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We received a nice little update on our boy Patch along with a picture of our handsome backpacker. He is looking good (although maybe a tad tired LOL) and he is very much loved.  Thanks for the update Angie! 

We also received a picture of a very healthy and happy Carter with his sister Baby. As you can see, his cuz is not far from sight. 

Carter is doing amazing in his home and now weighs a healthy 132 lbs. Big hugs to you Carter!! Thanks for keeping us posted Lori. Carter will always have a special place in my heart.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

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Oct 29/09

Chade Update
We received a BEAUTIFUL update and pictures of our little girl Chade. It is hard to believe that a year has gone by already.

We are still saddened at the loss of her brother Chester, rest in peace little man. We know you are watching out for your sister and her family from the Bridge.

We couldn't wait to share this update with everyone. As you can see, Chade is very much loved and a cherished member of her family.

Isn't she STUNNING in these pictures?

Happy anniversary Pamela, Tobin and Chade from all of us at ANML-RESQ!!

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Oct 28/09

Hunting Dogs
A lot of us live in rural areas and every year we have to deal with hunting and hunters. 

I read an interesting tip from 'Sunbear Squad' Tips. This will make you think twice about just driving down those back country roads, or if you are unlucky enough to have rural property during hunting season... 

Watch Tip Week of Oct. 25:

Watch and listen for stray hunting dogs in rural areas during the hunting season, where some are coldly abandoned for poor performance.

Here’s another story about a few abandoned hunting hounds,  it was submitted  by a reader of  Sunbear Squad.

An ice storm was bearing down in the southern United States and a pack of 3 adult Beagles and 5 puppies were sighted in a rural Arkansas forest. Concerned animal lovers sent numerous emails to locate a rescuer who could take immediate action to save the dogs, and two compassionate women rose to the challenge.

It’s not like they didn’t have anything else to do that day. Desiree had successfully lobbied for felony animal cruelty laws and had just been informed of the law’s passing, and Carol worked full-time. But later in the afternoon, after learning of the ice storm coming, they gathered their gear and drove 45 miles to the woods where the dogs had been sighted.

And they found the dogs waiting near a plastic tarp tent and food that a caring Good Samaritan had fixed up for them. That’s not all they found…shotgun shells littering the ground near the dogs were a testament to cruel hunters who were shooting at the abandoned dogs.

Carol and Desiree managed to load all eight Beagles into their vehicle and drive them back to town, where Little Rock Animal Village and Care for Animals, two animal rescues, immediately took them into their adoption programs. Thanks to these kind people, the Beagles had warm shelter, food, and affection that cold, stormy night and beyond. Bless their brave hearts.

Abandoned hunting dogs perish daily of exposure and starvation all across America. Please help them whenever you can. You’ll be in good company. Thank you Desiree and Carol!

Read more rescue stories, click here.

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Oct 27/09

Halloween is fast approaching and our friends at Dogster Dog Blog have some very helpful tips to keep our furkids happy and safe this holiday season. Have a safe and happy Halloween and don't forget to send pictures of your furkids, all dressed up!! We would love to show them off (-:

Keep Your Pup Safe This Halloween
As Halloween approaches, it's easy to get caught up in the fun of it and forget about keeping your pets safe. Here are 10 tips for keeping your dog safe and happy on this spooky holiday, courtesy of the Dogster Dog Blog. On to the tips ››

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Oct 26/09

Pedro Update
Well, it was another great weekend here at ANML-RESQ. 

Two of our boys went to their forever homes. Congratulations to Samson. He went home to be loved by mom and dad and a furry big brother as well. And our little cutie-pie Benji has gone to his forever home as well. Congratulations to Benji and his new family!! 

You may also notice that our boy Pedro is up on the website for adoption. I have had a chance to get to know him a little better and he is a super guy. He is very playful and generally respectful. He can get excited but settles quickly. 

He gets along great with other dogs, we knew he got along with Dodge, but as you can see, he also gets along with my gang as well. 

They had a blast playing, chasing and getting to know each other. If you are looking for a nice young playful dog to add to your family, check out our adoptables and have a look at Pedro. 

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Oct 23/09

Dash and Dart 
These two beauties are still anxiously awaiting that special person to "find them" and give them the forever home they so deserve and want.  We received new pictures of Dart and Dash and WOW!!!!  they are stunningly beautiful!!!  They have come so far already in just a few short weeks.

This bonded pair have been waiting a very long time to have their chance at a new life. 

Please let anyone you know that has a soft spot for the greyhounds to please direct them to our website and contact Anne about Dart and Dash.

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Oct 22/09

Identify a Pit Bull 
I found an interesting post on the Wag the Dog Blog.

The post is about the procedure that some shelters use to identify the banned breeds. It scares the heck out of me to think that an innocent animal's life is dependant on the knowledge of an average person's perception of breed. There are so many breeds similar in appearance that it is simply impossible to positively identify mix of any kind.

These guessing "games" happen every day here in Ontario and it breaks my heart to know so many innocent lives are taken en masse.

Please read Lori's post titled  "How does Denver identify a dog as a Pitbull?" A very eye opening read.

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Oct 21/09

Listen to Your Dog
The last two weeks have been pretty crazy. Full of emotional ups and downs. I would like to talk about the relationship and bond created between human and canine. It is about the importance of listening to your beloved pet and following your instincts. 

It all started when my girl, Brie stopped eating. She also had seemed to be a little depressed or sad over the past couple of days. It is not unusual for a pup to go off food for a short period of time if they have an upset tummy. This is what I thought was happening. After just 2 days, she returned to her food bowl in the morning and gobbled the whole thing up. Excellent, I thought, she's back to normal! Then, that same evening, no interest in food. The next day, same thing, she did not appear to want to eat or drink. The next symptom was the shaking. 

I was actually feeling pretty cold in the house myself as we were waiting as long as we could before turning the heat on in the house, in the hopes that there was still some summer weather to come. I covered us in a nice warm blanket but the shaking did not stop. At this point I was practically frantic. This is not normal behaviour for my girl. I knew that SOMETHING was wrong but I didn't know what. 

It was 8:30 at night and the vet's office had just closed. I decided to put in a quick call to my vet who advised to try and keep her warm and maybe even give her some Pepto, as this might help with the discomfort in her stomach. I thanked him and hung up. A little less than 1 hour later, Brie walked over to the water bowl, had a little drink and in less than a minute, threw it all up. She was still shaking and she even appeared to have difficulty breathing at times. Her chest seemed heavy when she would exhale. The vomiting, shaking, breathing and lethargy was just too much for me to fathom waiting to take her in. I cried and had my husband call the vet to advise him to meet us at the clinic. 

We did x-rays, gave her a barium treatment to check for a blockage (none of my lingerie had recently gone missing so I was pretty sure we were safe there and an IV pain med to get her through to the next morning. We opted to take her back home, just in case she had a blockage, could be sick and might choke and no one would be there for her. 

We brought her back to the vets the next morning for more x-rays to check on the barium, and to have some blood work done. It turned out that her pancreatic values were elevated. She was put on IV fluids for the dehydration for 36 hours and given pain meds. Diagnosed with pancreatitis, we were advised that it is a very painful disease and would only get worse, had we not brought her in. Sometimes, just a mere 12 hours is the difference between life and death for your furry friend. 

I have never been so glad that I listened to what my gut was telling me. We've now changed her food to a low fat diet and she seems much better. 

Please check out this link for more information on pancreatitis in dogs [] and remember, if something doesn't seem right with your dog, do something about it before it's too late! ~ Alli Samson

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Oct 20/09

Dodge and Pedro
I've been busy with my two fosters and we are having fun getting to know them each better. Dodge is doing well... he gets along great with my gang, so we know he is good with dogs (at least big dogs). He saw our neighbour's cat the other day, and did "go for it"... so I'm not sure if he can be trustworthy with cats or small dogs. That has yet to be determined.

Dodge and Pedro are shacking up together and I know that they enjoy having each other for company. Pedro and Bud thoroughly enjoy their walks and playtime together. Pedro, being young and full of energy sometimes gets under Dodge's skin... but Dodge seems to have a lot of patience and Pedro is smart enough not to push too far! lol

Two very different personalities for these two. Dodge is a big confident guy... and loves a good time, but he can be all business if he thinks there is an imminent threat. I notice that although Dodge will put up with Pedro's shenanigans (Pedro jumping on Dodge's head)... he will not tolerate Pedro jumping up on me.... so perhaps Pedro will learn quickly to keep all "four on the floor". lol

I have had a few comments from the neighbours while walking these two up the road. I refer to Pedro as "daddy long legs" because he is ALL legs... then there is Dodge... who is a tank. Both can be walked together so you can imagine the stares and giggles I am getting. Both dogs have met the neighbours and neighbours just love them. Two very happy, friendly boys.

I haven't introduced Pedro to my gang yet, but I can tell already that he would be fine with them. Pedro is a happy-go-lucky fellow that seems so happy with life. Can you imagine how happy he will be when he has a family to call his own? 

Keep checking for updates on these two handsome fellows. Pedro should soon be ready for adoption.

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Oct 19/09

Weekend Update
Our Howl-o-Ween Party was a GREAT success. We have so many people to thank for making this such a great success.

First we would like to thank Patricia and her husband for graciously offering their home and beautiful property to host this fundraiser. The weather really cooperated for us, a nice bright sunny day and a beautiful setting.

We would also like to thank all of our volunteers for making this a great success. Sharon and Beth for arranging the entire event, Linda, Karen, Darlene, Dulce, Shawna, Caroline and Dave (accompanied by Sheena and Jake) for welcoming and accommodating all of our guests and friends. Special thanks also to Zelda and Jessie for being there and assisting.

MANY thanks to Darlene for donating some very beautiful quilts. Exquisite workmanship and unique patterns and designs as always. 

HUGE thanks to our friend, dog trainer extraordinaire and friend to ALL dogs, Val Dillon for being there and offering people some awesome advise and tips. I know you helped several owners and their 4 legged friends this day. 

We had some very special four-legged friends at the event as well. One of the first to arrive and made my ENTIRE day was Karl. I saw the vehicle pull in and soon saw a figure exit the vehicle, but their back was turned to me, but the moment that big, loveable boy appeared, I knew if was Karl and his mom. He is even more handsome than the last time I saw him. He had a fun time interacting with all the other doggies. It was SO good to see Karl and mom Debbie. 

Another special doggie arrived with her dad Dave and her brother Jake. It was our Supergirl Sheena.... and boy did she work that costume and cameras (-: It was great seeing Sheena again and FINALLY meeting our boy Jake. He is such a dude. 

Thank you to ALL that came out and supported us. 

Unfortunately, I had to leave the event early, just when it was really picking up. I was on a mission to pick up my new foster boy Pedro and 3 little ones, going to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter. The three doggies that went to Owen Sound are a Boston Terrier...VERY beautiful, a teeny tiny Jack Russell Terrier and a Miniature Dashund. It was a nice quiet trip with the furkids and once I dropped the little ones off, it was time for Pedro and I to bond a little on the trip home. 

Pedro is 1½ years old. His breed is truly a mystery, but one thing is sure.... he is VERY tall. His size is that of a Great Dane, and many that have seen him have suggested a Wolfhound mix. I guess that is very possible.

In the short time I have had him, I have found that he is a real cuddler... schmoozer to be exact. He is great in the car, walks well on leash. He is clean in his kennel and he is good with dogs. He and Dodge are shacking up and the boyz are getting along famously. At the tender age of 1½ years old, Pedro still has some filling out to do. He is truly a stunning looking dog... pictures do not do him justice. I know Pedro will make a family out there VERY happy.

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Oct 16/09

Weekend to Remember
Well.... the weekend is almost upon us and we are all excited for our big Howl-o-Ween party!!! Be sure to come out and join us for a Howling Good Time!!! So much to see and do. There will be raffles, prizes for best dressed costumes (people and dogs), games and some wonderful items for sale... many items will make wonderful Christmas gifts for both people and their pets. Please drop in and say "hello".... we can't wait to see you all there!!

We've been very busy again this week and are extremely pleased to say that we have secured homes for three wonderful and deserving dogs. Two of these deserving dogs are the brindle beauties, Gunnar and Lady who we had posted as urgent needing foster or forever home. Their time was literally up at the shelter and unless a rescue spoke up for them, they would sadly have to be put to sleep.

These two dogs needed help quickly and through our dear friends in Nova Scotia, they have secured a foster spot together and a home will be found for them, either together or separate. The main thing is they will be safe. These two lucky canines will be flying out soon. Good luck guys!!! Soon you will find your forever homes and never have to worry about anything, ever again.

Also needing a home, but DEFINITELY must be outside the Province of Ontario is this darling little girl named Maddie. 

She is such a little pixie and a tiny 35 lbs., she is a wee little girl with flyaway ears and a smile that would warm anyone's heart. We were fortunate enough to find an adoptor and they fell in love with her pictures instantly. Lucky for little Maddie, she TOO will be flying to N.S. Thank Jen for getting these 3 lucky furkids to their destination on their way to a new and exciting life!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!! I hope to see you on Saturday in Stouffville!!!

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Oct 15/09

Are You Prepared? reported that:  In Riverside, CA 14 Lhasa Apsos died of smoke inhalation when a fire broke out in the house of a hoarder. The firefighters couldn’t get to the fire in the kitchen and porch because clutter blocked their way. The house was filled from floor to ceiling with junk making it hard to get to the dogs who were all caged in a room.

This is such a sad story because it was so unnecessary, those dogs should not have died. Obviously this person was a hoarder so there were other issues going on, but it’s so important to know about fire safety.

Keep your pets safe and use these six points to help during an emergency and alert Firefighters to indoor pets:

Alert Firefighters to Pets with a sticker in the door,
Keep outdoor pets away from danger,
Locate your pet's hideaway,
Have an emergency kit on hand,
Secure your pet during danger, and
Create an open access.

It is important to be prepared before an emergency arises. If you take a few precautions before hand, you can save the heartache of losing your pet(s).

Read the article here...>

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Oct 14/09

This little Husky/St. Bernard pup is named Jake and at only 3 months old, he was looking for his forever home. The need was urgent as his family could not provide the care this energetic boy needed. 

We heard about Jake a couple of weeks ago when his owner was looking to rehome him. We immediately sent out a plea for a foster home and thankfully had several replies to assist this handsome boy. However, when we contacted the owner, we found that they had already found him a home. We were thrilled for him but sadly we heard back a couple of weeks later that Jake was again looking for his forever home. We recontacted the people that previously offered foster help and soon found a foster, ready to welcome him with open arms. 

It seems that Jake has worked his charms on his foster dad and by the end of the holiday weekend, we heard that our little man HAS, in fact found his forever home. His foster dad is smitten and we are all in agreement - Little Jake could not have found a better place to call his own. 

Congratulations to Jake and his new family from all of us at ANML-RESQ!!

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Oct 9/09

Charlie Update
We received more FANTASTIC pictures of our boy Charlie. What a lucky, lucky boy he is!!! We have made so many wonderful contacts in the East coast, through Charlie and our handsome boy Ruffis. 

Charlie's story is truly a miracle. He was surrendered to a shelter and sat for a very long time. Charlie was very stressed at the shelter and did not display well behind bars. He wanted out, but no one gave him a second look. We finally had a foster home freed up and brought Charlie in. Who would have thought his picture captured the hearts of a family SO far away. Distance was not a factor whatsoever. They saw Charlie, they fell in love, they sent in their application and the rest is history. 

Charlie is living the "good life" now and he is very much loved. 

What a fantastic way to end the week!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving holiday everyone. Stay safe on the roads this weekend.

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Oct 8/09

Sonja Update
Our girl Sonja went in on Monday for her stay with the vet. She underwent her heartworm treatment and we were all sending prayers and positive thoughts her way. Sonja did very well with the procedure and didn't seem too uncomfortable while undergoing the treatment. 

She is doing so well, in fact, that she will be going home tonight to recuperate and then she goes back in another weeks time for the second half of her treatment. After that, it will be crate rest for about a month. This will be the hardest part, for both Sonja and her foster mom. 

We know that once this is all behind Sonja, she will be feeling MUCH better and anxiously awaiting her forever home.
Keep it up Sonja!!! Soon you will be running and playing with your Kong again (-:

Speaking of troopers, here are a couple of pictures of little Jennie. It has been several months now that she was taken in to be fostered until the end of her days. Jennie's cancer does not seem to be slowing her down and she enjoys every single day being spoiled and loved by mom Lee and her daddy Ty. 

Here is our little cutie.... all wrapped up in her fleece blankie. It's that time of year again!!! Stay warm and snug little Jennie!

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Oct 7/09

Taz Update
I finally got pictures of our handsome boy Taz!!  Woo hoo!!  Looks like he is fitting right in (-:

Gosh, we sure miss this comical boy.  He brought a smile to our face everyday!!  I see he is doing the same with his new family.

Way to go Taz!!!  We are SO happy to know you are so loved and adored!!!

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Oct 6/09

Dogs in Urgent Need 
We are trying to find foster homes for 3 dogs in urgent need of help. We want to help them find their forever homes, but NEED to find them a foster home first before we can pull them. 

Meet Gunner and Lady. These two beautiful brindle doggies have found themselves at the shelter through NO fault of their own. Their family circumstances have changed and sadly, they were surrendered to a shelter. 



Gunner and Lady are Boxer/Lab crosses, both are good with other dogs and both dogs are 5 years old. These two are very confused and sad at the shelter. They have no idea why they are there and they cannot understand why their people have gone away. 

Please help us to help Gunner and Lady. If you can find it in your heart to give one or both of these wonderful dogs a safe place to fall, until we can find their forever home, PLEASE contact us ASAP! 

We are also looking for a foster home for a very handsome boy named Pedro. Pedro is a 2 year old Great Dane mix. He is great with ALL dogs, big and small. Pedro is a good boy and walks very well on leash. 

If you have a soft-spot for the larger breeds and think you could help Pedro, please contact us at ANML-RESQ and fill in our on-line application [on the left]. Be sure to say you are interested in "fostering" Pedro.

Let's make the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday a holiday to remember for these three beautiful dogs.

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Oct 5/09

NB Ban
It is about time that we wake up and smell the coffee.  More and more provinces are beginning to implement breed bans of their own, some recent bans that do NOT include grandfathering the beloved pets already in loving homes.  This is absolutely heartbreaking and criminal!

This is from President LeeAnn O'Reilly of Dog Legislation Council Canada:

I just got off the phone with a reporter in NB and discussed at length the issue of banning breeds and types.

VERY discouraging that they have banned 4 breeds and the 'pit bull' without giving current owners the right to keep their dogs ( no grandfathering ).

LeeAnn O'Reilly, Pres.DLCC
"Fighting ignorance since's taking longer than we thought."

This article is graphic, yet I believe the story NEEDS to be told...>

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Oct 2/09

Rabies Clinic 
The weekend is finally upon us and it sounds like it will be wet, cold and dreary...YUCK!

If you live in the Owen Sound area, I wanted to let you know that Owen Sound Animal Shelter will be having a rabies clinic on October 18th from 12:00 until 5 p.m. Everyone can bring in their cat or dog the fees are $25.00 each and for a household with 3 or more animals, the price is $20.00 each.

Come out and support the clinic. This is a wonderful opportunity to have your pet vaccinated at a reasonable cost where it otherwise may not get the vaccination that is needed.

Way to go Owen Sound for putting this rabies clinic together!! JUST FANTASTIC!!! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Oct 1/09
You may have noticed little Mya on our adoptables page. This little girl hasn't had it easy in her life. She has lived in 3 different homes now and through no fault of her own, is again looking for her forever home. 

I feel especially attached to this little girl as I had the pleasure of fostering her three sisters, 5 years ago. Mya and 2 of her siblings were adopted out before the shelter looked for rescue. Her sisters, Amy, JoJo and Meg were lucky enough to find wonderful forever homes, but this little girl was not so fortunate. 

Mya is a sweet little girl, she gets along with other dogs, but NO cats please. 

If you could find it in your heart to give this girl her forever home, please contact us at ANML-RESQ. 

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