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Sep 30/11

BSL Rally Tomorrow - Tomorrow there is a rally sponsored by 'ONTARIO DOGS VOTE - Anti-BSL Rally' - Support Hersheys Bill - Saturday, October 1 from 4pm - 7pm at Queens Park, Toronto. (South Lawn in front of Main Entrance). This will be the last rally before Ontario Votes, we must support Cheri DiNovo and her Bill to repeal BSL in Ontario. Agenda: Meet and Greet 4:00 - 4:45 pm - Speakers and Music 4:45 - 6:00 SPEAKERS INCLUDE; MPP Cherri DiNovo, Dr. David Kreadon, Toronto Humane Society President, Marcie Laking and more! Dogs are welcome but must be in compliance with all city by-laws "Pittie & Pals" walk led by the Pit Bull Co-Op from 6pm to 7pm. Other speakers to be announced soon.

And, we are thrilled to end the week with another happy tail (-: Our big and beautiful girl Maggie went to her fur-ever home last night. We cannot be happier for Miss Maggie (-: And as you can see, her new mom Debby is all smiles and brother Nicholas will have a new friend. 

Many thanks to Christine and family for taking this big girl into their home and keeping her safe until we could find the best family for her. Congratulations Maggie!! All of your friends at ANML-RESQ wish you much happiness in your new life.

All paws crossed for Pippin this weekend. She is going for a meet 'n greet this weekend. If everyone falls in love, hopefully Pippin will also be on her way to her fur-ever home. All paws crossed for you Pippin!!

We have been asked as well to help another sweetheart out of the shelter. He has been there for quite some time and for some reason, he was overlooked. We don't know a lot about Reno ... more information to follow, i.e., age, breed mix, but as you can see he is very, very cute. 

Reno is also good with dogs. If you know of anyone that could foster him, please get in touch with us. We would love to help Reno be one of the lucky ones and find his perfect fur-ever home.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
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Sep 29/11

Fungal Disease - Often times our dogs can contract a disease and symptoms which can often mimic other diseases. Here is a good link with information that can be life-saving IF you are aware of some of the dangers.

'“Blasto” is a fungal disease found in humans, dogs, oc-casionally cats, and other mammals. It is often misdiagnosed as a viral infection or cancer. Your dog would most likely get it by inhaling spores from the Blasto­myces dermatitidis fungus. Blastomycosis grows in the environment as a mould, in warm, acid sandy soils and rotted wood near water. It thrives in the body as a yeast.

Blastomycosis is thought to be found mostly in North America. The most-frequent cases in Canada have been reported in Kenora, Ont., and along the shores of Georgian Bay, especially around Point au Baril and Sans Souci. In the U.S., cases have been profiled in both humans and animals in northern Wisconsin, especially around the Eagle River, and in the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio River valleys, and Minnesota.'

I think we should be aware of some of the "little known" dangers that can reek havoc on our beloved dogs. The disease called blastomycosis is a life-threatening disease and the more informed we are, hopefully, the quicker we can have a diagnosis. 
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Sep 28/11

Lorenzo - I thought I would share this beautiful message from a foster mom to her prohibited puppy. It never gets easier for any of us to love these sweet, loyal and innocent babes and then have to set them on a plane - never to be seen again. Here is Lorenzo's foster mom's message to her baby Lorenzo. 

Dear Enzo,

I wish you could understand how hard we are all fighting for you, how desperately I wish you could stay. But long before you were born, politicians decided that an entire group of dogs, banded together by their looks alone, must be extinguished. How blatantly unfair it is that politicians have decided that because of the way you look you are too dangerous to stay in Ontario. You already show such promise and have so much potential. In the right hands you could be anything; an agility athlete, an autism dog, a therapy dog, a dog who helps children learn to read. But if you do grow up and become such an ambassador, it will not be within our province. How glad I am that the rest of Canada has opened their hearts to wonderful dogs like you. They are the lucky ones.

I wish you could understand how humans can be so short sighted. We created your kind, we shaped you over years of selective breeding to become the dog you are today; steadfast in your loyalty, generous with your affection, tenacious against dangers, and sadly, in true terrier fashion, sometimes aggressive with other dogs. We created a breed of dog that would fight to the death for our entertainment--a trait which goes against every living beings natural instincts. What other creatures on earth kill for pleasure? Only the ones who have been touched by ignorant, careless, selfish humans. And now, rather than accepting our mistakes, finding a solution to the problem, our politicians have decided your dog aggression will one day cross over into human aggression. Perhaps it's our guilt, speaking from our subconscience that causes us to think that you could ever be as dangerous to us as we are to you.

And so our politicians refuse to acknowledge that our attempts are creating a vicious dog have failed. That despite being the most scapegoated dog on the earth, you shine with your unwavering devotion, your uninhibited affection. That despite the cruelty, the ignorance and the abuse that you have suffered, the idea that you are a danger to humans is frankly absurd. And yet, fear-mongering politicians have found in you a villain. A danger lurking in the shadows against whom they can introduce legislation and save the day. We created your ancestors to be aggressive towards their own kind, and once we succeeded, we realized our mistake and in response, we've started a systematic program of extinction. 

Those of us lucky enough to have met you understand the truth, Enzo, and this is why we fight. We remember that our grandparents were often left in the care of your ancestors, the nanny-dogs. We understand that we are more dangerous than you. We have been shown your rock-solid loyalty and have been humbled, knowing that humans have never been capable of such a noble feat. We watched Sgt. Stubby fight along side our soldiers. We fondly recall Petey watching over the Little Rascals. 

So when I put you on a plane, little Enzo, it isn't because I didn't want you anymore. I did, very much. I see your potential, I know how great you could be. When I put you on a plane, and watch you fly out of this province, it is to save your life. And you will take a little piece of my heart with you, for I understand that while you would never hurt a human, if you were to stay, the humans would surely hurt you. ~ Love, Your Foster Mom.

We can only hope and pray to have this ridiculous law over-turned ... until then, we must endure the heartbreak of setting them free.
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Sep 27/11

Rocky Update - We received some pictures and an awesome update from Rocky a.k.a. L'il Duke and Jake's mom. 

Hi Ladies, We finally got out computer back up and running and I thought I would let you know how the boys (Jake & Rocky) are doing . Well Rocky has settled in nicely the first 4 days it was a bit crazy as they Never stopped And Jake forgot all his commands he was totally deaf but his hearing is back now then on Sunday Rocky got stung by a bee but all was good in 2 days a little benadryl and some extra cuddling and he was fine he never complained it was more was really just to make me feel better.

Jake is so good to Rocky , Rocky will have food in his bowl but Jake takes food out of his bowl and drops in front of Rocky for him to Eat and when they play and Rocky is tired he goes to bed or just falls asleep where he is and Jake leaves him alone most of the time.. Jake will also just go over and just kiss Rocky .

Jack calls Jake a snitch because if they are in the yard and Rocky is in my Garden Jake will come to the back door or look in the family room window and when you go to the door or speak to him at the window he runs away so then one of us goes out to have a look and there is Rocky in the garden and Jake just standing off to the side it's like Jake is say see I told you you're not suppose to be in there. Today we went on our real first walk and Rocky was really good we practised in the backyard a few times because the first time we tryed on my Rocky wasn't having any part of it so I had Jake pulling in one way because he wanted to go and Rocky lying on the ground pulling the other way if anybody had been watching or a video camera they would have been laughing for sure. 

He has really won the hearts of everyone in the house or in my family just like Jake has both my Son & my middle Daugher came home last weekend so excieted to meet him we are really glad we have then both Thanks again for letting us adopt them . I have attached 1 picture and will send a few more one at a time for you to see how well he has adjusted. ~ Fiona & Jack, Jake , Rocky 

As you can see, the boyz are "thick as thieves" and having a wonderful time together. It is so nice to get updates and pictures - thank you Fiona and Jack for loving these boys!!! (-:
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Sep 26/11

Shadow Update - What a fantastic weekend we had!! Our beautiful girl Sheibra was adopted this weekend. We had hoped it would be "love and first sight" and it was (-: Sheibra went home with her mom and dad, Gina and Mark and things are going well. Gina has promised pictures and updates soon - Congratulations Sheibra!! We wish you all the happiness you deserve. We would also like to thank Michelle, her guardian angel for loving her and keeping her until the perfect home could be found.

We also got our boy Shadow, who's time had run out at the shelter. He arrived in his foster home on Saturday and from all we are hearing, he is a REAL sweetheart. These pictures and update are of Shadow's first day with Dave and Georgia.

Hi Renee, Shadow did very well last night, settled down on his bed & except for the snoring once or twice he slept through until morning. We had a good run (squirrel) in the yard before breakfast. He had 1 & 1/2 cups of kibble, 1/2 lbs of Georgia's ground chicken with a scrambled egg and it went fast. They hung out in the kitchen while I made a pot of stew for the weeks dinner then went for a good walk to the park. I trimmed his nails with the grinder, what a champ. No problems at all, just pulled his paw back once or twice. 

After lunch I got caught up on some stuff outside around the house the dogs behaved laying at the door waiting for me. About 3:30 we took a drive to the dog park. Shadow was great, he was so happy to be off leash he ran for a good 15 minute before drinking a bowl of water and laying in the shade. He was very calm with everyone human & Canine, and seem to really enjoy himself. When we got home they both had a nap in the front hall on the tile floor. For supper he had some fresh stew mixed with a cup of kibble, drizzled with the Herring fish oil. He cleans him bowl well. 

I am just finishing laundry for the week (stupid smart meters) & getting ready for tomorrow. I tried to use the crate, as soon as he saw it he ran away and balled up on his bed. I think he has had a bad experience at some point. Shadow seem very well adjusted in the house and I think he will be fine until I come home at noon to check on him. Georgia will be at her daycare tomorrow & I will pick her up before I take Shadow to the vets. Oops, got side tracked & then nodded off. Guess I'll let them out & then to bed. I will update again tomorrow. ~ Dave

We are so happy that this fun-loving, good natured boy has a second chance. Thanks to Dave and Georgia for opening their hearts and home to this wonderful boy (-: 
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Ann Marie Miller said she didn't want any gifts for her 6th Birthday ... she wanted to help dogs in need through 
ANML-RESQ instead. 


Sep 23/11

Sheibra Update - All of us at ANML-RESQ are pretty excited about this weekend. Today, is Sheibra's meet and greet - all parts crossed it is "love at first sight" for Sheibra and her potential adoptors (-: If all goes well, we will have updates next week!!

Also, this weekend, our big boy Shadow will be landing in his foster home. Once again, many thanks to the people that are taking the time from their weekend schedule to transport this fellow to safety. He has a long transport ahead of him, and we cannot wait for his arrival. Many thanks to Dave for offering his home to this deserving boy. Also, thanks to Mike for meeting the transport and bringing Shadow to his foster dad, Dave. Updates on Shadow to follow next week.

We thought we would end off the week with some more cute puppy pics. These are pics of L'il Duke and Jake on their meet and greet last week. 

Unfortunately, their mom's computer is on the 'fritz', so we will have to wait for further pics and updates when she is back online.

I will leave you with some food for thought on Dog Star Daily - have a GREAT weekend everyone!!
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Sep 22/11

Shadow Update - We have some good news for Shadow, the big black dog who's time had almost run out. We are thrilled to say that Shadow will be fostered by our very own Georgia and Dave!! Thank you both for offering your home to this special boy who so urgently needed help. Georgia will have a handsome young boy to flirt with and share her daddy Dave with as well (-: We are all looking forward to updates from daddy Dave. 

We are also sending positive thoughts out on Friday morning for our girl Shiebra. She will be meeting on Friday morning with her potential new family ... so ALL PAWS crossed the meeting goes well (-: 

Also, we have another great post from our friends at Dog Star Daily. Another good read (-:
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Sep 21/11

Dog Trainers - I'm sure we touched on the subject of "dog trainers" from time to time. It is often a very touchy subject as most people that enlist a trainer, to help them with their issues, are often unsure of how to help their dogs and feel that a "trainer" would definitely know what they are talking about. 

Again, if you enlist the help of a trainer (for which you pay good money), and they apply methods that make you uncomfortable or uneasy - WALK AWAY!!! If you are cringing at their methods - just think how your dog must be feeling? There are methods of training that do not inflict pain or discomfort. That is the type of trainer you want to seek out. 

Here are a couple of link that may open your eyes to the irreparable damage that some of these methods can cause. The first link, Another Potential Dangerous Dog Trainer is a long read but worth reading in full. And here is another link to One trainer's path to change.

Another good tip!!! If the trainer you employ insists your dog stays with them for a period to train - AGAIN - walk away! Training is meant for both owner and dog! If you cannot be there for the dog's training - what exactly are they doing to your dog that you should not see?
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Sep 20/11

Ann Marie - ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario would like to thank one of our youngest supporters' for her kindness and generosity.

This past weekend was Ann Marie's 6th birthday and Ann Marie requested that donations be sent to ANML-RESQ in lieu of birthday gifts. What a thoughtful gesture from such a young person. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help and support, Ann Marie, and for all the rescues in our care (-:

And here is an update of our little Pippin. As you can see - she is having the time of her life with big brothers, Timber, Dallas and Tynan. 

Nothing like a fun time running through the mud!! I am sure foster mom Carolina had a fun time too ... hosing down the pack LOL
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Sep 19/11

URGENT - I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Now, we get back down to the business of rescue (-: We are in URGENT need of a foster home for a very sweet, happy-go-lucky boy named Shadow. 

Shadow was found straying and sadly no one has come forward to claim him. We cannot understand why! Shadow is a BIG BLACK DOG with so much love to give. He finally had a chance to go for a walk after 2 LONG weeks of confinement and he was SO happy to get out, put his feet on the grass and he even got a chance to play with many dogs. 

Shadow loves ALL dogs, big or small ... he loves them all. Considering he hadn't been out of his pen for 2 weeks, after the initial "pulling" of excitement, he quickly fell into pace and Shadow walked very well on leash. Shadow's time is up at the shelter this coming Saturday (Sept.24), so please - if you or anyone you know can help us by fostering this happy boy, please contact us ASAP!!! Shadow is VERY URGENT!!!

Our Honey Bee also flew out this weekend to Nova Scotia where she will finally be safe! We hope for pictures and updates as soon as our little girl settles in with her foster family which we will post at a later time. Don't forget to get the word out for Shadow with your friends and family! Thanks everyone!
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Sep 16/11

Dogs - It's Friday - YEAH!!! We've been keeping busy again this week and have some more news to tell everyone.

First, our baby boy, L'il Duke has been adopted!! We are so thrilled for him. He has found a wonderful forever family and our Jake (aka Jack) has a new baby brother to pester (or should I say, get pestered by) hahaha Congratulations to L'il Duke for finding such a kind and caring family. We hope for lots of pictures and updates as we watch L'il Duke grow, just as we have Jake (-:

Our beautiful girl, Honey Bee will also be flying this weekend to her new province, Nova Scotia. It is such a shame that she has to leave this province. Foster mom and dad are completely smitten with her. She fit in so nicely with her entire foster family, 2 and 4 legged. Everyone will miss her when she leaves. 

Safe trip Honey Bee!! If only you could stay and live your life here in Ontario, sadly, that is not a safe option, and you deserve SO much more. We cannot wait for pictures and updates and thank our friends, once again in Nova Scotia for giving these wonderful dogs a "second chance" at life.

We would also like to introduce you to our baby girl, Pippin who is posted on our adoptables page, as well as two very handsome Husky mixes, Boa and Zeus who we have posted as a courtesy. 

Pippin Boa Zeus

Both wonderful boys, around 2-3 years old, neutered, walk well on leash, etc. Have a GREAT weekend everyone! 
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Sep 15/11

Dog Behaviour - I found this great article on Dogs In Canada blog and I have to say, I think Gillian Ridgeway has hit the nail on the head.

As much as we love and adore our dogs, we really need to set boundaries and rules, without them, the dog will most certainly try to take over. This can lead to some pretty bad behaviour in future, so no matter how young your dog is ... start them off on the right foot. They look up to and respect the owner that sets boundaries for them. It is absolutely necessary to insure a calm and respectful household. 
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Sep 14/11

Alfie Update - Wow, we have another wonderful update this week from Alfie's mom and dad. As you can see Alf seems to be somewhat of a couch potato these days. Seems every picture we see he is snuggled on a couch or leaned right into a soft warm body. (-: Here is Mark's update on Alfie:

Alfie is doing well, he loves his dog walking pals, and his new best friend Rocky (the in-laws 6 ye! ar old chocolate lab). I have a few images of Alfie asleep on his couch. 

They are a figure study for a painting that is going into the Markham Fair this fall. Alison has lots more cottage photos. 

He is settling into the routine (finally), but we have a long way to go yet with the separation anxiety, but he's a treat to be around, and our 5yr, 4yr and 3yr old neice & nephews just love him to pieces. 

He is a bit of a bed hog though! We spent all summer trying to entice him to swim, with no luck, but all it took was a duck quacking nearby one day and whoosh! in he went and sped along the shoreline line a torpedo! Although he hasn't gone in much after that. ~ Cheers! Mark

It sounds like Alfie had a summer to remember - lucky boy (-: Thanks for the wonderful update and pictures Mark. 
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Sep 13/11

Jake Update - We received another great update and pictures this week of our cutie-pie Jake (aka Jack). As you can see, he has grown up into a very handsome young boy. He is most definitely the center of attention at home. It won't be long and Jake will also be celebrating his 1 year anniversary of finding his forever family. 

Here are some pictures and an update from Jake's mom, Fiona. We are all so thrilled for little Jake. He is truly cherished and it shows (-:

Jake and everyone is doing Great Jake is the center of every ones life my Husband and oldest daughter spoil him, we are sooo... glad we have him and every time my other Daughter comes home from North Bay "she say Jake you want to come home with me".

She loves him too, and my son he would get up every morning and play with Jake for a good 1/2 hr before getting himself ready for work Just like he did with our old dog Duke, unfortunately Jake is missing that now that my son is back at College but most of the time Jake doesn't lack for attention in this house that's for sure.

A little "birdie" has told me that Jake might get a very nice surprise this week too (-: My lips are sealed though until Jake sees his surprise - don't want to spoil it for him! 
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Sep 12/11

Timber Update - We got an amazing update from Carolina and Mike for Timber!!!  I will always have a special place in my heart for Timber and I LOVE that he is with two people that I love and cherish. 

"Timber: Where to begin. You came to us as a scared puppy dumped like a piece of garbage. Left alone to fend for yourself in an unknown and dangerous environment. Little did they know how wonderful you are and how much unconditional love you offer. You were scared of us at first but still trusted us enough to call your own, even after the horrible ordeal your previous people put you through. 

Once you came out of your shell; with the help of your brothers that absolutely adore you, there was no holding back the love and loyalty you gave us all in return. It's overwhelming that you have been a part of our family for a year now. Honestly it feels like you were here forever; that is how well you fit into our puzzle of life. 

You, my sweetest Timber, have grown to be a handsome young man with a heart of gold and a fierce passion for life. Always by our side with a smile so true that can melt any hard-hearted person. You came to us for a special reason and at a specific time in all our lives. We needed you just as much as you needed us. So here we are celebrating your one year anniversary and expecting every year to be an adventure of greatness and sharing many more heart warming memories of your goofiness and hilarious antics. All your brothers would give their lives for you Timber, they love you so much, they look out for you and seek your affection and company all-the-time.

I must acknowledge and thank with all my soul the people who helped this once scared puppy, taking him into their home for warmth and safety. I thank them immensely for letting him come into our lives and still being apart of his life even though we are so far apart. Timber will forever be grateful to these kind souls for giving him a second chance to flourish and feel the warmth and comfort of having a family to care and love him so dearly. Thank you Renee and Bill. If it weren't for you, we would be missing a integral part of our family. We will be forever grateful for what you have given us. Timber we love you so much!" ~Love Carolina & Mike

Congratulations Timber!!!  I know you will always be loved and adored and I never have to worry about you (-:
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Sep 9/11

Fresh Vegetables - It seems the weather is beginning to turn, leaves are turning colour and the nights are pretty chilly. It really feels like "fall" is in the air. This is also the season to harvest the vegetables we have lovingly grown all summer long. I believe we will have enough potatoes to cover us thru the winter, beans have been picked and pickled, tomatoes have been canned. Just like last year, we have a ton of zucchini. We always have much more than we can use, so we've loaded up our pharmacist, mechanic, neighbours and family with zucchini. 

My dogs LOVE vegetables, so while processing our veggies, they got their share of tomatoes and beans. But for some reason, they are all NUTS about zucchini. They perk up immediately when they see a zucchini on the counter and will sit there and stare at the gourd then look at mom with excited anticipation. Please mommy! We want zucchini! As soon as I cut into the zucchini, I have everyone's attention! Tegra waits impatiently ... I can't cut it up fast enough for her and she devours it, looking for more. For a vegetable that doesn't seem to have much taste, I cannot understand why they are so crazy about it, but believe me ... they would do back-flips for zucchini.

So, does anyone else have a dog that craves for weird things or am I the only one? Have a GREAT weekend everyone!
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Sep 8/11

Nanoque and Taakoni - Our little Honey Bee went to the vet yesterday. She is now spayed and will soon be ready for her new adventure (-: She weighs 44 lbs. and is estimated to be 4-6 years of age.  She has had many litters, one just recently (as you can see, the law is NOT working). No more puppies though for Honey Bee! 

We have been asked to help expose a couple of young Shepherd/Husky boys who were brought to a kennel for a couple of weeks while owners moved. Then, 8 weeks later, owners have decided they cannot take them, so they were left at the kennel and the kennel needs help finding them a home.  

They are VERY handsome boys, who should be adopted out separately. They don't listen well, but that is probably because they have only had each other and no human to give them direction or focus.  We are sure that would change quickly with direction and a little patience.  

If you know of anyone looking for a nice family dog, please check our adoptions page to find out more about Nanoque and Taakoni. Good luck boys!!!!
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Sep 7/11

L'il Duke Update - As promised ... we have pictures! (-: Here is our sweety-pie, Honey Bee (formerly Patsy). She is such a lovely girl, full of love and lots of gentle kisses.

Honey Bee is a pretty laid-back girl and really seems to be enjoying her freedom. She LOVES to roll in the grass. Honey Bee is getting spayed this week, so NO MORE PUPPIES for this girl - YEAH!!!  As soon as she recovers from her spay, this lucky girl will be flying out to our friends in Nova Scotia. She will no longer need to fear for her life, she will be safe and in the BEST of hands. 

Our friends in Nova Scotia have also offered a spot for our baby Lorenzo, so after Honey Bee flies out, Lorenzo will be following shortly thereafter (-: 

Once again, we could not help these prohibited innocents without the help of kind, compassionate people outside of this province. You are lifesavers and we thank you and our bullies will be forever grateful for the chance you have given them.

We also have more pictures of our baby boy L'il Duke. He is such a good boy and full of beans. 

He loves to play with his foster siblings and keeps foster mom, Sindee EXTREMELY entertained (-: Thanks for the pictures and updates Sindee.
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Sep 6/11

Weekend Update - I hope everyone had a GREAT long weekend and had a chance to enjoy what is left of our warm weather. This morning it feels very nippy and you can tell the season is about to change. ANML-RESQ and its volunteers has been busy all Labor Day weekend and have a few new rescues that we are thrilled to have helped. 

We are excited about our three newest arrivals, an older bully girl (formerly known as Patsy). She arrived on Saturday to a very excited foster mom and dad, Carolina and Mike - thank you both for opening your hearts and home to this darling girl and giving her this second chance. We hope to get pictures sometime today from foster mom, and we can't wait to show her off (-:

On the other end of the spectrum ... we have also taken in a 4 month old bully boy who will have to find safety out of province. We hope our friends in other provinces will be able to help us with little Lorenzo. He is as cute as they come, but don't let his "angelic" looks fool you LOL ... he is a little spitfire and is keeping foster mom, Allison, on her toes, along with his furry siblings. He has lots of energy, but he is also the biggest cuddle bug. More about Lorenzo as we get to know him better (-:

We are also thrilled to say we have found a foster home for our beautiful girl Sheibra - many thanks to Caroline for opening your heart and home to this very deserving girl. Please stay tuned for updates on all of our newbies as we get to know them better.

I also wanted to point out our Magnificent Maggie!! She is a gorgeous, 1 year old Newfoundland girl who is also looking for her forever home. Maggie is good with other dogs, housetrained and great with everyone in her foster family. 

We have no doubt that Maggie won't be long finding a loving forever home. For more information on Maggie, please check our Adoption page.

ANML-RESQ would like to thank everyone involved in transport this weekend who helped Patsy get to her foster home. 

We would also like to thank all of the families that have offered their homes for these wonderful dogs. Without your help and support, we couldn't help as many as we do! 
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Sep 2/11

Schmoo Update - Yeah, it's Friday and the last long weekend of the summer. We hope that everyone will be able to get out and enjoy this long weekend and hopefully your 4 legged friends can join you as well when you go to close down the cottage or make one last trip to your favourite summer spot.

Our friend Schmoo is definitely up for a ride. As long as there is a vehicle involved, he's ALL for the ride, even if it means going to the vets! lol 

Can you imagine the looks Schmoo gets when you see him in the passenger seat of the vehicle? lol I'm sure there are a lot of double-takes. All he needs is some doggles and a cool hat and he'd be ready for some fun in the sun!!!

Schmoo's vet visit went well. At 16 months old, he tips the scale at 141 lbs. We all believe he still has some growing to do, but he is definitely a FAR CRY from the day we got him into rescue. Skin and bone, almost 20 lbs. underweight and he wasn't even 3 months old at the time. Look at him today! (-:

We would like to send thanks to Brandi and her Stroller Fit moms for their donations. We received a lovely donation of kibble & canned food, some treats and some dog toys for our foster dogs. Thanks so much to Brandi and the Stroller Fit mom's for their generous donation!!!

Have a GREAT weekend everyone! 
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Sep 1/11

'Madonna of the Mills' - I'm not sure if everyone had a chance to see this HBO special which aired on August 24th, but it was truly an eye-opening documentary.

Andrew Nibley directed the documentary 'Madonna of the Mills' which features the horrible and disgusting treatment of dogs in puppy mills. Andrew quit his job as CEO and hired camera crews and some editors and filmed in and around the northeast US.

The documentary is about following 'Laura ...who... is an office manager for a dentist on Staten Island and yet she, on weekends on her own nickel, rents vans and drives down to Amish country and picks up somewhere between 35 and 50 of these puppy mill dogs who have spent their entire lives in cages the size of dishwashers. They’ve never been petted. They’ve never been walked. They’ve never been bathed and she’s saved over 2000 dogs and she’s done that all on her own'. The why of Laura's work can be found on, where Joy Ward interviewed Andrew Nibley. 

This interview is truly enlightening and is a must read and 'Madonna of the Mills' is a must watch documentary! If you missed it, HBO will be airing this again.
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