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May 31/12

Staying Safe Around Dogs - The time grows nearer where children will be finished school and out and about for summer. This is the time of year that most dog-bites occur, so we ask that everyone educate themselves and their children so you can stay safe this summer.

There is one tried and true way of keeping your dog, people and children safe - don't allow anyone to come close to your dog, until your dog acknowledges them. How would you like it if somebody reached out and grabbed you or got in your 'personal space' without your permission. So too, it is the same with dogs - make sure that your dog is aware of other dogs walking around and past you ensure that you are walking your dog and not your dog walking you. Be aware of children who pass and want to pet your dog.

Remember to also teach your children that dogs are not just all 'cuddly and cute', they are not stuffed toys and each has a mind and personality all its own. Your child should not be touching every dog they pass in the street - they should only be touching their own dog at home. You never know if the owner of that dog is aware that your child could be the next bite victim in an otherwise harmless petting session. And, if you don't have a dog at home, visit your friend and instruct your child on the do's and don't's of being with dogs. AND, don't leave children unattended with any dog under any circumstances. Children are just that, children! Children see things in a lovely shade of 'pink or rosey' and don't see danger until too late. Teach yourself and your children the simple rules to keep everyone safe including your dog! Here is a helpful article from TheOtherEndofthe Leash
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May 30/12

Meet and Greet - We are very excited for our last two remaining Mexipups, Fernando and Corona. Everything is crossed for these two that the meet and greet this weekend goes well. We hope it is "love at first sight" for these two, who are fortunate enough to hopefully stay together for the rest of their lives! 

Our two little pups. If only they knew what Saturday could bring for them!! (-: Saturday is the big day - so please send positive thoughts that the meeting goes well.
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May 29/12

To Deet or Not to Deet - I don't know about you, but I DETEST the smell of bug repellants and I only use it when absolutely necessary. But wouldn't it be nice if a completely natural product could be used that is even more effective than the chemicals in DEET? 

I'm hoping that it tests safely on animals and humans because I would much rather go this route. Catnip Repels mosquitoes more effectively than DEET.

I did notice a post for a natural insect repellent sold at a shop in North Bay, Ontario. This product, Bug Off Insect Repellant, includes catnip so I think that next time I am driving through North Bay, I will definitely be stopping in to buy some of this. I'll definitely will be using it on my dogs as well - mosquitoes are already in full force, next are black fly, flesh fly and deer fly. My, oh my, the bug list is endless! What do you use?
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May 28/12

Boston Needs Forever - We received another great update and picture from Boston's dad. He is such an easy-going dog, who really doesn't ask for much, but gives so much in return. Please don't let his age deter you. In fact, an older dog is perfect for someone that doesn't want to go through the "puppy" stage or the teenage years of high energy play. 

Hi Renee, Just a quick note to let you know Boston is still doing well here. He's adjusted nicely and enjoys his days with Yoda and Finnegan. 

I'm not sure what his past history with other dogs is but I can tell you that he plays very well with Finnegan and even let's Finnegan put him on his back when they play. 

Yoda and Boston don't play as much but do respect each other and have no problems sharing space and even lie down together during rest periods. 

If you know of anyone that is looking for a "best friend", please tell them about Boston. He is waiting for his perfect forever family. Could that family be yours?
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May 25/12

Fire Update - While we have been waiting for the rain to pour down, Timmins and Kirkland Lake have also hoped for this miracle.

Yesterday the people from Timmins were ordered to evacuate and a 'state of emergency was called' because of the raging fires. 'The massive fire covers about 31,660 hectares of land. That's almost three times the size of Lake Muskoka.'

There are 450 people who remain homeless, with orders for more to evacuate if the fires get within kilometers of nearby towns. Those people in close proximity to the fires have been told to keep their doors and windows closed due to the ash and smoke making it hard for people to breath.

'Waterbombers from Manitoba and Newfoundland and Labrador are helping to battle the blaze along with 80 fire fighters and an incident management team from B.C.'

With the hot and dry weather conditions persisting until Sunday, the loss of property, human lives and animals is catastrophic - please pray for the people and animals in our north. Click here for an update and video on the devastation...»
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May 24/12

Snoop Update - We received another FANTASTIC update from Snoops new mom, Erin. Boy, it doesn't get any better than this, don't you agree?

I have some more photos of him (probably an embarrassing amount) but having issues with the internet on my phone, I'm positive they'll make it to you soon! We just love him more and more everyday. He's settled in nicely and has his routine all figured out. He goes to bed at the same time as Steph and I every night, and sleeps either beside her bed, beside my bed, or in the hallway between our two doors (he picks his bed up and moves it to where he sees fit), gets up at 6 with her in the morning and goes out in the backyard, and then wanders back upstairs, lets himself into my room and sneaks into my bed where he insists on pinning me to the wall and sleeping right up against me (he's a bit of a bed hog) until I get up, and then it's breakfast time. Sometimes he'll grumble at me until I wake up and give him some attention. 

We take him for long walks everyday (it's our excuse to skip out on the gym, probably too often) and he plays outside in the yard with the boys most of the day. I've got him on glucosamine, but he's been keeping up like he's a puppy again. He's still been well behaved on a leash, and we've also learned to pinpoint exactly when he sees something that looks like it might be fun to chase even if we haven't spotted it yet (the hair on his back starts to stand up) and we just divert his attention, and all is forgotten and he carries happily on with his walk. We couldn't be happier with him, and we hope he feels the same! I went to the cottage for the long weekend, and he stayed home with Steph, and the greeting I got on my arrival home made it all worthwhile! This weekend or next should be his first cottage trip, and we can't wait to take him. Again, thank you so very much for bringing this boy into our lives.

It sounds like Snoop has found the BEST place ever to live out his golden years. He looks so happy and content (-: Thank you so much for the wonderful update Erin ....we can't wait for the next one.
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May 23/12

Forest Fires Raging - Please pray for our friends, their family and all their furkids, in the Kirkland Lake area. The area is under siege by terrible forest fires and the threat of evacuation is looming over them.

We at ANML-RESQ send our thoughts and prayers for everyone's safety who are affected by this catastrophe.
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May 18/12

Beckett Update - Our volunteer Mim went to visit with Beckett for a bit and by the sounds of her update, she is totally smitten with him. Aside from the fact that he can clear a 6 foot fence, Beckett is about as perfect as a dog can be. And who knows ... if Beckett had a huge area to run in to get his "yaya's" out (he is very energetic for his age), maybe he wouldn't try to get over the fence to see where he could find some action. LOL Here is what Mim had to say about Beckett:

Renee, I don't know what or how to say this. I wish that he was mine. He is so easy going and just wants to play. How to describe Beckett. He is such a playful beautiful gentle dog. 

He is not a barker but a very friendly warm just wanting to play and cuddle dog. He plays soccer with himself and somehow manages to keep the ball within his area. When in the backyard he is on a chain and never complains. He is great with kids other animals, there are birds in the house and that is not a problem. 

He plays tug of war with his Chihuahua sibling and lets him win. The Chihuahua sleeps on top of him. He is so easy going that it is incredible. He is definitely not a barker but just a fun loving sweet sweet boy that is so attentive to his owner it is incredible. That is why I had such a hard time with new pictures. 

He doesn't stand still and he was watching her. He so deserves to be in a great home. Kids, no kids, other animals or not, this guy is just good to be loved. It is really really really sad for all concerned.

Beckett attended one of our fundraising events at Pet Valu and he was so laid back and well behaved ... just soaking up all the attention. If you are looking for a dog that you can love and cherish (cause that is what Beckett is used to now) then please consider Beckett.

Due to unfortunate health crisis with Beckett's owner and heart wrenching need to find him another home is the ONLY reason Beckett needs to find another home. Make no mistake, re-homing Beckett was not an option - it is a necessity in order for his owner to get the assistance she needs, with a service dog. Have a safe and fun-filled Victoria Day long weekend everyone! 
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May 17/12

Flea and Tick Season - Dr. Karen Becker states, in her blog, that this is one of the worst flea and tick seasons in a long time. With the weather never staying cold/freezing enough to eradicate those little pests, they are having a good run. But, there are a few things that we need to remember when we feel a little overwhelmed with those bugs! First, when using chemicals, remember that they are chemicals and some animals cannot take the toxic chemicals into their bodies without adverse side effects. And, you are at risk too!

Dr. Becker feels that 'natural' is the way to go, along with some pretty simple and thoughtful ways of preventing your animals and property from becoming a toxic wasteland.

"Warm winter weather has ended with an early, heavy flea and tick season. But don't let the usual dire warnings scare you into using toxic chemicals to prevent or eliminate pests on your pet. With a little planning and diligence, you can control fleas and ticks on your companion and in your home and yard without poisoning either your pet or your environment." Click here to continue reading the blog...»

Prevention is the best medicine, but when the weather doesn't cooperate there are precautions that you can take to keep you and your pets PEST free.
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May 16/12

Pablo Update - We've already received a couple of updates from the weekend and BOY are they great!!! First, while there isn't a formal update, we have pictures! And as you can see, pictures are worth a thousand words! Look at our Pablo! He is by the ocean and new mom says he LOVES the water - woohoo!! 

There are no words to express how happy we are for Pablo and new parents, Tiffany and Ian and of course, beautiful new sister Roxanne. 

We also heard from Snoops new mom Erin and what a GREAT update! We are all jumping for joy for Snoop - we never dreamt of such a happy, happy ending for such a deserving boy. Here is her email ...

Just checking in to update you on Snoop! We're so happy with him, he's been awesome. He's had multiple visits from family members already, and he's just soaking up all the attention. We bought him some toys, and he loooves his Kong, he's so proud of it. Carries it everywhere he goes, and only puts it down when he must (to eat or drink). He's thoroughly enjoying his backyard and is content to just lay in the middle of the lawn and watch the world go by. He's been a complete gentleman in the home and all his tricks are great. We've already been witness to his hobby of relocating shoes. When we come home, there will be a shoe upstairs in his bed, and the matching one will usually be in the living room downstairs where he does most of his daytime lounging. 

So far so good with him and the cat! He got a bit nosy and the cat gave him a little swat, and he was on his way, but otherwise we've been taking the introduction pretty slowly. We took him for his first walk tonight, and he was perfectly behaved. We saw a few rabbits and I was warned that he will drag you after small animals, but we're happy to inform you that he didn't! He took a couple running steps and as soon as his leash tightened up, he stopped and came back to my side and cruised on happily. If it weren't for the stiffness after playing, you'd never guess his age, he's still active and energetic and absolutely loves a chance to play in the backyard (however, he does sleep very soundly afterwards, and lets you know when he thinks we should go upstairs to bed). He has taken quite well to the boys and spends most of his day hanging out with them, or playing outside with them. 

We're all so happy with him and just love him to death! I will continue to update you. But we would mostly like to say, thank you so very much for all your efforts for Snoop that eventually brought us together. He's been an amazing addition to the family and we owe it all to you and your selfless, tireless efforts in helping to give dogs like Snoop a second chance. A big thank you to ALL of the wonderful volunteers!!!! ~Erin

Thank you Erin for the wonderful update and thank you Carla for forwarding the most amazing pictures of one of the luckiest BSL survivors in the world - Pablo! (-: 
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May 15/12

Bailey Update - We received a great update on our little Bailey. She is doing fantastic. Here is the update...

Just wanted to share just how wonderful, fabulous, fantastic our dear Bailey is!! On the drive to the cottage, she slept comfortably on the back seat with Hunter. Two quick pit stops to do her business.. it was easy breezy. She seems to love the car ride (because she is with us). She adored the cottage and the countryside. 

Hunter and I are head over heels in love with her and she has formed this incredible loyal bond with both of bus- greetings of kisses and tail wagging, wanting to get cozy next to us and always loving being near one of us. Today Hunt went and bought her more squeaky toys, bones, dental chews and an easy walk harness (as recommended in the ANML RESQ guide) for her walks in the park. She's been twice today and is super and stays by our side. I'm going to send along some pictures soon. Just about to go online to order more TLC dog food as well as their dog biscuits. We're sticking to her diet of 1 1/2 cups for breakfast and dinner (with a few treats in between) and she's happy. 

Can't find the words to express how much we love Bailey and I really get the feeling it's mutual.
Thank you for all you do! ~Diane

Good luck Bailey ... we love to see pictures of our adopted pups ... keep the updates coming.
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May 14/12

Weekend Update - WOW! What a weekend it has been! We are so excited and have lots of news for everyone (-: Three very lucky furkids have gone to their forever home this Mother's Day Weekend! Let's begin with Pablo's story.

Pablo's story began in November of 2011 when the reality of BSL came knocking at his door in the form of an AC officer who had orders to seize and destroy him. Thanks to Elaine, Robert and Darlene, Pablo's plight came to our attention and ANML-RESQ rescued him just in time. For the last 6 months Pablo has been staying at a shelter. He was originally scheduled to go to a shelter in Nova Scotia but this was delayed due to his dislike of being crated. While we were waiting for a trucking transport to materialize Carla (Splash & Schmoo's mom) and her daughter-in-law, Raija, were working on finding a home for him in New Brunswick and they succeeded. 

This weekend Pablo went to a wonderful family and wonderful new life by the ocean in New Brunswick. Darlene and Linda met Carla and Alan in Quebec on Saturday and Pablo was in his new home on Saturday night. I wish we had had more time to take him all the way and watch him running on the beach but we'll have to be satisfied with photos. Perhaps his story & muzzle can be put in a bottle and thrown into the sea so that someone in a far off land can see how wrong BSL is. Here is a bit from his new mom:

First of all you're an amazing person who truly has a passion for dogs!! Thank you so much for bringing Pablo home to us, I wish you would have let us give you something for gas and your time tho. he has done so well for having such a long and eventful day! Roxanne kinda acted a little jealous and actually snapped at him but he just turned his head and laid back on my lap. He has definitely been worth waiting for! I love him so much. he is such a cuddle bug:) I love it! I sat in the back seat with him and he laid on my lap the whole way home. I will send pics tomorrow. Thank you so much, ~Tiffany 

Good luck sweet boy and many thanks go out to Carla, Raija, and Barb for working so hard to find Pablo a FANTASTIC forever home and thanks to Linda and Darlene for transporting this lucky boy all the way to Quebec to meet Carla and Alan for Pablo's final journey to safety and his forever home! 

We are also jumping for joy to announce that Snoop, our senior bully boy has also gone to his forever home. This too, is such a happy ending to a very sad story. Snoop's owners had been trying to rehome him for several years but in the meantime, his days were spent in the basement - not a happy life for a dog )-: When we heard he needed help, we immediately offered to help him. Thankfully a friend of ANML-RESQ, Jen offered to foster Snoop until a forever family could be found. THIS was the beginning of a brand new life for Snoop - thank you Jen!!! 

We were hopeful for Snoop, but we all know finding homes for older dogs can take some time and I am sure Jen was prepared for a "lifer". However, that's when we got an email from someone that was very familiar with Snoop - they were shocked when they saw him up for adoption, but she IMMEDIATELY sent in an application for Snoop. We were THRILLED for Snoop and started immediately on the application process. All references checked out beautifully and Erin could NOT wait to hold Snoop in her arms once again!! Snoop went home on Sunday night - woohooo!!!! Congratulations to Snoop and Erin!!

Last, but certainly not least - our baby boy Diego has also gone to his forever home on Saturday!!!! We are THRILLED for this little boy, who has now been named Jasper and his new daddy, AJ. 

It was love at first sight for AJ and as you can see from the picture, we think Jasper is pretty darn happy too!! 

Congratuations to Pablo, Snoop and Diego!!! FANTASTIC WEEKEND FOR ALL!! (-:
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May 11/12

Dog Food Recall - There have been several recalls of pet food which came up in the last week or so and we wanted to give you the list of recalled batches. Hopefully all have been pulled from the shelves, however, if you have any of these products, please stop using them IMMEDIATELY

Diamond Pet food recalled following salmonella warning

Distributor States Canidae, Natural Balance, and one Wellness Product - A pet food company is recalling batches of nine brands of dry pet food sold across Canada and the U.S. because of potential salmonella contamination.

U.S.-based Diamond Pet Foods said in a statement released Saturday it has withdrawn several different brands of dry pet food.

The company says there have been no reported cases of infections, but has voluntarily issued the recall as a precaution. The bags affected were manufactured between Dec. 9, 2011, and April 7, 2012.

They include the following brands:

  • Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul
  • Country Value
  • Diamond
  • Diamond Naturals
  • Premium Edge
  • Professional
  • 4Health
  • Taste of the Wild
  • Kirkland Signature

The recalled bags have the number two or three in the 9th or 10th digit on the item code followed by an "X." The best before dates are between Dec. 9, 2012, and April 13, 2013. Salmonella can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps and fever in both pets and humans.

All of the codes are blow so you can check out your foods at home.

Brands Affected By Recall

·         Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul

·         Country Value

·         Diamond

·         Diamond Naturals

·         Premium Edge

·         Professional

·         4Health

·         Taste of the Wild

Production Codes

If your production code has a "2" or "3" in the 9th position AND an “X” in the 10th or 11th position and your best-before date is between December 9, 2012 and April 7, 2013, your product is affected by the recall.

If the product you have does not include a "2" or "3" in the 9th position AND an “X” in the 10th or 11th position and your best-before date is not between December 9, 2012 and April 7, 2013, your product is not affected by the recall, and you can continue to feed it as usual

The Kirkland Signature products included in the recall include:

  • Kirkland Signature Super Premium Adult Dog Lamb, Rice & Vegetable Formula (Best Before December 9, 2012 through January 31, 2013)

  • Kirkland Signature Super Premium Adult Dog Chicken, Rice & Vegetable Formula (Best Before December 9, 2012 through January 31, 2013)

  • Kirkland Signature Super Premium Mature Dog Chicken, Rice & Egg Formula (Best Before December 9, 2012 through January 31, 2013)

  • Kirkland Signature Super Premium Healthy Weight Dog Formulated with Chicken & Vegetables (Best Before December 9, 2012 through January 31, 2013)

  • Kirkland Signature Super Premium Maintenance Cat Chicken & Rice Formula (Best Before December 9, 2012 through January 31, 2013)

  • Kirkland Signature Super Premium Healthy Weight Cat Formula (December 9, 2012 through January 31, 2013) 

  • Kirkland Signature Nature’s Domain Salmon Meal & Sweet Potato Formula for Dogs (December 9, 2012 through January 31, 2013)

To determine if their pet food is recalled, consumers should check the production code on their bag. If the code has both a “3” in the 9th position AND an “X” in the 11th position, the product is affected by the recall. The best-before dates for the recalled products are December 9, 2012 through January 31, 2013.The following graphic illustrates how to read the production code and best-before date.
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May 10/12

We Need YOU - The numbers are in and it 'ain't' looking good! In fact, it is rather a dismal and bleak outlook on something that we had hoped was 'in the bag'. I am talking, of course, about Bill 16.

We thought we had a shot ... Cheri DiNovo thought Bill 16 could be the winning Bill for the underdog ... MPP Hilliard did his best in getting this Bill to 2nd Reading. Then the Bill went to Committee to be debated for 2 days and have any changes made before presenting it for 3rd and Final Reading. 

During Committee, which was only 2 days, any MPPs were removed from the Committee who might help the Bill progress to 3rd and Final Reading. The MPPs that were left allowed for a 'tie' vote [they made sure]. When and if a 'tie' vote happened, the Chair would vote to break the 'tie'.

So, when the final tally of hands was shown in Committee for Bill 16, a 'tie' situation was found. The Chair of the Committee Mr. Peter Tabuns, NDP, would be the deciding voter. Before voting, he quoted from the Standing Committee Rule Book ... "In general, when a committee cannot, by a majority, decide a question, the chair has no obligation to decide on the committee’s behalf and should avoid doing so. The chair should vote in any way that extends debate, maintains the status quo (for example, leaves the bill in its existing form), or offers the opportunity for the committee as a whole to further debate and decide the matter." 

He then voted to break the tie and voted against the changes to Bill 16 thereby allowing this Bill to fail.

Now, Bill 16 waits to be called for 3rd and Final Reading [God may this Bill please get passed]. When the Bill is finally called forward, unless Summer Recess or the House Falls, all MPPs in the House will vote 'ya' or 'na' [if the MPPs are in the House to vote - perhaps they will stay a little longer in the bathroom on this occasion - 'who knew those bells would be so loud']. Bill 16 will then be voted on in its original format. This will be a very loooooooooong shot indeed. This is where you come in...

YOU must write, phone, email, talk, walk or run to get your MPP to vote for Bill 16 ... for the very lives of the animals that have died since the inception of this heinous Law in 2005 [and yes the lives lost were in the thousands]. We must, as a COLLECTIVE, get those MPP butts off their chairs and into the air shouting 'yes' when the time comes. Don't know who your MPP is, click here to sniff them out...»

Don't let us down, we have all put millions into the judicial system [our own money] to change this 2005 Bill and we have come up short every time. This is our chance to get this turned around. The government of Ontario has paid millions fighting us 'tooth and nail' at every direction - don't let us down ... we need to fight and rally for this cause we are the dogs only voice.

Here is a clause-by-clause breakdown of the events leading up to the Committee hearing by Steve Barker over at the blog He also comments on what it means for the future of Bill 16.

When I saw the 'play-by-play' of events of yesterday's Committee hearing, I couldn't help but feel that playing 'nice', by the rules, is getting us nowhere. The games the Ontario Government plays is a stretch of the imagination! Is our Government REALLY looking out for our best interests or theirs? You be the judge!
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Happy Birthday Timber - 2 years old and the apple of Carolina's eye (-: 
Congratulations big boy, I can't believe how quickly time flies!

May 9/12

Dodge Ball is Missing - She went missing near the junction of Highway 89 and 15 Sideroad (Sharpe’s Hill), East of Alliston, mid-morning Friday, April 13, 2012. Dodge Ball is wearing a hot pink collar with her vaccination tags; she is not spayed, but is micro-chipped. She answers to her name or “DB”. She is shy, but very cuddly when she takes to you. If you spot her or have found her, please, please help bring her home. Dodge Ball is an ii month old Silky/Yorkshire Terrier and is about 9 pounds. Call anytime 24/7 (705) 718-4776

Please help us find Dodge Ball so she can be reunited with her family.  Dodge Ball has gone missing in the Allison area. If anyone has seen Dodge Ball, please contact her owners ASAP!
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May 8/12

Hero of Thief - I found this article circulating in the dog-world circles. So, what is your opinion? Hero or thief?

I also came across two great videos which come at a good time for us, since we are hopefully going to third reading of Bill 16 - Hershey's Bill. Responsible Pit Bull Owners- this is your song. And, just a KID - from the mouths of babes.
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May 7/12

Shelter Test Evaluations - This subject is near and dear to my heart and I hope through word of mouth this message will get through to shelters and rescue groups. I have said time and again, a shelter situation is not the place to properly assess a dog's temperament. Too many stress factors which can bring out behaviours that would normally not exist with the dog. Fear can do terrible things to a stressed out doggie. 

Feel free to cross-post to local shelters, evaluators, rescue team leaders you work or associate with. Hopefully at some point, enough pressure will be put on the shelter system to alter their current process of evaluation - because too many breeds are failing this tests and being euthanized unnecessarily. A highly viable alternative to the notorious, "shelter tests" can be found at this link. There is also some very helpful information!

Here is another link with some excellent suggestions to help dogs continue with their socialization while being held in a shelter situation. Often times, the shelter dogs do not get to play with others which can be detrimental to their social skills.
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May 4/12

Baby and Carter Update - We received a great picture of two of our happily homed furkids to end off our week. Here is a picture of Baby and big brother Carter, waiting patiently on the bed while mom washes the floors. They are rarin' to get outside to play, so hopefully mom's hard work isn't for nothing lol

It still amazes me to see Carter [on the right] looking so good and healthy. When he arrived at my home, he was malnourished and extremely underweight and weak. What a difference a few years make!! Carter will be celebrating his 3rd anniversary of being home where he is loved and cherished. Baby arrived late last year after being taken from an abusive you can see, both dogs are thriving and much loved!! Thanks for the update Lorie - hugs to Baby and Carter from all of us at ANML-RESQ!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!
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