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Update on Loki
Update on Myles and Layka
Tyson is Adopted
Spot is Adopted;
Camoya Update;
Adoption Updates;
Meet Ralph and Trace;
Jax and Ollie Update;
Adoption Updates;
All Things Christmas;
2015 SWIS Symposium;
Bear Update;
Meet Myles;
Beau Update;
Meet Kobi;
Meet Koda;

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November 25/15

Meet Koda - ANML-RESQ would like to welcome another young boy to our rescue family. This is Koda. 

Click to enlarge...

He is a one year old hound mix and he is as sweet as pie. He is such a snuggler. Just ask his foster dad Walter ... it seems that Koda has attached himself to Walter’s lap.

Click to enlarge...

We are getting to know Koda while he awaits his vetting. So far, we know he’s a happy, loving little boy.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Many thanks to Allie, Walter and Noah for welcoming Koda into their hearts and home. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures (-: Welcome Koda!
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November 23/15

Meet Kobi - ANML-RESQ is happy to announce the arrival of our newest rescue kid – Kobi.

Click to enlarge...

Kobi is a beautiful, 1 1/2 year old rottweiler boy who is full of energy!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Huge thanks to Diane, Norm and Blade for welcoming this firecracker into their home.  Kobi is a real busy boy who is having a fun time exploring his new surroundings.  Foster mom Diane says he is alike having a 2 year old child in the house LOL ... gets into everything.

Thankfully he has an experienced foster home that will teach him the ropes. Welcome to the ANML-RESQ family, Kobi!
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November 22/15

Beau Update - ANML-RESQ would like to thank Beau and his proud mom Leslie for their very generous donation to ANML-RESQ!

Thank you so much for your kindness ... it will go a long way in helping more deserving doggies!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Here is our handsome boy Beau!!  He looks SO happy and healthy – thank you for sending these wonderful pictures of your handsome boy!!!  He has grown into a very stunning boy.

All the best to Beau and mom Leslie!  We wish you a safe and Merry Christmas from all of your friends at ANML-RESQ!
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November 21/15

Meet Myles - Meet Myles who is a 6 year old Cane Corso/Great Dane mix. He is a very big boy so we are looking for a home without small children.

Due to his size and exuberance he can easily knock a child over. Myles is a happy-go lucky boy ... good with dogs and okay with cats. He would love a big yard to romp around in. He is very strong on leash. 

Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...

We are looking for a home familiar with the larger breeds. Preferably a home in the country and where someone can be home the majority of the time. 

If you think Myles is the boy for you, please contact us.
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November 18/15

Bear Update - Our handsome boy Bear has already visited with Santa and had his picture taken with two of his bestest friends. What a beautiful little family. Bear looks so happy and content.

Thank you so much for sharing Jennifer! It will definitely be the Merriest Christmas Bear has ever had!

As promised... We went and saw Santa yesterday and Bear was such a good boy! It's going to be a Merry Christmas! Bear is a fantastic dog and he is doing great! He just finished grade 1 and will be starting grade 2 shortly. He has fit right in here with us. We live next to a provincial park and he loves his daily walks. He even spent a weekend in Muskoka! He is a big hit with all our neighbours and family. 

Click to enlarge...

It is so hard to think that this great dog had a hard start. He is a bit of a devil (mouthy) with one of our cats but we are working on it and hope to train him to leave the kitty alone. It is a very minor hiccup. Next week we will going for a picture with Santa so I will make sure to send you a copy for the blog. He truly is a wonderful friend to us and we are grateful that you let him join our family.~Jennifer

Thank you SO much for this wonderful update and picture. These updates make our day and we are so happy that Bear has fit in so nicely with your family. Bear looks AMAZING!!!(-:

It brings such joy to us to see our rescues so loved and cherished. Being a part of a family is all any dog wants and needs. 

Please give Bear a big hug from all of his friends at ANML-RESQ. We look forward to more updates and pictures ... thank you for making our day!
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November 16/15

2015 SWIS Symposium - ANML-RESQ is extremely lucky to have such awesome supporters! Recently, the 2015 SWIS Symposium took place in Mississauga. It's organizer Dr. Ken Kinakin brought together a like-minded community of the top powerlifters, bodybuilders, doctors, therapists, trainers, strength coaches and nutritionists to present their best information to conference attendees. The Symposium was a huge success and was enjoyed by everyone.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Dr. Kinakin and Sue Cornwell are big advocates of rescue dogs. Having adopted their rescue dog Ozzie, they wanted to help other rescue dogs and so became the SWIS 2015 Ozzie talks! This night was dedicated to the dogs!

Click to enlarge...

Ozzie talks were FREE presentations given in 20 minute "Ted Talk" style. Donations were collected from attendees and presenters alike who got a big surprise when legendary Toronto Maple Leaf's goalie, Johnny Bower, showed up for a question and answer session. He also raffled two signed goalie sticks for those who made a donation to our cause!

Click to enlarge...

Dr. Ken & Sue, we cannot thank you enough for choosing ANML-RESQ to receive the donations from such a fantastic event. 
The dogs send slobbery kisses and muddy paw hugs. xoxo

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November 14/15

All Things Christmas - All Things Christmas at Crawfords Nursery - Join ANML-RESQ with your furry friend with pictures with Santa - Bake sale - 100% of the proceeds go to the dogs - photos $10 each.

Click to enlarge...

Sat. Dec. 5 from 11am-3pm, 8689 5th Sideroad, Milton.
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November 13/15

Adoption Updates - We are happy to announce that our handsome young fellow Chief went to his forever home this week.

Click to enlarge...

We hope to have some updates in the near future.  Congratulations Chief and mom Alana.

We are pleased to get some pictures as well of recently adopted Lyaka.  What a stunning girl she is and it looks like she is having the time of her life - woohoo!

And we ended the week off with another amazing adoption!  It's our sweetheart Loki.

 Click to enlarge...

It turns out that her foster family fell head over heels for this little darling and could not let her go.  Congratulations Loki, Crystal and Family!
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November 12/15

Jax and Ollie Update - Lately, it has been feeling a lot like Christmas.  We have gotten some really great updates – some recent, some not so recent and some go back many years.  It makes us smile when we get these pictures and updates.  The thrill of seeing our rescues ... some coming in with very sad beginnings and seeing them so happy and loved – THAT totally makes our day and reminds us of why we work so hard to help as many deserving dogs as we can.

We received some awesome pictures of our boy Jax.  LOOK at the amazing place he has to walk with his mom Jacquie.  Every dogs dream for sure.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...

Thank you for these amazing pictures of Jax, Jacquie.  He looks so happy!

Here is a blast from the past!  It’s our boy Ollie and brother Loki! And an update from mom, Marisa.  

Hi, Let me start by thanking everyone for the work you do in helping the animals!

Ollie and Roodle bonded immediately.  This greatly helped Ollie with his confidence and allowed him to be less fearful. He truly has turned into a sweet boy!

Unfortunately we lost Roodle to cancer last year.  However Ollie now has a younger brother to bond with by the name of Loki.  I think Ollie looks at Loki as the annoying kid brother.

Click to enlarge...

In addition Ollie is a big brother to a human baby, who is two now.  He is awesome with her and so tolerant. Cheers, Marisa

Congratulations Ollie on your new human baby brother too! 
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November 10/15

Meet Ralph and Trace - ANML-RESQ would like to introduce you all to our two newest rescues. Both boys are very handsome and we are thrilled to have them join our rescue family.

First, let’s introduce you to Ralph. He is a 4 year old beagle who LOVES to snuggle with his people. Ralph is being fostered by Monique, Walter, Valerie and Douggie. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Ralph and Douggie get along great and even snuggle together on the sofa. Once Ralph is completely vetted he will be posted for adoption, so please stay tuned!

And, we are also thrilled to introduce you to Trace, a very handsome shepherd boy. Trace is being foster by our gal Crystal and family and he even gets to hang out with our adoptable girl Loki. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

They make a great pair! Trace is GREAT with the young children in the home as well. Trace will soon be available for adoption so keep your eyes on our Adoptions page if Trace is the boy for you.

Welcome Ralph and Trace to the ANML-RESQ family!
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November 9/15

Adoption Updates - We have a couple of awesome updates about 2 of our happy boys having the time of their lives in their forever homes.

It seems our boy Remy has an appetite for BBQ LOL! Thanks for the update Kelly. We love hearing how Remy is doing and we love your updates – always so entertaining (-:

Hi Sharin and Renee - Best Remy story yet... Yesterday I tied Remy out while I got ready for our run. He always waits for me on the back steps. I got geared up got out there and no Remy . My heart stopped. Then I saw the leash, then just his back feet ... sticking out from under the BBQ cover. There he was, under the cover, head UNDER the lid, cleaning my grill.

Click to enlarge...

The night before he had come in after dinner and Levi licked him so sweetly ... now I know why. I had said "you guys are adorable!!!!!" Clearly, the bbq project has been going on for a few days. And Remy was tastey.

I moved the bbq out of reach of the boob today and in to the shed for the winter. Remy watched with sad eyes ... like he was thinking "Hey, I was not done with that yet". How the heck he did not get his big head stuck I do not know, but about 1/4 of the grill is spotless. Bbq seasoning aside, the boys are really bonding. Don't worry, still vigilant! 

Last night Remy walked around the lake very nicely with Doug and I then waited 90 minutes in the car while we had dinner. We found a restaurant in Erin with a front window I could sit in and see right into my car. Remy could see where I went in. He sat up most of the time, very calm and watching people and cars but not pacing or anxious, he was happy when I got back but not overly excited. I went out a few times with treats and he had a toy in there too. 

He loves being in the car. Sharin thanks again for the extra effort to introduce him to that important part of my lifestyle. Sending you a big bbq grease kiss from Remy B(BQ). Oh and seems the irritated leaky bum is under control - either the bbq grease or the homeopathic remedy worked. Hahaha ~Kelly

As you can see our boy Remy is doing absolutely amazing with his new family. We were so worried about his transition into his forever home but with each update we are more and more elated with the outcome. 

We also received an amazing update from Bear’s loving family. We could not be happier for this very deserving boy. Considering he spent the first year of his life chained, his life now makes up for the time he lost. As you can see from the update and pictures, Bear is a cherished member of his family and this is what we strive for with all of our rescues. 

Bear is a fantastic dog and he is doing great! He just finished grade 1 and will be starting grade 2 shortly. He has fit right in here with us. 

Click to enlarge...

We live next to a provincial park and he loves his daily walks. He even spent a weekend in Muskoka! He is a big hit with all our neighbours and family. It is so hard to think that this great dog had a hard start. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He is a bit of a devil (mouthy) with one of our cats but we are working on it and hope to train him to leave the kitty alone. It is a very minor hiccup. Next week we will going for a picture with Santa so I will make sure to send you a copy for the blog. He truly is a wonderful friend to us and we are grateful that you let him join our family.

Thank you Jennifer and family for this wonderful update and pictures and we look forward to many, many more. Congratulations Bear!
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November 5/15

Camoya Update - Happy Anniversary to Camoya and her loving family. It’s been two years since Mark found Camoya on our website and adopted her ... they have lived happily ever after. 

Camoya deserves to be spoiled as she came from a place that used her only to breed her whole life. Her life now is being loved and adored by her daddy and brother Cesar. Congratulations Camoya! 

Click to enlarge...

Camoya is loving life and very loved. As you can see she never misses a chance to have a treat and has never been said no to, yeah she is a bit spoiled but she deserves it. She plays like a puppy with Cesar and her feline packmates. 

Camoya was so deserving and has found the perfect forever home!
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November 4/15

Spot is Adopted - Did I mention we’ve been very busy the past couple of weeks? ANML-RESQ is thrilled to announce that our handsome young fellow Spot has been adopted (-: Here is a quick update that foster mom Allie recieved:

Everything is great. He is having loads of fun and we are adjusting great to one another. He is great follows me around and listens very well. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...

We are working on leash training and his pulling. Also enrolling in some obedience classes soon just to keep the learning going.

Thank you to Allie, Walter and family for welcoming Spot into their home and watching over him until his forever family was found.

New dad Ross is having a great time with his new boy. Lots of walks and plenty of attention for this lucky boy.  Congratulations Spot and Ross! 
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November 3/15

Tyson is Adopted - We are excited for our handsome boy Tyson who went to his forever home on the weekend.  

Foster mom said he was very excited to meet his new family and had lots and lots of kisses for them.  Way to win them over Tyson ... you little Casanova! (-: Who could resist that adorable, slobbery mouth!!

Click to enlarge...

Many thanks to foster mom Jen for welcoming Tyson in to her heart and home. Happy trails Tyson!  We look forward to pictures and updates!
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November 2/15

Update on Myles and Layka - We have a little catching up to do! We have two very lucky doggies that found their forever homes and never even made it to our website!!! No wonder - both are very stunning!

First, meet Myles (who is now known as Jax). He is a young Great Dane who sadly found himself needing a forever family. We lucked out when we found a family, already familiar with the danes. 

blog110215.jpg (55974 bytes)

Even better, his mom is a vet! He will have the BEST of care. Jax has 2 furry companions as well that share the home with him. Congratulations Jax!

blog110215a.jpg (62058 bytes)

We also had our pretty girl Layka find her forever family too! This lucky girl will have so much attention - lots of walks and definitely lots of cuddle times with her new family.

blog110215b.jpg (81316 bytes)blog110215c.jpg (55242 bytes)blog110215d.jpg (60302 bytes)

Congratulations Layka! We are thrilled for you and your new family!
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November 1/15

Update on Loki - Here is our sweetheart Loki....waiting at the alter to find a family to have and to hold and cherish.  We cannot understand why this beautiful girl has been over-looked. 

Loki is a wonderful girl with lots of energy.  She is loyal and loving – what more could you ask for? 

blog110115b.jpg (109672 bytes)blog110115a.jpg (285703 bytes)

If you or someone you know is interested in finding the perfect family pet, please contact us about Loki!

blog110115.jpg (48656 bytes)

If you need more information, please send us an email at
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