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May 2014



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May 30/14

Tedward Update - We received some GREAT pictures of our little boy (Sir) Humphrey from his mom Lee Anne and boy, he sure is looking awesome! And, so is his handsome brother Tedward, the cutie with ears that never stop!

I really love the picture of Tedward sitting on the step with Humphrey along side him. Tedward looks so calm and cute and Humphrey looks like he is giving somebody some "tude", maybe a little "stink-eye" lol. But no, that's just our little man being his usual regal self. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Mom, Lee Ann reminded us that it's been 2 years since Humphrey was adopted and he has certainly come a long way from the timid little boy he was. 

Thanks for the update and pictures Lee Ann. Hugs to Humphrey and Tedward from their friends here at ANML-RESQ!
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May 28/14

Open House - We are excited to let you know that we will be at The Dog's Inn, Milton for an open house this Saturday, May 31st, from 8am to 4pm. 

Bob (the kennel owner) has helped us greatly by taking in a few dogs in the past year. He has gone over and above for our dogs and we cannot thank him enough.

We will have a booth at the Open House and we would love to see some of our happily adopted dogs and their people and in particular, we would love to see Goose (aka Desmond), Skye and Jake since they were 3 of the lucky furkids who found safety at the kennel. As an added bonus, for any of our previously rescued dogs and their families who come to visit will receive a wonderful toy as a gift.

We will have a few nice items at our booth, including a couple of quilts, one being a lovely cat quilt.

Also, there will be a display for a brand of food called Loyall and a representative will be on-site to answer any questions you may have about Loyall. 

The Dog's Inn
9720-5 Side Road
Milton, ON

(Exit Hwy #25, go north to 5th Side Road. Then turn right until you get to 9720 or Exit Trafalgar Road. Then go north on Trafalgar until you get to 5 Side Road and turn left and go to 9720.

So, come out and visit with our volunteers. We'd LOVE to see you there.
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May 27/14

Links of Interest - I have compiled a few more links that I hope you will enjoy and take some of this information and perhaps learn something from.

Grieving Goat Transforms After Sweet Reunion with his Best Friend

New Study Finds Popular "Alpha Dog" Training Techniques Can Cause More Harm Than Good

Dogs with No Names

Allergy season to be a bad one for your pets, say vets

Are you giving or taking space? It matters!

They're chasing me, what now? Preventing Chasing & Dog Bites

This first video brought tears to my eyes while I watched this heart warming reunion. They say animals don't have feelings, but I beg to differ.
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May 26/14

Magoo Update - We received a little "teaser" pic of Magoo with his foster brother Pete. Can you believe it - after only a few short days? God love Pete for being so non - chalant about his seemingly "velcro foster brother" lol. 

Click to enlarge...

Gosh, we just love you Magoo and Pete!! From what we can see, Magoo looks pretty darn good so hopefully his skin continues to heal. How could it not with a nice place in the sun and a comfy lounge pillow to lay on (-:

We are looking forward to lots of pictures and updates as we continue to monitor Magoo's progress. So far, from all accounts, he has fit right in and loving it!

We also received some GREAT pictures of our newly adopted boy, Bo. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

It seems he is his owners "one and only" and no doubt will be spoiled with love and attention - woohoo! Way to go Bo!
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May 22/14

Dakota Update - Our girl Dakota is doing really well and has settled into the routine of the foster home. It didn't take too long til she was "hanging" with the boyz. (-:

Click to enlarge...

Dakota sure has a LOT of energy and spunk for a 7 year old Rottweiler. She loves to go swimming and loves to play with her toys. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We are so happy that we have been able to take her under our wing. She is a lovely, lovely girl who will make a wonderful companion to a very lucky family. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We have no doubt that a fantastic family is just around the corner for Dakota. 
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May 21/14

Bo Who? - Do you remember Bo (aka Rambo), the 11 month old Rottweiler that needed out of the shelter? Well, as you know we were fortunate to find a wonderful foster home quickly for him.

Bo has been in foster care for a few months and gaining some much needed weight after leaving the stressful life at the shelter. Bo was finally at a stage where we felt he was ready for adoption. He learned some much needed manners from foster mom and dad, Sharon and Dave, and he learned to be social with dogs with the help of resident Rotts, Charlie and Tye. Bo flourished in this wonderful home and before we could even get him posted for adoption, a wonderful friend of the foster family expressed interest in adopting Bo.

Click to enlarge...

We went through the application process and the only thing standing in the way of this "meet n greet" was with the resident cat. ALL parts were crossed. Turned out Bo really had no interest in Marvin the resident cat and so it is "official" - Bo has been adopted! Woohoo!

Congratulations Bo and Barb! We know you will have many, many happy years together (-:

HUGE thanks to Sharon and Dave for giving Bo the chance he SO needed to find the BEST forever home! And, thanks to Charlie and Tye for welcoming this rambunctious boy into their home and teaching him to be the wonderful ambassador we knew he could be. We know it wasn't easy to let this wonderful boy go as he no doubt weasled his way into your hearts.

Happy trails Bo from ALL of us at ANML-RESQ!
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Hi Renee: Read your blog today and good news about Rambo (Bo), Magoo and Petey. These dogs are so lucky that Anml-Resq was there to help them. ~Anne



May 20/14

Magoo Update - Good news x 2! We have some really exciting news. This weekend it became official - foster mom has come to the decision that her foster boy just could not go anywhere. The scenario is eerily familiar to me, actually! lol

We have had our boy Pete in foster care now for several months and while we've had some wonderful people apply for Pete, foster mom has been quite particular to make sure that Pete goes into the right home. He already needed re-homing at 10 months of age and she didn't want to see him uprooted again.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

So, I received the email on Monday morning letting me know that the family has decided to adopt Pete officially (-: We could not be happier for our handsome, handsome boy. Here are some pictures of Pete helping his dad Josh (and friends) build their new deck. Supervising can be a hard job, so after a labour-intense workout, it was time for smooches with dad. 

Click to enlarge...

Congratulations Pete!! You couldn't have landed in a better home. Congratulations as well to Jen, Josh and Jimmy.

So, it seems our boy Pete would like to "pay it forward". Knowing the feeling of needing a new home, Pete and his mom Jen decided to make the trip today to the shelter where Magoo has been staying since February to see if the boyz would get along. Turns out the boyz got along GREAT! So, after a BIG play together at the shelter, the two worn out boyz headed home. We are thrilled for Magoo. Now that he will be out of this stressful environment, we hope to see lots of improvement with his skin/allergy issues.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We will definitely keep everyone posted on Magoo's progress. THANKS Pete, for allowing Magoo to come over and stay awhile! Thank you Jen and Josh for welcoming Magoo into your home.
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So happy for Magoo!! Thank you very much Jen and Petey for saving this sweet pup. Look forward to mo[r]e of these happy updates as Magoo settles in. ~ Blessings Sharin



May 15/14

Help Magoo - URGENT!!! Foster home needed for Magoo. Little Magoo was surrendered to a shelter in February. He arrived completely bald, scabs and blood all over. Since being with the shelter, they have been nursing him back to health with lots of medications, baths and a change of food. He is currently on Z/D, cephalexin and also medicated baths a few times a week. He improved so much you could not tell there is anything wrong with him. 

The stress of living in the shelter is catching up on Mr. Magoo and he is starting to get red and itchy. He also has a case of "happy tail". Magoo is not getting proper exercise in the shelter and has a lot of pent up energy.

Magoo really just needs to get out of this stressful environment so he can stay healthy and happy. He is a 1 yr. old, neutered boxer/bulldog mix, UTD on vaccines. He has passed all shelter tests. He came from a home with small children and he has been around cats/dogs.

If you think you could help us to help Magoo, please fill in our on-line application form on the left. Magoo is waiting for you!
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May 14/14

Goose Update - Every now and again, a dog will come to our attention. A dog needing help and a dog we know from hearing the history could/would be a work in progress. That was the case with Goose. A puppy who spent almost his entire life in a shelter, missing his formidable puppy months while locked away behind bars. This young pup did not get out to play with other dogs and although the shelters workers tried to give him as much time as they could, it was a lonely, boring and sad existence.

Knowing this pup has known nothing BUT kennel life, we know he would need some work and most of all lots of socialization. However, finding a foster home that could give Goose the attention, structure and positive training he needed was proving harder than we had hoped.

Click to enlarge...

In order to keep Goose safe, we transferred him to a wonderful kennel we deal with and owner Bob was up for the challenge of giving Goose some training and lots of "human time". Goose slowly de-stressed and began enjoying all the newfound attention he was receiving. Our volunteer Debbie stopped by often as well to play with Goose and bring him lots of toys and treats (-: Life was good, but definitely could have been better.

Click to enlarge...

Where was that wonderful forever home this boy so badly needed. A home that was willing to work with his little quirks and help Goose become the gentleman we knew he could become.

Well, that home came along about a month ago. They fell in love with Goose's pictures and having recently lost their beloved Dogo mix (and a fur sister who missed him terribly), they were ready and willing to bring Goose home and work with his issues (which are really few and far between). 

Click to enlarge...

Thankfully their girl Harley was happy to meet Goose and have become wonderful friends. Our little man was enrolled in obedience school and already has 2 training sessions under paw and he even made a few friends in class.

So, now our boy Goose, who is now lovingly known as Desmond has been officially adopted by this loving family. You will not believe how far our handsome boy has come. When mom and dad, Patti and Colin sent the latest update (with pics), of Desmond being a "man about town" I was floored. I never laughed so hard as when I scrolled down and saw the picture of Desmond riding on the TTC with mom, Patti - sitting beside her as any commuter would LOL .... can you believe it? Look at Desmond... what a dude!

As you saw previously, he has also taken the streetcar and this past weekend he even went to the zoo with his mom and dad. Does life get any better than this?? Not bad for a dog who spent most of his life in a shelter!! (-: 

Thank you so much for the wonderful updates and pictures of Desmond. We  look forward to many, many more! Congratulations Desmond, Patti, Colin and Harley.
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Hi Renee: Read your blog when we got home today and such wonderful news about Goose (Desmond).   I would never have the nerve to take a dog on the streetcar and/or to the zoo, or to a parade they took him to a while ago.   They are obviously great dog people and know how to handle him.   The pictures are wonderful, him sitting there beside the lady, looking just like a person, not at all like a dog and the one of him looking over the seat if so cute.    I still find it amazing that somehow your rescue group comes up with the right people for your rescues. ~Anne



May 13/14

RIP Chade - It is with great sadness that we have to tell you of the passing of our little darling, Chade. 

Chade and her brother Chester needed help several years ago and at the ripe age of 9 yrs. old they needed to find a new home. Thankfully we found that home with Pamela and Tobin who welcomed these two lost souls into their hearts and home. Sadly, Chester was very ill when we took them into rescue and we had to let him go to the Bridge and suffer no longer.

Chade was adopted by this loving family and has lived with them for the last 5 years. Unfortunately, as age crept up, Chade became very ill and it was with a very heavy heart that Pamela and Tobin made the decision to let Chade go peacefully and suffer no longer. Here is message from Chade's loving family.

We are heartbroken to say goodbye to our little girl Chade. She was with us for too short a time. She arrived with her brother Chester (who was extremely sick) and we like to think that he went over the Rainbow Bridge in peace, knowing that he had found a good home for his little sister.  

Chade missed Chester so much that we decided to find her a new little brother. Enter Snickers. It took a while, but they bonded.

This Easter, Chade got pancreatitis and we tried with the help of our vet, Dr. Chris, to get her through this and back to eating. But after a few days on intravenous her blood work showed that she was deteriorating, so we had to make the difficult decision to let her go. She went peacefully with Snickers and us at her side.  

Chade was a joy every day of the 5 years that she graced our lives and we miss our little firecracker. But we know that her brother Chester was waiting patiently for her at the bridge to welcome her.


Goodbye little Chade. With all our love Pamela, Tobin and Snickers.

Chade had a wonderful second chance at a life with a loving family. Our heartfelt condolences to Pamela, Tobin and Chade's furry brother Snickers. Run free little girl... until you all meet again...
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Hi Renee: I believe we met the little dog Chade once, maybe at the picnic in June, not sure, but still very sad to lose a dog as we all know. ~Anne



May 12/14

Tigger Update - We received a wonderful update from Tigger's mom Janet. Mom reports that Tigger is really enjoying being able to spend more time outside. Here is an update from mom, Janet along with pics! (-:

Hi Renee: Tigg and I are doing great. So glad the weather is spring like now because we can spend more time outdoors. I got a load of Frisbees from Dollarama so I can toss them in the yard for him. I'm hoping to turn him into the next Wallace (LOL). We go for walks twice a day now instead of the one rather quick one we did during the winter. Tigger is also enjoying doing his zoomies around the yard again. In the evening Tigger settles down on the sofa with Otis the cat and they nap. They are both couch potatoes.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

His allergies have not been bothering him but I have continued to keep him on the Natural Balance limited ingredient Lamb and Rice diet. But, I also give him Alaskan Salmon Oil daily, and a couple times a week I put apple cider vinegar in his food. He also gets the occasional Pig's ear as a treat. I got a natural vitamin supplement for him too to help his immune system. I use a feline one for Otis as he also has allergies. I'm finding with this, Tigger's ears are doing much better.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

I'm glad you think he's looking great, I have been taking very good care of him and dealing with his allergies have not been a problem. He's such a sweet soul and I love him so very much. He has become my Velcro dog, everywhere I go he's right there. Thank you again for allowing Tigger into my life to become a cherished family member. ~Janet

It is so nice to hear that Tigger has a good friend in Otis too. Thank you so much Janet for sending this great update and pictures of Tigger.
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May 9/14

Happy Birthday Timber - WOW! I can't believe 4 years have passed since I scooped this precious puppy up off the street (where he was dumped on a lonely country road). While trying to find this puppy's owner, I was told by a neighbour they witnessed this puppy being thrown from a moving vehicle, so I knew the owners wouldn't come forward.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Thank goodness Carolina was ready and willing to take this youngster into her loving home. It didn't take long for Timber to work his "charm" and he weasled his way into Carolina and Mike's hearts. I could not be happier for Timber as I am able to watch this handsome boy grow and mature. Here are some pictures from Timber's proud mom, Carolina. 

I can't believe my Timber is 4 years old now. Even though he is so young at heart, he also has this wisdom about him when I look into his eyes. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

I thank my greatest friends for saving this sweet boy and giving me the chance to love him so deeply. Timber is my shadow, my heart, a huge part of my life. Happy Birthday Timber!

Happy Birthday Timber from me (auntie Renee) and ALL of your friends here at ANML-RESQ. You have welcomed many lost and scared doggies into your home, welcomed them with love and helped to show them the world was not such a scary place. Love you Timber!
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Hi Renee: I do remember the story of you finding Timber but it doesn't seem like it is four years ago already, time has a way of getting away on us.  ~Anne



May 8/14

Links of Interest- Once again, I have included several links I think you might find interesting and informative. 

Please enjoy...
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May 7/14

Congratulations Enzo - IT'S OFFICIAL!! Our sweetheart Enzo has FINALLY found his forever home and we, at ANML-RESQ could not be happier for our boy!

Click to enlarge...

Enzo has been home for about a month now, but we didn't want to "jinx" anything for our big lug, so we've held back on sharing the good news. It all depended on how well he got along with the resident cats, but they all became friends in very short order. (-:

Click to enlarge...

Enzo is really enjoying being a part of this wonderful family. As you can see, he has made himself right at home. Here is a little update from Enzo's proud dad, Mark...

Our house has been blessed with the addition of the sweetest dog "Enzo". He has fit in so very well, and everyone that meets him thinks he is the best dog ever! He has some funny quirks, loves to play tug of war, playing ball in the back yard with everyone. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He thinks he is a lap dog but that just makes him more endearing to us all. Not to mention he is a huge bed hog at night :-). He has found his forever family as we have found him a huge place in our hearts!

Many thanks to Allie, Walter, Alex and Noah for taking such great care of our boy until his forever family could be found. 

Enzo has captured the hearts of ALL of our volunteers and those that have met him (and those that have been following Enzo's story). This is another example of a GREAT dog waiting so long to find the "perfect" family and the wait was WELL worth it, says Enzo! Congratulations Enzo, Crystal, Mark and Family!
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Hi Renee: Was pleased to see that Enzo's adoption was finalized. Sounds like he has a great home. He is such a beautiful colour and lovely shinny coat. Also, nice to hear about Tigger as I believe he was a dog who was in foster for a long time but all seems well with him. ~Anne



May 5/14

Desmond Update - We received a great update and pictures of our handsome boy Desmond (aka Goose).

Click to enlarge...

This fellow is having the time of his life with his new family. Desmond has already been for his first training session and he did very well according to mom and dad. He even made a new friend.

Click to enlarge...

It is so heartwarming to see Desmond being such a "social butterfly". For a dog having spent most of his life in a kennel, his life is only just beginning and already he has seen so many new things (-:

Click to enlarge...

Thank you Patricia and Colin for always making our day with wonderful updates and pictures of Desmond.
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May 2/14

Links of Interest - It has been awhile since I have posted some great links of interest.

Here are a few I've compiled for your reading pleasure. ENJOY!

What I've learned, I've come to appreciate;

Living with dogs who suffer from severe seperation anxiety;

Septic shock in dogs;

Reactive dog - moving past distractions on a walk; and

Interesting (and scary) read from Dogs Naturally.

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May 1/14

Meet Dakota - Please welcome our newest adoptable - Dakota! She is a wonderful girl who will make a wonderful companion for a lucky family. Here is a little more about our girl Dakota.

Click to enlarge...

Dakota who is lovingly named the little Pocket Rott, is a beautiful girl who is 7 years young and smaller than the average Rottweiler at 55lbs. You would never guess her age since she is so young at heart. Dakota is one of the most affectionate dog's ever and loves to snuggle up as close as possible giving a multitude of kisses. She would happily lay right on top of you if you'd let her. She makes the perfect addition to a home as she is ready to go for some excitement going for walks, hikes, swimming, and playing fetch, yet she calms right down quickly and simply hangs out quietly in the home chewing on her toys. She has the perfect balance of spunk and laid back. Dakota is a very easy dog to live with and would make a wonderful addition to a loving home.

Click to enlarge...

Dakota gets along with male dogs with proper introductions and likes to play. She can be a bit rough when playing, so a home with a patient and friendly dog would be most suitable for this sweet girl. She is fully housetrained and crate trained. She will go into her crate without fuss with a simple point and command "get in your bed". Dakota responds well to the come command and likes to stick close by anyways. 

Click to enlarge...

Some her favourite things are giving and getting affection, playing fetch, wagging her little nub a millions miles per minute, snuggling with her stuffed toys, and eating lettuce.

Dakota is fully up to date with her vaccines and spayed. If you feel Dakota is the girl for you, please fill out our application form on the left.
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