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May 30/11

Fred & Wilma Update - We received a great picture of our Bassetts, Fred and Wilma. 

As you can see, they are enjoying the beautiful warm weather, basking in the sun on their lounge chair LOL  It's great to see Fred and Wilma living in the lap of luxury. 
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May 30/11

Weekend Update - Wow, we have had such an exciting weekend. There is so much to tell, but we will start with one thing at a time. 

As we mentioned on Friday - our "main man" Alfie has finally gone to his forever home. As we always say ... "those that wait the longest, wait for the best" and we think that is exactly what Alfie got. Congratulations to new mom and dad, Allison and Mark for welcoming Alfie into your hearts and home. 

Here is what foster mom, Christine had to say about Alfie's reunion with his new family.

Yes, Sir Alfred has left the building. We're going to miss him dearly, but we know he has gone to a wonderful, loving home. Mark & Allison are very lucky to have him! 

He was so eager to get going, I had a hard time snapping a good shot of them. Didn't even kiss me goodbye ... little weenie!! lol 

AND, we got an awesome update and picture of our boy Charlie. We were so thrilled to see how much fun he was having and about all the new friends he is making. Here is an update from Charlie's mom and a picture of Charlie and his best buddy, Woody (-:

Hi Everyone, I wanted to let you know that Charlie is doing really well. Attached it a picture of him and his best bud Woody this past up weekend up in Tobermory. We had a great time hiking and exploring the area, as well as fitting in the required relaxing on the long weekend. When we got back to the city Charlie was pooped! We learned that Charlie is a really good swimmer, and really seems to like the water. 

As far as his health goes, he is no longer having intestinal issues, and is generally a healthy guy. He gets a little stressed in situations with lots of dogs (ie dog parks), so we are trying to introduce him to new dogs one on one, this is working well and he is doing great. This weekend, we are headed up to the Barrie area to do some hiking in the Copeland forest near Barrie with a friend's chocolate lab.

So overall, things are going great!
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May 27/11

Alfie is Adopted - ANML-RESQ and our volunteers are jumping for joy today. One of our long-time adoptables will finally be going home. Our Alfie is going home today and we cannot be more happy for this "happy-go-lucky" boy. He has waited a VERY long time to finally call a place his own. 

If you will recall, we brought him into our program after he was captured by local animal control. At the time he was just a young puppy. He waited for his owner to claim him, but no one came for him )-: Then he waited for 5 long months for a chance at adoption through the kennel. Sadly, being a rural kennel, there wasn't much exposure and the kennel manager was starting to worry about Alfie's stress levels. Being such a young dog, a kennel situation is NOT the best scenario, even though he got lots of time and attention bestowed on him. 

It was not a place for a young dog to "be a dog". As soon a foster home became available, we brought Alfie into our program. Foster mom, Christine was prepared for a very rambunctious, rowdy pup ... instead, she got a young dog that was VERY happy to be a part of a family and he showed his appreciation every day. 

Alfie arrived into his foster home and captured the hearts of everyone in it - including the resident dog, Buddy. Since being with ANML-RESQ, Alfie has morphed from a pup that was ALL legs and head LOL ... into a stunning, handsome young dog. He is beautiful, both inside and out. 

Many thanks to Christine and family for offering Alfie a chance to be a part of a family while he waited for his forever family to find him. That day is today - our Alfie is going home (-: Congratulations Alfie!!! We look forward to pictures and updates. Happy trails Alfie!! Have a great weekend everyone!
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May 26/11

Parker - We have had a few of our adoptables that have been waiting a long time for their forever homes. Parker is one of those. He has been with us now for months and we can't understand why he still waits. Parker is a sweet young boy who has spent many months at the kennel. The girls at the kennel adore him and have lavished him with lots of attention and time. 

Parker has been at our volunteers' home for over a week now to give him a break from the kennel and Parker truly enjoys being a part of a family and interacting with both humans and 4-legged friends.

Parker has learned lots while at the kennel, but his favorite passtime is the agility course ... and cuddling. We also recently found out he loves to swim!!! (-: Parker is a pretty versatile fellow. He is young and active - he would make a great hiking or jogging partner. 

If you think you could be Parker's forever home, please contact us at ANML-RESQ. Parker is waiting for you!!
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May 25/11

Herbal Remedies - Over at they are talking about common canine ailments and Julia Szabo has been using herbal remedies to combat some of these ailments.

"Herbs offer cures for many common canine ailments. Dogster columnist Julia Szabo has been using them for years under the supervision of a homeopathic vet, and her dogs have all lived long and remarkably healthy lives. Herbs are nothing to sneeze at - just because they're natural doesn't mean they aren't powerful. What may look like a mere weed or homely root can, in fact, be a very potent medicine."

Here are 10 herbs no dog lover's cupboard should be without »
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May 24/11

Jack Update - Here is a quickie update from Marylin about Jack. Hard to believe it's been just over a year that Jack went to his new home.

Jack will be 2 on May 24th. That is the date we chose and he seems to be settling down. He used to chew everything in sight but now he sleeps more. 

He has a little friend next door and she comes over through the deck fencing. They have a good play running around and then she goes home the same way.

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May 20/11

Nail Trim Anyone? - Do you have problems trying to clip your dogs nails? Does your dog turn into Cujo when you bring out the nail clippers? I know many people (including myself) that have one or two of these dogs. It is the one task I dread. 

I found this helpful link and hope it can give you some helpful tips. I know I'll definitely be giving this a shot.

Have a SAFE and happy long weekend everyone!!!
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May 19/11

Alabama Tornado - In April, Alabama had was hit very hard with tornados - most homes were either destroyed or uninhabitable. People and animals perished. But, for one lucky dog who found his way home.

During the April storm that hit Alabama, Mason the dog, was hiding in the garage. At some time during the storm, the tornado picked him up and took him away. When the storm was over, the owners thought that Mason had died, until one morning when they went back to their house to continue sifting through the debris.

After 2 1/2 weeks of being lost and thought dead, Mason was on their porch waiting for them to come home. They found Mason had two, front, broken legs and knew that Mason would have been travelling on those broken legs to get back to his home.

Like many of the people in Alabama, Mason's owners, had little or no money and took Mason to their Animal Control. What might have been a very sad tale, was one of hope for poor little Mason. He will get an operation to fix his front legs, and will most likely be adopted out to a new forever home.

The staff say that Mason is in good spirits and they are surprised that he is so good with them having been through so much in such a short period of time. Read the blog and view the video of Mason over at»

Good luck Mason, you have some wonderful people on your side. And a few angels.
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May 18/11

Never Owned a Dog Before? - If you have never owned a dog before and are contemplating adding a new addition to your family, here is a helpful website to help you choose whether you want a male or female companion. It boils down to personal preference, but each of the sexes carry their own characteristics. I found this great link to show you some of the traits, common in each sex. 

If you already have a female and feel you like the characteristics and want to add another female to your pack ... Please read the following link.

I hope these tips help to choose your next companion.
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May 17/11

Adoptions - We have had an incredible couple of weeks with rescues coming and going. As you have probably noticed, our Cesar has been adopted. This fellow has been through so much heartache in the last few years. We took him into rescue 3 years previously when he lost his family due to tragic circumstances. He was adopted to a lovely couple and his mom loved and doted on Cesar. He was her pride and joy. Sadly, his owner passed away about a year ago and although his single owner tried, he could not give Cesar the time and attention he needed. We are thrilled that Cesar is now living happily, the only household companion, so he is getting LOTS of time and attention. Good luck Cesar!!!

We are also thrilled to announce that Maggie and Mia, the two beautiful St. Bernards have found their forever home - TOGETHER!!! Woohoo! We are so happy these two girls can be re-homed together. They, too, have lost their world. At least they can begin their new lives together (-: Congratulations Maggie and Mia!! Happy trails, girls!

ANML-RESQ is extremely happy for our girl Penny. Another cherished companion, a victim of tragic family circumstances. Her family was heartbroken the day they contacted us, asking for help with Penny. Their lives changed in a heartbeat and the sad fact was ... they needed to find an alternate home for Penny as it was impossible at the time for them to bring her. With their lives in limbo, they had nowhere to go, let alone a place that allowed dogs. There were many, many tears and heartbreak when they finally surrendered Penny. This is not an easy thing to do when you love and adore your pet. It broke their hearts and ours. However, sometimes, there is a greater power at work! Due to an untimely and unforeseen family crisis, foster family (who adored Penny) were now in a predicament themselves and could no longer foster Penny. We were heartbroken for Penny. We prayed for a miracle and someone to speak up and offer her an alternate foster home. Our volunteers cross-posted like mad, sending her plea, far and wide. Then it happened ... the miracle we were all waiting for!! It seems Penny's former family saw the urgent plea for foster care and immediately contacted us. The family had taken a few months to re-establish themselves and were now in a place that allowed pets. The children missed Penny and were never able to get her off of their minds. They asked if they could be considered as Penny's family, once again. Knowing how difficult and heartbreaking it was to surrender their girl, we were elated when her family contacted us. Penny's foster mom had these words to say when Penny was reunited with her family:

"The pleasure of caring for Penny was all mine, even considering the nasty door mishap, lol. I was sad to see her go, but am happy that she could be back w her people. It was a bit emotional for all of us. Things happen for a reason, and my unfortunate inability to keep her made for an easy reunion w her family." 

These two pictures are from Penny's reunion with her family. Congratulations Penny!! 
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May 16/11

Dave and Georgia - It looks like the time of year again that our friend/volunteer/adoptor, Dave and his co-pilot Georgia are on the road again (-: Back to the warm southern state of Georgia on business. 
I have no doubt that Georgia looks forward to this trip...all the excitement, new people, new doggie butts to sniff, the beach - woohoo!! Life doesn't get any better than that, for a dog (-: 

Here is an update from Dave and Georgia...days 1 and 2! More updates of Dave and Georgia's adventures to come! - thanks Dave!! (-:

Hi All, Well we left Brampton Saturday morning crossed the border at Buffalo, NY continuing through Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and made it as far as Princeton, West Virginia about 984 Km (611 miles) the first day. I drive through rain for most of the day and was pretty tired so I didn't even bother to bring the laptop into the hotel last night. We started out later today continuing through west Virginia, Virginia, Charlotte North Carolina, South Carolina, and finally into the state of Georgia. 

Once we saw the Georgia state line we knew we were in the home stretch with a little over a hour down past Savannah to Brunswick our home for the next 5 weeks. In 2 days we covered a total of 1082 miles or 1741 Kilometers from Brampton to Brunswick. We got unpacked and settled in at the Hampton Inn, then went to one of Georgia's favourite places the Blue Streak dog park. 

She had a great time with 2 Mini-Pin/Dachshund males and burned off some of the energy she built up riding in the car the last 2 days. as you can see from the photos, Georgia is not an early morning gurl when we stopped in NC, but was much happier when we got to SC. Well off to bed as I am in to work in the morning, & I am sure ladies at the office will be happy to see Georgia again. More tails to come... Dave & Georgia

Georgia is such a lucky girl to be able to join her dad for out of town business trips. She will be a world traveler in no time!
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May 13/11

Walking Your Dog  - Yippee!! It's Friday and I am hoping for a quiet weekend. Since the weather is warming up and drier out there, we have a chance to finally get outside and work with the dogs. Its been a long, cold winter and the dogs and I are up for the challenge (-: They are truly enjoying their long walks and we are all getting a chance to unload some of that "winter" weight we have packed on LOL

I found this helpful link and thought I would share it with you. Spring is the time when many people decide to adopt a new family member and sometimes they come to us a "little less than perfect". If we practice consistency with our new family members and let them know what we expect, hopefully with a little work and patience, we too can have the "good dog". (-: Have a great weekend everyone!!
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May 12/11

Happy Birthday Timber - Timber's mom sent some pictures and an update on Timber. Our boy turned one year old yesterday and I couldn't be happier for him. 

This handsome boy holds a special place in my heart, mainly because he was dumped in our area and left to fend for himself at the tender age of 4 months old. I shudder to think what would have happened to him, had we not noticed this scared puppy, running up and down our road all day long, waiting for his people to come pick him up. Neighbours witnessed him being tossed from a vehicle in the morning, but by the time we caught up to him, it was almost nightfall. 

Timber is living the good life with his new family and we at ANML-RESQ could not be happier for this lucky boy!

Happy Birthday Timber!!! You have a wonderful, happy life ahead of you, thanks to Carolina and Mike who love you LOTS!!! (-:
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May 11/11

Introducing Gemma - Last Friday was a typical day at work for our volunteer Allie and Robin. Typical ... until they looked out their window and noticed this little black dog, skitting in and out of traffic, confused and scared. Here is the story of her rescue, from her angels Allie and Robin. 

The day we rescued her from the 70km/h stretch of road someone made the comment "She's going to be a little gem" Gemma, after only a week, has turned out to be just that! 

That fate filled day, we called to her, we tried to encourage her to jump into our vehicles, we walked along the side of the road slowing traffic and at times stopping them so that she would not be hit. No one knew how long she had been on her own but what we did know was that we we're not going to give up until we saved her. She was so very scared and untrusting. We watched her unwilling to approach, too afraid to approach. Avoiding us at all cost. We watched her as she ran close to the cars stopping on both sides of the road, only to have her bolt once she realized they were not "her people" the ones she was looking for. We watched her as she ran through the field chasing geese. At first, we thought, boy is she having fun scaring them off, what a great bird dog! 

Then we saw her try to eat road kill that had been flattened and dried up for days. That was when we knew she had been alone quite a while, she was starving. The nights had been so cold even though the summer months were upon us. After watching her, studying her, we had a plan. Approaching her with the car slowly creeping up the shoulder of the road we managed to encourage her to come close enough to the vehicle to throw a huge handfull of puppy food to the ground. She immediately ate, allowing us to feed her from our hands. We spoke to her gently, encouraging her, reassuring her that no one was going to hurt her. Every now and then she would take a step back, comtemplating escape, but she was just too hungry. After much patience and time to help build her trust in us a leash was slipped over her head and the rest is history. She was finally safe!

For three days (stray time) we waited. Waited while she slept. Immediately into a foster home she settled quietly in her crate. Small victories came during those three days. She began to eat and drink regularly. She never messed in the house or in her crate, always doing her business when foster Mom and Dad took her out. Beginning to follow her foster parents around, she openly accepted her furry foster brother. Althought very shy and a little scared she greets everyone she meets. Men, women, children, dogs and cats!

Makes you wonder why no one was looking for her?!? Gemma is very calm and quiet. So quiet in fact, we have yet to hear her bark. Once her stray time was up and she remained unclaimed (go figure even perfect dogs are abused/neglected/abandoned) we immediately had her in to see the vet. Gemma is estimated to be between 2-3 years old. She has obviously has at least one litter of puppies and will be spayed and microchipped very shortly. Her heart and lungs are strong and clear. Vaccinations have been given and her heartworm test was negative! She is a healthy girl on all counts!

Gemma walks extremely well on leash, always staying by your side. She is a great cuddler and snuggles up really well on the couch. Gemma is practically perfect in every way. Described by her foster Mom as "Amazing " If you think you could be Gemma perfect forever home, please contact us! ~Allie

Thanks to Allie and Robin for helping this girl back to safety and caring enough to take the time to help this scared and confused little girl.
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May 10/11

Sisters - ANML-RESQ is thrilled to introduce you to a pair of very beautiful girls that are sadly in need of a new forever home. 

Maggie and Mia are a bonded pair who have lived their whole lives together. Sadly, their family situation took a drastic change and Maggie and Mia are in need of a loving family to call their own. We know it isn't easy for someone to take on the responsibility of two large dogs, but we are hoping the girls can find that special family that would welcome them both with open arms. Maggie, at 8 years old is in the golden years of her life and our wish for her would be to spend the remainder of her life with her sister, with whom she is very bonded. However, if necessary, we will adopt them separately. 

Here is a bit of information and a sneak preview of our two beautiful girls. They will soon be posted for adoption, so please keep checking our adoptions page for further information. ANML-RESQ looks forward to helping these two girls find their forever family!!!

This is Maggie. She is 8 years old, not spayed. Very, very gentle and sweet natured. She is a little on the timid side and very attached to her sisters, so it is going to be hard on her to be parted from them. 

She has no bad habits or health issues that we have discovered in the two weeks or so she has been with us. Not destructive, very quiet, a dream to walk. Adores people, good with kids and was the only one of the three not to take off after a cat who popped up from the long grass when I was walking them Saturday. A long coat which badly needs grooming at the moment. The main thing going against her in finding a home is her age. 

This is Mia, who is five and a short coated, so the grooming is not an issue for her. She is also extremely sweet natured, loves everybody. Quiet, no health issues so far as we know. She is livelier than Maggie, but still quite docile. 

She did take off after Nero when he streaked across our path on Saturday, but that might just have been because it was so sudden an appearance and her older sister Molly (peering around the door in the photo) took off first, so Mia followed her.

In addition to their large size (they weigh about 110 pounds), there is a slime factor with St. Bernards. They slobber a lot and when they shake their heads, you get a spray. As St. Bernards go, these three are not overly slobbery, but still, the water dish is always disgusting Also of course, because of their size, you go through a lot of dog food. 
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May 9/11

Bite Prevention Seminar - ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario is proud to announce we are having a Bite Prevention Seminar on June 18th, a couple of weeks before school lets out for summer. The perfect time for your children (and you) to attend this education seminar and learn how you and your children can stay safer around dogs. This fun-filled, education seminar will be presented by Val Dillon, a trainer that has been a friend of ANML-RESQ and our foster homes/adoptors for many years now.

Summertime is reported to be the busiest time of year for dog-bite incidents - the majority involving children. Read this fact-filled blog from Dog Star Daily for more information. We hope you will come and join us on June 18th!! See you there!!!

We can't emphasize enough, the importance of keeping children safe around dogs while they are enjoying the outdoor or in their own homes. We are thrilled to once again, work with Val Dillon in presenting a family-oriented seminar on Bite Prevention.

Spring is in the Air
Teaching children how to be safe around dogs!

Val Dillon - Behaviour Trainer - Introduces “Rufus” to children on Saturday June 18, 2011 at the Boyne Community Centre in Milton. Rufus is the mascot for the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee, he is looking forward to helping to teach children throughout Ontario how to be safe around dogs.

Date: June 18, 2011
Where: Boyne Community Centre, 8175 Britannia RD (at Hwy 25) Milton 
(Brittania RD east of Bronte/Hwy 25 north side)
Time: 10 am - Noon
Price: $15/each or $40/family

Children ages 4 and up will enjoy a morning of entertainment and fun while learning to understand “why” dogs do what they do and how to stay safe! Register with ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario at

Thank you Pet Valu, Milton for sponsoring this Bite Prevention Seminar for our children.
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May 5/11

Benji Update - We have received a great update on Ben(ji)...

Here are some handsome pictures of Ben. He's been really good. He still has a lot of friends in the neighbourhood and has his own pack with Vanessa (his dog walker). 

He loves Vanessa, goes crazy every time he sees her. He's healthy and happy. He's finally able to play off leash without running away. 

I think he got more comfortable with me and his friends, also sending him out with the dog walker to give him a pack helped him a lot. Since he has been going out with the dog walker I have seen a lot of improvement with his behaviour. All the dog owners have noticed a big difference. 

He's just a very happy, loving dog. He's the cool kid bully of the neighbourhood. 

There's a dog in his pack that has to wear a muzzle because he eats poo, and he's a bit smaller then Ben and when dogs that Ben isnt familiar with start to pick on his buddy and he can't defend himself Ben steps in and defends him...It's so cute. 

In the first picture ... he has a too cool mohawk!!!! Way to go Benji...
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May 4/11

Lyme Disease and Your Dog - As the weather gets warmer and drier, we are out and about with our doggy friends. It is the time of year that we must be vigilant and keep a closer eye on our dogs' bodies. After every outdoor adventure, we should be going over our dog thoroughly to make sure there are no hitch-hikers attached to their body. 

Ticks can be a huge problem, but deer ticks can reek havoc on your dog AND you. Lyme disease is becoming more and more problematic in our area and every year we hear about more dogs contracting Lyme disease through these nasty cling-ons. Here is an article describing the signs and symptoms of Lyme disease. 

I have often heard from people that their first clue was the sudden onset of lameness with no apparent explanation. So, DO enjoy your outings with your canine companion, but be aware and take precautions. 
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May 2/11

Charlie Update  - It is official!!! Charlie has found his forever home and from the sounds of it, he is very much loved and cherished. Charlie has been in his new home now for over a month and when talking to his mom Gwen, it seem that Charlie is everything they had hoped for. Charlie has taken a real shine to his dad John and seems he awaits his arrival home from work everyday. He waits by the window when the time is near for daddy to come home (-: 

Here is an update from mom, Gwen. Looks like Charlie is going to have a super fun weekend in May!! 

Hi Everyone, My apologies for not sending these sooner. Here are the signed forms to formalize Charlie's adoption! We love him! and he is a pleasure to have around (although we have decided that our next couch purchase will be a leather one, and our next car will have leather seats due to his shedding!). We are headed up to the Tobermory area for the May long weekend with friends who have a maltese/bichon x. Charlie and him are slowing becoming buds. We have rented a dog friendly cottage and are going to see what Charlie thinks of the water and do some hiking on the bruce trail. I think he will have a blast!

I have attached a recent picture. These no stuffing toys from Costco are the only ones he doesn't destroy in a few hours. In this picture I don't think he can decide which one to play with! Thanks again for all your support and patience through this process! ~ Gwen

Congratulations to Gwen, John and Charlie. ANML-RESQ wishes this family many, many happy years of fun and companionship!!!

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