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Two Great Links;
Sir Humphreys Update;
Roxy Update;
Happy Anniversary Timber;
Failing Fostering;
Chloe Update;
Recall of Medication;
Karl Update;
Magic Happens;
Ozzy Update;
The 12 Dogs of Christmas;
Beckett Update;
Humphrey Update;

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Sep 26/12

Humphrey Update - We received a great update from Humphrey's mom and dad. It sounds like this wee boy is coming along in leaps and bounds from when he first arrived. He is a happy, happy boy and for good reason. He is having the time of his life (-: Here is an update from proud mama Lee Ann:

The result of yesterday’s busy day for these boyz. They went to the vets in the afternoon for Humphrey to get the last of his puppy boosters. He did much better this visit ... only had to be muzzled just for the shot. The staff and both the vets saw a major improvement in him so I was pleased. He’s gained too ... he’s now 9.4 lbs ... very happy about that too. 

"See, I am helping Daddy change the taps in the kitchen sink".

“See, I am helping my father have a nap. I have alot of jobs to do here”.

“I must have grown a wee bit because when I first came to this house 
I couldn’t climb up on here with my brother”.

After the vets we took them down to a new spot along the lake and went exploring for over an hour ... they had a ball! I want him to learn to relate good behaviour at the vets with having a fun reward. Needless to say after dinner they were passed out and I hated to wake them up to take them out for their last call walk. LOL. 

Great news about Humphrey ... if only every rescued dog could have a forever home like this. Many thanks to Lee Ann for extending her home to Humphrey ... keep up the good work and keep sending those updates.
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Sep 24/12

Beckett Update - ANML-RESQ is so happy to announce that our long-timer, Beckett, has finally found a forever family to call his own. Through our newsletters and urgent posts, one of our previous adoptors has been in touch. They advised us that after September they would be looking for a new member to add to their family. They had adopted our beautiful girl Roxy a few years back and she was ready to welcome a brother or sister.

Shelley and Geoff contacted us after our last newsletter, offering to help by fostering one of the girls, Lady or Tati and while we appreciated their kind offer, we knew that two females together could be "difficult". I contacted Shelley to thank you for her offer to foster and suggested perhaps Beckett might work as a better fit. They were thrilled at the prospect of bringing Beckett home and if all worked out, they would surely adopt him (-:

Beckett arrived on Saturday and we waited with all body parts crossed, hoping Roxy would accept Beckett. I was "over the moon" when I got the call from our girl, Mim...who arrived with Beckett and introductions were made. It seems this was a match made in heavan!! Roxy immediately welcomed Beckett and the fun and play was soon to follow. (-:

I talked with Shelley on Sunday and it seems the two are acting as though they have always been together...two peas in a pod! We are hoping for more updates and pictures, but for now, we couldn't be happier for Beckett, his new sister Roxy and his new family! 
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Sep 21/12

The 12 Dogs of Christmas - We are excited as plans are being made once again for The Twelve Dogs of Christmas fundraiser and reunion. This fundraiser is a GREAT way for us to meet up with adoptors and volunteers and celebrate our rescues and get together with some fantastic people! 

Once again, we are holding this fundraiser at the Mondello Ristorante, who have always given us the best of service, food and atmosphere (-: We will have stunning auction items to bid on which will be perfect for that special someone at Christmas. And, each guest will receive a party favor.

So, mark your calendar for November 17th at the Mondello Ristorante where the festivities begin at 11:30 am and go to 3:30 pm. Please book early as seating is limited!!! 

I am looking forward to attending this fundraiser, again this year, and hope to see you all there!! Have a GREAT weekend everyone! 
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Sep 20/12

Ozzy Update - Ozzy's previous foster mom, Christine, received an awesome update about her Ozzy. Here is the update:

Hey Chris, Ozzy is doing very well. I have been so busy lately and not had a chance to write you... Nismo and Ozzy are getting along sooo well now. They both sleep on Ozzy's bed during the day and at night they share our bed with us. He has had a bit of a skin and ear flair up on his head but he has been to the vet and doc said it might have been the shampoo I used to bathe him.

I will be posting more pictures to his facebook as we have been at the cottage a couple of times and had some photos in the park. All of us are counting down the days to the new house and a backyard to play in.

He is doing well with all my other friends dogs (except small ones) and meets lots of dogs in my neighborhood. He really enjoys the beach at the cottage. Ozzy and Nismo had a game of the two explorers... They scour around the shallow waters near the beach and snorkel for rocks and pile them on shore, it was so funny to watch.

I hope all is well and I can say with 110% certainty that Ozzy will be staying with us, we are his forever home. We have no doubts in our mind that he is a part of our family now and always will be! ~G

It sounds like he has fit right in and he and Nizmo are the best of friends now (-: GREAT update!! We are all so thrilled for Ozzy and his new family!
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Sep 18/12

Magic Happens - I have to tell you, there are some days that just knock every bit of energy out of you. Our volunteers have stepped up to the plate, once again, and given it their ALL! And while it is completely draining, the rewards far outweigh the stress and torment we all go through. Sleepless nights are a "given" when there are lives at stake.

Thanks to our volunteers for scrambling and putting the word out for our 3 girls, 2 of which are very urgent! Thanks to our subscribers for spreading the word via our newsletter. We are thrilled to say that both Lady and Tati are now safe and through the newsletter, another one of our dogs (who has been waiting for quite some time) has also found a forever home. Thank you to everyone who took the time to network these girls! 

Lady has found temporary refuge with NONE OTHER THAN Karl's mom and dad, Debbie and Derek. Debbie was heartbroken when she heard how Lady was living and once again, Debbie has stepped up to the plate and gives another deserving dog a chance at life. Debbie already has a big pack of her own, but she could not let another day go by knowing her life could be snuffed out at a moments notice. We are so grateful to Debbie for offering Lady a soft place to fall. Once Lady is vetted and we get to know her a little better, we can seek out a more permanent foster - but for now Lady is SAFE!! (-:

Our volunteer, Christine picked Lady up last night and will get her off to Debbie's home today. We were also able to secure a foster home for Tati - woohoo! So both these urgent girls are safe and another lucky doggy finds a forever home - all through networking. More will be coming on our long timer later this week (-:

Thank you for making miracles happen and networking for dogs in absolute need! 
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Sep 17/12

ANML-RESQ and all its friends and volunteers would like to congratulate foster mom and dad, Jen and Josh on the arrival of their beautiful baby boy James Joseph on September 15th at 9:55 pm...

URGENT - EMERGENCY - Wow, what a difference a few days make. We have so many things to tell you - so, here goes.

ANML-RESQ is proud to announce the newest rescuer in our group. Jen and Josh (foster parents to Dakota) have just welcomed their bouncing baby boy into the world. As he comes from a long line of rescuers, we have no doubt James Joseph Gallant Watson will be following closely in his families footsteps ... once he can walk!! (-: Congratulations on your new arrival, Jen and Josh!!

We would also like to announce the winner of our beautiful Bison Quilt. Congratulations to Mim Dewolde - you are the proud winner of this "one of a kind" masterpiece by Darlene Hill. Please enjoy!!

Now we get down to serious business people. We have 3 URGENT dogs needing to find foster or forever families. 

Two of these girls, Lady and Raven are living outdoors ... Lady has lived her whole life (5 years) in the yard with NO human interaction whatsoever. Lady is absolutely URGENT as her days are limited. Her owners no longer want her around and are threatening to destroy her. This little girl has had NO life, yet she lives to be touched ... she cannot get enough human attention. We cannot let her leave this world without knowing the compassion and love of a family! Please help us to help Lady!!! View the videos of Lady: Lady video 1; and Lady video 2.

Raven is a 1 year old lab mix girl ... full of energy and very smart. Raven learns very quickly and only wants to please! Raven is another casualty of Kijijii ... purchased by a young fellow and in time, he had no time for her, so she was passed over to his mom, who has been trying her hardest, but the situation isn't ideal for Raven. She is now relegated to the backyard which is very hard for this affectionate, energetic girl. If you think you could foster or adopt this beauty, please contact us at ANML-RESQ. View videos of Raven: Raven Video 1; Raven Video 2; and Raven Video 3.

Last, but certainly not least is this absolutely adorable 8 year old bully girl, who through NO fault of her own, finds herself looking for another forever family. She has been with her family since 8 weeks of age, but because of jobs and travel time, there is no time for Tati. Tati is a sweet, loveable girl. She gets along well with dogs and cats and loves people! 

All three of these precious girls need a foster home to speak up for them. Without a place to bring them, we cannot help, so PLEASE consider giving one of these girls a temporary place to land until we can find them their forever families.

Thank you all for your help and support! Let's get these girls SAFE!!!

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Sep 14/12

Karl Update - A very good friend of ANML-RESQ is celebrating their birthday today and everyone at ANML-RESQ would like to wish Debbie T. a very Happy Birthday! 

Debbie has a special place in our hearts and always will have. Debbie adopted our handsome elderly shepherd named Karl and it was the greatest gift she could have given us. Karl weighed heavy on our minds, a dog who's chances of adoption were literally, slim to none. He had a history as a "guard dog" and because of that history, was deemed "unadoptable" by many rescues. No one would even give him a chance. 

ANML-RESQ was not going to give up without a fight! There had to be someone out there that is willing to give him a chance. From all that we heard from the shelter, he was a stead-fast, stellar dog ... so even though he had a sketchy history, we thought he deserved a chance. The plea for help went out that evening and after a restless, sleepless night I awoke to an email that gave me hope!! That email was from Debbie. She fell in love with Karl's picture and she was determined to give Karl a good home, sight unseen. 

I called her that morning and I immediately fell in love with this loving, compassionate lady. The rest is history as transport was arranged for that weekend and Karl arrived into Debbie's loving arms. Debbie even allowed Karl to bring his bestest friend with him, an elderly cat who's time was also running out at the shelter. 

Karl and Chico

I will NEVER forget this rescue, as long as I live. All the worry and torment was over. Karl was in a home where he is loved, cherished and adored. For this reason, Debbie will always have a special place in our hearts. She is a HERO to us and no doubt to her beloved Karl. This special lady has been a huge support to ANML-RESQ and all animals needing help. Networking and cross-posting dogs in urgent need. 

Today, is Debbie's Birthday and Debbie has asked her friends and family, in lieu of gifts, she would like donations made to ANML-RESQ. We cannot thank Debbie enough for her kindness and generosity on behalf of ALL animals in need. Click here to read about Karl...

From all of us at ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario we wish you all the best in the year to come. May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colours. And may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come. Happy Birthday Debbie!
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Sep 13/12

Bella Update - We got a FANTASTIC update from Bella's mom, Jamie. WOW, what a difference a few months make. When Bella arrived with Jamie and husband, she was a bit of a handful - no manners, etc. However, this will prove that with a dedicated owner these things can change. Here is the update from Jamie:

Hi Renee, I know it has been awhile since the last update about Bella. Well, she is doing great! We get compliments when we walk about how beautiful she is and how well behaved she is. So I guess hard work does pay off. She now has a little playmate "Howie" who is a little kitten we adopted. This little thing was found wandering the streets in Toronto by a policeman. He only weighed 240 grams and was full of fleas, they guessed his age at about 4 weeks. He was so sad looking. A tech at my vet took him in but couldn't keep him so we took him. We quickly got some good food into him and once he was 500grams he met Bella. Well can't separate them now, Bella gets a bit rough with Howie but he gives it right back. Bella picks him up by his head lol. We were a bit nervous at first given Bella's aggression towards other dogs but it's not all aggression, it's fear. Which is worse but we're working on it. She has met our daughters 2 dogs and it went fairly well, no blood lol Well got to go for now ... Will keep in touch. ~Jamie 

Bella is so lucky to have a mom and dad that adore her and are helping her to become a true ambassador. Patience, dedication and love ... that's all it takes! Thank you for the wonderful update Jamie!
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Sep 12/12

Recall of Medication - In the past couple of weeks, there have been emails sent out regarding the recall of thyroid medication for dogs. I have a link with information.

I would ask that you let your friends and relatives know about these recalls, this is a very serious issue if you have your dog on these meds!
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Sep 11/12

Chloe Update - Chloe had her 2nd and 3rd injections last week and hopefully will be the last of her heartworm treatment. Thankfully she went through the treatment without a hitch and is recovering beautifully with Carolina and family. Another month of crate rest and then our little girl will be free to run and play and hopefully find her forever family soon. Here is an update from her proud foster mom, Carolina:

Chloe, Chloe, Chloe. Now whenever I hear that name I associate it with sweetness. Chloe has undergone the last round of injections for her heartworm treatment and so far she is doing great. Since she is already pretty laid back in the house and crate trained it's not too hard to keep her still until the recuperation time is over. The vet is very happy and surprised on how well she is taking to the hard treatment especially considering her age. All at the vet clinic absolutely adore her and she in turn enjoys the attention. All their faces light up as soon as Chloe walks through the clinic doors. Who ever ends up adopting her will not be disappointed.

Chloe is an easy dog to have and would suit a first time dog owner. All she really wants is affection and to be part of a family. With a proper introduction Chloe does well with other dogs and will eventually seek out their company. She has a cute way of snuggling in close with my dogs and with belly up playfully paw for some attention from them. There have been times where she's gotten a little playful too. Chloe is non destructive and quiet. I have only heard her bark a handful of times since she's been here. She walks well on leash with a gentle leader and is good of leash and comes running when called. 

Chloe is a great foster dog and I will be sad to see her move on to a new home, but so happy for her to have a family to call her own. ~Carolina

She is such a sweetheart as her foster mom, Carolina will attest to. We are so happy to be able to give this girl a second chance at life. 
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Sep 10/12

Failing Fostering - Happy Monday everyone! We hope you all enjoyed your weekend. 
We had a pretty good weekend as well. 

As you know, we had a wee fellow named Humphrey who needed to be rehomed ASAP. Thankfully, the friend who asked if we could help him was also willing to foster Humphrey so he was quickly scooped up and brought into foster care.

Well, it certainly didn't take long for Sir Humphrey to fit into his new foster situation and it took even less time for Humphrey to weasel his way into their hearts - especially Papa Kit. The resident dog, Tedward, also seemed to fall head-over-heels for Humphrey and Tedward was more than happy to share ALL of his toys with his less fortunate foster brother.

A few days into foster care, I got a call from foster mom, Lee Ann to say that Papa Kit seems very smitten with Humphrey ... she wasn't sure if Papa Kit would be able to give the wee fellow up when a good home was found. We talked for a while and soon the conversation came to an end with foster mom assuring me that Humphrey WOULD be adopted and that he wasn't staying!!

Saturday morning I got onto the computer/emails and lo and behold ... a Special Message from Papa Kit - could it be an update about Humphrey???

There was no message - just a picture, but once again - a picture is worth 1,000 words!! I tell you - I never laughed so hard in my life when I opened the attachment! LOL See for yourself!

Congratulations, Sir Humphrey!! If the truth be told - I was rooting for you kiddo! After seeing all the pictures of Humphrey so content cuddling beside mom and dad - he IS where he belongs!! Happy trails Sir Humphrey! Be sure to send lots of updates!! Thank you Lee Ann, Kit, Tedward and Bandit for welcoming this little cutie into your pack. 
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Sep 8/12

Happy Anniversary Timber - We have another anniversary to celebrate!! It's Timber's 2nd anniversary of arriving into foster care and ultimately adoptive home. I couldn't be happier for this boy since my husband and I played a pretty big part in Timber's rescue. I know how very much Timber is loved and I could not be happier for him. Here is a note from Timber's beloved mom, Carolina:

Two years ago my life changed. 2 years ago I feel in love with a puppy named Timber. Timber had a sad start to life. He was left behind by his previous owners, thoughtlessly discarded. I thank the stars every single time I look into Timber's soulful eyes that Renee and Bill were persistent enough to catch him and bring him into their home. I thank the stars whenever Timber flashes me his beautiful smile that he was brought to safety. 

Timber is a truly special dog and too smart for my own good and his memory is impeccable. He catches on to things way too fast, in turn making things a little difficult for me at times, he likes to keep me on my toes. His zest for life is intoxicating and will make me smile and laugh out loud each and every time and his deep love and devotion to his brothers can never be questioned nor unnoticed. 

Timber is a family dog, he doesn't like to be left out and will insist on holding my hand on a continuous basis. He is a very sensitive dog and will do whatever it takes to bring up my spirits when I am sad. He has a way of calming me when I am upset and once his young over-exuberance is past I plan on sharing his sensitivity and love for people as a therapy dog. He needs to be shared with those that can use his extraordinary ways of making you forget your problems, sadness, sorrows and replace it with happiness and understanding at least for a little while. I know Timber will excel and will make a great impression on those he meets. Not only does Timber make people feel loved, he also does it for every single foster dog that has passed through our home. He is very maternal with the new fosters and makes it his job to make sure they feel safe and loved. He has a way of bringing the dog out of it's shell and more at ease. 

Timber helps me so much with fosters and with keeping our home happy and alive as a whole. He is a great example of how fantastic rescue dogs can be. People often say he's lucky to have found us but I see it as I'm the lucky one that has found such a great dog. 

When people ask me what makes Timber so special, there are no real words that can describe him. It's a feeling more than anything, an aura of absolute trust and love between us. In other words he's not just a dog, Timber is my heart dog. Timber has left his paw print on my heart and will leave his sweet impression for the rest of my days and for that I am entirely grateful to ANML-RESQ for bringing my boy home.

Happy Anniversary big guy! We would love to see you as a therapy dog ... it will prove to people that rescued dogs CAN do whatever they set their hearts and minds to. Rescue dogs ROCK!!
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Sep 7/12

Roxy Update - We received great updates on Roxy who was adopted 2 years ago and also from Dakota's family.

Here is Roxy:

And here is Dakota:

Those pictures are worth a thousand words. Thanks for the pictures ... keep them coming.

Hope the first day of school wasn't too stressful on you. Have a great weekend everyone! 
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Sep 5/12

Sir Humphreys Update - We received some new pictures of Sir Humphrey. What a happy-go-lucky boy he is! Although he is still quite fearful of new things, he is learning more everyday with exposure to new things. 

Humphrey is a pretty busy little guy so a home with a secure fenced in backyard would be preferable for this little explorer.

Although Humphrey has not been exposed to much, he sure enjoys playing with his foster brother, Tedward. I can imagine the entertainment these two provide when they get into "action mode".
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Sep 4/12

Two Great Links - I hope everyone enjoyed the last long weekend of the summer and I thought I would share a couple of helpful links today. Great information for two very different situations.

To train/prepare your dog for ear treatments. And, sometimes we forget that although we are grieving, our doggy companions are grieving as well.

Grab a coffee and check out the links.
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