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  Renee Leger, President
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Ollie and Bruno Update;
Meet Mya;
Meet Billybob and Tyson;
Chloe is Adopted;
Remy is Adopted;
Congratulations Timber;
Bruno is Adopted
Meet Chief
Meet Chase
Mittens Needs a Home

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October 28/15

Mittens Needs a Home - Mittens is a beautiful 3-4 year old neutered boy, UTD on all vaccines and ready for his forever home. 

blog102815.jpg (43365 bytes)

This amazing boy is a polydactyl who didn’t have a home to call his own and was literally up a tree when he needed help. 

blog102815a.jpg (34068 bytes)

Mittens who is an inside cat and all thumbs, is such a good boy and gets along well with both cats and dogs. He adores children, loves to please whoever calls him and knows a few tricks to keep you entertained. Mittens would love a home with people who will love him forever. 

blog102815c.jpg (39162 bytes)blog102815b.jpg (43063 bytes)

If you think Mittens is the cat for you, please fill out the adoption/foster application on the left. If you need more information, please send us an email at
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October 27/15

Meet Chase - We are thrilled to say our distinguished boy Chase has gone through his heartworm treatment successfully and is now ready for adoption. Bullet has also gone through the treatment, however we want to have the vet take a look at his teeth but no doubt Bullet will soon be ready as well for adoption.

Chase is a wonderful boy who is so grateful that he is now living in a foster home with a family. After living his whole life outdoors, this is a real treat for Chase (and Bullet). This winter they will be warm and cozy in a home, whether it is foster or forever home. No more cold brutal winters and hot humid summers for you boyz! Here is a little about Chase.

Chase, is a beautiful 7 year old German Shepherd mix. Chase came into rescue by fate and we couldn’t be happier to help this handsome fellow on his journey in finding his perfect forever home.

Chase is as happy-go-lucky as they get. Chase is very friendly and loves meeting new people, he is also good with other dogs and likes to play. A perfect day for Chase would include lots of belly rubs, a romp in a fenced yard with another friendly dog, a nice walk with his loved ones, or chewing on his nylabones, soaking up the sun, a car ride, some naps on a comfy doggy bed, and some more belly rubs. He will show his affection by giving you lots of kisses in return and talking to you with groans, moans, and grumbles, lol. Chase has these deep soulful brown eyes that will melt your heart. You can instantly feel that all he wants is someone to call his own and belong to a loving family or person. Chase will follow you all over the house and yard and likes to be close by as often as possible, aka a velcro dog. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Chase walks well with his gentle leader and we’re working on phasing it out into a regular flat collar. Chase is housetrained, yet close supervision is required initially to ensure he keeps up with his training. Once he gets the hang of it, he’s great. Chase is non-destructive and much prefers his bones to chew on than your shoes. Chase is a large boy, almost 90lbs and because of his exuberance for life, we are looking for a home with older children as he sometimes forgets his size and may unintentionally knock over a small child. Chase will thrive in a home where he can have many opportunities to get his energy out; be it by playing with another dog, lots of walks, and fun training at home. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Before Chase arrived into rescue, he had a sad life. Chase lived chained to his dog house his entire life and was also found to be heartworm positive. We are happy to say that he is now finished the treatment and is doing wonderfully well. Chase also had an unfortunate accident before coming into rescue and lost 2 toes in a front paw and 1 toe in his back paw. Because of this he does walk with a limp but don’t let that phase you, because boy could this boy run like the wind! His accident does not stop him from having fun, so don’t let it stop you from considering this beautiful boy. We encourage his new home to make sure Chase remains lean to ensure his joints do not become arthritic due to compensating for his missing toes. Chase is neutered and up-to-date will all vaccines.

We are looking for Chase's new home to embrace him as he deserves and shower him with so much love as he thrives on friendship and comfort from his people. 

If you feel Chase is the perfect match for you, please fill out our Adoption/Foster application on the left. If you have any questions, please email us at We promise, you won’t be disappointed with Chase.
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October 26/15

Meet Chief - ANML-RESQ is thrilled to introduce you to our newest rescue pup, Chief. This handsome young boy will make a wonderful family companion to a lucky family.

Chief is our little sweetheart and is an 11 month old Shepherd mix with great personality. He is a fun loving dog who gets along with most other dogs and given the chance - could get use to cats. 

Click to enlarge...

He loves to run around and play fetch and is still figuring out how to bring back a Frisbee. Chief knows his basic commands and listens well. He would be best suited with older children as he sometimes forgets himself. 

Click to enlarge...

Chief will do just about anything for a treat and just loves going for long runs and walks. He is trained on a gentle leader and is great for walks. He is also crate trained and still very much a puppy and likes to chew, so your house would need to be puppy proof. Chief needs regular brushing as he has some long hair, but he loves it!

Click to enlarge...

If you think Chief could be the one for your family, please fill out our Adoption/Foster application on the left. If you have any questions, please email us at
| Email us [] your comment.

October 21/15

Bruno is Adopted! on our little boy Bruno. Here is an update from Bruno’s loving family (-:

Bruno has been amazing! He has adapted so well. I had baby gates for about 3 days while the cats were adjusting and he has been so good with them that I just returned them. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

I brought him to my families for Thanksgiving and he is really good with the other dogs in my family. He jumps up a lot but that is expected of a puppy and we are working on it. He's learned paw and speak since we got him, he's very smart. Loves the backyard and chasing the neighbours dog along the fence. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He chews a lot when he is bored so I get him over to the off leash dog park as often as possible and I've got him good chew toys that he likes. I'm just so happy I found a dog with such a great personality. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

I couldn't have asked for a better match! I have lots of photos that I will attach. Thank you guys so much. What you guys do is amazing and it was well worth the process to get a great rescue dog.

It sounds like he has wormed his way into his families heart and home – way to go Bruno! 
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October 19/15

Congratulations Timber - ANML-RESQ is proud to announce that our rescued boy Timber has passed his Therapy Dog evaluation – woohoo! Here is a short write-up from very proud mom, Carolina.

Timber has done it! He's passed his therapy dog evaluation this week-end and we couldn't be prouder of our boy. He was amazing (as usual, lol), and even took it upon himself to take a couple naps, lol. The evaluation checks for many things, including tolerating loud noises, distractions, crowds, and meeting people in wheelchairs, crutches, children, and other dogs. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

One of the volunteers even mentioned how rescue dogs make great therapy dogs and was smitten with Timber. I know Timber will excel at lifting peoples spirits and will bring many smiles to everyone he meets. How do I know this?? .... because he does this for me every single day! :)

Congratulations Timber – we could not be prouder!
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October 18/15

Remy is Adopted - ANML-RESQ is thrilled to announce the official adoption of our most handsome boy, Remy. It has been a long road for this boy and he has come such a long way from the day we took him into rescue. Coming from the saddest of situations - Remy along with many, many other dogs lived his whole life in a cage - no socialization, not allowed to interact with other dogs or people. 

It makes for a very small world of comfort. He arrived in foster care, a bull in a china shop LOL. No manners whatsoever and an uncontrollable love of meeting people. With a lot of hard work Remy's foster family worked wanders with this boy. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We knew however that his foster home was the "only" world Remy knew and we wanted his integration to his new home to be smooth and stressless. Foster mom Sharin arranged with new mom Kelly to have twice weekly meet n greets - either at Sharin's home or at Remy's potential new home. This was done for about a month and a half and as time passed, Remy was excited to see new mom Kelly and his fur-brother Levi.

Click to enlarge...

On Tuesday, it was made official. Remy went home with Kelly and we were so thrilled to hear that Remy settled in very quickly and began his brand new life with a very loving mom and his buddy Levi who Remy follows everywhere.

Congratulations Remy! You really lucked out on an AMAZING home and family!

Congratulations Kelly and have adopted an amazing and loyal companion. We look forward to pictures and updates.
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Hi Renee:

Just read your blog on Remy.  So great that he has found a wonderful home.   Such a beautiful  looking Rottie, but aren't they all.   Also nice that you found Chloe a home as well. 


October 16/15

Chloe is Adopted - We are excited to say that our sweetheart Chloe has gone to her forever today.

Foster mom Monique and daughter Val met Chloe’s potential new mama and were thrilled to see that it was love at first sight. Chloe really is a dear sweet girl who loves everyone she meets.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Many thanks to Monique, Walter, Val and Douggie for welcoming this little girl into their hearts and home.

Congratulations Chloe and new mom Cathy.
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October 15/15

Meet Billybob and Tyson - ANML-RESQ is thrilled to introduce you to our two newest rescues available for adoption now.

Meet Billybob. He is a 3-4 year old Coonhound mix and super friendly. He is an easy keeper and very well mannered. Billy knows his basic commands, gets along well with everyone and has been with children of all ages and loves them. 

His personality is astonishing and he's just a sweet cuddle bear. Billy is neutered and UTD on vaccines. Billy will run if not leashed and can also jump certain fencing. He is crate trained and enjoys his crate. He also loves to sleep in the sun and it's his favourite past time when outdoors. 

Billy loves to take long walks and would be suitable for a first time pet owner with children as he is an already made dog.

If you think Billybob would be a good match for your family, please fill in our Adoption/Foster application on the left. If you have any questions, please email us at

And, meet Tyson, a strikingly handsome 11 month old American Bulldog. Tyson has been in foster care for about 3 weeks and boy is this young fellow a great catch! Tyson will grow to be a large dog, and could grow as large as 120lbs full grown. Right now he is 96 lbs. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Can you imagine 120lbs of fun-loving dog?? Seeing as Tyson is a large boy, we are looking for a large breed experienced home. Older children because of his size he could knock a younger child over. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Tyson walks well on leash, knows basic commands, and loves meeting new people. Tyson is also living in harmony with the resident cats, as long as a proper introduction is done. He loves to play with other dogs, met a 4 legged female friend and it went without a hitch and was love at first sight. Tyson is a well-rounded boy, who even took it upon himself to enjoy the car ride by sprawling out comfortably during transport to foster care, talking along the way … yes, he is a talker. He is up-to-date with all vetting and is neutered.

If you think Tyson would be a good match for your family, please fill in our Adoption/Foster application on the left. If you have any questions, please email us at

Welcome Billy Bob and Tyson to the ANML-RESQ family!
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October 5/15

Meet Mya - A beautiful 4 year old purebred female German Rottweiler that came to us with Ben, Dixie and Buddy from a very neglected past. She came into our home very timid, scared and unsure of a lot of life experiences that most loved family pets experience on a daily basis. She had no experience living inside a home, walking up and down stairs and walking on different landscaping such as gravel, rocks, grass etc. Like all pets, especially dogs, they need to adapt to their family and learn to trust their pack. Mya unsure of anything at this point, came into our house and quickly found herself in a new situation that she hadn't experienced before. A very loving welcoming home with another male Rottweiler to help her along the way. After a few days Mya had shown us that she was willing to open up bits at a time and allow us in to give her the life she deserves. Within a week she was attached to our hips, making best friends with our male and allowing us to show her the life experiences she never had with a lot of trust. In the last few months we have learned so much about her. She is extremely affectionate with those she knows and trusts, loves to give kisses and cuddles and will soak up all and any love people want to give to her. Belly up, extremely playful when she trusts you. She has learned to walk on a lead very well, play in the yard and has come to know and quickly be corrected with boundaries. Mya has experienced many different people from old to young, is very unsure at first but given you don't crowd her, and time she needs to sniff you out and be comfortable she comes around rather well. Mya is very dependant on her pack, so given her puppy like behaviour she does tend to have separation anxiety when left alone. That being said she is crate trained, rather dependent on it and surprisingly enjoys being in it at her leisure. She is trained to sit, stay, lay down and give a paw in both vocal and hand signals and is very eager to please. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Mya has experienced children of various ages, has displayed some excitement and behaviour that will need focus and hard work so for this reason we request she be in a home without children. We are looking for a family with large breed knowledge, experience and a lot of patience. We are also looking for a forever home in a country like, spacious setting, with a male dog as this will aid in her transition and comfort. Mya still acts like a puppy as she was never been trained or socialized for the first 3 to 3 1/2 years of her life but since she's been in our home has advanced very quickly and positively. Please, no cats for Mya and no small children.

Click to enlarge...

If you feel you would love to give this heart stealer a continued life of learning, love, care and dedication please contact us as we would love to answer any and all questions you have.

Click to enlarge...

We are very dedicated to finding the perfect home for this amazing dog. You can click on the adoption/foster application link on the left and if you would like more information, email us at
| Email us [] your comment.

October 2/15

Ollie and Bruno Update - It was a busy weekend and ANML-RESQ is thrilled to announce that 2 very lucky boys have gone to their forever homes.

Our little boy Ollie and his foster family was met by Ollie’s new forever family and it was “love at first sight” by all.

Click to enlarge...

As you can see, the entire family have welcomed little Ollie into their hearts and home and we look forward to lots of pictures and updates as they all get to know each other. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

We would once again like to thank Monique, Walter, Valerie and fur-brother Douggie for welcoming Ollie into their home until his forever family could be found. 

And lucky boy number 2 is our boy Bruno who was whisked to his forever family, thanks to our gal Debbie. Debbie was amazed at how quickly Bruno fell for his new mom and dad. So many new things to see and smell, but each time he ran off to explore he would run back and give his new mom and dad lots of kisses and onto the next adventure. He had a GREAT run in his new backyard and again, headed straight back to his new family for lots more kisses. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

He has met the resident cat and although Bruno seemed all ready to play, we don’t think the cat had the same idea ... she ran and hid. Hopefully Bruno and the kitty will soon learn to love each other.

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

ANML-RESQ is thrilled for both of these deserving young boys and we wish Ollie, Bruno and their new families ALL the happiness and joy a new family member will bring to them. 
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