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Nov 29/16

Smooch Update - This has been a very sad day for all of us at ANML-RESQ. Our sweetheart Smooch has crossed the Bridge.

This poor boy was rescued by a very good friend of our rescue who could no longer stand to see this boy abused and neglected. She made the bold step to approach the owners and offer a very large cash sum to free him from this cruelty. We were able to find a foster home very quickly, thanks to our girl Carolina. And was admired from afar....all the way in New Brunswick. After Smooch was healthy enough to travel, he travelled to his forever home in the East.

Sadly, as can sometimes happen with the bigger breeds ... Smooch was having quite a bit of trouble with his spine. After medication no longer helped, we know it was an agonizing decision for his family to let him go. )-:

It's with heavy heavy hearts I have to tell you smooch is gone. The back problem he had in august was indeed caused by a growth causing the disc to tilt and he's been in pain. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Meds handled for awhile but the problems walking was back and we had to say goodbye. We are just shattered. 

Click to enlarge...

I loved him so. My gorgeous huge cuddle pooch is gone...

Our thoughts and prayers go with Smooch’s loving parents, Carla and Alan. 
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Nov 26/16

Belle Update - Another FANTASTIC update!! Look how beautiful our girl Belle aka Val is ... such a shiny coat. It sounds like Belle is making up for lost time and enjoying all the love and attention she is getting. We could not be happier for this precious girl. Here is an update from mom, Stephanie: 

Hi Renee, I wanted to let you know that Belle is amazing! Today is a week since she came home and it's hard to imagine what it was like before. She's currently curled up on the couch. 

Click to enlarge...

She has made scores of human friends and everyone just loves her, including my mom who came up for US Thanksgiving this week. Thank you again to everyone at ANML RESQ! Stephanie and Belle

Finally ... she has a home and family to call her own. 
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Nov 25/16

Kobe Update - We FINALLY got some pictures of our elusive Kobe! This young rottie boy found himself in need of rescue, already having been through a couple of owners at the tender age of 11 months old. He arrived in foster care and it became quite apparent that Kobe was a “going concern”. He was into everything!! Thank goodness for Kobe his foster family had the patience of a saint. After a couple of months his foster family fell in love with this boisterous boy ... always pushing his limits.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

I got a call shortly after that his foster family felt he would need many, many more months of training and they were worried that with his naughty behavior, he would surely be returned if he were adopted out. We agreed ... he was definitely a work in progress and throughout it all, his family fell deeper and deeper in love with him. So, it should come as no surprise ... his family have decided to adopt Kobe! (-: Lucky Kobe – woohoo!!! But it was so hard for Kobe to stay still for any decent pictures....until now! Diane was finally able to get some AMAZING pictures of Kobe....what a GOOD LOOKING BOY!!! 

Thank you Diane and Norm for loving Kobe as much as you do. Kobe also has an amazing big brother named Blade – another very handsome rottie boy. (-: 
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Nov 24/16

Miller Update - Wow ... another FANTASTIC update about our baby boy Miller. Yes, Miller is not even a year old yet and LOOK AT THE SIZE of this handsome boy!! We are thrilled to hear that Mr. Miller is getting EVERYTHING a doggy needs. Training, lots of social and lots of friends, both 2 legged and 4 (-: Congratulations sure lucked out!!

Hi Renee, Just wanted to send you a quick update on Mr. Miller. We started grade 1 this week at McCanns and it went great! Miller has also been spending lots of time playing with human and dog friends. I spoke with Darlene earlier, and she mentioned Santa photos on the 10th . 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Would love to learn more details. Ive attached some photos here for you :) Thanks again for our boy! Sam, Mike, and Miller

Thank you Samantha for the wonderful update and pictures of Miller. It is so nice that we are able to watch Miller grow up right before our eyes.
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Nov 22/16

Moose Update - And we have another exciting announcement to make for another long-timer waiting for his forever family. We are excited to tell you that our handsome boy Moose has been adopted – woohooo!

It was a pretty slick trip on Sunday – the roads were horrendous and it was quite a long journey for Moose, but foster mom Crystal met his new family half-way and it was “love at first sight”... actually – they fell in love with Moose well over a month ago but because of previously made plans – foster mom happily agreed to keeping Moose until they were ready. Here is an update Karen got from Moose’s new mom Angie:

Hi Karen Yes, Moose is WONDERFUL ... He doesn't leave our sides and is the most loving dog we have ever seen. It certainly seems like it was meant to be for sure! Our cats are still a wee bit scarce these days, I think its the size of him, he's a bit overwhelming compared to our little Daisy. 

Click to enlarge...

And OMG!!! The weather was horrendous that night, but fortunately we got home safe & sound! Here are some pics from this afternoon.... Thank you so much again for everything Karen.... More pics to come for sure..

Congratulations Moose! You lucked out with an amazing family!!
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Nov 21/16

Val Update - Well ... it FINALLY happened!! It was a long time coming but we are absolutely excited to announce that our gal Val has been ADOPTED! This beauty has waited a very long time for a family to call her own. As you know, she came to us with two cherry-eyes, not spayed and in heat and in urgent need of rescue! Thankfully we were able to pull Val and got the very necessary surgery done so she would no longer be in pain. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We did have to wait for the appropriate time though after her heat cycle and decided to do both surgeries at once. Val flew through the surgeries with flying colours. Sadly, we had no foster home for her to go to so Val spent many months in the kennel, awaiting a foster or forever home. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We all fell in love with this stunner and were so sad that we were not having success in finding the right home for this beautiful girl. She had been through so much in her short life, we wanted to make sure we got it right so she would never have to be uprooted again.

And then it happened ... an application came in (mind you, it was for another dog we had in our program who happened to have an adoption pending) ... but we are so grateful that with a suggestion from our girl Allie to possibly consider Val, Stephanie immediately looked her up and was smitten. We went through the application process and were so excited ... we wanted this to be IT for Val ... and that is exactly what happened.

Stephanie went to meet Val the weekend prior, fell immediately in love with her, went home to prepare for her new arrival and she picked up her baby on Friday! She reported that Val had the most amazing deep sleep the first night home and has been sleeping peacefully every night since. Mom Stephanie has decided to rename her Belle and we think it suits her perfectly! Congratulations Belle and Stephanie! You waited so long Belle.
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Nov 16/16

Molly Update - Foster mom Carolina received an amazing picture and update from Molly’s family. 

Hello Carolina, Just a short update of Molly. In September, we took her all around the Bay of Fundy and she had a blast running on the beach and chasing deer and rabbits. 

Click to enlarge...

She also love camping!. She is now over 95 lbs and beautiful as you can see on the picture attached. More to come! thank you! Nathalie & David

WOW ... I cannot believe how stunning she is and no doubt has a little more growing to do as well LOL
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Nov 13/16

Buddy Update - We received another amazing update and pictures of our boy Buddy. He is having such an amazing time with his family. 

Hi there, Thought you might like an update on your boy. In this photo, Buddy was letting us know that he wasn't happy about being left behind while we went to the neighbours. He unwound the toilet paper and brought it into the living room, and waited. 

He is such an affectionate, eccentric, beautiful soul. Everyday we think we are the lucky ones. Buddy will coming to see Santa again this year. Enjoy this wonderful day. Kristine.

No doubt he is the apple of their eye. Congratulations Buddy and Family! 
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Nov 11/16

Roxy Update - We have exciting news! Our senior girl Roxy has been adopted and boy, did she hit the jackpot. 

Her family has always adopted senior dogs and given them a wonderful home with all the luxuries so they can spend their golden years being loved and cherished. 

Our wonderful new rescue girl, Roxy!!!! 

She's a perfect addition to our family!! Love love love!!!! 

We could not be happier for this lucky girl. HUGE thanks once again to our friend Michelle who knew the perfect family for Roxy. Congratulations Roxy!
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Nov 9/16

Pictures With Santa - It's time to mark your calendar!! It’s that time of year again! Time for pictures with Santa. Please come and join us again this year on Dec. 10th at Crawfords Nursery, 8689-5th Sideroad, Milton from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.

Click to enlarge...

We are thankful to Crawfords Nursery for once again inviting us to the most beautiful Christmas Wonderland ... a wonderful backdrop for our pictures with Santa.

We hope to see as many adoptors and fosters as well as anyone else wishing to have a beautiful picture of your pet and/or children with Santa. See you there!
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Nov 7/16

Meet Miss Lola - A month or so ago we got an application from a gentleman who was looking for a senior female Rottweiler. Sadly his girl passed away a few months ago and his boy Tucker was really missing a companion. We went through the application with anticipation of helping a female in the shelter but after processing the application and find this man was a very loving and caring pet owner we found that the shelter dog was no longer in need of rescue. I was very saddened to call Dave to let him know but I promised when we heard of another (and I had no doubt we would) we would contact him immediately.

Click to enlarge...

Well, as it happened about 2 weeks later an old friend of our rescue contacted us about a beautiful senior female Rottie needing to be re-homed. We got all of her information along with pictures and contacted Dave about Lola. 

Click to enlarge...

After a very long trip on Saturday, with Tucker in tow they went to meet Miss Lola. Dave and Tucker were smitten and she got into their vehicle and onto a new life. We couldn’t be happier for this senior girl. Both Lola and Tucker get HOME cooked meals every day and daddy even has a dog walker come in to walk them while he is at work. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

Congratulations Lola! You really lucked out. Congrats as well to Dave and Tucker – you have an amazing girl there!!
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Nov 1/16

Rascal Update - We received a great update and pictures of our boy Rascal (now known as Joey) who after so many months of waiting at the shelter for a foster home. As we always say, those that wait the longest, wait for the BEST and from the sounds of this update (and pictures) from his foster dad, Justin ... Joey is having the time of his life!! We could not be happier for Joey and if he plays his cards right, he won’t be going anywhere (-: Here is an update from foster dad Justin:

joey has been extremely well behaved, he listens to and seems to understand most commands, and seems happy to adapt his behaviour upon request. He was initially pulling a lot but has relaxed a great deal, he is also making strong improvement in realizing squirrels are not prey to be chased, he gets along with, and, is interested to say hello to dogs of all types and sizes, without initiating aggression; has no interest in nearby birds, and admires cats from afar. In the dog park he is quick to make friends to run and tumble with, but has shown a favour for dogs a bit smaller; particularly from various bully breeds who like to jump and bump chests with him. rough housing that seems possible to escalate is quickly stopped by getting his attention, as well calling him back in for a quick time out. 

Click to enlarge...

Overall his outdoor recall and fetching skills have been excellent from the start, he also goes to his bed upon command, and has learned to be polite in following up and down the stairs. there have been zero signs of food or toy aggression, on the contrary he has been quick to release toys or the odd stray food he finds walking. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He loves big sticks, and playing tug with a rope, lots of exercise for everyone, he is up for adventure at any moment, upon sound of the door he goes from snoring to an alert stance immediately; joey's pink allergic reaction does seem to increase with too much time in the grass, luckily there are many paved paths through the park, and he also enjoys the busy sidewalks, and peeking into restaurants. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He was rather skinny to start but is starting to fill out nicely while still remaining lean. Most importantly he is very loving, gentle, cuddly, and kind. He makes a lot of affectionate gestures but is careful not to be overbearing, he definitely aims to please and his love is well reciprocated. 

Joey is having the time of his life!! We could not be happier for Joey and if he plays his cards right, he won’t be going anywhere (-:
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