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I am still trying to catch up on last week's rescues, but today, I want to tell you about a rescue that is near and dear to my heart. 

We received news last week about a Rottweiler in a bad situation. He needed help, and he needed help quickly. We were told of his situation and when I heard about his living condition, I knew he needed our help. In fact, his story is not too much different than our beloved boy Carter. This boy was also banished to the basement. The reason for this upheaval in his life was that his family welcomed a new baby into their lives and no longer had the time for their dog. 

I was horrified to hear this. Those of us that know Rottweilers, know that they NEED to be part of a family. They NEED human contact and need to feel like they are part of the family. Shutting them away from their family is heartbreaking for them and depression can set in quickly. I immediately thought about our Carter and prayed that this surrender wouldn't break my heart as Carter's did.

Thankfully, when we got him, I was thrilled to see that he was well fed and seemingly well adjusted, considering his circumstances. I also knew we were in trouble. This handsome boy is the spitting image of my dearly departed Bud. The moment I laid eyes on him, all I could see was Bud. I knew that by bringing him home, my husband would also see the strong resemblance. 

When I arrived home, late Friday night, I took Dodge out of the vehicle and my husband was there to meet us. He took one look at Dodge, looked at me and said "it's Bud!!!" Uh-ohhhhhhh, I thought, we're in trouble! 

Dodge is here and doing very well. He's a good, good boy... he gets along well with other dogs and he LOVES people. He has already met our "dog selective" girl Sassy and it seems that she likes him too.

It will take time to see what this fellow is all about, but I know that my husband and I look forward to having this boy in our lives and getting to know him better in the coming weeks. 

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Sep 29/09

This handsome boy is named Copper. Copper found himself at a shelter and due to his age... 7 years old and the fact that he has a lump on his neck... he was deemed unadoptable at the shelter. His only chance was finding rescue. 

Our volunteer Beth, did as we all do when we hear of a dog in urgent need of help. She cross-posted his urgent plea far and wide, praying that someone would see Copper and he would capture their heart. And her prayers were answered when someone offered their heart and home to this sweet boy. 

Here is an update from Beth. Copper went to his new home on Saturday and is loving every minute of his new life. 

Copper's mom has a little doggie named Molly but she is afraid of cats and with Judy rehabilitating many small birds at a time, she really needed a hand with keeping the unwanted out of her yard, insert Copper here! 

So off to the rescue our big man is, he is now protecting her yard of all security threats to the birds and keeps the squirrels off her bird feeders and Molly couldn't be happier having a big brother again. Judy's big dog passed away some time ago and no one managed to find their way to her until yesterday when this gentle giant found a new home to call his own for the rest of his days protecting all his new feathered friends, even Gabby the African Grey! Congratulations Copper and family!!! Way to go Beth!!!

Mark your calendars everyone! October 17th will be our Halloween Party in Stouffville and boy is it going to be a GREAT time!! Lots of fun things planned... games, best dressed and much more. Stay tuned for more details.

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Sep 28/09

As mentioned in Friday's blog, it was an extremely busy week last week with two rescues that were in urgent need of help.

First was a young boy, destined to die after being picked up as a stray. He didn't do anything wrong to deserve a "death sentence" ... he unfortunately was born in a province that has a great deal of prejudice against certain "types" of dogs. So much so, that they have sentenced them to death. Rufus, unfortunately, fit the description of being substantially similar to a banned breed. Thankfully, the shelter staff were smitten with this handsome little boy and reached out for help.

We heard about Rufus on Wednesday and although we had so many other pleas before us, Rufus was given priority.

He was stressing terribly at the shelter, yearning for human contact. The staff feared this little boy was beginning to shut down. We were asked if we could help and, of course, we knew we had to do everything in our power to try and help this innocent victim of Bill 132 find safety.

We were blessed with another miracle. An application from another province, wanting to help a bully in need. We began the application process immediately and were thrilled that this wonderful family checked out. Coincidentally, although they had applied to help our girl Haille, we felt that Rufus would be a better fit in their home. They already had two female dogs, so we sent pictures of Rufus and asked if they would be interested in him. They immediately replied back that they would love to share their home with this handsome young boy - WOOHOOOOOO!!!!

Our volunteer Jen was completely smitten with pictures of Rufus and while we were trying to work out something for transport, getting a crate, flight booked, etc., which would take some time [with Rufus stressing so badly] Jen couldn't bear the thought of him waiting a week or so. She immediately got on the phone, booked a flight and donated the cost of the flight for Rufus ...THANK YOU JEN! Now, we had to worry about the airline approved crate. The crate was quickly donated to Rufus by another rescue friend, Deanna at AARF - THANK YOU DEANNA! All was set and little Rufus was picked up on Saturday by Jen and delivered to the airport where he was flown to Nova Scotia and into the arms of his loving family.

We already received an update and Rufus is SO happy to finally be in a home where he is now a cherished member of the family. He has met his furry sisters and everyone is doing well, in fact, he is getting a chance to burn off some pent-up energy with his youngest fur-sister. They are having a blast!!

Congratulations Rufus! You deserve this second chance at life and we know you will be happy, running and playing, muzzle- free in a province without prejudice. Be happy, and don't forget to send pictures!

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Sep 25/09

Animals In Need of a Hand
It has been a week filled with trials and tribulations. I am so happy that it is Friday and hopefully the emails will slow down for the weekend.

As is the case with most rescue organizations, the daily pleas for help can sometimes be overwhelming. We hear so many sad stories, sad situations and animals in urgent need of help. It breaks our hearts when we can't help them all. We pass along the urgent calls for help and pray that someone out there will be the answer to their prayers. 

We have been working feverishly to help two dogs in urgent need. Both cases are extremely different, but both equally urgent in nature. One of the cases is particularly heart wrenching, but I cannot go into any details as of yet. 

I want to take this opportunity, once again, to remind everyone to keep an eye out for your neighbours and their pets. If you sense, in any way, that they are not capable of properly caring for their beloved pet, please offer a helping hand or contact a local rescue. 

We, as a rescue have also taken donated food to local food banks. The donations are very much appreciated and provide the necessary help so that more people can afford to feed their pets until they are back on their feet. It is a wonderful way of helping and we hope more people will do the same. 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Sep 24/09

This handsome boy is named Sam and he has been waiting a long time for his forever home. Sam is a good boy, but because of his large size, has been passed over many times for adoption. 

Sam is good with most dogs, however, due to the stress of being in the kennel, he is starting to react to other dogs at times. This is probably due to pent up frustration. 

Sam was recently adopted, but returned because he was chasing the horses, so he is back and even more depressed than ever. 

We would very much like to help Sam but cannot help without a foster home. If you are interested in helping us help Sam, please fill in our on-line application on the left to foster.

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Sep 23/09

This pretty black and tan girl is named Cookie.  She is 2 years old, spayed and UTD on vaccinations. 

Cookie is good with other dogs (except dominant females), good with cats and kids. 

Cookie is looking for her forever home and ANML-RESQ would like to help her find that special home. 

If you are looking for a nice Rotti girl and are experienced with the breed, please contact us and ask about Cookie.

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Sep 22/09

Our little girl Haille is all vetted and looking for her forever home.  This little girl is a real firecracker!!!  Full of energy and she loves to run and play.

This little girl, although diagnosed with grade 1 hip dysplasia, does not seem to slow her down a bit.  

She is a real dynamo and would excel in a sport such as fly-ball.  She is very focused on whatever task is at hand.

If you know of anyone outside the province of Ontario, looking for a high-energy doggy, then Haille is the girl they are looking for. 

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Sep 21/09

Diamond Update
Remember our beautiful girl Diamond?  It's been a long time since we have heard, but it seems Diamond has been busy with training.  She went from a girl who was not comfortable with other dogs to living in a household with several dogs...from small to large.  Her training is going well and she can even do a 15 minute sit front of her food bowl.  How's that for concentration (-:

I also wanted to share a couple of videos that Smokey's foster family made of him.  He sure is a happy boy, running free and having lots of room to run.

Here are a couple of videos:

I hope you enjoy these ... LOL

The first one is a bit dark because it was in the evening and getting dark.

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Sep 18/09

The Contest
The Animal Rescue Site is having another contest ... this is the third in a year and half that they have been presenting the top winning shelter with $100,000 dollars.

It's started again...Please help by voting for us!

Now you can help The Animal Rescue Site choose which eligible animal rescue organizations will receive special funds to help animals! Participating is simple. You can cast one vote every day for your favorite rescue organization, starting on September 14.  Vote now...

The contest is set up so everyday you vote on their web site [The Animal Rescue Site] for your favourite animal rescue. There are many choices and I would believe the most popular are in the US and Canada. This is how it works:

Now you can help The Animal Rescue Site choose which eligible animal rescue organizations will receive special funds to help animals! Participating is simple. You can cast one vote every day for your favorite rescue organization, starting on September 14.

If you're having trouble finding your favorite member rescue organization, please double-check your spelling to make sure it's correct and matches your organization's exact name. Note that "optional" fields are not required for your search. Remember that, to be eligible, the rescue organization must be a registered member of!

Seventy-three grants will be awarded for a total of $100,000 to eligible members. Final prizes will go to the eligible organization with the highest accumulative votes for the duration of the Challenge as specified in the rules.

Voting begins on September 14th, 2009, and ends at midnight (PST) on December 20th, 2009. The more friends you can rally to vote for your favorite rescue organization, the better its chances of winning. Every vote, every day counts - shelters can pull ahead even during the last few days with enough support. Get people involved! Your favorite rescue organization is counting on you!

Eligible organizations with the most votes could receive a weekly prize and/or one of the other grants below:

Grand Prize:  One $20,000 grant!

Second Prize:  One $5,000 grant!

Third Prize:  One $3,000 grant!

New! Most Touching Story*:  Two $2,000 grants!

  (judged by The Animal Rescue Site)

State Winners**:  Fifty-one $1,000 state grants

  (50 U.S. states and Washington DC)

Canadian Winners*:  Two $1,000 grants will be awarded

International Winner:  One $1,000 grant will be awarded.

Click here for detailed rules & conditions.

Click here to see full results (updated daily).

Resources for participating animal rescue organizations.

As ANML-RESQ is always helping animals, we could really use one of the weekly prizes... but, we would love to win the grand prize and I know with your help we can get there .... vote everyday for us and tell your friends.

Remember, you can also click on a link and fill a bowl of food [free] for the US animals in shelters...> Click everyday for the animals. And check out the other exciting events that the has going.

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Sep 17/09

We finally received some pictures of our newest adoptable, Benji. What an incredibly cute little boy he is, don't you think? 

Little Ben has lived in a barn for the better part of his life. He was rescued by a kind samaritan who was able to talk the owner into giving her this precious boy. We believe his sibling is still there and hope to get him sprung as well, but in the meantime we are very happy that Benji was relinquished into our care. 

Benji has been to the groomer and also the vet. He has been vaccinated and will soon be neutered. The vet estimates Benji to be 2 years old and in excellent health. 

Benji is having a blast in foster care, playing with the resident cat. The cat is a tad bigger than he is, but Benji and Soprano play for hours on end with each other. Benji also loves other dogs as well...big or small, he loves them all (-:

Benji is not used to being handled and cuddled. He has never had this kind of interaction with humans. Benji has been very good though... no nipping or trying to escape. We feel that in no time, Benji will be soliciting affection and cuddles. Right now though, he doesn't jump on couches or your lap... very unlike a small dog, but in time, he will be someone's cling-on, we are sure. Benji is great with kids as well. He loves to play ball, run and chase with the boys. 

We are thrilled to have little Ben with us and we will be looking for the perfect home for this special boy. He truly deserves to live his life as a valued member of a family. 

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Sep 16/09

Dash and Dart
We have been asked for help to find these two beautiful girls a home. 

A very kind samaritan has taken these two to safety and really wants to help them find a home. Here is their story from their rescuer.

Dash and Dart, so christened by the ladies who own the kennel where they are staying, are either Whippet or Greyhound crosses. They could have Dalmatian in them, however, it is very hard to tell. They look like they may be from the same litter. They are larger than a whippet. 

On the morning of Friday, August 14, a family in York (a small town on the outskirts of Caledonia, Ontario) discovered these two on their deck. As the owner of the property is allergic to dogs, they were left on the deck and were fed and watered out there. They were not confined but remained and loved the two little boys who lived there. The home owner could not keep them so I went over and took them to the kennel. I very naively thought that the owner would be looking for them and contacted every vet and Animal control in the area with no results. It seems that these two girls were probably dumped.

When I took them to the kennel they were very thin and exhausted, as if they had traveled a distance. One had a cut on the pad of her foot. They have gained weight, and have become energetic, overly friendly dogs looking for any attention that comes their way. It is possible that they have never been in a house. They definitely need work but they want to please and are very sweet. If they could go together that would be wonderful but the ultimate goal should be finding them a good, loving home where they will be cared for and members of a family. Although no one knows how old they are, they don't appear to be that old and are probably under 3 years of age. 

If you are interested in adopting these two beautiful girls, please contact Anne

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Sep 15/09

Ringworm Revisited
I think we may have touched upon this subject in an earlier blog, but I saw this article from Dogster and thought I would share with you some information about ringworm.

We also received some great pictures of two of our Cocker Spaniels. First, here are a couple of pictures of our stunning girl Iris. 

As you can see, Iris enjoys a beautiful day in the sun, lying amongst the flowers (-: Iris is now ready to find her forever home, so if you know of someone that would love a beautiful Cocker Spaniel girl, have them contact us at!

And, here is a picture of Casey who has undergone his double cherry-eye surgery and is well on the way to a full recovery.

Casey is now happily living in his forever home. Congratulations Casey!

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Sep 14/09

Weekend Rescue
It was another exciting weekend for ANML-RESQ. We brought in a very cute little doggie and we have named him Benjamin. Benjamin (Benji) is under a year old and full of energy! He loves to play and gets along well with both dogs and cats. We are awaiting for better pics and a little more information before we post him for adoption. Keep checking the website for more information and pictures of our little Benji. Benjamin's mother is a Chi/Welsh Corgi mix and his father is pure Shih Tzu. 

We also had a bit of a strange "rescue" situation this weekend. One of our volunteers was going to mow her lawn and something horrible happened. She started up the lawn-tractor and a bunch of stuff flew out of the exhaust. The flying debris was the remnants of a nest - a field mouse nest. Sadly, mama mouse did not survive [she was killed along with several of the babies]. However, two little ones escaped unharmed. 

I received a frantic call on Friday from our volunteer, asking what she can do for the babies. They were very, very young  and their eyes weren't open yet. We couldn't allow them to suffer by starvation, so we put our heads together and hoped we were doing the right thing [we know NOTHING about nurturing newborn mice]. 

That night, they were fed every 3 hours with soy milk. The following day, the volunteer [Jen] called on Denise at Spoil Me Pets to see if she had anything available for these little orphans. Denise immediately gave Jen some "kitty's milk" [which is used for newborn kittens]. The little orphans LOVED this nutritious mixture and gobbled back all of their meals. 

By Saturday evening, Jen noticed the babies were much more active, therefore, we knew they were thriving on this precious milk. But how could Jen possibly nurture them while she was at work? This was REALLY turning into a dilemma!! We remembered that Karl's mom [Debbie] was a real rodent lover! Maybe she could give some advise/help? 

Debbie was contacted on Sunday and this incredibly amazing lady, who rescued our boy Karl and Buddy without hesitation, has also taken in these two defenseless babies into her care. What an amazing lady! Who would have EVER thought? Debbie has named the two little babes John and Deer - we are all hoping they are both the same sex! lol Thank you Debbie for taking these precious little lives into your care! We know that these particular field mice will be SO spoiled!

ANML-RESQ is having a great contest for all our young rescuers. WE want to hear about your rescued pet and how it has changed your life. The contest has two age categories: 6-8 and 9-13 years of age. The contest starts October 15th, 2009. For more information, click here...>. Good luck everyone!! We can't wait to read all your stories.

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Sep 11/09

Give Tammy a Hand Up
Tammy is an older Rotti gal that was ‘found’ with a name on her collar but no forwarding address. 

This sweet girl sits patiently in the stray department, eagerly waiting for her family to save her from the noise and confusion of other lost souls. She sits dignified at the front of her cage and watches people pass without acknowledgement, without a kind word or even an attempt to know who she is. She is not lost by any means. She was dumped. 

Like so many others that are discarded she is deserving of a home that will commit to her until her end of days. She is not trash. She is not nameless. She is NOT ready for the bridge but her days are numbered at the shelter. Tammy is gentle, tender and has a wonderful soft temperament. 

She has a few lumps, bumps and clouding of the eyes with gentle white frosting that indicates wisdom, but doesn't deserve death. She is an older girl in appearance but still has that passion and zest for life. At this point, all she needs is a place to feel secure, comfortable and loved. 

There is no urgency for biopsies, surgeries or the like. She just needs love, commitment and devotion and it’s never too late to re-new her faith in mankind as she shows daily that she still holds out for that one special person to tell her that she is in fact worthy and is valued for being just who she is. This would be Tammy - otherwise known as young at heart.

If you think you can give Tammy a compassionate placement and let her live out her days in a home where she will feel loved and cherished, please contact us, or fill out the adoption application and send it along. 

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Sep 10/09
Informed Decision
Great news for Nackawic residents!! It's good to know that council actually listened to people and made an informed decision to change their controversial dog bylaw. Good decision made by the Mayor and council members!!! Congratulations!

Many thanks to Dr. Mary Ann Bramstrup for taking this matter on and fighting for the rights of those that cannot speak for themselves. See additional references at end of blog*.

Town backtracks on controversial dog bylaw

Nackawic [New Brunswick] - The issue has dogged the town all summer, but Nackawic has finally leashed its controversial dog bylaw.

On Tuesday evening, after public consultation and revision, council introduced and enacted its amendments with the third and final reading.

Council removed pit bull terriers, Rottweilers and mixed breeds of either from the vicious dog classification and based the bylaw on if a dog bites, attacks or aggressively chases a person or another animal.

Council also removed the $250 fee for owning a vicious dog.

The issue came to light earlier this year after the town decided to enforce the dog bylaw after an incident involving a troublesome pit bull in the community.

Dr. Mary Ann Bramstrup was informed she would have to pay $250 to keep her threeyear- old Rottweiler mix in town even though her dog isn’t vicious.

It came as a shock to her, but she was told the bylaw had been in place for several years.

She called it racial profiling for dogs and was determined to see the bylaw changed.

The outcry prompted council to review the bylaw and make the amendments, which were presented last month.

At Tuesday’s regular meeting, several residents were pleased to see council enact the changes.

Don Degagne, who supported Bramstrup, said the town did the right thing. It puts the responsibility back on the owner and not the dog, he said.

Owners must take steps to ensure their dogs don’t bite, and, if they do, they will be held accountable.

“If a dog bites, something is going to be done,” Degagne said. “They (council) are covering the town. If you have a dog and it bites somebody, there are going to be things done.

“So you can expect you may have to put your dog down, that is the way I understand it.”

While it may not please every resident, Degagne said, it takes the breed aspect out of the equation.

Murray McEwen is also pleased to see the breed restriction removed and the onus of a dog attack put back on the owner.

“I think that is where the responsibility lies,” McEwen said.

“It sounds as if they (council) have addressed pretty well the concerns that we had.”

Mayor Rowena Simpson said she’s pleased to see council reach a fair decision on the controversial issue.

“We worked really long and hard on this, and I can’t see any area where people can find fault with this,” Simpson said.

“I still have gotten a couple of calls from residents not wanting those breeds removed, but that is just not the way people are going today. I believe we covered everything, and I think it is a good bylaw.”

Simpson said the town has a threeperson committee — the town animal control officer, a provincial SPCA officer and another independent individual — to investigate an allegation of a vicious dog, so as not to leave the power in one person’s hands.

“I don’t want one person saying your dog is vicious. I would like to have the three people look at it and decide.”

But ultimately, she said, the vicious dog classification would be determined by a provincial court judge.

Under the changes, a person with a dog deemed vicious may still keep the animal under strict guidelines.

Simpson said owners of a vicious dog must keep the animal confined and under control at all times on their premises.

When off premises, the animal must be leashed and muzzled.

Anyone who violates this bylaw will be fined, and she said the rules will be enforced.

*Additional reading CBC account; Wikipedia's account as edited by regular people; and Bugle-Observer

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Sep 9/09
Roxy and Charly Update 
We received a great update from Roxy's family. It seems she has met her extended family this weekend and Roxy was a hit!!! Yeah!!! She has a new best friend called Charly and the two have hit it off. 

Another happy doggy that gets to play in the water - woo hoo!!! Here is an update from Roxy's family. (-:

Well we got back late last night from our long weekend at the cottage!! Roxy was a hit with the entire family!!

Here is a picture of Roxy with her new bff/cousin Charly. 

Roxy and Charly were inseperable, our dream come true! And it took Roxy all of about 5 min until she was jumping in the water to be the first to get the stick!! She loves loves loves the water!!

Thanks again for everything and we'll definitely keep you guys updated!!

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Sep 8/09

Champ Update 
We hope everyone enjoyed their last summer long weekend. It was probably the best weekend, weather-wise we have had all summer. lol 

Although the roads were very busy this weekend, our volunteers were still transporting dogs to safety. Many thanks to Beth G., Jen and Beth C. for getting 4 very special furkids to safety, arriving at the Owen Sound Animal Shelter after hours. Please be sure to check their website and check out Mutt and Jeff (a bonded pair), a beautiful fox terrier and the cutest little poodle pup you have ever laid eyes on. Thanks to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter these very worthy lives will be safe and soon on their way to their forever homes. Many thanks to the Owen Sound Animal Shelter and everyone there for making a difference in these very special lives.

A very special fellow came into our rescue this weekend, thanks to a caring foster family that offered their hearts and home to this boy. His name is Champ and he has waited a very long time for someone to give him a chance. A chance to be loved, cherished and a part of a family. A chance to make friends and a chance to show someone that he truly is a good boy. Champ arrived into foster care on Saturday and after a very long journey, he was finally able to run freely in a fenced in yard and play, play, play!!! And best of all, for Champ, is a little girl that now shares a part of his life with him. It seems that Champ and Hannah have really struck up a friendship and the proof is in the pictures. 

Hannah has given Champ a new name, to go along with his new life. She has named him Sir Smokey the Bear...Smokey for short and we think that name suits him to a tee (-: Good choice Hannah!!

It seems that Smokey has gone from a shelter to the beach - all in less than 24 hrs. What a lucky, lucky boy!! 

From all the updates so far, I think Smokey is having the time of his life. And it seems that he has already made a pretty big impression on his foster family. I think we will hold off placing Smokey on the website for adoption because there is a good possibility that he is already home. (-:

The family created a video of Smokey's first "official" day of freedom. They absolutely made my day when I saw it!!!

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Sep 4/09

Brutus and Champ
We will have two new arrivals coming this weekend. One is a very handsome German Shepherd dog; young boy. He and his mother were at the shelter when the boy became very sick. This meant that his time might be running out faster than we thought. We had to decide whether we could commit to him or let him go due to unknown medical issues. This would certainly mean death to him. 

We decided we couldn't allow that to happen, so Brutus (his name will probably change) was whisked to a local vet and put on intravenous IV fluids and medication. Brutus is now feeling much better and will be traveling to his new foster home this weekend. We can't wait for pictures and updates, now that he is on the mend. Keep checking the website for further details on this boy.

We also heard about a very sweet young German Shepherd/ Husky mix boy. He has been at the shelter for a very long time and was overlooked time and time again for only one reason - he is black. Black dogs can often sit for a very long time, but unfortunately for Champ, his time was also soon coming to an end. Rescue was called upon time and again, but because he probably wouldn't move too quickly, other more adoptable dogs were chosen. Poor Champ....

As luck would have it, we received an application to foster an urgent dog in need. The foster did not care that he was black and probably not the most "desirable" dog. They just wanted to help a dog in need ... and Champ truly needs someone to look at him from the inside, not just for colour. He needs someone to see that all he wants is love and affection.

So, thanks to our new foster home, Champ will get this second chance. Champ is approximately 2 years old, good with cats, dogs and children. He is a little thin and bedraggled right now, but we think he will be looking great in a very short time.

Please keep checking the blog and website for details on Champ as they become available.

As this is the last long weekend of the summer. We, at ANML-RESQ, wish you all a safe and happy holiday!!!

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Sep 3/09

Charlie Update
I received a great update this morning from Taz's dad. Taz arrived home, Bennie and he said their hello's, Taz had something to eat, walk and soon settled for bed. He stayed in his mom and dad's bedroom and paced a bit, but soon settled in and slept all night. He was still snoring when dad woke up to take him for his morning walk. I'm so happy for Taz as I know he is truly a part of a family now!! 

We also received another GREAT update on our boy Charlie. I cannot believe how lucky this boy is. 

It looks like swimming is a regular activity for him. 

I guess it doesn't hurt to have a "hot" little Portuguese Water Dog to persuade you to like swimming.

And check it out ... Charlie is swimming with a 
St. Bernard - AWESOME!!! 

Charlie will soon be going to puppy classes. 
It is very obvious that Charlie is very loved. 

Way to go Charlie!! All of us at ANML-RESQ wish you and your family continued happiness and good times (-:

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Sep 2/09

Taz Going Home 
ANML-RESQ would like to congratulate Darlene Hill for having the winning ticket for the beautiful stained-glass flower pics that Shawna made to help raise funds for our rescues. Thank you Shawna!! Anyone would be proud to own these unique pics. Thanks to Jody Robson of Global Pet in Alliston for drawing the winning ticket for us. Also, many thanks to Global Pet for allowing the stained-glass pics to be displayed in their store. Congratulations Darlene!! 

I had a chance to talk to Roxy's people yesterday. It seems that Roxy has improved substantially in the first 24 hours of being in her new home and her people would like to give it a little time and try to work through some minor issues with her. The first day home was apparently a whirlwind of activity and Roxy was definitely not herself. It is completely understandable. She has gone from a foster home to a brand new environment with LOTS of activity and dogs. Her people will be buying her a gentle leader and hope to improve their walks with her. They find she is very puppy-like in her mannerisms and felt they had given up on her too quickly. With some help and advice, they would like to give it a little time and hopefully resolve any issues they might have with Roxy. We will take it one day at a time and see how our beautiful girl does. So, for now, Roxy is still with her adoptive home and we hope for Roxy's sake that she will be able to stay.

Bringing a dog into your home is always a stressful time for people AND the dogs. There is an adjustment period where dog and owners must get to know each other, new routines to learn and establishing each other in their new pack. We are sending positive thoughts for a successful transition. 

Last night, our big baby boy Tazz has gone to his forever home. We cannot be happier for our boy. He deserves this second chance at life and we think Tazz will be extremely happy in his new home. 

Tazz has a very nice family, two fantastic parents, 4 teenagers to keep him busy, but I suspect that his brother Bennie will keep him the busiest LOL!! 

It was heartwarming to see Tazz jump into their vehicle without being asked as he was READY TO GO!!!! Tazz remembered them from the previous night and it was as though he KNEW they were here to bring him home. No hesitations ... and thank God ... no sad eyes, giving us the guilt trip. Tazz was not looking back - he was moving forward!!

My husband and I will miss this boy very much, but knowing he is going to be so loved and a cherished member of a family makes everything worthwhile.

Congratulations to Tazz and his new family from all of us at ANML-RESQ!!! Don't forget to write and send pictures Tazz!!!!!

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Sep 1/09
Roxy, Taz, Senta and Iris & Friends
We had a little bit of bad news today, as well as some good news.

First with the bad. Our girl Roxy will be returning to her previous foster home. It seems Roxy is not doing well in her new surroundings. There are a lot of doggies in the complex and Roxy seems a little overwhelmed. Roxy has been good in foster care with other dogs. She does play hard and rough, but she plays extremely well with two boxer boy pups and she plays with them almost daily as well as some of the neighbourhood dogs, but it seems in her new surroundings, she is not being as friendly to the dogs she has met. Perhaps it's the stress of a new environment as well as the move from her foster home, who knows. But it means our girl is still looking for her forever home. We don't think an apartment environment is right for this high-energy girl, she will be looking for a home with a fenced-in backyard and a doggy friend or two. 

Now, for the good news. First, our boy Casey has undergone his surgery for double cherry-eye and is recovering beautifully. He will be officially adopted by his new home, as soon as he recovers from his surgery. And, our new girl Iris has also been to the vet. She was in for blood work and a complete check up. We will find out what the test results show in the next few days. One thing we did find out, she is NOT pregnant - YEAH!!! 

Here is a picture of Iris with her foster brothers (one of them being Casey). 

[Love this picture ... it's priceless!]

I also received some good news for our sweetheart Senta. She has an adoption pending - woo hoo!! She is in her new home now and everything is going very well for her. She is very loved and she even has another Rottweiler sister. Both girls are getting along well and Senta is following Gypsy around everywhere. We cannot be happier for Senta, and I know that foster mom had a very difficult time letting Senta go as they have been through so much together. But, I am sure that knowing how much Senta is loved will ease foster moms sadness.

Last, but certainly not least, we did an in-home last night for Taz and I think our boy would be very, very happy living with this family. 

It seemed like "love at first sight" for the ENTIRE family, including Bennie, the cutest little Staffy boy. 

My only worry about the in-home was how Taz and Bennie would get along. It was soon apparent that there was nothing to worry about in that department. 

The boyz hit it off immediately. We were laughing so hard, watching them zoom around the yard, chasing each other. Bennie couldn't get enough of Taz.


We left the in-home with a good feeling. I'm sure they would have welcomed Taz that evening, but I wanted the family to sleep on it, discuss the adoption amongst themselves and give me a call. I have no doubt that Taz will soon be going home. I will keep you posted.

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