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Oct 31/11

All Hallows Eve - Tonight is a big night for our little ghosts and goblins who are all set to hit the streets to go trick or treating. I know the kids have been waiting patiently for the big day (-: I hope the weather is favourable.

Halloween can be a fun time of year for the whole family - even your dog, however, there are many potential dangers and sources of stress for your dog. Just remember to keep your dog safe from these Halloween hazards. Click on this link for some Halloween safety information...

We received Happy Halloween wishes from our two Rottie kids, Carter and Baby (-: 

Looks like these two are dressed and ready for the big day!!! Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!! 
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Oct 28/11

Baby Update - We have some wonderful updates for Baby, Leroy and Fred and Wilma to end off our week. 

It seems my hunch was right about Baby-girl not going anywhere!! (-; After a heart-breaking experience for Kevin, Lorie and Carter who lost their beloved Cassie after only 4 short months, we knew the family was heartbroken and perhaps a LOT hesitant about bringing another home so soon after their tragic loss. But the fact of the matter was ... Baby needed URGENT help to get out of a bad situation and we took a chance in asking Kevin and Lorie for help, but without hesitation, they offered their home as a safe place for Baby to land. In less than a week, she managed to weasel her way into their hearts. We were thrilled that her vet visit went well and she is a healthy, happy girl. I know this came as a HUGE relief to this couple, who were waiting on pins and needles for all of her results. 

Carter will have a new sister to love (and pester him LOL) and the family can finally begin to heal. Congratulations to our beautiful Baby girl. I am so happy for Carter ... that boy will always hold a special place in my heart and I am happy we could give him a sister to keep him company and bring back the bounce in his step (-: Here is an update from Baby's mom:

Well it's hard to believe that Baby has been with us for almost a week and she has just wiggled her way into to our hearts (it really didn't take much). There is no way we are letting her go. We love that girl to pieces. I didn't think that we could take another dog in after our beloved Cassie and I thank god Renee e-mailed us about Baby. I was scared to death when she was at the vets getting her blood work done and especially the heart worm test and thank god it was negative and everything else is good, she seems to be a healthy girl. I was afraid to breath and afraid to get too close for fear we would lose another. Baby brings us so much love joy and laughter. Even to Carter even though it tires him out but you can see he loves having her around most of the time LOL.

One day she had the remote and then she stole my big stuffed frog that is almost as big as her, Kevin went down in the living room because she was too quiet and there she was with her leg wrapped around the frog. She follows us around everywhere. It has worked out good with Kevin and I being on opposite shifts that one of us home with her at least for a couple of weeks. She has settled in nicely because she knows she is staying here. Thank you so much Renee for sending us that e-mail.

Here are some pictures of LeRoy, Fred and Wilma!! Carolina also got some great updates and pics from her previous fosters (now HAPPILY HOMED). 


Here is an update from Leroy's mom:

No problems. He is AWESome and full of aTtitude. We love him to bits. And he is spoiled of course. Here is a pic of him with a pirate hat on and not impressed I must say. 

Will try again when he wants it on LOL. Take care ~Laura

Obviously, they are loved and adored by their forever families. GREAT way to end off the week! Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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Oct 27/11

When to Correct - Often times, we bring in a dog from a shelter or adopt from a shelter and there is NO history about the dog. Once they arrive home, we notice some odd behaviours. It takes time to get to know a new dog ... their quirks, personality, their weaknesses and fears. 

While we often use corrections for certain behaviours, there ARE times when corrections can do more harm than good.

Here is an interesting case that will show you HOW corrections, in some circumstances, can be more damaging and have long term affects. 
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Oct 26/11

Ozzy and Billy - Since in foster care, we have learned a little about Ozzy. He is such a sweetheart. Ozzy is a 9 year old Staffordshire Terrier who is grandfathered and legal in Ontario. Ozzy is a great boy, laid back and quite a snuggler. 

Ozzy is great with dogs, however, much too interested in cats. We are looking for a foster/forever home that can give Ozzy the love he deserves. His whole life was turned upside down when he had to leave his home (due to an unfortunate change in family circumstances), so we would like to find a great home that will love Ozzie for the rest of his life.

Ozzy is a healthy and happy boy who would like nothing better than to spend his "golden years" with a home that will love him for who he is ... a GREAT dog who will be your BESTEST friend! Because of his interest in cats, Ozzy must find a home without cats. If you think you can give Ozzy the home of his dreams, please contact us and fill in our online application.

We have another handsome fellow who is also looking for a foster/forever home. Our boy Billy is a 2 year old Rottweiler mix.

Billy is great with dogs, big or small, but we don't know about cats as he hasn't been exposed to cats. 
Billy is strong on leash and will need some patience in that department, but other than that, he's a very loveable, sweet dog. We are looking for a home with a fenced in yard and an owner/foster that is experienced with large breed dogs.

If you think you could be Billy's forever family or are interested in fostering him, please contact us.
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Oct 25/11

Privilege - It was a privilege to own a dog, it was a necessity to own a dog, but nobody wanted cats... It is still the same today, but with a twist.

As drug selling and gangs were on the rise, there was a breed of dog that could help deter the police and protect the homes of gangsters from raids. These dogs began to get a bad name for themselves, through no fault of their own. As the widespread bans and hate continued, people changed their minds about these dogs entirely. They were no longer the family pet, but just a bug to be squashed.

With such wide-ranging disinterest in a breed that has been banned all over the world, came apathy. These dogs no longer lounged in the living room, or ran with children. They are now to be tortured, abandoned, burned, abused and forgotten.

As we are now into the end of October, the leaves are off the trees and the air has a frostiness in the morning; I saw a lone ant on the back stair ... a valiant brave ant had made its' way to my back step for its' morning forage. This ant has been with me all season and hopefully will be again next season. But the truth of the matter is, if this ant doesn't make it to next spring - will I notice?
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Oct 24/11

Weekend Update - It was another busy weekend for us. We have taken two very deserving dogs into our care. First is Ozzie, who is the sweetest 9 year old Stafforshire Terrier. This was a truly heartbreaking situation. He lived with his owner ALL of his life and sadly, due to family circumstances, he had to find another home. It was heartbreaking when our volunteers picked him up. Many tears were shed. We would like to thank foster parents, Ida and Jeff for welcoming Ozzie into their home. He is of course very confused and I am sure wondering why his world was just turned upside down. Here is a picture of our handsome boy Ozzie and we hope to get more pictures and updates soon.

We also brought in a very sweet girl named Baby. Her former life was not like Ozzie's. She was NOT loved, in fact she was not treated well at all. Thankfully for Baby, there were MANY people looking out for her best interest and when the call went out, we immediately secured a foster home for her. In fact, our sweetie pie Baby is being fostered and loved by Carter and his family. Who better to show her the love she needs to get over her "past" than Carter and his family. Baby came at a good time for Carters' family as they had just lost 2 of their beloved Rottie girls within a 9 month period and their hearts were aching over the loss. We hope that Baby can bring joy and happiness to her beloved foster home because they could sure use some happiness! 

Carter has accepted Baby into the family and she is definitely keeping the big guy on his toes!! She is so full of spunk and I have no doubt, Carter will be begging for a break from all the "play, play, play"!! Baby will have to be completely vetted, which will give Baby time to weasel into her foster families heart, hee hee ... for this reason, she will not be posted for adoption just yet. You never know ... she may not be going anywhere!!! (-: Once again ... many thanks to foster families, Ida, Jeff and Kevin and Lori for welcoming these sweethearts into their hearts and home. 
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Oct 21/11

Ava - We are thrilled to introduce our newest rescue, Ava. She is as cute as a button. Ava is a one year old bulldog girl who needed help. Her owner had no time for her and could not afford to get her cherry eyes fixed. I am sure she must be very uncomfortable right now, but soon she will have surgery to get her cherry eyes fixed and we are sure she will feel much, much better after surgery.

Many thanks to Allison and Darryl for welcoming her into their home. She is definitely a little spitfire and needs to learn some manners. Once our little girl is brought back to health and we get to know her a little better, she will be posted for adoption, but until then - please keep checking the blog for further updates!

Welcome Ava!!! We are thrilled to be able to help you and find you the BEST forever home!! Have a great weekend everyone!!!
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Oct 20/11

Premier Nov 5th - It's almost here ... and I just can't wait for November 5th ... you know I have been counting down the days to the world premier of 'Beyond the Myth'!

I can't tell you how important this premier is going to be. This is a MUST SEE ... We were hoping this screening would come to Canada and now it has! Don't miss this chance of a lifetime to see this thought-provoking movie on Saturday November 5th or Sunday November 6th. It premiers in Toronto at The Fox Theater. Please encourage everyone you know to go - and don't forget to watch the trailer...

This just out, the Ontario Humane Society has sent a letter to McGuinty telling him to change the BSL legislation (Bill 132) because dog bites over the past 5 years have not dropped - click here to read...
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Oct 19/11

Next Fido TV Star - We have an opportunity for one of our adopted and dearly loved to become the next Fido Star (-: 

Our handsome boy Timber has been entered in the contest and it would be wonderful to have him as an ambassador and the next star of Fido!! Fido is donating $1 for every vote cast and donations will go to a very worthy cause. But we need your help to get our handsome boy voted in, so please click on this link and VOTE for Timber, our Anatolian Shepherd (-:

Thanks everyone! We appreciate your support!
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Oct 18/11

Gus Update - I know many of you have been asking about Gus and looking for an update. I can tell you, Gus has stolen the hearts of EVERYONE that has met him and we are thrilled to finally send an update of Gus and his forever family. 

ANML-RESQ could not be happier for this big, soft, loveable dude. He is so loveable that his foster family could not bear to let him go and WE could not be happier for Gus, as he has been loved and adored from the moment he went into foster care. He quickly made friends with his two furry brothers and of course, he stole the hearts of his foster parents. Here is an update from Gus's new family. 

Gus has been with us for approximately 2 1/2 months now and is a really great dog and we wish to thank Amnl-Resq for allowing us to adopt Gus. Most days Gus and I walk down to Lake Simcoe twice which is about 15 minutes on the downhill trip and 20 minutes on the uphill trip with Gus helping to pull me up the hills. During our walks we have met dogs and people of all shapes and sizes, and Gus has been great with everyone. 

A few times we have met the same people with their dogs so we just walk along together to the lake. We also encounter many squirrels and chipmunks along the paths and even if they dart out right in front of Gus, there is little reaction, he just looks at them and we continue our walk. Everyone we meet indicates that he is certainly a beautiful dog, and so big, but so gentle with their pets and them. 

Right from day one, Gus has gotten along extremely well with our two boys, Kobe (the Rottie) and Jack (the Shih Tzu). It would be really hard for anyone not to like Gus! Keep up the good work! ~Anne & Wayne

ANML-RESQ and ALL of our volunteers wishes Gus and his forever family ALL the happiness in the world. 
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Oct 17/11

Enzo Update - We have some good news, but how can such good news be so sad at the same time? Well, the good news is that our little Lorenzo has finally flown out of the province. He is finally safe and we know he is dearly loved by his new foster mom ... yet this good news has caused heartache...especially for Lorenzo's long-time foster mom. She has taken this innocent babe into her heart and home, brought him to a healthy place and loved him with all her heart. She loved him knowing he could not stay, but it most certainly does not make his leaving any easier for her. 

The day finally came on Saturday, and believe me ... many a tear was shed when she had to put her baby into that crate and watch him get wheeled off to cargo. Another of our volunteers went along to give strength to his foster mom (thank you Carolina!!) ... but those of us that have been through this know that NOTHING takes the pain of watching them leave any easier. 

But we must think of Lorenzo's future - and the only future he had here in Ontario was a "death sentence". In this regard, the decision was not hard to make - we chose LIFE for Lorenzo. We wish Lorenzo ALL the happiness he deserves. He has the best chance to find this happiness in another province. A province that does not discriminate against breed or looks. We are forever grateful to those "out of province" people that take in our prohibited babies and give them a chance at a happy, carefree life!!

As we continue to fight with all of our might this senseless law and hopefully one day will get it overturned ... please know - we will NEVER give up the fight ... as long as it takes, we WILL FIGHT! 

Until then, I thought I would remind everyone of how BSL starts. It starts with a dog-bites/attacks ... then a handful of people get on the "bandwagon" to END ALL DOG BITES.. and for some reason a breed is chosen to condemn....and once the media gets on the bandwagon ... the push is on. Media(in my opinion) is the biggest enemy of BSL, next to the politicians that bring BSL to the forefront. After all ... headlines sell newspapers. All of a sudden people lose all sensibility and do not think logically ... all sensibility seems to be thrown out the window. 

Here are a couple of articles that will/should blow your mind. Once BSL is made law, it takes a LONG time to overturn. Do NOT let this happen in your province/state. 

Pitbull somehow makes headline even though a man murdered another man

BSL is illogical - Mission Hills, KS Edition

We can tell you from experience here in Ontario ... it is heartbreaking and so many "innocent" dogs are killed each and every day! We are left feeling helpless and very, very sad. Thankfully for the few like Lorenzo, Roxy, Honey Bee, Haille and the dozens more we have had the honour of helping, it gives us the satisfaction of knowing we have helped to put a small dent in the number of innocent lives taken every day. BSL is ugly ... don't let your province/state be next!!!!!!
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Oct 14/11

Shadow Update - We end the week with another update from Dave and his adventures with Georgia and Shadow. This will surely bring a smile to your face - I know I couldn't help but burst out laughing when I read Dave's update. Here is your smile for the week (-:

We had lots of rain yesterday so we did not get out for our regular walks last night. Just going outside for a pee they were both soaking wet. When we got up today it was still wet out but the rain had stopped so I decided to take them for a good walk to the park. When we got in the park there was about 12 Canada Geese milling around about 500 feet into the park. 

Georgia saw them first giving a small growl and that was it. Shadow at 90 lbs on my left, Georgia at 70 lbs on my right light out at a full run for the Geese! I had the retracting leashes unlocked & started to run too while yelling for them to stop but by that point they had hit the full length of the leashes, and one stumble at a dip in the grass and down I went. They dragged me in the wet grass feet first for about 5 feet before I let go of the 2 leashes! By this point the Geese had all taken airborne so the dogs stopped to come back to me as if to say "what happen to you?" licking my face while I lay there thinking "what the hell happened??"

I was OK, nothing hurt but my butt, although my pants & jacket were covered in mud, and grass stains. Worse part is that tonight when I got home from work we went out again for a walk to the park. We had walked almost to the back of the field when I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. I had the dogs locked up close on the leads as a wild rabbit bolted from the brush. I thought they were going to dislocate my shoulders but I held firm and they stopped, but they kept testing the leashes every few second. I certainly got my workout with these two today! 

By the way I think Georgia is getting attached to the big guy, I caught them tonight snuggling on my bed, see the photos attached. ~ Regards, Dave

Where are the video cameras when you need one???? Have a great weekend everyone!
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Oct 13/11

Thanksgiving Weekend - We received some beautiful pictures of our adopted babies, enjoying their Thanksgiving weekend. What a beautiful weekend it was too. Sunny and warm, I don't remember such a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend in a long time. 

It was great to see our boyz, Alfie, Carter and Schmoo enjoying the beautiful weather. We hope everyone enjoyed the last long weekend of the season. We know our furbabies sure did (-:
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Oct 12/11

Enzo - As the time nears for Enzo to get on the plane to fly out many miles away from his loving foster home, the heartbreak gets worse by the day for his beloved foster mom. This heartbreak has been felt by so many of us in rescue who take in these sweet and innocent animals, nuture and love them, help them to be the "best they can be" and then have them ripped from our loving arms and homes. We don't have the option to "fail" fostering, instead, we take them in KNOWING they will leave us and there is no option for "return" if for some reason the dog doesn't work out with their new families. We worry constantly about them and pray they have found a better life. 

Here is a heartfelt piece, written by Enzo's foster mom, who as you can see, is devastated knowing Enzo will soon be flying to a safer province ... a province that does not discriminate for looks, a province that has welcomed so many of our beloved animals. Letter by Ali, foster mom:

Here in Onscario, BSL has been a fact of life for pitbull owners for the past six years. Banned dogs living in the province at the time the legislation came into effect were allowed to stay but must be muzzled, leashed and fixed. After the ban came into effect, no dogs were allowed into the province by any means, for any reason. Even temporarily.

Yet it happens. Every day illegal "fugitives" come to light, at risk of being seized and euthanized. Rescues ... place these dogs, young and innocent into foster homes until they are able to be shipped out of province. But this is a systematic plan of extinction.

As I watch my girl get older, and show her age more every day, it began to occur to me that she may be the only pitbull I get the opportunity to own. All of our attempts thus far to have BSL repealed in the province have been unsuccessful. Not that I'm giving up, no. But just a thought of "what if". Right now, as of 2011, all of the legal dogs in the province are 6 years old or older. So in another few years, once my Buddy has gone, they will be older than that. Of course, I may be able to adopt a senior at that point, but what I have in mind is a dog started right from puppyhood, to work with and compete in a sport, get his CGN, register with St. John's Ambulance therapy dog program. But the way things look right now, with the Liberals getting re-elected in the province, we still have a lot of work to do to get this ban over turned.


Enzo is practically perfect in every way. He is intelligent, and lovable. Tenacious and clever, sassy and soft all at the same time. He responds quickly and accurately to clicker training. He walks beautifully on a leash. He loves people. He is fearless but not aggressive. Assertive but not problematic. Entirely ... perfect ...

Well, that isn't true. He could stay but if the wrong person saw him, a neighbour complained, a scuffle should happen, it wont be me that's punished. Sure, I'll get a fine .... But Enzo will be killed. (I say killed here, not euthanized, intentionally. Euthanized means "good death" and there is nothing good about euthanizing innocent dogs simply because of ignorance, media bias or government scapegoating.) So he wont stay. I will send him to safety on the other side of the country, away from people who try to kill him.

But I wont send him off quietly. I will send him off kicking and screaming and fighting and educating and arguing. I will send him off, all the while attempting to create a situation where I could keep him. I will send him off reluctantly, angrily, sadly. But I am determined not to let this issue fade from public attention. So I will write letters, post on facebook, twitter and any other media outlet available to me. I will speak wherever I have the opportunity. I will try to convince the government that responsible dog ownership comes from education, not legislation. I will try to present logical arguments that make it obvious to everyone how ineffective breed specific legislation is. I will use Enzo as an example of how irresponsible owners, like the people who bred or imported Enzo, ignore the law, and how responsible owners, like myself who follow the legislation regardless of how asinine it is, are left to clean up the mess. I will post his pictures, his innocent little face hopefully searing into the conscience of the politicians who condemn him.

I will use facts, intelligent arguments and reasonable, yet passionate discussion to keep this matter in the public mind. I will remind people how much these dogs were revered not long ago. I will remind them of Sgt. Stubby and Petey and countless other dogs, nanny dogs, family pets, heroes. 

And to the people who think this is a "pitbull" issue, I will show them that it is, in fact, much bigger. It is a dog issue, and beyond that, a constitutional issue. It's the fact that based on the government's need for a scapegoat coinciding with sensationalized media reports meant that almost instantly, family pets became criminals. It's the fact that you were no longer innocent until proven guilty, but in fact, become guilty and unable to prove yourself innocent. It's the fact that this law is arbitrary and subjective. It gives too much power to untrained officers. It creates a definition of something, when one cannot possibly be given. For what is a "pitbull"? It is any dog with a short coat, square head, whippy tail. 

So, regardless of the election results, I will not be silenced. I will fight for Enzo, for Buddy, for Lennox, for Brittany and Rambo, and for all of the other victims of human ignorance. And while putting Enzo on a plane will damn near kill me, it will actually serve to make me stronger.

My heart breaks for you Ali, as I know the pain and anguish you are feeling. Thankfully our animals have a much needed advocate in you. To know them is to love them!! 
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Oct 11/11

Callie Update - We received a wonderful update on Callie (aka Hope) from her mom Kathryn. As you can see, Callie is very much loved and the apple of her mom and dad's eye (-:

Hello, Just wanted to update everyone on Callie (a.k.a. Hope). We have had Callie in our family now for a few months and she has become one spoiled little girl ;) 

blog101111d.jpg (3080131 bytes)

She absoultely LOVES her toys! Frisbees, squeeky tennis balls, kongs, chewies, ANYTHING! 

Earlier in the summer we would fill up her pool and she would spend forever running and jumping through it. I can't wait to bring it out again next summer for her :) 

blog101111a.jpg (2882949 bytes)

Everyone that meets her falls in love with her because she is so friendly and loving. We have had several people comment on how beautiful she is and... 

blog101111b.jpg (3027540 bytes)

I have to agree! She keeps us laughing and smiling all day long! We abosutely love her and could not imagain our lives without her! 

blog101111c.jpg (2807778 bytes)

Thank you for bringing our Callie baby into our lives :) Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! ~ Kathryn

Thank you Kathryn for this wonderful update and pictures ... and Happy Thanksgiving to you all from your friends at ANML-RESQ! Big hugs for Callie. She is beautiful (-:
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Oct 7/11

Long Weekend - The following helpful link has tips on how to keep your pets safe during holiday festivites: Keep Dogs Safe on Thanksgiving (and during ALL holiday festivities).

Remember to keep your pets safe during the holiday festivities and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend!!
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Oct 6/11

A Time to Vote - If you have been following my blogging these few years, you have come to one conclusion - the ban on Pit Bulls is not working. Ontario has been banned from owning Pit Bulls [plus a number of other dogs] in Ontario since 2005 - since this Bill came into effect, thousands of dogs have died unnecessary deaths.

If, you believe that this ban has worked - you need not read further, but if you believe this ban should be changed, continue reading.

The Dog Legislative Council of Canada (DLCC) has been working tirelessly to appeal the BSL legislation (Bill 132) in Ontario since 2005. This Bill was enacted by the McGuinty government to stop the Pit Bull attacks [real or imagined] and dog bites which happened in Ontario. There was enough information presented by groups with genuine statistics at the inquires to stay this Bill. When the vote came to the Legislature many of the MPPs abstained from voting so they didn't need to make a choice to change the future of dogs and the Bill was passed.

Since 2005, many dogs have been picked up as 'look a like' dogs, taken by Animal Control and impounded. Some of these dogs did get their day in court, but most [if no owner was found] were killed. Since a Pit Bull is hard categorize. Many dogs have been labeled improperly and have been killed for their looks. Please read The Pit Bull Placebo - The Media, Myths and Politics of Canine Aggression by Karen Delise, if in doubt.

The people of Ontario must be responsible for their animals (dogs especially) and take a stand against this Bill and all the dogs that have lost their lives for it. There are a few MPPs in the Legislature that believe that this Bill must be changed and we must give them our full backing.

As today is the last day to vote in Ontario, it is with great honour that we cast our vote for the incumbent who will help us in our dog's time of need. Make the right decision - you have until 9 pm tonight to make your voice heard.
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Oct 5/11

Beyond the Myth - Before I get into the great premiere of 'Beyond the Myth', I would like to give you your morning smile. On this heart-warming note - The Star ran a wonderful piece about Michael Bryant in yesterday's on-line newspaper. If you didn't catch this yesterday, please click here to guarantee a smile for the rest of the day!

And, mark your calendars everyone!! This is a MUST SEE ... We were hoping this screening would come to Canada and now it has! Don't miss this chance of a lifetime to see a thought-provoking movie on Saturday November 5th be sure to catch the 'Beyond the Myth' Canada Premiere, Toronto Ontario, The Fox Theater, Toronto, ON.

Beyond the Myth Canada Premiere of Beyond the Myth Sponsored by Soft-Pull Leashes ad the Dog Legislation Council of Canada (DLCC)

Beyond the Myth is a film about dog breeds commonly referred to as "pit bulls" and those who love these breeds. Viewers are taken on a journey to four U.S. cities where Breed Specific Legislation focusing on "pit bulls" has profoundly impacted people and animals: Denver, Miami, Cincinnati, and San Francisco. 

The documentary intelligently explores the contributing factors behind the public's generalized fear of "pit bulls", and examines the conflict existing between advocates and opponents of breed discriminatory laws, commonly referred to as breed bans. It investigates the myths associated with these breeds, challenges the idea that they are inherently vicious, presents eye-opening research regarding the media's role in influencing people's opinion on dog attacks.

Both before and after the film you may mingle in the lobby with members from both organizations, purchase merchandise and pick up informational materials Please plan to arrive early (doors open at 6pm) as we are expecting a large, possibly sold out, crowd. 

Minimum Age: 11
Kid Friendly: No
Dog Friendly: No
Non-Smoking: Yes!
Wheelchair Accessible: Yes!

Date: Saturday Nov 5th at 7pm AND Sunday Nov 6th at 4pm
Where: Fox Theatre (2236 Queen Street East, Toronto)
Tickets: $11.34 each (includes service fee)

And don't forget to watch the trailer...
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Oct 4/11

In Your Face - Here is a situation where a dog reacted and his reaction (although understandable) almost cost him his life. No - we are not talking about a Pitbull-type dog, we are talking about a Golden Retriever with no history of aggression. How could this have happened? In my opinion, it was a recipe for disaster. 

Here is a family pet, loving to everyone ... who is subjected to a house full of people, having a good time, alcohol was definitely a factor. I can imagine how much excitement there was for the dog all night long, with people coming and going. 

Then at 3 a.m. a stranger comes into the house (that was probably already jam-packed with people) and this person proceeds to get on the floor with a strange dog and at face-level no less. Add to that, this person is drunk and their movements are uncontrolled, jerky and they are slurring their words. To a dog, this is unbalanced, un-natural behaviour and this person (to the dog) is probably very suspect and uncomfortable to be around.

If the dog had nowhere to retreat to, I can understand how this could have happened. I don't know about you, but I do NOT like to have a drunk "in my face". I will either walk away or if I can't, I will definitely ask them to "get out of my space". If they don't get out of my face, I WILL do what it takes to get them out. Of course, I am not a dog and won't use my teeth, but what is an animal's alternative? If the dog did not have the opportunity to retreat, what were his choices? 

While I am glad to hear his owners fought for his right to live, it was an expensive lesson indeed and hopefully a lesson learned. Once again, a dog could have lost his life due to "peoples" actions - thankfully Symba's owners cared enough to FIGHT! Click here to read the blog ...

Now, thankfully this was not a Pitbull type dog because I can assure you ... there are NO second chances for bully-type dogs. They make a mistake, they DO pay with their lives. People need to be aware of the new changes to the Dog Owners Liability Act (DOLA). It does not only affect Pitbull types - it affects ALL dogs!! Keep your dogs safe and do not allow them to make a mistake. It could cost you dearly financially and your dog could pay with it's life.

With Thanksgiving coming up, this weekend, remember that with a house full of guests and family, your dog may feel a little overwhelmed or uncomfortable. This is the time to separate your dog from the festivities and give them a little space [bedroom], etc., where they can cool off and calm down.
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Oct 3/11

Weekend Update - WOW ... it was a "wild and crazy" weekend at ANML-RESQ ... but crazy in a good sense (-: The rally sponsored by 'ONTARIO DOGS VOTE - Anti-BSL Rally' to support Hersheys Bill on Saturday was a success! 

Hope you had a chance to get out there and rally for the cause. At the rally was MPP Cherri DiNovo, and Dr. David Kreadon, Toronto Humane Society President. Also, Maggie Q who is the actor who plays in the new series Nikita came out to lend her support. What a great turnout and what great support.

We had a great weekend of adoptions. We started with the adoption of our beautiful girl Maggie ... she was adopted Thursday evening to a very excited family.

Maggie is adopted!

On Saturday, our little Pippin went to her forever family. They were anxiously awaiting her arrival and foster mom Carolina was so happy to meet the family. The family made Carolina feel right at home and she was delighted to see how excited the family was to meet Pippin. 

After a couple of hours, it was clear that the family was smitten with little Pippin. Congratulations to Heather and family. You have a new baby girl and we couldn't be happier for Pippin and her new family. We hope for pictures soon which we will share as soon as we get.

On Sunday our handsome bulldog Benny also got the chance of a lifetime and it was "love at first sight"!! It has been a long time coming for Benny, but as we always say...those that wait the longest, wait for the best and that is most definitely the case here. 

Benny was with us for quite some time and I am sure it was hard for his foster family to say "good-bye", but we know that he is now in a great place - updates to follow.

Again, we would like to thank our loving foster families for welcoming these dogs into their hearts and homes while we worked on finding them the "perfect" forever homes. Thanks to our fosters, Christine and family for taking in the "big girl". Maggie, to Carolina and Mike for rescuing and giving Pippin a safe place to call her own until a wonderful family could be found and last, but certainly not least, to Elaine and family for taking Benny under their wing. He is a very lucky boy, and so loved. (-:

Congratulations to all of our lucky furkids!! We wish our new adoptive families and their new companions all the happiness in the world! 
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