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Memory Wall

ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario would like to add your loved ones to this Memory page. For $10.00 we will put your information on our memory page indefinitely. Use the 'Donate' button below, or if you don't have PayPal, please send your donation to: ANML-RESQ Network of Ontario, Box 42, Caledon, ON L7C 3L7

Our animals shepard us through certain eras of our lives. 
When we are ready to turn the corner and make it on our own ... they let us go...

~ Author unknown ~


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ANML-RESQ was very sad to hear of the passing of Buddy Cairns.  Buddy was a terrific big brother to many foster siblings during his time with his family.  He will be missed by everyone here at ANML-RESQ and our thoughts are with Christine, Jeff and their children during this sad time.  Run free at the bridge Buddy!

ANML-RESQ would like to thank Ron&Mary Cairns and Simon & Mia Cassidy for their $100.00 donation in memory of Buddy.  Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

Click to enlarge... Nellie was adopted from ANML-RESQ in 2004 and passed away November 2012. "Nellie was a wonderful very loving dog. We always called her "Nellie Nice." We still miss her. Val and Ross

Click to enlarge... SUMA – RIP  - 1998-2013 ... Most loved by her mom and family of fellow rescues, and especially beloved kitty, Bijou. Suma lived a full and rich life filled with long walks in various parks and always a warm and cozy bed after her rescue from a puppymill after 11 long, horrific years. We were blessed to have her in our lives from 2009 until her passing at age 15.

Click to enlarge... My sweet Beau has gone to be with Bud. We are heartbroken but happy for the life he led. B&B were my only 2 non rescues. Over the years, he accepted rescues in. He became sick so fast but was with us in the end and his beloved doc, Scott. 

As Martin Luther King said 50 years ago today, 'I have a dream.' Well, my dream is that some day ALL dogs live like ours do and we have to keep fighting for them! ~Carla and Alan

Click to enlarge... What seemed like yesterday, we were introduced to a big lovable boy named Carter. It did not take long for this big fellow to get in our hearts. He in no time became a member of our family, warming our hearts and also that of our friends. Carter was a social butterfly that would greet everyone and often sit on the couch beside our friends to be a part of everyone. He had some nick names, Car Car, Goofy and Bud, he knew all of his nick names. He was such an amazing boy and always a pleasure to everyone he met. We both loved to hug our big boy and he loved to be hugged by both of us, but he was definitely a Daddy's boy. 

His sister Baby wasn't very old when she came to be a part of our family too and her and Carter were inseparable. She was always getting him going and as much as she bugged him he loved being bugged by her. Near the end he even gained a special friend in a little bunny named Pixie, we had brought home to also be a part of our family. He would not leave her pen always wanting to touch her, nose to nose as she came down to him.

Unfortunately his time with us was way too short and he quickly was taken over by his illness. Carter will never be forgotten, he will always be in our memories and our hearts as with everyone he met and loved. Merry Christmas our darling boy we miss you terribly... ~Kevin and Lorie

In Memory of Abbey - After seeing Abbey's picture on ANML-RESQ and learning of her difficult life as the mother dog at a puppy-mill, we sent in an application to adopt her. This was in November 2008 and on the 30th of that month, Abbey's foster mom Sue introduced us to the little Maltese/Poodle mix who captured our hearts. Always delicate from the hard life she had endured, she proved time and time again that she was a real trouper!! 

She became good friends with our cat Mr. Lucky and she enjoyed life to the fullest for the 3 years and 8 1/2 months that she was with us ... always following us from room to room when we were home and sitting in the living room window waiting for us to return when we had gone out. She loved her daily walks and also she enjoyed sitting in the basket on the bike and going for bike rides. 

But in June and July 2012, Abbey (also known as Abbey-Rose) became ill ... the diagnosis including an ultrasound was liver problems which we tried to treat with medication but on August 14, 2012 we had no choice but to put her to sleep as she continued to get worse and the future did not look good. Abbey will be forever in our hearts. ~Keith and Margaret

Ruben will be greatly missed by is sister Jazzy, little brother Oliver, mom and dad and Zelda. 

It is with a broken heart that I have to tell you that Riley Passed last night. While on his evening walk we believe he had an aneurism. 

Always curious, always wanting to please, he was; loving, obedient, protective and joyful. This loss has left our family totally devastated. There had not been one person who met him while he was with us that was charmed by his demeanor. 

Sean, Lisa, Patrick, Erinn & Guinness.

Our Jennie has gone to rainbow bright; a place filled with friends and warm sunny days! Jennie was with us for a short while, but God how she warmed our hearts. Jennie taught us a new meaning of life: 

“We don’t need our sight to see the world and we don’t need our hearing to hear the world all we need is LOVE that fills our hearts with happiness and with happiness WE SEE AND HEAR the world in the most perfect way”.

Jennie girl, Mommy and Daddy love you very much now and forever! I heard you snorting last night, while I lay in bed thinking of you; it was though you were still in the room. Always make your presence my girl, where mommy is you will always be, snug in my heart! ~ Lee and Ty

It seems so unfair that we had too short a time together. But you were my main man, my "Dude" with the goofy grin and the silly chatter. You will always be in my heart and have taught me so much about life and love and determination. You and I never gave up on each other even with all your health issues. Run fast and run free now my boy......Momma Hershey is waiting for you to join her over the bridge. Love always J

In Memory of Loco:  Today is the 1 year anniversary since we had to take Loco to be PTS. He lived with us for a very happy 15 years. I miss him so much, but I know he is better now. I love you Loco, your the best!! I know there will never be another dog like you ever as you were too good of a dog. I miss you my little Locito. You will forever be in my heart. I love you forever. When we first brought you home, I remember you could fit in my pocket. I will never forget the fun times when Diana and I would fit you all nice and snuggly in a backpack with your paws and head sticking out and take you along for a nice bike ride to get sweets from the store. I remember how much you liked those bike rides. I remember when we moved to that condo and they didn't allow pets ... Loco do you remember when we had to put you in a bag just to get you past the security guard in the lobby to take you out for walks? We fought for you because we would never give you up and we won!!! Now the condo is pet friendly because of you. I remember the first evening when we brought you home, you decided to have diarrhea on mom and dads bed!! You were a crazy little dog, but the best none the less. Just so you know Loco, I still get mad at mom for putting her shoes in your spot in the closet.....

On Sept 30/08 I had to say good-bye to a wonderful pet, friend and loyal companion. My Buddy Ruddy was 2 yrs of age when I got him as a rescue and we spent the next 15 yrs together. He is gone but never far from my thoughts and my heart. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't touch his urn and kiss his picture to let him know he is still here with me. I will see you again my friend, until then run hard and run free. I will cross that Bridge with you soon. I miss you everyday my Buddy see you soon. Love Louise & George

Big Bud, we only had you for a short time, but we loved every minute of being in your company. You were such a gentle giant and I know daddy misses having you as his co-pilot. 

We miss you Big Bud and you are forever in our memory.

Georgie, In the four short months we were together I hope we brought you as much happiness as you brought to our family. It has been a year since you left us but we think about you every day. 

Play hard at the bridge my little peanut... I love you with all my heart, until we meet again.~Karen

Dearest Chester.  Although you were with us for only the shortest of times, you made a huge impact in our hearts.  Your warm and funny personality belied the pain that you were in.  We wish that you were still here with us; to keep your sister, Chade, company and grace us with your wiggly, warm body and your ever wagging little tail.

Goodbye Little Big Man and enjoy the peace you so well deserve.  Love Pamela, Tobin and Chade

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