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MARCH 2013


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Rudy Update;
Louis Needs Help Desperately;
Apple Cider Vinegar;
Rudy Power;
Spring is Here;
Who Failed What?;
Ivan Update;
Sweetie Pie;
Dog Food Recall;
Gus Update;
Til We Meet Again Sassafrass;

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Mar 25/13

Til We Meet Again Sassafrass - The day this little girl walked into our lives, I had no idea how much she would change our lives. She came to us a beautiful fall day, I will never forget the day. She was one of the cutest puppies I had ever laid eyes on.

She was a young pup, found straying and because of her breed and the soon to be implemented pitbull ban, her chances of finding a home through the shelter was pretty slim. Because of the restrictions being placed on this breed and the fear-mongering the impending ban instilled on people, these dogs were at even higher risk of never being adopted. 

When asked to help this little girl, my husband and I were elated to help another innocent. What the heck, the more the merrier. We had also taken in her sibling a few days prior so were more then happy to keep them together. Sadly, it wasn't a week after they arrived that both were stricken with parvo. Jamie tested positive first, the vet thought perhaps Sassy, being much healthier than her brother could fight off the deadly disease. So, heartbroken, we left Jamie at the vets for emergency care and took Sassy home - ever vigilant, watching for the first signs. We prayed she would be spared, but sadly, that was not the case. On Sunday evening, 3 days after her brother was admitted for care, Sassy showed the first signs of parvo. She vomited and became uncharacteristically quiet. I called the vet and because it was a weekend, had to call the vet on call. 

I told them what was happening, the vet told me I was probably jumping the gun. I was getting more furious by the minute, I knew she wasn't herself and I knew what could potentially happen and if she did not receive immediate care, she could go downhill very quickly in the night and might not make it till morning. So I had a lot of "choice words" to say to the vet...I demanded that he meet me at the office and if not, there would be serious consequences for them. He did meet me and again tried to persuade me to take her home. He insisted she didn't look sick to him. I insisted she stay and be attended to and I would be back in the morning to take her to my own vet. I will never regret following my gut instinct. I will never regret fighting for you Sassy, not then, not now. I was told in the morning when I arrived at opening time that Sassy had become severely ill and vomiting and was immediately hooked up to intravenous IV (just as her brother was). 

I thank God everyday that these two survived this deadly disease. It was a long journey with their aftercare and her brother Jamie was adopted out very shortly after recovery. It wasn't long afterward that Bill and I decided this little girl needed to be ours.

Sassy was a little "different". I will never forget when Sassy came back into our pack after mandatory isolation from my dogs. Sassy had attitude - right from day one. She decided on the first day back she was going to give some attitude to our big rottie boy, Bud. The little pibble was "in his face" ... giving him the gears. Bud just calmly put his big old paw on top of her body and flattened her to the ground ... that was the end of her harassing Bud. But the little munchkin tried ... gotta give her credit for that.

Sassy was such a special girl....she was as smart as they come. No wonder, she was taught by the best - her Mama Pebs. Sassy didn't always like every dog she met, but that was okay. She had her own little pack and she loved her siblings dearly. They undertood her and ignored her constant chattering, nattering and nagging...she was our "Maxine". She had something to say about everything, but she made us laugh every single day of her life. Because Sassy survived parvo, I truly thought she was invincible. She was a tough little cookie. I thought we would grow old together. That was not to be. 

It is with a broken heart that I must tell you that our Sassy ... Sassafrass ... Snassin ... has crossed the Bridge and we now have a huge hole in our hearts that will never mend. We will never forget this sweet, sweet girl of ours. 

Click to enlarge...

She was a very sick little girl who until the end, had kisses for everyone. With Bill and I by her side, Sassy crossed bravely and peacefully. I wish we didn't have to say good-bye so soon Sassy. 
Pebbles, The "Bud's" and Jack are waiting for you. Run free and play hard Sassy and give them ALL YOU'VE GOT!!. Until we meet again, my precious baby girl.

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Mar 21/13

Gus Update - I absolutely LOVE pictures of dogs with kids and this one is no exception!! Check out our big boy Gus with Anne and Wayne's 9 month old grandbaby! How cute is that??? (-:

Click to enlarge...

I received a nice update from Rudy's mom. It seems the harness (back end) is not working as well as they had hoped, but the front end does the job!! Here is an update from Anne:

We are finally using the harness with Rudy. Unfortunately the back part, which we hoped would help the most, doesn’t work very well. In order for him to stand and walk or run he keeps his hind feet quite a distance apart and uses sort of a side to side motion or larger up and down motions to propel himself forward and he found the back of the harness too restrictive. However, we are using the front part and in that way we can guide him on his trips up and down the ramp and into his pen (when he feels he doesn’t want to go there). With just one hand on the handle of the front harness we can also help to get his hind feet in the right position so he can move forward. The last couple of days Gus and Rudy have started to play while in the backyard. Once the grass comes up and dries out we are sure Rudy will be able to keep his legs under him much better as all the slippery snow will be gone. Even now when he plays with Gus, if he falls down he just gets up again and tries to mimic Gus. Wayne has dug some paths around the backyard and Rudy happily follows either Gus or us around the “trails”. Rudy worst habit is chewing. I think he has chewed every rug and mat we bought to help him walk. He has lots of toys to chew but when he tires of them, he thinks the furniture will do as well. Luckily for us, we don’t have any good furniture but we do try to keep his teeth off what we have and we find the bitter apple spray keeps him away as he sure does not like the taste of smell of it. When he gets a bit older we will try the back part of the harness again, we have tried to adjust it to his way of walking, but he seems to know it is there as just sits down until we remove it. 

All in all - sounds like the boyxz are doing GREAT and so good to hear that Gus and Rudy have now started to play - woohoo!!! (-:

And, We thought we would share a couple of really cute pictures of our happily adopted boyz, Gus and Rudy and their little bro. Jack.

Click to enlarge...

Here you can see the boyz sprawled on the floor, playing nice and gentle with the grandbabies (-:
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Mar 20/13

Dog Food Recall - Today, I have some more links you might find interesting/entertaining and informative:

  1. A Dog with a Special Talent;

  2. A conversation with my pitbull; and

  3. Researchers Cure Type 1 Diabetes in Dogs.

On Monday, Natura Pet Products issued a voluntary recall on some of their specialized dry pet foods due to the risk of possible salmonella contamination. According to the company, it is the first recall in their 21-year history... Click to view the information...»  and click here to sign up for dog food recalls.
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Mar 19/13

Drakey - It began with a posting on a public forum asking if anyone recognized this dog...he was hanging around a persons home and seems he had made friends with their dog. Thankfully, their dog did not run him off the property, rather he shared some of his food with this strange dog and they were also caught snuggling and sleeping together through the cold winter nights. The people's dog was definitely built for the cold weather, however the straying dog (now known as Drakey) was not typically your outdoor dog. He was a rottweiler mix - definitely not bred to take the harsh elements. Thankfully the resident dog took pity on him and kept him warm and shared his food. However, being on the reserve - he really was not welcome.

It became apparent that no one would claim this dog and before something drastic happened, we offered to try and help. We could not have done this without the help of Mitch who would not hear of anyone "doing away with this dog". Mitch reached out for help and we told him we would do what we can to help this dog. We were warned that he was not going to go in easily as he seemed to be quite fearful of people and would not get too close. So, we brought in the "big guns". A volunteer that I know who s just as stubborn and determined as this dog was going to be. None other than Mim! I knew if ANYONE was going to bring this boy in, it would be Mim. Well, with the help of Mitch (who continuously brought out the "good stuff") to entice Drakey and the dogged determination of Mim ... 5 1/2 hours later, they had him! Woohoo!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Drakey has been with us for about a month now. He went into temporary foster with Lorie and Kevin who were able to keep him quiet and calm until we could get him properly vetted. It became apparent that this poor boy has been through some pretty bad trauma, not only mentally, but physically. He appears to be completely blind in one eye and limited sight in the other. It is also possible he may have some hearing loss. All this and such a young boy, at approx. 4 years of age. While we can't be sure, we think he may have been a tie-out that eventually broke free (based on the scarring on his neck). Since Drakey has been vetted, he is now being fostered (and loved) by his original rescuer, Mim. He has only been with Mim for a week now and he is coming around in leaps and bounds. He is now playing with toys and playing games with Mim. He is slowly letting down his barriers and guard. There is no doubt, he truly trusts Mim and through this trust, the barriers are coming down fast. We know Drakey will be a work in progress, but that's okay. No dog deserved to live through what he has. He has managed to survive one of the worst winters in recent history ... he deserves this chance to live life to the fullest. 

Thank you to EVERYONE that worked so hard to bring Drakey in from the cold. Special thanks to Mitch for reaching out for help and keeping him safe until help was found. Thanks to Lorie and Kevin for taking Drakey in when he needed a spot to stay in the interim. BIGGEST thanks to Mim, for not giving up and staying the course until Drakey was apprehended and for giving him the patience and love he SO needs, so he can learn to trust again. We will be updating Drakey's progress as time goes by; in the meantime, he is in GOOD hands!
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Mar 18/13

Sweetie Pie - This little girl was found straying at the beginning of February by Debbie and a neighbour. Sweetie is considered substantially similar and therefore is in danger in Ontario. Debbie contacted several rescues, but ANML-RESQ was the only rescue that came forward to offer help for this little darling. It was decided that Sweetie would stay with Debbie while we got her vetted and spayed and eventually flown out to NS. Luckiily, for Sweetie, she didn't need to fly ... rather she had a ride in style with her rescuer from NS all the way back to NS.

Click to enlarge...

Many thanks to Allie and Walter for helping guide Karen through detours caused by a huge accident on the highway and guiding them back through back roads and back on course. We cannot thank Debbie enough for taking this sweetheart into their loving home and caring for her until rescue could be found out of province.

ANML-RESQ also thanks Karen in Nova Scotia for helping us with our prohibited puppies. We don't know what we would do without the kind help of our East Coast friends. Good luck Sweetie Pie! You are living in a much friendlier province and can now run and play muzzle-free!
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Mar 15/13

Ivan Update - We got a really nice update from Ivan's foster mom, Carolina. As you can see, Ivan has come a long way in a short time. Here is update from Ivan's foster mom:

Ivan has made many leaps and bounds towards progress in the past month that he has been here. When he first arrived, he was scared and confused about all the changes; including his fear of flooring. He wouldn't walk on the floors, only if there were mats laid out for him. One day Ivan miraculously walked out of his crate and out to the kitchen as if he forgot about his fears of the floors all together. I was in total shock, in a good way of course! Ever since he's been great about the floors in the kitchen but it's ground zero for the other rooms in the house; all have the exact same flooring, so i'm working on boosting his confidence for the other rooms now. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Ivan has met most of the resident dogs outside and was happy to meet them. Once his floor issues are over and done with, he will be integrated with the others officially. His trust is also growing as time passes. He comes and looks for affection much more often and is walking on a leash much better then when he first arrived here. He still has a lot of puppy energy that needs to be harnessed but were getting there. It's a blast having Ivan here and seeing him progress so positively makes all of his quirky antics worth while.

Click to enlarge...

Before Ivan was pulled from the shelter, we were told that he was weary of men. So far Ivan has met Mike as well as his male vet with absolutely no issues. Ivan is slowly gaining some weight and hopefully he will reach his ideal weight soon. He's now sitting at 101 lbs and could stand to put on a little bit more weight. 

Click to enlarge...

He will probably end up being 120-130 lbs when fully matured. Ivan has so much potential and will make a great addition to either a home experienced in his unique breed or to a working home doing what his breed was meant to do for thousands of years, guarding his livestock family.

What a handsome looking boy he is too. Thanks for the update Carolina and have a great weekend everyone.
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Mar 14/13

Who Failed What? - Well, it's been a long time coming for Tyson. It has been exactly 8 months today that I brought this dude home. It has been a heck of an experience and journey with our boy, but I am happy to say that we have finally found the perfect forever home for Tyson.

It seems that perfect home has been right here, all along (-: Today we have made it official. Our Tyson is home to stay and we could not be happier!! Just so we make it clear - Bill and I did NOT fail fostering ... rather, it seems he is a lost cause, spoiled beyond repair, so therefore considered "unadoptable" ... just sayin' (-: Bill and I are so happy to officially welcome our boy into our family. Tyson was happy to hear the news too ... but it seems he knew all along he was staying, as you can see by the smug look on his face after hearing the news!
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Mar 12/13

Spring is Here - Spring is only weeks away and soon it will be abuzz with new life! As it it March, most of the animals are coming out of slumber and are still groggy, give them a wide path and let them get their bearings again. 

In April and May the babies will be everywhere and sometimes we find orphaned or abandoned babies in our travels. Do you know what to do if you have found a baby bird, bunny, squirrel or raccoon? Click here to read some valuable information...»

The MNR website has a couple of rehabilitators listed on their website. They are state that there were a total of 90 wildlife rehabilitators in Ontario as at May 2012, but they neglect to state who the additional 80+ are, but do give a map to the areas where the rehabilitators are located. 

We thought we would also share this link with you since Easter is also around the corner and many people will be receiving beautiful Easter Lily plants as gifts. Please read this link if you have cats and be sure to keep them safe from all toxic plants.
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Mar 11/13

LOUIS - This is another "shout out" for Louis. The shelter was able to have Louis seen by the vet and thankfully the lumps have been removed - they were fatty lumps, non-cancerous - woohoo! Sadly, poor Louis is now recovering at the shelter and we would love to see him recover in a home environment. If you think you can help Louis, please contact us ASAP. 

Help is urgently needed for sweet Louis.

Click to enlarge...

Louis is a hound type dog that was found as a stray and is now sitting in a shelter. Fortunately help was found to assist with the cost of removing a benign lump; but unfortunately Louis is recovering at the shelter. While the staff are helping as best as possible, a warm home with a soft bed and TLC from someone who could help nurse him to recovery would be better for him. I can’t imagine having surgery and waking up in a shelter environment alone and confused after all the life changing circumstances which have occurred.

It is believed that Louis is between the ages of 6 and 8 and gets along well with other dogs. Even after everything he has been through Louis has such a friendly and agreeable disposition and sure to win your heart. The plus side of helping an older dog in need is that puppy antics and housebreaking won't be an issue as all of the grueling work of puppy hood is long gone and the result is a great dog in need of you help and support. Please let everyone you know hear about Louis and his need for a safe place to recover ... let’s work together to make another miracle happen.
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Mar 7/13

Rudy Power - I received an email from Rudy's mom on a product for dogs with mobility issues. It is called the Solv it CareLift Harness. It sounds like it will be perfect for Rudy or any other dog with issues negotiating because of weakness, whether it is front end or back end.

Anne and Wayne will let us know how this works for Rudy. The concept looks interesting - we'll keep you posted! Check out the link in case you know of anyone needing a tool like this to help with their loved one.

Anne was also kind enough to provide another helpful link which sounds like Rudy's parents are doing a lot of research and getting equipped with lots of help for Rudy! 

Gus is really good with him. Very tolerant. Jack is the shit. All the toys and all the treats and all the beds and all the crates are his you know. lol Rudy has changed a lot in a week. We think he has gained some weight. He is also getting stronger. When we slow him down he is walking a little better and with minimum support he manages coming up the ramp quite well. He is walking from the ramp to the back door under his own steam and his back legs look like a toddler just learning to walk with a very exaggerated movement and planting of his feet. Not far but on his own. Lots of praise. He is quickly becoming too heavy to lift so we have ordered a harness which fits around his chest and waist and has 2 handles for lifting at each of those point. Kinda like a turkey lifter. Not so much for lifting but more for guidance after he is up. The snow makes it very difficult for him but the rottie comes through and he gets where he wants to go no matter how often he slips and falls. When he's awake he's busy. Those bright eyes of his look around for the next thing to chew or try to chase. And he is bright. But being a rottie he will keep going until he drops so we limit his time and keep close track of his breathing. All his food and water is in the adjustable height feeding station we got and after the first weekend no vomiting. Lots to learn for him, the other dogs and ourselves. But watching him profess is and will be very satisfying.

From the sounds of this email, our Rudy has fit in beautifully and is SO loved by all (even Jack, I'll bet) (-:
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Mar 6/13

Apple Cider Vinegar - Today, I have included a couple of links of interest. This first article is a long read, but well worth the time! Grab a coffee and gain some insight into some of the reasons behind aggressive behaviours.

And, I found a post on the benefits of apple cider vinegar. Be sure to read the comments section as well, for many more uses!
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Mar 5/13

Louis Needs Help Desperately - Louis needs help NOW! He was found as a stray and now is at a shelter. Louis is between 6 and 8 years old, very friendly and "hound like". He is neutered and housebroken and seems to get along with other dogs. Louis needs our help with a problem that the shelter cannot fix. 

Click to enlarge...

Louis has a large growth on his chest. As you can see it in the picture hanging between his front legs. He also has some other lumps on his back. The shelter does not pay to have dogs like this seen to and in his present state he is probably unadoptable. The Burr Foundation will pay to have him taken to the shelter vet to see what can be done. If the prognosis is good he will be fixed up and made ready for a new home. However, it would be nice if we had a foster home for him to go to after his operation. 

Could you please find it in your heart to foster Louis? If you cannot, can you network with friends and family to see if you know of anyone who would nurse him along? We will update you on his condition as soon as the vet has examined him, which we hope will happen Mon or Tues. Louis needs you! 

We are sending positive thoughts and prayers for Louis. Thank goodness for the shelter and the Burr Foundation for all they are doing to help Louis.

On another note, there will be a behaviour modification and medication seminar this weekend, if anyone is interested:
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Mar 1/13

Rudy Update - We received a great update from Anne and Wayne today. It seems the boyz are sticking together, thick as thieves (-: I laughed when I read the update...

I knew having a puppy around would bring some life to the house, but it sounds like EVERYONE is having a hoot! Apparently only 1 place of interest in the whole back yard. 

Click to enlarge...

Had all 3 of them in the bathroom with me this morning. I had to stand in the tub until somebody left. Jack ran under Gus and Rudy followed so Gus was left wondering where  everybody went. Sure had a lot of laughs these last few days.

Thanks for the great update and picture Anne and Wayne. Rudy is looking SO good and we have no doubt he loves his new family as they do him.

I thought I would include this video ... please watch and understand that BSL is not a pit bull issue, it can affect any one of us at any time. Could your breed be next?

We took on the challenge of a courtesy posting for Pekoe in the hope of helping his owner find a wonderful home for him. 

Click to enlarge...

We have never turned down a challenge and we are glad we didn't. Pekoe will be flying to his new home in Ottawa very soon. Good luck Pekoe!
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