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Boston Update;
In My Travels;
Doggy Look-A-Likes;
Oliver Update
Cleaning Products and Animals;
Happy Thanksgiving;
Meet Eli;
RIP Kobe;
Quilted Blankets;
Pet Valu Fundraiser;
Kolbe AKA Eli;
Humphrey Update;
Bringing Home Your New Dog;
Happy Birthday Ann Marie;
Deadline Is Almost Here;
Positive Reinforcement;
Rescue Dog Saves Baby;
To Walk the Dog or Not;
Lady Update;
Halloween Safety;

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Oct 31/12

Halloween Safety - Halloween is once again upon us ... a day that kids have been anticipating for months! I'm sure the costumes this year will be incredible. I have seen some really cool costumes this year for kids (-: 

As we all know though, while Halloween is a FUN time for kids and their parents, it is often a nightmare for your family pets. Strangers knocking at your door, a steady stream of strange people in great numbers and most dogs are not prepared to face this.

At there is a wonderful web page with some EXCELLENT tips to keep your pets AND children safe! Please do NOT overwhelm your dogs tonight, where is the fun for you if this evening only frightens your pets. Scary costumes and high energy kids, screaming and running makes this night too chaotic for the average dog. Also, remember to keep your pets INDOORS! As this is Halloween, your pet could become lost, stolen, or even the unthinkable can befall them. 

Have a fun, SAFE Halloween everyone! If you have any pictures of your dog in costume to share with us, please send them in - we'd love to share them!!
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Oct 30/12

Lady Update - ANML-RESQ and all of our volunteers are sending positive thoughts and prayers today to everyone affected by the storm Sandy. This storm has reeked havoc throughout the East Coast of the U.S. as well as Southern Ontario. Please make sure you are prepared for power outages!! Be sure to have plenty of bottled water (for yourself AND your pets), non-perishable foods, batteries and flashlights (not candles, if possible). Take care and stay safe everyone!!

On a much brighter note, though, ANML-RESQ is THRILLED to announce that our beautiful girl Lady, who has spent her whole life in the backyard, has found her forever family - woohoo!! She is such a sweet and loving girl who, despite her history, absolutely ADORES people!! Animals are so forgiving, aren't they? 

Lady is loved by a wonderful family with 2 young children that Lady absolutely gravitates to. She loves being a part of the family and she is trying very hard to please. Thankfully this family is aware of her history and is willing to take the challenge of introducing Lady to "all things good" in life!! 

We cannot thank Debbie and Derek enough for taking this little girl into her heart and home and giving her this chance she needed to await her forever family. Karl also took his role as "foster brother" very seriously. He is such a calm, loving boy and he welcomed Lady with open arms. We know this difficult for Debbie as this was her first foster. All of us that have fostered know that the first one is always the hardest to let go. Here is an update Debbie got from Lady's new mom:

We have had a great night and day. We had 4 accidents (pee) in the house yesterday despite going outside. I scolded her firmly on the 4th and I think she realized that peeing in the house is not a good thing. Going outside was my project yesterday and we had wonderful success. At first she had to be on the leash and wanted to bolt to anything that caught her eye, but by last night Lady and I got to the point where I took her out without her collar or harness, nothing! I took her out with the air can and would say "Lady come" and clap and if she ignored me, or just wasn't paying attention, I gave the slightest squirt and she would immediately look at me. So, before she started coming to me, I would call her again. Now she knows I have the can in my pocket, but when let her go away from me (to check the yard out) and then call her she immediately comes and sits right at my feet. She so badly wants to please, as you know. The first thing she does when she gets on the grass is pee and I make a huge deal of that so she is understanding that it is to be done out there. RJ is protective, naturally, and not overly impressed, but he is tolerating her. He is establishing boundaries with her and he walks right beside her the whole time she walks around the house. If she heads somewhere he doesn't want her to be he just heads her off. She just gives him this "what's your problem?" kind of look and walks away. What is funny and kind of touching for us is that Lady likes RJ's face and ears. Kind of a mothering moment. That is special because that is what Maggie used to do. She would be laying down and he would pull up beside her head and she would "bathe" him. So he is acting all macho with Lady one minute and the next I see him beside her slowly leaning his head toward her and gets his bath/kisses. Then it's back to tough guy. Tonight I took them outside together and they actually ran around side by side and investigated things together. I think I even saw RJ kick up his heels a bit. :)

Today we went to Church and then were invited to our friends house for lunch. Pat dropped the kids and I off and went home to let the dogs out and deal with any possible "situations". Nothing. Lady had pulled her bed out of her crate and that's the extent of it, which was nothing. Pat took the dogs outside with him while he got some firewood from the back and she stuck right with him and even enjoyed riding in the RTV with him. When we got home tonight all was fine. I think that she is fitting right in. RJ and her have had 2 squabbles but I was able to break them up very quickly. I'll be taking some pictures this week and send them to you next weekend. Thank you again for all you did for us and for trusting us with her. On the way to church today, out of the blue Pat said "I think we have a great dog". ~Robin

Debbie is thrilled with Lady's new family as we all are!! (-: It is so much easier when you know your beloved foster is moving on to bigger and better things!! The family understands the need to move slowly with Lady to allow her time to take everything in without overwhelming her. She truly is a lucky Lady!! Congratulations Lady, from ALL of us at ANML-RESQ!
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Oct 26/12

To Walk the Dog or Not - I was pleasantly surprised to read this article 'A Dog Trainer Confesses: I Rarely Walk My Dogs!'. I know that for some people, walking their dog is truly a chore - a task that neither owner nor dog really looks forward to. 

For the owner, it could mean being dragged down the street by their reactive dog, shoulders aching upon return. For some dogs, depending on their history, a walk down the street can be a very scary situation and not a pleasant experience for them at all. This article, written by a trainer, has a few simple solutions to stimulate your dog, if those leash walks are more of a battle than a time for you and your dog to enjoy. 

With winter and slippery sidewalks around the corner, hopefully these ideas will help with your exercise regime. So, if your dog is reactive to walks on the leash around the neighbourhood, here are 3 different ways to get that much needed exercise:

  1. Take your dog to a place outside where there are no distractions and work on leash skills;

  2. Play hide'n seek in the house; or

  3. Choose an activity such as going to the woods or hiking;

Remember, engage in activities both you and your dog find rewarding. It will make both you and your pup share that bond without breaking it and a great way to end a day! Click here to read...»  Have a great weekend everyone!
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Oct 25/12

Rescue Dog Saves Baby - Over on, a blog on October 17th reported on a dog named Duke, a rescue dog who saved the life of his family member 6 week old Harper.

In the middle of the night, Duke came running to the owner's bed and stood in the center breathing hard and shaking violently. The owners knew something was wrong and checked the baby ... Duke had alerted them to the baby not breathing.

The ambulance was called and the baby is doing fine. The family is so ecstatic over this event and knew that Duke was the right fit when they rescued him 6 years before. Click here to continue reading...»

On another note, Brad Pitt has a commercial with Channel No. 5 that has been joked about since it aired. But, have you seen the latest spoof on this commercial staring a dog ... click here to view...»
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Oct 24/12

Positive Reinforcement - Long gone are the days when corporal punishment was the way in which we raised humans and animals. We can quickly say that positive reinforcement is the next generation in training methods. As the antiquated days of 'punishment' make their scary way back to yester year ... we can be glad that there are people who believe enough in what they do to share it with others, to enact laws for cruelty and bring humankind to the 'human' role as it should be.

A friend, emailed me the other day and, suggested that my readers would be interested in a blog post that they had read. After reading it, I totally agreed ... this is a subject that is near and dear to many of us. Positive reinforcement training has made headway in the last 10 years and thank God. It is a much gentler way of correcting "bad behaviour" and much less likely to escalate an already volatile situation. With that said, remember that aggression to aggression will only get negative results.

I found this blog to be very interesting and accurate and I hope we continue in the direction of "positive reinforcement" rather than using physical force to get our message across to our 4-legged friends. I know we all have our "methods" of training and what works for some, doesn't necessarily work for others ... but a kinder, gentler approach should always be considered when dealing with animals. Thanks Jen, for the link, click here to read ...»
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Oct 23/12

Deadline Is Almost Here - On October 31st these great quilts will be gone. If you haven't put your name in for one, it's not too late.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

(A) Boxer, (B) English Bulldog, or (C) an Australian Shepherd. 

Send your email to with the quilt of your choice along with your name, address and telephone number.

The amount is $60.00 per quilt and shipping is included in Ontario, Canada. They will make a great Christmas present. Don't forget, the deadline is October 31st.
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Oct 22/12

Happy Birthday Ann Marie - Please join us in sending a special Birthday Wish to a very Special Girl. Ann Marie Miller celebrated her 7th Birthday yesterday and for the second year in a row Ann Marie decided that she wanted to help our rescue dogs instead of accepting gifts for herself. 

Her Birthday Party invitations went out with the request to her friends to make a donation to ANML-RESQ instead of bringing a gift. So, here's sending out a GREAT BIG THANK YOU HUG to you Ann Marie from all of us and especially our dogs who wouldn't be well, today, without help from your thoughtfulness. Happy Birthday!
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Oct 19/12

Bringing Home Your New Dog - Over on one of the web pages for dogs talks about newly adopted dogs. This page focuses on bringing home the new dog and ways in which to add them to your family. Although you want your new dog to fit in, there are things you need to keep in the back of your mind before you go crazy and introduce your newly adopted love to everyone. 

A few tips are: A) bonding with your new dog; B) getting to know your new dog; C) understanding the needs of your new dog; or D) are there issues with your new dog that weren't there when you first went to adopt. These are only the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, and when you think about these, you know you can start a list of things you need to look for in your newly adopted dog. For those of you who foster dogs, you could also make use of this information. has compiled a 'Two Week Shutdown' instructional for you to get to know your newly adopted dog and to make great strides in getting them to be a better dog in their new environment. I have taken the liberty to pull a little from the web page:

"When you bring home a new dog, young or old, we KNOW you are so excited and you want to share your new addition with everyone.

Did you know that by taking your dog to pet stores, friends and families homes, dog parks, pet events, or other really busy, social settings, you may inadvertently be telling your dog to act out?

Things many people forget is that we expect our new dogs to be so accepting of everything and we put them in these very similar situations and then become alarmed when they "act out". Your new dog is acting out or misbehaving because they don't view you as the decision maker. Remember, to them, you are putting them in situations that make them feel uncomfortable."   Click here to continue reading...»

We all want to be instrumental in helping adopted/fostered dogs make the transition from shelter/rescue dog to home dog, so, with a little research and a little reading, I know you can make the best decisions to help your newly adopted dog adjust! Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the read.
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Oct 17/12

Humphrey Update - Well, it seems our little man Humphrey has found his calling!! "Nurse Humphrey at your service". Humphrey's papa fell ill the other day with flu-like symptoms. 

As we ladies all know ... there is NOTHING worse than a sick man!! Thankfully, nurses Humphrey and Tedward were at the ready to make their daddy feel better (gave mom a break for sure!) (-:

Good boys, Humphrey and Tedward! We are so proud of our little nursemaids. I'm sure papa Kit felt much better after some super snuggle from the boyz (-: Get well soon Kit, from all your friends at ANML-RESQ!!
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Oct 16/12

Kolbe AKA Eli - Last week, I posted an older dog who was in dire straights by the name of Eli. We received a little more information about what happened. It seems someone decided to lock this elderly boy and his canine friend in a barn and vacated the residence. 

We have no idea how long these dogs were left to fend for themselves, without food or water. Sadly, his friend did not make it, but we are so happy that Eli pulled through. This is a testament to his strength and courage. Initially, we named him Eli, but he doesn't answer to that name ... so Kolbe it is! We are "over-the-moon" excited to say that Kolbe is now in our program, thanks to Christine and family who offered this sweet, sweet boy a soft place to fall.

Isn't this a beautiful sight? He looks so calm and relaxed (-:

Kolbe is fitting in quite nicely with the family, which leads us to believe that at one time in his life, he was an indoor dog who was loved. How could anyone do this to someone they love? Leave them alone to die?

HUGE thanks to Christine, Jeff and family for welcoming Kolbe into their hearts and homes. Kolbe has a date with the vet this week so we can get him checked over to see what kind of shape he is in. Hopefully, he will be strong enough to vaccinate. Right now, he is very thin, but loving his food. Thank you to ALL who sent positive thoughts and prayers for Kolbe. He is now SAFE and warm in a loving foster home (-:
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Oct 15/12

Pet Valu Fundraiser - We would like to thank Pet Valu in St. Catharines for inviting us to their Adoptathon weekend. We really appreciated the opportunity to showcase our adoptables and some of our fundraising events.

ANML-RESQ would like to thank Carolina, Mim and Tynan for spending the day at Pet Valu, answering peoples questions, etc. The booth looks great and I know our girls did a "bang-up" job representing ANML-RESQ.

You may also have noticed in this picture a sneak peak at our Furkids Food For All Cookbook! I am so excited about this cookbook. I got a copy sent in the mail last week and I have been busy trying out new recipes all week - they are GREAT!! This beautiful cookbook will soon be available, so stay tuned for more information on our website and blog (-:

Mim did an OUTSTANDING job putting this book together. Truly a labour of love. We will be so excited to show off our very own cookbook which includes favorite recipes from our volunteers, friends and adoptors. These cookbooks will soon be available, so please stay tuned for more information in the coming days.
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Oct 11/12

Quilted Blankets - Our quilt maker extraordinaire has done it again! Darlene has put together three beautiful blankets and donated them to ANML-RESQ! Here is what she says about these beautiful quilts:

I have 3 dog quilts: (A) Boxer, (B) English Bulldog, or (C) an Australian Shepherd. There were inquiries at the London show, asking me if I would be making more different breeds quilt.

If anyone would like to donate $60.00 per quilt to ANML-RESQ, the first emails will get the quilt(s). Shipping is included in Ontario, Canada. I have put a time limit on the quilts. The deadline to get your email in will be until October 31, 2012.

So, be the first to get your email to with the quilt of your choice (either A, B, or C or all of them). Send us your name, address and telephone number. You will have to hurry as I only have the 3 quilts to offer. This is such a great gift idea for Christmas! ~Darlene

We can't thank you enough, Darlene, for putting these up as a donation. Your work is extraordinary and the help you give to ANML-RESQ is unbelievable! Thank you again for this tremendous gift!
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Oct 10/12

RIP Kobe - It is with tears in my eyes a heavy heart that I tell you we have lost a very dear friend. Kobe was loved and cherished by Anne and Wayne since he arrived as a young puppy to their home. I had the pleasure of meeting Kobe a couple of years ago and I was thrilled as I had fostered his sister Sophie and wondered how much alike they would be.

Kobe was a such a lucky boy to have landed with Anne and Wayne, a wonderful couple and friends of ANML-RESQ forever. Anne and Wayne also adopted our handsome boy Gus [bottom left] and have helped SO many of our beloved rescues get to where they need to be.

Anne and Wayne, our thoughts and prayers are with you at this very difficult time. It is never easy to let go of a cherished member of the family. I know these last few weeks have been very difficult for you and Wayne.

God's Garden

God looked around His garden
And He found an empty place
He then looked down upon the earth
And saw your precious face

He put His arms around you
And lifted you to rest;
God' s Garden must be beautiful
He always takes the best.

He knew that you were suffering
He knew you were in pain
He knew you' d never ever
Get well on earth again.

So He closed your weary eyelids
And whispered "Peace be thine"
Then He took you up to Heaven
With Hands so gentle and kind.

It broke our hearts to lose you
But you did not go alone,
For part of us went with you
The day God welcomed you home.

~Author Unknown

Run free and play hard at the Bridge Kobe.....until we meet again. 
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Oct 9/12

Meet Eli - We have a request to help this courageous boy find a new forever home, but first we need to find him a foster home so we can get him properly vetted and assessed.

Eli is in need of a new home because his family abandoned him and another dog when they moved out of the house. Sadly, his buddy did not make it. This case is under investigation, but the green light has been given to release Eli to rescue and hopefully soon into a loving home that will cherish him and not throw him away like yesterday's garbage. No living being should ever have to go through such a heartbreaking situation. 

Eli needs a foster home to speak up for him and allow him some time to settle and de-stress. Eli is estimated to be between 8 and 10 years of age ... a real gentleman. We don't know how he would be with children (we hope to find out later this week), however, we are told he is good with other dogs as long as they don't challenge him. After all he has been through, a gentle confident companion would be ideal for Eli. He is quite thin at the moment, but eating well.

We will learn more about Eli this week and hopefully we will have a foster home for him, otherwise we will be making an urgent call for help for Eli.
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Oct 6/12

Happy Thanksgiving - ANML-RESQ and Karl wish everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Click to enlarge...


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Oct 5/12

Cleaning Products and Animals - Sometimes, the very products we use to clean and sanitize our homes can be fatal to our beloved family pets. 

Cleaning products are on the top of the list, however, products such as ant traps and rat killer and anti-freeze can also be fatal and dogs for some reason are attracted to these products, so please use WITH CAUTION, if you must use it at all. Click here to read some of the problems these products cause...» Have a great weekend everyone!
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Oct 4/12

Oliver Update - Last week in my travels I spent some time with Oliver and his family. What a happy boy he is. He has LOTS of room to run and play with his sister Jazzy. 

Although Oliver has a neurological condition, it doesn't seem to affect his zest for life in the least. He is happy, playful and totally a bratty little brother to Jazzy. And, Jazzy has the patience of a saint when it comes to her pesky brother Oliver. Here is an update from Oliver's mom and dad: 

My name is Oliver and I was rescued after spending my first 11 months confined to a crate in an apartment 20 hours a day by a young couple who were never home. 

I turned 2 on October the 1st and I have a neurological condition that causes me to walk like a drunk – that is the informal description the experts use. It is caused by a tiny lesion on my spinal cord that results in excessive pressure in the spinal fluid in my neck and impairs the signals my legs receive from my brain, mostly my front legs. 

The neurologists, after endless tests, concluded they didn’t know what caused the condition in the first place or understand why such a minor lesion has such a drastic effect, but it does and they said an operation wouldn’t help. When I walk I weave from side to side and do face plants and fall over sometimes. It used to get me down on occasion, when I was first trying to figure out what was wrong with me and why other dogs were not the same, but that sure didn’t last long.


Now, I am better at staying upright and keeping my feet under me. When I do get tangled up and crash I just pop up and get after it again. Actually, I hardly give it a thought anymore. And, when I run, watch out, cause I can run like the wind and turn on a dime. Go figure.


My forever home is now on a farm, with Jazzy, the Mother I never had. I suspect that, for her, I am the son she never had. We have a great time. I love her. I love my home. Every morning when I get up I am so excited I tear around and bark like an idiot. I am as happy as a clam.

He has definitely grown, a lot, since last I saw him and he is absolutely stunning!! And, as you can see, they love him very much, even though he sometimes walks like a drunken sailor LOL. Oliver is happy and his family adores him. It doesn't get any better than that!!! Congratulations Oliver! You couldn't have landed in a better home!
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Oct 3/12

Doggy Look-A-Likes - Here is a good article by Steve Barker, explaining the dilemma dog owners in Ontario live with on a daily basis. 

Don't have "registered papers" for your short-haired, whippy tailed, broad headed dog? You might be in trouble... Grab a coffee and be horrified!
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Oct 2/12

In My Travels - In my travels last week, I had a chance to finally meet our Lovely Lady. Of course, while I got to visit with Lady, I also got a chance to see our beloved Karl. God, I love that boy!! (-:

I also had a chance to thank Debbie in person for her generous Birthday donations to our cause. Debbie is such a kind-hearted, animal lover who has taken in so many dogs that otherwise may never have had a chance - Karl is only one example of her dedication to animals ... the list is long and getting longer, of those Debbie has helped along the way.

Karl was the first to come greet Darlene and myself. Wow...I was so happy to see Karl walking up to the vehicle ... he is such a good natured, friendly boy. He is so BIG, yet so friendly! It is hard to believe that Karl is already 13 years old. 

Karl was such a gentleman too. He laid quietly beside us while Lady took on some lovin' and affection. BOY ... is Lady ever a snuggle-bug!! We thought we'd dress her up in Halloween costumes - she loved every minute of attention ... the costumes - not so much (-:

Bumblee Bee vs. Spider-man

Lady is such a sweet girl. As long as you are near her, she is happy. Who can blame her after a life-time of "no human contact"? This little Lady is definitely making up for lost time! 

It was such a joy to see Karl again and a pleasure to finally meet Lady. I know this girl will make a wonderful companion for a family looking for a new companion. Lady is a very loyal, devoted girlie who deserves a forever family to call her own.

On another note, we have an urgent plea for Nicole Joncas from Tejas Animal Refuge who is in need of supplies! Nicole has done some amazing work in last 20 years ... if you have anything on this list you can spare, please contact Helen so arrangements can be made to have items dropped at Tejas Refuge. It's going to be a LONG, COLD winter! Thanks everyone! If you can help with any donations, please contact Helen at for details on how to get things to her before Oct 20th or meet her along the way. I can personally say this is a wonderful rescue group and truly leads the way in fighting puppy mills. Please help us support Nicole...
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Oct 1/12

Boston Update - ANML-RESQ is very fortunate to have so many Angels in our midst. As you know we have our ANML-RESQ 911 Fundraiser which we hope will help us recoup some of the costly vet bills we have had lately. Sometimes these fundraisers can snowball and seems this one is no exception. Our dear friend Debbie (who adopted Karl) also started a fundraiser to help us raise funds ... instead of birthday gifts, she wanted donations made to the 911 Fundraiser. A kind and generous donator has offered to match all donations made from Debbie's Birthday Fundraiser, which presently stands at 850.00 and still rising. (-: Thank you to all of our angels and supporters ... we couldn't do this without your help!

I also wanted to share this wonderful update we received from Boston's family. Here was another doggy, who waited quite some time to find his forever home ... Here is the update:

Hi Paul and Anml-Resq, Boston is so awesome. We are having so much fun. He gets two to three walks a day and plays with his Kong at least once a day. Hard to believe he is ten! He is very laid back but always ready to do more if the opportunity arises.

The kids and I have lovingly nicknamed him "weapon tail" as when he is excited that tail is a whip. The boys insist his tail is going to dent the wall, garbage can or whatever else is in the way. 

He's had a great summer camping and hiking. We started dog classes this past Sunday. Not that he needs much training but to help us learn to be the best dog family possible. Obviously he did great.

He loves to follow me around the house and his bed has been upgraded to a daybed in my home office. He is still a gentleman and asks me with a woof to make sure it is ok for him to get up there. Such a well mannered boy. 

We are so happy he came to us. When we tell people his name, Boston, (which is where Eric and I met and our oldest was born) everyone assumes we gave it to him. When I clarify it was his original name, they are so surprised we found such a perfect match with a name so suited to our story. Truly, he was meant for us to love. Thanks

Aside, I see you are having a party and auction. I can donate a pure silver one of a kind necklace for your auction. I am not sure if we will be able to come but we will see what we can do. Thanks for everything. Boston makes me want a bunch more rescue dogs. That being said I know that is not realistic right now. Also, our close friends were talking about wanting a dog and I suggested they consider a rescue. They met and loved Boston and within three weeks they had found and become proud parents of their very own rescue dog! Boston is a little ambassador. [...]. ~Heather (

As you can see for yourself, he is loved and adored by his new family - woohooo, congratulations Boston!! (-:
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