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LeRoy Brown and Jack 


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LeRoy Brown and Jack

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I would like to introduce our newest adoptable - LeRoy Brown!!!  He is as cute as they come and we are so happy that we were able to take him into foster care - Thanks Carolina!!!

Little LeRoy is 2 years young and as cute as a button.  He is a Boston Terrier/Chihauha mix. This little peanut was born deaf, but that doesn't stop him from enjoying life to the fullest. We will be looking for a special home that will show this boy the good life. LeRoy knows two hand signals, sit and NO LOL. The sky is the limit for someone that is willing to teach this boy. Deaf dogs are like any other dog and can learn very quickly. The sky is the limit for this handsome fellow. 

LeRoy is new to rescue and we are getting to know him a little better, but keep watching the website... he will soon be placed on our adoptables page. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates on LeRoy. I know foster mom will have so much fun with him!

We are also looking for a foster home for a handsome little guy named Jack. Jack is a Westie or Scottish Terrier mix. 

He is a good boy and gets along with dogs, big and small. 

If you think you could foster him, please contact us ASAP.  
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May 28/10

Garage Sale and BBQ 

It's Friday - woohoo!! If you are out and about in cottage country and looking for some good deals and a way to help the animals, please stop by and the Grey Bruce Animal Shelter for their annual garage sale... lots of good stuff!!! Summer has started to sizzle at the Shelter and they are all set for their first garage sale in 3 years! It'll be a good one with lots of great stuff - come out to browse and buy. The action starts at 8am and the BBQ will be sizzling along with the sales. All items have been donated to raise funds for the Shelter - everything must go See you there.

And we can't end the week without some more pictures of our lucky girl Haille, now known as Splash.

As you can see, she is the queen of the house, with her brothers, Biff and Beau. 

Have a great weekend everyone!
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May 27/10

Tucker and Sadie 

We have finally received pictures of our handsome boy, Tucker. He is settling in wonderfully in his foster home. He was quite shy at first, but that is to be expected. Tucker is getting along very well with the resident female and life is GOOD!!! It seems that his foster family is quite smitten with Tucker, so we are pretty confident this will be his forever home. What a lucky boy to have landed such a fantastic and loving foster/forever home. Who could resist this handsome fellow? 

We also took in a beautiful white shepherd girl on the weekend, thanks to an angel that saw her and heard her story. This beauty was found straying and when she was picked up, the shelter saw that she had a severe injury of her back leg. The injury was so bad that unfortunately, her leg could not be saved, it needed to be amputated. The shelter quickly realized as well that Sadie suffered separation anxiety and a shelter situation would not be ideal for this sweet girl. She needed to find rescue. Thankfully there were many angels looking out for Sadie... I can't begin to tell you how many people there were that were determined to help this girl. She touched the hearts of many.

Without knowing the severity of her separation anxiety, it is very difficult to find a suitable foster home that could deal her anxiety. Thankfully an angel heard her story and wanted to help her. Arrangements were made to bring her into foster to see if Sadie would work in the home. Thankfully, Sadie arrived and settled in very quickly. Foster mom fell in love with this girl, who only wanted to be a part of a family and be loved. She was no trouble at all. 

As it turned out, her angel happened upon a lady who also has a male white shepherd and they got talking about Sadie and one thing lead to another and before the weekend was over, this wonderful family submitted an application for Sadie (who hasn't even been placed on the website, just like Tucker). We couldn't believe it!! We began the application process, checking references, etc., however we had to wait until after the weekend to get in touch with their vet. The vet was contacted on Tuesday and it did not come as a surprise to us that all references were excellent. It was time for Sadie to meet the family and their resident boy, Kodi. I wish I could have been there for that because I hear it was like Sadie was always meant to be there. She met Kodi and both hit it off immediately. Sadie, was having a blast playing with Kodi and checking out her surroundings. It seems the family fell head over heels for this beautiful girl... and who wouldn't? 

I was able to speak to her new family after the visit... and I was thrilled. Her potential mom, aunt and grandma were all smitten with her. They told me they were very sad to see her leave... they wanted her to stay. WOW, it truly doesn't get any better. 

Sadie will be microchipped in the next couple of days and will then be going home to her forever home. 

I must say that the Victoria Day weekend was jam-packed with happy tails for two very precious souls and a couple of miracles that happened right before our eyes. (-:
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May 26/10

Dog Bites 

How many times have you heard it? A friend or someone you know was bit by a dog. Often, you'll hear them say... "but he was wagging his tail"...he was happy. WHY did he bite me?

As you will find in this article, a wagging tail does not necessarily mean a "friendly" dog. Body language can be difficult to figure out, but in this article you will see and hopefully be able to gauge more accurately if the tail wag is friendly. Always remember to approach any strange dog with caution.
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May 25/10

Great Weekend Update 

I hope everyone enjoyed the Victoria Day long weekend!!!  The weather here was incredible!!! 30 degrees and sunshine ALL weekend - woohoo.  

I would like to take this opportunity to thank some very special people for taking time out of their holiday weekend to get our newest rescue, Tucker to his foster home. We got confirmation on Friday that he was coming to us and I am sure you can all appreciate how difficult it is to arrange a long transport on a holiday weekend.... with very little time to co-ordinate. We thought it wasn't going to happen, but as always, we had some very kind people step up and offer their help. HUGE thanks to Vera and Christine for making this possible.

Tucker is an 8 month old chocolate lab who's family has been going through some very difficult times. We were asked if we could help and once again, a wonderful family stepped up and offered him a foster home. Tucker arrived on Saturday evening, tired after a long, long transport. He met the resident female and both got along very well. 

We were thrilled to hear that his foster family is considering adopting him, so before we post him on the website, we will wait for them to make a decision. From the sounds of it, Tucker would make any family very happy, so we hope he is home to stay (-:

We also got a great update from Smokey's foster family along with a GREAT new picture of him. We cannot understand why this young fellow hasn't received too much interest. He is such a lovely, playful boy, who loves other dogs and adores people. His only fault is that he chases cats...but surely there is a family out there without a cat that could fall in love with this handsome boy. He has waited SO long to find his forever home. If you know of anyone looking for a faithful and loving companion, please let them know about Smokey. He has watched so many come in before him and after him that have found their loving homes... and Smokey still waits )-:

Here is a new picture of our boy Smokey.... 

He is beautiful and is patiently waiting for that special family to fall in love with him. 
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May 21/10

Long Weekend's finally the long weekend and it sounds like the weather may be fairly decent, except Saturday for some areas. I know many of you are looking forward to opening up your cottages or going camping/fishing for the first time. 

I thought we would keep you up to date with Rambo and Brittany since their return home from being imprisoned for several months, awaiting their fate. 

Here is an article in the Brampton Guardian today with an update on Rambo. It seems this poor fellow has some fractured ribs which were noticed within hours after returning to his loving home.

And we can't end off the week without a picture of our VERY handsome boy, Mackaveli (Mac). WOW....he has grown into a very handsome boy!!  And he has still got some growing to do.

Have a GREAT holiday weekend!  Drive carefully and enjoy the holiday!!!
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May 20/10

Thunderstorm Phobia

I know many people who's dogs suffer terribly before and during a thunderstorm. When growing up, our Shepherd was terrified and would try to crawl into the smallest places, shaking uncontrollably. It truly was heartbreaking.  

I found this really helpful blog today ... if you know someone with a doggy that is terrified of thunder, please pass this on to them. There are some helpful tips and ideas...
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May 19/10

Dr. Dog Program

A little known group in China, Animals Asia, is trying to make head way by using the Dr. Dog program to explain to the school-age children of China why they should not be eating dogs or cats. This program is using a spokes dog by the name of King Eddie. 

King Eddie was rescued during an 'investigation of one of Chinas notoriously cruel live animal markets in Guangzhou' province by Animals Asia. King Eddie, is now 10 years old and they didn't know what breed of dog he was, so they thought that a DNA test would prove interesting. 

They used 'Mutt Genie' to test King Eddie and when the tests came back, they found that King Eddie was Pekingese. This can only be called ironic, as the Pekingese 'for centuries could only be owned by members of the Chinese Imperial Palace' and now the Chinese people are eating them... Read more in the article...
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May 18/10

Factual Reporting 
I am sure you have heard me mention in previous posts how much the media's "shock and awe stories" about dog attacks is often over-blown, alleging things that never happened, mis-identifying breeds of dogs and never or rarely seeing a retraction, apology or even an article giving the FACTUAL account. 

The media, IMO has been instrumental in scare mongering and unreliable reporting for quite some time now. I remember vividly the past several years, while we fought the implementation of Bill 132, all the front page, glorified stories of vicious and brutal dog attacks, naming the pit bull as the culprit. Then you never heard about the incident again. We know that most of the incidents reported were in fact not the reported breed at all, but again...we never saw anything again in the media about the incident, leaving people with a lasting impression of the original article.

It seemed to me (and this is MY personal take), there were dozens and dozens (if not hundreds) of frightful stories of vicious dog attacks, always implying it was a pit bull attack, always made front-page headlines and then the story quickly slipped into oblivion. Since the ban has been implemented, there seems to be very few stories of dog attacks (I am very thankful for that) and I don't believe any dog attack after the ban became law, that was reported made front page news. Hmmmmm, something smells fishy to me. 

I wonder what will happen when MPP Cheri DiNovo's new/ reinstated Private Members Bill, asking for Bill 132 to be repealed comes back on the table. I wonder if there will be a sudden resurgence of alleged pit bull attacks? I am going to be keeping an eye on this situation.

This is a really interesting blog from KC Dog Blog with some insightful information. It disturbs me that we cannot rely on factual reporting. 
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May 17/10

Meikah Urgent 

If you remember back almost two years ago, we had the cutest little puppy with one pop up ear. Her name was Meikah. Meikah's life had a pretty rough beginning. Meikah and her siblings lost their mother who died giving birth to Meikah and her siblings.  What a hard, hard beginning for a litter of puppies.  

As it turned out, the owner of Meikah's mom could not take care of a litter of 6 puppies and no mom. All the babies had to be bottle-fed every couple or few hours... 24 hours a day.  So after a few days of that, they decided to give each of the puppies to someone that wanted to care for them and this is how Meikah's life began.  

She was bottle-fed until she could be fed solid foods and in time, we were asked to take Meikah into rescue as her new owner didn't have the time for her. We were thrilled to get this precious little bundle into our care, but knew she might have some behavioral issues due to missing out on a mother dog to teach her and even worse, not to have her siblings around for those formidable weeks, where they learn how to be sociable, competitive, but fair and they learn what is and isn't acceptable behaviors.  

After being in her foster home for a couple of months and a doggy sister to help teach her a bit (although her sibling was still a youngster herself), but it helped Meikah learn how to play nicely with other dogs. At six months of age, she went to her "forever home", or so we thought, but it seems little Meikah is really misbehaving and getting out of her yard and bullying the neighborhood dogs. She has obviously not learned yet, the proper way to behave around other canines. Meikah seems to have a prey drive, therefore she also chases cats and squirrels.  

Meikah is now in urgent need of a foster or forever home.  A home without other dogs or cats. Meikah is stellar with people, loves everyone she meets and is really good with children.  

If you think you could help us by fostering this beautiful girl, that needs someone that will take the time to slowly introduce her to other dogs or perhaps be content with knowing Meikah may need to be your "one and only" family pet, please contact us at
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May 14/10

Foxy Update 
We have some exciting news for our girl Foxy. It looks like she will be going to her forever home this weekend - woohoo!  Congratulations little one. She will have a Rottweiler brother to give her someone to boss around and a very caring new mom. L
et's hope her furry brother falls in love ... if so, she will be going home to stay. We are all on pins and needles and can't wait to hear how it goes. Good luck Foxy!!!  

We also got some great pictures of a very happy Haille, now known as Splash. 

From the looks of these pictures, she is really making waves with her brother. 

She is such a lucky girl to have found such a caring family.

And a HUGE thanks to you for that call, email and voicing your objections regarding the way the OSPCA was handling the ringworm outbreak. Because of everyone's calls and dialogue with the OSPCA and MPP's and government officials, it seems the OSPCA has called off the destruction orders and are treating all animals on a case-by-case basis. Some animals have already paid the price, but at least there will be hope for the others. Thank you ALL for giving a voice to the voiceless. Read more in this article in The Star... Have a great weekend everyone.
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May 13/10

3 In Need

We don't often post, asking for help with cats. Not that we don't want to help, but all of our foster homes have dogs and not very familiar with cats and their needs. However, we got an urgent plea for help for 3 beautiful orange cats, 2 females and 1 male (who reminds me so much of Garfield LOL) In fact, he has a very unique face with some pretty hilarious expressions.

These three cats lived happily in a home with their owner, but their owner has fallen very ill and needed to be hospitalized ... long term. This was very unexpected and the reason why these three sweeties are now looking for a new forever home. We realize they cannot go to a home together, but we are hoping that some of our readers could find it in their hearts to welcome one of these beautiful felines into their lives.

Again, we have no foster homes and would hate to add to the stress of losing their beloved owner ... then have to go to a shelter where they would be lost.

If you know of anyone wanting to add a cat to their family, please tell them about Rusty, Misty or Minnie They are all spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Click here to view more...
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May 12/10

350 Die Needlessly at the Hands of the OSPCA

It has been all over the news, yesterday and today.  I have gathered a few articles that came out today in the news. 

Although I have a LOT to say on the subject, I will leave it up to YOU, the public, to form your own opinions. 

It just leaves me wondering ... and shaking my head in disbelief. Read the following articles and draw your own conclusions...

Article from 680 News; article from Toronto Sun; and the article from Globe and Mail

After you have read the articles, phone 1-888-ONT-SPCA and leave your thoughts! You can write your MPP, MP and also the Minister of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs [this falls under their jurisdiction].
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May 11/10

Bubba Update 
We were surprised with a wonderful email today about our Bubba. This boy has been up for adoption for almost 2 years now.  He was originally adopted, but his new family soon found that Bubba might be too much dog for them. They, however, did not want to send him away, rather they wanted to try working with Bubba's issues, WHILE allowing us to find a more suitable home.  

Bubba's bio pretty much told the story. Although he was a sweet fellow most times, he simply could not contain his excitement when going out for walks. So much so, he was dragging his owner around.  We offered help through our trainer and offered as much advise and help as we could.  Bubba was placed on the website, but sadly, no one seemed interested in adopting this beautiful boy. Yes, he wasn't perfect, but often times, certain behaviors take a LONG time to repair.  I know this for a fact because it took well over 2 years before I could predict with confidence, Pebbles reactions to new situations.  

Well today, we received this wonderful email from Bubba's foster home. It sounds like he has weasled his way into their lives completely and as his daddy says.... He IS a keeper!!!  Congratulations Bubba and family! You done good Bubba...with the help of a very patient family!!! Here is a little from Bubba's family (-:

Guys we note that Bubba is still noted on your website as available for adoption. I believe that, given what weve provided in terms of updates over the last few months, he should be moved to the Successful Adoptions page with a great update that shows what can be done when you put enough time, care and love into an animal that was a definite challenge. While hes not perfect, hes an amazing, intelligent dog that has now become an integral part of our family.  With proper introductions, he can be trusted to be around people and we have even introduced him to the newest member of our extended family;  a newborn baby girl that visits every couple of weeks. While Bubba is curious and wants to sniff away, hes cautious enough and listens to commands to back off as needed. Happy to say, that despite all odds, this Bubbabadboy is a keeper.

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May 10/10

Two Great Blogs
I don't know if anyone is into agility or training with their dogs, if so, you will enjoy this blog written by Susan Garrett. I was browsing through, catching up and came across a couple of interesting items. 

The first one is titled How Awesome is Reinforcement Really? AND, another, entitled Stressing Dogs, Dancing Humans & Weirdly Inappropriate Reinforcement - ENJOY!!
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May 7/10

Cole Update 

It's the BIG weekend for our boy Cole. He has been neutered and had a chance to heal and this weekend, he will finally be going home.

We are all so thrilled for Cole because he couldn't have asked for a better home. A mom that already loves him dearly and a furry sister who can't wait to whip this young teenager into shape. We hope to get lots of updates on Cole's progress and his transformation into a well-mannered young boy. 

Our babies, Olle and Foxy are doing well and growing like weeds. We hope that soon these two special babies will also be thriving in their new forever homes. Have a great weekend everyone!!
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May 6/10

Arthritis and Ester-C

Be sure to check out our homepage for a couple of very exciting events. We have a fun-filled day planned for June 19th in Alliston.  Details on our homepage.

Also, check out the sneak previews for a couple of really awesome movies. ANML-RESQ in conjunction with Empire Theatres have a really fun-filled day planned for July 1st. You can purchase a ticket [with drink and popcorn] to see either of these two great movies... The Twilight Saga: Eclipse or Toy Story 3. Be sure to reserve your seats for these private screenings and be sure to tell all your friends!!!

On another note, I was sent this link from a friend who's canine is on the arthritic side. They have tried with great success, a combination of glucosamine and Ester-C which has really helped with greater mobility and noticeably less pain in the joints. Here is a link to Ester-C...
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May 5/10

Meet Big Daddy and Chaquita
We are happy to be able to help these two beautiful Akita's, saved from a high-kill shelter just in the nick of time.  

We would like to introduce you to our Big Daddy, 6 year old male Akita (who will soon be neutered) and his sister Chaquita, a nicely marked Akita Inu, 4 year old spayed female.  

Both dogs seem to get along with other dogs and have been gentle with the kids in the home.

These two have spent their whole lives together and we know it could be near impossible to find them a home together, so we are working on separating them to see how they cope without each other.  

If you know of someone that understands the Akita breed and would like to welcome one or two sweethearts into their home, please have them contact us at ANML-RESQ -
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May 4/10

Celebrating Older Dogs is celebrating sweet older dogs with the most wonderful true stories and pictures. Check out the blog and feel some of the love that these great dogs have had and continue to have... 

It's heart warming...
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May 3/10

Humane Treatment of Dogs 
I came across a really interesting blog entitled "Advocacy Overdrive: Why BSL & The Humane Treatment of Dogs are Linked".

This is a long, articulate article with some excellent perspective. Grab yourself a coffee and get ready to educate yourself. I think you'll really enjoy. It is well worth the read.
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