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Sep 30/13

Sargent - We have an update and an awesome video of our sweetheart Sarge from his foster mom, Christine. More on Sarge...

I've created a short video of our foster, Sargent. Sarge is in need of a new home. He was a stray brought in to a shelter outside of Quebec and his time was up. We were able to provide him a home, love and attention that he needs and deserves. I believe he once belonged to a family and for whatever reason, ended up at the shelter. Sarge knows his basic commands, walks well on a lead and gets along well with our dog. We are continuing on with additional training and boy, is he smart! Sarge is very food motivated which helps tremendously in his training. Here is a video of Sarge...

Please share Sarge with family and friends so we can find him his forever home. If you think Sarge is the dog for you and your family, please contact us . He will make a lucky family very happy!
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Sep 27/13

Friday Links - I'm going to end the week with a few links that I hope you will find helpful. Grab a coffee and enjoy!

Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget to network for our four-footed friends; they really deserve forever homes.
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Sep 26/13

Meet Lucy - We have been asked to help another youngster who had a pretty rough start in life. Lucy is still young and we feel with the right owner, she could learn to be less "guardy" of her possessions. Her previous owners didn't have the time to work with her and have sadly given up on Lucy. 

We are looking for an experienced foster home or owner that will work with her guarding issues. Here is a little about Lucy (-:

Meet Lucy, a beautiful social young girl in need of a new home. Lucy is an 8 month old Labrador Retriever who was sadly surrendered to a vet clinic. She is now waiting for her forever home with an active family who understands she is young and has young puppy antics.

Click to enlarge...

Lucy is great when meeting new people and seems to enjoy their company and attention. As she may get a little too excited, a home with no young children would be best. Lucy is shy when meeting new dogs and would thrive best in a home where she could be the only dog until she learns that dogs are nothing to be afraid of. Because of her upbringing, Lucy has slight resource guarding. Since she is a young girl, with the right owners who are willing and dedicated to work with her using only positive methods, she can overcome and leave the resource guarding behaviours behind.

Click to enlarge...

Lucy is in need of a compassionate home that has experience with teaching a young dog manners as it seems her past home did not take the required time for her. Lucy by all means does not show dangerous behaviours, she simply needs positive direction to teach manners and the opportunity to be given alternate strategies to being a mouthy puppy. Like most Labs, she is full of energy and can be quite busy and with the right home and lots of exercise, Lucy can become a great addition to the right home.

Click to enlarge...

If you feel you could give sweet Lucy a chance at a happy and stable life, please fill in our on-line application/foster form on the left. For more information on Lucy, please email us at
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Sep 25/13

Updates WOW! - It has been a great week for updates on our previously adopted furkids. Here is an update from Heidi's mom, Laree. 

Hi Renee, how are you? So sorry about not keeping in touch recently. Time has been flying by with the pup. She is SO big now! I have attached some pictures. 

Click to enlarge...

I keep watch on often as many people ask about where I adopted Heidi from ... maybe one day I will be able to get her a sibling!

Click to enlarge...

Heidi is quite the gem and developing more of a personality everyday. My partner and I started professional training with her a month ago and it has it ups and downs but for the most part she is a loving, inquisitive, friendly pup. My family recently visited Toronto and just adored her. I can't believe I have only had her for 3 months and the love I feel for her. Proud parent. ~Laree

Yowser, has Heidi ever grown and what a beauty she has grown up to be! Thank you for the wonderful update and pictures Laree and thank you also for recommending us to your friends. 

And speaking of our Northern babies - here is a picture of Malibu who was also rescued along with Heidi. 

Click to enlarge...

All the puppies look wonderful and have grown into such beautiful girls!
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Sep 24/13

Charlie Update - WOW!! Another great update from one of our happily adopted! Here is an update about Charlie from his proud mom, Gwen.

I'm happy to tell you that Charlie is doing great! He is really the best dog ever! I've attached a cute photo of Charlie hanging out at the cottage, and a wonderful one of him that a photographer friend took of him last summer playing at the beach 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

(I have a whole series of these great shots and my photographer friend, who is very supportive of rescue [...]. They are great pictures!) Best,Gwen

Charlie is looking FANTASTIC and so happy too!! (-: Thanks for the pictures and update Gwen. We would love to see more pictures that your friend has taken of Charlie!!
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Sep 9/13

Jake Update - We received some fantastic pictures and wonderful update from Jake's mom, Anjie.

As you can see, Jake has wiggled his way into his family's heart. We are so thrilled for Jake and his family. He is very much loved and an integral part of this happy family.

blog092313a.jpg (119849 bytes)

Anj makes a good point " I can't understand how somebody didn't snap him up" while this young energetic boy waited in 2 shelters as him time ran out. No one came forward to adopt him, and as you can see - he is a wonderful boy who is learning new things every day and enjoying life as every dog should.

Hey Renee, Jake has settled in nicely. He's graduated to off leash and has a great time when we go out to the woods to play. 

blog092313.jpg (131456 bytes)

He's getting better every day and to be honest I can't understand how somebody didn't snap him up before now. We're still working on new tricks and he's getting better at doing them on cue. We love him to bits! ~Anj

Thank you Anj for the beautiful pictures of Jake in the woods, enjoying a walk with his family. Hugs to Jake from all of us at ANML-RESQ and all those that helped bring him to safety.
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Sep 9/13

Luna Update - We received a nice picture and update from Luna's mom Helene:

Good morning Renee! Here is our latest picture of dear miss Luna who is a dear friend and companion. 

Click to enlarge...

Thanks to you and your wonderful team of volunteers for bringing her to us. Wishing you great health! ~Helene

Keep sending those updates ... we just love them!
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Sep 6/13

Kylie is Still Available - We're sorry, but out our cutie Kylie's adoption didn't work out. Sadly, though, she was perfect in every other way, but  going to work with her owner was too much for her. 

kylie3.jpg (98928 bytes)

There was just too much happening in a busy environment and Kylie just couldn't handle. Thankfully, foster mom was able to bring her back home, but has also committed herself to watching another dog for a month, so we are hoping to find Kylie a foster or forever family soon. 

We also have a little dude named Gunther who is now on our adoptions page. 

Click to enlarge...

This little guy has personality plus and is now waiting for us to find his forever family. Please check out this cutie pie on our adoptions page

I also wanted to send a couple more pictures of two of our adoptables. Skye is doing SUPER well in her foster home. Foster mom and dad, Debbie and Derek adore her and no doubt, she adores them too. Skye has been exposed to a few dogs as we try to get to know her - one of them being our sweetheart Karl and two boyz that Debbie and Derek were dog-sitting. 

Her favourite boy is Phoenix (who you see pictured with Skye). He returned home after a couple of weeks stay and seems he can't resist coming over to play with his girlfriend Skye. Again, with an experienced owner, we feel Skye would do well with a well-balanced large breed male, but absolutely NO cats for Skye. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Also, our puppy Tiggs has the friendship of his best buddy, Rocky. These two boyz can't wait to get together for some fun times and zoomies. Thank you Rocky for showing Tiggs how to play, which he never knew how to do. 

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

Our darling boy Enzo is doing exceptionally well in his foster home with Jessy and Rob. 

Click to enlarge...

We are learning a lot about Enzo and Enzo is seeing that there is a whole new world out there for him to explore! 

We are thrilled that our fosters are doing so well in their foster homes and learning all the ropes. Have a great weekend everyone!
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Sep 5/13

Tiggs Loves Water - Well, it seems that our little boy Tiggs LOVES the water! Foster mom Jen found out yesterday that Tiggs loves to play with water. And what a workout he is getting too!

Click to enlarge...

I wonder if we have a future dock-diving star on our hands??? (-: Foster mom Jen says: Tiggers is such a water lover!!! He loves running and jumping at the water. He is doing so well just hanging out. He still hasn't found the love for cats but he is learning to leave them alone. He loves walks and has learned shake a paw. (Not just one, he now does both) Ill sure miss him when he goes the crazy lovable boy!

Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

After a whirlwind workout with the water hose, Tiggs felt so good he decided to see how well he would do at "weight pull"... Tiggs - you will NEVER move that car, so don't even try!! (-:

Click to enlarge...

I have no doubt this sweetheart will keep whatever family adopts him in stitches with his zany antics. If you are looking for an active, fun-loving, silly boy - look no further - Tiggs is the boy for you!
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Sep 4/13

Lambchop Update - WOW! Another great update to share with you!! Our sweetheart, Lambchop (with the help of dad, Ross) has written to let us know she is really enjoying life. It sounds like she is making friends everywhere she goes (-: No doubt Jen and Elaine are thrilled with this update and we couldn't be happier for Lambchop and Ross. 

...Just a short note to say I am doing great!!! Ross and I have become great buddies. I want to thank you for finding me a wonderful home. I have made some new dog friends, and the people seem to love me a lot.

 Click to enlarge...Click to enlarge...

It is yourself, and your daughter who nursed me back to health with love, and a lot of patience. I hope we get up your way for a visit. love, LAMB CHOP XXXXXX 

Hugs to Lambchop from ALL of her friends at ANML-RESQ! Happy trails little girl. We hope to get more updates in the future.
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Sep 3/13

Kylie Has a New Family - We are happy to announce that our beautiful girl Kylie has been adopted! Kylie and her new dad, David have lots of plans for the future. Kylie even gets to go to work with David.

k1.jpg (117603 bytes)

We would like to thank Sheena and family for welcoming Kylie into their hearts and home while she waited to find her forever family.

k2.jpg (93537 bytes)

Happy trails Kylie and David! We look forward to updates as you get to know each other better.
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