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Nov 30/12

Look After Your Animals - I have always wondered why people want to run their dogs off-leash. This question burns into me every time a dog comes in after being skunked or worse, a tangle with a porcupine. I know sometimes there is the off chance that your dog will break free and roam but, sometimes the actions of the owner come into question.

The call came in about two dogs straying on farm land, they had been there a couple of days hold up in the barn and growling at the owner. Animal Control was dispatched to find out if they could get the dogs by leash or live-trap. Upon arrival at the scene, the owner told Animal Control where to find the dogs and went back up to the farm house.

Animal Control needed to use the vehicle head-lights to shine into the barn as night had fallen and it was dark. Going to the door it was noted that the barn looked abandoned with most of the outside boards were in disrepair and tons of old lumber with nails strewn around on the floor inside the barn.

A quick yell into the barn netted no results; another quick yell to 'come on, let's go' resulted in two good sized dogs coming out the door and directly for the Officer. The Officer noted that both were friendly and neither mean or surly and quickly opening the back of the vehicle both jumped in and the door closed.

When the Officer arrived at the holding facility, it was noted that one dog [black and tan], had a limp and that it was porcupine quills in the joint in the leg - at least 9 quills and an additional 3 were in the face - the leg was swollen and the dog's leg was getting worse. The other dog [sandy in colour] looked good and was checked [fur, legs and face] to see if this dog had any porcupine quills. The Officer took a real shine to the sandy dog's good nature and easy going ways. So, the sandy dog was entered into holding to wait for the owner to call. The black and tan dog was taken to emergency to have the quills extracted - this visit lasted 2 1/2 hours and the dog was sedated as the wound was extensive. The black and tan dog was then taken to holding after coming around and being checked. The dog was looking so much better and was put on pain medication.

Five days later, the call came in at 7am, the news was devastating, the sandy dog's head had an abscess the size of a small grapefruit, and was in very bad shape. The dog had a broken quill embedded in its head and the eye was in terrible shape. The dog had been put on pain medication immediately and meds for the abscess - the dog needed to be euthanized. The situation was dire and the dog's prognosis was not good.

The dog was rushed to emergency by the same Animal Control Officer who had picked it up. The vet worked for 3 hours to get the remaining quill, the abscess and the inflamed eye under control. There was no need to put the dog down ... but being a stray made this call very difficult as there is only so much money in the budget for vetting of strays. The vet also noted that this dog had been great to handle throughout this major ordeal and withstood all the probing and prodding - was a very good natured dog and had been an excellent patient. The vet took a real shine to the dog; as had the Animal Control Officer. The vet discussed everything that was needed to continue to help the dog and it was decided that Animal Control would take it home, and not back to holding, to recuperate. In the coming days, the dog came around with the IV flushes, medication and, of course, love. This situation could have taken such a wrong turn had it not been for the Animal Control Officer

Now, I must say, in the event your dog is off-leash, the perils they face are too numerous to discuss here. It would be in your dog's best interest to be on the leash and with you at all times. Instead of thinking of your dog as an animal that needs to run around like an errant child, please consider yourself lucky that you have a well behaved dog that will walk with you on-leash and shows how well you both work as a team. I can only say that I keep my dogs on-leash and keep them as close as possible. If the truth of the sandy dog be told, this could have been prevented. Had the vet taken another route, this dog would have been killed - all because the dog strayed and tangled with a porcupine. But, for the love from the Animal Control Officer in question and the vet in particular, this good natured, fun loving dog would be dead. Now, this dog has a good chance of making it through this heartbreaking event.

I'll let you know the outcome of the sandy dog, and I send lots of love and prayers to her for a speedy recovery. Have a great weekend everyone, and remember keep your friends close and your dog closer.
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Nov 28/12

Morning Read - I have a few links that I thought might be interesting for you to check out. Two of these links are from our friends at Brindlestick. The first is a spoof on how the Ontario Government decided how to distinguish pit bulls from other dogs - a great read ["Pit bull" coloured glasses?]. And the second great read is on Mark Buehrle's trade to the Toronto Blue Jays and who in his family can come into Ontario and who can't. Was this a trade off?

I spotted this blog on vet visits over on Dogstar Daily and how to make your next vet visit more stress-free ... When vet visits need not be stressful. I think the vet visit is more stressful on us than it is on our animals - if the truth be told. There must be a secret weapon out there so our animals can be more at ease when they go to the vet. If you know of different ways to make this happen, let me know by dropping me an email at I would love to hear your thoughts.

And, with the holidays rounding the corner, how will you cope with the onslaught of those relatives coming to the door. Do you, when all else fails, lock the animals up? Are there other tips you would like to know that really work? Well, there maybe other solutions out there at "Whoís at the door? Santa or Satan?". So, grab a coffee and check out the great reads.
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Nov 27/12

Papu Update - We received a wonderful update and pictures from Dianne - Papu's mom. As you can see, this handsome boy is having the time of his life with mom. It seems Papu is the "apple" of mom's eye (-: Here is the update:

Papu is still like a puppy when he meets people. I have to laugh when he meets other dogs as we are out walking. He gets into a low crouch with his tail wagging as heís walking. When he gets close he sits down and waits for the other dog to approach. He loves everything and everyone. Loves dogs, cows, horses, cats, rabbits, kids, women and men. Perfect passenger in the car. One really good thing if Iím packing the car and tell him to stay inside the door he will sit patiently until I come back for him. ... Tricks: He will show you ďPretty BoyĒ stands up like a horse rearing. ... Sometimes Iíll just say show me what you can do and he will go through the whole act. Too cute. He wears his sweater and boots in the winter.

Click to enlarge...

...If we have any problem itís because he will howl at certain commercials and program music. He really hates the commercial where the lady wears the white toilet paper dress and the intro for Coronation Street. I have used the down command in a firm voice, hugging and petting him. Nothing works every time. Hitting the remote and tell him all gone works most of the time if I mute the TV before it gets to far into the music. Sometimes I just let him howl. He thinks everyone is his friend and will jump on people. He is terrified of storms. I have found that if I take him into my room and close the door he is much better. He doesnít keep me up all night anymore when itís storming.

Click to enlarge...

Games: He likes tug of war with his squirrel. Favourite toy is a water bottle with the neck cut off and covered with a sock, tied in a knot. No desire to chase a ball. Loves walks. What he wants the most is to be with me wherever I am on the couch, he is beside me or at my feet if Iím on a chair. ...Royal Cannine for Spaniels, Will eat apple skins and the white part of the orange skins. I pretty well have to stay with his diet but a few days a week I scramble him an egg and he loves it with his dry food. Even a little taste of what Iím having will encourage him to eat his food.

In the summer I have to watch his ears because they get infected. I use his ear medicine as a preventative. Pick three days a week and apply the drops. In winter it doesnít seem to happen. I have it on hand and it lasts a very long time. If you tell him your going to bed he will come in when ready and get on his bed itís placed at the foot of the bed. Now that itís cold he sleeps in a chair.

He has to be on leash or on a fenced area because his nose leads him. He likes to play catch me if you can. He will let me get close and then off he goes in another direction. Big game for him. He gets really excited when he sees his harness because he knows then heís going for a walk. A tired dog is a happy dog, we walk often. He does like to hump guests so I keep a lease handy until he calms down. Itís a control thing and he tried it on me a few times when I first got him. Itís been three years and Iím still learning. I now just tell him off. Papu is a beautiful companion and I would never part with him.. I love this dog. He has been clicker trained and slowly Iím getting past some of his peccadilloes. ~Dianne

As I am reading the update, I'm giggling at the part about Papu howling at certain commercials. It reminds me of our Rottweiler Bud. We had to mute commercials and even flip channels if he saw an animal on TV. Bud didn't howl though ... he would attack the TV. Gosh, to this day, we still mute the commercials and I still find myself reaching for the remote when I see a dog or cat on TV ... ready to change the channel before the dog crashed through the TV. We sure miss that boob.

It is so nice to see Papu again. He is the cutest cocker spaniel I have ever seen. He has the cutest "poof" of hair at the top of his head ... it is no wonder that his mom adores him!! What a cutie-pie!

Thank you for the great pictures and update Dianne. Hugs to Papu from ALL of us at ANML-RESQ.
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Nov 26/12

Early Christmas Update - We have some early Christmas photos of a couple of our adopted furkids, Schmooch and Humphrey!!

Click to enlarge...

Schmooch's mom took him for a nice walk and tried her best to get Schmooch to wear the Santa hat ... but NO GO (-: Oh well ... it's okay Schmooch ... you have a few more weeks for mom to practice getting your hat on before Santa arrives.

We also received some pictures of Humphrey and his brother Tedward. They were SO excited, waiting for the Santa parade to pass them. 

Click to enlarge...

It seems Tedward is a little bored waiting for Santa, but his brother Humphrey is totally anticipating Santa's arrival and has no intention of missing the star of the show ... Santa!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Thanks for the great pictures, Carla and Lee Ann! We wish you and your furkids a Happy Holiday Season!
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Nov 22/12

Suma Update - I received a surprise update the other day on one of our lucky adopted. Little Suma was in desperate need for a "compassionate" home. We were told she was full of cancer and didn't have much time left ... yet she seemed so outgoing and full of love and energy. As we sent out the plea, an angel was watching. That angel is Vera, who spoke up immediately, willing to give this little girl the BEST of what was left of her life. Well, that was 3 1/2 year ago and Suma is doing AWESOME!! Here are some pictures and an update from Suma's loving mom, Vera.

Well, here's the latest on Suma, that cutie lil girl you sent to me 3-1/2 years ago and said she was full of cancer and would be dead in a year ... She just underwent her second surgery in two years for yet another golf-ball size tumor that developed in her chest. It invaded the muscle as well, but they dug most of it out and her surgery was once again a great success. As soon as she got back home after her surgery she wanted foooood ... and a walk - but I've been making her take it easy - next week she'll go back for her walks in the woods or around the park. Anyhow, her pre-op blood work and chest X-rays were amazing .. the vet couldn't believe how healthy this little girl was before going under the knife. It's those Chinese herbs that she has been sucking back - 3 x twice a day at $149 a month ... oh, and the surgery, just under $2,000 ... so thanks a lot folks - between her surgeries and having half her teeth removed two years ago she's cost me over $6,000 in vet bills ... but hey, I'm not complaining - I love her and will continue to care for her exactly as you expected I would ... but next time could you please, please send me a good-looking rich guy???

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Here's my cutie girl, doing what she does best ... Last night, 7 days post-op she went on an energetic walk through the park again ... she is always happy to go on her walks, and very disappointed when she can't come along ... so we take advantage of every mild day ... she sleeps big, eats great and loves lots ... I'm forever grateful to you for sending this little girl who nobody wanted to me.

Thank you SO much for sending this amazing update Vera! Suma is a VERY, VERY lucky girl to have landed with you. I have no doubt you have given her many more years than she could have asked for ... and she is still going strong (-:

It just goes to show you people ... miracles DO happen ... especially when love and compassion are involved!
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Nov 21/12

Cookbook Madness - OMG! The cookbook has gone viral. If you are planning to give our new cookbook 'Furkids Food For All' as a Christmas gift, you have to hurry!

This is on a first-come, first-serve basis. We will be taking names and getting the cookbooks ready for distribution. If you haven't put your order in for the cookbook, now is the time to do it. 

Please send your name, address and telephone number to with the amount of cookbooks you want to order. Quantities are limited and time is of the essence.

And, today Humphrey turned 1 year old. Here are a couple of pictures of the birthday boy...

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Nov 19/12

Fundraiser Success - ANML-RESQ and ALL of its volunteers would like to thank everyone that attended our 12 Dogs of Christmas fundraiser this past weekend. We are thrilled to announce that the fundraiser was a HUGE success.

We would like to thank Mondello Ristorante for once again providing a beautiful venue for our event. As always, we had great service, good food and a beautiful setting to celebrate the day. Also, HUGE thanks to our fundraising team, Carolina, Darlene and Debbie for working tirelessly to put this day together for us. So many wonderful gifts, auction items, raffle prizes ... the list goes on and on. We have SO many people to thank for these wonderful donated gifts. Many thanks to Dulce for her wonderful desserts and Christine for her almond rocca. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We launched our new 'Furkids Food For All' cookbook and it was a BIG hit! People were looking through the recipes and looking at the pictures of our dogs and giggling and reminiscing. It is a book we are VERY proud of and we hope that you enjoy all the great recipes! We know that many of you came from quite a distance to spend the afternoon with us, and we thank you for making the trip!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Thank you, again, to ALL that attended this fun-filled afternoon and thanks to everyone, we have raised an AMAZING $3,405.00. This is SO badly needed to continue helping more dogs in need. We could not help as many as we do without your kind support. We hope everyone had as much fun as I did and I hope to see you ALL again next year!
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Nov 16/12

Fundraiser Tomorrow - As promised, I have pictures of the cookbook that will be available to purchase this coming week. Enjoy:

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

I hope to see you tomorrow at Mondello Ristorante (127 Queen St. S., Mississauga, ON L5M 1K9 (905) 819-1727). Have a great weekend!
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ANML-RESQ would like to thank Corrine & Marlo from Pet Valu, Oak Ridges for graciously donating $100.00 to our rescue. Pet Valu was offering $5.00 nail cutting at the store and when they reach $100.00 they donated to one of the many rescues they assist. ANML-RESQ was the lucky rescue to receive this generous donation! Thank you Corrine and Marlo at Pet Valu, Oak Ridges!

Nov 15/12

Hurricane Sandy - As I was sitting at my computer answering emails, an email crossed my desk that I had to take pause over. With all the news reports coming out of New York and the surrounding areas hit by Hurricane Sandy, this one was the worst I had read. I quote from the email from HPR (Hurricane Pet Rescue Inc.):

Dear members and friends: Our heart goes out to all of you affected by Hurricane Sandy, thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. We have all seen the news and the devastation is to say the least a sad reality that makes our hearts ache, please know that our hearts go out to you and your families, please know that we are here to help where we can and where is needed.

According to e-mails rumors there is estimated that 60 million people and 30 million animals including 14.5 million dogs, 15.3 million cats, and 1.5 million horses were caught in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

As of now we know that the power has been restored for many, but that many remain without power and heat. Sadly the news are doing a tremendous job at covering human needs, but there has been nothing on the news about pets, as of yet. 

Rumors are circulating on the Internet that 3 shelters that we work very closely which are, NYC, Brooklyn and Staten Island are doing mass euthanasia because they are just overflowing with animals since the storm hit.

Our organization has made every attempt to get in touch with them but as of yet nobody has responded therefore we do not know exactly what the situation is, nor what is needed in terms of help at these 3 shelter's. E-mails have gone unanswered and phone lines have been busy. 

... Unlike with Hurricane Katrina, this time HPR is not working the grounds but we are working on disaster relief efforts for Sandy victims by assisting as needs and pleas for help arise. Once people are able to communicate better as power is restored in all areas just like with Katrina, the pleas for help are going to start poring in, in fact they have already started, I pray that I am wrong but sadly we have been down this road before.

... Please be careful as who do you donate to and make sure that the organization you are donating to is really working the grounds or directly assisting with disaster relief efforts or both and not just saying they are. Basically, please know who is doing the talk and doing the walk. We have seen many scams with Katrina and I am sure we will see them again now. Many big organizations that I am not going to name right now, claim they are helping, please be cautious and don't be fooled because your money may end up elsewhere and not necessarily for the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

... Stay safe and contact us anytime if help is needed, this is our mission and what we are here for. We have reunited, transported, saved and cared for hundreds of Katrina 4 legged victims, we are ready and prepared to do the same for Sandy Victims. May God watch over all of you humans and pets that were affected by this tragedy, may he keep you safe and give strength to continue on. Sincerely, Celene Albano, CEO HPR

And, this morning, I read this one (just breaks your heart): 

Update from Long Island... the hurricane hit us much harder than expected and many of us are still recovering. I can't go back to my house because oil came in with the flood surge and the smell is too overwhelming to live with. I thought I was doing a good thing by putting my 2 dogs in boarding [... they are both blind and one is deaf as well ... they became sick with kennel bough, blood shot eyes and digestive disorder...]. Now they are both with a dog sitter while my husband and I are staying with friends until we can either rent a place short term or get back to our own house. And we miss our dogs terribly. 

... My husband and I are both down in the dumps and the insurance companies are overwhelmed and haven't even sent remediation specialists out yet to our house to evaluate the oil problem and how to clean it up. This is a nightmare probably much like Katrina was in New Orleans a few years back. We have friends who lost their entire homes to either fire or flood and have nothing so I guess I shouldn't be complaining. Everyone here either has a problem with their home or has a family living with them who has no place to go...] Hope things here get better here soon ... well, at least the gas shortage is over. ~Jody

UPDATE: As of today November 16th, Jody still does not have her beloved dogs back...

Our hearts and prayers go out to everyone hit by Hurricane Sandy. We pray these people can get back up on their feet as soon as possible. With winter coming, I can only pray that this happens quickly.
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Nov 14/12

Cookbook Fundraiser - It's here! Our new cookbook has finally hit the shelves. What an amazing cookbook it is, too! I couldn't believe it when I received my advance copy in the mail, it was MUCH more than I expected.

The book is amazing, jam-packed with recipes and over 214 pages of healthy, delicious and good-for-you recipes [well some are just yummy]! The pages are 8 1/2" x 11", the print is easy to read and the pictures of our rescued dogs is just amazing!

Click to enlarge ... front cover.Click to enlarge ... back cover.

The cookbook will be launched this weekend at our 12 Dogs of Christmas on November 17th and I guarantee that everyone, on your Christmas list, will love to receive this amazing cookbook!

Starting this Monday November 19th, you will be able to order and pay for them over the internet. We will have more information on this coming in the next couple of days.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for submitting their favourite and tested recipes. I know that everyone will love to adventure through it and maybe even make some of those doggy biscuits! This was a huge undertaking by Mim and well worth the wait. Thanks Mim and everyone who had a hand in this!
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Nov 13/12

Pampered Chef Fundraiser - The 12 Dogs of Christmas fundraiser is almost upon us and ANML-RESQ and all of its volunteers are SO excited for the BIG day! We look forward to a delightful afternoon of good food and GREAT company. Help us make a difference in a rescue dog's life by supporting our 3rd Annual benefit and reunion event, held at Mondello Ristorante.

Date: Saturday November 17th
Time: 11:30 am to 3:30 pm
Cost: $30 per adult & $20 per child
Location: Mondello Ristorante, 127 Queen St. S., Mississauga, ON L5M 1K9 (905) 819-1727

There are dozens of prizes to be drawn: electric car, gift vouchers for all occasions, quilts, dog/cat/people gift baskets and on and on. It's going to be an incredible event with something for everyone to enjoy.

Click to enlarge...


If you haven't already reserved a spot this Saturday, November 17th, please let us know NOW as we must advise the restaurant by Wednesday. Luncheon tickets are $30.00 per adult and $20.00 per child. We look forward to seeing you ALL on Saturday!!

And, on another note, ANML-RESQ is having another fundraiser! Alli Samson has taken on a new adventure as an independent consultant with The Pampered Chef! Thus, our newest fundraiser was born! Please help support us in raising much needed funds for some VERY deserving dogs. Share this with your friends and family! To order, follow these simple steps to make a huge difference in a needy dog's life! (Alli's Director's website, Lil Krstic)
CLICK:  "Shop Online"
ENTER:  Allison Samson or ANML-RESQ as "HOST"

Your orders will be forwarded to Alli to be processed. How easy is that? If you have any questions, please contact Alli at or call 613-932-0688. Items will be shipped to your door approximately 2 weeks after closing of the fundraiser which is Friday, November 23, 2012. Thank you so much for supporting ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario in our fundraising effort!
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Nov 9/12

Rest in Peace Carter - It is with a heavy heart and a stream of tears that I have to tell you we have lost a very dear friend. Our sweet boy Carter crossed over the Bridge. It breaks my heart and the hearts of ALL that have met Carter. Carter was neglected, abused and the downright cruelty this boy endured for the first year of his life did not impact his sweet temperament which remained intact. 

Carter was such a loving boy and true ambassador for his breed. Carter loved everyone and everything he met. I will never forget the day he arrived into rescue. It was a long weekend and no options for this boy, locked in a dark basement for God knows how many years. We had no idea of his temperament, but we knew that this boy would NOT live another day in those conditions so we pulled him, sight unseen. When our girl Beth arranged for her coworker to pick him up and bring him to her office, we awaited with great anticipation to hear that Carter was safe. No one was anticipating the condition this poor dog was in.

When I saw the first pictures come in, I literally dropped to my knees and cried. Carter was a walking skeleton ... he was so weak he could hardly walk properly, his eyes were glued shut with puss, his coat/skin was like leather; he was in horrendous condition.

Click here to read about Carter coming 
into the ANML-RESQ Program...Ľ

Carter's disposition and temperament were absolutely STELLAR! After several weeks of recuperating (and many months of healing yet to go).


The most loving and adoring family saw Carter on the website after being told about Carter by our good friend Lee Ann and that was the absolutely beginning of Carter's new life. 

Carter THRIVED with his new mom and dad, Lorie and Kevin. We enjoyed seeing the pictures of Carter, as we watched him heal and become healthier with each passing week. 

Then, in the past few weeks we heard that Carter wasn't "himself". Carter loved his food and now he was turning away from food. He was beginning to get very lethargic and it was time for him to go to the vets to see what was ailing him. Test after test was done and sadly, the diagnosis came in this week ... Carter had liver cancer AND lymphoma. It was the most devastating news we could have received. Sadly, after returning from testing, Carter went downhill very quickly and it was apparent this sweet boy was in pain and extremely uncomfortable. I know it was not an easy decision to make for Lorie and Kevin ... it is NEVER an easy decision. 

My thoughts and prayers are with Lorie and Kevin at this very difficult time. I wish Carter could have lived many more years knowing the love of this family, but I know in my heart that the 3 Ĺ years he had with Lorie and Kevin would have erased ALL of the memories of his time in hell. 

Click here to read about Carter's updates in the ANML-RESQ program; and 
click here to read about his adoption to Lorie and Kevin...Ľ

Carter had the BEST 3 Ĺ years and I cannot thank Lorie and Kevin enough for giving Carter this precious time. 

Rest in Peace Carter, you will be FOREVER remembered through the lives you have touched... 

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Nov 7/12

Chloe Update - ANML-RESQ and all of it's volunteers are THRILLED to announce that our Chloe has been adopted! The family has been patiently waiting to meet Chloe ... they already fell in love with her pictures, and last night they finally met their new girl!! 

This is such amazing news for Chloe. Her whole existence prior to coming into rescue was tied to a tree, living outside in the elements and producing litter after litter. Thank God a kind animal control agent found her, after picking her puppies up off the road and returning them to Chloe. When the kind officer heard she has lived her whole life tied to a tree, she persuaded the owners to surrender Chloe and her pups. When it was time for Chloe to get vetted, it was discovered she was heartworm positive. She needed rescue and that's when we were contacted. We took her to the vet's immediately and began her heartworm treatment.

Thanks to Chloe's loving foster mom, Carolina, who immediately offered her a place to stay, a home where she could recover from her treatment and wait for her forever family. It isn't easy to keep a dog calm and quiet through treatment, but we knew that Chloe was in the BEST of hands. Thank you Carolina and Mike for taking such good care of Chloe! Many thanks, as well, to Debbie for getting Chloe's in-home done so quickly. Congratulations to Chloe and her new family! It seems that Chloe was MEANT to be with this family - it was "love at first sight" (-:

We also need positive thoughts sent Carter's way. He fell ill about a week ago, he isn't eating much and he is not himself. Carter has been to the vets, blood tests, ultrasounds, all testing is being done. Right now it is a mystery but it seems his liver may somehow be affected. 

Click to enlarge...

Please send prayers for Carter and his family! This is so heartbreaking. We pray whatever ails Carter can be treated and he will soon be back to good health.
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Nov 6/12

Pennies for JD - At our 3rd Annual 12 Dogs of Christmas on November 17th we will be collecting pennies at for Juvenile Diabetes. Dulce has been working on this campaign and we would like to help too. If you could check around for any spare pennies you have ... maybe hit up your friends, neighbours, and co-workers, bring your bag of pennies with you to the fundraiser at 11:30 am at Mondello Ristorante.

The list of auction and raffle items is growing and some of the items are AMAZING!. To name just a few: a brand new FLAT SCREEN TV, donated by Karl's dad, a remote control car valued at $300.00, dog and cat baskets, quilts hand-crafted by Darlene and a quillo (quilt in a pillow), donated by 'Hot Diggity Dog', a beautiful Christmas wall hanging, some doggy beer (yes, you heard right - specially brewed) and there will be much, much more!!

So, if you haven't booked for this fundraiser yet, please contact us as soon as possible. Seating is limited and almost sold out. This is going to be another wonderful fundraising day that we can spend together. We look forward to seeing you on the 17th and please don't forget your pennies!!!
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Nov 5/12

Mya Update - We have a wonderful update for a sweet girl we adopted about 3 years ago. This little girl was special as she was the sibling of 3 of my foster pups. Mya was adopted from the shelter before her siblings, but shelter felt her siblings needed to go to rescue, which is how I ended up fostering her 3 sisters. 

Sadly for Mya, things didn't work out and by some strange miracle, we were made aware of her situation and need for help. We were only too happy to help Mya find the forever family she SO deserved. 

Here is an update from Vi, who has been a friend of ANML-RESQ for many years. She brought Mya to our attention and has followed up with her new family. Here is a wonderful update from Mya's mom:

Hi Vi, Hope all is well with you and yours.. I think you were going away this month some time -Hope it was /is fabulous. I've been going through my email finally- It was a very busy Sept. My nephew got married in K/W and I had lots of family in and out of the house for a week or two. It always so good to see everyone. Mya was really good with the baby she kept giving him kisses and he kept going back for more. You should have seen her with the baby chicks when we got them she was so curious but so gentle with them.

Mya has certainly come out of her shell. The first time I saw her jump on someone was when you and Gerry visited. Now she pretty much does that when visitors come. We are trying to break her of it but she gets so happy. She has also started running around like a crazy dog - through the house and up on our bed. It's hard to believe that it's been 3 yrs now since I found Mya on the net. It's taken her a long time to really open up and we just love her so much. She is such a cuddler and just loves getting under the covers with me since the weather is now turning chilly again. She is now 8 yrs old her face is really starting to grey but she acts like a puppy still. Buddy turned 13 this month as well his hips are really sore but we have him on lots of stuff from the vet to the health food store. My brother has been taking Lakota and it works for him so I put Buddy on it and it has helped him even more. He costs us a small fortune in meds plus But he is worth it. He's starting to lose his hearing a bit too. I hope you had a nice thanksgiving. Take care. ~Janice

On Friday I received a picture of Papi laying on his bed. He was one of Mocha's puppies (and was my favourite of the litter). Papi (aka Freddie) is living in NY now (-: Thanks Taimy.

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Nov 1/12

Beckett Update - I am sure that the events of this week have brought back memories for our friends in the US. Sandy was an incredibly destructive storm and for those that suffered through Katrina, I am sure the memories are still very vivid.

When Katrina barreled through Louisiana, the devastation was heartbreaking. Thousands of families, displaced with nowhere to go. Of course, the tragedy didn't end there as thousands and thousands of animals were separated from their families, trapped in flooded homes or on the streets, left to fend for themselves. It was heartbreaking all around.

One of the lucky ones to escape and find rescue was Beckett. Beckett was one of the first Katrina survivors sent to Canada and thankfully he was one of many that found rescue. He had lived with a family all of his life until tragedy hit. His owner was diagnosed with a very serious condition which required her to have a "service dog", and sadly a service dog could not be provided until Beckett left their home. Again, a heartbreaking situation for Beckett and his family.

Several weeks ago, a lovely family that had adopted our Roxy wrote to us with interest in either fostering or adding a new addition to their family. We wondered if Beckett would fit the bill, since he was such a sweet boy. The family was excited and immediately offered a place in their home for Beckett. Beckett is now "paying forward" the help that was given him, so many years ago. 

His new family adore him and his sister Roxy does as well. What is most heartwarming about Beckett's new family (and his mission in life) is that tragedy hit that family a few years ago when their son and friend were swarmed and attacked by a group of people. It was an horrific attack which left their son suffering from PTS (post traumatic stress). Understandably, this would make anyone fell extremely unsafe and never secure, no matter where you go. 

Beckett has been at this young man's side from the day he arrived, giving him much comfort and a feeling of security. It seems that Beckett knows he is needed and takes his responsibility very seriously.

We could not be prouder of our boy Beckett! He is loved and adored by his family and he plays an integral role in helping this family heal. Congratulations to Beckett and his new family! Beckett, you have made us ALL so proud!

Happy Halloween wishes from Humphrey and Tedward!!

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