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  Renee Leger - ANML-RESQ May 29/09

Two Great Updates 


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Two Great Updates;

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It has been a couple of weeks now since we have taken Carter into foster care and I must say that our boy is doing very well. It's amazing what a few square meals will do for an emaciated dog. 

Carter is eating well and enjoying every meal. He is still getting goats milk everyday ... I'll soon have to wean him off of that. He really loves the milk and I hate to take him off of it, but he can't expect goats milk everyday when he is adopted LOL We are thrilled with Carter's progress. While he is still thin, you can no longer see or feel his backbone. His personality is really shining through now. He's a silly boy that loves to make you laugh. 

When he first arrived, it was a labour for him to walk because he was so weak, but today, he had me jogging. He has pep in his step and is truly enjoying life. Carter enjoys his walks everyday and he follows us everywhere. We are fortunate to be able to walk him through the trails, and as you can see [below] ... no leash required. 

Carter loves to be with people. He's been able to socialize a lot in the last couple of weeks. He has attended barbeques, bonfires and even a child's birthday party. Carter adores children. He is drawn to them like a magnet.

We really love this fellow and it will be hard to let him go when the time is right. Hopefully Carter will soon be strong enough to undergo his neuter and dewclaw removal. His eyes are clearing up nicely. Here is a picture of Carter on his nightly walk with foster daddy.

We also got another great update on Russia and foster mom EVEN included a video. Russia ... you are a star!!!
Isn't he a handsome fellow? Check out the video:

It sounds like the rainy wet weather will clear up and the weekend should be nice and sunny. Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

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May 28/09

Sheena Update
Sheena came home around 3:00 pm and is doing well. She didn't want to go inside because the neighbourhood kids were coming home, so she lay on the step on her car bed with me for awhile. Her friends all came over to say hi which made her happy. 

She had a small bowl of food and water and seems to be doing great. Much better than the last time. We are restricted to short leash walks, no running or swimming and no hard food or bone for 2 weeks. I will have to watch her at mom's house, she tries to steal Sammy's food when he is not watching. 

Feel better soon Sheena!! Best wishes for a speedy recovery from all of us at ANML-RESQ

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May 27/09

Jennie and Flex Update
We had an update from Sheena's dad, and unfortunately, due to an emergency at the clinic, Sheena's surgery was postponed until today.  Please send good thoughts and prayers that her surgery will be successful and we all wish Sheena a speedy recovery. 

We had a couple of wonderful updates... one from our girl Jennie.  

As you can see, she is the love of her foster parents life and Jennie's life is ALL GOOD!!  We hear the she is the apple of her daddy's eye. What a cutie pie.

Here is a little update from Jennie's mom.

My mommy tires me out, I follow her everywhere, mom never stops only when its dark outside does she stop and lays on the couch to watch boob tube and so do I.

She is doing really well, we love her to pieces!

FYI:  she con run very fast, its the funniest thing to watch.

We also received a couple of pictures of our boy Flex. 

As you can see, life is ALL good for this handsome boy too. I see he is a REAL help with the gardening and yardwork LOL

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May 26/09

Russia Update
We are happy to say we were able to find a foster home for Russia. He's a very lucky boy and he is having a BLAST playing in his huge fenced in yard. He has two foster sisters, both Malamute mixes and he is really enjoying the company of other dogs.

Foster mom tells us he's a very good boy. Not overly energetic, but as playful as a puppy can be. This lucky boy gets nice long walks with his foster family and he enjoys every minute of it.

Here is a picture of Russia, all tuckered out after a 4 km. walk.  What a happy boy he is.

We are getting to know Russia more and more as foster mom has already updated us on his progress. It sounds like everything is going well and we have no doubt that Russia will soon find his forever home. Who wouldn't love this handsome boy? (-:

We have also heard that Sheena (the Rotti girl that stole my heart a couple of years ago) will be undergoing surgery today. She has to have a couple of fibrous lumps removed and everyone at ANML-RESQ is praying that all goes well for this senior girl. She is SO lucky... her dad has even booked a week off so he can be by her side for the surgery and recovery time. What a fantastic daddy she has.

We love you Sheena and our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your Dad today.

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May 25/09

Weekend Update
It was a busy weekend for ANML-RESQ, particularly for our volunteers Allie and Walter. They had a very long transport on Saturday, but it was well worth it to have two of our boys finally go to their adoptive homes.

We are thrilled to let you know that Patches and Jimmie have finally gone home. They both waited a VERY long time to find their perfect forever home ... and we cannot be happier for both of our boyz.

Patches arrived home and this lucky boy has a HUGE backyard to romp and play in. After spending many months at the kennel, we KNOW this boy will be very happy with his mom and extended family. Congratulations Patches ... be HAPPY!!!

Jimmie also waited a long time, but we think he will be very happy living on a farm with LOTS of room to run and play. He has a tiny little sister who is already bossing him around LOL. He is well behaved and obviously LOVING all the attention. Congratulations Jimmie!! 

Best wishes to the boyz and their new families from ALL of us at ANML-RESQ!!!

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May 22/09

Faith Update
I know you will all remember Faith.... I know I will never forget her story.  To end off the week, we got an awesome update from Faith's new family - forwarded to us by Gerdy's Rescue.  

What a FANTASTIC ending to a heartbreaking story!!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!!!

Hello Gerdy, Joy and everyone at the rescue,

Sorry it took so long for me to write you, but here is some news about Faith.

After an adaptation period, everyone is getting along just fine. Faith and the cat aren't quite best freinds yet, but they like each other and occasionnaly play around or share a spot to rest in the sun light. We are working very hard on training her so she becomes a model citizen. She is a very smart girl, she learns very quickly. I have to say that the clicker, witch I am a new advocat of, is a great tool to train them. And after all the work, well we have to play play play... We take many long walk every day, go jogging, rollerblading, play in the park and all those other games she can't get enough of. You should see how much muscle she has put on, she is beautifull.

I'm going to attach some pictures of Faith in her new home.

Thank you again for this beautifull present.

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May 21/09

Hunter (Teflon) Update
I've been so busy with Carter that I have completely forgotten to mention that our young rescuers, Holly and Alex have finally started up their teen rescue blog. They will be writing once every two weeks and I am sure you will look forward to reading about their experiences with animals as much as I will. To read their blog and get to know them, click here...>

We also received a great update and picture of Hunter (previously known as Teflon). 

Hunter and his new mom. 

This boy's time was up and thankfully a friend of our volunteer was actually looking for a Doberman and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. 

That's a calendar shot, for sure!! Congratulations Hunter and Yvette!!!

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May 20/09

Vet Updates
Senta went to the vet on Friday. We were concerned about her ears and rightfully so. This poor girl has been in so much pain, not only from her blown cruciate, but her ears were so packed and inflamed, the vet couldn't believe they hadn't burst yet. How sad is that? How could anyone watch their dog suffer so much, and not do anything to help her? Senta was immediately given a shot for pain and sent home with anti-inflammatory for both her leg and her ears. Her leg was so inflamed, we can't imagine how this poor girl puts on such a brave front.

Even though Senta has been SO uncomfortable and sore, she still manages to wag her little nub the moment someone enters the room. Her foster family loves her very much and are having a hard time watching this girl brave the pain she is in. Chin up will soon be fixed and on the road to a pain-free life, which you SO deserve.

We also had Carter to the vet yesterday. Again, not only is he starved and malnourished, but the green gunk I've been cleaning from his eyes everyday is caused because his eyes are very inflamed and swollen. Carter was such a good boy at the vet. He had his ears cleaned and his nails clipped. His eyes were thoroughly cleaned out and he is now on ointment twice a day to take down the swelling in his eyes. His skin and coat are in rough shape, all due to malnutrition...but that will soon come around with all the good food and supplements he is getting. Carter absolutely loves his goats milk and we are feeding him 4 small meals a day. His coat is already starting to look better. Since the weather is getting warmer now, I think an oatmeal bath is on the agenda (-: 

Carter has met a lot of people in the last 6 days, but he is particularly drawn to children. He LOVES children. While we were at the vets, a gentleman was in the waiting room with his small breed dog and his two little girls. Carter noticed the doggy, but immediately tugged to go see the girls. I let him get close after asking dad if it was okay and Carter laid his big head on the little girls lap, soaking up the attention. He is such a sweetheart. 

It always amazes me to see this powerful, noble breed....many times neglected and abused at the hands of humans, yet SO gentle and loving and giving to humans, the very species that have done them SO wrong. 

Big hugs to Senta and Carter. We promise NOT to let you down. We will get you both the help that you need and then we will find you the forever home that is deserving of your loyal and unconditional love.

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May 19/09

Friday, we picked up Carter, who was an owner surrender. We heard that Carter needed out and hearing about the situation he was living in, we accepted him, sight unseen.

Carter had been living in a basement for a couple of months now while his mother and father (both unaltered) lived upstairs with the family. Carter was banished to the basement for scrapping with his father... Well... dahhhhh, what do you expect when you have a female in heat?

Carter has not seen the light of day for two months and is emaciated and stressed to his limit. He is so badly malnourished, his skin/nose are like leather, he is losing hair, his dewclaws (one is a double dewclaw) is so large that the nail has embedded into his skin. He is tripping over his dewclaw. They NEED to come off, but no surgery can be done to Carter until he regains his health and strength. He is so weak that short walks tire him out. 

I am feeding him 4 times a day, cod liver oil, herring and sweet potato, chicken and rice AND goats milk, which he loves. I hope with all this good food and nutrition, our boy Carter will soon come back to life soon.

We are used to seeing dogs in rough shape, but I NEVER expected to see an owner surrender in this condition. He is here with me now and I have vowed to Carter that we will bring him back to good health and find him the forever home that is deserving of for this loyal and noble boy. 

I spend as much time as I can with him as he CRAVES human attention, even though it was humans that did this to him. I love him to pieces already. He is such a sweet, loving boy who takes food and treats so gently.

Carter will be going to the vet today as it's the earliest I could get him in. I will keep everyone posted on his progress.

I know that our volunteers and Rottweiler lovers everywhere are all rallying together to help Carter and I thank everyone for their help and support. Carter thanks you too. 

If you would like to help Carter, please give by using the Paypal button. He is such a good boy!

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May 15/09

Whipworm and Reverse Sneezing
We've had a couple of questions in the last few days about certain health conditions in dogs and I thought I would share some of the information with you.

Often times, people are dealing with on-going problems concerning their dog's health and some problems are relentless and hard to diagnose.  One of the conditions that are so hard to diagnose, yet reek havoc on your dogs health (particularly when their immune system is compromised) is whipworm. It's a nasty parasite that can stay in your environment for MANY years and is problematic to eradicate. Here is a link with some good information about whipworm>>

Have you ever had an episode with your dog that scared both you and your dog because you don't know what is happening to them? It's hard to explain in words what it sounds like, but your dog looks terrified when it is happening, which in turn, frightens us too. 

I remember the first time one of my dogs had an episode of reverse sneezing. I was trying to keep my dog calm, by gently rubbing him and reassuring him he would be okay.  After the episode, I immediately made an appointment with my vet and told them what happened. They checked out my boy to be sure there wasn't an obstruction in their windpipe and then they reassured me it was probably reverse sneezing. Now that I know what it is, I can calmly reassure my dog that all will be well.  Here is a link and video to give you more information about reverse sneezing (backward sneezing)>>

It's the long weekend - woohoo!!! Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!!!

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May 14/09

Gomez  and Russia
We have two new doggies looking for their forever home. First is our little Gomez, a 5 year old pug who needed to find rescue fast. 

This cutie-pie was overlooked because he has a disability... Gomez is blind. He doesn't know he is "different" though. He has quickly adapted to his foster home and is already following the resident dog around. 

Gomez will do great in a home with another dog as blind dogs often follow their furry friends lead. Gomez is good with dogs and children, however, we do not recommend a home with young children because he could be startled by a child's quick movements. Gomez is on the pudgy side, but with exercise and a good diet, we are sure he will slim down (-: If you think you can give Gomez the home he needs, please contact us.

We also have a very handsome Lab/Husky mix named Russia. 

Russia is 10 months old and full of life and energy. Russia is great with children and all people. He is housetrained and crate trained. 

Russia would LOVE a home with a large fenced in yard so he can run off some of his energy. Russia is neutered and completely vetted and ready to go, so if this handsome boy appeals to you, please contact us at ANML-RESQ.

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May 13/09

Tick Removal 101
It's that grrrreat time of year when our dogs are running around and playing outside, but there's nothing worse than getting that occasional tick. If you're absolutely sure that it's a tick and you're going to try to remove it yourself, you really have to know what you're doing. What's the best way to remove that little pest? Click here to find out!

I would like to remind everyone that it is highly recommended to see your vet first to make sure that what you want to remove is REALLY a tick. You can cause a lot of pain and distress to your dog if it is a skin lesion, and not a tick. 

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May 12/09

ANML-RESQ has been busy fundraising to help dogs such as Liebe who needed surgery to repair a broken leg and our girl Senta who needs cruciate surgery. 

Often times, these dogs get overlooked because of the high cost of surgery, but ANML-RESQ works hard to take in these special needs furkids. We could not do this without the help of our volunteers and kind people that help us to help them. 

We have a beautiful quilt which was made by a good friend of ANML-RESQ to help raise funds to help more dogs like Liebe and Senta's. Our volunteers have, once again, answered our call for help and are hitting the road, selling raffle tickets for the cause. 

Today, our youngest volunteer, Noah, went out and sold one book of tickets and is back out again fundraising on our behalf. And this was on the very first day he started.

Noah is only 9 years old and we cannot be prouder of his hard work and dedication. This young man is not only a super fundraiser, but he has also helped with many, many of our fosters by giving them love and also helping them become more adoptable through consistent training. 

HIGH FIVE NOAH!!! A future rescuer in the making. Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of all of us at ANML-RESQ!!!

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May 11/09

Senta Arrives
Senta has arrived into our foster care this weekend and has already won over everyone in her foster home, both 2-legged and 4-legged. Senta is a beautiful Rottweiler girl with a heart of gold. This gentle girl is in a lot of pain, with an ear infection and a bad knee which will require cruciate surgery. Even still, Senta has a smile and a wag for everyone. What a brave girl she is. ANML-RESQ's volunteers have fallen in love with her and we vow to do everything we can to help Senta get back to good health, including giving her the surgery she so badly needs.

Again, many, many thanks to Sharon and her family for welcoming her into their heart and home, we couldn't have done this without you.

Here are some pictures of Senta. 

We now begin the hard work of fundraising to help Senta get the surgery she requires. Please help us, to help Senta. You can send donations through Paypal, located on the left.

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May 8/09

Help for Teflon and Senta 
We have another busy weekend planned. We were able to help a beautiful Doberman boy find a home. This fellow's time was up and, again, our volunteers worked overtime trying to find safety for him. We are pleased that our team got not one, but two responses for this urgent plea.

Teflon (who will be renamed I am sure) will be arriving this weekend after a long journey and we are sure he will enjoy being out of the shelter and into a loving home. 

We are also bringing in a beautiful rottweiler girl named Senta. She is a very loving girl who is in terrible need of cruciate surgery. This beauty is in a lot of pain and absolutely needs relief and we hope that we can help her by giving her the surgery she so badly needs and then our mission will be to find a forever home, deserving of such a special girl.

We will have to do a pile of fundraising though as cruciate surgery is not cheap. however we will do what it takes to give Senta the help she needs. She has captured all of our hearts and ANML-RESQ and it's volunteers are up for the challenge!!

MANY thanks to Sharon and family for opening your heart and home to this special girl. 

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May 7/09

Seniors Visit 
"The Seniors" visit! This past weekend we had the privilege to have our favourite Shih Tzu' over for the weekend. 

We went to pick them up on Thursday night because Mom was leaving early on Friday. I was so excited to see them again and to see how well they were doing. When we arrived we quickly found out that although we had lovingly nicknamed them "The Seniors" they were now known as "The Kids". Mom is head over heals in love and these two are very comfortable in their new home. 

We sat and chatted for a while about their new routine and things they like to do. Precious and Fido always loved to go visit my grandparents when they were being fostered here and lucky for them they still get to go out to visit. Their new Mom takes them over to her parents house often and I am told that "The Kids" love it there. 

Precious always jumps up on the bed to sit and cuddle with her Dad who is ill. It always amazed me how they seem to know when they need to be gentle. After a while it was decided that it was WAY past the Kids' bedtime and that we should be leaving. So, we loaded everyone into the car and I think that Mom was a little sad that her Kids had so readily jumped in and said goodbye. 

Once we got home it was as if they had never left. Right back into their old routine and sleeping spots! We had a great weekend. They went for a nice stroll around the neighbourhood and for a visit to see Nanny & Pappy. I never would have been forgiven had I not stopped in there :) My grandparents just love the personalities of these two little ones! It wasn't long before the weekend was over and it was time to return them. If there ever was a doubt in their new Mom's mind about whether or not they were happy living with her, the question sure was answered when we pulled into her drive. Both of "The Kids" were barking and jumping around excitedly, they knew they were once again, home!

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May 6/09

Hugo Update
You may remember our rotti boy Hugo who was taken into our rescue VERY last minute. His time was up and we couldn't let this handsome fellow die. We really had nowhere concrete for him to go, but were hoping for a last minute miracle. Thankfully someone spoke up and said they would take him in temporarily, but they admittedly had no experience with the rottweiler breed, but offered safe haven in the interim. 

In the meantime, they renamed him Bear (cause he was a teddy bear) and we continued to look for a more permanent home for Bear. 

When Bear arrived to temporary foster, he had a very serious strain of kennel cough and he wasn't feeling well at all. Poor boy wouldn't eat and his infected respiratory system zapped all the energy from him. He was taken to the vet and immediately put on strong medication to help him recover.

As it so happened, we had a friend that has been asking us to find him a rottweiler, so I approached them to see if they would be interested in Bear. Again, keep in mind, he looked awful and sounded even worse, but sight unseen our friends immediately sent in their application to foster and my husband picked him up last Monday and brought him to our friends home. 

It was "love at first sight" and Bear became Rogers cling-on. Roger had to take Bear to our vets again this week because even though he was finished his medication for kennel cough, he was still not up to par. He was also losing patches of hair. We hoped it wasn't mange. That's all he needed - another blow. Thankfully, our vet ascertained it was NOT mange, but they believe he may have an issue with his thyroid. Until he is better, we can't test for thyroid, but if so, it is easily and inexpensively treated. No wonder he isn't himself. 

It seems that his recent health scare only strengthened Rogers commitment to Bear and we are happy to announce that Roger and his family will officially be adopting this gentle giant once we have him all fixed up. Congratulations Bear!! We know you will be forever loved.

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May 5/09

Gas Chamber Demonstration
This past weekend, one of our volunteers was able to attend a demonstration in Quebec, protesting dogs in shelters being gassed. There were many people there, MANY who had no idea this happens in shelters on a daily basis. Sadly, it IS the truth. This is one of several "acceptable" forms of killing dogs according to the societies that are there for their protection.

At the demonstration were TV crews who interviewed the ralliers attending the demonstration. Police were on hand to make sure things didn't get too heated, but it was a peaceful demonstration. So many people have been fighting these barbaric laws for so many years and our pleas seem to be falling on deaf ears. 

I remember attending a demonstration about 4 years ago, protesting puppy mills. We were promised that our voices would not go unheard, but 4 years later, the mills continue to operate and innocent animals are being neglected and tortured still. 

We all need to give voice to those that cannot speak for themselves. If you are against this type of "euthanasia", please, let your voice be heard. Together we CAN make a difference and stop the cruelty.

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May 4/09

Alpha Status
We often get calls from frantic owners asking WHY their well-behaved dog has suddenly turned into a dominant dog with behavior issues. This happens all too often and most often is due to our lack of leadership. Dogs are VERY intelligent beings and their pack instincts tend to take over if they don't have leadership. We all love our dogs and sometimes we love them too much. We treat them like children, not dogs and therein begins the problem. With a pack of dogs, there is always an "alpha". The alpha dog is the boss. They keep the pack in line and make sure everything runs smoothly. If a dog comes into your home and realizes there is no leadership, they begin to take on that role. You REALLY don't want to give that position to the family pet. If your dog has taken over this position and you want to get it back, I have found a fantastic article to help you gain back "alpha" status. 

This article pertains not only to large breed dogs. Smaller breeds can also take over and although they aren't capable of the same damage as a larger dog, they can still cause damage. We all want a well balanced family and this includes the family pet.

I am sure you will find this article very helpful

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May 1/09

Last weekend we had our friends come up for a visit. I was really hoping for a quiet weekend so we could enjoy our visit, but as luck would have it, I was a lousy hostess. I vowed I would stay OFF email and enjoy our company. Of course, that was not to be. 

The phone rang Saturday morning and so my weekend began... working on problems, finding places for dogs in urgent need. Sorry Jen and Cory!! Next time, I will turn my phone off too!! LOL.

Anyways, since Jen and Cory were coming up this way on Friday evening, I got them to transport a dog in need up to the Owen Sound Shelter. I figured since they were heading this way anyways, it would save me a trip. I checked with Owen Sound to make sure they could accommodate a late night delivery and as always, they were there when needed.

Needless to say, Sabre didn't arrive there until 11 p.m. (sorry Todd and Renee) and our company arrived at our place an hour later.

We stayed up and chatted, caught up with all the news and off to bed at 2 a.m. That was the extent of my visit, cause Saturday morning at 8 a.m. the phone rang with my FIRST problem and continued ALL weekend.

Once again, I apologize my friends...but sometimes you have to prioratize and as much as I enjoy our visits and look forward to them, I can't say NO when a life is at stake.

They brought Sabre to Owen Sound and I got the FANTASTIC news that this beautiful boy was adopted by Monday afternoon. I thought I would show you a picture of this handsome man who is now loved and adored.

Thanks Jen and Cory for bringing him up and thanks OSAS for taking him in!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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