this beauty. 

Bella is great with all people, including children. Bella is good with other dogs, but needs a slower introduction to new dogs. She is unknown with cats. If you think Bella is the girl for you, please contact us at
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Mar 27/12

Hunter At Home - We are thrilled to share another wonderful update on Hunter. I can truly say, these updates are what keep us going. Here is Hunter with his new sister Iris!! Isn't she beautiful? They look like fast friends already (-: 

Hello, Just wanted to let you know Hunter and Iris have decided to be friends. Iris has been trying to show him who is boss, but Hunter couldn't really care less! 

He jumps up and follows her around if she barks at anything, and he slipped on a toy the other day and she went over to him to check if he was ok. So cute. 

Hunter is pretty content to go for walks and snooze around the backyard in the sun these last few days that it's been nice. He's so chilled out! He fits in really well here. ~Lindsay

It is particularly heartwarming when we have a "special needs" adoption. It always amazes me how many compassionate and caring people there are out there that give wonderful homes to dogs who truly need and deserve this chance. Thank you so much for the pictures and update Lindsay! 
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Mar 26/12

Dakota Update - We have some wonderful news about Dakota, the 11 year old bully girl who needed to find another home. Luckily, for Dakota, the family (although split) decided they couldn't bear to see Dakota go to strangers, they loved her and didn't want her to be a victim of a family break up. So, this weekend, Dakota went back to the home she has known for years and was reunited with her buddy, Gizmo, the Pug. And what a happy reunion it was ... both dogs were SO happy to see each other again. I have no doubt it brought tears to everyone's eyes.

Happy trails Dakota!! You deserve to live out your life surrounded by all that is familiar to you and the love of a "best friend".

I read some interesting and informative thoughts on regulations on the rabies vaccine. I thought I would also include this link today as it deals with rabies laws in Ontario. It is well worth the read! Click here to read...
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Mar 23/12

Springtime Woes - As we are now, literally stepping into spring - wow that was fast; all those springtime woes are rearing their ugly heads. First there are the parasites that want to eat your pets, then you might have your pet come down with allergies - what could happen next? All these problems can be attributed to the first signs of Spring.

Over at Dr. Karen Becker's blog, she talks about the problems encountered in Spring and some of the things you should be aware of to keep your pets safe. Dr. Becker explains 6 ways to do this; including keeping your home environment safe for your pet. So, be prepared and don't let these springtime hazards threaten your pet's life.

Hopefully, with the rain, we will get that much needed cooling effect. It has been so hot this past week that we have broken so many temperature records. Have a great weekend everyone and keep cool!
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Mar 21/12

Hunter Update - We received a great update yesterday from Hunter's mom. It sounds like Hunter is settling in very nicely - woohoo! Such a lucky boy (-: Here is an update and some pictures - thank you Lindsay!

Just sending a few pictures of Hunter your way. He's settling in nicely so far, and he's going to meet Iris tonight. 

He's figured out the lay of the house and is loving sniffing out the neighborhood on our walks. He's also figured out he can open the bedroom door by pushing on it, so if one of us is up and the other is sleeping, he likes to make sure we are both still around and will open up the door and sit outside of it.

The boys think he's a great guy too. Thanks again for all of your help. ~Lindsay. 

These updates really make our day and I know Sindee is thrilled to see her boy so loved and happy!
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Mar 20/12

Chloe Update - We received Chloe's update and wanted to post it for you to read ... enjoy:

We just wanted to let you know that Chloe is doing wonderful, she has settled in and seems very happy. Today she had such a good time outside she didn't want to come in.

She is getting use to who is part of the family and has adjusted to people coming and going. We have left her for a couple of hours to see how she would do, and she was great no problems at all.

She loves to be on the couch so seems I had to move to the wing chair now as her dad and daisy get the couch. Chloe thinks she is a lap dog any chance she gets she would be almost on your lap.

We have never had a dog with so much love to give and very affectionate as Chloe, thank you again for keeping her safe until we found her. Cheers Dave & Gail 

I am sure that Chloe just loves her new digs and her new people. Congratulations again!
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Mar 19/12

Hunter Update - ANML-RESQ is VERY happy to announce that our distinguished, older gentleman Hunter has found his forever family!! Woohooo!! This is such an exciting and heartwarming update - we are THRILLED for Hunter and his new family. Here is the update:

Hi Renee, I was happy to meet Lindsay and Richard. A very nice couple who seem laid-back and are obviously dog people. They immediately interacted with my pack (who were excited to have company, as always!). Hunter was his usual happy self and was thrilled with the attention they heaped on him. It took only about a minute, once the Cattle Dogs and Bailey the wanna-be ACD were in the house, for Lindsay and Richard to be the total focus of Hunter. He received many hugs, belly rubs and promises of many many more to come.

I could tell right away by the big smile on Lindsay's face and the grin on Richard's face that this was going to be a wonderful match. As we sat on the deck and chatted about Hunter, I knew that he was going to be heading off to his new home. Know how it just feels right? How you just get that feeling? These were the right people for him. With promises of updates, Hunter and his new family headed home. Although a bit sad to see him go, I am very happy for him.

We knew this might be hard on Hunter's foster mom, as those of us that have fostered a "less than perfect" dog know how much we worry about them, however, as you will see from foster mom's update ... as soon as she saw the interaction from his potential adopters with Hunter - all of her worries were washed away. As Sindee says "you just get that feeling that this is THE one". Congratulations to Hunter and his new mom and dad, Lindsay and Richard. We cannot wait for pictures and updates.
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Mar 14/12

Bella and Dakota  [URGENT]- We are looking for a foster/forever home for this beautiful girl named Bella who is 7 months old. Bella is housetrained, loves kids (she presently lives with 7 children) and she is also good with other dogs. She has never been exposed to cats, so we aren't sure what she is like with cats.

Bella would love to find a home with a nice fenced in backyard. If you think Bella is the girl for you, please go to our website and fill in our online application.

We are also looking for a forever home for Dakota, who is in her golden years and finds herself in need of another home. Dakota is 11 years young and has been a beloved member of her family since she was 2 years old. However, due to changes in her human's life and long hours at work, Dakota finds herself alone a lot, and the stress of being alone is taking its toll on her. 

Dakota has not been exposed to many dogs, however, she did live with a pug for about a year and they got along great. One of our volunteers will be going to see Dakota in the next day or so and we should have more information and pictures of her soon. Please keep Dakota in mind if you know of anyone wanting to adopt a senior bully girl.
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Mar 13/12

'Be A Tree' - In keeping with spring, it is always a good idea to tell your children to be dog 'savy'. In the spring unfixed dogs can be found running at large and it is a very good idea that your children are prepared.

Darlene, one of our volunteers, is a member of Doggone Safe. A group that goes from school to school instructing children on the 'safe approach' to dogs. Darlene can present this 'bite prevention seminar' in schools to small groups of children. 

If your group would like to have this seminar in your school, email to find out when and where a presenter is available. Darlene can do presentations in the Milton and Acton areas. 

So, as the saying goes when in doubt ... 'be a tree' a very useful bit of information for any school-aged child.
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Mar 12/12

Calling All Sewers - One of our volunteers, Darlene, is a fantastic quilter and has put together a fundraising inspiration! Over at 'Hot Diggity Dog' [a quilters/sewers paradise] you can find fabrics and notions: fleece, quilter's fabric, animal print, yard goods, animal print quilt squares, cotton craft and novelty fabrics, as well as novelty dog buttons, coordinte fabric and they have clearance fabrics [great buys can be had here]. They also carry tote bags, scrub tops, comforters, pillows, towels and duffle bags. ANML-RESQ will get a 10% donation on everything you purchase from the website.

I checked out some of the items and was quite surprised by the selection. I am always looking for different things and I found they had items based on the different breed of dogs, cats or horses and exotics. They were so nice and they had quite a selection. So, if you are like me and want a gift that is different for that special someone, this website is the great way to go and they take PayPal - not sure about the shipping costs, but a quick email to Meribeth over at Hot Diggity Dog will help answer any questions you may have. 

One reader writes: "Does the 10% donation apply to the other stuff do  you know?"

Darlene replies: "YES, EVERYTHING ON THE SITE. I LOOKED AT THE ROTTIE CHRISTMAS DECORATION. I just ordered more Rottweiler the #2 one. I also ordered some Golden to make ... a quilt for the fundraiser. I will order a few different breeds a month. The next will be English Bulldog... If the order is about $60.00 I don't get charged custom and tax."

So, if you are looking for something special to put together for St. Patrick's Day, or Mother's Day, go over to Hot Diggity Dog. As well, there is a 10% donation from every purchase that goes to us here at ANML-RESQ. It doesn't get any better than that ... thanks Darlene and, of course, Meribeth over at Hot Diggity Dog. We have a link to our page with more information on how to process the 10% for ANML-RESQ ... click here...
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Mar 9/12

Bailey Update - Calling all soccer fans! Do you need a companion to help you hone your soccer skills this summer? Well, have we got the girl for you! It's Bailey ... our Bassett soccer pro!! Bailey continues to entertain her foster mom and siblings, and as you can see, she is just as happy playing by herself, as long as she has her soccer or jolly ball (-: 

Bailey is doing well, and continues to make her foster mom laugh with her clownish ways. No need for TV when you have Bailey around (-:

After a good time with her soccer ball...nothing better than cozying up
 on the couch with a couple of friends and have a good chaw on a rawhide (-:

Bailey is still looking for her forever home, so if you know of someone looking for a great companion, please tell them about Bailey. We also hear from foster mom that Bailey is a real kissing be prepared to lots of slurpy kisses. Have a great weekend everyone!
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Mar 8/12

Bumble Bee Home At Last - Bumble Bee has found her forever family and look at the BIG smile on her face!!! I have no doubt, she knows she is home and can't help showing her happiness (-:

We have no doubt this beautiful girl will be loved and cherished for the rest of her life! Congratulations Bumble Bee!!

Many thanks to Carolina and Mike for taking this sweetie into their hearts and home until the perfect forever home could be found. No doubt, her foster brother Dallas will be heartbroken - he had a HUGE crush on Bumble Bee. 
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Mar 7/12

Bumble Bee Update - Today, we are very excited for our little Bumble Bee. She will be going to her forever home tonight. Foster mom, Carolina, has brought her to work today and will meet with her new owners tonight after work. 

We cannot be happier for Bumble Bee and cannot wait for pictures and updates. Of course, Carolina will be taking pictures tonight which we will share with you tomorrow (-: Good luck Bumble Bee!! Keep in touch.

I also wanted to share another good article/link with you. I know many people still believe in some of these fallacies, however they are proven to be myths.

I also wanted to share this link with you as well. Please bear in mind, these are strictly allegations at this point and have not been proven. However, I believe that it is important to at least know what could be a potential problem and be aware.
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Mar 6/12

Great Links to Share - Today, we have a couple of nice links to share with you. I know we often hear about dogs with issues sometimes showing aggression. We always try to figure out what triggers the aggressive behaviour. 

Often times, it is fear. This is why certain dogs do not "show" well in shelters. They are frightened and highly stressed. They have come from a family situation and sent to a shelter where it is noisy, lots of dogs barking and hardly any human contact. Often times, when you take them out of the stressful situation they quickly revert back to their sweet and loveable self. Click here to read about aggression and emotions...

I know most of us have had the pleasure of owning and loving an older dog. There is something about these sweet souls that melt your heart away. We all know they cannot stay with us forever, but we try to keep them as comfortable and happy for as long as possible, without allowing them to suffer. Here is another wonderful article about older dogs that I think you will really enjoy ... click here to read about older dogs...
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Mar 5/12

Great Weekend - ANML-RESQ had another wonderful weekend - thanks to our volunteers for all their hard work and dedication.

Our sweet little Bumble Bee went for her meeting this weekend and it was "love at first sight"!! So our lucky little girl will be going home THIS week!! Woohoo! Congratulations to Bumble Bee and her new family. We hope for lots of updates and pictures (-:

We also got a FANTASTIC update from Chloe's new family. Here is an update from Chloe's mom (-:

We just wanted to thank everyone who helped us get Chloe, she is such a beautiful loving dog. Chloe is already settling in loves the yard lots of room for her to run free...and chase the squirrels and rabbits. Her and Daisy seem ok so far with each other, they are starting to warm up to each other.

Chloe is in love with Dave lol she never leaves his side, she is very smart knows where the cookies and treats are!!! We for sure will get lots of exercise just walking Chloe and keeping up to her LOL

What a wonderful and caring family you have at ANML RESQ network. From everyone we have been in contact with in person (Mim and Alison) on the phone (Karen) or emailing (Linda) have been amazing. Thank you all for helping to add to our family!! ~Cheers, Dave, Gail, Daisy, Chloe 

As you can see - she hit the jackpot with this family!! We are so happy for Chloe and her new family. She deserves the chance at a wonderful life being a cherished member of her family.
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Mar 2/12

Happy Friday - Wow, we've had some pretty wild weather the last few days and again, ANML-RESQ and our volunteers have had a busy week!

We are thrilled to announce that our stunning girl Chloe has found her forever home - yippee!!! A very loving couple were smitten from the get-go with Chloe. We proceeded with their application and were so excited with their enthusiasm and love for Chloe, even though they hadn't yet met her in person. Originally, they were going to meet her on Sunday, but could not wait - they were too excited, so last night they made the trip with their cutie-pie Daisy to meet with Chloe. They hit it off immediately. Today, they will be taking Chloe home (-: We are so happy for Chloe and her new family. We cannot wait for pictures and updates.

We also have ALL paws crossed for our sweet little Bumble Bee. She will be going for a meet and greet this Sunday and we are praying this will be the home for Bumble Bee. Of course we will be updating on Monday, so please send positive thoughts Bumble Bee's way!!!

I saw a very disturbing article in the Sun today and I wish to share this with you. If you or anyone you know has any knowledge of this sweet baby's owners, or who did this to him, PLEASE do the right thing and report him!!! This person needs to suffer the consequences of what he has done to this innocent babe. 
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