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  Renee Leger, President
ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario

May 2015


Updated: Monday June 01, 2015 09:55:29 PM


Dixie/Jax Update;
Hobo and Sammy;
Ben Update;
Mya Update;
Happy Birthday Timber;
Meet Remy;
Abbey Adopted;
Finding Lost Pets;
URGENT - 3 Little Muppets Need Foster;
June 13th;
Kane Update;

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May 28/15

Kane Update - We got some nice pictures of Kane and new dad Simon.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Kane has gone to 3 obedience classes and he has excelled ... what a good boy Kane!

Click to enlarge...

We knew you were an amazing ambassador for the breed and a smart one too (-: 
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May 26/15

June 13th - ANML-RESQ is once again hosting a benefit lunch and reunion “It’s Raining Dogs”. We will be having an exciting silent auction with many beautiful items, including a boat cruise around the Toronto Harbour! There will also be a variety of gift baskets to bid on for both our 2-legged and 4-legged friends; such as a gourmet gift basket, champagne gift basket, beach gift basket and many more. There will also be door prizes and mouth-watering desserts after a palette-pleasing lunch. Join us in sharing a scrumptious buffet-style lunch while catching up with friends and family. 

Mark your calendars and invite family and friends to attend our special event.  

raining.jpg (482412 bytes)

We can’t continue to help dogs in need 
without your support.

Seating is limited, so contact us at to reserve your seats for this wonderful and fun benefit and reunion. Our event will be taking place at Mondello Ristorante in Mississauga on June 13th, beginning at 11:30am to 3:30pm. Tickets are $30.00 per adult and $20.00 per child.

Donations have been graciously donated from Pet Valu, TLC Pet Food, Dr. Maggie, Rens Pet Depot, and many more.
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May 25/15

URGENT - 3 Little Muppets Need Foster - We are in urgent need of a foster or forever home for 3 beautiful little Shih Tzu's. Due to a family break-up and not having proper housing these three little ones need our help.

Sunny is an 8 year old, male, Shih Tzu, UTD on shots and neutered. Super friendly, loves attention and to be pet. Sunny appears to be the most outgoing of the bunch. 

Click to enlarge...

A very confident friendly boy. Alert barks but quickly quiets once told to settle down. 

Click to enlarge...

Sunny does have some mild allergies but these are controlled by a lamb based diet and inexpensive medication prescribed by the vet. (Vanectyl P) 

Patches is an 8 year old, female, Shih Tzu, UTD on shots and spayed. This girl is the matriarch of the pack as well as the quietest one. 

Click to enlarge...

She rolls over for belly rubs and likes to sit back and watch what's going on. Alert barks but quickly settles. No health issues noted.

Click to enlarge...

Izzy (Isabelle) is a 6 year old, female, Shih Tzu, UTD on shots and spayed. This girl is shy at first. She does alert bark and settles when the other dogs in the home do. 

Click to enlarge...

She sits back a little to let everyone say hi and prefers to sniff before saying a real hello. 

Click to enlarge...

When she has a minute to check you out she's all about the attention. She loves to be petted and follows you around. No health issues noted.

If you or anyone you know are interested in helping them by fostering for us, please contact us about Sunny, Patches and Izzy!
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May 21/15

Finding Lost Pets - Here is some very good advice from our friends at Trackers Edge. When it comes to tracking and finding lost pets, these people know their stuff. 

The first moments a pet goes missing are crucial! My pet just took off ... what should I do? 

  • DO NOT PANIC! ... Easier said than done, but doing nothing is sometimes preferable to doing something that may may things worse.

  • DO NOT CHASE YOUR PET! ... Try to gently get it's attention with a CALM voice and do not pressure it to run away.

  • KEEP AN EYE OUT WHERE THE PET IS GOING ... If it is bolting away, though, back off.

  • RUNNING AWAY from your pet may actually get it to come back towards you, especially if it thinks it is a game.

  • KEEP AHEAD OF YOUR PET ... Instead of chasing a pet further and further away, you are better off heading to places your pet may being heading to and see if it shows up. (FOR EXAMPLE ... the end of the path it just ran down or even pass it on the street and wait up the road.)

  • GET YOUR PET TO COME TO YOU! ... Do not try to catch it. Staying low to the ground and not making direct eye contact is a good start ... lure your pet by pretending to eat it's treats, squeaking a favorite toy, utter phrases it will like such as "car ride" or even rolling around on the ground. 


  • MAKE SURE SOMEONE IS HOME AND WATCHING! Many pets return home or to the place they went missing from not too long after they go missing. If nobody is home they may just go to a door and leave. THIS HAPPENS! REMEMBER ... they cannot knock or ring a doorbell so you really have to keep an eye out for them.

  • CALL for help as soon as your pet goes missing and immediately start treating the pet as being missing. Get posters and social media going as well as getting help from friends and family.

  • STAY POSITIVE ... You may even get lucky, if you do not chase a pet, and it may stay close, come to you, or even head back home.

Remain calm, alert friends and neighbours, and keep tabs on your pet so you know the general area and can use a live-trap where possible to get your pet back.
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May 19/15

Abbey Adopted - We are THRILLED to announce that our Abbey has been adopted!

It has been a long time coming for this beautiful girl. We could not understand why she wasn't getting any interest because we all feel she is such a cutie-pie and such a good girl. But as we always say ... those that wait the longest, wait for the best and that is exactly what Abbey got!

Click to enlarge...

She has a beautiful fur-sister named Lola and both girls got to go to the cottage this weekend to chill and enjoy a lovely long weekend getting to know each other. We couldn't be happier for Abbey and her new family. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We would like to thank ALL the people involved in helping Abbey while she waited patiently for her forever home.

Click to enlarge...

Many thanks to Fred, JP, Caroline and Susan for taking such great care of our girl. 

Click to enlarge...

Congratulations to Abbey's new family, Brian, Cheryl and Lola. We look forward to LOTS of pictures and updates which we know we will get as mom Cheryl has been keeping us posted all weekend with pictures. Happy trails little girl! You sure lucked out with a FANTASTIC family!
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May 15/15

Muffin - It has been 10 years since BSL was introduced here in Ontario. Once again another sweetheart has had to leave this province or pay the ultimate price with her life.

It was time once again to call upon our friends in the East to help us get another prohibited dog out of the province. Thanks to a long-time friend who has adopted two of our dogs and has been a long time supporter of ANML-RESQ another precious life has been saved.

Click to enlarge...

HUGE thanks to Carla who found a wonderful forever home for Muffin and her wonderful husband Alan who drove all the way from New Brunswick to whisk our little Muffin to safety, we have another sweet and innocent dog safely placed in a province that does not discriminate.

Click to enlarge...

We would also like to thank our good friends Anne and Wayne who were able to transport Muffin quite a long distance to meet Alan today with their precious passenger. Anne and Wayne told us it was a wonderful drive and Muffin was a good girl the whole way giving kisses as often as she could. Thank you both for helping us once again. It isn't easy finding transport on a weekday and we are very grateful as always for your kind assistance.

Click to enlarge...

Also, HUGE thanks to fosters Debbie and Derek (and furkids) for welcoming little Muffin and keeping her safe until we could find safety out of the province.

While it was heartbreaking for foster mom to let her go, she knew Muffin was going to be safe now.

We will continue to fight for these wonderful dogs and we won't give up until BSL is overturned in this province. 

Thank you to all of you who continue to fight for those that cannot speak for themselves.

Happy trails little Muffin, from all of your friends at ANML-RESQ! Have fun being a dog!
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May 12/15

Meet Remy - Remy is a very Handsome 4 year old Rottweiler. This sweet guy has lived his life in a crate so he is new to the real world and very curious about everything. 

Remy has discovered that chasing a stick or ball is pretty fun but doesn't always want to bring it back as he wants to keep the toy close by. He does love to collect toys in his bed, just so special for him to have toys. 

Click to enlarge...

He is learning to walk well on leash but can be very strong if he sees something exciting. Remy is learning his doggie manners and has the sit down pat. 

Click to enlarge...

This super sized puppy loves people and will rap his paws around you to show you how happy he is to see you. Remy is looking for a experienced owner to continue to work on his social skills and basic training. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Remy has a lot of love to give, he is very playful and keen to learn about all the fun stuff in the world. This sweet boy is UTD, neutered and microchipped. He is a healthy 120 lb male Rottweiler that will fill your home with love. Remy needs a home, preferably rural with a fully fenced yard and no children due to his large size. He would be bests suited to live with a large breed female or calm male to show him the ways of the world. He has not been tested with cats but don't think he would do well due to his prey drive.

If you think Remy is the fun loving pup for you, please fill out the adoption/foster application on the left. If you have any questions, please email us at
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May 11/15

Happy Birthday Timber - We have another happy celebration for one of our ANML-RESQ alumni. Happy Birthday to our sweet boy Timber ... 5 years old already. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Hey Renee, Guess what today is?? It's Timber's b-day!! I can't believe my little guy is 5 years old already, well not that little, lol. How the time flies when you're having fun. :)

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Mom, Carolina is so in love with this handsome boy and we could not have hoped for a more amazing forever home for Timber. Happy Birthday Timber!
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May 8/15

Mya Update - I know it's been quite some time since I have shared some links of interest so today's the day. Grab yourself a coffee and enjoy.

I found this letter to be extremely accurate on how so many of us in rescue have felt at one time or another. The author has written an extremely heartfelt message to an owner that merely dumped their family pet instead of doing the right thing and seeking help. Instead this animal had to endure a scary 2 months alone and afraid, sick and starving. And, these great links too: there's no fleas on my dog; Honor your dog, honor yourself?; and The Ultimate Dog Adoption Survival Guide:

And to end the week I'd like to share some pictures of our beautiful Mya and her foster family ... dad, Jason and foster fur-brother Kilo ... as you can see, they are two peas in a pod. Mya is making really good progress in her foster home - she is learning new things all the time and she is enjoying life as a dog should. 

Thank you Jason, Julie and Kilo for giving Mya this wonderful opportunity to learn about this world of ours and most of all for letting her be a dog.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

And to all you wonderful moms out there for both 2 legged and 4 legged kids ... Happy Mothers Day from all of us at ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario.
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May 5/15

Ben Update - We are happy to let everyone know that the first of our 5 rottweilers that we pulled this year has gone to his forever home. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

It wasn't easy for foster dad Ron to see Ben go and even harder for his little side-kick Maxine as they were both so bonded to each other but thankfully Ben has another little 4-legged sister named Lola and we have no doubt that Lola and Ben will be fast friends just as he and Maxine were. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

It makes us smile to know these dogs will be living in a loving family environment for the rest of their lives ... just as they deserve. 
Congratulations Ben and family! 

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May 4/15

Hobo and Sammy - I know you have heard me say, time and time again that it takes a village to save a life.  Here is the story of the rescue of not one, but two dogs who found themselves alone in the world, wandering and scavenging to stay alive.  Both dogs went through this entire horrid winter foraging to stay warm and alive.  Thanks to some VERY special people, both of these dogs have a happy ending.  One has gone home to the owner that never stopped searching for her and one has found safety with ANML-RESQ who promised if he was captured and no owner found, we would take him under our wing.  Welcome to ANML-RESQ Hobo!  We are thrilled to have you in our fold and we will be sure to find you the BEST forever home where you will always be cherished.

Here is Hobo (and Sammy's) story as written by one of their determined rescuers, Kathryn.

Hobo … the German Shepherd Dog in Cantley Quebec.

I can't begin to tell Hobo’s story without telling Sammy the golden retriever's story first. 

We first heard about Sammy through the Ottawa and Valley Lost Pet Network, her Dad had taken her to work with him at a new house site in Cantley Quebec, a compressor gun went off and Sammy bolted.

We had plenty of reports of sightings of Sammy yet they always resulted in them being other dogs, we spent a fair bit of time quite a distance from the lost site when an older gentleman reported seeing Sammy frequenting his house.  We installed a trail cam and a live trap and we waited. One Saturday morning I came to check the cam and there was a photo of a golden eating the food, I turned my head and there she was strolling towards me, I collared her and leashed her and she hopped into my car, happily finding all the treats I had in my rescue kit. I soon came to discover that the dog was a HE not a SHE and we then met Nelson a newly adopted rescue who seemed to like to roam versus stay home. From August to April we followed many leads, chased and almost stole a few goldens but none of them ever turned out to be Sammy.


On March 25th Sammy’s owner had a call from the SPCA saying that Sammy’s SPCA medallion had been found by two women who had been feeding a Golden and a German Shepherd under their shed since December of 2014. The dogs would be there each morning and evening to be fed and they would sleep under their shed which was a short distance from their house in the woods. The two dogs would not let the women approach them and so they had reached out to the SPCA for help to rescue them.

The SPCA had installed a live trap and after a call from Isabelle, Sammy’s owner on March 26th we went out to see the site with Sammy’s family. They brought items that belonged to them along with items that belonged to Sammy herself. I walked through the paths behind the shed, they were well worn and had dog poop everywhere along with bowls scattered throughout the paths: that would soon be known as Hobo’s signature. As I walked down the hill though backyards I saw a big pair of ears and a beautiful pair of eyes watching me … it was my first sighting of Hobo, I turned my head and he was gone.

The trap the SPCA had brought out was not functioning properly and the two dogs had been going in and out of it for weeks. We re-jigged the trap, setting it on a piece of plywood, oiled all the mechanisms and made sure the step plate was working and then we left for the night. The next morning Sammy’s dad went out and to everyone’s delight Sammy was in the trap. Sammy went home and was bathed and pampered and welcomed back home 7 months  to the day she had gone missing.

Our concern now focused on Hobo … This is Hobo’s story

Hobo as he was aptly named was not about to go back in the trap that was set out by the shed. We were so lucky, Brenda and Mitch the homeowners were truly the most caring individuals ever, and they don’t even own a dog. They gave us full permission to come and go anytime, day or night and they were as committed and determined to bring home Hobo as we were.

The following weekend Anne Lauriault who runs the site 2eme Chance in Gatineau and I went out and tracked Hobo through his well traveled loop in the forest behind Brenda’s house with her dog, Hobo was interested but had no intentions of coming too close to us. We spoke to Isabelle, Sammy’s owner who brought Sammy out, it was heartbreaking to see Sammy crying and watching Hobo intently and begging him to come to her yet the sight of humans was too much for him and although at one point he approached Sammy it was apparent he was not going to be easy to bring in. Sadly he followed us back to our vehicles but always keeping his distance.

Each night from March 27th until April 24th Brenda and Mitch continued to feed Hobo  and members of our dedicated team Renee Ryan, Nathalie Laflamme and Warren Bailie began to formulate different plans to try and bring Hobo in, often going out late at night to watch for him. We were fortunate to have Allison Samson, Kevin McCormick(Trackers Edge) and Dominique Rousselle who all provided much needed advice and support.

This is just a small snap shot of the work that went into bringing in Hobo and with each new plan Hobo would change it up, we began to think he was way smarter than we were. Over the month we worked tirelessly to secure him, we closed the trap and started feeding him beside the shed and installed a trail cam so we could watch his coming and goings which were erratic at best.

When we realized that due to the terrain behind the house we were not going to be successful using the live trap Warren made a trip out with our 10x10 pen which was installed off to the side of Brenda’s driveway and the trail cam was installed to watch and track Hobo’s comings and goings. Hobo would come some nights and others times he wouldn’t. Renee who lived close by checked the cam each morning and I texted Brenda for news, we always knew before checking the cam for photos if he had been there because Brenda would have to go searching for the food bowls that he would remove from the pen.

Many nights we would set up the rope ready to close the pen hoping that he would walk into it and many cold nights different members of the team sat out in the cold in silence holding tightly to the rope waiting and waiting. We saw many cats, a fox and raccoons but never Hobo. He seemed to know we were there.

Until April 24…

Early that morning I had the opportunity to speak to Domenique who suggested I try tripe to lure Hobo in; I went and picked up cans of stinky bison tripe long with some beef liver which I quickly cooked and headed out to Brenda’s for another attempt. Brenda was going to watch the Sens game and then join me. A little black and white cat promptly stole my liver and was enamored with the tripe and refused to leave until I remembered I had a bag of cat food in my car. After the hockey game ended Brenda joined me and we waited and watched, now we had a new friend, a massive raccoon, the night seemed fruitless and I decided around 11pm to call it a night and Brenda decided she would stay out just for a little while longer. I had barely been driving for two minutes when I got the GAME OVER call: Brenda in a hushed voice said “he’s in the pen please come back”. Brenda finally had her wish Hobo was safe, not only had she saved Sammy and Hobo’s lives by feeding them she had now secured Hobo in the pen.

On the way back I quickly called Anne who has an amazing way with dogs and has a German shepherd and also quickly called Renee to ask her to advise the foster that she would be having a late night visitor. When I arrived Brenda was still in the van holding the rope tightly until I ensured that the latch was secure. Hobo was obviously stressed and pacing and looking for a way out. Annie and Renee arrived and he became more and more anxious. Annie made the decision to go into the pen, slowly gaining his trust and giving him space. Once again the tripe saved the day, I put some on my fingers and he eagerly licked it off, I then handed Annie my leather slip collar and a fork filled with tripe which allowed her to collar him and put a leash on him. He never showed any signs of aggression and walked out of the pen and was easily popped into my car for a midnight run to Crystals who would be his foster until an adoptive family was approved.

Hobo each day becomes more confident and happy, he adores Crystal and it’s hard to believe that no one is looking for this majestic boy. 


We will always be thankful to Brenda and Mitch for caring for Hobo and never gave up hope that someone would bring him home.

These are the people who's home we were allowed to use to set up the trap and Brenda is the one that "pulled the trigger" and captured him. 

blog050415.jpg (108284 bytes)

They came to visit with Hobo today (-:
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Hi Renee: Just read your blog about Sammy and Hobo. What a wonderful story. It was great that Sammy was found and returned home but what a story about Hobo. Those wonderful people who kept working to catch him and to your rescue people who gave advice and assistance, it is truly outstanding. So many stories of animal cruelty and then you read this one about the dedicated people who spent months looking after these dogs and finally capturing them. Can't say enough good things about them. ~Anne 

May 1/15

Dixie/Jax Update - We would love to introduce one of our newest rescues Dixie. Dixie is one of the 5 Rottweiler’s we were able to help out of a sad situation. Dixie came from a place where she was hidden from the world and hadn’t seen the inside of a warm loving home nor the gentle touch from a kind person until now.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Dixie is basically new to the world, everything is a new experience for this beautiful girl. We are hoping to find an understanding and patient family to help Dixie along the way and guide her into learning the wonders of a life full of joy and security. Dixie needs a family to show her how to be a dog, to learn what toys are and how to play with them. It will be such a rewarding experience for her forever home to watch her unfurl and blossom as she learns all the fun dogs can have.

Dixie is a 2 year old rottweiler, good with dogs and is currently being fostered in a home with other Rottweiler’s, both male and female. She has adapted well to living with other canine companions, yet would not be suitable living with cats. Dixie is not a very big girl at 68lbs, but sure has a big loving heart. She is a very loving girl that loves to be close by and needs reassurance from her people by accepting and relishing in affection and acknowledgment. She has the Rottweiler trademark; the never ending nubby wag and body wiggle.

Dixie is crate trained and will seek out her safe spot when she wants some downtime, and has a love for food. She is also spayed and up to date on her vaccines.

If you feel you can provide Dixie with an understanding and loving home, please fill out an adoption application or contact us.

And, meet Jax is a lovely 3 year old boxer boy who is UTD on shots, neutered and ready for his forever home. 

Click to enlarge...

Jax LOVES people. He needs reminders when on leash to sit quiet and wait to say hello but some basic training going forward will fix that. He knows some basic commands already such as sit, down, stay and shake a paw. Jax is great with children, no jumping on the little ones and he knows that as he grew up with two small children. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He is eager to please, smart, attentive and will do anything for a treat. He is not overly bouncy and excited as some boxers are. After about 15 minutes playing and running around with his soccer ball, he's pretty chill.

Click to enlarge...

Jax has made some doggy friends and been "put in his place by some others" he is appropriate with others dogs but sometimes comes on a little too strong with the males so a home with a female would be preferable.

If you think Jax is the boy for you, please fill in our on-line adoption/foster application on the left.
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