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  Renee Leger, President
ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario

MAY 2016

Updated: Wednesday June 08, 2016 09:41:57 PM



Meet Koda
Meet Yunch
Turtle Update
Peppa Update
Happy Birthday Timber
Meet Pia;
Great Long Weekend;
Kane Update;
June 4th Luncheon;
Molly Update;

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May 30/16

Molly Update - ANML-Molly’s foster mom Carolina got a FANTASTIC update and pictures from Molly’s mom and dad. It sounds like she is getting lots of exposure and socialization which is so very important. We cannot be happier for Molly and I know Carolina was so happy to receive this amazing update and pictures (for pictures). 

Hello Carolina, We just love Molly!!! She is affectionate and very bright and got the basic commands very quickly! She was very timid at the beginning but she has gained much confidence and her tail when from under her legs to up in the air! she is very curious and like to taste everything! I like to say that it is her first spring and that she not only needs to smell it but as well to taste it! We have to check her constantly when we walk around in the neighborhood as she will pick up everything! and I really mean Everything !( I had to extract a dry piece of squirrel from her jaw!!! WahhsAIgrrhhh!) . I try to make her meet as many people as possible to not be afraid of them, so she met the skateboarders at the end of our street and the little kids by the school and the bikers, picnickers and fishermen by the river.  Molly is also getting less clumsy and can run much better! When we take her in the no leash wooden area park with my son's dog, the two of them just love running and chasing each other!

She is also a little rascal and often try to find a way to open the small gate closing the solarium section where she sleeps from the rest of the house. A few days ago (Saturday) I wake up around 8h15 to no sounds when usually she wakes me up around 6h30-7h00AM and she had manage to free herself and got a small bag of flour and decide to shred it on the living room carpet!! I guess I should have taken a picture as shock as I was, it was also a very funny scene: she was white all over, especially her nose and front paws and there was flour all over the carpet and white paws prints everywhere! It took me a full hour to clean and vacuum the mess! Believe me when I tell you that I find a way to better secure that gate! also, having those leather bones for her to chew help a lot! 

We also clean up after ourselves much quickly now as she will remind us to pick up our shoes and socks and any other pieces of clothing we make the mistake to leave around.  Over all, Molly is a great dog with a fun personality and very affectionate and we feel very bless that you choose us to be her forever family! Yesterday, We met a 12 years senior black Great Dane and we sure hope she will be with us as long ! thank you again and I will send more pictures this summer as we go explore around with Molly!

Molly is growing like a weed as we expected. Way to go Molly! You have an amazing family to call your own.
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May 27/16

June 4th Luncheon - ANML-RESQ is once again hosting a benefit lunch and reunion at Mondello. We will be having an exciting silent auction with many beautiful items! There will also be door prizes and mouth-watering desserts after a palette-pleasing lunch. Join us in sharing a scrumptious buffet-style lunch while catching up with friends and family. Mark your calendars and invite family and friends to attend our special event.  And this year:

Is your dog smarter than a Border Collie?  We want to know!  

Click to enlarge...

We have categories for the smartest! Don't forget to submit your dog...

Seating is limited, so contact us at to reserve your seats for this wonderful and fun benefit and reunion. Our event will be taking place at Mondello Ristorante 127 Queen Street South in Mississauga on June 13th, beginning at 11:00am to 3:00pm. Tickets are $30.00 per adult and $20.00 per child.
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May 25/16

Kane Update - Kane’s foster mom Sharin got some really great pictures of Kane from his dad Simon. Wow ... Kane is looking FANTASTIC and he has grown into a very handsome boy! 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We are so happy for Kane and dad Simon. We hear these two are inseparable and we love knowing how much Kane is loved and adored.
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May 23/16

Great Long Weekend - Our volunteers were busy, busy, busy this weekend. While it was the first real long weekend of the year our volunteers still took the time out their long weekend plans to get three dogs into foster care. 

All three dogs came from the same home and the owner realized with her long work hours she just did not have the time to give them.

First we introduce Roxi, who at 10 years of age needed to find a home, just as her younger sisters needed. It can sometimes be hard to find a foster for an older dog but thanks to our fosters, Cathy and Larry, Roxi found an amazing foster family that find Roxi to be as sweet as pie, not very demanding and definitely needing to lose a lot of weight. Roxi will be visiting with the vet as soon as we can get her in as she also has some lumps and bumps we would like to get checked. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Huge thanks to Debbie for once again helping a dog in need. Roxi had the longest trip to get to foster care and we cannot do it without the help of our amazing volunteers. Big thanks to Cathy and Larry for welcoming Roxi into their hearts and home.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We also secured a wonderful, loving family for Ava, our yellow lab. Many thanks to Joanne and family for welcoming Ava into their hearts and home. They also took Chloe in for an overnight until her foster family could meet her. We are getting lots of pictures from Joanne’s son Tyson and from the looks of things, Ava is living in a doggy paradise.

Chloe went to her foster family on Monday and met the resident male dog. They got along famously and it looks like Chloe will also be having a blast with her loving foster family. Many, many thanks to Bettina and family for welcoming Chloe into their hearts and homes as well. And we couldn’t have made this all happen without the help of our good friend Michelle who was kept very busy transporting Ava and Chloe to where they needed to be. A very busy, but fulfilling weekend.

Thanks again to all that took the time out of their long weekend to help these 3 beautiful girls to their foster families. We hope you all had a safe and happy holiday!
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May 15/16

Meet Pia - Introducing ANML-RESQ’s newest rescue kid, Pia. 

Click to enlarge...

This little girl, who is less than 6 months old found herself at a shelter and her time was up. We had to work quickly to find her a foster home and get ready to pick her up on transport the next day but all worked out well. Our volunteer Debbie met the transport, picked her up and took her home for the night. Then it was another long journey where Derek met us and we whisked our little Pia home.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Pia has met our gang and all is well, but our young girl Sadie has taken a real shine to Pia. They are like two peas in a pod and play from the time they get up until bedtime. Pia does the cutest thing soon as she gets tired she puts herself in her crate. 

Welcome aboard Pia!! You will make a very lucky family, VERY, VERY happy
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May 14/16

Happy Birthday Timber - Wow ... time sure does fly! I can’t believe that Timber is already 6 years old. It seems like just yesterday that we found this puppy pacing up and down our road all day long. We assumed he was the neighbours dog that just moved in. Sometimes people feel if they move to the country they can let their dogs run free. By mid-day I got concerned and coaxed this 4 month old puppy to me. After checking with all the neighbours we found that he was actually dumped on our road earlier that morning ... neighbours witnessed him being pushed out of the car ... they didn’t even stop the car and sped off as soon as his feet hit the ground. So we took him in and the rest is history ... here is a beautiful Birthday tribute from Timbers mama, Carolina.
Happy Birthday Timber!!! Bill and I could not be happier for you!!!

It's that time of year's Timber's 6th birthday!!! 

Once again i'm going to make you all listen to how much I love this dog, lol. Timber came to me as a young pup through my bestest friends Renee & Bill; who I dub as Timber's Guardian Angels and God-Parents. Timber was someone else's trash, literally, but to me he is a guiding light of patience, love, protector, friend, and everlasting happiness. Timber has helped me with so many fosters by being patient with them, protecting them from harm, and playing with them to get teach them to let their guard down and just be happy being a dog. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Timber constantly reminds me of how great rescue dogs can be, they are not all damaged goods. There are times when I get offended when others say all rescues have issues. Sometimes we just need to help them peel off their fear from their pasts and you will have an amazing companion that will be constantly showing you that they are now truly happy and free from any pain or fear by being a well-tempered, confident, and amazingly loving companion.

He has built such a strong bond with all my other furry companions, both canine & feline. Your heart will melt when you see him constantly grooming them (and it makes my job easier, lol), and looking out for them. His best bud Tynan also often seeks him out for companionship and will literally go and lay in front of him, as close as possible mind you, and lay his head down for Timbers affection. And they say dogs don't feel love. Then we have Karitsa that is always flea nibbling him with love and Timber relishes in all this attention from his friends. Hank also is constantly close to him during down time and loves Timber to no end. Timber even helped me raise Cheddar (Da Cat) when he was only 5oz. He would lick him as his mother would have to help him do "his thing" (aka pottying). Really?? A dog raising a kitten and doing cat caring?? How awesome is that! Funny to see this tiny kitten soaked in Timber slobber, lol.

You may ask what more can I ask for? and I will respond by saying that there is nothing I need more from my baby boy Timber, I have it all already. It would be a crime to ask for more.

Happy Birthday my boy, we all love you to no end!! :)

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May 10/16

Peppa Update - ANML-RESQ is excited to announce that our sweetheart Peppa has gone to her forever home.

We wish to thank Cathy and Larry for fostering this special girl. It was their first foster experience and we hope has been a very positive and fulfilling experience for you both. We know you made the world of difference for sweet Peppa!

Peppa’s new family are amazing and we know that Peppa will have a wonderful life with this caring and dedicated couple. Here is an update that foster mom Cathy received after Peppa’s first day and night with her family.

Hi Cathy she has slept through the night soundly on her bed in our bedroom no problem. She sure loves the sunlight and has found a great spot in our front living room window soaking in the rays. She has tried to jump on top of me when I am stretched out on the love seat watching TV. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

She takes it literally as a love seat. We are having such a great time getting to know her she enjoys the back yard and is an amazing walker on the leash, we have a halti and there is zero pulling and she keeps a very fast pace. Both she and Barry should be in terrific shape in no time at all if they keep up with their 7 km. Take care.

Congratulations go out to Peppa and her Family!
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May 7/16

Turtle Update - Foster mom Sharin received a double surprise when 2 of her previous fosters came for a play date at her place.

Her boy Turtle who LOVES going to Sharin's home had a big surprise when his play-buddy Remy ... who he hadn't seen in AGES also dropped by for a visit. It was like they never left each other.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...blog050716c.jpg (49964 bytes)

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Turtle and Remy having an awesome playdate while proud foster mom and proud adoptive moms looked on.

Turtle used to come over often to visit Remy while Sharin was fostering him and the two boyz have always "hit it off" and they just continued where they left off at this meeting.
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May 2/16

Meet Yunch - We are thrilled once again to be welcoming another beautiful black and tan into our rescue family.  This handsome male with a tail is Yunch, just like Lunch but with a 'Y'.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Yunch arrived into foster care this past weekend and foster dad Ron and little sis Maxine are having a wonderful time getting to know this big boy.  Yunch is pretty strong on leash but with the guidance of Ron, he is learning very quickly to walk nicely. Please stay tuned for more updates about Yunch as we get to know him better. Welcome to the ANML-RESQ family, Yunch!
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May 1/16

Meet Koda - Hi! My name is Koda. I'm a loving boy, UTD on my shots, neutered and microchipped. I'm a medium energy dog and I like my daily exercise. Mom says I really gotta work on not pulling like a truck on leash, but I am getting better with my leash manners. I also really like meeting new people during our walks, and do really well meeting other dogs. I love to play, I will chase a ball if you throw it, but I don't always bring it back! Why would I do all that work when my mum goes and gets it and throws it again. I just like chasing the ball. Sometimes I'll bring it back if I'm not too interested in smelling or checking out something else in the yard. I need a yard that has a fence all around. Mum says my curiosity (and my nose) will get me lost someday if I'm not "contained". Whatever that means.

Click to enlarge...

I need to be put in my crate when left alone because I like to "surf the counter". I'd prefer a home where I can spend most of my time with you. I do like to curl up and chew a bone while you work.

Click to enlarge...

I have a very healthy appetite. I'm eating a little over 1 cup of food three times a day and I'm a lean machine. Mum says it might be due to my mix of breeds. I'm learning that a hand reaching out is to give affection and that just because you are leaving, does not mean you won't be back soon. I lived by myself for long periods of time during my first year of life so, it'll take some time for me to get used to the routine. Our first few days might be rough together as I learn all about my new home but I promise, I will settle into a very good boy.

Click to enlarge...

I've already proven that I can be a great agility dog, those baby gates got nothing on me, and Mum says if I like the water this summer, I could even be a dock dog!
I know my forever people are out there, you just haven't found me yet!

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