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  Renee Leger, President
ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario

March 2015


Updated: Thursday April 02, 2015 06:50:12 PM


Mousseline Update;
Marli Update;
Meet Douglas;
Kane Update;
Simi Update;
Gus Update;
Seniors Rejoice;
Tasha Update;
Rollie Update;
Meet Buttons;
Good Luck Kane;


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March 25/15

Good Luck Kane - It was a bitter sweet day for foster mom Sharin and family. Her "perfect" foster boy Kane has finally found the BEST forever home we could have wished for.

Kandy Kane was a very special foster ... it isn't often we take in a dog that is "issue free", but Kane was that dog. We had a lot of interest in our handsome boy and it was hard to find the perfect home but we finally did. Here are some pictures of foster mom saying good bye to her boy Kane.

Sharin knows though that Kane has found a wonderful new dad who has already prepared for Kane's arrival. New bed, toys and LOTS of attention for Kane. New dad Simon has plans for Kane ... pretty awesome plans - he would like to prepare Kane for therapy work and we know this job is WELL suited for Kane. He loves everyone!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Thank you Sharin and family for welcoming Kane into your hearts and home. We could not help as many as we do without the commitment of foster homes.

Congratulations Kane, Simon and Grandma Leslie! We cannot wait for pictures and updates. Happy trails Kandy Kane!
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March 22/15

Meet Buttons - We would like to introduce you to our newest rescue ... 12 week old Buttons. She is a little firecracker who likes nothing better than to spend her day play, play, playing! She is a little energizer bunny. If you are looking for an active new companion that is ready to explore the world with you, please consider our little Buttons.

Buttons, an adorable Lab mix puppy. Buttons was given the name since she is as cute as a button. Buttons canít get any cuter than this little girl. Buttons is your typical puppy, very active and needs an active home who can keep up with her puppy energy, preferably with another active and patient furry companion to show her the ropes. As soon as Buttons arrived into foster care, she was barely phased by meeting the resident dogs even though they are 10 times her size. All she wants to do is play, play, and play.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Buttons is crate trained and sleeps very well during the night and will let you know when she needs to go for a pee break at night. During the day, as long as there is consistency and scheduled pee breaks, her house training will come in no time. She also knows her name and comes running when called, prancing around with a little black tail that never stops wagging with happiness. Buttons' leash manners are coming along beautifully for such a young babe. She is so sweet and loving and truly enjoys some down time napping on the couch after some rough-and-tumble playtime. 

Click to enlarge...

She likes to sleep on top of you on the couch and nestles her little head in the crook of your neck and gives kisses before falling asleep content with her people. Buttons is mastering her basic puppy commands such as "come" and "sit", is smart as a whip, and has shown to catch on fairly quickly.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Buttons is up-to-date with her puppy vaccines and has been dewormed as well. Her spay will be done at the appropriate age. 

If you want to have a pup that will liven up your life, Buttons is the girl for you. Please fill out the adoption/foster application on the left and if you have any questions, please contact us at
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March 18/15

Rollie Update - Rollie's previous foster mom got a GREAT update and picture from Rollie's family.

This poor boy, at 12 years of age was sadly needing a new family to call his own, through no fault of his own. Thankfully our girl Carolina got wind of Rollie's urgent plea for help and went over right away to whisk him away. We were so sad for Rollie, but lucky for us, there was the perfect family out there waiting to make him a part of their family. Here is an update from Rollie's loving mom, Suzy.

Hi! Can you believe it's four years since you brought Rollie to us?!! That makes the old guy sixteen! He's still a happy boy though his joints are stiffening. He has a tremendous appetite and bright eyes and still follows me everywhere so I hope he's with us for a while longer. He'll be boarding with his vet next week as we have to be away but they're so good with him, we have no real worries. I would send you a photo of our boy but my Ipad is 1st gen and can't do it! (I know - get up to speed!)

Click to enlarge...

I hope all is well and your efforts with rescues are rewarding! Happy Spring to you and thank you for all you do. ~Suzy Sprout and Rollie 

It has been 4 years now and Rollie still looks the same as he did the day he arrived into rescue. He has an amazing family that love him dearly and for that we are grateful for. 
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March 16/15

Tasha Update - We love when our foster/adoptive families keep us updated. We received a nice picture and update from Tasha's mom and as you can see, she is no longer the skinny little bonerack that first arrived into foster care. 

Hello! How are you doing? We are doing great & Tasha is getting so much better!! 

Click to enlarge...

Ken & I are so happy!! Here is a beautiful pic of Tasha & she looks so much healthier! Take care!:-)

She looks absolutely stunning and it is obvious her family adore her. It's amazing what love and a family to call your own can do for the soul. Thanks for sharing Rachel. Hugs to Tasha from all her friends at ANML-RESQ.
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March 10/15

Seniors Rejoice - This past week has been a glorious week for ANML-RESQ. I think we'll call it "seniors week". 

As you all know we have had 2 amazing senior boys posted, waiting for their forever family to find them. Our boy Duggan has been the longest waiting and Rocky was also waiting for a few months. Both boys are amazing and good with everyone and everything. 

While they waited patiently, slowly but surely the past couple of weeks there seemed to be a lot of interest in Duggan. Once an inquiry came in for Duggan it seemed to have an avalanche affect as more and more inquiries came in. Knowing that Duggan has a couple of medical issues, the question repeatedly asked was how much per month did his medication cost. People were not deterred by his age or even his medical issues. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Then an inquiry turned into an application ... a wonderful application. I contacted Duggan's foster family to give them a heads up that there was a lot of interest and to be prepared as a forever family looked immanent. It was at this point that the reality of Duggan leaving "hit" the foster family and it probably should not have come as a surprise to me that the family could not let this sweet boy go. Another "foster failure" (-: 

Click to enlarge...

Of course we had to inform the wonderful applicant that Duggan was no longer available, but had they by chance noticed Rocky on our site? The applicant went to the website to check Rocky out and it was "love at first sight". YES, they were willing to go through the application process for Rocky, so the application was processed and we LOVED this wonderful lady who has always offered the older dogs and great home. 

So we are thrilled to let you know that Rocky AND Duggan have been adopted! Duggan of course did not need to leave the foster family he adored and we were thrilled for that lucky boy (stay tuned for pictures and updates from Duggan's foster family on a future blog).

Rocky went to his forever home on Sunday and he has settled in beautifully with his 8 year old Rottie sister Morgan and the resident feline, Channel. 

We had to giggle at the pictures Doris sent of Rocky and sister Morgan. They look like an old married couple. lol Rocky lives in a quaint little village on the bay and this boy will be spoiled, cherished and adored by new mom Doris.

Click to enlarge...

We cannot thank Rocky's foster dad Ron and furry sister Maxine for welcoming Rocky into their hearts and home. He was a very lucky boy to have been given the chance to wait in a loving home until his forever family found him.

And the "seniors week" doesn't end there. We had recently posted on our blog to welcome 12 yr. old Douggy into our rescue fold. We found a wonderful new foster family that welcomed Douggy into their hearts and home and after getting to know him for less than a week and knowing he was a good boy and now completely vetted, we were ready to get him posted. His foster family was told it could take some time to find the right home for Douggy but I asked them to let me know when they felt comfortable enough to post him for adoption. The reply I got??? "What if WE want to adopt him?" LOL ... another foster failure - wooohoooo! So our boy Douggy never made it to the website for adoption and already he is home!

What a FANTASTIC week this has been for ANML-RESQ and our senior residents. Congratulations Duggan, Rocky and Douggy.

Huge thanks again to foster families ... Duggan's foster family, Diane and Norman and Blade, Rocky's foster family, Ron and Maxine and Douggy's loving foster family, Monique, Walter, Valerie and Bandit. Three VERY lucky boys!
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Hi Renee: Read your blog this morning, what wonderful news about the "seniors"! All 3 dogs to find homes in a week. Nice when fosters fail, hard not to fall in love with the nice dog in a short time. Keep well and keep up the great work. ~Anne

March 9/15

Gus Update - We received an update from Gus' mom Anne and it sounds like he has healed very well and the loss of his eye seems not to bother him at all. He is such a lucky boy to have landed and stayed with his foster family. As you can see, he is very much loved, adored and all of his needs are taken care of (-:

A beautiful sunny afternoon for a failed foster and his little buddy. Had Gus's eye pressure checked again yesterday and it was perfect. We check again in one month and then go back to eye surgeon for final report but so far so good with the remaining eye. 2 different eye drops once a day. He can be slow witted at times but quickly learned that if he cooperates with the eye drops then he gets the good special treats.

The vet biopsied a lump on his side while we were there and should get that report next week but he didn't think it was a cause for worry. 

Click to enlarge...

Gus is starting to show his age of 8. Sleeps a lot but can fire up like a puppy with the right incentive. There is a small Shitz shu lives near us who really likes Gus. When he sees her he can put on quite a happy dance for her as she jumps up in his big face. Gus just keeps on dancing. Hope all's well with you and yours.

Thank you Anne for this update and picture of our Big Boy Gus!
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March 6/15

Simi Update - We received another wonderful update and pictures of our Simi girl. Boy oh boy, did she ever luck out finding the best forever family. It isn't hard to tell that Simi is loved and adored. She really is a little daddy's girl. It is also obvious that Simi and brother Kamin are very bonded as well. Here is an update and pictures from Simi's loving mom, Monica. 

Simi is now an important part of the family and is settling in in leaps and bounds. She is quite at home and a love to have around. I can't imagine life without her. Her eyes are bright and happy and her coat is shiny. She is getting more comfortable around people and definitely loves the dogs around the neighborhood. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

She sits by my feet when I'm on the computer waiting (sometimes) patiently for a body scratch. Oops I spoke too soon ... her patience has run out!!! She's definitely Wally's dog but so long as she is happy that's the main thing! ~Monica

Thanks so much for the update Monica!! We love seeing updates and pictures of our adopted so please keep the updates coming. Hugs to Simi and Kamin from all their friends at ANML-RESQ!
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March 5/15

Kane Update - We received a nice update from Kane's foster mom, Sharin. As you can see our boy LOVES the snow! Here is Kane's update and pictures too (-:

Mr. Kandy KANE is one happy pup! He has stolen all our hearts with his gentle happy spirit. Pure joy to be around. He LOVES to be outside playing in the snow. Loves to play fetch with a stick or ball, will return to you if asked to be thrown again. He also just loves to play on his own with his toy in the snow, digging for it and flipping it in the air. Kane has great manners, very gentle with food and toys. After a good walk he loves to relax with the family and is very calm and quiet. 

blog030515b.jpg (237852 bytes)blog030515.jpg (105943 bytes)blog030515c.jpg (90546 bytes)

blog030515a.jpg (100607 bytes)blog030515d.jpg (80360 bytes)

He LOVES to get his belly rubbed and will roll over or fall down once you start petting him. Kane is a very happy guy, who loves to meet new people, plays well with other dogs but due to his large size and puppy brain, does play rough so med or large dogs would be best for him. At only 2 years old he is still working on his leash control, he is a big strong boy. Kane is a great runner and enjoys following the scent of animals so a fenced in yard is required. He truly LOVES to be outside with you so an active forever home would be best for this exceptional young boy.

We are so happy to have this boy in our care and we hope to find the best forever home for this happy fellow ... he sure deserves it. 
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March 4/15

Meet Douglas - ANML-RESQ was asked to help find a loving forever home for this fantastic boy, Douglas. At 12 years old, he had to say goodbye to a very loving owner. Although it was a sad day for everyone involved we are so very happy that he has been trusted to our care (there are some very mean, dangerous people out there). 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We are so thankful that his Dad loved him enough to keep searching until he found something safe for Douglas. Thank you so much to Monique and family for... stepping up and offering this boy such a fantastic foster home.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Affectionately known as Master Douglas, this boy has a snuggly bed in a quiet corner when he needs it, a new sister to love and snuggle, a new Mom to go for walks and clean off the mud in snowbanks, he supervises the ladies while they do crafts, and cuddles up for a snooze on the bed.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Legal to stay in Ontario this bully boy will no doubt have many, many admirers! Kisses Douggie! xoxo
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March 3/15

Marli Update - We received another wonderful update from Marli's mom. It truly warms our hearts when we get pictures and updates like this. Here is what Leah has to say...

Hey Renee, How are you keeping? I just thought I would send you a couple more pictures, showing how Marli is settling in (taking over??) ... 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

She is a fantastic girl, very attached to Gordon, well behaved... what more can we ask for? The 3 Oldies have accepted her now and there are no problems at all. All good! Take care, Leah

Marli SO deserved to have a wonderful home to call her own and as you can see, she has her daddy wrapped around her paws!
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March 2/15

Mousseline Update - We are excited to say that our beautiful girl Mousseline (aka Mousse) has gone to her forever home.

It was, of course a very tearful good-bye for foster mom Jen who fell head over heels for Mousseline. Actually, everyone that has met her including the people at the vet clinic fell for Mousse. She is such a good girl. I have personally fallen in love with her through pictures and updates from foster mom so I can understand meeting her in person you would be smitten. 

Here is a little update from foster mom Jen who had such a hard time letting Mousse go, but knows there will be another needing her help:

In my times of foster, i have always held a good chance of letting go.. Mousse when she came to me, i couldnt see her eyes so i trimmed her hair so I could see into her. She captured me with her smile and her "what were sad eyes" that turned into happy eyes. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

To have her for such a short time, i still question why her "owners" let her go. She always wanted to be a part of you and greeted you as you walk in by nuzzling your hand with her mouth in a way to say im so happy you are here. To know she was leaving me, I had a good feeling about her new mom. Her mom understood the needing to be touched as she sat here.. 

Click to enlarge...

knowing she was ok to do that for Mousse, i knew she was the my last moments with Mousse I went with her for one last walk, her mom paid every attention to detail of what i was doing that mousse responded to.. i knew, i could let her go. With a sad heart, and tear filled eyes.. i realize that i was a temporary home for comfort and warmth and love.. and I gave her that! 

letting go wasnt as easy this time around.. but now i have a place for another lost soul to open my doors to.. "we do what we do not because we have to... but because we want to.." Missing my Mousse.

On Sunday our girl went home with a very excited new mom, Heidi. Mousseline will have Heidi ALL to herself - there are no other pets in the family so Mousse will have all the love and attention she deserves.

Congratulations Mousseline and Heidi. We hope to get lots of pictures and updates which we will be sure to share. Thank you again Jen for helping yet another wonderful dog, needing a second chance.

And in rescue, it feels like a revolving door. One lucky dog leaves to go to their forever home and another dog comes into our care. We are THRILLED to announce that Hemi has arrived! We are thrilled to once again welcome another handsome black and tan to add to our rescue family.

Hemi has been lovingly taken in by our good friends (and recent adoptors of Simi), Monica and Walter. We cannot thank this wonderful couple for opening their hearts and home to this sweet boy. He met both resident dogs, Kamin and Simi and the three hit it off immediately.

We can't wait for updates from his foster family and we know we will find Hemi the perfect forever home, just like our Mousseline has done. Stay tuned for updates on Hemi in future blogs and hopefully lots of updates of Mousseline as well. (-:
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