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Fred and Wilma's foster mom got a great update from Fred and Wilma's mom. It sounds like these two lucky doggies are getting LOTS of attention and are very spoiled (as they should be). seems that Fred and Wilma have claimed the cats bed!! LOL

Fred and Wilma they have settled in very well, and I think Joel and Jacob are totally in love, they seem to be spending more time with them than I do and I am OK with that. I am still the one to wash their faces daily and to make sure the ears are clean. We have noticed that they like to groom each other. The day at the spa went well they came back soft and smelling good. Wilma is done her meds and both are very perky with the mild weather. 

Jacob likes walking them especially because they don't walk very far. Jacob has alway liked lieing on the floor with the dogs and Fred and Wilma are on board with this they they cuddle up to him. Jess is not impressed that Fred will poop anywhere he wants, I think it is kinda of funny. 

Last weekend I played in a tennis tournament and Fred and Wilma came to watch, they behaved very well considering all the action. We had a tournament picture taken and the other player insisted the they be part of the shot. Many people are surprised that we have only had them a short time. They have melted well into the family and the neighbourhood. 

Have a great weekend! Michele 

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Sep 29/10

Willow Update

We received some pictures to go along with another fantastic update on our girl Willow. 

As you can see, Willow has fit into her new family like a glove and making new friends everyday. 

She is looking very good... her coat is looking nice and shiny and the best part is the BIG smile she has across her face. Mom says her favorite toy is her Kong Air Dog Ball. Congratulations to Willow from all of her friends at ANML-RESQ.

Hi, Willow is doing magnificently! She is settling in very well, Renee. 

Willow was given a clean bill of health; in fact, we were told she is in excellent condition (I must send pics--her coat is now just gorgeous!) 

She is happy and at ease in her new home--she has the run of the place at all times, and is reliably house trained and nondestructive. (Excellent for a rescue dog, eh?) One tends to expect "the worst" from rescues; but experience has taught me that, with love and patience, they will always eventually give you their best. This is happening very quickly with Willow.

Willow is a joy... so affectionate, and such a fun companion both at home and out on walks/hikes and car rides. She is charming the neighbours, and the gardeners are all making a fuss over her. She is in for an exciting weekend. Friends are coming with their dog, so she'll have fun playing with a 4-legged friend. Plus our two daughters who live in London, whom Willow has not yet met, are coming home, so she can meet the rest of "her pack" and be spoiled and loved by even more people. She will be in seventh heaven.

The interaction between Willow and our parrot is quite amusing. The bird has begun to feed Willow little pieces of treats (and sometimes things stolen from me).. This is actually quite amazing, given she has only fed one other dog (our old Golden Retriever, Shira), and generally has refused to share with our other dogs and those of friends and relatives. So we are delighted that the bird clearly likes our new family member, and has accepted and taken to her so quickly. But Willow is exceptionally good around her, so this helps her feel at ease, despite the newness..

Speaking of birds, how is your poor pigeon? Yes, we have been getting a fair amount of rain, plus some pretty nasty thunderstorms. ( Get suspicious if you see an old guy building a big boat and rounding up animals in pairs....) Right now we are enjoying a high of 28 and sunshine, but rain is predicted tonight. I just keep telling myself it's good for the water table....

Hope you are well, and that you have a lovely weekend!

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Sep 28/10


We got another great update on our little girl Riley. As you can see, this little girl has a BIG family and it sounds like she is fitting in like a glove. Furry brothers to protect her and play with her ... what more can a girl ask for?  I must say ... mom has a REAL talent for getting some fantastic pictures!!  

Thank you for the great update and beautiful pictures (aptly titled "All my Children") Caron!!!

We are so happy that Miss Riley is now officially a member of our family. She is such a little sweetheart. Riley couldn’t be more loved.  All of her big brothers think the world of her.  Even the cats are warming up to her.

"All my Children"

Where ever Riley goes, she steals the spot light. And rightly so. Riley is such a joyful addition to our family, we couldn’t be happier. I want to thank everyone at ANML-RESQ for bringing Riley into our lives when we needed her the most.

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Sep 27/10

QMan Update 

Every now and then something happy comes from something sad. Although sometimes it is hard to believe it, it is true. Such is the case with one of our adoptive homes. Just a few short years ago, a wonderful couple adopted my second foster dog, Roxy. At the time they had a beautiful Staffy named Cash. Roxy loved other dogs, as did Cash. Good thing because Roxy had lots of energy to burn. Cash accepted Roxy into his pack and they shared these last few years of his life together. Unfortunately, Cash recently passed away. He was a happy, well loved, old dog. In my opinion that is what you would want to be when your time comes. Cash will be dearly missed by his family, and Roxy. 

I have been fortunate enough to never have to say good-bye to a beloved pet. When the time comes, I picture myself feeling the same way this family did. The house becomes very quiet when you go from having two dogs to only having one. I have lived that a few times when my foster dogs have been adopted. Roxy's Dad contacted me to let me know that they lost Cash and that his family was again interested in rescuing another dog. I know his breed of choice. I put the feelers out and let the rest of the team know that this pre-approved home was ready and waiting to give another wonderful, yet misunderstood pup a beautiful life! If they heard of a Staffy boy that needed a home, they would certainly let me know.

Just a few days later, Quincy, better known as QMan, was smiling at me in a picture. Quincy is not in our program however, through no fault of his own, Quincy had found himself needing a new forever home. This is another wonderful thing about this adoption. Two rescues working together to give another deserving dog, a great life. For me, that is what it is all about. Roxy's Dad and QMan's foster home were introduced and the rest is history! After speaking to each other it was decided that this would be a wonderful spot for Quincy. He would have his very own family to love him and a sister to keep him company. Although there were miles and miles that separated them, arrangements were made for Quincy to fly to his forever home. Distance has never been a hurdle for us, when it comes to placing a good dog into a loving home....we will go the distance to make that happen.

QMan having safely arrived at his new home, met his sister and they played for hours! Dad had to give them a time out at one point because they were playing so hard. So I will say it again, sometimes something sad becomes something happy. Congratulations Quincy! We wish you a wonderful life! 
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Sep 24/10

Peanut Update 

We received a nice update from Peanuts' dad. It seems our little girl is fitting in nicely with her new family. We think she is doing pretty well, considering it's only been a week. Congratulations Peanut!! You have found such an AWESOME home that loves you lots!!! (-:

Hi ladies, Wanted to give you an update on our first week with Peanut.

She is doing really well and has really settled into our little routine. We took her to the cottage this past weekend and I think she loves it there..... she was running around in circles and hopping around all over the place. Got some great pictures that I will post soon. you could tell she was in heaven up there. Her recall is really good with me but not so good with my girls. LOL

When she is running off I can call her and she turns 180 on a dime, rruns up to me and heels by my feet. We have even let her out of the front door of our house and she sticks around and will come to me when I call her. We are really happy about that. Her walking on a leash is getting better everyday.....she gets hyper early in our walk but after a few minutes she walks by our side most of the time. A couple of things we have discovered about her are that she is much younger than we thought she is. We have a feeling that she is just over a year old maybe a year and a half??

She also signs of abuse.....she has gotten into a couple of things like the garbage and also destroyed my girls back packs and lunch bags... didnt touch the food though..... this was done when she was left alone for only a short while, during the days when she is left alone for long periods she has been awesome. As you know we don't crate her but we do slose the kitchen off to her now. where her signs of abuse are noticeable are when we come into the house after she has been "bad".... she crawls on her belly, tail between her legs, head low and completely submissive.... and this is before we have even seen anything she has done. All it takes is a low authoritative voice and she is running in the opposite direction. Poor girl has it rough. 

Other than those couple things so far she is very sweet and very well behaved and the family loves her to death :) ~ Jay

P.S. Also forgot to mention that she accidentally had her first swim. LOL We were by the river and I tossed a stick in the water to see what she would do..... she shows no fear of the water but didnt expect to fall in over the edge of the drop off..... she was a little in shock but she can swim. :) And it didnt scare her off as she still went into the water up to her chest and seemed to like it. she will be swimming by next summer when we are all in the water. :)

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Sep 23/10

Human Greetings

Have you ever wondered what your dog thinks about some of the ways we "humans" greet them?  I am sure we have all thought about some of the strange looks we get when we greet our dogs...I know I have.  

I found this blog to be very informative, funny and entertaining. Here is a conversation between a man (Kevin) and his dog Gavin....ENJOY...»
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Sep 22/10


I don't know if it's due to the "strange" weather we have had all year, or if this virus has reared it's ugly head, but I have now heard of several dogs this year being diagnosed with leptospirosis. 

This is a deadly virus and it hits fast and hard. It is imperative that an infected animal sees a vet IMMEDIATELY or it could take a dog's life very quickly. 

Please read about this subject on and be vigilant with your dogs. Vaccinated or not, it could affect them. There are over 100 strains of this virus and dogs are only vaccinated against a few of those strains. 

On a much brighter note though, we have more pictures of our beautiful boy Timber. 

As you can see, like Smooch, this boy is growing bigger by the day. We can't wait to see how handsome he will be when he is full grown. 

Mom reports that he is getting along great with her other doggies and providing hours of laughter and entertainment for their entire pack. Way to go Timber!!!
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Sep 21/10


We are happy to show off our newest little rescue girl. Her name is Molly and we are thrilled that we were able to take her into foster care. Little Molly was found straying and sadly no one came to claim her. We couldn't believe that such an adorable little girl would be looking for a new home. 

Little Molly has been to see the vet today. They estimate her age to be 1 to 1˝ years old. She is in good health, although she was in need of a good grooming. We are still getting to know her and she will need to be spayed, but I thought I would give everyone a sneak peak of our sweet little girl.

Here she is, pictured with her foster sister. Look at the smile on both of their faces. Foster mom reports Molly is full of life and such a fun-loving girl. She loves everyone she meets and greets them with a wag and a great big smile. Keep checking the blog for updates on our little Miss Molly (-:

I thought I would also share a good news link with you all....ENJOY...»
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Sep 20/10

Sir Lancelot 

We had another pleasant surprise when we heard on Friday that little Riley's foster family have fallen head-over-heels for this sweet puppy. Riley gets her sweetness honestly though, because she is Peanut's puppy and Peanut was not only a good mother, she is also a happy-go-lucky girl that loves everyone she meets, including her doggie friends. 

Riley is a very lucky girl to have been chosen by her foster family. Her new family have a couple of doggie friends for Riley to grow up with too. Here she is pictured with her brother Jack. I LOVE this picture...what a pair of cutie-pies. Congratulations to Caron, Tom and Riley... and your fur-brothers too!

We are also looking for a foster home for a very handsome and very intelligent rotti boy named Lance (Sir Lancelot). This stunning boy is 2 years old and neutered. We are looking for a large-breed experienced home, preferably with a fenced in yard. Lance loves a good time in the yard playing with a ball. Lance loves to be with people, however small children are not recommended. 

Click here to enlarge...

Lance has also got an extensive repertoire of tricks he can perform...he is a VERY smart dog. He may have issues with other dogs, although he has not displayed any issues with dogs while he has been at the shelter. Lance is also on a special diet for his colitis and since at the shelter he has not had any bouts. Lance is getting urgent now and we would really like to help him. We need an experienced foster home and ask that you contact us immediately if you could be that home.
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Sep 17/10


In all the excitement of last week, with all of our adoptions and the good news to share, I have finally got a chance to tell you about one day last week. 

It has been very wet and damp out for the most part last week, so a little less time spent outside and more indoors. I had been alerted a couple of times during the day by my dogs that something strange was wandering around in the area. I looked in the direction my dogs were looking and I noticed a dog, running down our road. This happened a few times during the day. I thought perhaps the dog was owned by the new neighbours that recently moved in down the road, and felt a little perturbed they would allow their dog to run the roads. We don't get a lot of traffic, but people really speed down the road - that worries me. Farmers also don't like strange dogs near their livestock.

After the third time seeing him go past, I went out and called out to him as he swiftly passed by. He stopped, turned and looked at me. I could tell from a distance that he was apprehensive, but my approach was subtle...I coaxed him gently to come over. You cannot imagine my surprise when he neared - he was only a puppy!!! A very BIG puppy, but a baby, none the less. 

I coaxed him onto our porch and gated the area so he couldn't get out. I was going to wait for his owners to return from work and I was going to march over and have a chat with them. I saw the neighbours finally return home and drove up with puppy in tow to see if they were missing their family pet. It turns out that he was NOT their dog, but they had in fact witnessed someone drive by and dump the pup out on the side of the road... barely slowing down to eject him. The neighbours ran to their vehicles and tried to follow the car, but they lost them. 

So, this is how this beautiful baby ended up on our road... abandoned... lost... looking for his owners, but no one was looking for him. I was SO angry when I realized what had happened. If this babe would have been out in the elements here, at this time of year, he never would have survived the night. The bears are eating ferociously, the coyotes and wolves are all doing the same. They are gaining calories to sustain themselves for the winter. Well, it seems we had another rescue that desperately needed a home. 

The phone calls and emails went out to our volunteers and that evening we were able to secure a foster home for this handsome fellow. I knew in my heart that this little boy would be ADORED by foster mom. I even had a s-n-e-a-k-i-n-g suspicion she might even fail fostering- but we would cross that hurdle, if we got there (-; 

This gentle boy stayed with us for a few days. He hung out with our Bud and Tegra. He made himself at home for the most part, but still seemed to be unsettled. It won't be long little guy - then you'll be going to a wonderful home to hang with some doggy friends.

I had arranged to a volunteer to meet my husband a few days later and bring him to a kennel in her area for a couple of days until transport could be arranged on the weekend. I told foster mom the plans and I guess it should have come as no surprise to me that she would hear nothing of him going to a kennel. She made the long trip up, after work to meet my husband who was carrying her precious cargo (-:

Well, long story short - the minute foster mom laid eyes on him.... she was HOOKED! I am so happy to say that this little boy dumped has been officially adopted by his loving foster mom and dad. Congratulations to Carolina, Mike and Timber!!!!
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Sep 16/10

Next Wave of Updates

More updates of some of our happily adopted. As you can see, our once starved, neglected and abused puppy is looking GOOD and growing like a weed. 

Smooch's mom has been keeping us up to date with Smooch's progress and we are thrilled to be able to watch this fellow grow before our eyes.

We also received some GREAT pictures from Sonja's family.

Here she enjoys her summer vacation with her loving family and enjoying every minute of her life!! Sonja looks AMAZING!!! 

Keep up the good work and keep those updates coming ...
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Sep 15/10


From time to time we come across a heartbreaking situation. This is one of those situations. This senior girl has found herself in need of a home. She has been living a quiet, secluded life with her caring owner and her life is about to come crashing down on her, through no fault of her own...nor her owners. 

Her owner must leave her home due to a serious illness and sadly cannot take her companion with her. ANML-RESQ would like to help this sweet girl through a very rough time in her life, and perhaps give her owner some peace of mind. We NEED to find a home that can take this matronly girl and provide her with the love and compassion she will need to overcome the trauma of this drastic change that will soon take place. We do not want Millie to go through the emotional stress of losing her home and sent to a shelter. PLEASE, help us to help Millie in her time of need.

URGENT need for Senior Beauty. We have had a request to find a home for a 8 year old brindle female pitbull who is legal in Ontario. Due to family circumstances this wonderful girl requires a new home to call her own. She is past the hyper puppy stage, the long nights of house training and just needs a soft warm bed to rest her head. Millie has been living in a home without other animals or children so we are not sure how she will be. Probably best to find her a quieter, calmer environment to retire happily. If you have a soft spot for the seniors and need a huge happy smile to come home to and hang out with, then Millie is your gal. Time is of the essence in this situation otherwise Millie might end up in a shelter where she will be forgotten about. No senior deserves that ending to her life ... contact us now if you want to help give Millie what she deserves.

millie1.jpg (71614 bytes)

Again, this is a VERY urgent situation, so if you can help, or know of someone that can, please have them contact us immediately.
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Sep 14/10

Flex Update 

Wow, we have so many updates, I don't know where to begin. The last couple of weeks have been such a whirlwind of activity... not only for new adoptions but also updates on some of our past adoptions. 

First, we begin with the new.... a picture of our Fred and Wilma, pictured with their forever family. 

These two lucky doggies went home on Sunday and we know they will be loved and cherished in their new home. Congratulations Fred and Wilma. You deserve this wonderful home to call your own. 

Now for some pictures from some of our happily homes alumni. Can you guess who this handsome fellow is, with the BIG, BIG smile????

It's our handsome boy Flex!!! Here he is, pictured with his loving mom. No wonder he has such a big smile.... he is truly loved and we have no doubt spoiled by mom and dad. And here is a picture of Flex... patiently waiting for his "cue" to "take it".... WOW!!! Patience will get you EVERYWHERE!!! 

I LOVE the look in his face... you can just see the little "devil" in those eyes. 

Another beautiful update and picture of our Sadie (3 legged white shepherd). This beautiful girl didn't even make it to our website for adoption. 

Foster mom had just taken her in and quite by coincidence, ran into a wonderful lady who already had a male white Shepherd and was looking for another addition to their family. 
In the picture (above) is Sadie and her handsome brother Koda. Aren't they beautiful??

And of course, a picture of our lover-boy, Carter. Mom and dad purchased a new duck (toy) for Carter and his sister Baby... but it seems that Carter has decided that BOTH ducks were his LOL....

I think his sister is "allowing" him to take her toys, because I know for a fact, if Baby wanted it, she WOULD have it. (-:

Thank you to EVERYONE for sending pictures and updates. PLEASE keep them coming - we love to see them!!!!
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Sep 10/10

Adoption Update

As you all know, we have had such an incredible week at ANML-RESQ. As far as I can remember, we have never had so many adoptions in one week. Last week, our Willow went home, midweek. We've had a couple of great updates from Willow's mom. She is settling in nicely and getting to know her new family better. Mom has promised pictures as soon as she figures out her new digital camera (-:

The adoption of Smokey has been the talk of ANML-RESQ. Our boy has been with us for such a long time, patiently waiting for someone to love him (other than his foster home). That wait was truly worth it. Look at this picture of Smokey and his new family. 

He looks SO proud in this picture because he knows that HE was chosen by this wonderful family. We are all going to miss you Smokey...but we know you'll be a very happy boy and hope to get lots and lots of updates!! Your new life is JUST beginning. Happy trails little buddy!!!

We also had another unexpected surprise. We had been working on a wonderful application for our girl Peanut. 

All reference checks were done and in-home complete. However, we thought with this application only being firmed up on Saturday, that Peanut would be waiting another week before her adoption. 

HOWEVER, her very excited family couldn't wait until next weekend, so they made the long trip up to Peanuts foster home on Sunday and picked their little girl up to take her home. 

Congratulations Peanut!!!! We look forward to many updates and pictures - woohoo!

Our beautiful Bassets, Fred and Wilma also went home on Sunday and we should be getting pictures as well of their home-coming. Please stay tuned this week for picture of Fred and Wilma with their new family members.

All in all ... a FANTASTIC week for our wonderful doggies (-: We've also had some nice pictures of past adoptors, which will be included in one of this weeks blogs as well.

Don't forget that we still have tickets on that beautiful camera and software ... deadline to purchase is midnight Sep 19th... get your tickets today.
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Sep 10/10

Freddie 'The Freeloader' 

A few weeks ago, I had a visitor show up on our front porch. When I went out the front door, I was welcomed by this magnificent looking bird. I thought for sure he would fly off... instead he stood his ground and watched as I left the porch. I went about my business and returned about a half hour later and he was still there. I decided to introduce myself and I was thrilled to watch his head bob back and forth as if trying to understand what I was saying to him. Hmm, this bird was TOO friendly and TOO beautiful, not to belong to someone. I knew he was a pigeon, but I had never seen a pigeon with this kind of colouring. 

Click to enlarge...

I thought perhaps he was a homing pigeon and felt that he was probably taking a well-deserved rest before continuing his long journey home. I assumed wrong. LOL Days turned into weeks and everyday, Freddie 'The Freeloader' would show up about 8 am and continue to perch on the porch until about 7 pm (occasionally leaving, but always returning) - then he would disappear for the night. Of course, I started feeding him (maybe that's why he's not leaving! LOL)

I noticed a very unusual thing about Freddie. When he took flight, he would literally zoom WAY UP into the air and start doing back flips, dips and dives. I stood in awe... stunned and amused at the same time. Was he showing off for me? or was there something wrong with this bird??  With the help of a friend, some phone calls and research, it turns out that we have ourselves what is called a Roller Pigeon... this one being a Red Mottled Rolling Pigeon.... WOW - fancy name for a very fancy bird. 

After researching this breed, I came to realize that his rolling and tumbling in mid-air was NOT an act of lunacy, but rather their natural instinct to tumble and roll. Our Freddie was an acrobat and an entertainer!! 

After finding out his breed, I thought for sure someone would be missing this fine bird. I made calls to all the local pigeon fanciers... homing pigeons, race pigeons and we went to the local feed mill and pet shops to see if anyone reported a bird missing. Unfortunately, Freddie has no leg ring, therefore impossible to find his owner. After many phone calls, I was very disappointed to find that no one was missing Freddie. Sooooo, it looks like we have another member to add to our family... a beautiful feathered friend 'Freddie' who I am sure will provide us with years of entertainment. 

Ending the week, all of us at ANML-RESQ are thrilled that 3 of our adoptables will be going home this weekend. Once again, congratulations to Smokey, Wilma and Fred and of course our Willow who went home earlier this week. 
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Sep 9/10

Amazing Couple of Weeks has been an amazing couple of weeks for us here at ANML-RESQ. We have more wonderful news again this week.

Our beautiful girl Willow has gone to her forever home. Her very anxious family were up bright and early yesterday and ready for their long journey to pick up their little princess. We have heard from Willow's new family already.... they had a safe journey, Willow was good in the vehicle on her ride home. We are all so very happy for young Willow, once found abandoned, rescued by an angel, taken under her wing. With a little help from ANML-RESQ we have all succeeded in helping this young beauty into her new life and forever family. Special thanks to Sindee for caring enough to "do something" for a little lost dog. Congratulations Willow, from all of your friends at ANML-RESQ!!!

We also have some VERY exciting news for one of our adoptables. He has waited patiently for a very long time to find his forever home. We have always said that for those that wait the LONGEST... they wait for the best, and this is definately the case for our handsome boy Smokey. 

He met with his potential adoptive family a couple of days ago and we have to say... he had a "HECK OF A WELCOMING PARTY" waiting for Smokey's arrival. He felt like a "star" entering this home, with so many people anxiously awaiting his arrival. His potential family was of course there as well as his soon to be grandmother (-: ...his neighbours and friends... WOW! It does NOT get any better than this!!! 

Smokey will be going home this Friday - YEAH!!! Smokey... you will FINALLY be going home!! Way to go handsome!! We knew there was a family out there for you! Happy trails from all of your friends and family at ANML-RESQ. 

Last, but DEFINATELY not least... our two beautiful bassets, Wilma and Fred will ALSO be going home this weekend - wooohoo!! Their potential family visited with them last weekend. It was love at first sight for both Fred, Wilma and their new adoptive parents. 

Good luck to all 4 of our very lucky furkids. I am sure there will be LOTS of updates in the next little while and we will be sharing them all as we receive them.

It has been an INCREDIBLE week for our rescue!! Many thanks to all of our AMAZING fosters, Carolina, Christine and Sindee, who are all thrilled with their foster babies, as we are!! 
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Sep 7/10

Long Weekend Update 

I hope everyone enjoyed the last long weekend of the summer. I know the weather wasn't the best in a lot of areas, but there is something about that last long weekend that makes you want to kick up your feet and enjoy, no matter what the weather.

We had a great visit with one of our boys this weekend. He arrived on Friday with his little puppy in tow. It turned into quite an exciting and eventful weekend. LOL The little guy had my big dogs running for cover and my smaller ones completely wound up. 

Here is a picture of our Tegra, who after numerous warnings to STOP DIGGING IN HER YARD... she finally had to take action. She gave little Duke a complete talking to and, as you can see... he FINALLY got the message (-:

But I have saved the best news for last!!! 

We are THRILLED to announce that our beautiful girl Willow has found her forever home. She went to meet her potential family on Saturday and we heard from Willow that she... TOTALLY APPROVES of her new family !!! (-: It was love at first sight, not just for Willow, but her anxiously awaiting family. 

Willow will be going home on Wednesday to a very excited and happy family. We know that Willow is also very excited about the big day.... she is finally going home!! Woohooo!!! I am sure we will get lots of pictures and updates and will pass them along as we get them.

Congratulations to Willow and her new family from all of us at ANML-RESQ. 
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Sep 3/10

Peanut Recovery Update 

We end the week with an update from our girl Peanut. She is recovering nicely from her spay surgery and seems has fallen right back into the routine of "family life". What a girl!! She is such a doll...everyone that meets her falls in love. Here is an update from Peanut's foster mom, Allie...

Me again...

Thanks everyone for your well wishes for Peanut. I think I may have been more upset at the loss of the pups than Peanut was. Although it is sad, in my opinion, it is best, as there is a huge overpopulation of pets. However, I was afraid that Peanut would come back depressed at the loss of her pups. I was wrong. Maybe she didn't even know yet. She is the same happy goofy dog she was when she left. Maybe even a little more goofy now :) Everyone in the pack is back together again and it is as if Brie and Little Man know that there is no rough play with her for a few days. They all said hello but no one got rambunctious as they usually do. As I sit and write this update they are all laying quietly in their own little spot, enjoying each others company. Time after time it amazes me the wonderful dogs we get from such terrible places. Peanut is well on her way to a great forever life!

Our Wilma is also recovering nicely from her emergency surgery. Her stitches will be removed today, much to foster mom's relief (and Wilma's too). Wilma is back to her usual laid-back, cuddly self and we are thrilled she made it through this life threatening situation.

Have a GREAT LONG WEEKEND everyone!! Drive safe and enjoy the last long weekend before kids go back to school. 
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Sep 2/10

Introducing Malana

Introducing our newest adoptable - Malana!! This girl is a true couch potato, her favourite pastime is snuggling. Malana is good with larger dogs, but has a high prey-drive... so small dogs and cats are a no-no for her. 

She has no aggression towards people whatsoever, no food or possession.  An all around good dog who needs to find a "responsible" owner. The Argentine Dogo is a fairly rare breed, we don't often hear of them.  Here is a link to tell you a bit more about them and what kind of owner we are looking for [].

Malana is a 2.5 year old, pure-bred Argentine Dogo. She is a lovely dog and companion who would like nothing more then to curl up on your lap in your favorite chair, despite her size which she occasionally forgets sometimes. She is friendly with other large dogs and plays nicely. She has very good table manners and is very smart and obedient. Malana loves going for her walks and does leaps and bounds at the sight of her leash. Her current family saved her from a hard life outside but is unable to provide for her long term. 

She needs to find a forever family that can show her love and respect the way she deserves it, can you help? Because of her size and strength we will not be accepting applications from families with small dogs, cats or young children. Malana is spayed, up to date on shots and clean in the house. Please contact us today for more information, or to fill out an application please visit Welcome Malana!!
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Sep 1/10

Peanut Update

Our young girl Peanut went to the vet's yesterday to be spayed. We were all so happy that she was finally being altered ... no longer would she have to bare puppies. We know of one litter she has had - Riley being a product of that litter.  It is very possible she has had more litters in her short life.

You could not imagine our shock when we found out today (while Peanut had undergone spay) that she was once again pregnant. What???  So soon after having a litter? Her puppies were only 10 weeks old? Sadly, no one had any idea she was pregnant. She was vaccinated about 10 days prior which very likely would have caused severe health issues, if not death for her puppies, had they come to maturity. 

However, we hope that Peanut's story will help to convince people to PLEASE spay or neuter your pets. Animals (both dogs and cats) that are allowed to roam free in an unaltered state will mate often in a year. This only brings about unwanted litters, often mothers raising their young on the streets, foraging for food. This is not a life for a dog.

For Peanut, her new life started yesterday. We promised Peanut ... 'no more babies for you! You are still a baby yourself.  You should be enjoying life in a home where you are loved and will want for nothing. Our second promise to you will be to find you that home!!!'

Peanut will be going home today to a very anxious foster mom!!  All of us at ANML-RESQ wish you a speedy recovery Peanut!

I thought you might enjoy reading this interesting article from KC Blog ... some very interesting findings!!
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