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News readers reach out to Oreo, dog that survived 6-story fall

Oreo, who survived a six-story fall after her owner threw her off a roof, has been getting love from Daily News readers anxious to adopt her.
Oreo, who survived a six-story fall after her owner threw her off a roof, has been getting love from Daily News readers anxious to adopt her.   
Big-hearted New Yorkers are stepping up to give Oreo the dog a loving home - a rare bit of good news for the abused pooch who was tossed from the roof of a Brooklyn high-rise. Animal lovers hoping to adopt the year-old terrier mix e-mailed the Daily News Saturday. "Oreo surviving was an absolute miracle and we believe she survived for a reason and would love to help raise her in a loving home," wrote one Long Island reader. "[We] have a big yard for her to run around in." Another caring reader asked, "Can you please tell me if this dog has been adopted and who I should contact?" Oreo ended up with shattered legs, bruised lungs and massive internal bleeding after being thrown from the six-story Red Hook building June 18. Read more: 

The following is taken from [Nathan Winograd's blog of
Nov 25, 2009 ....
] Update on Oreo's story...

Following the tragic killing of an abused dog [Oreo] by the ASPCA in New York City, despite the offer of a No Kill sanctuary to guarantee her lifetime care, two New York State legislators have introduced a bill to prevent this from happening again. Named after the dog sacrificed to expediency by the ASPCA, “Oreo’s Law” would make it illegal for a shelter in New York State to kill an animal if a rescue group or No Kill shelter is willing to save that animal’s life. Read more...

Since a no-kill shelter tried to take Oreo under their care, you would wonder what the ASPCA was doing when they put Oreo to sleep ... Here is an article just before the ASPCA put her down... read more...

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Nov 27/09

I remember the day the “little dude” came into my life; a 4 month old, brindle little boy as handsome as I had ever seen.  How could this be deemed dangerous or banned from a city? Everything started out as normal as can be having a new puppy in the house; house training, toys everywhere and playing with his resident sisters. When we went out for walks I began to notice a funky gait to his back legs. I questioned the vet but since he was able to sit square on his haunches she figured there wasn’t anything majorly wrong. After all he was still too young. He was such a well behaved boy, never jumping up on people or furniture and I thought how did I get so lucky to have gotten such a perfect boy? That is when things were never the same again.

Twix progressed to having trouble getting up after lying down and was unable to make it up the stairs in the house. Xrays were finally done and it was discovered that he had Grade V hip dysplaysia in both hips. The left side was completely out of the socket and the right was sitting half in. This poor boy had been born in such pain and I felt I had to do whatever was necessary to help him through. Hip removal surgery was the next stage. At 8 months this young boy lost his left hip, received intense hydrotherapy and seemed to recover exceptionally. A year and a half later with more pain being evident it was time to remove the second one. More surgery and hydrotherapy was done, including chiropractic care but he was never quite the same again. He lived on daily supplements and pain killers to help him through the day. But I realized I couldn’t fight or prevent the daily growth of bone spurs that would return in his back end to constantly inflict pain with any movement.

I did everything I could to try to help him be a happy, somewhat healthy guy. Being a big brindle Staffie/Presa mix people were often intimidated by his initial appearance but after spending 5 minutes with the big goofy boy they fell in love with him. How could you resist his puppy like chatter and his ear to ear grin? And he had a way of giving you that look that you knew just screamed, “I love you”.

Twixxies tongue.jpg

There were many difficulties to get over with Twix such as food aggression, dog aggression, and constant health issues such as bone spurs and constant pain, kidney stones and the ongoing stomach upset from all his medications but I never gave up on that boy. He taught me so many things in life that I will always be grateful for. He taught me to never give up, loyalty, beauty, fear, strength, patience, perseverance, determination, happiness, passion, how to laugh, and how to live in the moment.  My “little dude” has left me to cross over that bridge after 4 short years together but I know he is now pain free and able to run with his new friends and his own Hershey Mama. I will always love you and you will never be forgotten. You taught me many lessons and added many great things to my life that I will carry with me forever.


I must include to this ending that Twix was the result of a Backyard Breeder and all his issues were the result of this heartless person. More action needs to be taken to stop these BYB’s and millers who “create” many dogs with life long issues. ~ Jennifer W.

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Nov 26/09

Dog Shedding - Mia Carter 
Mia Carter, sheds some light on some of the problems around dog shedding. She also outlines some of the ways in which dog shedding can be addressed.

Mia writes:

Dog shedding can be very problematic for pet owners. The dog fur can end up on furniture, clothing, the floor. Dog hair can adversely affect HVAC systems, and dog shedding can worsen allergies. All dogs have fur or hair, so all dogs shed; even "hairless" dogs have fur (albeit sparse.) Just as in the case of human hair, dog shedding will never stop entirely, but it can be controlled and decreased.

There are several causes of dog shedding and in many cases, more than one factor causes profuse dog shedding. Read more...>

Mia Carter is a professional pet care writer, journalist and Suite101's Mind & Soul editor. More of her writings can be found at: Suite 101.

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Nov 25/09

Watch Tip from Sunbear Squad
As many of you know, backyard breeders are nasty business. This tip, from Sunbear Squad, [Blog dated 11/16/09 -], comes with a lesson... 

Watch Tip:

Watch for collars, chains, dog houses, and kennels that are too short or small for growing puppies. Call the authorities!

Below is a story sent to Sunbear Squad showing the importance of this week’s tip.

Who needs to spend good money on a dog collar when you have a piece of barbed-wire? A reader sent me a story last week about a Great Dane female rescued with a barbed-wire collar embedded in her neck.  View article...

Please be vigilant for hidden victims of cruelty. Be alert and take an interest in your surroundings. It could help save an animal in distress. 

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Nov 24/09

Our beautiful girl Fiona has arrived and is safe in her new foster home. What a STUNNING girl she is, too!! She is young, approximately 1½-2 years old and as beautiful as they come. 


Fiona is just settling in as we get to know her a little more.  Foster mom is in love with her already (-: Thank you for taking this precious girl into your home Karmel. 

So far, we are learning that Fiona has some separation anxiety. She really wants to have her people near to her. We hope that we can help her to feel more relaxed and comfortable when mom isn't home. Right now, she has had a lot of changes happen, so hopefully when she settles in she will de-stress and relax soon.  

Fiona is getting along well with her furry sister, so we know she is good with other dogs. Stay tuned for more information about Fiona as we get to know her better.

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Nov 23/09

Ban BSL Update 
I received an email this Saturday on the continuing efforts of Cheri Di Novo, MPP and the Private Member's Bill she introduced into the Legislature. 

Please get behind this … we do not need to be told what to do any more in Ontario … please alert everyone you know who will help this cause. Here is the email...

Ban The Pit Bull Ban Bulletin 

Posted by Liz Sullivan 


We are asking all our supporters to rally round MPP Cheri DiNovo and her private member BILL 222, which was submitted & presented on November 18, 2009 to the Ontario Legislation to repeal Bill 132 from the Ontario’s Dog Owners Liability Act (DOLA). 

I have contacted my MPP personally with a letter and a phone call, asking for support of Bill 222.

We are aware that it is just a courtesy to allow members to enter all bills at the first hearing; however, we need to show there is a strong support behind her effort. We now have a CHAMPION, and she needs our support. The second reading will be in the fall, and we have to gain memento for this Bill to be taken seriously.

Please join the face book page that has been established to support Cheri’s attempt to repeal Bill 132, the pit bull ban. We need every person. Also, we ask you to request, ask; plead with ALL of your friends in Ontario, to join this cause. What Cheri has undertaken is brave, & gutsy, and we need to give her a huge response.

The site is also providing information & tools on how to support Cheri, with updates from Cheri herself.

If you have created a pit bull friendly site or are an admin of a site, we ask that you personally send out a e-mail to ALL your members, WITH A DIRECT LINK to the site, requesting that if they reside in Ontario, to get behind Cheri and Bill 222. We also request that you ask them to forward the e-mail to all of their friends that they know live in Ontario

Dogs need a voice, please speak for them.

Please this is our only hope, I beg you to get behind this effort. 

View Bulletin on Facebook | Leave a Comment
Go to Cause
| Invite Friends 

If you haven't joined the group on Facebook, now is the time - we must keep this going.

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Nov 20/09

Jamie Update
Another week has passed and so many exciting things to report.

We are thrilled to hear that Jamie is settling into his new home. We were all on pins and needles for our boy. Jamie has waited a very long time to find his forever home and we hope that he is finally home to stay. We are hoping to get some pictures of Sir James and his new family and will post as soon as we get them.

We also have some great news for our boy Tank, the young Rottweiler boy. He never made it on the website for adoption, but he was adopted by a GREAT family who happened to meet him on transport and from all reports, Tank is settling in nicely. 

Way to go Tank!!! You obviously made a BIG first impression.

Many thanks to Karmel for fostering young Tank for us. As always, Karmel goes the extra mile to help our rescues become all that they can be.

We are anxiously anticipating the arrival of our newest rescue. She should be arriving this weekend and wait till you see this beauty!!! She is a young Great Dane girl, absolutely stunning!! Stay tuned to future blogs for more info on this sweetheart. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Nov 19/09
Alternatives to Animal Experimentation 
Animal Alliance of Canada sent out information on a Free lecture by Olivier Berreville of InterNICHE -Toronto Tuesday Nov 24, 2009. Here is the information on the event.

Alternatives to Animal Experimentation in Education and the Health Sciences. There IS another way - arguments against the use of animals in health and bio-medical research.

Host: Stop animal experimentation at the University of Toronto
Date: Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: OISE, Room 4422 at 252 Bloor Street West (right above St. George Subway station) Toronto, ON

A free lecture by Olivier Berreville of InterNICHE, the international Network for Humane Education. Mr.
Berreville will be discussing arguments against the use of live animals for biomedical research and for purposes of education.

InterNICHE "promotes progressive humane education in the biological sciences, veterinary and human medicine; and supports the replacement of animal experiments by working with teachers to introduce alternatives, and with students to support freedom of conscience."

"We define alternatives as educational aids or teaching approaches that replace harmful animal use or complement existing humane education. Humane education in the life sciences is: progressive education for which the teaching objectives are met using humane, alternative methods where animals are free from harm and students have freedom of conscience education which encourages holistic perception and a respect for life."

As the Canadian representative for InterNICHE, Olivier Berreville has spoken to university groups at Brock, Dalhousie, Ottawa and Trent Universities. Mr. Berreville is currently completing
his PhD in Biology at Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia.

There will be a Q & A immediately following the lecture and individuals are encouraged to engage in what is sure to be lively dialogue. The lecture itself is scheduled to run from approximately 7 pm to 8 pm.

Hosted by:

- Campaign to Stop Animal Experimentation at University of Toronto
- Panacea Eco Store on Bloor
- ARK II (Animal Rights Kollective II)
- Students Against Climate Change

Everyone is welcome.

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Nov 18/09

Bill Bruce - Must Attend Event   
There will be a very interesting speaker in London on November 24th and I really recommend that anyone in the area go out that day to learn more about Calgary's success. 

Please join us to hear Bill Bruce speak about his successful model which encompasses care for all lost, stray and homeless animals while working in the best interest of the citizens of Calgary.



Bill Bruce, Head of Animal Services, Calgary, AB


November 24, 2009 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm


London City Hall, Council Chambers

The Animal Welfare Advisory Committee is proud to invite you to hear about Calgary's successful Animal Control which has become the most respected, animal and people friendly shelter in Canada, possibly in North America. We can achieve this in London with your support through understanding how this model works.

Bill Bruce, head of Animal Services in Calgary, Alberta has achieved international status for his progressive and compassionate Animal Control. Bill has 2 certified veterinarians and 4 qualified teachers on his Animal Control staff. His Officers are all certified mediators; his partnerships included the police and animal rescue and trained firefighters with equipment for animals on all fire trucks. An on-site spay/neuter clinic opened this past summer to increase the availability of services for low-income residents. Most animals entering this shelter need and receive dental surgery paid for by Bill. Anything else needed to increase the adoptability of each animal is performed at this clinic.

There are no healthy, adoptable animals killed in Calgary! None! No tax payer dollars are spent to fund the 5 million dollar budget for this Animal Control. This Animal Control gives grants to rescue groups and every year, a $250,000 grant to the Humane Society.

Please join us to hear Bill Bruce speak about his successful model which encompasses care for all lost, stray and homeless animals while working in the best interest of the citizens of Calgary.

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Nov 17/09

A Rottweiler's Testament to Love   
It has been a while since I have view this video, but in searching my older files, I have come across it again. This video bring tears to my eyes every time I see it.

I wanted to share this video as this about one of my favourite breeds and it breaks my heart to know that so many are dying because of bad media hype and irresponsible owners. Both the Rottweiler and Pit Bull will always have a special place in my heart.

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Nov 16/09

Commitment, Sacrifice and Love 
When I signed-on to be a foster home, I unknowingly began to give away pieces of my heart. I have learned so much in the last 2 years about dogs and the commitment required to care for them and sacrifices to be made for their well being.  

Jamie was one of those fosters. When he originally came into the program he and his sister, Sassy, (Ask Sassy of the ANML-RESQ enewsletter), were very sick Parvo puppies. Their foster Mom took really great care of them both and after lots of love and hard work, Jamie and Sassy were well again.  

Soon after, Jamie was ready to take on the world and soon was adopted. He lived for quite a few years with his family and their young child, unfortunately, through no fault of his own, he had to be returned to the program. He was lost and confused, and although dogs do adapt (I know this, I just hate to admit it during my time of loss) he was clearly confused.  

Upon returning to his previous foster home he was greeted with open arms and hearts full of love for this special boy.  Once again, waiting for his turn at forever. Soon an application arrived. A young couple without children that were looking for a Staffie. He would spend his days at work with his dad. This is practically perfect for a Staffie because they love their people and love to be WITH their people. Jamie now had his second chance. I don't know why I call it "Jamie's second chance" because really, the "chance" to adopt Jamie was actually given to the humans. Anyhow, after a short period of time, his new humans, decided that the young, small bred puppy that they bought AFTER they adopted Jamie would be the one to stay. I really shouldn't dislike them, it's hard to dislike them, because they are the reason that I had the honour of being loved by Jamie, and to be given the privilege of loving and protecting him.

When he came to me.

Fostering, for me, is more than feeding and taking a dog out for his potty breaks. Specially for the very misunderstood bullies. When you are entrusted the care of a "bully breed" there are many things you must be aware of. When I would open the front door that leads out into our 3 season porch, I always checked first to see if the door to outside was accidentally left open. When walking out the door the dogs were taught to ALWAYS follow, that way I had the upper hand at scaring away any stray or neighbourhood cats that may be lingering in the area. When walking them down the street, if I saw another person walking with their dog that was on a leash but clearly more in control of the walk than the owner was, I would switch side's of the street. I wasn't afraid of what Jamie might do, regardless of instinct, I was afraid of what PEOPLE would think, if he did. People do not understand that a dog is a dog, regardless of breed. Yes, I fed him. I walked him. I gave him a warm place to sleep with lots of attention and love.  However, I also protected him. I kept him safe from the ignorance of the general public. Safe from acting on his instincts and chasing a cat away that wasn't supposed to be around. Or correcting a dog that was over excited and unbalanced. Heaven forbid he should wiggle out the door without his muzzle on and get away from me, only to be tortured by people who's yard he would enter, or to be shot by a 'bb' gun, or worst yet, the police because they perceived that "he was acting aggressive". I kept him safe. 

It took a long time for us to decide to put Jamie back up for adoption, he had been through so much already. He had been let down by so many people. Even after all this he trusted me, he followed me everywhere. He just wanted to be with me, by my side to go out to the car to get something I forgot, under the sheets while I lay there reading a book, cuddled up on the couch while we watched our favorite show. 

After almost a year with us, it was very hard to let him go. We love him and never expected that the day would come when we would find someone to love and protect him like we do, and be able to offer him the things he needed. I know some of you are wondering, "why didn't you just keep him?" Understand that sending him away is the ultimate sacrifice. If he goes to a forever home where he is safe, his spot here, becomes a safe place for another that may potentially be running out of time. I have feelings of guilt over the fact that two other families have let him down already and he feels like this is his home now. 

Then one day, his world as he knows it, is upside down again. He is loaded into the car. I am driving him to a meeting area and loading him into an unfamiliar vehicle and sending him away with people he has only known for 20 minutes. My heart aches at the thought that maybe he thinks he did something wrong. Does he wonder why I don't want him, or if I ever even loved him? I hope not. I hope that he is saying, "Gee, thanks Mom, I've got acres to roam, and people home with me all day long." I hope that he knows how special he is to me and that my commitment to him was real.  hat I would sacrifice anything for his happiness, and that the love I have in my heart for this very special boy will never go away. 

Before he left for his new home.

It has been less that 12 hours since he is gone. There is a big empty hole in my heart. I cannot help but be happy though that this time, Jamie has certainly found forever because this WILL BE his last time being shuffled. I promised him that and I intend to keep my promise. For, this time, should things not work out for his people, he will come back to me. To stay, forever loved and protected. ~ Alli S.

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Nov 13/09

H1N1 Update
Here are a few more facts about our pets and H1N1.

I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but shortly after I fell ill with the flu, 3 of my furkids also ended up with a dry hack/cough, sniffles and sneezing.  It affected my youngest dogs, thankfully not the older ones.  It lasted about 4 or 5 days, no medical intervention was necessary and all are now happy and healthy again.

Best Friends has put together an article 'Focus on Felines' which was quite informative and a good read. More information about H1N1 and your pet(s).

The Iowa Department of Public Health has reported that a cat became ill with H1N1 virus after three members of the family became ill with influenza-like symptoms.

On Wednesday November 4, U.S. officials confirmed that a 13-year-old cat was infected with swine flu. The domestic shorthair was treated at Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine and has recovered. Read full report.

It’s important to remember to protect family pets from the illness. People who are sick with H1N1 can spread the virus to humans and to some animals. But there is no evidence that animals can infect humans with the H1N1 virus. 

To the Article...>

There is a lot of debate about the H1N1 virus and the vaccines. I did note something of importance, that if you have the virus, you must be especially concerned with infecting your animals, just as any other member of your household. But, as I find out more information, I will post it here. Have a safe and healthy weekend everyone!!

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Nov 12/09

Calming Signals 
Some of us have the pleasure of sharing our lives with a pack of dogs.  It is one of the most rewarding experiences of a lifetime.

The more dogs you have, the more aware you become of their body language.  I have learned through the years to watch my dog's body language and prevent any "disagreements" before they start.  It is much easier to be pro-active, rather than reactive.

I found this excellent article on Calming Signals that dogs send, both to their own species as well as to us.

This is a great article that will help you understand your dogs behavior a little better. Check out the article Calming Signals, the art of survival by Turid Rugaas

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Nov 11/09

Benji Returns
Our little Benji is back with his foster family.  Unfortunately, his adoptive family was not as ready for a dog as they thought they were.  Even with all the research they did over the years, talking with friends and family who already have dogs, narrowing it down to which type of dog they would suit them best.  In the end the responsibility of taking care of a dog was more than they expected.

Here is an update from Benji's foster mom since his return.

Since Benji's return, he has settled right back in to our routine.  He is completely housebroken and has full use of the house (well one accident doesn't count in my books because it was his way of saying, "I'm Back!" lol)  He let's us know when he needs to go outside by heading to the back door.  He has learned how to sit on command and is now working on 'stay' and has done quite well so far.  He is a very smart dog who has lots to learn and very eager to learn it.

Benji has a wonderful personality, is very playful and has the most adorable face.  It's hard to resist him when he dances on his hind legs and begs his paws at you.  I mean, how can you not give him a treat when he does that?!  Our dog has even taught him a few tricks such as how to fish socks out of the laundry, but understands when you say "leave it" to put it down.

Now, I know he sounds perfect and he pretty much is perfect, but he does have a few things to work on.  He does like to dash out the door at any given chance and is very fast at getting down the street.  However, by working on his 'stays' we will hopefully eliminate this problem.  He has started to occasionally bark and/or growl at my husband and some male relatives when they enter the house.  I believe this is his way of letting us know he is protecting his pack and he is possibly a bit scared of someone very large and with a deep voice.  He is definitely NOT acting in an aggressive manor, just announcing that someone has entered the building.  Again, we are working on this and he has improved tremendously since it first started.

Benji is very special and deserves a forever home with someone who is willing to take the time and patience to welcome him into his new family.  They should also be willing to continue working with him and teach him everything he needs to know.

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Nov 10/09

Body Surfing - Country Style
This morning I wake up, for the first time in 2 weeks feeling half human - after having a 'cold'.  The sun is beginning to come out and it's time to take the big boyz for their morning walk.  They are both so good that I don't need to leash them when we begin our trek through the trail.  We get to our play area and they run, chase, tease, splash in the water and run some more.  Finally after about an hour they are all played out, done grazing on grass and chewing on sticks.  We head back for home. 

When we get close, I always put the leashes on them because you never know what distractions could be closer to home. So, I call them over, put their leashes on and we saunter along, taking our time, enjoying the beautiful morning. The boyz are so good on leash, I have both leashes in one hand and they walk side-by-side.  We get to the fork in the path - left is home and right is the lane to the road. 

I notice that both boyz have stopped and are frozen in their stance.  I look ahead to see what they have their sights when I see an orange cat about 30 feet ahead of us.  JUST as I saw the cat, the boyz decide to GO FOR IT - in sync of course.

I swear, my body flew into the air and I was airborne for 4 to 5 feet before my left knee crashed to the ground.  But I STILL had the leashes in my hand ... woohoo ... as I am now being dragged across the path, my body spinning like a crocodile doing the death roll.  FINALLY, we come to a stop another 10 feet from where I landed on my knee. I am in agony, it feels like I broke my leg and my arms and legs are scrapped and bruised.  But, I STILL had the leashes!!!! lol

I took a moment to catch my breath, feel for any broken bones.  I sit up and spew a lot of "bad words" at the boyz who were still fixated on that darn cat.  It was only then that I got their "undivided" attention.

So, that was the start of the first day back to feeling better.  I'll be keeping my leg up and icing my bumps and bruises. lol What a way to start the day - but I still had the leashes :)

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Nov 9/09

Cheri DiNovo, MPP  
On November 18th, there will be a press conference at Queen's Park. This press conference will be in conjunction with a Bill that Cheri DiNovo, MPP Parkdale-High Park, will be introducing to the Legislature for an amendment to Dog Owner's Liability Act (DOLA).

Click to find your MPP's email address!

Please try to attend, and if you cannot attend, please email your Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) and let them know that you want them to back this Bill. 

If this goes through, we can breath a sigh of relief for all those poor dogs who lost their lives to BSL.

If you can’t attend that’s OK! Please email your MPP and tell
them to support this Bill. Show your support and click here to
find your MPP - Member of Provincial Parliament…>. Don't forget to tell your friends and family to help.

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Nov 6/09

Sonja Update
We have some good news about our beautiful girl Sonja. She has undergone her FINAL treatment for heartworm and she is home and resting comfortably with her foster mom and fur-sibs. It's so nice to know that Sonja is FINALLY getting well and will soon be on the road to recovery. Sonja is such a strong willed girl and the vets have been loving and spoiling this special girl. Sonja has been the "ideal" patient - never complaining. What an amazing girl she is. Thank you everyone for keeping Sonja in your thoughts and prayers. Special thanks to Sonja's foster mom, Carolina. She has never faltered and has been there for Sonja, EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!

Also, our friends at Grey Bruce Animal Shelter will be doing some much needed fundraising this weekend at the Meaford Tank Range. Please be sure to attend and help some very worthy causes. Here is a little more info for the sale.

We are getting ready now to attend the Meaford Tank Range gift and craft sale this Saturday.  It would be great if you would come out and visit our booth.  It's the Yuletide Gift & Craft Sale, Saturday November 7th from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm at the Meaford Tank Range (Land Forces Training Centre), #139152, 9th Line,  Meaford - just north of Hwy 26.  There will be fabulous gifts and crafts for all your family, friends and pets which makes this event  a "must" to kick off your holiday shopping. Can’t wait to see you on Saturday – it promises to be a great day! 

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!

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Nov 5/09

Two Great Updates
We have had a couple of  great updates on two of our recently adopted. The first update is of our little puppy Jake who is growing like a weed. 

As you can see, he is fitting in beautifully and keeping his dad and fur-brother on their toes.  What a cutie-pie he is. This is what his dad had to say:

Jake is doing fine. We are into some of those annoying puppy habits. Eating water bed mattresses, chewing on me at 3 AM, destroying socks......LOL. Paul

We also had a fantastic update for our boy Kramer/Boots.  As you can see, he has also wormed his way very quickly into the hearts of his new family.  He has a new sister named Maggie and we think they make the "ideal" pair.  A match made in heaven.

Hi everybody, So...Boots & Maggie are continuing to settle in with each other. They have a lot of similar habits -- and it was nice for both Bryan and I to come home today to 2 very excited dogs! Here are a couple of pictures we took tonight of Boots & Maggie hanging out. As well as the reaction when they saw Bryan walking up the driveway. More pictures to come soon! 

Thanks again for matching us up with Boots -- he's a great guy and a perfect friend for Maggie (and us!) Take care, Sabrina, Bryan & the doggies

Congratulations to Jake, Boots and their new families. 

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Nov 4/09

Can Your Furkid Catch H1N1?
If you have ever wondered whether the H1N1 strain can affect your pets, the Dogster Vetblog has come to the rescue. The information provided from this article puts to rest the question of whether or not our lovable furkids can get this terrible virus.

Swine flu, also known as H1N1 influenza, has been dominating the news recently. The viral strain appears set to cause the first influenza pandemic in a generation. Influenza pandemics are big deals. The pandemic of 1918-1920 caused more people to die from flu than from bullets or bombs during World War One.

Influenza viruses are known for infecting multiple species–as the name would imply, swine flu developed in pigs and then spread to people.

This may lead pet owners to wonder: can cats and dogs catch swine flu?

The answer appears to be no. DVM Newsmagazine reports that there is no evidence cats or dogs can contract, carry, spread, or suffer illness from H1N1 influenza.

H1N1 influenza has been isolated from a ferret. Fortunately at this time there is no evidence that ferrets can spread the disease to people.

Although it appears we can rest easy about our cats and dogs catching swine flu, remember that cats are susceptible to an even scarier form of influenza: bird flu (also known as H5N1). Cats contract bird flu by preying upon or being fed raw bird meat. The virus does not appear capable of spreading from cat to cat. That is a good thing, since the fatality rate among cats infected with H5N1 appears to be 100%.

Fortunately, it is easy to protect your cat from H5N1. If you feed your cat commercial or cooked food and keep him indoors, his chances of catching bird flu are nil. 

For more information on this, please click here, to view the document from 

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Nov 3/09

Weekend Update
It's time I get everyone caught up on our busy weekend. We are very happy to announce that our boy Kramer (AKA Boots) went to his forever home on the weekend. He waited patiently while others that came in after he did, were adopted out quickly. He waited and waited and finally the application we were waiting for. They were perfect for Kramer/Boots and we hope that things are going well while everyone gets to know each other. Hopefully we will get updates and pictures and when we do, we'll be sure to post them.

We also have a couple of newcomers into the program. First is a STUNNING Rottweiler boy, approximately 1 ½-2 years of age. He isn't a very big rottweiler... we sometimes refer to them as "pocket Rotts"... although Tank isn't a tall boy, he has a very muscular build and some weight behind him. 

We are just getting to know him a little better, so please stay tuned for more updates on our beautiful boy Tank. It will probably be a few weeks before we know him enough to post him for adoption, but we will be keeping you updated on his progress through the blog.

Last, but certainly not least is our baby boy Winston. Winston is approx. 5-6 months old and full of beans. He is keeping his foster brothers on their toes (-: 

He is already learning in his foster home and once again, once we know Winston a little better, he will be posted for adoption. 

All in all, a very busy weekend. HUGE thanks to Sharon for making the long trip to pick up the boys. You always go the distance for our rescues. Many thanks to Beth G for coordinating transports and meet and greets this weekend. Another lady that always goes above and beyond. And many thanks to Karmel for taking such good care of our Kramer (Boots) and opening your heart and home to our newest arrival, Tank. Way to go team!!!!!

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Nov 2/09

The Pit-Bull Problem 
I saw this interesting article the other day and thought I would share it with you. 

Here is some information from a pitbull rescuer outside of Los Angles, CA., run by Tia Maria Torres.  She has done amazing work helping the bullies  and educating people- way to go!!  

The Pit-Bull Problem

America's most-maligned dog wants to be sweet and docile, but well-meaning humans mess it all up.
By Joan Raymond | Newsweek Web Exclusive
Oct 30, 2009 

A 10-acre stretch of land just outside Los Angeles is pit-bull Nirvana. It's called Villalobos Rescue Center and it's run by Tia Maria Torres, an unabashed pit-bull lover. Torres has found homes for thousands of pits since the rescue opened its doors 15 years ago. Some of these animals were abandoned. Some were shelter dogs slated for euthanasia. Others were confiscated in drug busts or fighting rings. And some—like Mouse, a small white pit bull—are victims of nature, the so-called Hurricane Katrina dogs of New Orleans.

It's a 24/7 job, but Torres gets help from a posse of volunteers, her four children, and six ex-cons, who she calls her "pit bulls on legs." Her work is chronicled in a new six-part documentary, Pit Bulls and Parolees, airing on Animal Planet, the first of which premiered on Friday night. You'd have to carry a cold heart to not feel something for what these dogs have endured. Read the Article...>

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