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Foster homes are the most important part of rescue. Without these very kind foster homes we would not be able to help dogs in need. We are looking for special loving homes that will be able to provide an understanding and safe foster home for an animal that has often had some unpleasant experiences in their past, neglect, abuse or abandonment. Foster homes need to be able to care for and help these animals become socialized and members of the family. Fostering is a serious undertaking and ANML-RESQ very carefully screens foster applications to ensure they would provide a safe haven for our rescued dogs. There are some important things to consider before applying to be a foster home for an animal in need:

  • If you have other pets, will you be willing to divide your attention between them and the rescued dog? A rescued dog will need love and attention, so be prepared to share the time you presently spend with your existing pets. Please think about this, and the time commitment. If your current pet is special needs or requires more exercise and care than most dogs, please give special consideration to this before you apply.

  • If you have other pets, will they be accepting of the rescued dog? Some jealousy and "pack hierarchy" behavior is to be expected, of course. However, if you have cats, be aware that they may not get along at first.

  • We will give instruction on how to work with the dog and how to assist with integrating the dog into your home, and we will require you to follow our instruction, even if we may disagree on some methods. This is an important part of fostering for us.

  • Are you willing to accept a dog with perhaps neurotic behavior? Again, many rescued dogs have experienced emotional trauma, or never received adequate obedience training. Being a foster caretaker for a rescued dog requires extra patience and work!

  • Are you willing to give up to a new owner a dog with which you create a strong bond? This is likely the most difficult aspect of being a foster caretaker, but it is inevitable. Of course, you can always permanently adopt the dog that you foster and some foster caretakers have done just that!

While being a foster caretaker is a major responsibility, the rewards are far greater than the sacrifices. Knowing that you are saving the life of a beautiful, loving animal by providing a foster home for it is an incredible feeling! ANML-RESQ will cover all related costs for our foster homes. If you are interested in becoming a foster home, please fill out our adoption application. Only serious applicants, please. Don't forget that caring for a dog is not an easy job, and it will require some time, effort, and lots of love and patience on your part.

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