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March 2014



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Timber Update;
Foster Me;
Ozzie Update;
Foster Needed for Molly;
Meet Turtle;
Goose - HELP;
Rambo Needs Help;
Links of Interest;
Bo Update;
Goose Needs You;
Where Did It Go?;
Thank Goodness;

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Mar 28/14

Thank Goodness - Part 2....Happy ending - new couch(s) are here!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

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Mar 27/14

Where Did It Go? - Foster mom found out what happened when they removed their old sofa and the utter look of dismay from her furkids. 

Mom? Where is our couch? What happened to our favorite place? The looks on their faces are priceless.  Here are some pictures of brothers, Peluchi, Timber and Tynan. Poor boys look quite distressed.

Click to enlarge...

But not to worry ... the new furniture arrived and as you can see ... the boyz have already picked their favorite spots along with brothers Dallas and Hank. Thanks Mom!! You're the best!
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Mar 25/14

Goose Needs You - Debbie went to spend some time yesterday with our boy Goose. Debbie says he has settled down a lot since last time. Such a happy, happy boy. We would love to see this young fellow in a foster or forever home soon though.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

While they are taking GREAT care of Goose and spending lots of quality time with him, he yearns for a home to call his own. Goose's pictures might fool you...he isn't very big at only 45 lbs. As you can see, he wants to please so much. He has his "sit" command down pat.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Goose is an affectionate, fun-filled, energetic boy who deserves a chance at a life outside of the kennel. We have promised Goose that his time will come and that the wait would be WELL worth it - it always is (-:

Please help us by networking him to anyone you think of would give Goose the family he deserves. 
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Mar 24/14

Bo Update - We just wanted to share the good news!! We have found a foster home for Rambo (now known as Bo). He is a wonderful boy - full of energy and very much a puppy at heart. He has met the resident rottweilers, Charlie and Tye and he is having a great time playing and going for walks. 

Here is an update after Bo's first night in his foster home. No doubt, he had a very peaceful sleep that night! (-:

He slept all night no problems and was quiet until we came downstairs this morning no messes and while a bit full of energy actually settled a bit while we ate breakfast. We were outside for a bit of controlled play all together and then ran a bit with a stick. Once the weather warms up a bit this morning I will take Bo out for a long walk to further get rid of some energy.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He is learning quickly to not grab the leash and now stops when you say no and out. I think he will pick things up quite quickly once he settles into a routine here at the house. He does follow what Tye and Charlie are doing right now I am working in the dining room and he is in his crate and Tye and Charlie are just laying around here so he is quiet as well.

Click to enlarge...

[...]Dave had fed him both dinner and breakfast this morning. With no problems at all. Dave and I are thinking of a couple of ways to let him run and get all this pent up energy out. I think if we can do that and continue with a couple of long walks each day he will settle. 

HUGE thanks to Sharon, Dave, Charlie and Tye for welcoming Bo into your hearts and home. We are so happy that he will get the chance he deserves to shine!
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Mar 19/14

Links of Interest - I have compiled a few links that I think you will enjoy reading/experiencing. Enjoy!

And, here is your chuckle for the day! I can't get enough of this video of a naughty doggy who is not allowed on the bed ... this is what he does when his owners are away! lol Click here to check it out ...
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Mar 18/14

Rambo Needs Help - URGENT - Foster home needed for 11 month old male Rottweiler. This young fellow has been at the shelter for over a month now and we would love to get this handsome boy into rescue so we can help him become the canine citizen we know he can be. 

This young fellow has really had no structure so an experienced large breed owner would suit him best. A home with a fenced in backyard would also be preferred. 

This boy is good with other dogs, but can play rough. This no doubt will subside once he has a regular exercise regime. Please contact us ASAP if you think you are the responsible, experienced home we are looking for.
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Mar 15/14

Goose - HELP! - We received an update from our volunteer Debbie who is going to visit with Goose at the kennel. Here is a little update from Debbie and some pictures of our silly Goose.

For a dog that has been locked up his whole life, he is adjusting well and is very eager to please, if we can get him to focus long enough LOL. So far he sits on command (very impressive) and can stay for a count of five, but he likes to mount and hump and pull on his leash A LOT. With all the attention that Bob is giving him he will soon master more commands.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Goose will need an experienced human who can handle a very energetic dog and will not let Goose take over the household. Goose is very very playful and is eager to please. I do not know how he would be with children, but I think once trained he would be great. 

I tested Goose by invading his space and kissing and hugging and kissing him, and he loved it. No growls no pulling away just jumping on me and knocking me over and licking my face and then some happy-humping :) Someone is going to be very lucky to have this goof ball in their lives! ~Debbie 

He truly needs to find a foster home where he can "settle down" and relax. Right now, he is uber excited whenever he meets anyone - such a sweet boy who just needs a "chance". 

Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget to network for Goose he really needs you!
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Mar 13/14

Meet Turtle  - We are excited to introduce you to our newest rescue, Turtle. This handsome boy found himself in a shelter, frightened of his surroundings. His history is unknown, but it was apparent he was a very frightened fellow, at first unsure of new people and frightened of cats and new surroundings. In time, he began to trust the people at the shelter, but they knew this boy needed rescue. 

We were thrilled when an approved foster home contacted us about Turtle and after meeting him on the weekend and a second meeting with foster mom's resident rottie - Turtle went home on Tuesday with his loving foster family after a great meet and greet with BlackJack, the resident rott. The children in the foster home chose Turtle's name and we think it suits him to a Tee! (-: 

Here is an update from Sharin, Turtle's foster mom and some great pictures of our handsome newcomer:

Hi Renee, Turtle is doing great. I've attached a few photos. Sleeping relaxed in his crate at nighttime. Loves his walks, super gentle on leash, if I correct him he drops but then will pop back up when I say okay let's go. Loves the kids, curious about our cat LOL. I let him wondering the main area while the other dogs where in the other side of the house this morning. He was lovely and ended up resting on the dog bed I keep under our island table. He goes into his crate so sweetly and moves to the side when I come to open it to put him on leash. Just a real gentle bear like most Rotts. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Last night while i was petting him in his crate before going to bed. I had one hand on the floor while petting his back with the other hand, he placed his paw on my free hand OMG, what a lovely sweet soul!!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

As you said, I wish he could talk for a half an hour to share his story.

Welcome Turtle!! Please stay tuned for updates from Turtle's foster family (-:
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Mar 11/14

Foster Needed for Molly - URGENT! Foster home needed for Molly! Molly is a 5 year old Cock Spaniel, spayed and UTD on vaccines. She is good with dogs, cats and has lived outside all her life. 

Click to enlarge...

She will need to be crated and knows her basic commands. Molly is a very friendly girl who loves attention, is very cuddly and affectionate. 
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Mar 6/14

Ozzie Update - Here he is!  Our sweetheart Ozzie and his brother Nizmo.  Aren't they just the cutest pair?

Click to enlarge...

So nice to see Ozzie so loved and adored by not only his parents, but his older (but smaller) brother, Nizmo.
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Mar 4/14

Foster Me - We received some more pictures of our incredibly handsome boy Goose. 

Sadly, this energetic boy was too much "excitement" for the resident dogs in his foster home. Goose has spent the better part of his 11 months on earth in a shelter and is itching to explore the world as fast as he can. He does need a home that will help him slow down and learn how to relax. 

Click to enlarge...

Everything is so new and exciting to Goose and sometimes his excitement gets the better of him. We think an experienced home that will give him lots of exercise and work with his manners would be ideal for Goose. Goose is a very sweet boy that loves to cover you with kisses. He truly wants to please you - he needs to be shown what is expected of him. 

Click to enlarge...

Goose does want to play with other dogs, but again ... he gets over excited and can become a bit overwhelming to a less energetic dog. A slower introduction when all things are calmer is recommended.

Goose can be such a clown too and will definitely keep you entertained. His facial expressions are so endearing, they melt your heart. 

Click to enlarge...

If you think you are the foster home for Goose, please contact us at
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Mar 3/14

Timber Update - We received some more great pictures of our handsome boy Timber who is having the time of his life playing with his furry brothers. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Tynan is his best bud and they have a lot of fun together. They are especially enjoying the snow this year ... there is definitely no shortage of that!!! (-:

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

So good to see Timber so happy and carefree. He is a very lucky boy to have a mom and dad like Carolina and Mike. 
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